Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


Entering July this year, the temperature
on Mainland China is reportedly high.
The warm air is expected to flow to Japan
due to the current pressure pattern,
resulting in a higher average temperature
compared to previous years.
Sunny days will continue in Kanto-Koshinetsu
and Tokai region, showing bright summer sky.
The inland area is expected to experience
a sudden increase in temperature,
so be wary of sudden heavy rain
near the mountains.
Moving to the next news.
Innocent civilians have fallen victim to the
growing dispute between the Tokyo Manji Gang.
-No way? Seriously? That's scary.
-Six were injured in the dispute,
with one person in cardiopulmonary arrest
has been taken to the hospital.
At the place of incident,
25 year old Naoto Tachibana who lives
in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo is confirmed dead
Naoto Tachibana?
along with Tachibana's older sister who
also lives in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
26 year old Hinata Tachibana.
The TMPD state they will be more
vigilant on the matter.
Hinata Tachibana?
It seems like the only girlfriend I had
in my life back during middle school,
Hinata Tachibana, has died.
Come on, I know you're in there!
How many times do I have to tell you?
Your TV is damn loud!
I'm sorry.
Sheesh, kids nowadays.
How many times are you going to make me
say the same thing, Takemichi Hanagaki-kun?
When a DVD gets returned,
put it back on display immediately.
How many times have I said this?
-I'm sor
-Yes. All you do is apologize.
That's really lame!
Hey, old fart!
You got a problem?
Eh? No, sorry
-Run! Run!
Hey! What are you doing?!
I didn't expect my life
would end up like this.
I live in a beat-up apartment
with thin walls.
My manager who's younger
than me treats me like an idiot.
Even kids made fun of me,
and I had to apologize for them.
I've only ever got one girlfriend in life,
and that was back in middle school.
Not to mention, I'm still a virgin.
Just where did I go wrong?
No way
At that moment when I thought
I'm about to die
I didn't think of my family or friends.
I thought of Hinata Tachibana.
I heard Tachibana-san from
Class 2 likes you, Hanagaki.
Seriously, why it's you?
What you gonna do? I saw some
boys checking up on her yesterday.
Who, you ask? It's Tachibana!
She's really popular, you know!
Now that I think about it, my middle school
life in second grade was my hayday.
I was the Number 2 of a cool
second-year delinquent group.
The time when I had
the only girlfriend I'd ever get.
Could this be that? My life
flashing before my eyes right now?
Shibuya. You've arrived at Shibuya.
Watch out for any missing belongings.
Ah, I'm sorry.
Hey, Takemichi!
What are you doing? We're going.
Hurry up.
Whoa, so nostalgic!
Makoto who's always
playing with his dick!
Dumbass Yamagishi who thinks
wearing glasses will make him smart!
Our leader, Akkun!
And my childhood friend, Takuya!
Yamagishi, did you see this week's magazine?
I saw it. The pics were hot, right?!
Can't you guys be more
serious once a while?
I'm hungry. Wanna grab something?
I want some hamburger.
I got coupons.
-Enough for everyone?
Are you kidding me?
Open-necked shirts and baggy pants?
Who is this lame delinquent?
It's me! It's me from middle school!
So lame!
This was supposed to be
the peak of my life!
What's in my pocket?
A 500 yen coin and a cellphone!
It's a flip-phone!
How nostalgic!
July 4th, 2005?
Erm, if I remember correctly
One two three
It's today, 12 years in the past?!
Hey, Takemichi.
What are you doing?
Everything feels so real
Really, Takemichi? Just fries?
And it's the small one!
Well, I need to save for
my train ride back home.
C'mon, that will work itself out.
I'm so glad that your cousin is
the leader of Shibuya Third Mid.
If the 3rd years come out, we can
just bring out Masaru-kun's name.
My cousin?
Are they talking about Masaru-kun?
Hold on a second, what good does
it bring by having Masaru-kun with us?
I don't really understand the situation here.
-Are you okay in the head?
-Hey hey, Takemichi!
We're going to start a fight!
Bring it on!
Come to think of it, Masaru-kun did
say he's the leader at Shibuya Third Mid.
It's a war between us Mizo Mid 2nd year
and Shibuya Third Mid 2nd year!
So we're on our way to that
middle school and start a fight?
Hey, someone, say something.
Takemichi, they're looking down on us.
We have no choice but to fight.
Looking down on us?
Just because of that?
We don't need that pussy act!
You gonna give them the backfist as
soon as you see them like always, right?
You're full of energy, after all.
Our charge commander!
Hey, you spilled that!
Wait wait, wait!
Too fast! Too fast!
Everything moves too fast!
This certainly did happen.
I talked with my cousin Masaru-kun before
going to the middle school in Shibuya.
Are you guys from Shibuya Third Mid?
-Ah, y-yes.
-What year you fools from?!
A fight, huh
A fight?
I haven't done any in 10 years!
Shit I think I will piss myself!
W-We're 1st year, so we don't
know anything about the 2nd year
What? You're just 1st-year punks?
Do you even have
hair on your dick yet?
Was everyone around me
this really gung-ho back then?
Crap, I can't keep up with them!
C-Calm down!
This is just a flashback!
Nothing big!
That's weird.
There aren't any 2nd years here.
Everyone we talked to
were 1st and 3rd years.
What's going on?
Gang boycott?
Or maybe they heard we're
coming and got scared?!
Could be!
I remember this park
Well, those Shibuya delinquents are
whipped and trendy "city boys" anyway.
Trendy city boys?
So is it you guys who have been
meddling with our 2nd years?
These guys are the 3rd years!
The 2nd years are on a "school trip."
The rabble-rousing 3rd years!
A full-fledged
Anyway, we will beat you all
to a pulp one by one.
Line up.
You guys are the 3rd years, right?
We already talked our way through
with the 3rd year leader, "Masaru-kun."
Hey, Masaru!
You don't have to yell that loud,
I can hear you
Go buy juice for every
one of us here, Masaru!
And the money?
My "fist" worth 100 yen a pop, you know?
Let's see one two
I'll pay for it!
Hey, Takemichi!
That's right.
Masaru-kun was a gofer.
He was just showing off to me,
his younger cousin.
I remember what will happen after this.
We were terrified and have
lost our last ray of hope.
Hey, wake up you punks!
And they beat the shit out of us.
We're very sorry!
Lame punks with no guts like you have
no right to call yourself a delinquent.
From now on, you shits are
soldiers of the Tokyo Manji Gang.
So work your asses off.
That hurts
Are you guys okay?
Tokyo Manji Gang
That's right it all started from here.
The hellish days they used
us like their slaves.
Each and every one of us.
That's why I ran away from my hometown
right after I graduated from middle school.
I started living by myself
and did part-time jobs.
But I couldn't do anything right.
I'm sorry!
I apologized.
I'm so sorry!
And apologized.
And apologized.
I spent the rest of my life apologizing.
This is the worst!
The worst flashback to get
at the end of my life!
I got it, God!
You're trying to say that my
life totally sucked, right?!
You will surely succeed, Hanagaki-kun!
Tokyo Manji Gang
That's right.
Tachibana died because of those
guys 12 years in the future!
Even if I know that now,
it has nothing to do with me.
Are you okay, Takuya?
Don't you dare telling
anyone I cried.
I'm hungry.
I wanna eat some Katsudon.
My mouth is all swollen,
I can't eat anything.
What's wrong, Takemichi?
Sorry, I gotta go.
Eh? Go where?!
How did she look again?
It's here.
Tachibana Tachibana
Found it!
Eh? Hanagaki-kun?
Ah yeah.
I remember this voice.
Did you get into a fight again?
You shouldn't go fighting
all the time, you know?
You just fought like last week
over small stuff!
Are you okay?
That looks painful.
Have you disinfect it already?
You're swollen all over the places.
Should I bring you some band-aid?
Why am I crying?
Sorry, it's nothing.
I'm going home now.
I just wanted to see your face, that's all.
No way. Did something happen?
You're acting different than usual.
Tell me.
I want to know everything about you.
I'm your girlfriend, you know?
That's right.
She always yelled at me.
She was tiny and strong-willed.
Bye bye! See you at school tomorrow!
I loved the cheerful way she says "Bye bye."
And yet I've already forgotten about that.
That's not everything, is it?
Don't you lie to us!
Jump up and down.
See, you still got somethin'.
So goddamn noisy.
Can't they see someone here's
basking in sentimentality?
Take it out already!
Stop dilly-dallying!
Shut the hell up, you dimwits!
All you ever do is bitching around
like some broken toy!
I'm super pissed right now.
Get lost.
Or I'll kill you.
W-We're so sorry!
E-Excuse us!
You shouldn't leave sharp stuff
on the ground like that.
Aah sorry.
Thank you very much.
Listen up. When you cross people
like them, you need to have some guts.
Be prepared to get punched.
But don't flinch.
You don't have to write it down.
Anyway, face them head-on.
Half-assed guys will definitely
be scared by that.
Guts and preparedness.
It's all stuff I don't have in
my own life, too.
What's your name?
Tachibana Naoto Tachibana.
Eh? Could you be Tachibana's younger brother?
I do have an older sister.
Really? You should've just said that earlier!
Are you one of my sister's friends?
Naoto Tachibana.
That's right. This guy will die
in the next 12 years, too.
I'm Takemichi Hanagaki.
You can call me Takemichi.
Ah, okay. I won't call you that, though.
Do you like your sister?
Eh? Why all of the sudden?
I don't like her!
Really? Why?
Why, you ask?
She's always so noisy, telling
me what I should do all the time.
I see.
But you should take care of your sister.
I loved your sister.
I loved her so much I just couldn't help it.
And I remembered that today.
I bet you don't get what I'm saying.
This might sounds crazy, but
Today, in 2017, I fell off the station
platform onto the tracks.
I thought I was dead, but when
I realized, I was a middle schooler.
I'm back to when I was 12 years ago.
What do you call this?
A time leap?
Yes, that!
I might be just seeing a really long dream.
I'm sure God is letting me meet
Tachibana one last time.
Eh? What do you mean?
On July 1st, 12 years from now on,
your sister will die.
And you will die with her
at the same time.
July 1st, 2017.
Remember that date, Naoto.
And protect your sister.
Just kidding.
I'm sure it's hard for you to believe this.
If all of this is real,
I want to change the future.
I've fallen so far that I forgot about
her until the day of her death.
I feel helpless and frustrated.
I want to redo everything.
I'm counting on you.
I understand.
He's finally awake.
Umm where am I?
The station medical office.
You fell off the station platform
onto the tracks.
July 4th, 2017!
So I was just dreaming?
I was saved from that situation?
I didn't even have a single scratch!
May I speak with him alone
for a moment?
He's the one who saved you.
Long time no see.
Who are you?
I'm Naoto Tachibana.
You changed my fate that day.
Eh? That day?
But shouldn't you be dead?
You just leaped through time.
You saved me and I was able
to save you, Takemichi-kun.
By leaping through time,
you changed the present!
Today, 12 years ago, you said this to me.
Remember that date, Naoto.
And protect your sister.
I studied my hardest and
became a police detective.
To protect my sister.
T-Then, what about Tachibana?
I'm sorry, Takemichi-kun.
My sister
I did everything I could think of!
And yet yet
Please help me out.
I'm sure you can save my sister!
I can
save Tachibana?
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After some beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's face and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
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