Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e12 Episode Script


What is he doing?
I called you today because
I'll finally be allowed to
cut people's hair next month.
I want you to be my haircut model.
You promised, didn't you?
I understand now.
I changed the present!
I really succeed!
I don't know this number.
So you succeed.
Huh? Who?
And you returned from the past just now.
Amazing. You really did it.
Everything has changed.
Let's go meet my sister.
Hina is alive!
Innocent civilians have fallen victim to the
growing dispute in the Tokyo Manji Gang.
-No way, seriously? That's scary.
-Six were injured in the dispute,
with one person in cardiac arrest
has been taken to the hospital.
At the place of incident,
Tachibana's older sister, 26 year old
Hinata Tachibana is confirmed dead.
The TMPD state that they
will be more vigilant on the matter.
Hinata Tachibana?
That time I could only
watch what happened on TV.
But now I can meet Hina.
Hina is alive.
When I checked, the incident that
killed my sister never even happened.
Eh? The Toman dispute?
But I never imagined you'd
pull it off, Takemichi-kun.
Hah? What do you mean by that?
I mean, you're kind of a screw-up.
Are you trying to pick a fight with me?
But that doesn't matter, right?
We can meet my sister now.
He's right. I can meet Hina.
My heart is beating so hard right now.
To think I can meet Hina in the present
is like a dream for me.
We've arrived.
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's face and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
Do you think Hina has changed?
Of course she has.
It's been 12 years since the last
you meet her.
She's a full-fledged adult now.
Full-fledged adult?
It seems like my sister is now working
as a teacher in an elementary school.
I see.
I missed you!
Stop that, Hina.
Good grief, still lovey-dovey, aren't you?
Naoto is watching.
Why am I getting carried away?
Even if I meet her, there's
no way that would happen.
Let's break up.
I think
I shouldn't meet her.
What's up all of the sudden?
On the second thought
I did save her life.
But Hina doesn't know anything about that.
You should go see her,
you are her younger brother.
But I'm just a complete stranger to her.
As long as she's having a happy life,
that's enough for me.
12 years
It has been 12 years.
There's no way she'd remember
some guy from 12 years ago.
What am I doing?
I worked so hard but
I haven't changed a bit.
I'm still a 26-year-old virgin part-timer.
There's no way I can meet Hina.
No matter how much I leaped through time,
I'm still the same worthless guy.
But Hina is alive.
That should be enough.
If I wish anymore than that
I should go back.
Back to my ordinary life.
Ah, sorr
Am I hallucinating?
You're here
in front of me!
You always come without notice.
Did something happen?
No, it's nothing.
Crap, I can't stop.
You're here looking at me
the same way you did back then.
What a nice weather we're having.
-It's cloudy.
It's been a long since the last time
you two met, but what is this?
Don't you have a lot of
stuff you can talk about?
But the first thing you talked
about is the weather?
Well, I'm nervous okay.
I'm not sure what to talk about.
It has been a long time, after all.
I will go home now.
W-W-Wait, Naoto!
I can't stand this atmosphere.
Please continue just the two of you.
If you leave us alone, my heart
will pump so hard I'll die!
Do you want to kill me, Naoto?!
I thought you were my buddy!
I'm not your buddy.
-That's cruel!
-Please let go of me.
You fiend! Devil!
You didn't change at all, Takemichi-kun.
That necklace
Is it the one I gave her before?!
How about we go on a drive?
Should be easier to chat that way.
I will drive.
It's exactly the same as before.
What's going on?
That is undoubtedly the necklace
I gave her as a present.
Could that mean Hina
is still into me?!
No, it is possible that the necklace
she just bought has the same design.
Yes, that must be the case.
Thank goodness, I was so
close to getting carried away.
But I should take a close
look at it once again.
So we need you as backup.
I'm sorry, I just got a call from work.
I will come back for the car tomorrow.
W-W-Wait! You're going
to leave us alone?!
You two should just
start talking already.
Both of you are adults, not children.
I completely lost my chance just now.
I don't know what to say
and how to say it.
But more importantly, that necklace.
I want to confirm my suspicion, but
Hey, can I stop the car here?
Let's take a little walk, Takemichi-kun.
This park takes me back.
Did you have some memories here?
I came here with someone I liked.
I-I see
On Christmas Eve.
What the hell was I so happy about?
"Still into me"?
Cut it out, she's 26 now.
Of course she has a boyfriend.
I'm nothing but her ex
she dumped 12 years ago.
I see, so this place must've
been special for you.
Even now, I still can't forget that person.
That night on Christmas Eve,
he dumped me here.
I don't want to hear that!
Wow, I can't believe anyone
would dump you, Hina.
What am I saying?
Why was I dumped?
I still don't get it.
Tell me why, Takemichi-kun.
Eh? She's crying
Could it be
That person you like
That person you can't forget
Sorry! I-I need the toilet!
Just wait for me in the car!
She dumped me, didn't she?
But in this world, I'm the one
who dumped her?
Even now, I still can't forget that person.
Is she really still into me?
There's no way.
But I can't just stand here
doing nothing!
I must change.
I will ask her out!
Of course it won't go well.
But this is a chance for
me to change myself!
You're not in the car?
How dull.
He's talking to himself?
What a weird guy.
And I was hoping to
kill 'em all in one go.
But I'm in charge of Moebius.
For this moment, at least.
I'm Hanma.
I have bad feeling about this.
You're not in the car?
After I worked up all that courage
Why are you not in thecar?
No way
Why are you here?
Just how did I end up like this?
Just how did I end up like this?
I'm now one of Kisaki's men.
Everyone in Toman is controlled by Kisaki.
He's saying the same thing as before!
Why did you hit Hina?
You're a hairdresser! Toman should
have nothing to do with you!
I'm scared.
I'm simply too scared of Kisaki.
Stop it.
Save everyone.
Our crybaby hero.
Stop it!
I already heard you said that last time!
Isn't this the same again?
Nothing has changed!
It should have been changed, right?!
She's alive!
Just wait, Hina! I will save you now!
Hina! Let's get out of here!
Hina! There's no time to talk!
This car will explode soon!
Thank you
Save that for later! Hurry up!
I can't
My legs
I can't feel it.. anymore
No matter it's in the future or past
I will always and always
Love you!
I'm glad.
Go now.
I beg you.
I don't want the person
I love to die, too.
I will definitely save you!
No matter how many times I fail!
I will try over and over!
Until I reach the future where
you're saved
I definitely won't give up!
I've decided, Hina.
I will
I will become the top member of Toman!
I just want to be right next to you
Next to your slightly sweaty shirt
The rain falls all of the sudden
So I kissed you on that lonely night
If you look back, I will always
be there and smiling at you
Give up on that unachievable future
Take it now
In the real new world
If I have to give you a name,
it's "My Hero"
That straight wish
Will go beyond the stopped time
"I don't need anyone but you"
I will keep living here
Break down that crooked needle
Shout out that firm words
Kick away that unmeaning destiny
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