Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) s03e22 Episode Script

Buried Treasure

Hm? Huh.
Hey, Scraps, are you at the location? You bet, Lazlo.
I'm about to go down.
Hey, hold up, I'm looking at this image of your location on my satellite feed and it sure doesn't look like any junk heap I've ever seen.
I know, but this garden is on reclaimed land.
It's hard to believe that underneath this beautiful park is 100 years of trash.
Potentially valuable trash.
Are you sure it hasn't already been hit up by scavengers? No, I mean, treasure hunters.
That's the best part.
It's newly opened to Worm mining, so nobody else has searched it yet.
- Hm? - Hold on.
I got the access code from a friend who works here sometimes.
He made me promise to only use it on days there was no mining.
I'm in the Worm's entry tunnel.
Look at that! A vintage gear core.
This model must be from the early 2020s.
Nice! Oh, I know a collector who's willing to pay big time for that.
Check it! An ancient hollow viewer, maybe from 2030, or earlier.
Oh, wow, those are really rare, you're practically finding piles of cash down there already.
I'm gonna find everything on that wish list of stuff your clients want to buy.
I've just gotta get deeper in, that's where the really classic stuff should be.
Yeah, great, but are you sure the Worm isn't running today? You think I haven't done my research? Today's the Worm's regularly-scheduled maintenance day, - so there's nothing to worry about - [RUMBLING.]
What's that? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
The Worm! ANNOUNCER: Five Four Three Two One.
Thunderbirds are go.
- Scraps, what's happening? - An EMP sphere should Argh! [WORM BUZZES.]
The electromagnetic pulse shut it down.
I'm OK, but I must have read the maintenance schedule wrong.
How could I be so stupid? Worry about that later.
Get out now.
I I I can't, it's blocking the only way out.
That sound.
Is it rebooting? [SCRAPS GRASPS.]
I've gotta get deeper in, get as far as I can from it.
Lazlo, call for help! All right, I need you perfectly still, I keep my promises, Mechanic, and I expect you to keep yours, as well.
If this works, if you can really remove The Hood's control over me, I'll help you build the new T-Drive engine and bring Jeff Tracy back.
This is delicate and dangerous.
The data laser will enter through your optic nerve and plant hacking software into The Hood's control device in your head.
- We should be able to destroy it.
- Understood, let's get on with it.
If the control device detects our intrusion, The Hood might be able to get total control of you again.
That's unlikely, but it's a risk.
My freedom is worth any risk.
Initialising laser in three, two, one [MUSIC.]
- Argh! - Contact, uploading now.
Brains, we have a situation.
Someone's trapped in a trash mine with an out of control mining Worm.
We'll need your mechanical expertise to shut it down.
Sorry, John, impossible.
I've just started a complicated operation.
No way I can stop now.
F-A-B, we'll manage without you this time.
Good luck.
There are more important factors than luck.
Sorry, what's a "trash mine?" Before Earth became a zero-waste society, people used to throw all their trash into big rubbish dumps called landfills.
Right, but these days we used WRMs, Waste Reclamation Machines, or Worms to tunnel into those old landfills.
And process trash that can be recycled for precious metals.
But a junk collector named Scraps snuck into an active mine and got trapped.
Somehow, the Worm's controls have gotten scrambled and now it's chasing her.
She managed to get a call out for help, but we can't reach her now.
She must be too far underground.
Can't you just shut the Worm down remotely? It's not responding.
Then we need to get down there before she gets recycled.
All right, I'll take Thunderbird 1 and meet you both there.
See you in the sky.
ANNOUNCER: Five Four Three Two One.
Thunderbirds are go.
I'm heading straight to the mine, John's unlocked the door remotely.
OK, but I'm still not understanding why this Scraps person would go digging around in a trash mine on purpose.
You have no idea how much cool stuff is down in those places, Scott.
Oh, don't tell me.
Yeah, I bought a few reclaimed things.
Oh, you're collecting trash? Not trash cool, retro stuff! - Pieces of history.
- But you've never gone down one of those Worm tunnels, have you? No, I buy my stuff like everyone else, online.
I'd never risk getting Wormed.
Urgh! Argh! - Oh! - Ooh.
I'm really sorry, sir, I'm with International Rescue, here on an emergency mis sion.
Again, sorry about the giraffe.
These go a lot deeper than I realised.
We are going to need to configure a pod or two.
Lazlo? Lazlo, can you read me? I'm lost.
- Lazlo, it's still coming.
But which direction is it coming from? [GASPS.]
What's the status? Please, don't talk.
I need you as still as possible.
Activating programme now.
I call my software tool Digimax.
I'm sending it after the control device's central processing unit.
- Good.
And all without tripping any system alarms.
What's this? Ah, someone trying to breach my control device.
I have a surprise in store for just such an occasion.
This should be fun.
- Huh? Oh! Thunderbird 2, wait, don't! - Argh! - Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
It really is an emergency.
- Hmph.
- Sorry again! [MUSIC.]
Mole pod, huh? Oh, good approach.
That's not all.
Ta-da! With both pods, we're prepared for anything down there.
Gordon wants to pilot the Dragonfly, so why don't you take the Mole and I'll monitor - operations from here? - F-A-B.
I'll take you in as far as I got.
Follow me to the edge of the park, I'll dig us a way in.
and I'll monitor Scanning now.
No way! What, did you locate Scraps on a scan? No, it's an old Okigo XV game console from 2020! [SIGHS.]
Gordon, rescue mission now, broken junk later.
Or never.
Sorry, Scott, but it's like finding buried treasure down here! Wait! Got a hit on Scraps.
But she's not moving.
- It Uh-oh - The Worm? Yup, I can detect its ground vibrations.
It's getting closer to her.
That's crazy, the Worms aren't supposed to hunt people.
Scott, I'm not sure we can get to her before it does.
Yeah, we can and we will.
Oh, no use.
Oh, rotary dial, cool.
It found me.
Oh, no, it don't sound like the Worm.
- Hey, Scraps? - That's me, I don't know who you are, but I'm so thrilled you're not a giant, hungry metal tube.
Me too, I'm Scott Tracy from International Rescue.
Grab on.
Hey, I'm Gordon.
Make any good discoveries down there? Nothing big, just a communications device from, like, - a billion years ago.
- Whoa, rotary dial? - Good eye, are you a collector? - Well, I dabble.
Let's continue this conversation topside, the Worm is still [RUMBLING.]
Scraps, get in the Dragonfly pod with me.
I'll try to save it.
Brains really doesn't want us to destroy any more [GASPS.]
Scott, get on! [SCOTT STRAINS.]
Don't worry, Scott, we're faster.
But the Worm is faster at digging, that means we have to stick to the existing tunnels.
And it's between us and the exit.
We'll find a way out of here.
Yes, The Hood's control device can't take much more.
- What? Impossible! A Sentinel Programme could never do that.
Unless The Hood knows we're in the system.
- No, he's reversed the data intrusion.
Mechanic, can you hear me? The Hood is trying to wipe your memory.
Fight him.
Mechanic, Mechanic! Oh, no.
Worms follow some sort of routine pattern, right? Normally, but this one Erm, well, I might have damaged it with an EMP.
Stop! [THUD, CLANK.]
What are you doing? We're being chased.
A Strong-Arm Reach action figure, new in box, mint condition.
- Can you believe how rare this is? - Oh, for the love of Amazing, worth a fortune, you've got a keen eye! What can I say? I'm a pro.
Go! If we don't get out fast, you'll never get a chance - to play with that toy.
- Play with it?! Scott, you never take a gem like this out of the box! This Worm's moving around without any kind of pattern.
I can't plot the safest path out of the mine.
I can, I programmed Thunderbird 5 to create a full map of the tunnels.
Now, turn right 45 degrees.
Mechanic, if you can hear me, there's only one way out of this.
But it's a risk.
Let's hope these new software code patches can do the trick.
Only a few more seconds and that traitor's memory will be permanently wiped.
Keep straight, you're nearing the surface of the mine.
Great, how far are we ahead of the Worm? Well, small problem, my scanners lost the Worm.
It could be anywhere.
Found it.
- Why is this thing hunting us? - You're prime recycling.
We are? To be 100% accurate, we're driving inside prime recycling.
Worms can't leave their mines.
We get you to the surface, you're safe.
Sharp left now.
Brains! - Yes! Woo-hoo! - [MECHANIC PANTS.]
Brains What-what happened? Do you feel anything different? Yes, the control device it's gone! I'm free.
I owe you a debt.
You really are a genius.
It was no big deal.
Phew! Head up this tunnel, enough speed will break you through to the surface.
F-A-B, but the Worm's gaining, we need a diversion.
We know you have the phone and the The toy, but anything else in that backpack? Erm Oh, just this holo-viewer.
Wait, it's built with rare Earth minerals, Worms love this stuff.
Throw it, see if you can distract the Worm long enough - for us to get out.
- Urgh Can't seem to let go - of valuable object.
- Urgh.
Allow me.
Hurgh! - All right, it took the bait.
- Hold on tight, Scott.
Brace for impact! [BIRDS SING.]
- Huh.
- Wow, thank you for the lesson.
This is amazing.
Whoa! Who-o-oa! [COUGHING.]
The Worm has ended its chase.
It's turning around.
Just in time.
It's passed too close to the surface Sinkhole! [GROUNDSKEEPER GRUNTS.]
- Oh.
- Oh.
The good news is the emergency's over.
Just so you know, I was really proud of my topiary.
- Your what? - Hurgh.
Never mind! Ah, don't worry, he'll forgive us when we let him play around with this Strong-Arm Reacher doll you found.
It actually is pretty fun.
You took it out of the box?! Yeah, to play with.
What? Oh, you guys were serious about that.
So now that you're free of the Hood's control, I think we have a new T-Drive engine to build.
Let's get to work.
But there's one thing you should know.
When you were severing the link between me and The Hood, he could see into my mind.
He could see what I was thinking.
The T-Drive - So he knows.
- He knows.

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