Time After Time (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Secrets Stolen

1 My name is H.
My friend John is Jack the Ripper.
He's escaped from 1893 in my time machine, and I'm the only one who can catch him.
I want the key and the time machine now.
Well, I can't oblige, John.
What if I told you that George is really H.
Wells? I would say you've lost your damn mind.
Wells he's in New York.
He came in his time machine.
You can stop this all from happening.
I'm Brooke.
I'm a neuropathologist.
I'd be honored if you'd join me for a drink.
You and I were always supposed to meet.
I am completely blinded by you, Miss Walker.
- No! - [Gunshot] Who's the guy? I don't know, but I've seen this man before.
- He was following me.
- Who are you? I'm someone who's waited a long time to meet you.
[Monitor beeping] [Grunts] [Rattling] [Gas hissing] I brought you something to help clear your head.
Just apple juice.
It's organic, fresh pressed.
Your system must be in shock after all the preservatives they put in food these days.
[Cup clatters] [Sighs] Well, that made a mess.
You'll regret this.
Regret drugging you? After you tried to stab me with a kitchen knife? Who are you? I'm someone who knows you're Jack the Ripper.
And you escaped to 2017 in H.
Wells' time machine.
I also know that Mr.
Wells is being aided by a distant relative Vanessa Anders.
But you're all alone.
Something tells me you could use a friend.
You have to trust me.
Trust you? [Grunts] [Sighs] I'll come back when you're feeling more yourself.
[Groans] [Clock ticking] [Keyboard clacking] - [Computer beeps] - Woman: Hey there, big boy.
Click on it now.
- Show me how big you are.
- [Moaning] Oh.
[Laughter] Check out my live cam.
[Computer beeps] - Good morning.
- Ah, y-yes it is.
Uh Good morning.
Uh What are you doing? Attempting to master the Internet and failing miserably.
I really enjoyed last night.
- We were almost killed.
- Right.
No, the part after that.
As did I.
It wasn't too forward, was it? Because I forget you're from 1893, and things were more formal back then.
And I didn't want to come across as I don't know how you used to call it a harlot.
Which you are not, I-I assure you.
Not to sound old-fashioned, but I do struggle with the ease with which men and women give themselves to each other.
Sexual mores of today are quite baffling as it's all it's all so very, uh - Casual? - No.
It's routine.
Lacking in romance.
See, in my day, passion and desire they were they were the true result of yearning for a woman.
The longing that fills you head and clouds every thought as you patiently await for her to walk through the door and say "Good morning.
" - Good morning, Jane.
- Good morning.
[Beep] Good morning.
[Clears throat] - Morning.
- Morning.
We have information about the man who attacked you.
His name was Chad Holland.
He had a place in the Bronx, lived alone, never married, worked odd jobs, history of trouble, but mostly petty crime.
But nothing to explain why he was trying to kill me? How he knows about me and John? I take it John still hasn't called? No.
And it's way past his deadline.
I've known John for many years.
If he hasn't reached out, then something's happened.
Maybe he had a run-in with Chad Holland.
Is there any way to access Chad Holland's residence? We can try.
I'll drive you.
I have some business to deal with.
You'll let me know if you find out anything.
[Door opens] Honey.
Have you been waiting long? No, I just got here.
So where's Wells? I was hoping to get a chance to talk to him this morning.
He stepped out for a bit.
He'll be back.
My head is still spinning.
I can't believe he's the real H.
How long does he plan on staying? I'm not sure.
It all depends on finding John Stevenson.
It's crazy.
It's right out of some science fiction story.
Written by H.
Wells maybe.
A real working time machine.
Do you know how many people would kill for something like that? Are you sure it's secure here? I trust my team, and I've installed a security system - that requires key-card access.
- Good.
So, uh, what about the war veteran charity tonight? - Should we cancel? - No.
It's just the board members, and they're all friends of mine.
And they're here to meet you.
Wait, you set this up for me? - You are running for Senate.
- [Chuckles] And a cocktail party full potential donors never hurt a campaign.
Babe, you didn't have to do that.
I insist.
I've been so distracted by H.
And tonight, you're my priority.
Come here.
[Buzzer] [Lock clicks] H.
: Thank you so much for you trouble.
We promise to be quick.
You're just yummy.
How did you know Chad? Uh, we were friends.
His family asked us to come.
I didn't know he had any family.
Hell, I didn't know he had any friends.
Guy gave me the creeps.
[Lock clicks] - Ah.
You're too kind.
- [Chuckles] I'm a sucker for a Brit.
My father was a Brit.
He came over after World War II.
There was more than one? Thank you so much.
We really appreciate this.
[Siren wails in distance] Chad was a little obsessed.
He was following both of us.
How did he know that we would be here? This would be easier if we knew what we were looking for.
Is that the same emblem? It's the one I put in my letter to Vanessa.
What is that? It appears to be coordinates.
Hi there.
Don't suppose I could have my clothes? [Footsteps approach] Feeling better? And will you behave yourself? It's not my wish to keep you locked up in here, John.
I did it out of necessity.
I want to us to learn to trust each other.
Trust works both ways, Brooke.
[Beep] May I? It's chilly in here.
So, where are we? Uh, my basement lab, where I work.
So you were telling the truth about being a doctor.
Biotechnology research.
Neurology, genetics, biochemistry.
My father was a scientist.
He inspired me to continue his research.
Really? I was afraid the Ripper would find me boring.
Boring? A little romp in the bedroom, syringe to the neck, awaken naked and tied up in a laboratory Boring is the very least of what you are, my darling.
So, what is all of this? Gene therapy.
I'm working on ways to improve human neurological function.
You're looking at your own DNA, which is your genetic makeup.
Deoxyribonucleic acid.
They'd just begun to study it in my day.
So you want to analyze my brain? You might not like what you find.
Oh, I doubt that, John Leslie Stevenson.
Born 1863 in London to Elizabeth Stevenson, a street prostitute.
No surprise there.
No father, but you fought your way to Oxford to the top of your class.
Esteemed surgeon by day, killer by night.
How do you know so much about me? [Chuckles] I know things about you that you don't even know about yourself.
Like the fact that you have a son.
[Chuckles] I can assure you I do not have a son.
Henry Ayers born to Pauline Ayers, a nurse you met in 1891 in Paris.
Do you remember her? Impossible.
I want to conduct some tests.
Nothing too invasive.
A controlled environment to study your psychopathy.
What do I get? The time machine, of course.
Do you know where it is? It's under lock and key, courtesy of Vanessa Anders.
It's also where your little friend, H.
Wells, has been staying since he's been in New York.
I can get it for you.
Yes, if I submit to being your lab rat.
I want you to start thinking of me as a friend.
Just a friend? With a little extra.
You know, there's a crazy killer on every corner today, Brooke.
Why me? Because there's only one Jack the Ripper.
[Horns honking] H.
: Were you able to find out anything about the coordinates from Chad's apartment? Yes and no.
The longitude and latitude takes us here to a residential area of Glen Cove, Long Island.
These next numbers appear to be a date September 15, 1980.
What about these numbers? It's the time 1:42 p.
So, Chad was trying to get to the time machine to go to Long Island on a specific date and time.
- Why? - He said he had to stop something.
In 1980? Well, perhaps an event occurred in the area, something with significance.
From what I can find, the day was rather uneventful.
I've searched the archives of the local paper.
The biggest news was a bake sale at the county courthouse.
We're missing something.
We know I'm important to Chad Holland as is John for that matter.
We still haven't heard from him.
There's a mystery afoot that we're not aware of.
I have to go.
It's all we have.
- You're going to 1980? - Yes, to Glen Cove, is it? How's my wardrobe? Wait.
I'm coming with you.
It isn't safe.
I have no idea what's in store.
I'm a historian.
I know the '80s.
You don't.
Let me help you.
I want to come.
- You okay? - Huh? Yeah, I'm excited.
This is not fear.
It's a little fear with excitement.
But I'm ready.
Let's do this.
[Electricity crackles] [Exhales] Oh.
[Chuckles] [Gas hisses] [Birds chirping] So this is 1980.
Why would the coordinates bring us to the middle of nowhere? Do you hear that? [Indistinct conversation] It's coming from over there.
[Upbeat music playing] Oh, here we are.
Looks like a party.
It's an impressive house.
It's a yuppie barbecue.
- Is this your ball? - Yes.
- Here we are.
- Thank you.
You talk funny.
I'm from England.
Vanessa, come inside.
Vanessa Maria Anders, now! - Was that - Vanessa.
We're at her parents' house.
[Upbeat music playing] What does Chad have to do with Vanessa's family? Why would he want to come here? Well, the man wanted me dead, and Vanessa and her parents are my descendants.
Maybe they were his targets, too.
In 1980? We'll have a look around, - see what we find.
- Wait.
Let's make you a yuppie.
A yuppie? What's a yuppie? A young urban professional with an affluent lifestyle they like to talk about endlessly.
- Sounds obnoxious.
- Ah, well, welcome to the '80s.
Reagan was president.
Greed was good.
Fashion was awful.
It was a time of Spandex, "Dynasty.
" I want my MTV.
- You want your what? - It's a party.
Just say things like "Madonna" and "Wall Street," and you'll fit right in.
Right, got it.
Well, hello there, you two.
I don't believe I've seen you at one of the Anders' shindigs before.
Here, I thought I knew all of Courtney and David's friends.
We just moved to the neighborhood.
I'm Angelina, and this is my husband, Brad.
Oh, I'm Bethanny.
[Chuckles] My hubby's around here somewhere probably at the bar not getting me a refill.
[Chuckles] Uh, you said you were new to the area? Yes, we just bought a place down the road.
On Wall Street.
Well, it's a shame you didn't wait a little longer to buy.
All of this could've been yours.
The Anders' house is for sale? Well, unofficially.
I hear David's company is not doing well.
[Chuckles] Oh, that's terrible.
May I refresh that for you? Mm.
Such a gentleman.
Amaretto sour.
I'll come with you, honey.
Griffin: I was really hoping to get to know the guy.
- When will they be back? - That's up to them.
They're controlling the machine manually.
Now, do they come back at the same time as when they left? - How's that work? - They travel in real time, so as to not tear the fabric of the timeline.
Is that like time-travel science or? Martin, where did they go? Glen Cove, Long Island, 1980.
Show me.
I want to see the exact location of Chad's coordinates.
Uh, you got it.
[Computer beeping] That's the backyard of my childhood home.
Let me know the moment they get back.
[Door opens] Don't look now, but I think you're about to meet another one of your family members.
- [Giggles] - Oh.
[Chuckles] Hello.
How old are you? I'm 3.
You're 3? Wow.
She likes you.
I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met.
I'm Courtney Anders.
You have such a lovely home.
Thank you.
Are you friends with my husband? - As a matter of fact - We are friends with Bethanny.
She told us so much about you two.
[Chuckling] Oh, really.
What did that gossip have to say? David, hon, you have a guest.
[Clears throat] If you'll excuse me.
Welcome to our home.
It was very nice meeting you.
Lovely to meet you, as well.
Vanessa: Bye.
Oh, we mustn't interact so blatantly.
Remember, we cannot influence, obstruct, or do anything that can alter the timeline.
We must observe only.
You can't just barge in So why don't we observe that? Wait here.
I'll be right back.
Who's that man? Jane, that satchel.
It was in Chad's apartment.
Radical gene therapy fails when the brain rejects the new DNA.
It doesn't want to change, but my father discovered a better method, and I've perfected it.
And once this new DNA is inside the brain, you can manipulate the chemistry in the brain to control how people think? You're catching on.
Do you want to study me or change me? Don't you want to change? Not in the least.
Think about it.
Your impulse to kill, that blinding rage that consumes you.
Don't you want to control it just just a teensy bit? Your son, Henry Ayers he was a doctor like you before he died in Paris in 1918.
I wonder if he inherited your killer instincts.
And aren't you curious? If I cared at all, I would have paid better attention to the women I slept with.
Why am I so important to you, Brooke? Hm? What are you not telling me? I have the answers to all your questions.
But you need to be patient.
Not a very patient man, Brooke.
You of all people should know that.
No, stop.
[Breathing heavily] [Screams] [Groans] What the hell was that? [Indistinct conversation] That's the exact same satchel we found in Chad's apartment.
And why was he arguing with Vanessa's father? We need to find out who he is.
I know just the person.
Bethanny! [Gasps] Oh, my God.
It's my two new best friends.
Did you forget my amaretto sour? I'm afraid so.
Bethanny, who is that guy over there? Oh, him? He's married.
And so am I.
[Chuckles] To me.
I'm just having a little fun.
What else can you tell us about that guy? His name is Robert.
Uh, 30s, grew up here, married five years.
They travel a lot.
Beautiful wife, but she's cheating on him.
Can't really blame her, though.
He's a bit odd.
No divorce yet, but I give them another two months max.
My God.
Imagine the possibilities if you use your memory for something significant.
And his last name? Holland.
Does he have a child? Yeah, a little boy.
[Gasps] Oh, there's Jennifer.
Look at that horrendous perm.
Hey, Jenny! Hi! [Chuckles] So Chad's father is connected to the Anders.
- But how? - And why now? Why is today so important to Chad? [Door opens] Come with me, this way.
Come on.
I think he needs another 8 milligrams of Zofran.
Please watch him.
[Door opens] Some sort of experiment? Eh.
Tell me does you weapon administer a form of anesthesia? Don't worry about it.
[Gun clicks] My word.
Sure she's okay alone with him? - [Grunts] - Aaah! [Grunting] Good God, man! [Grunting] [Straining] [Breathes heavily] Stop.
[Gun cocks] [Sighs] Don't do this, John.
- I can help you.
- I don't need your help.
If you want to help somebody, help yourself 'cause you, my dear, are as mad as a bag of ferrets.
This is a real gun.
Well, you've made it quite clear you need my alive.
Goodbye, love.
David: It was stupid for you to come to my house.
Robert: I have the files for all the drug research.
- Do you want them or not? - Let me see.
You have no idea what I went through to get these.
So do we have a deal? Is this everything on Project Utopia? That's what you asked for, isn't it? Amazing.
Can you be implicated? I'm not stupid.
I covered my tracks.
Get these drugs on the marketplace first.
He'll never be able to prove they were stolen.
I'm gonna make so much money.
Speaking of money, where's mine? I wasn't expecting you to just show up here today.
This is all the cash I had in the house.
This isn't what we talked about.
- We had an agreement.
- Yes, I know.
And I will get you the rest of the money.
No, you don't get this until I get all the money.
Don't be unreasonable.
This will bring the money.
- You know who I am.
- I thought I did.
Let me know when you have the money.
[Grunting] [Wrench clangs] [Breathing heavily] [Gasps] [Grunts] [Thud] David? What are you doing back here? [Door creaks] Go! - [Electricity crackles] - Go, go.
Get out of here.
We should have done something back there.
Vanessa's father killed Chad's father.
You know as well as I do we cannot change history.
The consequences would be too great.
Do you think Vanessa has any idea what her father did? I'm betting she doesn't.
So how were the '80s? - Um - Um Hair lots of hair.
Well, Vanessa wants to see you guys ASAP.
Right, thank you, Martin.
Need anything else from me tonight? No, we're all set.
All righty, then.
See you tomorrow.
What are we gonna tell Vanessa? Well, the truth.
She has a right to know.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Well, regardless, Vanessa and I made an agreement to be truthful to one another.
Right, but sometimes the truth can be hurtful.
- But perhaps necessary.
- Wait.
Before we say anything to Vanessa, why don't we find out a little more on Robert Holland, Project Utopia, and how it connects to Anders? [Indistinct conversation] And there was the second one.
Excuse me.
Let's talk.
So, I understand you went to my childhood home.
Yes, uh, coordinates from Chad Holland's apartment led us there.
Did you see me? Yes, we we met briefly.
You don't remember? - No, I was only 3.
- [Chuckles] You were an adorable child.
Did you see my parents? David and Courtney.
They were having a garden party.
They were very gracious.
You know, I can't believe it.
What connection does my family have to Chad Holland? Uh, we don't know.
Unfortunately, it was a dead end.
Well, at least you got to see my parents and meet some more of your family.
We did overhear your father talk about his work.
A Project Utopia? Utopia? I don't know of any Project Utopia.
I don't even know why he would use the word.
I found it odd myself.
I was hoping you might know.
- Does raise an eyebrow.
- Yes, it does.
You know, I keep all of my father's research on digital files.
I'll look into it as soon as the party's over.
Of course.
[Footsteps depart] You did the right thing.
[Indistinct conversation] [Water running] [Indistinct conversation] Can I help you? Yes.
Yes, you can actually.
I'm looking for the party.
You got to go back outside and check in with security.
Okay, thank you.
[Piano playing] This one's a keeper.
You need to get him more involved.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Someone is asking for you.
I'll be right back.
What a surprise.
I didn't know you were coming.
Sorry to barge in without an invitation.
Well, you're always welcome.
I wish I saw more of you.
Me, too.
Is my brother around? Yes, he's right over here.
Your sister's here.
- We'll talk later.
- Okay.
What the hell are you doing here? We need to talk.
Why are you here? I've been trying to reach you.
John escaped.
What happened? You were supposed to keep him locked up.
Well, now he's gone, and he knows where the time machine is.
- He's coming here? - I don't know.
That's not our only problem.
Wells traveled back to Glen Cove 1980.
- Did he find out about Utopia? - I don't know.
When need to secure the time machine now.
You want to take it now in the middle of a fundraiser.
If Wells finds out Robert Holland sold our father's research to David Anders, - it's all over.
- [Exhales] We need to move.
What is Project Utopia besides an ironic joke on me? It was worth killing for.
That we know.
But who did Chad's father steal it from? Who invented it? It must involve me somehow.
Chad knew that.
So did Chad want the time machine to go back to 1980 to stop his father from being killed? What else could it be? "Robert L.
Holland, "survived by wife, Mary, and six-month-old son, Chad, "died September 16, 1980, "as a result of injuries sustained "in an accidental fall outside his home.
" The Anders covered it up.
He made it look like an accident.
And Vanessa has no idea about any of this.
Explains why her parents were so charitable.
Can imagine the guilt was eating them alive.
[Indistinct conversation] Project Utopia so far, I've found a spiritual retreat in New Mexico, an alt-rock band, and an African charity.
In our search for answers, all we've gotten are more questions.
I really have made a mess of my invention.
Time travel was meant for research and observation.
I wanted to better the world, not destroy it.
Whatever is happening, we'll figure it out.
- How do you do that? - Do what? Fix me with just a kiss.
I know this woman.
There's a document specialist at the museum.
She can help find anything.
I bet she could help find Project Utopia.
Can you contact her? I have her number on my phone.
Let me go get it.
[Distant radio chatter] Well, hello, Miss Walker.
Don't you look lovely.
What are you doing here? Well, you know me.
I hate to miss a party.
You want the time machine.
You know me so well.
But as I'm sure you're aware, it's behind lock and key.
So, tell me, Jane.
How many people do I have to hurt to get into that room? None.
Because I have the key right here.
[Grunts] It's John! He's here! We have a breach.
[Screams] Somebody help! Help! Help! - Are you okay? - It's John.
He's here.
- The time machine.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Everything okay? Have you seen Griffin? Uh, he was just here.
A word, please? Excuse me.
[Beep, lock clicks] [Grunts] I know you.
[Grunting] John Stevenson is in the house.
I know.
Get everybody out.
- Seal the exits.
- Will do.
He's here for the time machine.
[Grunting] [Straining] [Gasps] [Buzzer] Break it down.
[Thudding] [Gunshot] Griffin.
Oh, no.
Griff, honey? Griffin, sweetheart.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
It's just a scratch.
My doctor is on the way.
What happened? There was an intruder, and your brother tried to stop him.
[Winces] - Why don't I take a look at that? - Yeah.
I have to go check in with Doug.
- I'll only be a moment.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Griffin: [Groans] So he got away.
And the time machine? Wells was able to bring it back.
Remotely? Yes, he's got it wired up to computers now.
But it was empty.
John got away.
Where did he go? March 30, 1918 does that date mean anything to you? No, what are the coordinates? Latitude 48.
856 north.
Longitude 2.
3522 east.
I don't understand.
Why would John go there? [Clock ticking]