Top Gear (2002) s14e03 Episode Script

The Greatest Number of Great Cars

Edited by CUZZZ Please Visit Tonight: James is wearing a striped shirt, Richard drives a Lamborghini striped, and designate, as' big car manufacturers in the world.
Revision: potomac Hello everyone.
Hello, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Wow crazy! Now, as we know As we know, you can not never get rid of a bad.
No matter how many times you kill him.
Remember Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction"? he was stabbed, and he was drowned Half an hour later emerged from the tank.
Then he got the Dalek, he got 'Blofeld, he got ' Peter Mandelson! he just keep Keep coming back.
And then, even Top Gear has its bad history.
yes, it's the caravan.
Now, as the audience will know usual Nuvolari, we have, in the last 24 hours We have done our best to save the world from the threat of the trailer.
There is one more actually that is, a few of you will agree, a good job in the battle to liberate congestion in the streets by these vendors.
Unfortunately, and 'a battle we are losing.
Currently, the streets of England, circulates almost half a million trailer.
And the English and 'the people more 'uses caravans in Europe.
A title that, according to the Council of Caravan, detained for nearly four years.
In short, build more 'trailer than we can destroy.
So we need an approach Scientific and off the roads.
And maybe I could find.
Works! Been witnessing the inaugural flight the first trailer-airship in the world.
And I think that this is the solution to all our problems.
There are only two ways to go caravan: use 2-liter diesel car, attach the trailer and cover the visual to all the people you're annoying.
Or you can make it fly so '.
So 'everyone wins.
Guide will be 'more' fun and go in the trailer more exciting.
However, like all futuristic projects, there are some details to finish.
Normally, you have both the car that the trailer, so ', when you reach the campsite You can use the car.
I of course not, so I need someone which leads me to the car at the campsite.
To do this, I will call 'my old appear destruction caravan: Mr.
Richard Hammond.
And since there is tow a trailer around, we can use a nice car.
This car does not snap ' never a Swift Rapide.
It 'a Lamborghini, probably the car more 'away from the concept of caravans.
And this' new Gallardo Balboni.
E 'a tribute to Valentino Balboni, the most 'famous tester Lamborghini.
While wearing the cardigan for work, was mad.
And as a tribute to his folly This Gallardo and 'Lamborghini more 'neutral produced in recent years.
But I will tell you 'more' below.
Before I call James to give him a little 'encouragement.
Hammond, is May.
Hello! That thing will crash ', burn 'and explode'.
And you will be scattered in million pieces for the English countryside.
Do not be so 'defeatist.
However, I have an address to give you.
And 'the Hunter Moon Caravan Club just past Wareham, Dorset.
I booked, they know that I will arrive 'in the air.
See you for lunch near the River.
Okay, see you soon.
A trip in a caravan with a Lamborghini.
I think that May could us guessed this time.
Let me tell you about a bit 'of caravan-airship.
Kalymnos' 38 meters and 'kept in the air by and it 'really a brilliant solution, because 'it all worthwhile for a trip in caravans and 'still here instrumentation pops up from the table, burners would go where the stove and can be used for cooking, the beds go where I'm sitting now.
Remains a caravan, just flying.
Floating in the endless blue.
E 'magnifico.
Meanwhile, on land, I was proving to be the best journey to a camp ever done.
According to our research, hosted an exchange of torque.
Well, think what would happen if they jumped Outside the keys to this baby.
Oh yes' I said, because 'this and' a tribute to their meters more 'crazy Lamborghini has set aside of the usual four-wheel drive Gallardo and it 'round the old drive back to real men.
This makes 120 kg more 'lightly.
Monta traditional brake steel instead of those carbon-ceramic.
This' piece punk Lamborghini.
- Hammond? I am May.
- Oh Hello? - You are alive! - How are you? I'm fine, how to proceed? Er, well enough.
There 'a small problem - What? - It's not 'half the airline to' fast in the world.
in quantity is not 'fast? Well, the speed 'and maximum' of 27.
In Liena straight No.
I said 27, not 127.
- Oh - Pero, 'Look Dorset and 'a little' too far, then I have a new address for you.
Are you ready? - What? Another address? - Dale Acres Caravan Club, and 'in Kent.
Probably would not be my first choice for a travel trailer.
I know, but it is not 'far from where I am.
I'll buy you 'ice cream.
See you there '.
Well, camp number two We go.
Time and 'time for a po 'cooking wheel.
This 'definitely the most cooker' powerful ever mounted on a trailer.
Very well done, first.
Ok, we're on the road, I through another village.
It's all part of the great adventures who are traveling in caravans.
Now back to Balboni.
The point 'that its simplicity' makes it better to drive.
The steering and 'much more' reactive because 'There' traction half full.
And the change, which is' manual, you from 'feeling and 'how to shake hands an old friend.
The only thing more basic and not ' because the price ', strangely This Spartan Gallardo costs 163,000 pounds, SAY '18,000 in the most' of the common Gallardo-wheel-drive.
So, maybe it 'true that "less and 'better'.
Balboni drove me to Our campsite in Kent When I refer James'.
- Hello? - Hello? 're Calling from beyond the grave? Not at all.
Up here 'goes to great friend.
You like.
- I have a small problem.
- What's' now? The benefits are not the best.
If I go against the wind begin to go backwards.
Ie 'you can not go against the wind and 'more' stronger than 30 knots? - No.
- What is the wind now? Well, first was at 12 knots.
So 'You're saying vague for the England adrift? We put too much to arrive in Kent I have to go back to the Suffolk.
- Okay.
- Anyway, I'll give an address.
Because 'you have not booked in any camping in England before leaving? How about we stop complaining about? What tonto.
If this trailer-blimp catch on, we the sky full of airships crashing between them just gets a bit 'wind and streets full of cars crashing because 'must continue to change direction.
Ok, camp number three.
with the wind behind, I headed towards our new destination.
Hello, Caravan Club, how can I help you? Hello, I was wondering if you have free pitches at White House Beach Club this afternoon.
- His last name? - May.
If you are equipped for For arrivals by airship? blimp? So, ok She and 'really a member the Caravan Club? Here I am in the land of of here, this country, and it ' a place that I would Ever wanted to see.
There 'a tower really very high over there '.
It 'clearly a danger to caravans.
I mean, look at her.
I must remember to tell James.
As it was later learned, at that time James had something else to worry about.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
Norwich, here Golf-Golf-Papa, I'm entering your airspace.
Golf-Golf-Papa, here Norwich.
Are entering in an area of intense air traffic at the time and 'priority that stay away, far away.
Norwich, here Golf-Papa-Golf.
Sorry but I can not perform, I have no control of the airship because of wind conditions.
Golf-Golf-Papa, stay at a distance.
Norwich will not run.
You traffic, 11 hours, about 800 meters, fast approaching on your left.
Ok, first seen here Golf-Papa-Golf.
Golf-Papa-Golf, More traffic at 3 am, to starboard.
Ie ' fucking BBC Radio 1 News.
It was the news, no news of huge fireballs at Northamptonshire, rains or locks of hair burned or shreds of hideous sweaters.
However, maybe I'm too pessimistic.
Surely everything is going well.
No! Stay where you are! Here Golf-Golf-Papa, I am close to the KLM cityhopper.
Please avvisateli of not start to take off.
Golf-Golf-Papa, here Norwich, a helicopter Police will 'li' at times.
Here Golf-Golf-Papa, please the helicopter is not 'necessary.
I will try 'to clear the area maintaining this height.
Here Papa-Golf-Golf.
Please, not call the police.
police helicopter in Norfolk Oscar-Nine-Nine-Two-Golf-Tango I receive? Here Golf-Golf-Papa, received Fuck! Here the police helicopter.
We are not aware of your intentions, but you have violated the airspace Norwich airport.
I think I'm about to receive a huge dressing down.
Here in Suffolk, famous tourist destination.
Still missing a few kilometers.
James will be 'already' landed, will 'settle the trailer, organized our house, and will have 'already' put the kettle on.
With the voice of the angry police Flying is in my ear, finally reached the campsite.
did not know if it was one where I booked, but was fine.
We land with discretion.
We approach slowly from above the trees.
You should get off lightly.
A bit 'of gas I'm helping to realize a dream shared by many brave men.
People who had first imagined the elegance and magnificence 'of the craft.
Von Zeppelin, Nevil Shute, Wallace Barnes, this' for you.
I'm going a bit 'drift A little 'adrift.
Slut puppets, and 'difficult! Gas! Gas! Is going down '! No! I try to keep it standing.
Probably andro ' a little 'side Mayday! No! Oh, damn it, stop! Stop! Stop! Papa-Echo-Charlie-Charlie-Charlie Whiskey-Echo-Papa that there '? I think this idea has a future.
James, airships do not work and have never worked.
You can not do any land airplane full of hot air.
I was in a balloon once, and it 'landed crawling on his side through a hedge into a field and ended up on the lady mayor, who was in the basket with me.
It 'a long story, man.
Ridiculous But do not talk about balloons, we talk about the Lamborghini.
- Gia '.
- Why ' Oh, e.
and 'absolutely crazy, go by four-wheel drive to rear, and 'more' neutral, and 'how to do free climbing without ropes or tools.
It 'fabulous.
But in comparison talking traction rear, compared to the Ferrari 430 Non .
and not 'equally good but it 'better.
I know what you mean.
The ostentatious the white stripe.
- A true supercar.
- Oh, and 'just fantastic.
Obviously you have led a very more 'than I thought, because of the strange weather who have bothered James: the breeze.
Simply breeze, was more 'a hurricane! - It was just a cloud - It was a breeze, a breeze! - Anyway - Let the news.
Then, the Danes made an announcement: begin to produce a supercar, here it is.
It has a V8 with supercharger both volumetric that turbine and declare that all possible components will be constructed and supplied by Danish company.
- Really? - Yes! Sara 'made of bacon? Sara 'lubricated with butter of Danish pastries? I will tell you how '.
You mind the Bang and Olufsen? Sara 'a beautiful subject of Danish design.
And, if I understand correctly, within all electronics will 'Philips.
- So will 'more' or something like this'.
- Extraordinary.
So now not be able 'to buy everything 'they produce, right? No, I'm a bit 'a fanatic of Bang and Olufsen.
Ah, a little '? Have you seen the new Audi? New Audi Bang and Olufsen speakers that rise from the dashboard when you turn on the stereo! And I think that you, meantime, get up Exactly! It 'like catnip for him! If Take a Bang and Olufsen stereo, if close to his chest with his front paws and rear kick in this way.
- "I love it I love it!" - What 'the catnip? What 'the catnip? The catnip It 'a kind of grass by the cat, - And he and freak out.
- The only thing I would do to a cat and 'to give his name and address to my dogs.
I'd like to see your dogs chasing a cat with the name and address! When I told him that I would sent my dog from his cat You will not be 'able! Sure, I imagine your dog gay men who come to look for my cat.
Would be kicked in the behind.
However, after hearing, speech Bang and Olufsen brings me back to that car because 'I think it absolutely fantastic - I do not care if and 'made of bacon.
- What's your name? Bang and Danish pastries, or something like that.
Now, I do not know if you read the papers This week, a woman has given birth while he was going hospital on a Kia.
Well, the girl who and 'born and' was called Kia.
It could be worse, could be called Proton.
Since these people called his daughter Kia, Kia, the manufacturer, gave him a Kia.
We have a picture of delivery, look.
This leads us to give you a straight Top Gear's very important: If you are going to the hospital to give birth and you are in a Kia for heaven's sake, get off! Call it "Dumpster" Bus Station Phone booth, just coming down from that car! "Name this child with name of 'Entry Mediaworld'.
" Or so ', they give you a microwave car and not awful like that.
Think about this story small Kia here could inspire other emulators, right? There will be a lot of pope 'waiting the last minute of the last day, having hired on the sly a Lamborghini Murcielago that will drive much slowly to the hospital.
"All right dear? Hold on " "Why is your name 'Pagani Zonda optional carbon-ceramic brakes'? " Now, last week, we three were at Middlesborough, right? Saturday night we had go by car in England.
Ok, so Do you understand what I mean.
We were on the M1 and the fact was that All three had been away six weeks and wanted to review our families.
Then we ran on the M1, we arrived in Leicestershire where we have located 30 km work in progress.
30 km! And there was a limit of 80 km / h and there were cameras the entire stretch.
There were traffic lights, no rain, street to three lanes, but you were forced to do 80.
I do not know who the Minister of Transport, but I want to find the man who gave birth to this idea, going into his office Monday 'morning and give him a strong punch at the temples.
Because 'if he does he will find it' I could make it stick 'to a milling machine to find out if and 'can transform the head of a man in a perfect cube.
You know why 'there' the limit of 80? For protect the safety 'of workers were not there '! - They were in bed, where I wanted to be, too! - I totally agree with you.
But the problem is not solves cubizzando heads, resolved so ': when workers no, go to 110.
- But I catch you! - No, but if all goes to 110 Ok, which of you would go to 110 in a stretch with work in progress and full of cameras? James No one, you challenges them and their fines you! No, it works, try to believe.
Go to 110, and that 'the limit, then go to court, before a jury and argued, correctly, that and 'wrong to apply the limit of So you're saying it 'logical? - Yes, it is' logical! - E 'logical even kill Peter Mandelson! - No, it's not '! - You ', instead! - No! - You ', only that you can not.
Kill Peter Mandelsen and 'questionable.
Being able to go to 110 in Highway, and 'a certainty.
How many people went to the march for peace, a million? And we went to war.
How many people went to the march for Hunting, 400,000? But it 'still forbidden.
The government does not care the opinion of the people.
Especially that of an old petulant queen with long hair that goes out saying, I I went to 110 because 'and' logical! You are absolutely right, limits on motorways can be annoying, and here the two solutions that we propose: Make the revolution cubizzare or on people's minds Alternatively, you just boot a bit 'before! No! Cubizzate their heads! - Quit five minutes before - I do not have five minutes! - Anyway, are not five.
- Five minutes a day.
If you you come There 'someone in Leicestershire? There 'someone? How come here Jesus'! Jesus' comes from Leicestershire! It 'just Jesus'! Come here Jesus'! Come and talk to me.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
It 'news a bit' more ' important than that of M1, but, anyway, flying this second advent.
- You can commute on that road? - No, I take an alternative route.
- Because of work? - Yes'.
So how long you lose every day? - 10-15 minutes.
- 10 minutes a day return.
Five days week? Then An hour and 40 minutes per week that the government steals to Jesus'.
- E 'vero! - Excellent observation.
Thank you, Jesus', to be appeared.
Gordon Brown is stealing hour and 40 minutes to Jesus'.
However, and 'Time to move on because' last week we asked to name the brand of car according to you, over the years, produced the most number of large cars.
Now, came out a couple of applications quite interesting.
- The first: the Micromachines.
- It 'was a surprise.
Good idea, I think And the other was James May.
Practically equalized with Chrysler, Strange, given that James has done just a great car - The Eagle Hamthrust.
- Truly legendary car.
However, this is' the top ten, You see, there 'Ferrari, Lamborghini and now we will give those on the podium.
- Here they are - Thanks.
- Overhead automatic! - Labels automatic.
- It costs a lot.
- High technology.
And in third place, you think the voters - The BMW.
- In second position, even if they did the worst car history, the Beetle - True, it '.
- E 'Volkswagen.
E 'Volkswagen.
Do not applaud! But you can applaud now if you like, the winner: Ford! Here.
The fact 'that, however, you are wrong! No, and 'True, Ford did not wins all.
Yes ', because' we believe that Ford has made four big car.
But the car that we think to the top of the list has made seven.
The car we have in mind There were 350 million people who have watched the last episode, when we asked to vote.
The number of people who voted what we think is the most 'big company in the world, and 'rule of nine.
Non .
not nine million.
- No.
Only nine.
- Only nine.
- No idea? - He made some of the most 'beautiful car Let's put it this way, ok? Mitsubishi has won the championship world rally once.
Subaru 3 times Ford 3 times, the house that we mind has won 10 times.
Nobody? All quiet? Ok, then watch this.
This is' a collection of art, of madness, of genius'.
This and 'a collection of pornography.
This and 'a collection of Lancia.
But that, unfortunately, and 'the Spear that people remember best of all.
Was made of a steel so 'thin that during the days suckers changed shape.
It was not much ' even with the rain.
Yesterday was perfect, then this morning There 'was a drizzle e.
Watch Now.
The fact 'that all Spear had problems.
Range, for example, burst whenever giravi the wheel.
Then there was the Fulvia.
It 'a fantastic machine.
And 'how to drive a sorbet plate.
With its excellent V4 engine, the Fulvia and 'was the first Lance to win the championship World Rally.
In any case, on balance, was a small sedan two branches with engine But, from new, cost more ' of a Jaguar E-Type.
However, forgiving the absurd price of Fulvia reason for this' that made it great.
The same thing that made almost all major Lancia.
It 'really beautiful, as the setting sun on Charlize Theron.
For its time, this one was.
tapered Aprilia, the very first car to be designed in a wind tunnel.
But, inevitably, had problems.
For example, the door opened so ', and it was very nice.
Cosi ', up and down the car was easy.
But when they were closed did not match well.
So while we went around, could fill with rain.
It was built only with the right-hand drive that was good in Great Britain and Sweden, where at the time were driving on the left, but was very annoying elsewhere.
Then there was the Monte Carlo.
car was wonderful.
A mini-Ferrari with the central engine.
But because it was a Lancia, things were going well balanced by those that went bad.
Just look at the middle pedal because 'the wheels lock, sending them to slam into a tree.
Lancia took very seriously so much that stopped production for two years, as they sought a solution.
Eventually they found it.
They decided remove the brake booster, so do not brake at all.
Also Monte Carlo, then, was rather dangerous.
But, in full style Lancia, was so 'beautiful that I wanted a more 'than I wanted to live.
Sometimes, however, 'the madness of Lancia produced results.
Did you know that the Spear was first car selling car monocoque frame.
They were the first to make available A five-speed gearbox.
The first to sell a car with is that turbo boost volume on the same engine.
The first to sell a car Street with a V6 engine.
The first sell a car with Electric rear spoiler.
So they devised the first these new 'mechanical but if you talk to Lance, merely giggle and say that they fall to pieces.
I know, and 'ridiculous.
Oh, damn! - Yes and 'off the bumper? - I think so '.
You have to give a definition for the word size, this and 'the important thing.
And just because 'something not 'reliable not mean that it is not great.
Stephen Hawkins and 'a large although mostly not working.
Exactly! But I would not I would say this.
- No, but - But the principle is 'valid,'.
Merryl Strip.
Everyone says and that 'a great actress, and then see it appear in "Mamma Mia!" the worst movie ever filmed.
- But it 'still a great actress.
- It 'still a great actress.
Have you seen "Mamma Mia!"? - Yes', I saw him.
- What girl.
To prove that the most 'dire condition of the Spear and 'most' resistant as you might think, we bought this HPE 1982.
And now I will be driving 'without stop all night on a difficult path rally.
I will compete ' No, not race '! I have said it is' dangerous.
I will be driving 'at the same time, on the same track classic car like that.
The Morris Marina.
Hammond, won the last to stay in the race.
Ok, for me is fine.
Come! Not 'a good start if we try to dispel the myth that Lance was not good.
- It '! - I had no doubt! Course the Navy will not start ', because 'bins are hopeless.
Oh, God .
Perhaps you are thinking: "Oh, and 'a Morris Marina, le cadre 'above a piano, what a bore! " Those with the most views' Acute shall have noticed.
I have taken precautions.
I bought Marina with a piano built.
E 'already' in place so '.
Since we were doing serious research, we agreed not to compete as kids.
I reached Hammond! I hit Hammond! Okay! Okay! I'm showing what noble lineage and strong Lancia and 'always belonged.
Now to see if he can hit Jeremy to make this very difficult corner.
E 'outside, it will not' never.
And in fact not 'past.
But we're not competing, we are not competing.
This thing is driving me crazy! E 'past and took off half of the sun visor! Hour after hour, still not rally racing on the track.
As you can see, and 'almost blind and still no problem to report, no one.
Eventually, after failing competed for a while' Strength! The Navy began ' accumulate advantage.
It 'a well known fact that a piano on the roof helps traction and more ' speed 'on a rally track.
But in the end, as was predictably, it failed '.
So I went to the tools to try to fix it.
Here Hammond! E 'out! E 'in need of repair! The Spear continuous' undeterred but then lit a lamp Emergency pretty big.
No, he Look! I can not see through the flames! I have to shut it down somehow God! Maybe if you accelerate as in "Memphis Belle".
Strength! No, it does not work.
I do not see anything! not matter, we still demonstrated that Spear are robust, - solid and reliable - It is putting bad! So now we can go Next, please? This and 'a Stratos.
V6 Ferrari had a 2.
4 liter mounted in the center.
was Italian and was designed by Bertone.
It was not at all practical.
So he had all the traits a true supercar.
But, unlike all other supercars, was not designed to be parked in Monte Carlo.
Was designed to get so '! He had an incredible step short, so it was very agile and had a Ferrari engine, so it was fast.
rapidly enough to win well three times the world championship rally.
And, icing on the cake, they built 500 be sold to the public.
That 'and that' nice sounds! What a fantastic car! Clearly he also some defect First of all, the lack space inside.
If a gynecologist came in here thinking, 'My God, are at work! " It 'like being in a giant red thong for men.
To James May! - It 'time to change gears.
- Stop to touch my knee! - You try to change gear! - Via hands on my knees! It can not 'do without! I have to change gear, so I'll have 'touch you again.
And the list of defects does not end with the tiny cockpit.
Perche 'put the pedal to the passenger and the steering wheel the driver? I do not know, but 'are much more' right than they should.
- Gia '.
- You sit a bit 'sideways.
- These knobs for the windows are - Spartan.
'm Not very good Another thing that I really love ' know that Porsche puts the tachometer in front of you, in the picture? The Spear has put the indicator the oil temperature, Oil temperature.
What makes you think that? than perfect, then.
But then you look just that it's all them '.
- It 'one of the best cars ever made.
- Yes', I agree.
On the basis of his victories but also because, more ' subject, which is' beautiful.
- It ' Will you stop touching? - Move your leg! - But I've hit hard! - You move your leg! After the arrival Stratos' the 037, the last car with a two-wheel drive win the world championship rally.
as well as' the only two wheel drive car able to beat the legendary Audi Quattro The strange thing 'that, however', nobody remembers 037.
Then it was the turn of the Thema 8.
32, the response of the Spear to BMW M5.
Nobody even remembers this, despite having a Ferrari V8 under the hood.
we remember any of seven great Lancia cars.
And all because of what ' happened in 1980.
The Lancia was forced by pressure media to spend a fortune, to buy back the Beta rusty, destruction and giving owners of new cars.
was a disaster from the point view image.
In Britain the reputation the Spear was ruined.
And in 1994, retired completely from the English market.
However, before the more 'charismatic manufacturer of car disappear, left us with one last memory of what 'they could do when you put it.
This and 'the Delta Integrale.
Car rally turbo all-wheel drive who picked up where the Fulvia, the Stratos and 037 had left.
God! This business has won the championship World Rally Championship six times in a row Six times! And you can hear that DNA in this car.
The steering and 'net, precise.
And he feels Log in corners and has a great grip that keeps you on track.
Here's the turbo starts to sing.
Having learned class with the Aprilia, the Spear were not so 'stupid produce it only with the RHD.
Produced by the left-hand drive stop.
Only the Spear Despite this, an integral in good condition, Today, that is £ 25,000.
And it does not surprise me.
Why 'is a Lancia quite unusual.
It was nice to see but, God, it was fantastic - E 'bellissima.
- Incredibly beautiful.
You do nothing but stare and think "I want one.
" What I love the Spear and 'them' have never said: - "Let's make a mediocre car.
" - They have always experienced.
Some experiments worked, - And others not.
- E 'by their nature, might think: "We try to make a motor cylinders with seven and a half.
" Or "We could do the power windows, non-electric - But magical.
" - Gia '.
"Abracadabra!" No, it does not work.
But sell it anyway.
" In fact, they did anyway.
And that 'what' that makes them special.
The Spear still exists today, but are now only a division of Fiat produces stuff like that.
Which is not 'good will' from see it 'to drive.
In essence, and 'a Fiat Bravo fastened on the muzzle with face of Rio Ferdinand.
But never fear, because 'if you loyal to the old glory days, Most 'Next we'll show you something you heat up 'the heart.
Yes ', but now it' time to put a star in a car economy.
The guest tonight and 'a legend of radio broadcasts.
It also has an amazing collection of cars.
I have here a list for you.
A Ferrari 599, a Ferrari F40, a Ferrari California a Ferrari Enzo, a Ferrari 288 GTO, a Ferrari 308 GTS a Ferrari 246 Dino a Ferrari 275 GTB / 4, a Ferrari 250 GT California short wheelbase, a Ferrari 250 GT California long wheelbase.
We see, then, if he has his favorite car.
Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Evans! How are you? - Well, Jeremy.
How are you? - Fine.
- You are grown, Chris Evans! - Hello! Accommodated friend, make yourself comfortable.
I suppose you disagree, regard to large cars.
Oh, those surprise I suppose, judging from your collection, does not believe that the Spear are particularly good build cars.
Cioe ', the cars that go to pieces would be the most 'large in the world? - Yes'.
- Are you crazy or mad? Lancia make them only black or rust.
I still prefer the Spear - There are more 'runs that I want - Oh, come on! And there are others Currently, there 'only Ferrari buy.
And the A60 Monza? And the 750 Monza? And the 850 Monza? And the FP 250? And PF 250 with engine Four-cam? E.
Many people wrote to us complaining that this is not 'most' of a show car.
Now it is'! I love your enthusiasm.
Why 'you made paint everything white? Why 'I loved all the same, I wanted to create a work of art.
I put them all in rows, in my Garage white, or "house cars" as they call it sometimes and inside there is' a white piano that plays automatically.
And then there are these eight Ferrari beautiful white.
And they have all the license plate numbers equal, and 'stuff for real freaks.
Which brings us to the auction where you purchased Ferrari California by James Coburn.
- Yes'.
- E 'terribly vulgar.
I just want to know what was it? Was the car more 'expensive never bought at auction - When I bought it.
- Last year.
- A lot of millions.
- It ', twelve million dollars.
How were you drunk? I was not drunk, the point was that I was not there 'to buy the car.
I wanted to buy a poster.
No kidding, no joke, I was there 'to buy a poster.
And then the 250GT SWB California Spyder appeared on stage.
It 'my second car favorite in the world.
Perche '? Perche 'was in my collection of Top Trumps cards, - All.
- Gia '.
E 'so' certain things go, You know how 'life, sometimes.
So 'I thought: "I want", I had always desired one, that was the best in the world.
No offense, James Coburn he had held for twenty-eight, had bought because 'Steve McQueen Had met McQueen filming "The Great Escape.
" Steve just talk to me hair stood on his head.
And 'all documented I have the whole history of the car.
And now my little girl 'to safe inside the garage.
- And shows how much more 'people can not.
- Incredible.
And now I was listening the other day I'm listening every day, of course While they are stuck in traffic.
You put your auction entire collection of Ferrari, Well, almost all of your collection, - For Children in Need.
- Yes'.
How it works, then? People calling you an offer and then can try any car they want? Yes ', what we do and' take seven winning bidders of the day who spend four days The tour lasts four days.
And in these four days all those who have won the auction drive each machine.
Not 'scary for you? Well you know, are only a set of metal and rubber.
I think the great thing of these cars is that if someone comes to my house to fix the carpet, to cut the grass, to steal I You know, I say: "Before you take away that, a look at cars.
" I think it is important to share this type of self with others.
The point 'you do not know the people they do deals, you know only their names.
You can 'happen any ape.
Well, maybe if I you to make an offer Now, coming out your book, "It's not 'what you think.
" - What would the title.
- Yes'.
And there 'a list of various things beginning of each chapter.
- The "Top Ten".
- The "Top Ten", it ', are fantastic.
Men love the Top Ten, we like to quantify everything.
But the business of car seems to me that the car Sometimes you say it is not a lover of cars but you are, and even then.
No, I'm definitely a fan drive.
You know, after the family, work, and perhaps, even if you do not 'll love ', perhaps the golf Cars are my passion.
Sometimes, when they are away from home The first thing I do when I get home and 'go in the garage and enjoy the smell.
I love it Smell of gasoline and leather, I love it, and ' and 'best of things I never tried.
Ok, now When I met you, one million years ago You were definitely a fan of Porsche.
You joking? - You had a 968 - Are you crazy? You need a vacation! - You had a 968? - No! It '! The open-top that you had the days of "The Big Breakfast"! - Never had a 968.
- Have you cast your brain! It was not a 968, the 968 has the change Tiptronic, mine was manual.
- Then it was a 944? - What? - A 944? - It was a 944 Targa.
a fantastic car, but it was flat and boring since it was a Porsche.
Now, obviously the news of the day ' that Chris Evans, who for years and 'was l ' "enfant terrible" of radio, will take 'the place Grand Terry.
Gave you some advice on the radio in the morning? Eg crucial, how to wake up early.
Well, Terry does not get up early, starts at 7 and 30, not 'the time for a morning show.
- You What time does? - At 7.
The funny thing is' you'll have to pretend to be more 'older than six.
No, but no, since, If you have sixty You know, we had a request the other day a guy he worked sixty and wanted to Van Halen, since this was the music that was when they were young.
For us is good, and 'quality music'.
- You had a guest Brian Johnson.
- Yes'.
The leader of AC / DC - You have sixty-two.
- A little more 'than sixty.
- Okay so '.
- That's fine, we'll finish my generation I mean, end up in a hospice Anarchy in the hear UK on a wheelchair.
You know that cool? And without wheelchair - Continue to do so '.
- I am the Antichrist! - Give me a wheelchair.
- I've had enough of Gracie Fields! Exactly, it 'just so'.
So, how did you manage with the lap on the track today? I did my best, that ' Were probably the worst weather ever had them 'out.
The Stig that lovely man, could not be more 'polite.
But what I decided to do I had a very good life, I enjoyed it, thanks, so I thought, 'If I die, the lighthouse 'today on this track.
" Stig has just said, from what I understand: "Chris has no instinct self-preservation.
" There 'someone who would like to see some of the evidence of Chris? Let's look at these tests, then.
Wait the 50 meters, it enters the curve, and then leaves the brake again.
Brake hard, now in second! This and 'the Hammerhead.
Seems to be losing check.
Lose control! - No one had ever turned them ', earlier.
- See? Not bad.
Look at this.
And 'the last corner.
- Sideways.
- Nobody has 'never shot them'.
Across the troupe.
Here is the penultimate corner turn over everything, there ' Oh, I'm impressed You're not even turn.
No, I thought that I would simply turned on the obverse.
E 'was great! It 'was brave, very brave.
- But then - Yes'.
There 'been around the truth.
Who wants to see it? Let's give him a look.
I see that you have not learned lesson, even brute force.
Come! Hello family! Concentrate, man.
Concentrated, and 'wet.
Well Oh, there 'Joe 90 at the wheel.
You cut the curve, the bottom Street and 'very slippery Looks good, though.
Nothing in your life you can well like this, try it, come on.
- Really you've never been good at anything? - Not as in the guide, no.
I'm with you, all sports are impossible - Not bad.
- Come on, you have to do well, the Hammerhead, Chris.
You have to do it.
Even if your chin seems a bit 'an ass.
Ok, here we are, the Hammerhead, This time you have to do it, Oh, look, when rains we cones, so that Jonathan Ross lose, should it ever come back.
Six rows.
Seem slow but it 'a good thing.
Go for the cameraman, is the cameraman.
Bad Karma I was wrong brand because ' I aimed at the cameraman.
You see, failed a march, and 'a little' tired.
Not bad here Oh, the smell of the clutch.
Odorera 'of victory? Saro 'cautious, a little' coward last corner.
Come! Cut the corner, just a little.
And 'what the trick, and' that That was a bit 'too much.
And this, cut it Oh, and 'too! It crosses the finish line with a trajectory rather unusual! Here we are.
- Here is the list.
- Here is the list.
Where do you think you are? Clearly we'll give you a ride wet type "Chris Evans W".
Where do you think of essert square? I do not think it's a crab '.
I did my best, really, but I will not lean forward.
I will try 'just be relaxed.
No guest and 'never managed to remain so '.
Indeed, the heart beats me strong.
Your time and 'a minute therefore more 'faster than Terry Wogan.
Already 'the conductor of show morning of Radio2 more 'fast - We've ever had.
- Of the last 40 years.
The last 40 years, already '.
- You made 1 minutes - Yes'.
- Forty - Well, well.
eight point one, and be a wet ride It ' And 'the third round wet Most 'fast as ever.
Oh, look, there 'your ex.
It 'are right on top of her.
Not in the physical sense of the word - You are right on top.
- Why 'and' my ex.
Even if David Tennant has accused of favoritism with her.
He said that we allowed to cut curves because 'he had a top transparent.
- And he was quite right, of course.
- Completely right.
- But you've cut a few corners.
- The next time I put a top transparent.
Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Evans! - Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.
So before, during the show, We explained that the Lancia and 'the most' big house automobile in the world, and that, just because of some problemuccio with the rust of 30 years ago are no longer 'available the United Kingdom.
The fact 'but', how he discovered Jeremy that you can still buy one.
More 'or less.
This and 'a Lancia Stratos.
Except for one tiny detail is not '.
and 'was made Italy in the '70s.
Actually ', I do not know where it is made.
shed in Nuneaton, probably.
Why ', you see, and' a Kitcar.
or pay someone to build you, or you can build alone in the house.
with a hammer.
Apparently, if you have enough competent, it takes you 300 hours.
Obviously, I would take 300 years, and that 'a very long time.
But there 'an advantage.
A Stratos original cost £ 100,000, maybe more '.
This costs £ 13,000.
In theory, this' would of this car, the Hawk HF, the deal of the century.
The body and 'absolutely identical to the original.
All panels are completely interchangeable.
The interior will familiar to fans of the Spear.
The pedals are not at all the ends' of my legs.
The steering is' dangerously close to where once there were my testicles, before the belt them to me did happen between the lungs.
The shifter looks like a Bugs Bunny's ears and one of these buttons on dashboard activates the fire extinguisher, but since I do not know what is, I prefer not to touch anything.
The wipers and 'turned the contrary! So 'do not need a crabs' to clean the windshield.
And then there 'was a big noise.
Oh, wait a minute.
What the hell What's this' state? The front brake left was blocked.
I have to bring in the workshop.
More Forward! I took the car from Nigel, mechanic of our track, and greeted him as usual.
You have a hammer? E 'boiling as shown in thermographic camera.
It 'went to answer the phone.
While we wait, I think I should explain that £ 13,000 does not include the cost of the engine, you need it ourselves.
And you can choose between two: the Fiat Twin Cam that you can buy used with 5 cents, or, with 600 pounds, the engine that there 'on this.
Use this handle masked from wing to lift the hood And here he is, fantastic V6 Alfa 3 liters.
This, in reality ', and' more 'powerful Ferrari engine used by Lancia.
And, thanks to it, Hawk and the 'more' fast.
At least when it works, What will happen' sooner or later.
eventually It 'been repaired.
And now we will fall ', process surprisingly elegant if you're a mouse! You only Oh, that's' wrong You have to get over this roll so '.
Then he stuck his head It is probably 'more' easy if first you cut off his head, and the comeback once entered into the car.
Here we are.
Above and then Maybe 'better if you turn off the camera because 'and' a bit ' At this point I wanted monitor performance.
But after the brake problem I lost a lot of courage.
Goes from 0 to 100 km / h.
in less than 5 seconds, and what will not do 'now and 'see when it stops accelerating.
Whilst I do not traveling at 240 km / h on a machine built in a shed a man who I never met.
Are at 145 km / h, that that and ' wiper who has' disconnected.
That's an important consideration keep in mind if you plan to buy a Kitcar used.
You have to ask E 'was meticulously built by James May during a period of time several hundred years or e 'was built by a delay with a hammer? I mean, would you buy I built a Kit car? After avoided going SPEED 'maximum in the straight, decided not to find out how it would went full throttle in the corners.
We! I'm putting And here I am, to make the curve absolutely not a tablet.
Oh, 100 km / h.
All 3 brake and 3 / 4 is behave very strange.
The steering and 'very heavy.
There 'a lot of roll but we did.
I think I have done enough curves now, we're done.
Therefore Hawk and 'good As the guy who has assembled.
We spend more 'time under that in, for example.
I will not do 'not pretend it's good As a Stratos original for the same reason wherein a postcard Mona Lisa is not 'good as that of Leonardo.
But one day, your car will work ' and see your reflection on a shop window as he passed.
And trust me will be 'a good feeling.
Why ', in fact, this looks like a Stratos and, to be honest and 'everything that interests us.
I'd like to build Kit car like this one, because 'I think would be very therapeutic.
I would be.
You know what I mean.
And 'more' satisfying have something that you built yourself.
I do not like even to eat a sandwich made by me because 'there' always the blood and pieces of my fingers.
But anyway Now we discover what needs to be fast on our circuit and, obviously, it means to entrust Our pilot tamed.
Rumored that his new Christmas perfume range includes the "Great Stench of Wednesday '.
" And that is not 'appointed President of the Community 'European why 'and its' face too familiar.
Everything 'that we know and 'called The Stig! Party! There it goes Feel that sound! If nothing else, the Alfa V6 has a sound even better than the V6 Ferrari.
Oh, and 'sound great! What is happening now? He's trying the stereo? No.
Stiguccio, what's' wrong? The car and 'broken! How much 'original this thing? Yes, 'this and' a familiar scene every owner of a Lancia.
Watch it away and complete his tour on foot.
And then "not" crossing the finish line! Now ok? In no way we would leave that our first GNF, "Not Tour Finished ", ever on the table was a Lancia.
No way.
So We repaired the car the shed, ok? We called the track and it was here morning so that 'the Stig us try again! Unfortunately this time it was raining but the car and 'a good start.
Still produces a beautiful sound.
Look at how much water raises.
Here's the front is lowered still badly under braking, while the curve Stig And I say that this is 'a bit' broad Stiguccio where are you going? It ' No, it started up again, well That drives fantastic! Here he is now in Chicago.
Lock the front, the back is tailless, and 'deep and 'gone! Stig and 'spun! But this can not 'stop it, is still running, look at that determination! Stig and 'obviously a fan of the Spear.
Here comes the Hammerhead! Yes ', and' managed to get it right.
He did much better of Chris Evans He did wonderfully, with a beautiful skid control.
S'e 'wrong,' directed towards the cameramen! I bet you are scared.
Now, here we are The car is breaking up again? No! Lance do not break the mica.
And here's Followthrough.
Yes, 'he sharply and I certainly can not blame him.
Now goes to the tires picking up speed ' but not too much.
Time is coming Oh lost control! But it's done! Is doing the penultimate curve Oh no! He lost again! Look at that! That 'and that' drive! Crosses the Gambon and this After crossing the finish line! This 'more round' nice we have ever seen! Truly one of the most 'exciting! - It was spectacular! - A check of the car phenomenal! But time was Which means it is' round more 'slow we've ever had circuit test of Top Gear! Can you imagine how long it would made if he had built? Oh God, would yet finished the tour, now! - But you '.
- And even now.
Thank you.
However, next week go on the air, for reasons do not understand, to 20.
And even now.
- And with this bomb - And even now.
It 'time to close, thanks they were with us! - And even now.
- Good night! And even now.
And even now.