Tokyo Vice (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

That is a beautiful suit.
- Another bottle?
- Of course.
Ohno-san, as I was saying,
I was thinking
- Zuki-sama.
- Yeah.
Be generous.
And while there's room for improvement
You're all doing great.
Thank you.
And a special thank-you to Club Polina's
number-one girl, Claudine.
Thank you, Mama-san.
Claudine, can I get your help
for a minute?
Did you see me with that big-spending
architect, Ohno-san?
The man buys.
He's coming in again tomorrow night.
- One of the girls is stealing.
- Are you sure?
Receipts don't match the inventory.
I'm down a million yen this month.
What do you think I should do?
I mean, find out who it is, right?
And then confront her.
Yeah, makes sense.
So why are you stealing from me, Claudine?
Samantha, if half your customers
are here for me,
it's not really stealing, is it?
I'm just taking my fair cut.
You'll start paying me back tonight.
Take it out of your pay.
It should take about eight weeks.
Really? You think I'm going
to stick around for that?
You know who owns half of this club.
You cannot steal their money
and go set up shop somewhere else.
Go ahead, whistle for your thugs.
I'll tell them you don't know
how to keep track of their money.
I'll have the keys
to this place in ten minutes.
You're fired.
I'm taking all my clients,
especially that big-spending architect.
You're going to be fucked
without the money that I bring.
I'll take my chances.
Dad's 60th is in two months.
Mom's got a big thing planned,
and your presence is mandatory.
When you called and told Dad
you were thinking of coming home,
it really hurt him when you didn't.
This is your chance
to make it up to him, okay?
And you should actually make me
a tape for once,
because, Joshua, I am
the only person in this world
who actually likes you.
- What is he yelling about now?
- We do not know.
Is he still on you about that
Metropolitan Assembly piece?
He made me rewrite it twice,
then reassigned it to Ichihara.
I read your piece
about the traffic-fatality scam.
- It's good, Jake-san.
- Thanks, man.
Yeah, I just wish they hadn't buried it
all the way in the back.
Really? You have started getting bylines,
and you are complaining?
Jake, now.
Your piece in this morning's paper
is good.
The last three months,
your work has been excellent.
- Thank you, Maruyama-san.
- I have what look to be two big stories.
You tell me which one you want.
Yeah, sure. Okay.
Motorcycle thefts are way up
Shinjuku, Asakusa, Shibuya.
A lot of our readers
ride motorcycles, even Baku.
Well, he rides a scooter.
What's the other one?
Dead body found last night in a pawn shop.
Police think he's a yakuza.
I'll take the motorcycle story.
Make sure and get a quote from a cop.
Arigato gozaimasu.
Do you also have a yakuza-related
citizen's complaint to file?
Actually, I'm on a story.
Do you know anything
about motorcycle theft?
You must have me confused
with a real policeman.
So this is your new position
organized-crime consultation department?
How much longer do you have to stay there
and take that punishment?
I was held officially responsible
for Miyamoto's death.
I must count myself lucky I was not fired.
How is your work, Jake?
I'm keeping my nose clean.
As you said, other crimes to be exposed,
other wrongs to be righted.
Any word on Tozawa?
The same.
You know, he tried to go
to the United States,
Have you received anything else
from whoever sent you that tape?
It's complicated.
I wish I could help you
with your story, Jake.
Well, it was a good excuse
to get you out of prison for an hour.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You were right.
This Minekawa Takako is the shit.
Oh, good.
You know, you could buy your own music.
With the price you charge for drinks,
I got to conserve my resources.
- So how's business?
- Great.
Is being the big boss
everything you expected?
Just, you know, having
responsibility changes things.
Like what?
Like, I find myself lecturing my girls
on not showing too much cleavage
and cursing so much.
- This is you we're talking about?
- I know, right?
How about you? Still avoiding the yakuza?
Yeah, still staying off the sauce.
Actually, the work I'm doing now,
I can see it make a difference,
like, an actual difference.
That's great.
I'm actually working
on this big story right now
motorcycle theft.
I was wondering if you might know anyone
who might know anything?
Okay, now we get to the real reason
you just happened to stop by.
Yeah, my
my body guy in Ayase
might possibly walk a little
in alternative markets
no guarantees.
Watch yourself. Don't be stupid.
Don't be stupid
I'll have to remember that.
Thank you.
That's very kind of you.
Is Claudine here?
Claudine has chosen to pursue
other career interests.
What a pity.
She was always
a wonderful conversationalist.
To be honest, good conversation
is the minimum standard I expect here.
I'm afraid you might have been
Allow me to personally remedy that.
Another time perhaps.
I hope to see you soon.
Hey, hey!
Your place looks good.
I'm sorry for not getting in touch.
I called a lot.
I know.
I went to your offices.
They said you were
somewhere safe, recovering.
They wouldn't tell me anything else.
What happened?
Tell me.
A knife in the stomach.
It's okay.
It turns out I have
very hard internal organs.
I'm sorry about your friend
and for not doing more.
I'm sorry for expecting you to.
Are you taking over for Kobayashi?
So you came by to check in?
I came to tell you
that you must rehire Claudine.
Excuse me?
She must work here.
Sato, she stole from me.
She's really fucked me.
This is Oyabun's order.
Tell Ishida-san the last time
that I checked our contract,
as long as he gets his money,
I run the club the way I want.
Samantha, you need to do this.
Trust me.
You need to hear what I'm saying.
My club
my rules.
Thanks for stopping by.
New batch.
Be honest.
Ooh, you made those?
Last night. Butter cookies.
You're wasting your talents here.
I used a very light maple glaze.
Mmm. You're a rock star, really.
Don't give all those away, okay?
- Save me some?
- Okay.
- Don't give them all away.
- Sure.
Rock star.
Hello, Mama-san.
Hello, wild child.
I don't know what I would have done
If you hadn't hired me.
I knew you'd be a good hostess.
Club Destiny was a great place to start.
Better than Club Onyx you went to next.
I'm sorry that I left, just disappeared.
I'm really sorry.
Is this what those phone messages
were about months ago?
I called you back the next day.
I meant to call you back again.
I'm sorry about that, too.
Thank you.
I was angry,
but that's also in the past now.
And look at you now, Samantha.
Five years on, your own club.
Good for you.
For you too, Erika-san, if you'd like.
I need a number-one girl.
I got out for a reason, you know.
I'll give you half
of all your table charges,
half of every bottle you sell.
Samantha, you must be desperate.
I had no idea.
It was a surprise to me, too.
Just come tonight same offer.
Plus, I'll pay for a sitter,
get you a ride home.
The girls are great. The place is great.
And I trust you.
Moshi moshi.
It's Samantha from Club Polina.
I seem to be very popular today.
- Claudine called me as well.
- Did she?
It seems she has decided
to ply her trade
at a different club.
I see.
Well, I have been seriously
considering your case
and have taken decisive actions
to retain your loyalty,
which is why I have engaged
the most beautiful and charming
woman in all of Tokyo
to dedicate herself tonight
to entertaining you.
This may be true, but it
isn't very modest of you.
I'm I'm referring
to my good friend Erika.
And it is, I promise you, quite true.
That's hard to prove.
But I will come in,
And I'll give your place
another try tonight.
I am very pleased to hear that.
If you agree to grace my table.
No one else, just you.
Hey, do you lot know where Roppongi is?
Where the girls and the clubs
and the bars are at?
Uh, oh.
I learned a Japanese song.
It's a famous song.
I bet you know it.
Maybe another time.
Wait a minute. No, no, no, no, no.
No. I had no idea
that investors were so wicked.
They are.
Okay, what about you?
What are architects really like?
- Me?
- Yeah.
We're confidence men.
We convince our clients
we see the future,
that their building will look beautiful,
that it will fit in its setting.
Okay, okay.
You know, I used to work for a man
who said hostesses sell dreams.
- Hmm.
- I don't think that's true.
So what are you selling?
What am I selling?
A place where confidence men
can come and be honest.
Then, honestly
this is the best evening
I've had in a long time.
Me too.
I'm so glad.
No, Samantha. It's too much.
You're kidding.
You got Nishikawa-san
to buy more bottles tonight
than he did in a week.
Honestly, I forgot how good I was.
And you had fun, too, right?
I did.
Hey, I wanted to ask you earlier.
Who's your pretty friend?
The club's named after her.
She died three months ago.
Oh, Samantha, I'm so sorry.
That night I left you
all the voice mails,
that was the night I found out she died.
I called you because
I didn't have anyone else.
- So I'm really glad you're here.
- Me too.
I need a locker, store some papers.
Help yourself.
No Saturdays.
Your other girls can do losers' night.
And I want one night a week for tai chi.
Fine. I will take my number-one girl
as many nights as I can get her.
Moshi moshi.
It's me.
Would you like to come over?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I saw one of your articles
in yesterday's paper.
- It was very good.
- Thanks.
I wanted to call you after
you came about the Yoshino,
but it wasn't safe.
Yeah, I figured.
That's why I stayed away.
I haven't seen or heard
from him in months.
And his men do not seem
concerned with me anymore.
You know this is
a really bad idea, right?
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