Time (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

Do you want anything else?
- No, that's it. Thanks.
- What can I get you?
Can I have three Apple Sourz, please?
Hiya. What can I get you?
G and T, please.
Do you want doubles or singles?
There you go. Are you paying cash?
- Yeah.
- Right. Ta. Thank you.
You're robbing me.
You put a camera on me?!
Tuesday, you're robbing me.
When did you put that in?
Thursday. Do I need to go on?
How much altogether?
Just over 500.
Me kids have been taken into
care, and it'll be permanent unless
I find us a place to live.
Well, I've found somewhere
but they wanted £600 deposit
and I don't have that. But you do.
So I'm really sorry.
Please don't tell the police.
If you tell them, I will
never get my kids back.
Just say it were a mistake
or something. I'm begging you.
Yeah, police, please.
I want to report a crime.
Is it still painful?
A bit, yeah.
Will you seek revenge, Abi?
You really expect me to answer that?
And if I say yeah, "Yeah, yeah,
I will seek revenge," what then?
You'll keep schtum?
You'll see some poor bitch disfigured
just so you can say,
"I kept schtum, Abi"?
So this is the playground.
Sometimes when the sun
is shining, like today,
mums bring the babies out
here and into the garden.
It's really nice here.
Yeah, but it's really hard
to get a place here, Kelsey.
Not many women do.
Come on in.
So this is the common room.
And through here's the kitchen.
Faith, I have Kelsey here.
Welcome, Kelsey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Do you want to come through?
Everybody all right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
This is Kelsey. She's come
over to have a look at the unit.
- You all right?
- Hiya.
So I thought that we'd do a session
that I know we've done before,
but I think it's one
of the most important.
And that is how to settle a crying baby.
Good. I'm moving in
there as soon as I can.
I'm moving in there.
Well, you've got to
convince the board first.
Right, head over to
Property, then onto the nurse.
Yeah, I need three
priority numbers approved.
- You get two.
- I know but I need three.
Me mam's number and me
kids' foster placements
they've been split up.
The two little 'uns are in Huddersfield
but the big 'un's in Halifax.
You get two numbers, as you well know.
Move on.
Next, please.
Can I have your name, please?
First time?
Oi, I asked you a question!
What are you in for?
I nicked 540 quid from
t'Rose in Huddersfield.
That pub on t'high street
next to t'traffic lights?
You know Huddersfield?
Yeah. Absolute shithole.
No, t'Rose!
- Hi, Kels.
- Hi, babe.
That's close enough.
- What?
- Don't come any closer.
I want to hug the mother of my child.
You can't.
- You all right, babe?
- Fine.
Have a seat, Kelsey.
Do you like your job, yeah?
I'd sooner eat shit.
I'm going to go and
get myself a cup of tea.
And I suppose I can't
get her one, can I?
No, we've brought water for her.
He's just stressed, that's all.
Have you had plenty to drink?
A full bladder really helps.
Yeah. Will we get to hear the heartbeat?
I heard it really loud last time.
We'll be checking for lots
of things during this scan.
Bones, brain, spinal cord.
- Because I was using?
- We check anyway.
But there's more chance of there
being a problem because I was using?
There we go.
Listen to that, babe!
It's all normal, yeah?
- Yeah.
- I've not done it any harm?
- No.
- None at all?
That's what she's saying, Kels.
No harm done, yeah?
From what we can see,
you've done it no harm.
From what we can see?
What you mean, "From what we can see"?
What What CAN'T you see?
it's all all right.
It's all good.
Boy or girl: you want to know?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Will you marry me, babe?
- What?
- I don't want to be some slag of a single mother.
I want to have a proper family
and I want to be married to you.
So will you marry me?
Soon. Before he comes.
You can get married in
prison, can't you, Miss?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So will you marry me?
I will, Kels.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
I'm not. It's fine. Just hold still.
I don't feel safe with this.
It looks lovely.
You all right, Kels?
They did lots of checks for
abnormalities and all that.
Yeah, and what did they say?
They said he's fine.
He's a bit small, but he's fine.
So what are you crying for, then?
I can't I can't breathe.
- What?
- I can't breathe!
- I can't
- Yeah, you can.
The air won't go in. I can't breathe!
Just calm down. In through the nose
out through the mouth.
That's it.
That's it.
You've got it.
All right.
- OK? Come on.
- Yeah.
Let's see a picture
of the wee fella, then.
Look at him.
I'm going to have a proper family.
Hey, let's turn this music up.
- Yeah.
- Come on, Kels.
We're celebrating.
Come on, take your jacket off.
I will not forget the rhythm of your ♪
Heart makes when it
beats in your chest ♪
And if you're ever lonely ♪
If you can't find the way ♪
If this world comes to an end ♪
I wanna be there with you ♪
Once in a lifetime ♪
You'll be right beside me ♪
I'll be right beside you ♪
I'll be right beside you ♪
I'll be right beside you ♪
I'll be right beside you ♪
I'll be right beside you! ♪
Once in a lifetime ♪
Oh, let it happen ♪
Let it happen. ♪
Oh, my God.
Hi, Mum.
She could have killed you.
What did she get for it?
- They didn't catch her.
- Didn't catch her?
You saw her?
- Mm-hm.
- You know who it was?
- Yes.
- And you told them who it was?
- Can't do that.
- Why not?!
Just can't.
So what is to stop her doing it again?
- Abi, you've got to stand up for yourself.
- How are you, Mum?
- Abi, you've got to tell them.
- How are you?
- You have to tell
- I'm just trying to have a normal conversation.
Why are you here?
I am here
because I am your mother and I love you.
Oh, yeah?
You've been coming out with all
this love quite a lot recently.
Ever since I've been in
here, as a matter of fact.
Where was this love
when I really needed it?
- When I was growing up.
- Here we go again.
When my baby was born.
It was constant criticism back then,
constant abuse back then.
Anyone could've seen that I
just needed a bit of support,
I needed some confidence-building.
Anyone bar you.
You know who I really needed?
My dad.
But he was driven off by you,
driven off by the most cold,
insensitive bitch I've ever known.
I am not leaving.
Well, I am.
Excuse me. Can I go now, please?
I'd just really like to
go now, please. Thank you.
All right?
All right.
Nice towel.
What do you want?
I've been told to hurt you.
Who by?
Some people I owe money to.
How do you intend to do it?
With these.
Are you capable of that?
Then, you've got a problem.
Go back and say you tried
but you couldn't do it,
I was too good for you.
That will make it more convincing.
Oh, fuck.
You got a problem?
He's coming.
So do you always do yours yourself?
I can usually manage my left,
but I get one of the other girls
- to do my right.
- Yeah, got to do that.
- Stay there, don't move.
- OK.
Put your hand in there.
Press it down, it will dry.
I want you to marry us, Miss.
- You and ?
- Adam, yeah.
As soon as.
- Well, we'd have to talk to the Governor and
- Yeah.
He won't think it's a good idea.
Why not?
You want a place in the
mother and baby unit?
- Yeah.
- Well, marrying Adam would threaten that.
The Governor doesn't think
he's a good man, Kelsey.
- Why not?
- He's into drugs.
Everyone's into drugs.
He deals them, doesn't he?
Not everyone deals them.
He loves me.
- Does he?
- What are you saying?
- Nothing.
- Have you been talking about us?
- No.
- Yeah, you have.
You've been talking
about us, haven't you?
You and the Governor and all
them other twats have been
talking about us. Well,
tell them this, right.
We love each other.
Me and Adam love each other.
So fuck the lot of you.
You all right?
Yeah. What about Bob Dylan?
Oh, she likes it here.
Going to put you back
with your two mates, right?
One mate.
If I marry you, I won't get
into the mother and baby unit.
Because you're not a good man.
'Cos you're into drugs.
Everyone's into drugs.
I told her that.
Who's been saying all this?
Who's she to say any of this shit?
The chaplain.
She's a nun, I think.
A nun?
She's a sex-starved spinster.
I swear she's saying all this
'cos she's jealous of you.
And why are you listening to her anyway?
What's she got to do with any of this?
- I'm putting the phone down now 'cos
- Don't hang up!
you've really upset
me. You know what I mean?
You've just just really upset me.
Please, please don't hang up.
Don't hang up!
Right. She's in here.
You're in five. Get your stuff together.
Suits me fine.
No, it's OK.
Rather you than me.
Able to breathe in there, at least.
How come you're back?
Theft, got 12 months.
What's wrong, sweetheart?
It's Adam.
You need to eat something.
I can't.
For the baby.
I told Adam what you said.
- You know what he said back?
- No.
You're a sex-starved spinster
and you're just jealous of me.
Er, Orla, can you come with me, please?
Tell me what it is.
I know you're not supposed to,
but just tell me what it is.
Then, tell me what it isn't.
- Say it's not my kids.
- I can't.
I don't care if it's my mam.
She's just an old alky so
I don't care if it's her.
Just say it's not my kids.
I can't.
You don't have kids, obviously,
because you're an airy fairy nun.
But if you did, you'd know.
And I promise you, you
wouldn't be doing this to me.
It's not your kids.
Thank you.
Oh, hello.
It's Tess Palmer here from social
services. I've taken over
Are my kids OK?
Yeah, they're fine.
I've just checked on them.
I've got bad news about your
mother, I'm afraid, Orla.
What's she done now?
I'm sorry, but I'm just going
to come out with it and say this.
She's dying.
Since when?
A while, apparently.
Has ?
She never said a word to me.
I know.
They told me she never
said a word to anyone.
But it's time now.
And they've moved her to a hospice.
Thanks for telling me.
I'm sorry, Orla.
- Mummy!
- Hi.
Nana's sick.
I know, angel.
You OK, little man?
I'm Tess. We spoke on the phone.
Why are you even here?
- Kyle!
- It's fine.
It's not fine.
Turning up like this.
Why couldn't you come another day?
I don't get a say in it, Kyle.
Come here, Nancy.
Let's go to the cafe.
Come on.
You said we'd go to the cafe after.
I love you lot.
No, you don't.
If you loved us, you
wouldn't be in jail.
You can give her a hug.
We're not really a hugging family.
Well, her skin's very dry, so
if you'd put a little lotion
on her hands, that'd be a favour to me.
There you are.
What a way to end up, eh?
You or me?
I tried, you know, love.
Not hard enough, mind.
You were always a
a much better mother
than I could ever be.
Don't think the kids see it that way.
They don't understand
the world's not a
straightforward place for women.
Maybe one day they will.
I've lost them, Mam.
There were definitely people
rattling at my door last night.
And you're sure they were
trying to get in? Yes.
- Can I say something? Something quite blunt?
- Yeah.
Talking would help.
Talking about what?
The death of your child.
If you told your story truthfully,
the women might understand.
Some would even sympathise. No.
Come to my group, tell your story.
How's it doing?
Er, not great.
And if I came along,
it would help, would it?
- It would swell the numbers.
- Yes.
No, it wouldn't.
You'd have even fewer people turning up.
I am not the most popular
woman in this nick,
- if you haven't noticed.
- Can I say something else?
- Is this blunt, too?
- Yes.
Go on.
I get loads turning up.
They'd all want to hear your story.
Well, tell me yours. Tell me YOUR story.
- No.
- You got one?
Oh, yes.
Hi. This is Kyle. Please leave
a message and I'll call you back.
You can re-record your message
by pressing hash at any time.
All right, see you.
- What do you want?
- To burn you.
Yeah? An eye for an eye and all that.
You'll be all right without one.
Oh, will I, yeah?
Listen, I have taken my time
and that is because of fear.
You slashed my face.
That's further than most women
in this prison would ever go.
And that instilled a bit of fear.
So why did you do it?
Why did you go so far?
'Cos I loved her.
- And did she love you?
- Yes.
And you ruined it.
Don't think I'm weak.
I won't.
Welcome, everyone.
Few newbies here today,
that's always nice.
I thought today we would talk about men.
Relationships with men,
relationships that have not
exactly been positive.
who would like to kick it off?
Welcome, Abi.
Come on in. Grab yourself a chair.
Ladies, if you could
That's great. Thank you.
So who of our newbies
would like to start us off?
You can say anything.
There's no judgment here.
Everything's confidential.
- Kelsey?
- Why me?
No reason.
You're new and I just thought
- you might want to share
- I wouldn't.
- Then why are you here, you silly bitch?
- To listen.
Anyone else?
- Why don't you go?
- Why don't you shut up, you grass?
What's she even doing
here? Fucking baby-killer.
Abi's here because I invited her.
Leave us.
- What?
- Leave us.
You go on about it being confidential.
Nothing's confidential in here.
If Kelsey says something
and you report it, bang,
has her baby taken off her.
I'd only do that if I
was seriously concerned.
And how are we supposed to know
that you're seriously concerned?
Leave us.
Who'd be in charge?
You invited me, remember?
I'll be outside.
Got a fucking cheek, you know that?
So who's going first?
Er, you.
I'd gone to watch my son
play footie for the school.
Turned out he was a sub.
Him and two other boys.
Half-time comes. The teacher
He puts the other two on and
he leaves my son standing there.
I tell him, "Don't worry. You'll
get on in the second half, yeah?"
It's the coldest day of the year, and
He's got a puffer jacket.
He won't put it on.
I don't know why. He just won't.
He's just standing there with his hands
in his sleeves, you know, like that.
He's shivering.
And that teacher, he never sent him on.
Anyway, I seen him
again a few days later.
Parent-teacher thing.
I say to him, I ask him why
he left my son standing there.
"Because he wasn't
good enough," he says.
So I hit him
and he fell
and he cracked his head.
It wasn't the first
time I'd hit someone,
and I got four years IPP
for it. You know IPP, yeah?
Well, neither did I, till
they first give it to me.
"Imprisonment for public protection."
Which means they don't let you out
till they think it's
safe to let you out.
It's meant for sex offenders and that,
and the judge gives it to me
for chinning a teacher. Anyway
I do the four years and I go for parole.
And they ask me what I think
about hitting a teacher,
and I say, "Well
I didn't think I
hit him hard enough."
That means I'm not safe to be let out,
so they made me go back
and do another year.
I go back.
They ask the same question,
they get the same answer.
That's another year.
And they say to me,
"Why are you doing this?"
"It's just keeping you
away from your boy."
I say no.
He ain't my boy any more.
He's a man now.
Did you speak?
No. Donna, mainly.
There's a Catholic priest.
You're ?
You and a priest?
Fucking hell.
What's his name?
It must be difficult.
Yes, for me.
He has his own
philosophy, his own ideas.
He manages it quite well, but
How long have you known him?
Known him for about
eight years, but we've
for a year.
Do you love him?
Does he love you?
Would you pack it in for him?
Yes, I would.
Would he pack it in for you?
No. Nor should he.
That's only part of my story, of course.
But it is a big part of it right now.
- Hello?
- Who's this?
- Can you put Adam on, please?
- Adam's not here at the moment.
- Can I take a message?
- How long are you going to be?
I don't know, do I?
Oh, baby!
Why is that fucking knob
answering your phone?
- We thought it'd be funny.
- Tell him to do one.
Dinnae speak about my
friend like that, OK?
I didn't mean it like that, did I?
- Sorry.
- What do you want, babe?
Listen, babe, I got my board on
Tuesday, and you've got to be there.
- I've got fucking stuff on.
- Yeah, I know that,
- but you've got to be there.
- Don't fucking shout at me!
- All right?!
- I'm not shouting!
OK, you're the baby's father.
- You have to be there, Adam.
- Oh, fucking hell.
If I don't get a place
in the mother and baby,
he'll go straight into foster
care. There are women in here
who don't give a shit about
that, but I'm not one of them.
Yeah, I know that, babe. I'll be there.
- OK?
- OK, I love you. Bye.
Was that aimed at me?
You think I don't care
- that my kids are in foster care?
- I didn't mean you, did I?
I didn't do drugs when
I were pregnant, love.
- That's not fair.
- And I didn't go on about abortions either.
So do one before I batter you.
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Kyle ♪
Happy birthday to you. ♪
You OK, son?
- Try him again.
- I've tried him five times.
He said he'd be here.
I think we've got to
assume he's not coming.
What am I going to do?
Kelsey, you're better off without him.
Let's go in there, tell
them why this matters.
This is Kelsey's first child, so
we don't have anything to go on,
other than the classes
she's attended on the MBU.
- The unit manager has stated
- Kelsey grew up in care
and she has no other family members,
so there's not a huge amount
of support there, obviously
Kelsey has a history
of drug addiction.
A risk of relapsing is
possible, we can't deny that.
The biggest concern is that
she may have taken drugs
after she discovered
that she was pregnant.
But I know that Kelsey has
some things to say about that.
I'd like to say that I
know what you're thinking.
I'm just some smackhead who'll
never be able to look after a baby.
That's not true. It's
because you don't know me.
You're just going off a load of reports.
Are you saying the
reports are incorrect?
No, no, it's not that.
It's just not the full story.
Like, yeah, I did take
drugs after I found out
that I were pregnant. But
believe me, I regret that.
I've done nothing but worry about
how that might have hurt him.
Since my first scan, I promise
you, I haven't taken anything,
not touched it, and it's
not like I couldn't have.
You know, I've made my mind up.
All my tests have been clear.
What about previous
challenging conduct in prison?
You understand that there can
be nothing like that on the MBU.
Yeah, I understand that. Yeah.
And in the past, I have kicked off a bit
when I've been in the
nick. But not this time.
This time haven't been written
up even once, have I, Miss?
And it's because I've changed.
I used to be so in my head,
just thoughts swirling about and that,
and that's why I was
getting into it with people,
so I needed more and
more gear to calm down.
But now I've got something
more important to think about.
It's completely different.
Different how?
I'm thinking about the
future now, and I
I'm thinking about how that will go.
I've never done that before.
I'm going to get a job doing
nails and beauty and that,
and we'll be all right.
And I know that you'll say I won't
make it out on my own, but I will.
I will not let you down.
I promise you, I will not let you down.
I'll be a good mother.
How'd it go?
Adam didn't show up.
She did well, though. She said
all that she needed to say.
- How long till she finds out?
- Next day or so.
If it's a yeah, she'll move over
there about a week before she's due.
Oh, yeah, she'll be mother of the
year, won't she? Soft bastards.
- What are you saying?
- Orla, back off.
Are you telling me what
to do now, baby-killer?
Stop right there, Orla.
Me? I'm stuck in here wi' a
baby-killer and a smackhead,
- and you're bollocking me?!
- Don't make me write you up.
Or what? You'll send me back to t'wing?
Even Bob Dylan's better than these.
So, yeah, send me back. Please.
- Please.
- Right. Let's get your stuff.
I lost my kids 'cos I
couldn't pay the leccy bill.
Working full-time, but
I still couldn't pay it.
13 years of rocking him, reading to him,
making him fish fingers, gone.
Yet some smackhead
gets to keep her baby?
Hey? It's a fucking joke.
Take a few days to get
your head straight, Orla.
What is it?
It's from my son.
- From Stephen?
- Yeah.
What does it say?
Just, "Thinking of
you. Your son, Stephen."
That's great.
Why now?
I did a deal, didn't I?
I did a deal with God, didn't I?
Stephen gets in touch and I go to Mass.
So I'll see you in Mass, Miss.
It's a card from my son!
It's from my son!
They said yes.
Move in before your due date. Yeah?
Is that Stephen Harkness?
Are you the son of Lou Harkness?
Hi, Stephen. I'm Marie-Louise O'Dell.
I'm chaplain at Carlingford Prison,
and your mother's with us at the moment.
I want nothing to do with that bitch.
The next question is
a bit redundant now,
but did you send your
mother a card recently?
Did you send your mother a card?
No, of course I didn't.
Do you know what she did to us?
Yeah. She she punched your wife.
When my wife was seven months pregnant.
We nearly lost the child.
Anything else?
Um No.
Er, thank you.
- Where's Kyle?
- He's gearing himself up to come in.
What do you mean?
He took a bit of
persuading to come at all,
and when we arrived, he got upset.
He's just outside having a breather.
Why don't you enjoy your
visit with these two,
and I'll check on Kyle in a bit?
- Brew?
- Yeah.
Oh! Look at these!
Did them myself.
Clever girl.
You all right? Yeah?
So our teacher asked
us to do some spellings.
And then we did the alphabet.
And then this girl,
she forgot her alphabet and
she went up to the teacher
and she told the teacher
- There's only five minutes left.
- Sit down.
- I want to see my son.
- He's refusing to come in
and we can't make him, so sit back down.
My son is just out there
and I can't even see him.
You don't want me to take
you out in front of these two.
Sit down.
I'm sitting.
- Sorry.
- It's OK.
- Can you sit down?
- No.
It's in my pelvis now.
It's complete agony.
I'm going to ring reception.
- You all right, Kels?
- No!
- Just keep breathing.
- I can't!
Hiya, yeah. Can we send someone over?
There's a pregnant woman
here. She's in a lot of pain.
36 weeks.
No, I think it's
I think it's
pressure in my lower back,
but it's getting worse.
They're sending someone
over as soon as they can.
- All right. Er Lean lean on here.
- Uh-huh.
Take deep breaths.
Thanks for coming on the phone.
You don't have to say
owt if you don't want to,
but I just want you to know
I understand why you didn't come in.
It's an 'orrible place
and nobody wants to
be here, least of all me.
To be honest, love, there's been
times I've thought about saying
I don't want any of you coming in.
There's women here that do that.
They'd prefer not to see their
kids when they're in prison.
Maybe they're right.
Maybe I should just
wait till I'm released.
Would you prefer that?
Because the last thing
I want to do, Kyle,
is hurt you more than I already have.
And I do know how much I've hurt you.
Why did you do it?
'Cos I panicked, love.
I panicked. I had a house
lined up for t'four of us,
and the the agent said
I needed a deposit that week.
So I panicked and I took it
Kyle? Kyle! Shit.
I need to ring him back 'cos
I can't leave him like that.
But your credit's run out.
Well, I can't leave him
like that. He's in bits.
There's nothing you can do
about it right now, I'm sorry,
- so back to your cell.
- Are you dead inside?
That's enough, Orla. Back to your cell.
- The gates.
- I just need five minutes, that's all.
- He's my son.
- Back to your cell.
There is nothing you can do about it,
- so in you go.
- I need to talk to my son.
I need to talk to him right now.
Why aren't you listening to me?
- Please, just five minutes.
- No.
Please can I call him back?
- In you go. In you go.
- Five minutes!
Get up! Get up!
Get up, yeah?
Hit the buzzer.
Hit the buzzer. Hit the fucking buzzer!
Oh, you are joking.
I've had a couple of calls from Windsor.
- The pregnant one's in a bit of trouble.
- Kelsey Morgan?
Apparently she's in a fair
bit of pain. Back and pelvis.
Is there any chance of getting
a midwife over to Windsor
- to have a look at her?
- No, the midwife's not working today
and Faith clocked off at five.
- Fuck!
- What?
Serious incident on the wing.
Come again, Officer Martin?
What are you doing, Orla?
- I want to talk to my son.
- Well, that can't happen while you're
- while you're doing that, can it?
- I want to talk to Kyle
- or I'll cut her fucking throat.
- Give her the phone call, please.
Listen to her. Give me the call, yeah?
Give me the call right now.
I need backup on the wing
as soon as possible, please.
Yeah, we need someone.
Well, where are they?
But you said you'd send somebody.
Look, I'm not pissing around here!
Have you told them how serious this is?
Yes. Yes.
- We still need help.
- It's OK. It's OK.
Her waters have broken.
Tell them she might lose this baby
- if they don't send someone, yeah?
- I don't want to lose my baby!
Why the fuck are you saying
- she's going to lose the baby?
- I don't want to lose my baby!
- Do you know how to help her?
- You're not going to lose the baby.
- Just send someone now!
- Come on
It's all right.
Come on, sit down there.
It's all right. All right.
There's loads of screws,
thousands of them,
but when I wanted you
to give me a bit of time,
to give me five minutes!
- Please, just
- Five minutes, that wasn't possible.
And I tell you why I
needed five minutes.
It's because he won't come in.
I can't see him face-to-face
and I shouldn't fucking be here!
Shut up for five seconds and
listen to me, Orla, please!
- Please!
- Just shut up!
Give her the call! Jesus Christ,
you should be ashamed of yourselves,
you dirty, arrogant bastards.
You should be ashamed of yourselves!
Yes, she's on her knees.
She's still in a lot of pain.
- Well, I think she's dilated. She's bleeding.
- Do something.
You used to be a nurse.
It were a long time ago,
and I've never delivered
So you're just going to stand there?
It's all right, Kels.
All right.
I'm going to have to take
your knickers off, OK?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Listen
- It hurts so much.
It's OK, darling. Just try and breathe.
We need an ambulance right
now, or she's going to die.
I don't want to die!
Nobody's going to die!
- Just tell her.
- You're all right, Kels.
Do you feel like you need to push?
- I don't know.
- Listen,
- she's got to get to hospital!
- Look, look
You're all right. Just widen your hips.
Deep breaths.
Tell me when you start
feeling the contractions, OK?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Orla, please, please, please.
- He's only 13!
Please, Orla, just put the blade down.
He's only 13.
He won't come see me!
I need to talk to my son!
I'm too hot.
I know.
I know, but you're doing amazing. Yeah?
I can't do it.
Yeah, you can, Kels. Come on.
Just breathe.
It's going to be OK. Just breathe.
Come on. Breathe.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
Hey! Yes, you fucking can!
Come on.
That's it.
That's it.
They're all kitted out here.
A great, big riot squad, all kitted out.
And if they have to come in
there, you'll get badly hurt
and you'll end up in deep shit.
So I'm coming in, Orla,
and I know you'll do nothing
'cos you're a mother.
You're a mother and
she's someone's daughter.
That woman you're terrifying
is someone's daughter.
So I'm going to unlock this door
and it's just me coming in.
All right?
I've got you.
Well done, Kelsey. Oh, good
girl. You're doing so good.
Keep going.
OK, now, wait, Kelsey.
You've done the worst
bit. The head's out.
Now just breathe and
wait. You hear me? Yeah?
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Yeah.
That's it. Keep going.
It's coming. It's coming.
Yeah. Keep going. Keep going.
Is he OK?
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