Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018) s02e01 Episode Script


1 - Matice, this is Dr.
- What you a doctor of? Economics.
This is an international organization.
They have cells in France, Yemen, Syria.
(CHANTING) His name is Suleiman.
GREER: So how come you're the only one that knows about this mystery man? I was just following the money.
9/11 cost half a million dollars.
Whatever he's planning is a hell of a lot worse.
Paris was only the beginning.
I can't go to Yemen.
I'm an analyst.
I don't interrogate people, I write reports.
Get on the plane.
You just try to look casual, like you know what you're doing.
I do know what I'm doing.
Tell your face.
Doc, do me a favor.
Watch your muzzle awareness.
Got kids that think I'm an astronaut.
SANDRINE: For a guy who works behind a desk, you seem to like the field.
- Could've stopped it.
- GREER: Oh, really? You have a cape on under that shirt? JACK: Suleiman is trying to sneak a dirty bomb into the hospital.
WADE: You're looking at a nuclear fallout that could kill hundreds of thousands.
JACK: This is it.
We got him.
(PEOPLE SCREAMING) SINGER: As I'm sure you've heard, Greer's getting transferred.
Deputy chief of station.
- Is that it? - See you around, Bright Boy.
SINGER: I want you to be the head of T-FAD.
Before he transferred, Greer made this read book for you.
You impressed a lot of people with your work on the task force.
- And good luck.
- Thank you, sir.
You had to get a room on the seventh fucking floor? What's all this? Oh, if we're caught by the FSB we're lovers who met online.
You're not my type, General.
Do you have any water? On the table.
You need a personal trainer, I have your guy.
He used to be in Spetsnaz, then KGB.
Now he runs a gym.
Yeah, that'd go over real well.
For your son.
- What about my wife? - The deal was first your son, then, if you continue to provide valuable intelligence, we can talk about your wife.
But we're not there yet.
You want to tell me about this? Looks like a rocket.
(CHUCKLES) Come on, Mikhail.
You're telling me the Kremlin is not behind that? MIKHAIL: I don't see any markings.
What makes you think it's Russian? GREER: This was taken a month ago.
The ship is the Almeta.
It delivered the rocket and the payload - to the South China Sea.
- Flag is Cyprus.
You know Russia uses Cypriot-flagged vessels to disguise arms shipments to countries like Syria.
The company that owns this boat, Vimalert, it's been used by the Kremlin before.
And what business does Russia have launching rockets in the South China Sea? Why? A test? My concern is not the rocket, comrade.
It's what's on the rocket.
An unregistered satellite.
Currently in geosynchronous orbit over Venezuela.
I haven't heard anything about a satellite.
Can you find out? This is the vessel number for the Almeta.
If it helps.
All right.
(GRUNTS) - You okay? - Yes, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I might be coming down with a bug or something.
The sooner, the better.
You went too far.
We know who you are.
We know what you are.
And we both have a job to do.
(DISTORTED): Did you think that was funny? (GROANS) (EXPLOSIVE WHOOSHING) REPORTER: Russia confirms the successful firing of its new hypersonic missile.
Putin claims it's invincible.
REPORTER 2: Russia's Defense Ministry announced two of its nuclear-capable strategic bombers arrived in Venezuela this week.
REPORTER 3: The Venezuelan crisis has entered a new phase.
REPORTER 4: If Russia continues talks about these undetectable missiles, China will likely feel threatened.
REPORTER 5: It's been reported that China has up to 300 nuclear warheads.
REPORTER 6: The CIA strongly believes North Korea has accumulated enough nuclear material to create one or possibly two weapons.
So the question will always be: With what lens are you watching the news? Let's say you just got home from work, you get through the door, you turn on the TV, and that's what you see.
What would you assume is the most major threat on the world stage? Anybody? Just call it out.
You don't have to raise your hand.
- Definitely Russia.
- "Definitely Russia".
- That's confident.
I like it.
- (OTHERS CHUCKLING) Who says Russia? Anybody agree with her? Hands.
Okay, great.
Who else? - China.
- Stop yelling at me, but China is a good answer.
Anybody? Who else? China? - North Korea? - North Korea.
Any North Korea takers? And, uh, Venezuela? Anybody? No? Oh, yeah.
One guy in the back, little worried about Venezuela.
Everybody's cool with Venezuela? No threat? Okay.
Let me ask you this: Which one of these places can claim to have the largest oil deposit on the planet? More than Saudi, more than Iran.
What about things like gold? More than all the mines in Africa combined? The fact is that Venezuela is arguably the single-greatest resource of oil and minerals on the planet.
So, why is this country in the midst of one of the greatest humanitarian crises in modern history? Let's meet President Nicolas Reyes.
After rising to power on a wave of nationalist pride, in a mere six years, this guy has crippled the national economy by half.
He has raised the poverty rate by almost 400%.
Luckily for the rest of us, he's up for reelection.
So, who's running against him? This is Gloria Bonalde.
Now, Gloria is a history professor turned activist.
She's running against him on a social justice platform and on the strength of, in my humble opinion, - just not being an asshole.
- (LAUGHTER) Analyst predictions, as of today, have the chances of Venezuela's total economic collapse at 87%.
On the news, they'll call it a crisis.
But on the world stage, they'll call it a failed state.
If you've never heard that term, other examples of a failed state in recent history are Yemen, Iraq and Syria.
And if that's not bad enough news for you, well, Venezuela is also the only one of these places within 30-minute range from the U.
of next-gen nuclear missiles.
You will not hear about any of this on the news, because the biggest players on the world stage do not want you to.
To them, unstable governments are nothing more than the greatest of opportunities.
So, Russia, China can never be the most major threat until countries like Venezuela leave the door open to our very own backyard.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (CLAPPING) So, how'd I do? Oh, it was good.
Very good.
You may want to tone it down with the whole "asshole" bit.
Folks on the Hill tend to at least attempt to hide their bias.
Sad day in politics when a senator can't get a seat.
Told you, you should make those pins bigger.
(CHUCKLES) Don't be an asshole.
Come on.
We're gonna be late for dinner.
- (LAUGHS) - (SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) - I can't tell you - I think it is.
- MORENO: Over and over.
- No, I think CHILDREN: Surprise! Whoa! What?! This is amazing.
Are you kidding me? Hi! Princess Victoria.
- Did you make that? - Yeah.
- You did? It's beautiful.
- Yes.
- Hey, sweetie.
- Hi.
Gosh, look how big you are.
- (LAUGHS) - You forgot our secret handshake.
All right, who did this? - Me.
- No way.
- You drew a dog going into a - It's a dragon.
- It's a dragon.
- (CHUCKLING) And cupcakes? I got to take a minute.
- Why isn't this happening more? - (LAUGHTER) Why am I just now finding - I make I make - (CHUCKLES) (GROANS) I wish I had known earlier.
No, no, no.
- Let me do this.
- No, no, no, no.
Don't even think about it.
Don't even think about it.
- Yeah, don't.
He's got it.
- Wow, this is really this is really full-service.
- Here you go, my love.
- Thank you, mi amor.
Quite the handsome staff here, huh? - Yes, I know.
- Thank you, sir.
And thank you for this.
This was really, uh this was really nice.
No, thank you for acting surprised.
- No, I was surprised.
- You were not surprised.
- I-I was pretty surprised.
- Mm I was more scared, but By the way, you should know, he never gave you up.
Not once.
MORENO: What are you two whispering about? - Nothing! (CHUCKLES) - (KNOCKING) (CRICKETS CHIRPING) Hi.
Uh, is-is Jack here? Who are you? Uh, a friend.
So, you work for the CIA, too? Oh! Hey.
Uh who No.
No, I-I work for the State Department.
If you really are a spy, you'd know what I'm thinking right now.
What? You are still mad your mom said no cake before bed.
Am I close? What happened, man? You were supposed to be at the auditorium.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I'm-I'm sorry.
I got caught up with some stuff.
- Here you go.
- You got caught up with some stuff? What kind of stuff? Like, utmost-importance national security stuff? Or, like, "let's start a dog rental business" - kind of stuff? - Okay, see, now-now, that's-that's not fair.
- What? - I was I was done with that idea - a long time ago.
- Oh, you did it? How'd it shake out? Not great, obviously, 'cause you got a new one.
- Right.
- All right, what is this? Well, this this is a - this is a home run.
- This is used sneakers.
(STAMMERS) Well, it's vintage.
The-the term's is "vintage".
- Oh, okay.
- And, yeah, dude, there's a there's a huge market for this shit.
I just need my - Is there? - Yeah.
They're huge.
I just need my expert Wall Street guy - to take a look.
- Whoa.
I'm not a Wall Street guy.
Don't say that.
All right, but this is the last time.
- My man.
- Okay.
And, look, and there won't need to be another time.
- There won't.
- Because, I'm telling you, this is a home run.
- "Home run".
- It's I mean, this is unreal.
Happy birthday.
Aw, you shouldn't have.
Oh, great.
Another Boy Scout joke.
- Hey, they make the best blades.
- (CHUCKLES) I even had your initials put on it.
JACK: Thank you.
It's really nice.
This is the Almeta.
Two days ago.
And look at this.
I was right.
Owned by a Cypriot shipping company.
And look there.
Holy shit.
They were pinged shipping arms - from Russia to Syria? - Oh, yeah.
And 12 hours ago, these crates were photographed leaving the ship and going deep into the jungle.
Do we know what's in those? No, we don't, but we do know that where they're ending up is a heavily guarded military facility.
I'll call Chapin.
(CAR HORN HONKS) So your concern is that the Russians are secretly selling weapons to Venezuela? It would fit a pattern.
Ryan, I've heard of needles in haystacks, but this this is something else.
You can see why I made Langley loan him to us.
We have any intel out of Russia that would bolster your theory? Yeah, we're told that CTC has someone in Moscow following up, but we really need to start working on the Venezuelan side of this.
I'm sorry, Jimmy.
I know you grew up down there, but I don't see how I can sell this to the committee.
Chairman, Russia could be supplying Reyes with anything from ICBMs to chemical weapons.
They could be.
But this isn't evidence of anything.
This is a hunch.
Well, his last hunch turned out pretty well.
And your country owes you a debt of gratitude, Dr.
Ryan, but even you can agree that a confirmation bias is a dangerous thing.
You two have been looking for this connection for months, and now you see a couple of photographs and call it proof.
It isn't.
Proof, no, but we do have motive.
Reyes needs Russian weapons to fight back U.
Now we have means.
A ship with a history of moving Russian arms is sitting in a Venezuelan port.
And opportunity? A secret military operation in the jungle.
That's enough to bring to any world court.
At the very least, we should be showing this to the rest of the committee.
relations with Venezuela's already on the brink.
This ends up in the news, it's just gonna cause panic and increase calls for military intervention.
Sir, with all due respect, we are way past the brink.
And a nuclear Venezuela, you will not hear about in the news, 'cause we'll already be dead.
We need to find out what's in those containers.
And, right now, we have Special Activities Division willing to give us a team to go into the jungle and get eyes on.
Oh, hang on, son.
We are not sending a black ops team into a hostile country on a fishing expedition.
Something goes sideways down there, we're staring down the barrel at the next Bay of Pigs.
More like the Cuban Missile Crisis.
(CLEARS THROAT) In either case Mitch, we cannot sit on this information.
Then why not try diplomacy first? You two go to Caracas.
Meet with President Reyes in person.
Ask him what's in the shipment - and report back.
- Sir, you know we cannot trust Reyes's word on this.
There's a lot of things we can't do, Dr.
This one ensures we don't start a war.
(PAGES RUSTLING) I'm going to assume you didn't know anything about your heart condition.
You assume correctly.
No symptoms? You didn't feel any different? Nope.
Fighting shape.
Except for this one thing.
In fact, right now I feel as good as ever.
But you're not.
You've got syncope from cardiac ischemia and aortic stenosis.
Whatever the fuck all that is, it's not good.
In the judgment of one doctor.
You've put me in a horrible - position here, Jim.
- Yeah, well, don't quit your day job to write sympathy cards.
This is fucking Moscow.
I need my deputy chief of station to be reliable.
Reliable? I'm the most reliable fucking ops officer you ever fucking met.
Do you have any idea what I've done I don't give a shit.
Fuck what you did.
I'm living in the present.
And I can't have somebody working for me who passes out in the middle of ops.
- It happened once.
- People fall into two categories: they're either assets or they're liabilities.
And right now, Jim, you're not in the asset category.
Not in the asset category? Let me tell you something.
- You don't know shit - It doesn't matter whether or not you agree with me.
I'm in fucking charge.
Well, the DDO might have something different to say.
You're right.
I might not be able to kick you out of this post, - but I can put you on a desk.
- (SCOFFS) And that's where you're going.
Carter, I'm making progress on this satellite launch.
I'm waiting for an asset to confirm.
Hand it off to Conor, along with your asset.
Fuck you.
You can go now.
) Senator Moreno.
Lisa Calabrese.
Secretary Hart sings your praises.
Ryan here is my legislative fellow.
- Ambassador.
- Hello.
And this is Kenna.
She works on my staff.
And Oscar.
He'll be helping us out with security while we're down here.
Shall we? This is sort of a homecoming for you, - isn't it, Senator? - Well, I was born in Miami, but my parents are from Barquisimeto.
- Ah.
- So I spent summers down here as a kid.
Yeah, well Well, I don't have to tell you, this is not the Venezuela - of your youth.
- Ah, yes, I am well aware.
Is there anything good to report? Gas is cheaper than water.
Senator, this is Captain Filiberto Ramos.
He will be our escort.
This is ours.
(SPEAKS SPANISH) (CROWD CHANTING) General Ubarri, good to see you again.
Likewise, Madam Ambassador.
This is Senator Moreno.
- And his aide Dr.
Jack Ryan.
- General.
Please follow me.
I'll take you to President Reyes.
) Hmm.
What happened? You all right? Never fucking better.
So, would you have gone up in one of these things? For my country? Maybe if I was a dog.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) So, what is it? Nothing.
What do you mean, nothing? It's not ours.
You sure? Very sure.
I tracked the vessel number you gave me and found your ship.
In La Guaira.
A port outside Caracas.
When you find out who is launching unregistered satellites, Russia would very much like to know.
One hand washes the other, comrade.
, Venezuela.
This is Jim Greer, D.
, Moscow.
I need to know if somebody in your shop is tracking a cargo ship out of Cyprus.
The Almeta.
WOMAN: Give me a second.
There's only one request, and it's from someone on the ground in Venezuela.
You got a name? Yeah.
Jack Ryan.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) GREER: Carter, you got a second? What is it? I've been doing some thinking, and I'm willing to request a transfer if you can help me get reassigned to Venezuela.
- Okay.
- Just two conditions.
I get to be the one to tell the C.
in Caracas about my medical condition.
And the other? Authorize my travel.
My flight leaves in two hours.
JACK: We've been tracking containers coming into Venezuela and being off-loaded from Cypriot ships.
They were then moved upriver into the jungle near Puerto Maripanas.
MORENO: It's interesting.
I'm sure you can see from the photos, those are Venezuelan soldiers guarding those containers.
Who in your government would know what you're shipping up into the jungle? Well, it's not hard to come by a few old army uniforms.
And from the satellite, you're looking down on our country.
It would be very hard to tell you who, exactly, is wearing them.
MORENO: So you are denying that these are your soldiers guarding these unknown-to-you shipments? It is not easy for outsiders to understand what is going on in Venezuela.
We're in the midst of a revolutionary process.
MORENO: I just want to be clear that you understand the position of the United States.
If you are secretly buying arms from the Russians, there will be serious consequences.
REYES: Your country is not in a position to make any threats.
Perhaps you should focus your energies in your own backyard.
(LISA CLEARS THROAT) That went well.
We came down here so that he would lie.
He proved to us he's got something to hide.
- Sí, señora.
Sí, señora.
I apologize.
The air-conditioning is out.
(SIGHS) Please come in.
Coke? No, thank you, I'm okay.
So? Hugo swept the office this morning.
I've been here the entire time.
I'm concerned.
The time frame is very rushed.
That can't be adjusted.
I was told there was only one target.
I'm just the messenger.
I do not do extra work for the same money.
I hope this amount is acceptable.
This will be added to your second payment.
Are we going through Mr.
Thorne again? Account and SWIFT routing number.
Very good.
The additional materials you requested.
In Almacenes Solís self-storage, unit 423.
Is there anything else? I need someone on the security detail.
Someone reliable.
(CHUCKLES) In Venezuela trust takes years to build.
Or moments to purchase.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
You are in Venezuela.
We drink rum down here.
When were you gonna tell me that? - (LAUGHS) Come on, man.
- I'm not drinking rum.
Where are we going? I am gonna take you for a real meal.
- What time is it? Don't we have to be up ? - GREER: Ryan.
Oh, shit.
What are the odds of that, huh? Well, if you're CTC's man in Moscow, I'd put the odds at a hundred percent.
They don't call you Bright Boy for nothing.
Senator Moreno, this is Jim Greer.
We, uh, worked Suleiman together.
Oh, congratulations.
- Excellent work on that.
- Thank you, Senator.
(CHUCKLES): Oh, no, please, just call me Jimmy.
Well, this is perfect.
I was just about to take Jack into town for a real Venezuelan meal.
- Why don't you come with us.
- I appreciate the offer, but I just got off a long flight.
Oh, no, please.
We insist.
This is my hometown.
- Come on.
- It's-it's gonna be great.
All right, I'm sold.
WOMAN: Maria.
(SCOFFS) Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hmm? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (GREER CHUCKLES) Late for work, first day.
Some asshole cuts me off on his bicycle.
Half hour later, I walk in.
There he is.
- (MORENO LAUGHS) - Shithead I almost pancaked on M Street.
At least he doesn't hold a grudge.
GREER: So, how'd you get this guy out of his windowless cubicle at Langley and convince him to go over to Capitol Hill? Oh, it wasn't easy, but, you know, Jack and I, we go back a long time.
Jimmy was my commanding Senator Moreno was my commanding officer in Afghanistan.
MORENO: 1st Marine Division.
When his helo went down, I was the first one there.
We got him to Landstuhl.
Stabilized him.
I'm telling you, you've never seen anything like this, his back surgeries.
Three of 'em.
A month later, he wakes up, and I'm the first face he sees.
And he still hasn't forgiven me.
(LAUGHS) Joke all you want, but three months in the hospital, this guy came and saw me every single day.
Brought me back.
What can I say? I'm a persistent motherfucker.
- They should give you the medal.
(LAUGHS) - (LAUGHS) I mean, how did you deal with all of his factoids? MORENO: Are you kidding? This guy? Look, I had to sit there, and I had to tolerate him explain his back surgery to the surgeons - who performed it.
- That's an exaggeration.
I got to hit the head.
- GREER: There.
There you go.
- Everything at a price, right? - Mm-hmm.
- You got anything? - No.
- (CHUCKLES) - Here you go.
GREER: So how do you like it on Capitol Hill? It's an adjustment, but I believe in the work we're doing.
That makes sense.
Why you turned down my offer to come to Moscow.
A lesser man would have been offended.
- You were offended? - Uh, no.
I said a lesser man would have been.
I was disappointed.
Oh, good.
Well, then, that makes two of us.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean? What do you think it means? Did you take Suleiman down by yourself? - Oh, here we go.
- No.
What did you get out of it? Promotion? And then you turn around and very generously offer me some bullshit entry-level position.
In Moscow.
The toughest post in the world.
The New York fucking Yankees.
- I hate the Yankees.
- You do one op.
Yeah, it was a big one, but, respectfully, you still don't know shit.
So, what are you doing here? I'm working on something.
An unregistered satellite was launched from the South China Sea.
The ship that transported it to the launch is here in port an hour outside of Caracas.
What's the name of the ship? The Almeta.
So, what are you doing here? Suspected shipment of Russian arms in Venezuela.
One of the ships we flagged was the Almeta.
So, what does your arms have to do with my satellite launch? All right, fellas.
What'd I miss? - Absolutely nada.
- (ALL CHUCKLE) Cheers.
MAN: Taxi! So, the bear turns to him.
He says, "Hey.
You didn't come here for the hunting, did you?" - (ALL CHUCKLE) - That's a good one, Senator.
- (MORENO SIGHS) - You know what? I, uh, forgot my key.
- Just gonna - All right, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yep.
- Hey, listen, if you find out anything about the Almeta, you let me know.
I'll do the same on the inside.
You'll be my first call.
Good to see you again, Jack.
You, too.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Well, I have no idea what you drink, but Oh.
(SPEAKS SPANISH) Well, I'm sorry to interrupt your call.
- I just - It's okay.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
(CLEARS THROAT) You do know there's an Internet café right down the street? Well, good thing I don't drink coffee.
(CHUCKLES) Good thing.
I'm Lina.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) So, business or pleasure, Jack? Uh, I'm here for work.
Wait, don't tell me.
Let me guess.
How dare you? - Private equity.
- Yikes.
- How did you know? - (CHUCKLES) If you worked for a big firm, your hair would be shorter.
Is that a thing? (LAUGHING): I think it's a thing.
And what about you? Um, I heard English.
Some Spanish.
And at the bar, I'm pretty sure I heard Swedish.
(CHUCKLES): Ooh, you're good.
- I am good.
- That's good.
(CHUCKLES) Any other languages I should know about? Actually, yeah.
- Six? - Uh-huh.
Wow, that is Perks of being a diplomat's kid.
Well, that and immunity.
To immunity.
(CHUCKLING): To immunity.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
JACK: Well, that's the thing about having a $200 million fund.
I mean, none of it's your money.
It's not even all in one place, but it's a hell of a way to get a drink.
(CHUCKLES): You can do whatever you want with them.
This is me.
Which one's you? Oh, no, this isn't even my floor.
Put on pressure.
Hold that tight.
It's okay, breathe.
Just try to breathe.
(GRUNTS SOFTLY) - (KNOCKING) - Unlock the door! (MORENO AND LISA GASP) (PANTING) MORENO: We need to get out of here.
Go, go.
Sit down.
Sit down.
You're okay, all right? - Take a deep breath.
Look up.
- I can't breathe.
Ven aquí.
It's Jack.
I, uh He He, uh He