Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

- Andrés - Leave it alone, Julia.
We need to talk.
- Talk? - Yes.
Talking won't change anything.
Tell me the truth and I'll never ask again.
Do you love her? Yes.
Susana How long have you been lying? Susana, I never meant to deceive anybody.
- I'm sorry if - No, you're not.
You're a bad person.
If you weren't, you'd have left here and let us move on with our lives.
I don't think I was very fair to you.
That's why I'm giving you back your position as captain.
There's nothing keeping me here now.
- Madrid would be perfect.
- Colonel Campos was my mentor.
I'm sure he could help us to find work far away from here.
My superiors asked me for this report.
You've paid for medication which was never supplied.
It's making those at Command very uncomfortable.
Nobody wants the truth to come out.
So there's corruption in health care as well.
If you insist on uncovering this now, you could make things worse for yourself.
Be smart.
- Larbi! - Magdalena! Our world is dictated by rules which, if not followed, have consequences.
I don't care.
- I have love and my work.
- I'm afraid you're mistaken.
- You're firing me? - Believe me, I did everything I could, - but my hands are tied.
- I see.
- Why don't you let him live his life? - Excuse me? If he goes in front of a judge with proof the baby isn't his, - you'll be out on the street.
- You're leaving me for her? Are you going to abandon your child? Is that what a man does? Well, is it? Stop lying, Raquel.
I'm not the father.
What? How can you say that, Luis? I can't breathe.
I'm going to faint, hold me.
Raquel's in labor and it's not going well.
My grandchild.
I'm a grandfather! - Congratulations.
- Well done.
He looks like his daddy.
I don't know how to live with this.
But you will.
We both will.
You'll see.
We can do it.
- You're going? - I'm meeting Fidel within the hour.
Am I crazy? Raquel, I'm a doctor.
I'd know a premature baby and this isn't one.
But you're coming with me, right? Just get some rest, okay? Get your strength back.
- You're going to need it.
- I don't know what to do with a baby.
You have to help me.
How will I raise him alone? Susana.
No! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - Vicente! - What is it? - Our girl! - What is it? - She's hurt, she shot herself.
- What? Susana! What happened? I was asleep and when I woke up, I saw her pointing a gun at her head.
- Let me look.
Put pressure on it.
- I'm sorry, Colonel.
Manuela, my first-aid kit, water, and towels.
- I couldn't do anything, I'm sorry.
- Forget it.
Help me to sit her up.
I stopped the bleeding as best I could, but There's no exit wound, the bullet's still inside.
Has she been unconscious long? - Not, not long.
- Susana, wake up.
Susana! - My God! My God! - Good evening.
What's happening? How did you hear? Did Vicente send someone to tell you? Tell me what? What's happened? Susana tried to kill herself.
Why would she do that? Help me, we have to take her to the hospital.
Manuela, leave that and tell Sayid to bring the car around.
- How is she? - Alive by some miracle.
Come on.
My God, she's going to die.
- Susana! - She opened her eyes, - but lost consciousness again.
- What happened? Let's get her to the hospital.
Come on.
- Cover the wound.
- Yes.
Hold on, Susana.
Please, hold on.
For Christ's sake, hold on.
- Is the OR ready, Luis? - Yes, Captain.
- Is that Susana? What happened? - There was an accident.
My gun fell on the floor and went off.
We have to operate immediately.
On the count of three.
One, two, three.
- Put pressure on the wound.
- You can go.
What are you waiting for? I'm sorry, the duchess didn't authorize me to wear the uniform.
In a uniform or not, you're a nurse, are you not? - The anesthetic, please.
- Yes, sir.
What do you need, sir? Sir we're going to do this operation together.
What do you need? Bring me the equipment.
Let's pray that the bullet hasn't caused irreparable damage.
I think the bullet is lodged in her rib cage, sir.
Open it there, towards me.
More! - Open it more.
- Her pulse is weakening.
Yes, we have to hurry.
We must hurry.
- Open it more.
- She's losing a lot of blood.
I know! I'm going to get the bullet out.
Hold on, Susana.
Why would she do this just before the wedding? Why? When she was about to be the happiest woman in the world.
What happened? Suction.
- We have to stop the bleeding, sir.
- Yes.
- Hemostasis? - Yes.
Apply it there.
Julia? Julia.
What is it? What are you doing here? He didn't show up.
I was ready to give up everything for him and he didn't show up.
Maybe there was a problem and he couldn't get a message to you.
- Did you ask anyone - Yes, he's in surgery.
- You see? - Pilar He had second thoughts, that's all.
- You don't know that.
- Yes.
Yes, I do.
You know what? What? I'm really happy you're back.
And whatever happens, we're here for you.
Thank you.
But I have to speak to him so he can at least give me an explanation.
Of course.
My little girl! How is she? Don't worry, ma'am.
They found the bullet and stopped the bleeding, though she did lose a lot of blood.
But she's going to be okay, right? It's too early to tell.
Go with her so you're by her side when she wakes up.
Are you going to tell me what happened? I have no idea what happened, sir.
She's my only child.
I won't stop until I find out why she did it.
I can't bear the thought of losing her.
You won't lose her, sir.
- If you'll excuse me.
- Yes.
Come and sit here, Mrs.
Do you need anything? We'll take care of her here.
- Why don’t you go home to rest? - No, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying here with my daughter.
Of course.
I'll just take this outside - I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Magdalena.
- Doctor.
I want to thank you for saving Susana's life.
If anything happened to her I wish I'd gotten there quicker.
You're her only friend here.
I know I did a terrible thing, but if there's something I should know that would help me understand this, if It was on the table.
I took it before anyone came in, it's addressed to you.
- Are you there? - Thank you.
"Dear Fidel, I wish I didn't have to write this goodbye.
I know you never wanted things to end this way.
Neither you nor her but they did and I know that I couldn't bear to live without you.
It's sad but true, Fidel.
Don't blame yourself, it's not your fault.
It's mine for being too weak in the face of adversity.
Be happy and know that I will always love you, wherever I am.
" The gun fell off the table and it was just bad luck that it went off.
- It's my fault for leaving the gun there.
- All that matters is that she gets better.
- Where is she? - I didn't want to take her home.
If you don't mind, - I'd rather she stayed in the hospital.
- Of course, Colonel.
I'm so sorry this had to happen right before the wedding.
We'll have to postpone it again.
By the way, about the stolen medication, I spoke to Ibarra.
He won't let me investigate.
It's in our best interests to keep quiet, wait, and win the war.
That's what he said to me.
That cannon fire is his priority.
Get some rest.
I probably should.
Good night.
Good night.
What have you got to say? - I know I let you down, but I promise - You promise what? - What else will you promise? - I was on my way.
I don't understand.
I don’t get why you asked me to go with you.
Don't! Explain yourself.
Susana just came out of surgery.
When I went to say goodbye, she was bleeding out.
- She tried to kill herself.
- What? I need time.
24 hours.
When I know she's going to be okay, we'll leave.
I promise, that's why I didn't come.
I'm sorry.
We're going to be together but I need you to wait for me.
Hello, ma'am.
She has a slight fever, but - Are you well? - Yes, I am absolutely fine.
- You're pale.
- Honestly, I'm fine.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure.
In that case, I'll go to the bathroom now that you're back.
- I need to freshen up a little.
- Go, I'll stay with her.
Thank you.
Please, Luis.
What is it? What's going to happen to my little girl? What do you want? To eat? I can't do this anymore.
Please be quiet, Luis.
Don't cry.
There, there, don't cry.
- How is she? - I don't know.
You're the doctor, Fidel.
Do you think she'll recover? Honestly, I don't know.
We'll have to see how she does tonight.
What about the baby? Is she going to lose it? What baby? You didn't know she's pregnant? Wait a minute, why didn't she say anything? I don't know.
She'll not have wanted to scare you, but she tells me everything.
I also knew that you and she had slept together.
Do you get why she was in a hurry to get married? Why she was scared something would happen to you and you'd never know your child? You have to look after her, Fidel.
Do it for your child.
You've betrayed my confidence, Captain.
I thought you were a gentleman.
Didn't you realize who you were playing with? What you were playing with, Captain? This is my life, our lives and nobody gives orders in my life.
This isn't an order, Captain.
Forget the uniform.
This isn't an order, it's my daughter.
- Why did she try to kill herself? - I don't know, sir.
Yesterday, I told your daughter I wanted to cancel the wedding.
If I lose her, I will never forgive you.
And if not I hope you step up and keep your word.
If you'll excuse me, sir.
What's going on? Susana's expecting a baby.
I had no idea, Julia.
Only her mother knew.
I can't abandon a child in this situation.
I can't let this child grow up without knowing who its father is.
- Wait.
- There's nothing more to say.
- What do you want me to say? - This is my duty.
- Please, understand.
- Your duty? - Yesterday you told me you loved me.
- Of course I love you.
Of course I do, Julia.
Believe me, Julia.
I love you.
What does it matter now? What kind of person could abandon their child in a situation like this one? Would you leave with a man like that? The Fidel who fell in love with you is the same one saying to you now - that he can't abandon his child.
- And my heart? Don't you care about that? Julia Julia! Nurses, prepare beds for the wounded! They're from Gurugú.
There's more on the way.
- That one's free.
- Attend the corporal.
Julia, can you please take care of that soldier? Clean his wound, he's bleeding heavily.
Did you hear me? - Julia, are you listening to me? - Yes.
Please, be careful.
It hurts so much.
Take it easy.
I'll only be a moment.
Those bastards We almost had them.
We raised the flag on the Nuñez de Prado Column.
We recovered two cannons, but they have more right at the top.
Tell me the truth.
- Am I going to lose my arm? - No, you're not.
Don't worry, we're here to fix you.
And will I recover? I promise it.
Press down hard, I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Get the car ready for tomorrow.
- Good morning, Captain.
- Good morning.
- Any news on the Gurugú operation? - The flag was raised yesterday.
The Melilla Regulars and the Royal Regiment left Beni Sicar to surround the peak.
- Do the rebels still have cannons? - Only one.
But we're still in danger with just one.
- They'll fire it until they can't anymore.
- In a few more days, they'll be ours.
Or should I say yours? I'm leaving with the first unit headed for Spain.
- Is that definite? - I'm afraid it is.
Captain, you've done your nation a great service.
I tried.
I was willing to risk my life.
They even gave me up for dead a few times.
I know.
I even tried to kill you.
- I see you don't hold a grudge.
- You know what I think.
I wish all of the officers here were as honest as you.
Do you know what I most regret about you leaving, Captain? The end of the investigation.
If those at the top are determined to hide what happened, what can we down here do? Hello.
Yes, I asked to speak to her.
Yes, it's me, miss.
Thank you.
Good morning, my lady.
Thank you for calling.
I'm just about to leave for San Sebastián.
I'm chairing an auction raising money for the wounded in Africa.
- Did you receive my telegram, ma'am? - Yes.
It's unbelievable they're selling medication.
Has it affected the hospital? Do you need more? No, my lady.
That isn't the problem.
If we don't find the culprit, it will keep happening.
Colonel Berenguer assures me that the army is investigating.
We should let them deal with their business, don't you think? Their business is our business, my lady.
We're under their command.
Those Rifians are still firing cannons at the city of Melilla, and their leader, Abd el-Krim, just declared it the Republic of Rif.
Do you think it's a good time to bad-mouth our army? Of course not, my lady.
I don't mean to speak badly of our army, only the ones committing this crime.
We'll take care of that when the military campaign is over.
When that happens, we'll only be talking of victory, my lady.
I hope so, but right now, our duty, everyone's duty, is to raise their spirits.
We have to win the war.
"Win the war," that's all I keep hearing.
But at what price? Forgive me, my lady, with all due respect It'll be difficult to investigate this if you don't That's up to the army to decide.
Look, Carmen, run the hospital however you please.
You're in charge of the lady nurses, but the army's business is taken care of by the army.
Yes, my lady.
Relax, I'm sure he’ll calm down.
- Look, your father.
- Good morning, Lieutenant.
- Sir.
- How are you, darling? What's wrong with my grandson? He won't let me sleep.
I don't know whether to rock him, leave him alone.
He won't be quiet.
That's enough, Luis Jr.
Come on, son.
- He'll be hungry.
Have you fed him? - No.
- Has your milk come in? - He doesn't want to take it.
Please take him away for a while, Luis.
I feel like I've been hit by a truck.
No, Luis Jr.
Please, no more.
- You have a fever.
- I do? You're burning up.
Give me the baby.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Can you take care of the baby for a moment, Pilar? Raquel is sick.
She has a fever.
I don't know what's wrong, I need to run some tests.
- And make him some formula.
- It has to be me? I'm asking you as a favor, Pilar.
- Call a wet nurse, it's what they're for.
- It's only for a minute.
A few hours.
Until midday.
A day? Two days, maximum.
Just until her fever goes.
- Luis? - Coming.
- I'm sure he'll calm down with you.
- But Look at that.
You've calmed down.
It wasn't all that bad, was it? You've got a temper worse than your mother’s.
What's wrong? Don't you like this hospital? Well, you were born here.
That's right.
Right here in this operating room, you hear? You're very cute, you know? None of this is your fault.
Of course not.
How could it be your fault? Sorry Larbi.
Larbi! Where have you been? I was looking for you! Listen, Susana had an accident and I spent the night with her and her mother.
- How is she? - She's okay.
- Better.
- Try not to worry so much.
It's strange seeing you here in your regular clothes.
Madame Duchess.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I was just I came in with Susana.
- Did she have a good night? - Yes, she slept peacefully.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
- I know I should have asked to stay - Come up to my office.
I'm sorry, Madame Duchess.
I was just staying with Susana, - but if it bothers you, my being - Sit down, make yourself comfortable.
I don't want to cause problems, quite the contrary.
Do you want to come back to work? But I can't, can I? The queen doesn't The queen just gave me carte blanche to run the hospital as I see fit.
And despite her expressly forbidding you work here, the war has forced my hand.
We need nurses.
And you, Magdalena Medina, are one of the best I've seen.
Really, ma'am? I don't know what to say.
Don’t say anything.
Get to work, then.
- More wounded are arriving from Gurugú.
- At once.
- Thank you so much, Madame Duchess.
- Go.
You won't regret it.
And write to your mother.
She'll be waiting to hear from you.
I will, ma'am.
I will.
I'm so happy we're working together again! The hospital wasn't the same without you.
Right? She said she'll straighten things out with the queen and that I should start right away.
So here I am, willing and able for wherever I'm needed.
You spent the night with Susana, right? How is she? She's still unconscious.
I couldn't leave her alone.
They took the bullet out, but she's still bleeding.
What bad luck.
Her mother told me about the accident.
Such bad luck that a gun should fall, go off by itself, and manage to hit her.
Right? Oh, Pilar, I can't lie to you two.
It wasn't an accident.
Last night, Susana tried to take her own life.
I was asleep, I woke up and I saw her there, pointing the gun at her head.
- I can't get it out of my head.
- Why would she do that? Because she's pregnant.
What? It was also supposed to be a secret, but the truth is Fidel and Susana are having a baby.
Don't look at me.
I had no idea, honestly.
Now what? I don't know.
Everything that could have gone wrong has.
Don't say that, Julia.
You still have us.
- Anyway, let's get to work.
- Julia I don't want anything to happen to Susana.
Neither do I.
But I also want for you to be happy.
The three of us all deserve a little happiness Just a little bit.
- Don't we? - Yes.
There you go.
How wonderful! - You're the same old Magdalena again.
- No, I'm not the same.
I have you.
And we don't have to hide or apologize to anyone.
We're free to do what we want, Larbi.
Yes, but things aren't going to be that simple.
I know, they're very difficult and they won't get any easier, but I'm not scared anymore.
I've learned to fight for what I want.
- That was really close, wasn't it? - Yes.
- Get away from the windows.
- Come on, let's go.
- Quickly, this way.
- Come on, let's go.
We're all going to die! - You have to stop them! - Take it easy.
- We have to get that cannon from them! - Relax.
- Before they kill us all.
- Calm down.
- They're going to destroy the hospital.
- Calm down.
They're savages! They're going to kill us all! Mother Susana, darling.
- Thank God you're finally awake.
- Why am I in the hospital? Don't move, darling.
Take it easy.
- Water.
- Of course.
Come here.
There we go.
You'll be better soon, you'll see.
Darling, you're expecting a baby.
- What? - I've told everyone.
Well, not everyone.
Just your father and Fidel.
- Mother, have you gone crazy? - Not at all.
I'm the only one here with their head on straight.
You love Fidel, right? Well, he'll stop making you suffer now that he thinks he's going to be a dad.
- He'll forget about that nurse.
- What happens when he realizes it's a lie? - When time goes by and there's nothing? - It'll be too late by then.
- Mother, please.
- Fidel loves you, too, but that woman has driven him mad.
What did he say? - When you told him that I - Don’t dwell on it.
Now, I'm going to tell the doctors that you're awake.
No! Don't tell Fidel I'm awake.
- Susana, please.
- I don't want to see him.
- Please.
- Calm down.
Okay, don't worry.
Come on, just a little.
Just a little.
Very good.
Very good.
What are you doing there? Don't disturb him, I came here for some peace.
I didn't know where to go.
A little more? And this mess? Who made it, you or the baby? If the duchess sees this See, he saw you and started to cry.
Where did you learn that? I don't know.
With my cousins and from books.
You're a natural.
He only calms down when you have him.
Is that what I have to do for attention? Be quiet, you'll set him off.
He needs changing.
Do you know how? Come on, what do you take me for? I've also read books and have cousins.
Right, big guy.
Come here.
- Pilar.
- What? - He's pointing his gun at me.
- Get out of the way, you idiot.
I'm serious, if he suddenly needs to go, we'll both get covered.
There, there.
Stay still.
What are you doing? What are you doing? - With my baby? - Raquel.
- Hey, princess, give him back.
- Take it easy, Raquel.
- I'm going to - Relax.
- Raquel Raquel! - What's wrong with her? It could be the infection, I don't know.
- How should I know? - You're a doctor.
I'm a military medic, I've never seen postnatal fever.
- I'll go and find someone.
- Raquel.
Please, hurry.
She needs to be transferred to another hospital.
- They can care for her better there.
- I'm not going.
- We can't be with you 24/7.
- I don't want this, it's annoying.
- The cold's good for you.
- You must mean someone else.
Do something, Luis.
My head's going to explode.
- Maybe if you shut up - Where's my baby? - Where's the baby? - The baby's fine.
It's better that he's not here, this could be something dangerous.
- Bring me Luis Jr.
- No.
Not until your temperature goes down, so get some rest.
Change patient two's drain and check patient three's Would you mind coming here a moment? I need you for something.
Check his temperature.
Why are you backing off? I'm not backing off, why would I? I like you, Gloria.
Stop! I really like you, you're a great woman.
- I don't deserve you.
- Don't be silly.
I mean, you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, but this Not there, no.
Please, stop.
Someone could see us and it's not the right time.
Let's see, how do I explain this? I I can't pretend.
I can't pretend.
I went out with you to see if your sister would notice me.
I'm crazy about her.
I've been in love with her for a long time, and when I saw she was a little jealous But don't be mad, it was for a good cause.
- Why did you prick me? - So, it was her? - What? - Verónica, like always.
What do you mean What I'm saying My boob.
She found out we kissed and stuck her nose in.
- No.
- My little sister is the same as ever.
You used me.
Do you think that was nice? No, it wasn't nice.
Gloria, stop.
Every time I get something, she has to ruin it for me! She'll pay for this.
- This time she'll pay.
- Gloria, stop.
Where are you going? That woman is crazy.
- What are you doing? - Hello to you, too.
Sterilizing the equipment.
Stab yourself with one of those and you wouldn't even bleed.
Not even a bit, that's how horrible you are.
- What's gotten into you? - And you? When will you stop making life difficult? Just the same as always, you act as if none of this is your fault.
- You can't stand anyone being happy.
- Don’t get me started, Gloria.
Don't get me started.
You rejected Guillermo, but can't stand me getting close to him.
What are you talking about? I've left you alone, you can do what you want.
I know you, Verónica.
The doctor does what you tell him to.
I don't know how you do it, but we always end up doing what you say.
You're here because you wanted to be.
I didn't ask you to leave Madrid.
Absolutely I thought this place would have softened you up.
You know what you need to do, then.
Go home.
Problem solved.
Who's touched this? It must have been one of the ladies.
They touch things without having a clue.
One of these days I'll be fired or this place will go up in flames.
Are you okay? I'm not going anywhere.
One of us will have to go and it might be while kicking and screaming.
Gloria! Gloria, please.
We must keep an eye on her fever, it can be deceiving.
- Don't be such a pessimist, Vicente.
- How are you feeling? I don't know Better.
- Your mother told me - Not now, Vicente.
Listen, Susana.
You're the only thing we have.
Neither of us are going to allow anyone or anything to make you unhappy.
I'm so sorry for putting you through this.
Now would be a good time to change her dressing.
I'll do it.
It's bleeding again.
Give me gauze.
- I'm dizzy.
- More gauze.
She's bleeding again.
That wound is going to be trouble.
We might have to operate again.
Anyway, she's okay for now.
Have you talked to her? No, she's in shock, as you'd expect.
Have you decided what you're going to say? Yes.
These are critical times, ma'am.
If we don't take back Gurugú, half the city could be blown to kingdom come.
Do you think there will be a time in this war that isn't critical? The army will be forgiven anything except for losing Rif.
Winning this war is essential.
Meanwhile, we will attend to the wounded, who are going to lose either way.
It's a disgrace that the money that should be helping them is being stolen, isn't it? Have you reported it to the queen? Yes, I spoke to her this morning, actually.
What did she say? - She thinks the same as General Ibarra.
- So what do we do? Throw the towel in? I've served my country long enough to leave here with my head held high.
- You won't retire.
- I wouldn't give them the satisfaction.
If we want to do things right, let's just do it.
Let's do it.
The army is what we make it, because we are the army.
Including you, ma'am.
You know what I'm thinking? Of naming you director of every hospital in Africa.
- What is it, ma'am? - I don't know.
- The pain is back, isn't it? - Yes.
We have to find out if the tumors are malignant.
I'm going to request a biopsy - and you're not refusing this time.
- Do it, please.
Has the pain gone, ma'am? Is the sedative starting to work? Mostly, Doctor.
I'll be quick.
I'm only going to make a small incision, just enough to get a sample.
When will you have the results? - Don't worry, they'll be back by tomorrow.
- Okay.
Count to ten out loud.
One two three.
Darling, Fidel is outside, he wants to see you.
You'll have to talk to him sooner or later.
Tell him to come in.
Think about your future, darling.
How are you feeling? I read your letter, Susana.
- You shouldn't have.
- I'm sorry.
I truly am sorry.
Have you come out of pity? I'd never forgive myself if anything happened to you.
I want to be with you, Susana.
Why didn't you tell me you're pregnant? Did you really think I would abandon our child? Do you really think I'd have left you on your own, knowing that? I'm going to stay with you.
Promise me you won't leave again.
We're both going to be there for our child.
I'm going to do right by you, Susana.
We're going to get married.
When you're better, we'll get married.
I want to do it now, as we had planned.
- There you go.
Now, get some rest.
- Thank you.
Do you have a second, Julia? Please, Julia.
I know it's hard to understand what I'm telling you.
You're going to hate me.
I'm getting married this Sunday, Julia.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No! Wouldn't it be better if she spent tonight here, too? I'm fine.
I need to rest and I can do that better at home.
I'll go and check that the car is here.
Be right back.
You see how it was worth it to lie? - Look who it is, that woman.
- Let's go, Mother.
I suppose everyone gets what they deserve.
Susana gets her husband, and you? Nobody? Don't worry, darling, it's over now.
- May I come in, Colonel? - I'm not seeing anyone, Captain.
- I must get ready for the wedding.
- This envelope came from the hospital.
It's the result of the duchess' biopsy.
Raquel is young and strong enough to fight the infection.
She will need bed rest for a couple of weeks, though.
My Raquel? She won't stay in bed, not even with a fever.
I'm her father and I'm telling you.
- I'll leave the bottle.
- Thank you, Dámaso.
Wait just a minute.
We have to make a toast, right? In just a few hours, Fidel will be happily married.
Let him make the toast then.
I can only think of one toast to make To this war being over, once and for all.
What war? - To us.
- To us.
To us.
I want to ask a favor.
If Julia decides to stay at the hospital, I'd like for you to help her.
Are you going to stay? Well, with the way things are, I think the best thing would be for Susana and me to leave.
That will have to be decided by your future father-in-law.
Captain Calderón.
Look, buddy.
Seriously, though Will you help me with this? To Fidel Calderón, officer, surgeon, man of science, brave soldier, - a good friend - A bit of a hotshot.
and a man of principle.
To you, Captain.
To Fidel.
This car is for Mrs.
This is for the colonel and the bride, of course.
- Go on.
- Somarriba.
I still haven't said goodbye.
- My ship leaves this afternoon.
- Have a safe trip.
You'll see another side to things in Madrid.
I hope so.
- Far away from this war.
- Thank you for coming to say goodbye.
You almost missed me.
I'm organizing the colonel's daughter's wedding.
What do you mean her wedding? She's getting married? - To Captain Calderón? - Yes.
At Purisima Church.
It'll be a simple affair.
It's not really a time for celebration.
I should get back to work.
I want to meet all of your family, Larbi.
Will you introduce me one day? Not to all of them.
I have a very big family.
They'll be happy to meet you.
Come here, Larbi.
I don't want them to think you're a servant.
Won't your family mind that I'm not a Muslim? I suppose it will bother some of them and not others.
We have to do something, Larbi.
I don't want them pointing everywhere we go.
I don't really care what they say, but if we're going to live here, it'll be difficult to relax.
What can we do? I don't know, maybe I could convert to Islam.
- Come with me.
- But - Come on.
- Larbi! Whatever happens, whatever we do, whatever people might say, even if they're against us - or make life impossible - Larbi there's something they can't take away from us.
Not ever.
What? This.
This is ours.
We've earned it.
Ana Behibek.
What does that mean? I love you.
Ana Behibek.
How do I look? Yes, very distinguished.
Why don't you go to the church and come back later? - Can't you see I have a lot of work to do? - It's because of me, isn't it? - It brings back bad memories.
- What does? I mean the wedding.
You and me, together, in a church.
- I hadn’t really thought about it.
- Really? - You aren't thinking about what happened? - Not what happened, what you did to me.
- What you did to me.
- Yes, what I did to you.
- Exactly, because - Are you ready? - We're taking the groom to church.
- I'm coming.
I'm coming.
- Pilar.
- What? Oh, yes.
Goodbye, Guillermo.
Okay, then bye.
Have a nice time.
What are you doing? What are you doing? I never know when the next one will be.
- Time to go, Captain.
- Are you nervous? A little, I'm not going to lie to you.
What matters is I'm with you.
I'll go see if the car is here.
Don't worry, I'm not driving.
Luis I need you to give this letter to Julia.
If I give it to her, she won't take it.
- But I'm coming with you to the church.
- Please, Luis.
It's urgent.
- To the bride.
- To the bride.
Ready? Here she is.
It fits like a glove.
You'll cause a stir.
And you can't even notice - Rosario.
- The wound.
Let's go, Vicente is waiting downstairs with the cars.
- The bouquet, please.
- Yes.
And help Susana.
- How are you, Susana? - Magdalena! Sorry, sorry, sorry! - You look beautiful.
- Thank you.
Susana I wanted to say something.
- What? - Larbi is coming to the wedding.
To Purisima Church? That's not possible.
Either he goes or I don't.
But it's a church and he's a Muslim.
Yes, but he's also my boyfriend.
And he'll be coming with me.
You've officially gone mad.
You might be right.
I'm jealous of you.
Very jealous.
- Shall we? - Yes! - Is anyone missing? - No, ma'am.
We're all ready.
- Ma'am.
- Captain.
- You look very nice.
- So do you.
As you know, you've been a rock to me these last few months and I'd like you to walk me down the aisle if you don't mind.
It'd be an honor.
I wanted to ask you something.
The colonel has told me of his intention to make me director of African hospitals.
I want to share that role with you.
We can call it my wedding gift.
Thank you.
Come on, ladies.
Shall we? Yes.
Here you are! This is for you.
Garcés gave it to me.
It's from Dr.
"Julia, my beloved Julia.
Today is a sad day indeed.
Nothing I ever do will make me worthy of your forgiveness.
Today I was thinking about the day we met each other in front of Command.
Crouching down to dodge the snipers.
If we'd known back then everything we'd go through, would we have gone through with it? The decision was made for us, Julia.
Life goes on and only lets us look back, every now and again, to see where we’ve come from.
I hope we're not miserable.
Our love story will continue to be the most beautiful the world has ever seen, because it came out of nowhere and stole our hearts.
My heart will always be connected to you.
Dreaming of you loving you though you're not there.
Yours always, Fidel Calderón.
" I, Susana Márquez de la Maza, take you, Fidel Calderón Santacruz.
I promise to be faithful for better, for worse, in sickness and in health "And I will love" And I will love and respect you, all the days of my life.
All the days of my life.
All the days of my life.
I, Fidel Calderón Santacruz, take you, Susana Márquez de la Maza I promise to be faithful to you for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, and I will love and respect you all the days of my life.
Holy Father, creator of the universe, maker of man and woman in Your own likeness, we humbly pray to You - Andrés.
- Are you okay? They left you alone? Why are you here? My ship leaves in a few hours.
I can't stop thinking about what happened.
About you.
You gave up everything.
You gave it all up to look for me.
You refused to accept we'd never see each other again.
- I was reckless.
- I loved you that way.
Andrés, just go.
When we were under siege, not a day went by that I didn't feel you with me.
Every step of the journey, you were there.
What happened? Is that worth nothing? Andrés Okay I'm going, don't worry.
You won't see me again.
If that's what you want.
Let's change these sheets, shall we? Raquel.
What do you want? God damn it.
Raquel! Raquel! - Raquel.
- No - Come back here! - No.
Raquel! - Raquel! - No, no, no.
Come here! Raquel.
No, no, no! - No! - Don't come any closer.
- Don't come any closer! - Please.
Stay back or I'll drop him.
Why are you doing this? - I don't want you touching my son or Luis.
- Okay.
Okay, look at me, Raquel.
- Stop there.
- You don’t know what you're doing.
Let's go back to the hospital.
I'll get Luis.
- I want you to leave - Look at me.
and never come back.
- Alright.
- Stay back.
Go away.
No! - Give him to me, Raquel! - No! - Raquel, please.
- Help me! I can't - Please, Pilar.
- Hold on! Please, Pilar! Pull me up.
- Hold on.
- Please! - Hold on! - No, please! Don't let go.
No, no, no! - Hold on! - No! Don't touch me! Leave me alone! Don't touch me! Verónica - What happened? - You people playing at being nurses.
- Look what you've done to me.
- Come here, miss.
- You have to let them treat the burn.
- No, not them.
Calm down.
Don't touch it, it needs to be treated.
Bring water, iodine, and gauze.
Don't touch it! What happened? The autoclave! Someone left it switched on.
- That was close by.
- Those bastards.
Who showed them how to use cannons? Julia.
Julia, are you okay? Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity.
- Lord, hear our prayer - Mercedes! Everyone outside, come on! Get outside, go! The impact has affected the roof, it could cave in at any time.
- We have to get everyone out.
- Ortiz! Help me lift this beam up.
Everyone outside, come on.
Get out of here! Everybody out! Everybody out! Be careful.
No! He's dead.
- He's dead, we need to get out of here.
- No! We have to get out.
We have to call Command Headquarters! No, let's go to Purisima Church.
Everyone is there.
Are you okay? Help us, please! Help! - Someone get a doctor! - I'll go with you.
No, go and get help.
Hurry, Andrés! Go! Ortiz! To Purisima Church, quickly! Julia! Julia! - Something has happened.
My God.
- Yes.
Help! I need help, quickly! They've fired two cannons at the hospital.
- Luis.
- There are wounded and dead! - Please, help! - Everyone to the hospital! - Send ambulances, Colonel.
- Hurry! Ask Command for backup! This way.
Miss, go for supplies to treat the wounded.
He's alive, be careful.
Julia! Julia! Pereda Captain! Julia Julia.
I didn't get married.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I love you.
I love you, Julia.
Pilar! Pilar! Pilar! Are you alright? I tried to save her, but I couldn't.
I swear I tried, but I couldn't.
- Where is she? What happened? - I couldn't save her.
I couldn't.
"What will become of us all? What will become of Pilar, Magdalena, and Julia? What will become of this hospital? We knew we were putting ourselves at risk coming to Melilla.
We got this hospital up and running in record time and I am confident that every one of those ladies has given her all to this job.
Bombs and cannon fire have not defeated us.
Tomorrow, repairs to the hospital begin.
The patients are back in the ward, the doctors are back at their posts.
Each and every one of them should have a monument dedicated to them.
We'll all soon be back to normal, maybe even a little better.
Maybe the war will have served that purpose at least.
Magdalena Medina is no longer that fragile and frightened young girl.
Being with Larbi has made her stronger.
They'll need that strength to face all of the adversity that awaits them.
Pilar de Soraluce has new responsibilities to take care of.
She will take them in her stride.
She is capable of anything she wants, especially with the right person by her side.
Julia Ballester had no idea what life had in store for her when she dared to board that train.
Nor could Dr.
Calderón know that what fate had in store for them wasn't exactly what he was expecting.
I wish them the best.
It's what they deserve.
So, life goes on for everyone as they make their way through it.
And for me, too.
The tumors are benign, Pablo, my dear husband.
Colonel Márquez was happier than I was when he found out.
I think we'll be working together for a long time to come.
There's so much to do here.
One day, this war will finally be over, and when that day comes, my darling, we'll come home.