Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Beautiful Dream: Daybreak

We have taken over 81 percent
of the Luna Eclipse building.
We have taken over every area other
than the roof and one other area.
I will be getting partial credit for
any of the achievements obtained her
since I directed this operation.
Talk about easy money.
The One-Eyed Owl?
Kaneki! Haise!
Kisho Arima would've been able
to dodge that forehead flick.
Haise Sasaki, you're a
glutton for punishment.
Now, dance, my little incontinent one,
so fiercely your bladder will burst.
Come on, there's no time!
You're about to die, after all.
Let's make sure Master Shu watches.
I will be loved
I will be loved I will be loved!
will be loved!
I will be loved! I will be loved!
I will be loved!
I will be loved!
Weren't you going to save me?
Shut up.
I should've died.
Die Kaneki
My salvation
Die Your salvation
I didn't want to be happy.
I wanted to disappear.
Die Die Die.. Die
I should've died back then.
Kill me, Haise.
That's how it should be, you shitty bastard.
Hey, don't you remember?
I used to get hit for asking for silly things.
Mommy, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
I don't need anything! I'm sorry!
Please don't hit me!
I loved my mom.
I'm sorry! I won't want anything anymore!
I was happy back then.
The flower garden in the basement
I didn't think I'd meet the grim reaper.
Now I can end up just like mom
like an insect
But I didn't die.
I wanted to die?
Yup. I know it!
That's why, this time, I wanted to do
something that'd make everyone love me.
And then die in a cool way!
Is that
Is that your salvation?
So your salvation just consists
of sleep and sweet dreams
For me, sweet dreams
I'd wake up, cry a little, and that was it.
At some point, I got the wrong idea
and thought it was okay to want.
Can you do it?
Sleep well, Haise.
I've had enough of dreams.
Oh, dear
Would you stop
running that mouth of yours?
Hurry up and stop the bleeding.
Kori, this is really yummy!
Sir, there's a survivor!
I'll be right there.
Can you speak?
Is it you?
Don't worry.
Thank you for the sad,
little awakening story.
Now, then
I wonder who's stronger, you or Arima.
You're the one who's sad.
Die, already.
What's going on with you right now?
As for us
Lord Uri's exhausted
Mutsuki and Saiko are safe.
As for everything else I'm not sure.
If I don't do something
Everyone will die!
Mr. Kuramoto Kuroiwa
Urie, Mutsuki, Saiko
Even me
But I can't die and leave Haru!
More More!
More, more, more, more, more
More, more, more, more, more, more!
Die already, you monster!
Urie! Is that enough of a barrage?!
If it's going to recover from that
there's really not much else I can do.
Kuzen. Is this her?
This is Eto.
We gave her that name in hopes that
she'll be embraced by a lot of love.
Hello, Eto. It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm going to head out first, Eto.
Shirazu! Shirazu!
Looks like they left
me with a giant hole
The wound's too deep!
Will he be okay?
Where's Sassan?
I want to see Sassan
Investigator Sasaki will be here soon.
Calm down, and breathe.
Shiragin, let's get you to the hospital.
This wound is nothing with
our regeneration abilities!
With careful treatment and plenty of
rest you'll recover in no time!
What will I do if I
actually die right now?
Don't be stupid!
You'll be fine! So
Damn it! What's taking the medics so long?!
Red bean soup
Red bean soup?
You had the best expression on your face
I'll eventually get you back for that.
Just shut up for a bit,
you baby chick with a buzz cut.
Your little sister?
That's right. Your sister's waiting for you!
Get a hold of yourself.
Urie Saiko Mutsuki
Why aren't you saying anything?
Shi razu?
Where are you guys?
Say something
Shirazu! Shirazu!
Is anyone here? I see
It's so quiet
I guess I'm going to disappear
I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared!
It's going to be okay! We're right here!
Yodobayashi, Mutsuki, me
We're all right here!
Without me, she's
That's right, Shirazu!
You're earning money for
your sister's sake, right?
You can't die here!
You exterminated a SS rate ghoul!
Your reward money will be at least a
thousand no, at least two thousand!
It's all
It's all yours, Shirazu!
So please
N-No No!
How dare you die?!
What did you come here for?
To get in the way? To destroy?
Were you bored?
To be an observer?
I want to have a front row
seat to watch how you,
Tsukiyama and Kanae will kill each other.
I'm so curious!
The owner Your father,
Kuzen, asked me
to please save you.
But I'm already saved!
You're so sweet, Ken Kaneki!
Are you actually going to pity me?
I missed.
Actually, I have to ask
Why do I have to save trash like you?
Well, that hurt.
You dumbass piece of shit! Filth! Trash!
I'll devour you.
My head's all tingly, tingly!
Tingly, tingly!
I can't stop anymore!
Something wonderful is oozing out!
Hey, I'll make you my kid.
Why are you running away?
I think I like you now.
I mean, we're so similar.
My heart's all aflutter.
I love you, Ken Kaneki.
I'm honored,
This is insane
Investigator Washu!
What are you doing here on the front lines?
Are there any men here that can still fight?
The One-Eyed Ghoul has appeared.
We need men.
Takeomi Kuroiwa And
Kuki Urie.
Can you still fight?
Urie, are you listening?
You're not going to say anything?
About what?
You don't feel anything
after seeing this situation?
I thought you'd be able to come with me,
but all right.
Kuki Urie,
I thought you had potential.
I hear something
I-Investigator Sasaki
Is that you?
I'm sorry.
I lost quite a bit fighting the Owl,
so I was replenishing myself.
Did you exterminate them all on your own?
They just barely escaped.
I'm pretty sure they're still alive.
I see
It appears that the Tsukiyama family and
the Aogiri Tree were indeed connected,
as our intel suggested.
I believe the one lying there is one of
the servants of the Tsukiyama family.
Investigator Ui.
I'll go ahead and take care of him.
Right. I'll take care of the other one.
Is this the path you've chosen?
M-Master Shu
Master Shu!
Mr. Tsukiyama.
Master Shu!
Kanae Let go.
At least you should live
I refuse!
Even though my body may shatter decay
I will protect you.
You are my everything!
Let me just say one selfish thing
I wish I could've heard you
say my name just once
My real name.
Oh, my beloved Master Shu
I always dreamed of embracing your like this.
Father, Mother, Brothers
Please forgive me.
Master Shu, please forgive me.
For falling in love with you
Please forgive me
It's all right.
No one will punish you
The misfortune of my life
Not being able to live as who I am.
The happiest part of my life
The fact that I can die as who I am.
Am I allowed to be this blessed?
wanted to see you.
If you had only come sooner
So this is my fault?
Who was the one fighting by his side, Urie?
All of the loss in this world is only
due to your own lack of strength.
If you want to curse something,
you should curse your own weakness.
Mr. Arima, are you angry?
Or are you sad?
I was never
able to figure you out
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