Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e19 Episode Script

There's No Way Out.

1 I could have reclaimed the torn page Now I don't remember where I dropped it Yet what bothers me most is that there's no beauty looking forward After all, I did have a dream as my spell What can I hate? My past? Myself? I only wish it could be someone else We imagine such a future But even after we lose it, we'll still be the heroes of our story And even if the future is bleak, so long as we have the present we will write as many chapters of this dream as we need Food's ready! Now, eat up.
What is this? It's fried rice.
The last time I made it, it was ruined before you could eat it.
So this time That's not what I meant.
Why are you suddenly doing this? Well I'm worried about you.
It's frustrating.
The murderer's face keeps on changing.
What? It even appeared as your face.
Just for the record, I didn't do it.
Why can't I recall what really happened?! This vague memory is driving me nuts I can't take it anymore.
Say Why don't we try retracing the things you did the day your parents were murdered? What's the point in doing that? It might help you to remember the murderer's face.
I want you to be your usual self again.
Yeah So This is where you were that day, moments before the murder occurred? Yes I remember it being lively just like it is today.
Did they have that back then? Huh? Oh, yes.
Maverick bought me a hat that day.
Thank you very much.
Don't you think you're getting sidetracked? Don't worry, I got one for you too! See? I'll pass.
What?! I bought a matching pair just for us.
All the more so.
Don't be shy.
It'll make for a nice memory of the time we spent together today.
What exactly did we come here for anyway?! Besides, this jacket is real leather.
And there's no need to remember this day.
But We can make all the memories we want some other time.
All right, already! I'll send in my resignation and hurry back as soon as possible! All right, say cheese! Wow What a great tree.
I had my picture taken that day too.
When I go home, I'm going to show this to Mom and Dad! A picture of you and Mr.
Maverick? That's kind of funny.
Why? Huh? It's just, you know! I clearly remember coming here with Mr.
So why can't I remember the murderer's face? Don't torment yourself over it.
But if I never remember I I Huh? Wait, hey, Bunny Kriem was right.
I'm going to be tormented by the past for the rest of my life.
I've made up my mind.
I'll stick with you until you sort this problem out.
What? As your partner, it's my duty to support you in times like these.
Kotetsu I sounded really cool just now, didn't I? What? What's wrong? Bunny? Thanks.
I think he just needs some rest.
Thanks, Uncle Maverick! I'm okay from here! Kotetsu? Oh, Mom? It's me.
How's Kaede? Oh Did she tell you about her powers? Yeah, she said she can copy powers.
I hear it's quite a rare power.
We still don't know all about it.
So how is Kaede holding up? Well, it seems she's perfectly fine.
I see.
You're not out of the woods just yet! We're having a tough time because of all of this! When are you coming back home? Yeah Actually, it might take a little while before I can come back.
And how long is that? I still don't know.
But I'll definitely come home.
Did you really plan on coming home in the first place? I did! Honest! But there's some unfinished business I want to take care of.
If I go home ignoring this, I'm sure to regret it later.
So It'll be just a little longer.
I don't want you to come home anymore! I won't believe anything you say ever again! Kaede?! You said you'd quit your job tomorrow and come back, but you lied! No Wait I'm not saying I'm not coming back.
You probably don't care about me at all! Of course I do! Daddy wants to come back right away! But now's not a good time to say I'm quitting my job.
Daddy is serious about quitting, so please just be patient Huh?! Not again What was that all about? Quit being a Hero? GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! What's this about quitting? I want an explanation.
You see Umm Does this have something to do with your daughter's powers awakening? No, it has nothing to do with that.
Then why?! I was thinking it's about time I live a steady life.
What? Being a Hero is unsteady.
It's fine when you're still young, but as you get older it starts to get to you.
Which is why I've decided to change my lifestyle by getting a regular job! Do you really think that'll fool me? Do you want to keep it from me that badly? What? Aren't partners supposed to support each other when they're suffering? You don't trust me, do you? It's not like that, Bunny.
Were you trying to stop me from quitting because it would make it more difficult to say you're quitting? Well You helped me out today to make it easier for you to quit.
No! That's despicable.
I trusted you.
Don't bother with me anymore.
You can quit whenever you feel like it.
I'll carry on by myself.
Wait a second! I'm all for this.
Huh? Things will be much easier for me once you're gone.
Hey Stop that.
I tried my best to let you handle things once in a while.
Hey! If you retire, things will be much better.
Oh No Sorry Hey, you're not going to use your power Wait! That's not fair! Sorry for dropping in so suddenly.
Did something happen? Could you tell me about it? I might be able to help you.
My parents' murder hasn't been solved.
Jake didn't kill my parents.
That can't be.
Kriem mentioned it before she died.
I was with Mister Jake on the day that happened.
just a small faction of Ouroboros.
The murderer is probably someone else who works for Ouroboros.
Ouroboros might be a larger organization than we imagined.
Are you going to believe everything a criminal tells you? But Jake didn't have an Ouroboros tattoo on his right hand like the murderer did! Then we're back to square one But that's not all! Ever since I found out that Jake wasn't the murderer, my memory has been a complete mess.
It was the only clue I had! Calm down a little.
I can understand your frustrations, but impatience will lead to losing sight of the truth.
I'll look into Ouroboros.
Thank you.
Did anyone else hear what Kriem said? Huh? It would be best if we ran this investigation with caution.
Kotetsu was with me.
I don't mind.
Answer it.
Sorry, Aunt Samantha.
Can I call you back later? I remembered what happened the day of the murder! Is it okay if I leave my car here today? Yes, of course.
Then I'll have a shochu with hot water.
Barnaby, you've broken Legend's record, but is there any Hero you aspire to be? No one in particular.
Oh, thanks.
But there is someone I'm no match for.
No match, you say? He's clumsy and does crazy things, but he always works to the best of his ability and with great pride.
I aspire to become someone worthy of his trust.
Not that I'm trying to become like him, though.
And who might this person be? It's a secret.
You don't trust me, do you? Forget what I said about the car.
After what you told me yesterday, I became curious, so I looked through my things and found this photograph.
Photograph? Yes.
It was taken the day of the murder.
What's going on? I don't really know.
But ever since I found this photograph, I get the feeling that this is what really happened.
I'm not really sure myself.
I understand.
I'll give you a call once things settle down.
Is something wrong? That day, we went to the park to see the Christmas tree, right? Barnaby Yes, we did see the Christmas tree together 21 years ago.
Have you forgotten? When I go home, I'm going to show this to Mom and Dad! That's wrong.
It wasn't you.
What are you talking about? You weren't the one with me that day! Barnaby, you seem to be a bit confused.
You should go home for today.
I remember it clearly now! After seeing the picture of me and Aunt Samantha.
It was taken the day of the murder.
What's going on? Why did you lie about seeing the Christmas tree with me on that day 21 years ago? What did you really do that day?! How can you look at me like that? You should be grateful that I've raised you to be what you are today.
When you were young I was impressed by your powers and just had to make you into a Hero.
You have more than fulfilled my wishes.
What do you mean? I'm really glad that I didn't finish you off along with them.
Finish me off? Don't tell me Your parents had a strong sense of justice and were very compassionate.
What? When I first started HERO TV, your parents were the only ones who supported me.
They were my best friends.
They helped provide me with the Hero suits using special alloys developed through their robotics research.
But, despite our efforts, Hero TV's ratings floundered.
Because the public still harbored strong prejudice against NEXTs.
So I thought up a plan to make the Hero business thrive and boost my ratings.
I set up flashy crimes and made the arrests exciting.
I figured that by doing so, people would change how they thought about Heroes.
I teamed up with a certain organization and set up crimes.
You mean Ouroboros? The plan worked.
But just when the show began to pick up steam, your parents asked to see me.
On that Christmas Eve Did you think I wouldn't notice? We didn't develop nano-metal so it could be used by criminals! They realized that I had joined forces with the organization and had been using your parents' technology to supply them with weapons.
They wanted me to make everything public and atone for my crimes.
Your parents were too smart and too naïve.
That's a lie.
You were not the murderer in my memories I didn't tell you, did I? I can plant new memories within people.
You're a NEXT?! But it seems the memory I planted was stripped away by the tiniest contradiction.
This is no good.
You You were behind all of this?! There's no point in asking any more questions.
You're going to forget all about this anyway.
I'll give you this present once more.
Good night, Barnaby.
In a corner of the gray-dyed city, I was seeing a dream, no more than my imagination I somehow started thinking about the meaning of existence Right or left by all myself and you may actually more more more And in such a world, I was asked, "Just what is it you can do?" And I felt like your smile was teaching me And I felt like I was experiencing the pain of having found the light Arms outstretched, everyone loses sight of the eternal truth trying to grasp their fleeting dreams.
I wish to believe that the one who brought light to the endless gray of tomorrow wasn't just anyone I will forever share both my past and my future Hi! I'm Barnaby, the member of "Tiger & Bunny" who uses an electric toothbrush! Be careful, Kotetsu! It's all his doing Next time on Tiger & Bunny: See you!