Timeless (2016) s02e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Timeless" - I'm going to die.
- What? On one of our next trips.
Jiya saw it in a vision of hers.
Did you ever think that maybe you are seeing these things so that you can save Rufus? Let's see what Rittenhouse has been hiding.
- That's Jessica.
- Who's that? Kevin, my brother you shoot pool with all the time.
- Not in my timeline.
- What do you mean? - He died before he was three.
- No, he didn't, Wyatt.
Is there something you're not telling me? Yeah, there is.
I'm pregnant.
Colonel Ryerson, sir, you have a visitor.
It's a young woman? All right, send her on in.
I brought you something from home.
So, uh, no letters or photos from my wife? It's been a little chaotic since you left.
Come on, when's the last time you had a cheeseburger? A nearby Union regiment is about to raid the plantations along the Combahee River.
You're going to stop them.
All the details you need are in here.
Pull this off, and you're back home with your wife and all the cheeseburgers you can eat.
It's this way.
Why did you bring me here? To talk about Emma.
I realize you two have had your issues.
I don't care about any of that.
And I don't care that you're sleeping together.
I don't trust her.
Why do you say that? I think she's sabotaging the missions.
The Suffragette movement of 1919.
That should've been easy.
And yet somehow, the mission fails, and Emma is the only one to come back alive.
If you asked Emma, she'd say that Lucy is to blame.
You're my grandfather, and I have the greatest respect for you, but quit thinking with your crotch.
- Excuse me? - You're blind.
Emma's been a part of almost every one of these failed missions, but each time you blame Lucy? The fact is, Rittenhouse is in Lucy's blood, not Emma's.
Rittenhouse is about family.
It's about legacy.
Something Emma will never understand.
- My daughter.
- Yes.
My mother.
She was two when I left.
I never got to see her grow up.
You sacrificed everything for Rittenhouse.
For her.
For me, one day.
Emma isn't family.
Her faith is fleeting.
She doesn't believe in you like I do.
You wanted to see us? - Wait, where's Flynn? - I think he's still asleep.
You ever hear him snoring? Dude needs a CPAP.
No Flynn, just you three.
What we're about to tell you stays between us, for Wyatt's sake.
For my sake? I found some, shall we say, troubling files on the Rittenhouse computers.
Is that Jessica? When was that taken? There are hundreds of these, going all the way back to Jessica's childhood.
Rittenhouse has been following Jessica her entire life? Why would they do that? That's what we've been trying to figure out for a week now.
You've known about this for a week? - You're just now telling me? - Look.
I'm treading cautiously here.
But Rittenhouse brought Jessica back from the dead for a reason, Wyatt.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you saying Jessica works for Rittenhouse? The truth is, we don't know who she is.
Yeah, we do, she's my wife.
I've known her since high school.
No, Wyatt, to be precise, you knew a Jessica who sadly passed away.
This Jessica could be different.
Do you have any reason at all to suspect Jessica of anything? Come on.
This is insane.
If she were Rittenhouse, wouldn't she have tried to kill us by now or given up our location? Exactly, thank you.
Wyatt, I'm moving her out of the bunker.
It's the safest thing for Jessica and for us.
- Wait, wait, what? - Wouldn't that put her in danger if she's not Rittenhouse? We will provide her with around-the-clock protection.
Jessica's not going anywhere.
I know this isn't easy for you, but you're a soldier, and you need to think of the mission.
Jessica's a potential security risk.
She's pregnant.
You throw her out, I go too.
She's what? I think he just said she's pregnant.
That went well.
South Carolina, June the 1st, 1863.
We're going back to the Civil War again.
- So why South Carolina? - I don't know.
Fort Sumter was a couple of years before.
The assault on Fort Wagner isn't for another month.
Wait, wait, wait.
What about the Combahee River Raid? Oh, um, of course.
It was that night.
Oh, come on, Lucy, defend your territory.
You're the history geek.
It was a regiment of mostly Black Union soldiers who planned a surprise attack on dozens of plantations in the middle of the night.
Torched fields.
Freed hundreds of slaves.
If Rittenhouse stops it, it's a serious blow to the Union.
Attagirl, show 'em who's boss.
There's more.
It was led by Harriet Tubman.
You think Rittenhouse is trying to derail - the Underground Railroad? - No.
The Underground Railroad was humming for years before that.
During the war, Tubman was actually a Union spy.
- They called her - They called her "The General.
" How'd you know that? Oh, well, she's not just an American hero.
Uh, across the pond we even have streets named after her.
So they are going after Tubman and her men.
You have anything you'd like to add? Why? Obviously you all are the experts at everything.
Let's get going.
She better be here when I get back.
You have my word.
Sure you're gonna be okay while I'm gone? I'm not the one I'm worried about.
Yes, I'll be fine.
Turns out pregnancy just makes me wanna binge-watch "This Is Us" and ugly cry, so I'll get it all out of my system before you're back.
We gotta tell your family the good news soon.
As soon as we get out this dank, rusty hellhole, I will send out the invitations for the baby shower.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I know you wanna see 'em.
I wanna see 'em too.
Hell, I never even met your brother.
What? It's just weird how much you've been talking about my brother lately.
Well, it's, uh It is kind of weird.
You know? In my timeline, he died when he was three from leukemia, and now he's suddenly alive and kicking.
- It's - So am I.
- That's a good thing, right? - Yes, of course.
Are you sure you don't remember how he was cured? Or who cured him, or why, or anything? - I mean, it's just - I was a kid.
Would you rather he'd have died? No, come on.
I'm sorry.
Now, are you going to answer my question? The important one? What question? Boy or girl? Ah, hmm Let's see.
I will take either one.
- Girl.
- You can't say that.
- Girl, 100%.
- What if it's a boy? Then I will love him almost as much as a girl.
And we'll just we'll just try and try and try until we get one.
You are truly awful.
You are.
Be careful.
I don't think you should be angry at Christopher.
She's just trying to protect us.
Who's angry? I'm just reading a map.
Look, I get how hard this Jessica thing must be, but we just have to keep an open mind.
Yeah, an open mind.
That my wife is a cult-loving, sociopathic traitor.
Rittenhouse took those photos for a reason.
They brought her back for a reason.
Yes, to distract us, in which case, Christopher freaking out is exactly what they want.
I hope so.
We just We have to be sure.
What do you want me to say, Lucy? That my wife is a liar? Hell, maybe she's lying about being pregnant too.
You do think she's lying about that.
If Rittenhouse doesn't kill us, the mosquitoes will.
Is West Nile a thing yet? No, but typhoid and dysentery killed about 150,000 soldiers.
So, better wash your vegetables.
What's up with Captain Sunshine? This must be the 2nd South Carolina.
They were the only Union regiment in the area.
Tell me it's not the same regiment that's supposed to raid the plantation tonight.
Afraid so.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
Looks like the Confederates took them by surprise.
Rittenhouse must have a Sleeper in the Confederate Army telling them what to do.
So we're too late? History's already changed? The South's gonna win? Help.
Help me die.
Help me die easy.
We'll find a doctor for you.
No, no.
Give me a gun and I'll do it myself.
What's wrong with you, not helping a soldier in need? You're Harriet Tubman.
You're alive.
But you won't be for long.
Now, who the hell are you? You don't know us, but we know you.
You are a legend where we're from.
Where's that? Sound like Yankees.
General McClellan sent us to help you and Colonel Montgomery with the raid tonight.
I was just thinking you look familiar to me.
- I seen you before? - No.
We're from really, really far up north.
Well, you're late.
Damn Rebs came from out of nowhere.
Like they knew right where to go.
Colonel Montgomery retreated.
Took all of his men along with him.
Do you know where the Rebs are now? No.
But I aim to find out and slit their throats - before the night's out.
- You can't continue the raid.
Montgomery's gone, and so are most of your men.
Most, but not all.
Got some recuperating at a safe house nearby.
Wait, we are hunting a Confederate spy, the one who led the attack on you here.
If you would just give us a minute, let us do our job.
If you think I'm gonna stand down, you don't know me very well.
You wanna find your spy? I'll let you join us.
But get in my way, I shoot you my damn self.
Harriet Tubman's hardcore.
Where have you been? I wanna meet Stanley Fisher.
I'm sorry, I don't know who that is.
You don't? Let me refresh your memory.
The time machine pilot you've had locked away in a mental hospital.
Hmm? The one who has had similar visions to mine.
The one that you've been hiding from me and Rufus.
I haven't been hiding anything.
Don't you dare.
What I've been going through, and you knew someone going through the same thing - and you didn't tell me.
- Where did you get all this Oh, that's where you were.
Hacking into my laptop.
- Take me to Stanley Fisher.
- Why? "Why?" Maybe because he can help me understand my visions.
And then I can help Rufus.
Look, he The reason I didn't tell you is 'cause I wanted to protect you.
You're not gonna learn anything about your visions from Stanley Fisher.
The man's as mad as a hatter.
I don't need protection, I need answers.
You're gonna keep hounding me till my dying day, aren't you? Without question.
All right.
I'll see if Agent Christopher will let us up for some air.
That went better than I thought.
All right now.
What's she giving him? She knows all sorts of herbal remedies.
She was a nurse, a cook, a spy, a soldier.
She had to fight for a military pension.
Still didn't get it.
Died in poverty.
But if she goes on this raid, she's gonna die a lot sooner than that.
This is Samuel.
Tell 'em what you told me.
I've seen the Rebs at the Willow Glen Plantation.
Ran here as fast as I could.
- Brave kid.
- Willow Glen's just up river.
Whole lot of slaves there who could help us.
And a lot of Confederates who could kill you.
Start mustering.
You said you had men.
I see a half-dozen here.
Where's the rest? We'll make over a hundred with the slaves we free.
They're unarmed, fighting soldiers with guns.
And I would give every drop of my blood to free them.
What're you fighting for if it ain't for this? We're with you.
We are.
But it's important that we find this Confederate spy or every battle that we fight from here on out will be a losing one.
All right.
I'll help you get to your spy, but then I'm freeing those slaves.
- You hear me? - We hear you.
Believe me, we are not gonna lose this freaking war.
We leave at dark.
To Colonel Ryerson, for his heroic defeat of those back shootin' Blue-bellies.
And for saving our grand plantations along the river.
- Hear, hear.
- Gentlemen.
Gentlemen, there should be many more battles to come.
In fact, scouts tell me Union regiments are converging on Vicksburg.
We leave at dawn.
Face them on the road before they join forces.
Should be easy pickings.
Hear, hear.
Where'd you get that? Harriet insists.
I tried to tell her I am covered, but she's a little stubborn, in case you haven't noticed.
I noticed.
She's going in outnumbered three-to-one.
Well, we'll just have to get in and get out before things get too messy.
You mean before her and her men are all killed? Hey, if you think you can talk her down, have at it.
Besides, we need her to show us the way.
- I have a different idea.
- Yeah? What's that? You and Rufus go with Harriet, and Flynn and I will ride to Port Royal to convince Colonel Montgomery to give her the troops that she needs for the raid.
You and Flynn? Of course.
You and Rufus are a better team.
Yeah, I suppose we are.
And Harriet likes you.
Just delay her for a few hours till we get back with the troops.
- Can you do that? - I'll do my best.
I've got it, Wyatt.
I appreciate you trying, but Colonel Montgomery ain't coming back.
He has new orders.
He'll come back when I tell him what'll happen - if he doesn't.
- Oh, yeah? What's that? That the Union will lose the war.
Confederate territory the entire way.
I can handle a couple of farmers playing soldier.
Just be careful.
We'll come back with reinforcements.
Don't start the party without us.
It actually fits pretty well.
- Thank you.
- Glad to help.
Lots of people 'round here siding with the devil.
Plenty of decent folk too.
I'd like some extra crispy chicken tenders, Colonel Sanders.
You're a riot.
So, I figured I'd go in with him, uh, as a freed man.
Boy, we're sneaking you in as a house slave.
We'll get you your clothes next.
Got it.
So, Colonel, can you do an accent? Nah.
How y'all doin'? Okay, less J.
from "Dallas," more Leo from "Django Unchained.
" Wha who? And what? Uh, these guys from back home.
Boy, you do too much talkin'.
They'll find you out real fast.
She's right, drop the accent.
- Leo was overacting anyway.
- I will keep it subtle.
Just make it quick.
As soon as we free our brothers and sisters, we're setting fire to those fields, whether or not your friends are back with Montgomery's reinforcements.
Can you just try to wait until we find the spy? Ma'am.
It's important.
This could actually win the war for the Union.
You ain't stopping me.
We'd be crazy to try, Ms.
Now I realize why you look so familiar.
God came to me in a dream and told me you was coming.
Lord works in mysterious ways.
I'd introduce you, but as you can see, he's not very, um, sociable.
Is he always like this? 95% of the time.
His muscles have atrophied, even though he's perfectly capable of getting out of bed.
Well, at least, he was.
He's having a vision.
You're having visions too? Stanley, this is Jiya.
Jiya, meet Stanley.
Still training pilots, I see.
Out of necessity, I'm afraid.
Tell me, Connor, have you ever wondered what it must've been like to know Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler? In my visions My visions I've seen the most evil men in history doing unimaginable things.
Yes, and your point being? - You're worse.
- Oh, right, there you go.
You hear that? Worse than Hitler.
Someone call "The Guinness Book of World Records" and tell them there's a new worst person ever.
How many mental trips have you taken? Uh, I don't know.
Have you seen any new colors yet? New colors? The forbidden colors.
Um, no, I I don't think I have.
You will.
And you'll love them.
Are you ready? Another day at the office.
So, you know we're friends, right? Like, bro code and all that.
I got your back.
Rufus, whatever you're gonna say, just say it.
It's about Jessica.
- You seemed a little defensive.
- Stop.
Not another word.
Oh, like now now? Totally not defensive.
She isn't Rittenhouse.
It's not true.
I hope you're right, I think you're right, but there is a lot at stake here.
- We just gotta be sure.
- It can't be true.
'Cause if it is I'm done.
I lost her once, I just Can't lose her again.
I just can't.
I-I-I get it.
I'm just asking you to consider it.
If there is anything with her or her family that doesn't add up, just say something.
That's all.
How long you been free? All my life.
You're lucky.
I know.
You said God told you we were coming, that he speaks to you in your dreams.
How long have you been having these visions? Had 'em for years.
My spirit travels out of me when I'm in a spell, searching for His voice.
And when I hear it, He shows me the path, what I gotta do.
And God told you to go on this raid even with the odds against you? There's two things I got a right to, and those are death or liberty.
One or the other I means to have.
You're not afraid? You're a fool if you ain't.
But I'll stick my rifle right in fear's ugly face anyway.
Come on, now.
It's getting dark.
Time for us to go join your friend.
You come to me without official orders, no identification of any kind, one of you with an accent I can't quite place, and expect me to send my regiment back to where we narrowly escaped death after being ambushed by a Confederate cavalry unit? Well, you don't have to be so glass-half-empty.
Who the hell are you people? - We are Union spies.
- With no papers? Because we are spies.
Colonel Montgomery, sir, Harriet Tubman and her men are risking their lives for this raid.
My regiment's been ordered to Port Hudson first thing tomorrow.
You change that order, I'll change that plan, otherwise Harriet Tubman needs you.
And the Union needs her.
There are more than 750 slaves working on the river plantation who are willing to fight.
You are going to need those men at Fort Wagner, Vicksburg, and Petersburg.
Who are you, Miss, to speak to me this way? I'm someone who knows what the hell she's talking about.
Take your hat, sir? Oh, yeah.
Damn the abolitionists.
I don't believe we've had the pleasure.
Rhett Butler.
Visiting from my plantation in Georgia.
Hey, Mama.
I'm coming now.
Come on, baby.
- Evening, Ms.
- Evening, Ms.
Nancy, go and tell the others it's time to go.
We going to the boats on the water? No, we're walking to Port Royal.
Isaiah, this is my new friend, Rufus.
Come from up north to help us fight the Rebs.
What's going on in the house tonight? Some kind of occasion, I don't know what for.
That's what Rufus is aiming to find out.
Can you sneak him in as a house slave? He's gonna need some clothes.
You're just a tiny little thing, ain't you? And now I'm back in junior high.
I'll get the children out safe and gather up the others.
We'll wait for your signal as long as we can.
It's gonna be okay.
We're getting you out of here for good.
These were my brother's.
He was tiny like you.
- Called him Chipmunk.
- Yeah, no, I get it.
We swept through that Yankee camp like a swarm of angry hornets, cutting down every man standing.
Even one man sitting.
Caught doing his business in the bush.
Now, how did you all know that that Union camp was even there? Intelligence from one of our top men.
Colonel Ryerson.
Just seems to know things no one else knows.
- Hmm.
- I'll bet.
I mean, I do declare.
Uh, gentlemen, if you all will excuse me.
So are your visions of the future, or, like, what's gonna happen in the past in the future? - If you know what I mean.
- I do.
You and I, we can time travel.
Without the machine.
Like Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale, Kirk Cameron.
We've been given a gift from God.
They're scared of us.
That's why they have me here.
No, Stanley, you're here because you won't look after yourself.
At my expense, I might add.
Look, something bad is gonna happen to someone I care about, and I need to stop it.
But the vision comes in pieces.
Because you're fighting it.
I once spent an entire week in 1912.
It's like a dream you don't wanna come out of.
You need to let your mind relax.
Let yourself go on the mental trip.
How do I do that? Do you have access to a sensory deprivation tank? Sure, let me just order one from SkyMall.
Um, no, I don't.
You need to find a very quiet place so you can focus on the vision.
Then, after a while You'll get better at At falling into them.
Like this.
All right, show's over.
No, no, no, no, no, I have more questions.
Now, he could be in this catatonic state for days.
This is why I didn't want you to see him.
You do not wanna end up like this.
Do you? Come on.
I'm so sorry, old friend.
Hey, you.
Let me have one of those drinks.
That's the accent you're going with? Why? What's wrong with that? Nothing, if you're Keanu Reeves in "Devil's Advocate.
" You watch way too many movies.
What'd you find out? The Confederate officer in the other room, he had a sudden, and damn near magical knowledge where the Union camp was.
- He's a Sleeper Agent.
- Right.
Is Harriet gonna wait for Flynn and Lucy to get back? Well, she said she'd wait as long as she could.
We got runners! Which is apparently not very long.
Awful late for a walk, ain't it? Ah-ah-ah-ah.
You know what we do to runaways around here, don't you? Age don't matter.
We gotta teach you all your place.
Wanna tell me my place again? - Come on.
- Let's get on, now.
Maybe it's Lucy with our backup? Right.
When have things ever, ever gone that well for us? Wyatt? They're Union spies.
- Down.
- Kill them.
You're outgunned, pal.
That's a Colt Army Model, 44-caliber, six-shot.
I got a Glock 9mm.
Three extra clips in my pocket.
I can do this all damn night.
But you, by my count, have one shot left.
All it takes is one.
I just want my bag.
You give it to me and she lives.
Hey, David Duke.
Looking for this? - Just toss it to me.
- Sure, no problem.
No! Don't move.
Don't move, or I'll shoot her.
Do not move, or she dies.
Ah! I quit, by the way.
Word is, all them plantation folks up river are running off.
Lord, they scared of us now.
Truth be told, I'm a little scared too.
You are a total badass.
What'd you call me? Uh, no, sorry.
That is a compliment where I'm from.
I still don't know where that is.
Not anywhere close.
When I saw you coming, during one of my spells, you were like angels, appearing out of nowhere, like you were sent straight from heaven.
These visions you have, do they always come true? Not always.
Sometimes they make no sense at all.
Like, when you appeared out of nowhere, you were stepping out of a giant metal ball.
Go figure that one out.
Well, I gotta go.
My friends, the other Union spies, we have to check in with our commanding officer.
Can I just tell you what an honor it is to have met you.
I wish I had some advice for you, about how to make money, something to make your life better, because if there is anyone who deserves it, it's you.
My only desire is to live free.
The rest will work itself out.
Looks like the Combahee River Raid is now the Willow Glen Plantation Raid.
A decisive one for the Union, led by Harriet Tubman.
I'm gonna go check on Jessica.
Oh, uh, congratulations, by the way.
Lucy gave me the news.
You're gonna be a great father.
So you told Flynn.
It was a long ride to Port Royal.
I mean, he was gonna find out sooner or later, wasn't he? Yeah.
Uh, whatever.
We're good.
Should I be hearing something? Maybe a little indigestion.
I had the weirdest interaction with Agent Christopher today.
What do you mean? Well, I told her I was pregnant, and then she said that I should leave for the health of the baby.
You believe that? She wasn't supposed to talk about that until I got back.
You knew? She told you about this? Well, what did you say? I said if you go, I go.
But look, maybe Maybe she has a point.
What? Why? There's gonna be doctors' appointments, and and Lamaze classes, right? And I want things to be normal for you.
- And for our baby.
- But you won't be there.
I will be.
As often as I can.
I'll check in all the time.
You're the one who said it's not safe for me out there.
No, we'll keep security on you, 24/7.
You're hiding something from me.
- No, that's not true.
- It's me, Wyatt.
I know when you're hiding something.
You've spent our entire marriage hiding things from me, and I told you I cannot be married to a state secret.
Please, please do not do this.
I'm not keeping anything from you.
I swear.
I'm headed to bed.
Long day.
Cool, yeah, I I'm just, uh, running a systems check to see if everything's okay.
Is everything okay? With you? Long day worrying about you dying in the Civil War.
I worry about you too.
You know, Harriet Tubman had visions.
She told me she saw us coming.
Seemed to see the Lifeboat too.
Swore up and down it was coming from a higher power.
Do you believe her? I'm not ready to go all Pentecostal or anything, but maybe something was sending her and you these visions for a reason, maybe we I need to pay more attention.
Yeah, like if I can find a way to see more of the vision, then maybe we can find a way to stop it.
If we can't run from it, we'll run right into it.
Sounds like a plan.
Don't stay up too late.
Jiya, what're you doing? Stop.
Don't come any closer.
Jessica? What're you doing? What's going on here? I'm so sorry.
Jessica! - Where's the "Lifeboat"? - Where's Jiya? - What happened? - Wyatt! It's Jessica, she She got my gun.
Kidnapped Jiya.
- Took the "Lifeboat.
" - She what? Wait, wait, wait, hold on.
So so Jessica is Rittenhouse? - Rittenhouse has the Lifeboat? - What did she do with Jiya? - Anything, Rufus? - No, nothing.
I can't find them.
They might've disabled the tracker.
Is there another way to locate the "Lifeboat"? The whole system is down.
There's nothing! Hey, hey, we will find her.
All right? We asked you.
I asked you to tell us if she said or did anything to make you think she was Rittenhouse! He didn't do anything wrong.
He didn't he didn't suspect anything.
I did.
What? Her brother.
He's a mechanic in Hayward.
We did a background check on him.
It came out clean.
Yes, but in our original timeline, he died of leukemia when they were kids.
What? But here, Jessica said that he was saved by some sort of stem cell therapy, which I assume was not around in the 1980s.
So what? You just lied? Why didn't you tell us? Because I wanted to figure it out first.
I told her she had to leave the bunker.
I was trying to do the right thing, and if your sister came back, would you assume that she was your sister, or would you think she's some sort of a traitor? I'm sorry.
It's a little late for that.
Geez, we-we had those Rittenhouse photos and we did jack squat, and now Jiya's gone.
There's photos? No one told me about that.
'Cause no one trusted that you wouldn't try to kill her.
Well, in hindsight, would that have - been so bad? - Watch your mouth.
Okay, we're just trying to figure out - what happened, Wyatt.
- Let me just sum this up.
Jessica was screwing you, she lied about being pregnant, and then she wrapped you around her finger just long enough so she could screw us too! - Guys, come on! - Wyatt, stand down! Wyatt! Wyatt! - Lucy.
- No, no.
I'm guessing that's not a One A Day? Something to help you sleep.
You've got a lot to learn, and we need you well-rested.
Come on, Jessica.
We're friends.
We watched an entire season of "Vanderpump Rules" together.
They won't hurt you, Jiya, just cooperate.
Take it.
Or Doug will make you.
Every terrible thing Lucy said about you doesn't even begin to capture what a raging psycho you are.
Rest now.
You've got a lot of work ahead.
To Jessica and the capture of their time machine.
It's total victory.
We can accelerate our plans now.
Expand our actions.
- How's my daughter? - Stubborn.
I can see where she gets it.
And she's in love with Wyatt, I can tell you that.
Mm, her taste in men.
That's my husband you're talking about.
No offense.
What's this? Emma.
Isn't it amazing? Jessica brought us the "Lifeboat.
" Along with one of their pilots, Jiya.
Want me to kill her? Why would we have you kill her? Like Jessica just said, she's a pilot.
So now we have a backup in case something happens to you.
I thought Jessica was supposed to gather intel, then take them all out when the opportunity presented itself.
Not commit grand theft auto.
Well, this is better, isn't it? Now we have both machines, and they have none.
Why wasn't I consulted? Should we have? I thought you relied on my advice.
Of course I do.
Don't be cross.
Look, I know that the two of you are, what, dating, I suppose? And that Nicholas holds you in the highest regard.
But we visited some of our ancestors last week.
And it reminded us that Rittenhouse is blood.
It's heritage.
But don't get me wrong, we do appreciate all the help you've given us.
So thank you.
Yeah, of course.
You're welcome.
Rufus, I'm so sorry.
I don't wanna hear "sorry.
" I wanna hear you fix this.
I will.
You are so worried about your stupid Lucy-Jessica soap opera that you forgot that there are other people here.
Who matter to each other.
Who love each other.
If anything happens to her, Wyatt I don't think I can ever forgive you.
Couldn't pass out on the bed? Huh? Okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Stop! Connor.
What is that? Oh, my God.
It's the "Lifeboat.
" It's back online! Jiya's escaped.
She's coming back! She's here! What happened? Where is she? "Lifeboat" is gone.
She didn't stick the landing.
What do you mean? Where is she? We don't know.
She's lost in time.
Now, we don't know anything for certain, but we think, we hope, Jiya escaped from Rittenhouse and was trying to get home, but she didn't make it.
- Why? - I don't know.
Piloting error? - She's better than that.
- Maybe there's damage to the The "Lifeboat.
" Regardless there's a very good chance that Jiya is alive in the past.
And if she is, she knows what to do.
She'll find a way to communicate with us.
- How? - Through history.
Newspapers, advertisements, large public events.
Somewhere where she might show her face.
It's why Rufus is running a facial and text recognition search right now.
Through all of American history? We're starting with nearest to us in space and time - and working our way out.
- What can we do to help? She's gonna try and communicate in places she thinks we'll look.
Think back to conversations you've had with her.
Books you've seen her read.
Games she's played.
Anything that'll give us a clue.
Help narrow the search.
- I found her.
- Oh, my God! Jiya's been obsessed with this book ever since she had those visions of the Golden Gate Bridge.
"San Francisco, Chinatown, 1888.
" That's only like 20 miles away from here And 130 years But still.
So how do we get there without the "Lifeboat"? Hey, wait, is that That's not Chinese, is it? - No, it's not Chinese.
- That's Klingon.
She's sending us a message in Klingon.
You read Klingon? Why am I asking that? Of course you read Klingon.
It's a series of numbers.
GPS coordinates.
She must be trying to tell us where the "Lifeboat" is.
Do you think that she left it somewhere for us to find 130 years later? Wait, it also says something else.
It says "Don't come.
" Well, the hell with that.
Connor, this is the exact dead center of nowhere.
Over here.
Are you sure this is the right spot? Yeah, these-these are the correct coordinates.
Ugh, this is crazy.
All it takes is one hiker to find the thing, report it, smash it, and then I don't We're gonna need a generator.
Well, battery's shot.
Motherboard's literally got a bullet hole in it.
No wonder she couldn't get home.
- Ah! Damn it! - Hey! You okay? I'm fine.
But you know, it could be worse.
How could this be worse? Well, she stayed watertight.
These circuit boards are over 130 years old.
The wiring, the electromagnets.
We have been at this all day, meanwhile she could be This is hopeless.
Aren't you the one who told me to stow my personal bollocks and just keep turning a wrench? - But it's Jiya.
- Yes, I know.
Now, shut up and keep turning that wrench.
We're engineers, after all, you and I.
That's how we've always muddled through, isn't it? You're right.
Thank you.
I thought I told you to shut up.
Do you wanna do the honors? Now that is some good old-fashioned Mason Industries craftsmanship.
The Mothership.
Went back to August 26, 1888.
San Francisco.
- They must've chased Jiya there.
- They want Jiya back.
They want the "Lifeboat" back.
We gotta go! She's only 78% charged! It'll have to do.
Come on, guys.
Flynn, you're coming with us.
Uh, don't we need to save an open seat for Jiya? Jiya can fly you home and come back for me.
I want as much muscle as possible on this trip.
So, what's our confidence level that this 130-year-old vine-covered machine isn't gonna just make us explode into gory chunks? - Just get in the machine.
- Really? Whose fault is all of this? Save the fighting for the actual bad guys.
Come on.
Good luck! Only 78% charged? They'll be fine.
We've been searching for this photo studio for over an hour.
It is not here.
Look, I'm sure we'll find it.
Maybe it's just not in Chinatown.
It's here.
The backdrop of the photo.
The décor.
Clearly Chinese.
Which could be anywhere.
The Chinese weren't allowed to live anywhere else in 1888.
45,000 people crammed into 12 square blocks.
Makes the bunker sound roomy.
As far as White people were concerned, it was like the Chinese didn't even exist.
They only came here to drink, gamble, and whore.
Hello? Hello.
Um, do you speak English? Good.
We are looking for the woman in this picture.
Do you recognize her? No.
We've had a lot of customers.
Of course.
Can you think very hard? It's important that we find her.
- And she was here recently.
- We don't know her.
See this? It says 1885.
My father took this photo three years ago.
Three years ago? Maybe the date in the book was wrong? Are you telling me that Jiya's been here by herself, without us, for three years? How are we ever gonna find her? Lucy! I am so sick of this.
What have you Come on.
- Split up? - Yeah.
Flynn! You're not going anywhere near Jessica.
I'll get her.
- Mom? - Lucy.
Get a doctor! Go! Come here.
You think a 19th-century doctor is gonna help me? We just we have to stop the bleeding.
Lucy, I was foolish to think that I could run from it.
Run from what? It was supposed to be cancer, wasn't it? I was selfish.
I took your sister away from you so that I could We could have more time.
And look where it got us.
Rufus! - Rufus, get a doctor, please! - No.
Some things can't be changed.
You told me that.
I should have told you sooner.
Told me what, Mom? About your role in Rittenhouse.
What it could offer you.
If I'd only had the courage to raise you truthfully.
There's still so much you don't know.
About you.
Your father.
- Oh! Our family.
- Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay.
It still belongs to you.
All you have to do is take it.
It's my last wish for you.
Jessica! Okay.
Whatever they're threatening you with, you don't have to listen, we can fight them.
They didn't threaten me, Wyatt.
They raised me.
What? My brother was sick.
He was dying.
There was no hope, and-and then Carol and Emma came to my parents with an offer with a miracle! They saved him.
In exchange for what? For you? They brought him life, Wyatt.
And they gave me purpose.
They taught me everything.
They're not bad people.
They're my family.
No! The Jessica I knew had a family.
Rittenhouse went back in time and they stole her from them.
Because of me.
The Jessica you knew was a bartender, that's it.
- No.
- I'm part of something important, Wyatt.
We're going to save the world.
Why didn't you just kill us when you came into the bunker? After I got all the intel I needed, I was going to, but I knew if the time came, I wouldn't be able to hurt you.
Are you really pregnant? Yes.
Am I the father? - Yes.
- Then we're your family! I really do love you.
I wish it didn't have to be like this.
I'm sorry.
I have to protect Rittenhouse and my baby.
Do you recognize her? My father says you've brought bad luck.
He wants you to leave.
Does your father speak English at all? No.
I'm Lucy, this is Rufus.
What's your name? - Fei.
- Fei.
Take this.
It's gold.
It'll pay for the damage.
I'm very sorry.
What are you doing? Why does the red-haired lady want to hurt Jiya? Wait, you know who Jiya is? Ever since we first took her photo we've been friends.
She brings me books sometimes.
Why didn't you say anything before? She made me promise not to.
She says if a Black man comes asking for her, do not tell where she is.
Then why are you telling us now? Because now Jiya's in danger from the red-haired lady with the gun.
So you know where she is? She works at the Bison Horn saloon.
- I'll take you.
- Let's go.
We should wait for Wyatt and Flynn.
I'll meet you there.
I don't wanna waste another minute.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Cheating skunk.
- Jiya! Ow! Ow! My wrist! You broke my wrist! Flash that knife again, I'll break more than that.
Excuse me.
Jiya! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- You are, like, scary tough.
- No, this isn't I-I'm sorry we're three years late.
I wanted you to find the "Lifeboat," Rufus, not me.
Didn't you read the Klingon? "Don't come.
" - What did you expect me to do? - Listen to me, that's what.
Why? What're you hiding? Do you have, like, - a hot Asian boyfriend? - No, Rufus.
You're my boyfriend.
And you.
You promised not to tell.
- But you're in danger.
- When aren't I? Now, scoot, we'll talk later.
Emma's here.
She's coming for you.
- We need to get you home.
- No, I can't go home.
- Why? - Because that's how you die.
What do you mean, that's how I die? This is the place I told you about.
Where I saw your death.
It wasn't cowboys, but it was close.
See? Everyone still has spurs on their boots here.
Just like in my vision.
Holy crap.
Okay, uh What about the yellow-toothed thug? Where's he? He comes with Emma and Jessica.
He's one of their goons.
We start to leave.
I hear a clock strike 7:00.
I see a gun on a chair, but I can't get to it fast enough.
Emma's goon stabs you right in the gut.
You die.
No matter what I do, I can't change it.
- How do you - Look.
I've learned how to control my visions, Rufus.
How to access them.
Like Stanley, the pilot that Mason locked away.
Three years is a long time to practice.
Okay, you can't honestly want to stay here.
It doesn't really matter what I want anymore.
I can handle myself here.
That gambler almost scalped you.
Yeah, and then I broke his wrists.
You're gonna die here, Jiya.
If you are not stabbed, you're gonna get tuberculosis, or-or shanghaied, or all of the above.
If I have to die to stop that from happening, - then so be it.
- Stop.
Come on, let's find somewhere private to talk.
- Where's Wyatt? - We split up.
Relax, even I couldn't kill Wyatt if I wanted to, and I want to.
- Your mom? - She's dead.
I'm sorry, Lucy.
You know what her one great regret was? That she didn't indoctrinate me earlier into her evil cult.
You were right.
I should've seen her for who she was sooner.
My whole life, I was blind.
Well, you want someone to blame, you should blame Wyatt.
He's the idiot who brought a Rittenhouse spy - into the bunker.
- And what would you have done? If Rittenhouse had brought your wife and child back from the dead, would you look for the hidden catch or would you just be so grateful that they were back in your arms and in your life? You can blame Wyatt if you want I don't give a damn about Wyatt.
That's not why I'm here.
Why are you here? Where's Rufus? We found Jiya.
Come on.
Screw bloodlines.
All that family, birthrights, monarchy crap.
What are we, British? You just executed our superiors.
You and I both know what we're doing.
We'll run Rittenhouse better than they ever could.
Well, what makes you think you won't just go home and the others will kill you? 'Cause I'm the bitch with the time machine.
Took you long enough.
- You hide the Mothership? - Yes, ma'am.
We got work to do.
What the bloody hell are you doing? Knitting.
I do this every time they go on one of their trips.
You never wondered why there are so many ugly scarves tucked away around here? Well I just don't know how you can stay so calm.
I'm not.
This is how I manage my anxiety.
You should find a hobby.
- I have one.
- Besides drinking, I mean.
You know, there was a time in my life.
Before I met Rufus, when I lived in a mansion.
Had the exotic cars.
Different party, different woman every night.
Ooh, charming.
I-I knew everyone.
But didn't really know anyone.
Didn't love anyone.
- And that was a good thing? - No.
But yes.
'Cause now it seems as if I spend half my life worrying that the people I love will be horribly maimed.
It's like walking around with your heart on the outside.
Mm, there's a word for that.
Panic? Terror? Family.
It's not a bad life.
And if I liked bed bugs, it would be amazing.
That's my friend Molly's bed.
That's Sarah's.
We're thinking of opening up our own place together.
Okay, great, you can call it "Cheers.
" Everyone will know your name.
Jiya, this is crazy.
Why? It's to save your life.
It's obviously not the life I had planned, but I'm not gonna let you die just so I can have modern plumbing.
And you think I'm just gonna leave you here? I can handle myself here, Rufus.
I'm not the same Jiya you knew.
- Wyatt.
- Hi.
- Flynn.
- What? No hug? I'm practically family now.
Yeah, the creepy uncle.
Uh, we should go.
Emma could be close.
Jiya said she's not leaving because I die here.
Isn't that exactly why we should leave? No, that's how it happens.
I start to leave, and then Rufus dies.
If she stays, she dies.
Look, I'm not gonna be responsible for your death, okay? I love you.
I love you.
And if I die, I die.
Look, you're the one who said some things are meant to be.
At least it'll be for a good reason.
If it's for you, then it'll be worth it.
No, I can't live with that, Rufus.
Stop it.
Both of you, stop.
Nobody's dying, and we're getting out of here.
- You don't understand.
- I do understand.
None of us have anything anymore except each other.
That's how we've survived this long.
No matter how bad it gets, we're together.
We take out Rittenhouse together.
We are going home together.
Are we clear? - She's right.
- Count me in.
That was, like, better than the speech in "Rudy.
" I'm not leaving.
Just go, okay? Before it's too late.
Jiya Where is she? Oh, Lucy! Stay back, stay back.
Sorry about your mom.
That is, if you even care, her being a Rittenbitch and all.
I'm in charge now.
I think you'll find me enlightened compared to Nicholas.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
- Is there another way out? - The rear exit.
But the only way there is through that door there.
All right, look, it's you and me.
We cover everyone, then make a run for it.
Lucy, you go straight for the "Lifeboat.
" Get them home safe, and then come back for me and Flynn.
All right? Jiya.
I do not agree to leave with Rufus.
- I do not agree - Jiya! I can't.
I can't come with you.
Please, Jiya.
Now! - Jiya! - Rufus! - Cover me.
- Got it.
- Who hit Jessica? - Seriously? Please.
She's carrying my kid.
They're gone.
Rufus, don't.
You did it.
See? You saved me.
You're alive.
You're alive! Guys, we should get going before they come back.
Are you ready to go home? Yeah.
Rufus? Rufus! - No! - Rufus.
You're okay.
- No, no, no, no, no - You're gonna be fine.
- Rufus, stay with me.
- You're okay.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
- Lucy! - Wyatt.
Can you move with that thing? I sure as hell can try.
Rufus, Rufus.
Look at me.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Just relax.
Rufus? Rufus? Come on.
You okay? Rufus? Rufus.
Rufus! No.
Ah! Stop! What do you do to someone who has taken everyone that you love? My mother, my sister, Rufus! Lucy, please.
Poor Princess Lucy.
Everything handed to you, but it still wasn't enough.
I didn't take anything away from you that you hadn't already willingly abandoned.
Lucy! Lucy.
Hey, she's gone.
She's gone.
I can't.
I can't.
You're alive.
She doesn't look a day older.
- What happened to you? - Emma.
Hey, Jiya.
Oh, my God.
- H-how? - Does it matter how? He's gone.
Right, well, then, we'll get him back.
- We can't.
- Yes, we bloody can.
They can't go back to a time they already existed.
Well, we'll send another team.
It takes a year to train a pilot.
- I'll fly the thing myself! - You don't know how.
I know enough to take my chances! You know what, Connor? You wanna go back and get yourself killed like Rufus did, go ahead! I don't care anymore! I told you he'd die if I came home! Why didn't you listen? Jiya.
Please tell me I don't have to worry about you losing yourself in your head.
I can't lose you too.
I've searched everywhere for him.
In time and space.
And he's just gone.
I'm never gonna see Rufus again.
Don't He's dead there, in 1888.
He's alone and abandoned.
No one to identify him, no one to bury him.
No one to grieve him.
And even though I knew it was coming, I I couldn't stop it.
This is my fault.
All of it.
No, it's not, Wyatt.
I promised Rufus that I wouldn't let anything happen to him.
I was supposed to protect him.
And then I messed everything up.
Just like I did with us.
It's true.
You did mess things up with us.
But Rufus is not on you.
We all stood together.
He knew the risks.
And he accepted them willingly.
You brought Jiya home, safe.
That's what mattered most to Rufus.
I love you, Lucy.
You don't have to say it back.
You don't have to say anything.
I just should've said it a long time ago and I didn't, so I'm saying it now.
Rufus wanted me to admit it.
I know that wherever he is If he's watching, he's saying, "Yeah, it's about damn time.
" I can't believe he's gone.
What the hell? Oh, my God, what is that? Is this another "Lifeboat"? But it looks upgraded.
- What's going on, Connor? - No idea.
Well? What're you waiting on? You guys wanna get Rufus back or what?