Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's face and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
Takemichi Hanagaki-kun?
You're fired.
Don't give me "Eh," it's obvious.
You missed work for two weeks
without permission.
And who do you think
took the flank for that?
I-I'm sorr
You're fired.
I see.
Two weeks has passed.
When time passed in the past,
the same goes for the present.
Um, what about my wages
It will be sent to your bank account.
Hey, Naoto.
At this point, why don't we just
tell the past Hina about the future?
Just like I did with you
Takemichi-kun, are you trying
to just phone it in?
No, that's not my intention!
It's not that I want to take it easy
because it put a strain on my livelihood.
And what will you do if my sister
think you're crazy because of that?
People normally wouldn't
trust something like that.
Are you stupid?
I only believed you because I just happened
to be hooked in the occult at the time.
Yeah, you were awfully sharp about it.
But do you have to call me
stupid for that?
Sendo is dead and we can't
meet up with Sano anymore.
In the end, our only way to save my sister
is to return to the past and change Toman.
So we're back to square one.
If only Draken is still alive
You're talking about Ken Ryuguji?
You looked him up for me?
This is the newspaper from that time.
On August 3rd, 2005,
in a parking lot in Musashi shrine,
at Tokyo's Shibuya-ku,
50 people from a Bosozoku had a brawl.
A 15 years old middle
school student passed away
after being stabbed in
the abdomen with a knife.
I found some posts on the internet
at the time of the incident.
According to those posts,
Ryuguji passed away
due to the infight
between the Mikey faction and
Draken faction of Toman.
Huh? Hold on a second!
August 3rd?
That's 2 weeks from now!
Yes, 12 years ago.
Mikey and Draken get into a fight?
There got to be a mistake!
Draken knows Mikey more
than anyone else!
Anyway, that's impossible!
So there's something behind this?
Eh? W-Well, I don't know.
But I'm sure that it's impossible!
But Ryuguji certainly died that day.
Let's look into it.
Today is July 19th.
The deadline is 2 weeks from now on.
You must find the reason behind his death
and save Ken Ryuguji on August 3rd.
That's your mission this time.
Manjiro Sano who has changed
because of Ryuguji's death.
Atsushi Sendo who was afraid of
Tetta Kisaki and committed suicide.
And Hinata Tachibana who was
killed by the current evil Toman.
My sister
If this mission is successful,
you could save them all!
Draken, Akkun, and Hina
That's awesome!
I'll definitely save Draken!
I'm counting on you.
So dark.
Something heavy is on me.
No kissing.
What is this situation?!
No kissing?
Then what other stuff is on the menu?!
Yes? I'd like a 30 minute extension.
Do you want something to drink?
What the hell?!
What's going on?!
It's completely different
from my previous life!
An eternal virgin like me being
together with such a cute girl?
I must not let Hina know about this.
About what?
Hina?! W-Why are you here?
I'm on my way home from cram school.
And what are you doing here,
Well! Erm, actually
Do I have something on my face?
C-Could it be
She figured it out?!
U-Um, I actually don't have
any memory about that!
What are you talking about?
Takemichi-kun, you're acting
weird recently.
You're the "adult Takemichi-kun" today.
Like in that day we watched
fireworks together on the rooftop.
You suddenly panicked and went home.
And you also gave me
the cold attitude at school.
And yet, you're making
gentle expression today.
I see
When I returned to the present, what's
left here is the past me who knows nothing.
No kissing.
Just what leads me to that situation?
The past me is so dumb!
Takemichi-kun, your phone is ringing.
Oh! Draken-kun!
Takemicchi, what are
you doing right now?
Well, right now I'm
Come to Musashi shrine now.
Everyone will be there.
Eh? But right now
Hina, Draken-kun wants
me to meet up with him.
I'll go too, then!
He's your friend, right?
What is the thing that's important to you?
Eh? Important?
For me, it's times like these.
When we don't have to do anything.
When we walk together and
talk about random stuff.
The time I can be with you like this.
I want to have a lot of time like that.
That's right.
What's important to me is to save Hina.
To save Hina who gets killed
by Toman in the future!
You guys are meeting up here?
Is this really the place?
They look scary.
I-It will be fine!
I'm here with you.
But you mustn't stare at them too much.
A Tokko-fuku at this day and age?
And so many of them.
This ain't a freaking exhibition!
Get the hell outta here!
What the crap do you want?!
Want us to kill you, dimwit?!
W-We're just here because
someone called us.
Huh? Do you even know
what place this is, you imbecile?!
M-Musashi shrine
Who the heck told you to come to
a Toman meeting place, huh?!
I oppose violence!
(Tokyo Manji Gang Captain of the 2nd Squad - Takashi Mitsuya)
Could you be Takemicchi?
(Tokyo Manji Gang Captain of the 2nd Squad - Takashi Mitsuya)
Why are you scaring President's guest?
I-I'm sorry!
Are you okay, Takemichi-kun?
Follow me.
Ah, yeah.
Yo, Takemicchi.
Sorry for calling you all of the sudden.
Why are you bringing your wife along?
I'm sorry.
I had no idea it was gonna be like this.
Oh, Hina-chan.
Sorry for scaring you last time.
It's alright.
I'm completely fine.
And also, I'm sorry for
what I did last time.
Hey, Emma!
This girl is Takemicchi's wife,
so you better protect her.
Yo, lil' coward!
Lil' coward? What is this about?
What? You knew Emma?
I-It's not what it seems, Hina!
Draken-kun, I seriously
don't remember a thing!
He saw me in my underwear
and ran away.
Oooh? So something like
that happened, huh?
Did it really happen?
I seriously have no memory of it!
Eh?! Hina-san?!
I'm very sorry.
Don't care!
So you had a girl like that,
yet you still took a swing at me.
But don't get the wrong idea.
I don't have any feeling about
you or anything.
I just wanted to become
an adult quickly.
He didn't care about me at all.
All he thinks about is fighting,
bike, and being with Mikey.
I thought he would at
least get a little angry.
I see.
So she wanted Draken-kun to feel jealous.
At any rate, a woman's heart is a mystery.
Are you done?
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
You guys, gather around!
It's time for the meeting!
Good work, President!
The atmosphere changed just from
Mikey standing in front of everyone.
So this is the president of Toman!
We're gathered here to talk about Moebius.
If both of us clashes,
it will be a big dispute.
What dispute?
I didn't hear anything about this!
Now then,
I want to hear what you all think.
What are you doing
You got a problem?
You're Hanagaki, right?
(Tokyo Manji Gang Vice-Captain of the 3rd Squad - Peh-yan)
So ya took care of Kiyomasa
from our squad, didn't ya?
(Tokyo Manji Gang Captain of the 3rd Squad - Pah-chin)
How are ya planning
to pay for the losses?
Cut it out, Pah.
We all agreed that Kiyomasa just
used Toman's name without permission
to start some silly underground
fights on his own, didn't we?
I'm dumb so I ain't gonna
know about stuff like that!
Pah-chin's brain is
pitifully small, you know!
If you don't know then
don't butt in, dumbass!
Hey, Pah.
Shut up.
Sorry, Draken!
Forgive 'em, Takemicchi.
Pah is on edge right now.
He sure is absurd.
His bud had a fight with Moebius.
That's what started this dispute.
What happened?
A small thing happened with
the Moebius leader called Osanai.
Pah's bud got beaten up
by those in Moebius.
They raped his girlfriend in front
of him and took all of his possession.
They even beat up his parents
and sibling later on.
How awful
Moebius is that type of gang.
They're two generations older than us
and currently controlling Shinjuku.
I thought Toman is the one
who controlled this area.
Toman controls Shibuya,
but Shinjuku is a different story.
Not to mention,
we're still just a new gang.
I see.
There's still a bigger gang out there
than Toman back in this era.
What will you do, Pah?
Do you wanna do it?
They're two generation older than us.
And Toman wouldn't get away unscratched.
It will cause trouble for everyone.
It's so frustrating, Mikey!
That's not what I'm asking.
You wanna do it?
or not?
I wanna do it!
I want to beat them to death!
-That's what I thought.
Anyone here thinks it's too much
hassle to help out Pah's friend?
Anyone here stays chilled even though
Moebius beat up Pah's friend?!
Surely you're not, right?!
We're going to crush Moebius!
On August 3rd, during Musashi festival,
we're going for battle!
August 3rd?
Save Ken Ryuguji on August 3rd!
It's the day Draken dies!
Naoto said that on August 3rd,
in an infight between
Mikey faction and Draken faction,
Draken will die.
But, now I get back in time 12 years ago
it turns out a fight between Toman
and Moebius is about to start.
That means
I'm too stupid to figure this out!
I've got it, Naoto!
I will become Draken's bodyguard!
Okay! It's a genius idea,
if I do say so myself!
No way.
Thank you!
Eh? What did you say?
Having a bodyguard would be annoying.
Besides, what help can you do anyway?
You don't have to say it like that
Mission failed before it even started.
But I'm not the type who
would give up so easily!
Time for Plan B! I'll tail him!
What the heck is this?
Is it a fight?
I'll never forgive this!
Is this the start of their fight?
There's no flag!
I got the kid's meal because
I was excited about the flag!
I'm sorry, I'll bring it right away
Here Mikey.
Your flag.
You're the best, Ken-chin!
Where did he get that?
I've had enough!
What is it?
Is it fight this time?
He's sleeping?
You really should fix your habit
sleeping right after you eat!
Sheesh, you're so helpless.
So that's how Mikey-kun usually acts
Draken-kun is amazing.
He supports him like that everyday.
But if he ever flipped out
Mikey, we're here.
What are we here for?
A little visit.
Pah's friend's girlfriend.
The cause of their
dispute with Moebius.
They said she have been
unconscious for five days.
What the hell you guys are here for?
Don't you dare show
your face here! Get lost!
What is that for?
My daughter nearly died
because of you guys!
You don't have to lower your head, Kenchin.
We did nothing wrong.
Why this old man taking
it out on us anyway?
You worthless imbeciles!
You guys are garbage to the society with
those annoying noises you make all night!
Please stop it, Honey!
You brats caused nothing but
trouble and hurt a lot of people!
You think you will be forgiven just
by behaving yourself for one day?!
You nasty piece of turd!
Who do you think you're talking to
Hey, what are you doing!
It's all our fault.
Two scumbags lowering their head
won't make my daughter any better!
Pipe down, Mikey!
Mikey-kun's right.
It's not their fault.
My daughter has been in a coma since.
Her face
Her body
It's all full of wound
Just what did she even do to you guys?
She's a very kind girl.
She's our precious daughter.
But now she has been
completely disfigured.
Please leave.
Please never show up
in front of us ever again.
We're going to fight Moebius soon.
The problem in our world is something
we must deal with ourselves.
All of our members have families
and people they care about.
We must not let outsiders involved.
We must not make people
around them cry.
You don't have to force yourself to bow.
Have a heart and care about others.
You're so kind, Ken-chin.
Sorry, Ken-chin.
am glad that you're here with me.
I think I understand now.
The reason why Mikey
changed after Draken died.
Just why Toman 12 years in the future
ended up becoming a criminal organization.
Draken is not a person
who deserves to die.
Draken is Mikey's heart.
He fills in what he lacks.
I'm hungry now.
Huh? You just ate.
I get hungry after I sleep.
How does that even work?
There is no way an infight would happen
in Toman because of these two!
I just want to be right next to you
Next to your slightly sweaty shirt
The rain falls all of the sudden
So I kissed you on that lonely night
If you look back, I will always
be there and smiling at you
Give up on that unachievable future
Take it now
In the real new world
If I have to give you a name,
it's "My Hero"
That straight wish
Will go beyond the stopped time
"I don't need anyone but you"
I will keep living here
Break down that crooked needle
Shout out that firm words
Kick away that unmeaning destiny
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