Too Close To Home (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Hard Feelings

1 Previously on "Too Close to Home" Damn.
There's nothing here.
This is Happy, Alabama.
- Can I come in? - No.
No, you don't understand.
A lot has changed since you walked out on me.
You left us here to fend for ourselves.
You can't give us a damn dime.
Buy me a drink.
I'm not trying to hook up with you.
You're not my type.
Well, why not? Well, I got to find your sister.
Yeah, you better fix this, J.
You got it.
Tell me where she is, Bonnie.
Give me a drink.
My friend here will pay for it.
- We'll open a tab.
- Are you drunk? Maybe I'll take home one of these fine country boys and let them show me a good time tonight.
What the hell you just say? - Victor, get away from there.
- Come on, man.
- [Grunts] - Victor.
- Get him out of here.
- Victor! [Knock on door] Valerie: Dax! Dax! Open the door! Well, did he answer? - No.
- Damn it! Dax: I told him not to go down there.
I'm telling you, it's that bitch.
Valerie, I can't do that right now.
I know, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
They hurt him, you know.
I heard it.
- Wait, wait, who? - I don't know.
I just I just heard them beating on him.
Okay, Dax, I need you to slow down.
What happened? I just I'm telling you what I know, okay? - That's all I know.
- Okay, well, where was he? I don't know.
He was drunk.
Oh, my God, I'm telling you, it's that bitch.
I can't do that right now! [Sighs] I'm sorry.
Okay, well, did you try to call Anna? I don't know how to get to her.
Okay, well, maybe we can look up her people or somebody? - It's a small town, right? - I bought the ticket.
- I'm going.
- When? - Now.
- Dax.
- I'm going now.
- Dax.
What? I have to go and see about him.
- I know, I know, okay, okay.
- No, I can't believe this.
I told him.
I told him not to go.
Okay, well, I'm sure we can We can find her family or somebody, right? I tried their, uh I don't know how to get in touch with or what else.
I'm taking her phone, but if you can find him - Okay, well, we can find - Okay.
Wait, wait, wait, where are you going? Okay, if you can find him, just let me know, okay? Where are you going? - I'm going to the airport.
- There's a flight this late? Yeah, to Montgomery, and I'm just gonna I'm just gonna drive the rest of the way.
Dax, you cannot do that alone.
Don't tell me what I can and can't do right now.
You have no idea what I'm going through, okay? Fine, then I'm going with you.
- I'm going.
- You you have to work.
I can just tell them that an emergency came up.
We both can't be out, okay? Dax, I'm going with you.
All right? Okay.
It's okay.
He's my friend, too.
Come on.
We're gonna find him, all right? Okay.
Movin' down that highway Alabama bound got to get out of D.
Live in my small town I've been wrong trouble has hit me too close to home - Get here.
- Sheriff! What are you doing? What the hell are you guys doing? Teaching him a lesson.
Back up away from him.
Sure thing.
Good God, what are you trying to kill him? - No, sir.
- Who is that? - Some fruitcake.
- What? He's a fruitcake.
Says he's from Washington, D.
? Oh, and so you beat him like this? I didn't like the way he was looking at me.
Yeah, he looked at my ass.
He grabbed his.
You damn idiots.
Look, Sheriff, why don't you just You just go on now? Give us a warning, huh? Warning, my ass.
I'm gonna arrest all of you.
- Over some queer? - [Scoffs] Well, you don't really give me much choice now, do you? Now, hold up, Mobley.
We voted for you.
- That's right.
- You damn morons.
This is a hate crime! It's federal.
The FBI will be coming down here for this.
Is that what y'all want?! Now, get on over the jail and turn yourself in! - Sheriff Mobley! - I'm serious now! - Come on.
- Tell the deputy to lock you up till I get there.
- All right.
- Yeah, all right.
Want my beer.
Can you hear me? Damn it.
Deputy, I need you to call over to Bessemer and get them to send an ambulance over here to the Honky Tonk bar.
Man: Yes, sir.
Also, Tanner, Melvin, and Don are on their way to the station.
Lock them up till I get there.
Yes, sir.
Good God, son.
They damn sure did a number on you.
[Door opens, closes] [Keys jangle] [Sighs] Here.
Oh, I'm not thirsty.
Thank you.
It's for her.
What? This is what we do take it to her.
That don't Take it.
I can't.
Look, she called over for the soda, and she gets really mad if you don't bring it to her right away, so bring it in there.
- Rebel.
- Do it.
- I can't.
- Why not? I just can't.
Is it too much? Is it disgusting? - Rebel.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
She's disgusting.
Yeah, well, stop it.
She's mean, and she's wicked, and this is what we've been dealing with while you were gone this exact thing.
I get it.
I don't think you do.
You were in there for five minutes.
What about us when we have to wash her, and we have to clean her, and we have to stay in there for hours when she can't breathe what about those times? - Why are you doing this? - Why did you leave me? Rebel.
You just left.
You don't understand.
Make me.
It's so Complicated.
Okay, you were 9.
I couldn't take you with me.
[Sobs] I'm sorry.
I don't want to hear that.
Take it to her.
- Take it now.
- I can't.
Do it.
I can't go back in there.
- Go.
- I can't.
[Vehicle approaching] I was 10.
I'm sorry.
[Door opens, shuts] Annie! [Chuckles] Annie! Oh, my God! Annie! [Laughs] Oh, my God, look at you.
Let me see you.
You are so beautiful.
I'm glad you think so.
[Sighs] You all right? Yeah, I will be.
I didn't know you were coming.
[Laughs] I didn't know, either.
What are you doing here? Running and hiding.
What? She is.
You bringing that to your grandma? Annie was about to.
- I can't.
- You need to do it.
- Why can't she? - Go on, do it, Rebel.
I said so.
Go on.
Don't worry about her, okay? Forget about it.
[Inhales deeply] Now Mama's mad at me.
She's mad at me.
No, honey, they're just going through something right now, okay? What happened to her? - Who, Mama? - Yeah.
I don't think we should talk right here - 'cause Mama listens.
- Okay.
[Sighs] I heard some things.
I'm sure you have.
Who hasn't? I'm sorry.
Don't you mean I deserve it? What? You do not deserve it, Annie.
You're a good person.
I don't know about that.
Well, I do, and I don't care what anyone says.
I love you.
You're my sister, and I know who you are.
[Sighs] Do you? Yes, I do.
And I love you more than anything in the world.
Thanks for saying that.
I'm just doing what comes natural to me.
I'm sorry I never called, or returned your calls.
No, no, no, don't do that, 'cause you're here now.
[Chuckles] Why don't you come inside, okay? - Okay, okay.
- Let's go.
- You got any stuff? - No.
- Let me get my purse.
- I have nothing.
I'm so sorry.
We're gonna go into the house, and I'm gonna make you some food.
Sheriff, what are you doing here? Brody, come here.
What's going on? Come here.
Take a look.
Man, he looks really bad.
Yeah, he does.
Can your daddy help him? My daddy? Yeah, he needs some help pretty bad.
What happened to him? He got beat up.
- By who? - That doesn't matter.
Can your daddy help him? You know my daddy's not in his right mind most of the time.
I know, but sometimes he is, though, right? Yeah, but those times are getting further and further apart.
Well, we got to do something for him.
I mean, I don't think he's gonna last much longer.
Well, I can see what I can do, but my daddy was the doctor.
Did you call for an ambulance? Well, yeah, but it'll take three hours for them to get here from Bessemer.
He looks bad.
Yeah, he does.
Anything you can do for him? I I don't know if I can help him.
Brody! You got to try.
Okay, let's get him inside.
All right.
[Grunting] - Hold on.
- I got it, I got it.
[Laughter] This trailer park has not changed at all since I left.
Oh, really? I don't know if that's a good thing.
[Laughter] I just, you know, try to keep it clean and take care of Mama.
What happened to her? What do you mean? She's huge.
I know.
I tried to stop feeding her, but you know her.
She's she gets real mean.
She can be so evil.
- I'm not believing you.
- Yeah, I know.
Feel like that it's kind of my fault.
- Hey, Bonnie.
- Hmm? We both know our mama.
I want to talk about you right now, huh? - Oh.
- What are you doing? Uh well [Laughter] The press is hounding me, and I got kicked out of my place, and I lost my job.
I just want it all to stop.
It will, okay? Soon enough.
Aren't you gonna ask me? No.
Well, you would be the first.
Well, good.
I don't care what anybody says.
You're my sister, and I love you.
Oh, God, that makes me feel worse.
How does that make you feel worse? Because you're just being so nice.
Oh, Annie, stop it.
Come on.
No, I'm serious, Bonnie.
If anyone should be mad at me, it's you.
I left you here to take care of my daughter.
It's all right, Annie.
You just made a mistake, okay? I [Sighs] Bonnie.
[Sighs] I had an affair with the president.
I slept with a married man.
- Annie, it's okay.
- No, it's not.
Stop being nice! I'm not gonna be mean to you.
[Sighs] Hey.
I know somebody that would.
- Who? - J.
came to D.
and was livid that I wasn't helping you guys out.
Well, that's done.
We're over.
So I want to apologize for him coming by in the first place.
Okay? How long you gonna stay with us? I don't know.
I haven't figured it out yet.
All right, well, you could stay here.
I don't know how comfortable it'll be with the kids, but I know, I know.
I need to figure some things out, okay? You can stay with us as long as you need.
Thank you, 'cause I don't have anywhere else to go.
We'll make room.
[Sighs] Why did I ever leave here? Because that school picked you out of everyone in this town, Annie.
And they gave you an opportunity to make something of yourself.
And you had to do it.
I made you do it.
Look where it got me.
[Sighs] You feel skinny.
[Laughs] You ain't got no meat on your bones, honey.
Yeah, I haven't been doing much eating lately, so.
I'm gonna make you something, all right? Okay.
I'll make you something warm.
Thank you so much.
I love you, Bonnie.
[Sniffles] I love you, too.
I missed you.
You go have a seat.
[Sighs] [Tearing] This is pretty bad.
How do you know? These black-and-blue bruises.
He took one hell of a beating.
Yeah, he did.
Is this why? - What? - The tattoo.
What is it? It says, "Victor and Daxter.
" I've never heard of a girl named Daxter, Sheriff.
Boy, he ran into the wrong crowd.
What the hell was he doing at the Honky Tonk? Is that where you found him? Yeah.
Can you help him? [Scoffs] I'm not a doctor.
Yeah, but you went on a lot of calls with your daddy, though.
Yeah, but I'm not him.
Look, his belly is swollen, and he may have internal bleeding.
Has he said anything? Nothing.
Hey! Hey, can you hear me? Hey! Well, he's got feeling.
What can I do? Can you see if they can get a helicopter down here to get him out? Well, you know they ain't gonna do that unless he has insurance.
Well, did you check his wallet? He doesn't have one, and to be honest with you, the ambulance probably won't even come 'cause I told them he didn't have insurance.
They can't do that.
They're privately owned.
They can make any excuse they want.
You need to get them down here, Sheriff.
I've tried.
Sheriff Mobley, do you want a murder in Happy? Hell, you know I don't.
Well, then, you damn well better do something.
- All right, all right.
- Get them on the phone.
All right, okay.
Looks like it's me and you, buddy.
Now, if you can help me, I can try and help you.
Is that your brother? No, Daddy.
Who is that? I don't know.
He's going to need oxygen.
It's in the closet.
And give him I don't have my glasses.
Give him two CCs of this.
No broken ribs.
Give him the shot.
Daddy, what is this? It'll help the inflammation.
Give him the shot, J.
! I'm Brody, Daddy.
Give him the shot.
His heart is strong.
Looks as though he's been concussed.
Has he been talking? No.
Give him the shot, and he will.
Give him the shot! I don't know what this is.
Here, move.
I'll give it to him.
I'll I'll do it.
Do it right there in his vein.
Daddy, are you sure? Right there.
Do it.
[Gasps] Now roll him over on his side.
Well, I'll be he was right.
[Coughing] I don't know how.
Maybe the good lord's with this kid.
Daddy, what else do we need to do? Hell if I know.
Just make him comfortable.
Is your brother still out in the field? Just like that, he's gone.
Any word on the ambulance? No, not yet.
That's great, just great.
[Owl hoots] [Electricity crackles] [Birds chirping] Hey! Hey, it's time to go home! Come on! Where's Rick? I don't know.
Where's that guy? The one you were talking to? Yeah, he never came back.
Yeah, and you know why.
What you talking about? Oh, Shelby, you need some help.
You don't tell me what I need.
Well, you do.
Lilly, shut up.
You know what they did to him? Who? That boy that you were playing around with last night.
Tanner and his boys beat the living shit out of him.
Well I want another drink.
- Shelby.
- What? I am not giving you anything.
Now, get on out of here! You still have his credit card, don't you? Get out.
I want a drink! Now! Get out of here now! Hey, I put over a thousand dollars in that cup, and I want my cut just like you get all them other girls.
You get out of here.
You get out of here right now! Fine.
This place is a dump, anyway.
Now, I'm gonna move up to New York City, to big time.
You'll see me and Rick.
Yeah, well, you've been saying that for years, honey, and the only place you're going is to hell and soon.
Shut up, you old bitch! Hey! Get out of here! Tony, you don't tell me what to do! You go now! You're lucky I didn't call J.
Oh, I don't give a damn.
Call him.
You don't go, I will.
Oh, I ain't afraid of no J.
Okay, okay.
I want my cut, damn it! - I want my cut! - You get out of here, now! Where the hell's Rick? [Door slams] [Cellphone beeps] [Cellphone rings] [Cellphone buzzes] - Yeah.
- Tony: J.
Yeah, what's up? What's going on, Tony? Hey, she just left here.
- Shelby? - She left.
- What? - Yeah! Well, why didn't you call me, man? I was there looking for her earlier.
Well, I was busy.
You gotta be kidding me, Tony.
Where the hell did she go? I I don't know.
Which way? Left.
- What? - She's on foot.
Great, all right, there, that's just great.
- [Cellphone beeps] - What did she do? - [Cellphone clicks] - [Scoffs] [Engine starts] All right, come on, y'all.
Y'all gonna be late.
- Who's that? - Nobody.
What's your name? Come on, you gotta go to school.
Will, you'll be here when we get back in, Aunt Annie? Who cares? Rebel.
Why does she have to stay here? Stop it.
Just wait until they find out she's back here, the things they'll be saying about me in school.
All right.
Then just go to school, and don't tell nobody that she's here.
Well, she's dead to me.
Go on, get.
Come on, Mack.
I hope you're here when I get back, Annie.
[Sighs] Sorry.
There's no bus? No.
Well, how far do they walk? Just over the bridge.
Why? That's like three miles.
So what? We did it.
I just thought there'd be a bus by now.
[Laughs] No.
She doing all right? She's good.
How is she in school? Oh, you have no idea how good she is in school.
- Yeah? - Oh, my lord.
She is so smart.
Yeah? Yeah, she's gonna go to college, just like you.
Do you think I should talk to her? Oh, thank you.
[Clears throat] I don't know.
You guys should give her some time.
She's just having some teenaged angst right now.
How'd you sleep? All right.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Well, I gotta go take this over to Mama.
I gotta go feed her, bathe her, and check on her, so if you want, I can come back and make you breakfast before I head off to work.
Are you still working at the diner? Yeah.
I also picked up some work.
I'm gonna be helping out with Dr.
How is Dr.
Allen? He has dementia.
- Really? - Yeah.
How's Brody taking that? Not great.
Well, how's his mother? Want to sit down? Brody's mom died three years ago.
I'm sorry that you had to find out this way.
They were so close.
Well, how's Brody? You know Brody.
He always acts like everything's fine.
[Chuckles] Yeah, he does.
- You want to see him? - No.
No, no.
Why not? I don't think I'm ready for that.
You want to tell me why? I'm having a hard time facing the family that I hurt.
I don't I don't think I can face the boyfriend whose heart I broke.
You can, Annie.
That was a long time ago.
I'm not ready, Bonnie.
Forget it.
Thank you, though.
[Clears throat] I gotta head over to Mama's, so if you want to make breakfast, you can.
I'll be right back, okay? You know, I'm I'm actually I'm need I'm gonna help.
- With Mama? - Yeah, yeah.
Uh, I don't think that you should do that.
No, yeah.
Just let me, Bonnie, please.
It's not a pleasant She's my mother, too.
I think I should do this by myself.
Let me, please.
Come on.
You sure? Yes.
All right.
[Sighs] Let's go.
Damn it, Jen.
I have a man here who may die.
I don't care.
You need to send an ambulance.
If I call Montgomery, it'll take five hours.
Why are you lying? Fine.
[Sighs] How is he? He'd be doing a lot better if that ambulance was here.
An ambulance ain't coming, and they want me to drive him over there.
- What? - Yeah.
I'll get one of my deputies to drive him.
You can't move him.
Why not? He's not stable.
How do you know that? I'm a doctor.
Yes, you are.
He's not stable.
Okay, how do we make him stable, Doc? How do we make him stable, Doc? - Doc! - Just let it go.
[Sighs] Okay, I'm gonna go to the station and make some phone calls.
Let me know if there's any changes.
Wait a minute, you're just gonna leave him here? Well, what choice do I have? What if he takes a turn? Look, I need to find this man some help.
I can't do that standing around here.
Hurry back.
Fast as I can.
- You got it? - Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I got it, I got it.
Good morning, Mama.
What took you so long? I'm here the same time I always am.
- Well, I'm hungry.
- I know.
Well, what is it? Same as it always is.
- You bring the syrup? - You know I did.
I got it right here.
Here you go.
Well, my my head hurts.
All right.
Well, did you take your blood pressure medicine? Yes.
You took this one? - I took both of them.
- All right, well, well, I'll check your blood pressure when I'm done, okay? Well, I'm about to run out of oxygen.
I know.
I'm gonna pick up a new can today, all right? Did you take your Insulin? No, I think it melted over there in that cooler, that little bucket you thing you got.
Okay, let me see.
No, it's still cold.
I didn't know if it was any good or not.
That's fine.
Annie, would you go get an alcohol swab over there, please? Yeah, you need to check my sugar.
I know, Mama.
That's why I asked for the alcohol.
Thank you.
So, what do you think of your mama now, huh? She don't think nothing, Mama.
Oh, she can't talk? Mama, please.
So, why is she so quiet? Oh, you're talking for the both of you now, aren't you? Why is she here? She's here to help you, Mama.
No, I don't mean here in my trailer.
I mean, why is she here in Happy? Can I have your finger, please? Yeah, I know why she's here.
Do you? Mama.
- She's here to help you.
- [Scoffs] What are you looking at, girl? You can't say "good morning"? Good morning, Mama.
What is she supposed to be helping you with? Taking care of you.
[Laughing sarcastically] Oh, is that right? You want to help me, Annie? Yeah.
Well, I'll be.
After all these years, you come back and do something for me.
That's right, she wants to help out.
Well, I think it's only fair since I cooked for you and cleaned for you, and I took care of you till you were 17 and went off to school now, didn't I? Yes, you did.
And you didn't even send me a dime.
- She's - No, I been so sick! She's here to help you now, Mama.
Oh, how can you be so calm about this? She treated us like pure horse Mama! Aren't you hungry? I'm waiting on you to finish.
Well, if you stop talking, then I'll finish.
Oh, me talking ain't got nothing to do with you checking my sugar and giving me some Insulin.
- Mama.
- Stupid.
What are you looking at? - Annie - Are you gonna stand there with the bucket, or are you gonna wash me? - Annie, go.
Grab that.
- No.
Oh, no, she calls herself Anna now, that's what it was up in the White House, right? Anna.
- [Laughs] - Mama, stop it.
- Start on her legs.
- Okay.
Well, hurry the hell up.
You ain't gonna hurt me.
Scrub 'em.
Ouch! Sorry.
No, forget it.
You'd probably just wipe me down like I'm a damn animal.
- Mm! - Your sugar's up, Mama.
You know what? You do it.
You take care of me.
- All right.
- Not her.
[Sighs] Annie, hey, I'll do it.
You do it.
The news said that she was having an affair with the president for years.
- Mama, stop it.
- Did you know that, Bonnie? Stop it.
And she couldn't even take the time to come and visit us.
[Laughs] Too busy on her knees, I guess.
- Ow! - Sorry.
Oh, you did that one on purpose.
Well Well, don't be mean to me.
Don't you be mean to Annie, then.
[Scoffs] I am not being mean.
I'm just saying what they said on the news.
You know what, Mama? We came here to help you, and if you don't start being nice, I'm gonna take your food away from you, okay? Oh.
Oh, you hear how she treats me, like a dog, begging for treats.
You know, you wait till I get up from this damn bed.
I'm gonna lose weight, and I'm gonna get up from here, and you just wait, Bonnie! - Well, that's fine.
- Damn it! Oh, we'll wait, Mama.
But now, this is the way it is, okay? So, why don't you turn over and help us bathe you? - Go on.
Come on.
- [Grunts] Mm! Aah! I just need the scrubber.
Thank you.
Start on her legs here.
I think I left the, um, baby powder - over in my trailer, Annie.
- [Groans] Why don't you go get it, okay? - Would you do that for me? - Yeah.
And if you don't see it, you can just grab my keys on the mantel and head off to the store to get some.
[Panting] [Whimpers] [Crying] [Breathing shallowly] [Sighs heavily] Why is she here? I want you to stop it, Mama.
No, that damn girl's been nothing but trouble since the day she was born.
- Mama.
- You know it, Bonnie.
- She needs us right now.
- [Scoffs] She don't need us.
She's here to use us.
I want you to stop it, you hear me? No, no, why do you Why do you idolize her so much? Idolize her? She's my sister, Mama.
No, she's a bitch.
Mama! She left us.
- You want me to leave? - No.
I was just asking you a question.
You aren't asking me nothing.
No, I did.
I asked you why she's here.
And I also want to know how many times you called her for help.
Well, you can't even answer, look at you.
[Scoffs] [Grunts] That don't matter.
Oh, how do you figure that that don't matter? Because she came here.
She's in trouble, and I'm not gonna turn my back on her.
- You want me to do that? - Oh, ho.
No, you're just gonna You're gonna let her run all over you.
You're gonna let her do everything that Shelby does to you.
Just take advantage of you and do whatever the hell she wants.
Is that right? I saw her get in that truck with J.
- Really? - Yeah.
- How'd you see that, Mama? - 'Cause I got mirrors.
And you know what they did in there.
[Chuckles] You know.
I'm done.
No, are are you done? - I'm not doing this no more.
- No, you didn't even powder me.
- You haven't dressed my sores.
- I'll be back later, Mama.
I'm sorry! [Sighs] Bitch! [Panting] It's okay.
[Sobbing] It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
- It's all right, okay? - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Look at me.
Look at me.
- Okay? - Okay.
[Sighs] Okay.
- There you go.
- [Sighs] There you go.
Daddy, no! Next on "Too Close to Home" What the hell? What is he doing? It's there.
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I don't want him hurting you or that guy upstairs.
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