Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018) s04e06 Episode Script

Proof of Concept

[CHAO FAH] Zeyara Lemos
is not who she appears.
She is the architect
of this entire operation.
[ZEYARA] We need to expedite
the shipment. The border.
Get the packages over.
What the fuck is going on?
- [CHAO FAH] We're under attack.
Guess who's riding shotgun.
I got her, my friend.
[WRIGHT] Your donor the
shell companies. They're his.
The data that you want?
All of it is with my wife and daughter.
- We're leaving now. [GRUNTS]
[JACK] We destroyed all the triggers,
but those original five packages,
they still got out.
[HENSHAW] We'll now have order.
I now call on this committee
to cast their votes for the confirmation
of Acting Director Elizabeth Wright.
Mr. Lauren of Utah?
- [LAUREN] Yea.
- Yea.
Mrs. Travis of Oklahoma?
- [TRAVIS] Nay.
- [HENSHAW] Nay.
Mrs. Halper of Vermont?
- [HALPER] Yea.
- [HENSHAW] Yea.
Mr. Biggs of New Mexico?
- [BIGGS] Yea.
- [HENSHAW] Yea.
Mrs. Keaton of North Dakota.
- [KEATON] Nay.
- [HENSHAW] Nay.
Mr. Jones of Kentucky.
- Ms. Ziegler of California?
- Yea.
- [ZIEGLER] Yea.
- Yea.
Mr. Burton of Tennessee?
- [BURTON] Yea.
- [HENSHAW] Yea.
Mr. Irwin of Maine?
- [IRWIN] Yea.
- [HENSHAW] Yea.
Mr. Wagner of Michigan?
- [WAGNER] Yea.
- [HENSHAW] Yea.
Mrs. Jennings of Oregon?
- Yea.
- Yea.
Mr. Henshaw of Texas?
We have 11 votes yea,
five votes nay,
and one voting present.
Congratulations, Elizabeth Wright,
you're the new director of
the Central Intelligence Agency.
[WOMAN] Congratulations, Director.
Hello, Dr. Ryan.

They got Jack.
They took him alive for a reason.
Ooh. Ooh.
- How do you feel?
- Oh. Bad.
We got to get moving.
Yeah. Where?
- Over that ridge.
There's a fishing village
about two klicks north.
Pick up transportation
and supplies there.
Fire up the satnav.
- I think I know where they took him.
- Where?
Same place I picked up Cathy. [GRUNTS]
Must feel good to be back on campus.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, cut the bullshit.
Lieutenant William Tuttle.
'82 to '09.
Before that, Army Ranger of the 75th.
Now, that shit impressed me
because those
are some bad motherfuckers.
- Glad to of service.
- Yeah.
Makes me feel better
about that right cross
I landed on your ass on that bridge.
Chalk one up for the Navy.
You know,
to be honest,
I'm surprised that
we've never crossed paths.
Shit, you've been everywhere,
just like me.
Tehran, Beirut.
I heard about what happened.
Poor bastard.
How'd it feel to be the one
getting stabbed this time?
Oh, I'm healing up just fine.
What I want to know is
what are we gonna find
on those hard drives of yours?
Well, considering they're blank,
not much.
There's a reason
we didn't let the police take you.
Look around.
There's no Miranda rights in here.
So, what happens next
is entirely up to you.
What would you like to know?
Where the fuck is Jack?
You know, it's funny, I did
a lot of research into that one.
Miller, he really had
a bug up his ass for him.
- He's a wily one.
I saw him get black bagged
on your computer screen.
Where the fuck is Jack?
You know where the bombs are.
- Oh, that depends.
- On what?
What time it is.
They're on the move?
They don't have anything.
- Goddamn it.
- I asked them for
any information they might have.
Code names, passwords, anything.
They didn't even know
what I was talking about.
I understand.
What about Jack what'd he say?
They have him, Cathy.
Stay with us, Dr. Ryan.
You don't want to go blacking out.
There's no telling what they'll
do to you to wake you back up.
Tell me what Chao Fah gave you.
He didn't give me anything.
Well, you got his family out,
surely he held up
his end of the bargain.
What did he tell you and who else knows?
We didn't really get a chance
to know each other
before you killed him.
There are four triggers still out there.
You tried to stop them.
Surely he told you how they work.
He told
he told me they were going to America.
The first round is, yes.
A process your interference
has already expedited.
But you know it's not really
about the bombs.
What was it about?
Proof of concept.
Your country's vulnerable.
It always has been.
Someone just had to reveal that
to the rest of the world.
Tell me what you know.
I know you'll never get away with it.
How much is this?
One hundred baht.
[CHAVEZ] What? Next you're
gonna say the speargun's a million.
- Speargun?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna go get some gas.
- For what?
I'll be honest,
we'll be lucky
if we don't burst into flames
before we make it out of the harbor.
Not we.
- You think you're funny?
- No.
Your shoulder's packed straight through
with banana leaves
that I found in the jungle.
It's gonna get infected.
- That's perfect.
- I need you to find us a plane.
How the hell am I gonna
find an airplane?
Don Muang Air Force Base
is about 100 miles north.
Oh, so I'll just walk in and ask
the Thai Air Force for an airplane?
No, not you. Somsak.
You leave me alone with Somsak,
he will murder me and steal my money.
Yeah, but if he doesn't,
you can come get me and Jack.
- [WOMAN] Director, he's here.
Send him in.
Congratulations, Director Wright.
- Why, thank you, Ade.
You know, I don't think it
could've happened without you.
Well, I appreciate that, Director.
Yeah, and that's what concerns me.
Let me put those in some water for you.
Friend of yours?
We know about Dominic Sanderson.
We know you have been using
his comatose body like a freeway
for shell companies.
In that circumstance,
the only thing
that I'm guilty of is charity.
I saw a boy in need,
like I once one was myself,
so I reached out.
So you're saying it's just
coincidence that Miller chose
those companies to fund
his black ops programs?
Any interactions
I may or may not have had
with former Director Miller
are highly classified.
Perhaps above your pay grade.
Gosh. Smart answers, Ade.
But, given the smoke
billowing around them,
you must know that
it's only a matter of time.
You're a formidable force, Elizabeth,
and I will never
underestimate you, therefore,
- I'm willing to make a deal.
- A deal?
- Yes.
- [WRIGHT] What deal?
- Immunity.
Fuck you. In exchange for what?
The location of Jack Ryan.
I suggest you play these next
few seconds very carefully.
I agree.
All I'm doing is protecting myself.
You know I can't
grant you immunity. That's DOJ.
Then you need to get on the
phone with the attorney general.
Tell him, in the interest of time,
you're going to ask the NSD
to enter into
an immunity agreement with me.
And as soon as I sign the papers,
I will give you Jack Ryan.
Someone will escort you
to the conference room.
We can't do that, Elizabeth.
If you make that call,
Jack will never forgive us.
I'm starting to understand, James.
- What?
- Our tactics need to change.
And we need the best minds
to change them.
Also, I'm the director of
the Central Intelligence Agency,
so I don't give a shit what
Jack says about my decision.
As long as he's here to say it.
I'd like to check on her,
make sure she's okay.
Is that all right with you?
Yeah. Sure.
I'm just gonna
make sure that nothing hurts,
You know, your English is really good.
My father taught me.
I heard that he was a
a wonderful man.
He is.
- Did he give that to you?
- Yes.
- What's his name?
- Mun.
Hi, Mun.
- Oh, he can't talk.
- He can't?
His voice doesn't work.
That's why he gave him to me,
so he wouldn't tell anyone my secrets.
I see.
You know I'm a doctor, right?
And I fix people all the time.
If you want, I could take a look at Mun.
Maybe I could fix him, too.
I know exactly what to do.
It's a flash drive.
[SIGHS] Where did you find it?
Inside the girl's stuffed animal.
Son of a bitch.
Cathy, thank you. You have
no idea what you've just done.
Yes, I do.
There we go.
Slow down.
Slow down or they're gonna shoot you.
Somsak, do you speak English?
Jesus Christ.
Hey. Can I use your phone?
I did warn you
not to pass out, Dr. Ryan.
It makes people change tactics.
I see you've done this before.
Talk to me, don't talk to me.
You know the infrastructure's
still in place.
But still unproven.
We derail your test
and all your buyers fade away.
Yeah, the buyers fade away.
And those you love die.
Tell me who else knows.
Tell me what you know.
It only gets worse, Jack.
Because the water
doesn't hurt half as much as the salt.
Sit down.
Interesting developments.
Looks to me
like that's the whole
fucking game, right there.
We were just having a little
trouble with the language.
That's where you come in.
Saw the same bullshit codes
in the files we took out of your house.
So, why don't you reach into
that Cracker Jack box of yours
and pull out the fucking decoder ring.
What are you offering?
- Oh, I'm all out of offers.
- Oh.
Then you must be working for Ade.
Something I admire about the man.
When I track a target, I
I try to understand their center,
the point from which they operate.
He doesn't seem to have one.
You just admitted to working with him.
We really don't have time
for this, do we?
People's lives are at risk.
- You know where the bombs are?
- No.
But looks like you do.
All you need is the key.
Hey, there.
I was wondering if I could
borrow one of your planes.
You can charge me.
Just put it on the company card.
Give me a gun.
Who's here?
A friend.
Is that you, Mr. Chavez?
You know, it's funny,
after all this time,
we've never actually met face-to-face.
And, sadly, we never will,
because the moment I see you,
Jack dies.
But it's only right
that you're compensated
for all your hard work, so
turn around. Disappear.
And I'll find the families
of your fallen men
and fill their bank accounts.
Do the opposite, and
I'll simply find their families.
You mentioned my friends.
Tell me
what are their names?
Their names?
The names of my men.
The ones that you killed.
Just say one.
And I'll let you go.
[MIKE] Hey, buddy.
Think I got us a ride home.
Tell me you've got him.
Yeah. We got him.

They've got Jack.

[HENSHAW] Director,
I heard that our hero has come home.
I'll be sure to let him know.
What a difference a day makes.
Indeed it does.
It sounds like quite the story.
One the committee is certainly
looking forward to hearing all about.
After he's had time
to recover, of course.
Of course.
Well, I just wanted to call and deliver
my heartfelt congratulations.
Thank you, Senator.
Jesus. You did all this?
You dig up the whole operation?
No Yes.
Shit, Jack, I think
you just became obsolete.
- Nice work.
Here's Bill's OTP.
Latter-day Saints.
- His what?
- [JACK] One-time pad.
Any time you send data, the receiver
also gets a corresponding page
in their OTP.
That's how they decipher the message.
So if you don't have the right
book or the right edition
It's nearly impossible to break.
Miller had that
on his desk the night he was killed.
I think he was trying to give it to me.
Well, that is our Rosetta stone
for Chao Fah's data.
You were right, door-to-door.
Myanmar to Mexico.
Wait a minute.
- Through where?
- [GREER] Lagos.
They didn't kill the president
to defend a regime.
They did it to defend a port.
I think it's time we met your friend.
Meet Bill Tuttle.
I see you made it to Myanmar.
Good trip?
And yet, here you are.
- And here you are.
- Mm.
He knows about all the charges?
Oh, he knows. You're never getting out.
[JACK] Okay, good.
So why don't you just tell us
where they're sending the bombs.
Okay, let me cut to the end
of this story for you.
I don't know.
The last step was always
Ade's department.
Well, they know how to contact
you, so how do they do that?
Good old-fashioned snail mail.
Keeps the hard drives clean.
What did they send you this time?
- Nothing yet.
- What do you mean, nothing yet?
They expedited the delivery,
they have to have sent something.
They expedited?
You didn't know?
Of course I didn't know.
I've been stuck in here.
Where do they send the packages, Bill?
Well, if what you say is true,
it's already too late.
Bill, where do they send the packages?
Why don't you ask your Hardy Boy here?
No, fuck that.
That shit blow up, that's on you.
- Car keys?
- Uh-huh.
Now you know how they're moving them.
The trucks.
What trucks?
In Mexico, at the port,
they were unloading trucks.
The ones they were shipping drugs in?
The ones we thought
they were shipping drugs in.
Hello? This is Derek.
[JACK] Yeah, this is Bill Walters.
I was calling about five Tacomas
I had ordered.
Well, heck yeah.
I been trying to get in touch
with you, Bill Walters.
Are they there now?
Uh, no, no.
Uh, but hang on.
Cool your boots, okay?
They're on the way.
- When do you expect them in?
- Well,
computer says they should be
at the border tomorrow morning.
But you know how things are down
Let's go.
Where we going?
To the border.
Thank you.
We got everything you need.
License plate scanners, X-ray,
undercarriage cameras.
Cruisers and agents at every chokepoint.
This is Jack Ryan.
Gonna be calling the shots.
Looking for Toyotas.
Five Toyotas, new.
They just left Progreso Pier in Mexico.
They were registered through
Derek Hill Motors in Houston.
Get me all registered Texas.
- They won't be traveling alone.
They'll have spotters on both
sides of their trailer,
- heavily armed.
- It's Wright.
We're here.
Jack, what do you got?
Well, I'm working on it.
Great, we're holding.
Freeze that.
Zoom in. What kind of cars
are on that carrier?
Uh, looks like a mix.
Some Toyotas.
Flag it.
[GUARD] Yeah, Central, this is
47 Patrol. Car approaching.
- Stand by.
- It's on the scales.
What do we got?
It's well under one percent registered.
Not a red flag.
Wait, wait, wait. Registered how?
All carrier information.
Origin, destination and weight.
- Actual combined with payload.
- Show me.
Pull it up.
[GUARD] It's clean.
But we got eyes on another carrier.
We're approaching now.
Bring it up on the screen.
How do we get these people out of there?
All right.
Give me the registration information.
We need pre-load weight.
- I don't see the pre-load.
- [JACK] What do you mean?
It should be weighed at the border.
- Is that standard?
- Not standard,
but possible with later,
last-minute shipments.
Last-minute shipments?
How is that even allowed?
And that has to be signed off
by people way higher than me.
Wright, are you still on?
[WRIGHT] Yeah, we're here.
I'm sending you a list
of all last-minute shipments
at the border.
Run it for me.
[GUARD] Confirmed. Toyota payload.
Holy shit.
Wright, I need the weight,
both pre and post.
- I need the differential.
- Yeah, we're on it.
Approach that carrier
with extreme caution.
- That cruiser does it have body cams?
- [OREJA] Yeah.
- [JACK] Pull it up.
- [OREJA] Come on, pull it up.
There it is.
Wright? Anything?
The differential is 643 pounds.
Tell your men to back off.
Patrol car six, get out
of there right now.
Patrol car six, do you hear me?
- Oh, shit.
[GUARD] Stop right there!
[GUARD] Get these people out of here!
Go, go, go!
Let's go.
[MIKE] Jack.
Contact, right.
If this has already hit
the news, they're out of time.
You should see this.
- Code black.
- Code black.
Code black.
All right.
Everybody get in a car.
What are we looking for?
Not looking. Listening.
Like an old-fashioned distress signal.
- You are connected.
- It's me!
It's underneath.
By now they know
these didn't get through.
We don't have time to wait.
[MIKE] All right.
Four more. Let's move.
[ADE] So, I believe we are in accord.
It happens tonight.
And I'll take care of you.
I've been doing this
for a very long time.
Excuse me.
Well I can't decide
if this is coincidence or fate.
Long day. Nothing more.
Look, um
Whatever assumptions you have about me,
none of this is personal.
I care about you and that part
has always been real.
To realism.
Remind me, which version of you
should I thank?
Your mind, your resolve
it's exquisite.
You have the opportunity
to do something unparalleled,
you just have to understand
the world that we live in.
So let me help you.
Today's society is just one
big ocean of indifference.
Controlled by corporate
interests that swim freely
in autocratic waters.
Gone are the days of
heroes and villains.
If you hope to stop
the Zeyaras of this world,
you have to learn what justice
actually looks like today.
Not what you hope it can be.
- That's quite the sermon.
- Yes.
Speaking of, what kind of
missionaries did you say,
uh, restored your village?
Mormons, right.
Found that on Miller's desk.
We find the choice of book use
for one-time pads
is always personal.
And Miller wasn't Mormon.
There's just one thing
I can't understand.
Why kill him when he was ready to run?
Why risk that exposure?
Miller was right to get out,
but it wasn't smart.
I knew that he wouldn't ever
be able to fully cut and run.
You know I have immunity.
To all matters of the CIA, yes,
but I have no jurisdiction over
local homicide investigations.
You know the lawyers with drown
any charges in appeals,
and by the time the court
offers me a plea deal,
it'll be beaten down
into a toothless charge.
I'll be out in 18 months.
Elizabeth, this
You're smarter than this.
This isn't how you make change.
There are others out there like me
and they are not trying to do good and
they don't care about you.
Are you gonna arrest all of them?
One by one.
Without compromise.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will
be used against you
in a court of law.

Could you please stand
and raise your right hand?
You swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth and nothing
but the truth, so help you God?
- I do.
- [HENSHAW] Please be seated.
Well, Dr. Ryan,
it's quite an eventful week.
It was only a few days ago
we swore in a new director of the CIA.
And here we are today already
dealing with the agency's
first world news story.
Now, as much as I share
in the country's relief
at the neutralizing
of this unprecedented threat
I also feel that the American people
deserve answers
as to the details of how we got here.
I agree.
I'm glad to hear it.
Members of this
honorable committee, I, uh
not so long ago stood in front of you
and I promised to eliminate
any compromised operations
that were left behind
by our predecessors.
I also said that this agency could not
and should not survive
if it were ever to serve
any other interests
other than those of the American people.
But I admit I had ulterior motives.
My real goal
however naive, was to prove
to those American people
that our system of government
as a whole
could once again be trusted.
I failed.
That harsh realization came to me
in the exact moment that my team
was risking their lives
to seize and disarm
five biochemical weapons
that had made their way
into our very own backyard.
In that moment, it became very clear
that, as you said, sir,
"how we got here"
well, it could no longer solely
be attributed to outside forces.
Dr. Ryan, I'm sorry, I'm
I'm just not sure that we follow.
- Uh, to-to what end?
- Senator, you began today by saying
that this country is under
an unprecedented threat.
Well, I believe you're right.
But ironically, it was Zeyara Lemos,
the now-deceased architect
of the strike,
who, in her delusion,
was actually the one to reveal
the true nature of that threat.
And it was not the plan
that she attempted to pull off.
It was the very real weakness
within our own system
that gave her the confidence
to attempt this at all.
Dr. Ryan, this fails
to answer my question.
Once again, you have broken
protocols to avert a strike.
You're absolutely right.
I did not follow protocols.
My team and I acted on instinct.
And tried to stop the perceived
threat by any means necessary.
Our actions in Croatia
Forced Zeyara Lemos to expedite
an endgame that had long been in motion.
And endgame I imagine
was meticulously planned
and prepared for.
An endgame that, if disrupted,
could lead to mistakes.
Dr. Ryan, what kind of mistakes?
Little ones, Senator.
For instance, I had no idea that
every single vehicle carrier
that comes across our border
into the United States
needs to be pre-registered.
Pre-weighed. Pre-approved.
I'm sure Senator Henshaw knew that,
being the senator
from the great state of Texas.
[CHUCKLES] Of course.
And then he would also know that
the only way to expedite any shipment
of any kind into this country
well, that would take
a direct authorization
from someone
only in the highest levels
- of our government.
- Dr. Ryan, I fail to see your point.
My point is, Senator,
it's taken me a long time.
But I finally realize
that no matter how hard I try,
no matter how many protocols I break,
I will never have the real power
in this government.
Not like the power you have, sir.
The power to sign a document
just like this.
Is that your signature, Senator Henshaw?
- I have no idea what you're
- Because if it is,
I hold here evidence
of Senator Henshaw's complicity
- in the attempted strike.
- How dare you?
[JACK] Bribes orchestrated
by Adebayo Osoji,
who is currently in custody,
in return for large-scale donations
to Senator Henshaw's
reelection campaign.
- Dr. Ryan, I demand a retraction.
- [JACK] No, sir,
your ability to demand anything
just vanished.
Because you
you are the weakness
that Ms. Lemos was talking about.
And I pray to God
that you were ignorant
to her greater ambition.
To the five cities and countless
lives that you put at risk.
But if you were
it was your greed that made you blind.
And when it comes to the safety
of the American people,
I believe
that blindness of that magnitude
is as good as pulling the trigger.
- Dr. Ryan, you listen to me
- No, sir, you listen.
That is the sound of your country
telling you it deserves better.
Dr. Ryan, you will be seated.
You will not walk out of this room!
This hearing is not over,
Dr. Ryan! Yeah!
[GREER] Well
now you've really done it.
Think the words
you're looking for are
"job well done."
You know he's gonna
ask you to run, right?
- The president.
- For what?
For office.
Not a chance in hell.
I don't know, man. It's pretty
impressive in person.
Have you never been here?
Don't ruin the moment.
[CHAVEZ] Well, now that
you've burned the place down,
should we get back to work, professor?
I quit, remember?
I think it's time I took a break.
Break? What kind of defeatist
shit is that?
Well, you heard the committee.
- I'm a liability.
- How long of a break?
Don't be jealous.
Hey, Jack.
I'll see you around campus.
Hell of a team photo.

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