Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

Break Up

I didn't know.
That you're on death row.
What happened?!
Why did you commit murder?
If I can really redo my life
one more time
I'd kill Kisaki!
Just what kind of guy is Kisaki?
Tetta Kisaki.
In the current Tokyo Manji Gang,
he holds one of the most important
position as acting president.
He's likely the one responsible
for the repeated murder of my sister.
The police are pouring all their
effort into the investigation,
but we can't find any lead.
As I thought, there's only one way.
I will become the top member of Toman!
If I become the top member of Toman,
I can stop Kisaki.
I can also protect everyone including
Draken, Mikey, and Hina.
Our old ways was not good enough.
We must go to the root.
I understand.
I trust you.
'Bout time.
Takemicchi, let's go.
To the new 3rd squad captain
nomination ceremony.
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's faces and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
Good work!
We will now begin the Tokyo Manji Gang
3rd squad captain nomination ceremony!
3rd squad captain nomination ceremony!
Who do you think will be nominated?
-That can't be.
You think the guy who attacked
Draken-kun gets to be a captain?
Hell nah.
Then who?!
How the heck am I supposed to know?
No main candidate?
Could it be
No, that can't be.
3rd squad captain!
Step forward!
Did Mikey-kun just call me?
-Let's go.
Outta the way!
He's the new 3rd squad captain?
The big one? The small one?
Well, of course it's not me.
I've seen him before.
Who was it?
-Is he serious?
That bastard, is he fooling around?
What's up with him?
Is he for real?
He just sat while showing
his back to the President!
The heck's wrong with you?!
Hey you, don't act like you're hot shit!
Hey, is he not going to say anything?
The heck is his deal?
You guys listen up!
This person sitting behind me!
He's the new 3rd squad captain!
Tetta Kisaki!
(Tokyo Manji Gang 3rd Squad Captain
- Tetta Kisaki)
I'm scared.
I'm simply too scared of Kisaki.
I'd kill Kisaki!
Kisaki's behind everything.
This guy is Kisaki?!
The real Kisaki is now right
in front of me?!
What should I do?
What should I do?!
I've seen him before!
Isn't he from Moebius?
Kisaki's from Moebius?
What's a Moebius doing here?!
Get the heck out of here, Moebius!
Yeah, get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out
Shut up! It's Mikey's decision!
If you got a problem with that,
step forward!
Our gang will soon clash with Valhalla!
Valhalla is a raising power,
way bigger than Moebius ever was!
To beat them, Toman will have
to be more powerful as well!
That's why we have Tetta Kisaki here.
He's the man in charge of the guys
from our generation in Moebius.
We need Kisaki to win against Valhalla!
The 3rd squad captain is Tetta Kisaki!
Remember that!
This concludes the 3rd squad captain
nomination ceremony!
Crap! This is the worst
possible situation!
Kisaki joined Toman and immediately
became a captain?!
Thank you very much!
Just what is he thinking?
Our president.
Let's go home.
At this rate, Hina will once again
What are you doing, Takemicchi?!
Hey, what is he doing?
-Isn't this bad?
-The managers will kill him!
Hey, who the heck are you?!
I did it!
You're not even from Toman,
what are you doing?!
Are you trying to crush
this nomination ceremony?!
What do you mean?! Takemicchi!
Hey, you.
Are you trying to ruin Mikey's
reputation here?
E-Everyone, you got the wrong idea.
I I just!
Hey, hey, what's going on?
Looks like this is getting interesting.
Shouldn't you be on house arrest?
Eh? Baji?
Stop it.
Let go, Mitsuya.
I might kill you.
Just what do you want to do?
What are you doing here, Baji?
You've been banned from our
gatherings for causing that infight.
I just punched another lame brat.
Since I ruined your precious gathering,
will you finally throw me out this time?
What? What is this guy talking about?
I'm joining Valhalla.
You don't need troublemaker, right?
I quit.
From now on, Keisuke Baji,
the 1st squad captain
will be Toman's enemy!
1st squad captain?
Toman's falling apart.
Don't mind him, Mikey.
He's that kind of guy.
Hey, Takemicchi.
Face or stomach, which do you prefer?
Eh? As in what?
I recommend face.
Which one?
T-Then stoma
You tighten up your stomach, didn't you?
I see
Kisaki punched me.
Why did I attack him?
Kisaki is the 3rd squad captain.
I said I will become
the top member of Toman.
But is it impossible now?
You awake?
Why is he here?
You don't like Kisaki?
Eh well
It sure is hard to make
your organization bigger.
Just when we welcomed new people,
some became to quit.
The road to achieve the dream is long.
I have a favor for you, Takemicchi.
I've got this childhood friend.
But we were just neighbors,
not particularly close or anything.
Mikey-kun's childhood friend?
I bet he's one crazy dude.
He would always pick a fight with me.
And I beat him up every time.
He kept trying to fight you
over and over?!
Doesn't sound like a smart guy.
That's the guy who punched you earlier.
I got punched by two guys,
so which one?
The 1st squad captain.
Keisuke Baji.
You just can't tell what
he's thinking, right?
I don't even know why he punched me.
He's always been like that.
He would punch people he met
just because he was sleepy.
And he would put a car on fire
when he was hungry.
That's a level beyond common
Anyway, even a guy like him.
He's still one of Toman's founding members.
The founding members?
I started Toman in my first
year of middle school.
Along with Draken, Mitsuya,
Pah-chin, and Baji.
With those five?
We gathered and made this gang together.
Bring Baji back from Valhalla for me.
I really like that guy.
Can you do that for me?
If it's for you, of course!
Can I also ask just one thing from you?
Nnn? What is it?
That guy
Please expel him from Toman!
Why did you let a guy
like him join Toman?
I can't explain why,
but he's a bad news!
He'll surely ruin Toman in the future!
There is no way he'll understand
no matter how I explain it.
Eh? Really?!
We will clash with Valhalla soon enough.
Your job is to get Baji back before then.
Prove that you're more useful than Kisaki.
I can also tell that
Kisaki is a dangerous guy.
But at the same time,
I acknowledge his strength.
Toman needs Kisaki's strength
to move forward.
Contribute something for me, Takemicchi.
That's my condition.
And if you fail
I will kill you.
What've you been
eavesdropping on us for?
C'mon out.
I can see your silver hair peeking
out from behind the tree!
You got me.
I was looking for the toilet
and heard you guys talking.
That's right, perfect timing.
I've decided to put Takemicchi
to your 2nd squad.
You're now an official member of Toman.
Welcome aboard.
I'm excited to work with you!
Why'd I even eavesdrop on them
Let's go back now.
I'll go home after I wash off my blood,
so please go without me.
Come to think of it, I wasn't
a member of Toman until now.
And I told Naoto that I was going
to be the top member of Toman,
how embarrassing.
I've got a goal now, Naoto.
If I can just bring Baji-kun back,
I might be able to get Kisaki out of Toman.
Why did Baji-kun even quit
Toman in the first place?
A good luck charm?
Did someone drop this?
What's this?
A photo?
It's Mikey-kun and Draken-kun!
They look so young!
There's Mitsuya-kun.
And Pah-chin-kun too.
Could this be the photo
of the founding members?
Feels like I just picked up
something super important.
One, two, three, four, five
There's six of them.
I thought there were supposed
to be just five founding members.
This guy who looks really
close with Baji-kun
He has a tattoo on his neck.
Who's this?
Long time no see.
A sword is perfect for
an earnest fella like you
You're a hero with no fire
You are weak and powerless
in front of a gun
It's not something to take lightly
Just try it, just try it, just try it
There is no correct answer
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
An obvious pray to god,
bye bye to next life
Your number of excuse is wonder
Vomiting prejudice and urge
Most emotions are soda
Say it
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
Goodbye bye bye to next life
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