Top Of The Lake (2013) s02e04 Episode Script

Web of Lies

We're looking for couples who have tried and failed at IVF, people who are neurotically fixated on having a child.
That sounds like everybody in here.
He's already married.
Alexander is already married.
There you have my shitty little story.
He don't care, you know, if he dead or alive.
What a creature.
Officer in trouble.
Room 406.
- I'm going to kill you, you piece of shit! - Yeah! - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Yeah? Or do you want to come up and join me? No, I've got to do this.
Just put it on the bed.
Ooh! What's the formula for? Don't worry about it.
Bow tie? Tie? - Bow tie.
- Bow tie.
- All right.
- Can you please tell her to go? Hey, they just want to celebrate our big night.
Cheer us off.
Come on, Baby.
Thank you.
Oh, my gosh! You two look amazing.
Look at you.
Michaela, I love the tux.
- Thanks.
- I really do.
Should I be wearing a tux? No, I just said you look adorable.
Absolutely adorable, and I love the green.
- Can I get some pics? - No.
No pics.
- Come on.
Let me just get one photo.
- Hey, one with me.
- No, thank you.
- Please? - No! All right.
- You need help with that? - Yes, please.
Dad, I'll do it.
He's OK.
Would you just excuse me for a sec? - Do you want to go, sweetie? - Uh-uh.
I want to see them off.
All right.
May I? What have you done? - Pyke, you want some champagne? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- OK, tell him I'm coming.
I'm coming, OK? Right now.
OK, bye.
What is it? Not him.
- Dad, he won't fail you.
- No.
I will see you there.
Just have a drink.
I'll be 30 minutes.
I'll be there.
Thanks, Dad.
Are we waiting for her? Is she coming? I really don't effing know.
Thanks, mate.
I need a drink.
Please, Baby, Puss asked for you three times already.
He's very down, you know? - Do nothing, it's bad for you, Baby.
- Hm.
He eat nothing.
Three day, nothing.
- Nothing? - Only pills and smoking.
Oh, for swimming, I can wear this? It's OK? Not real bikini, but it's OK to see through? No, it's OK.
Sunblock though.
Oh, I need sun cream and towel.
Have to be beach towel? - No.
Any kind.
- Oh, thank you.
You should just go away.
Kiki told me that you wanted me to come and that you asked her to call.
- What, you do whatever you're told, huh? - No.
You should go away, and I'm asking nicely.
You should stay away.
I am ending it.
Did you take all of these? Mm-hm.
I'm gazing into the abyss, and I'm going to keep gazing until the abyss gazes back.
Please, Alexander, eat something.
You will feel better.
- My God, what, do I shame you, my poor Baby? - No.
I love you.
But why this heap of turds? You love that? Yes.
What about Mum and Dad? Will they love me? Why do you care? I'm 18 next week, it won't matter.
Well, it hurts my feelings, that's why.
I'm not made of stone.
Well, they're inviting you to my birthday dinner.
They are inviting me? No, you want me to believe that shit? I'm supposed to believe that they are inviting me? Come on.
"Oh, Baby, please don't forget to invite your fiance.
He's such a favourite with us, huh?" They said to ask if you would come.
And why was that? Because I said I wouldn't have an 18th birthday without Alexander.
Be accurate, please.
Speak correctly.
Ah, fuck this.
It wasn't an invitation, Baby.
You forced them to, yeah? So 18, huh? I know, I can drink legally.
And have sex.
Well, I can already legally have sex.
And sell sex.
You can work beside your sisters, breast to breast, legs wide open, reverse cowgirl.
Alex, you should eat the rest of that.
What's the matter? My Baby too good to work beside her sisters? Some of them began at 13, you know, even younger.
- I know, it's shit.
- No, not necessarily if it's the only way to feed yourself, your family.
Life is very different in Asian villages.
No, it's not.
You think your body is sacred, well, so do they.
But your sentimentality, it strips you of all your powers, makes you victims.
If you don't want the money, you just give them to your sisters.
It's a sacrifice we both can make.
Well, I do things for them.
I'm teaching them to swim.
That's the sum total of your love? A swimming class? Why are you dressed up? What's it with the lipstick? - It's a school dance.
- Oh.
With what, boys? No, it's a Dad and Daughters dance.
Pyke's been looking forward to it for like two years.
- It's his special night.
We had to learn to waltz.
- What? But wait, I Aren't I your old man? This old Puss is your old man.
I mean, I think it's true.
- This old cat is your old man.
- Yes.
Roll a joint for me, Baby? Oh, honey, how's your neck? You OK? Yeah, thanks.
There's been a report that's come in from Crime Fighters.
- Great.
- Nice choke out.
- Saw the video.
- Nice work.
So, you're feeling OK? - You're ready to work? - Yes.
So, what's the drama? Why can't you two cooperate? Can I speak to my boss alone? - Can we have a private conversation? - No.
It's not how it works.
We have a problem, we air it.
We all need to hear it, so what is it? - If she - Who? If Miranda has a problem she runs to you and it's awkward because, - well, you're having an affair.
- An affair? It's a relationship, babe.
It's an affair.
- As in extramarital.
- You see what I mean? You call it what you like, we love each other.
I know it's not easy for you.
It's not easy for us either.
Or your wife.
Yeah, correct.
Why don't the two of you work it out or get a transfer? I don't want to leave my cases.
I've been with the force a lot longer than she has and I deserve an equal other.
- To be frank, I'm being slowed down.
- I'm sorry.
This isn't the Police Olympics, OK? A big part of being a senior officer is to give encouragement to new talent.
- You know, I don't like seeing her - Speak to her.
I don't like seeing you smoking.
Also drinking.
It upsets me to see you disregard your baby's health.
I don't think foetal brain damage is funny.
It's serious.
I want this baby so much I I get anxious.
And, yeah, of course I shouldn't smoke and drink.
- OK.
- Well, don't.
Can I speak now? It is painful to watch you with your daughter.
I don't know if you realise, but you are so distant.
I'm not her mother.
This is so invasive.
I am a warm person.
I give her space.
OK, enough, all right? You're both giving me the shits.
OK, you should know this, that as much as I like you, no-one else here does.
Fuck sake.
A 24-year-old male called with important information about China Girl.
"China Girl.
" Did he use those words? OK.
Bring him in.
I think we'll give more profile if we visit.
His name is Brett Iles.
He lives in Blakehurst.
I know this street.
It's close to the water and he's got a short band radio.
- How do you know that? - He knows our case name.
There you are.
Not for you.
You've had enough.
(PHONE BEEPS) (POP MUSIC PLAYS) (CHEERING) Fathers, daughters, please join us on the dance floor for the traditional waltz.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- May I? No, Dad, I can't really dance.
Can we wait till there are more people? No, let's go.
It'll be fine.
You know these upper class fuckwits, they wipe their asses on us.
- You reckon? - Yeah, on you too.
- Look at my toes.
- Your toes are fine.
- You aren't afraid.
- I'm brave.
Can I take this glass? Thank you.
You know the word "solidarity," girls? You should try it one day.
It's great fun.
Is this a competition? I think we're the best.
- I know.
We're smashing it.
- Yeah.
Fucking idiots.
- Hello, Baby.
It's my turn.
- I'm dancing with my daughter.
- What? - I'm dancing with my daughter.
It's my turn.
Dad, stop, stop.
He's fine.
Oh, Baby.
Oh, my God! Is that someone's dad? My green little frog.
Oi! - Who's your daddy? - Disgusting! Come to Daddy, Baby! - Stop that! - Come to Daddy! Get off her.
Stop it! That's completely inappropriate.
- No, we're dancing.
We're just dancing.
- Get up.
Hey! Come on.
I can walk.
Who wants to dance with me? Anybody for a little dance? Does anyone know who that is? Is it somebody's father? - Don't you have security on the door? - We do have security.
Anybody for dancing? Anybody for dancing? OK.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Mr DJ, some music, please.
You want to get down with me instead? Yeah? - Can anyone join? - Yeah.
- Is everyone looking? - No, no-one's looking.
- I have to go.
- Baby, no, no, no, no.
Baby! - Mary! Alexander! Alex! Alexander! (HE BLOWS A KISS) I'm early.
I'll wait by the car.
My mother's domain.
So, I think I know the identity of your China Girl and How do you know the case name? Anyone can listen in.
(POLICE SCANNER PLAYS) And how do you know the girl? Cinnamon worked at a Neil Street shop, Silk 41.
It's a brothel.
They call a brothel a shop.
But But it wasn't like that for us.
She was my GFE.
It's kind of a girlfriend.
We had a genuine connection.
Like what? Well, we were planning a trip to Port Macquarie.
My father has a holiday flat.
It's not too far from the beach.
She was pregnant.
Did you know that? No.
I No, I think that must be my baby.
Don't you wear a condom or is that part of the GFE? No.
No, of course not.
But one of the times my condom came off inside her.
I think we were doing reverse cowgirl.
Things got crazy.
You should take my DNA.
- We don't need to.
- Why? - Hey! Don't you need a search warrant? - Do we? Are you hiding something? No.
Are these photos of her? Yeah.
Do you have any weapons in your possession? No.
You don't have a gun? No.
What about under here? Don't look under there! Eurgh! You have shooting trophies.
Oh, I'm the suspect? That's brilliant.
I'm the only one who cares about her.
You need to talk to the guy at the shop.
- The shop? - Yeah.
Silk 41.
We are going to record this.
This guy's a kind of He's a professor, who lives upstairs.
What's his name? Puss.
He manipulates the girls, and sadly, they respect this idiot because he teaches them the odd English word.
Apparently he can turn very mean.
And his real name? I don't know what it is.
But he has an accent, it's very strong.
Did he sleep with Cinnamon too? God, I hope not.
He's old.
But he had a young girl with him.
She's always there.
Shall I? No, baby.
We should check out the suitcase with Brett's mother.
See if she recognises it.
- Before he does.
- Mm-hm.
Wait for him to go out.
Can you imagine Brett's mum's face when she sees the suitcase and realises a sex maniac has murdered his girlfriend and zipped her into it? You don't think he did it.
OK, what have I missed? Take Brett to the morgue, see if he can name any identifying marks or irregularities.
And if he does? We'll know China Girl is his Cinnamon.
Do we get a confession? That would be the moment when he is faced with her.
What? Things that are bothering me.
She is from Silk 41.
Maybe they are not just selling sex.
Hang on.
A sex worker surrogate? No way.
No-one would pay for that.
They wouldn't know.
They'd think they were students.
How much would they get paid? In the US, where it's legal, the surrogate would get 100k, so maybe 50k here? Poor, poor mother.
She has no idea.
- Hey, Dang.
- You want a shift? Is that right? - Yes, I do.
You don't get pocket money? You should not even be downstairs.
Well, actually, I'm allowed.
I'm 18 next week, so I can be here.
You want to work here, you do dishes.
That's how you begin.
You have to work your way up to have client.
You mean sex? Yes.
- Mahlee.
You better? - Mm-hm.
Well, I want to do it.
Why not? I'm not a virgin.
You tell Puss, no way he let you fuck with clients.
He will.
Sit, sit.
It was his idea.
Puss is sick guy.
Why you do what he say? Because I believe in him, that's why.
He doesn't care for himself or for me in a self-serving way.
He's not narrow.
Why should I be spared and not Kamon? I care about women supporting each other.
(BUZZER) Horny man is like animal.
You go in room, it's action.
Hello! Kiki.
If not for us, what would happen? Well, he could masturbate.
This job-- not easy.
I have to teach new girl what to do.
How to hold a penis, make it hard.
Girls get raped in the room.
Like that.
Then leave.
You tell her.
- What? - Tell her anything.
My first time, I was 16.
It was old man.
I look up, I see his face-- horrible.
Couldn't get it out of my head.
Couldn't work.
Then, one week later, I earned 500 in one day.
I sent it all back to my family.
Once you choose this it's forever.
No going back.
Very hard, Mary.
Mm? (KNOCKING) - Hey.
- Hey.
Do you want to wait in here? You can if you want.
Hey, um just take your time.
I'm early.
Hey, do you mind if we pick up some juice? - Yeah, yeah.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
Think her mobile's dead.
She might not come.
It's a bit of a pattern.
Can we wait another half an hour? Yeah.
Do you want a grape? Sure.
Dad! (LIVELY FEMALE CHATTER) Hey! Sorry I'm late.
Ooh! Ooh! You're wet! Is that her boyfriend? - I can't take this.
I've got to go.
- Stay.
Hey guys, this is Robin.
She's my birth mum.
(WHOOPING) And head back.
You've got to put your head back.
And arms wide.
Lift your butt.
- Pyke? - Yeah.
- You have wife? - Uh kind of.
Um I don't know.
- Arms wide.
- You don't know?! (LAUGHTER) It's complicated.
Yeah, you you single, but heart still hurting.
My wife might come back.
She might come back.
When she come back, you tell her, "Sorry, I'm married now.
" To me! Pyke, can we have a dog? - Yeah.
Yeah, like a labradoodle? - Yeah! (LAUGHTER) - All right, lesson over.
Do you want a shot? - My turn.
OK, come on.
OK, now chin back.
Put your head back.
- Put the arms out.
- Arms out, that's good.
- How long have your friends been here for? - Oh, not very long.
- So, they're students? - Yep.
If you separate your legs just a little bit and just try and relax.
- I'm relax! - No, you're not! - Have you thought about the menu for your birthday dinner? - Yes.
- Yeah? So, you're the mother?! You know, you swim very well.
It's uh, very elegant.
I am Alexander.
Yes, I know who you are.
Mary's told me a lot about you.
Well, I hope it was good.
You see? Now we are doing it again.
What are you, judging me, huh? Who is this long-haired guy, my daughter's lover, huh? Admiring me? How was the big meeting? The mother-daughter meeting? - It was very important to me.
- Uh.
Yes, I'm sorry, but Mary tells me you were raped.
You must be damaged, huh? Very badly.
I'm OK.
"I'm OK"? Come on, that's, um, bullshit.
People say, "I'm OK.
" You're OK? You're not OK my dear.
For the psyche, rape is a catastrophe.
You never recover from that shit.
But then again, here you are a young mummy, looking very good in a blue swimsuit.
See, all the boys and all the men on the beach, they are looking at you, you know.
Even the daddy.
- Go, OK? - Don't leave me! - That's good.
That's good! - I die.
You should teach Mary how to swim.
Why? She swims very well.
She's fast, but it's ugly, you know? It's not elegant.
When a woman moves well, like you do then, um, it catches a man's eye, you know? - It puts sex into the air.
- I don't like the way this conversation Argh! Argh! Argh! Get off of me! Get the fuck off of me! Alex, no! Nosey bitch! - What the fuck are you doing?! - You left her, after two days, with strangers! Fuck off! - Where's my fucking phone?! I'm charging him.
- No! I'm calling the station.
Where's my fucking phone? - No, don't charge him! - Pack up her stuff.
He gets confused.
He was whipped as a child.
- He must have felt really threatened.
- Baby, just pack up her stuff, OK? I'll take you to hospital.
Mary, pack up her stuff! Baby.
Mary, Mary.
Mary, stop it.
Don't arrest him! - Hey, did they call him? - Puss.
What is that, a nickname? She calls him Alexander, but I heard the students call him Puss.
What's this? A glass slipper? Jeez.
- You didn't have to go that far, mate.
- Thanks, mate.
I don't think they're students.
Kamon said that she's studying English.
Have you been to his place? - No.
- I have.
It's a brothel called Silk 41.
I recognised Kamon and Joy.
I think he lives above.
- You're joking? - No.
Baby's staying above a brothel? Oh, man.
And do you do you think he has sex with prostitutes? I don't know.
They get health checks.
There's a girl missing from the brothel.
They say she's gone to Canberra, but I I think she might be at the morgue.
Has he got something to do with it? His name came up in our inquiry.
- The name Puss? - Yep.
OK, Robin Griffin? Come this way, please.
There we go.
We're done.
Oh, thanks.
So, here's an envelope for your doctor.
Keep that safe.
And I'm sorry to ask these questions, but do you feel safe at home? Yes thank you.
And are you in a sexual relationship with the person that wounded you? Bit me.
Look, I'm a Detective Sergeant.
- Oh, so this happened at work? - No.
Not at work.
- So, the guy you came in with, he's not your partner? - No.
He thinks you're my partner, so just tell him, will you? Oh, no.
I'm not her partner.
Or husband.
- Date.
- So, who is the attacker? It was a stranger.
Well, did you get a name? I mean, too bad if he's out there biting someone else.
Dang! Hey, can I have a word? No! Hey, ah, yeah, I need a word now.
Ah Dang tells me you want Baby to take a shift.
- No.
- Oh.
Why? Dang won't have her downstairs.
It's important that a girl works up to sex over time or it can ruin her.
You know, especially a girl like this.
You don't need it, mate.
She goes to a good school.
You know, her family can afford - to look after her.
- You want your room cleaned? - I send someone.
- No, thank you.
It stink.
Cat piss.
Not hygienic.
- Tell him.
- He knows.
She's not working here.
Not happening in my shop.
Well, it's what Baby wants.
It's not my idea.
You're a liar.
She do what you want.
She think high of you.
Do anything for you.
You cruel guy.
I help all the women.
You, too.
I never once raised your rent and there will be money coming soon.
We all know that.
- And it's not my fault that your suitcase floated! - Your idea! No, it was your idiot fixer's idea! You don't care about anyone.
I have nightmare.
My whole life is a nightmare! Get out! Get out of my flat! Give me some peace! Fuck it! Can I do this? Happy birthday to beautiful you.
Oh, Dad! Good? I'm probably not going to come back for the birthday dinner.
Don't take it badly.
It's kind of awkward.
Look, Julia and I, and probably Isadore, are going to have dinner here so, who knows? Things might turn out differently and you'll want to join in.
No, Dad.
Are you and Alexander doing something special to celebrate? Human sacrifice.
For you.
Thank you.
Hurt? Not too much.
- Is it too gruesome? - No! - Have Mike and Felicity seen the results? - Uh-uh.
I said I'd drop them in.
She's back home now.
I want to do some fishing.
We have two surrogates, but I'm betting there's more.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Hi! Did a dog bite you? Yes and no.
I'll get Mike.
Mike! Come in.
They've got the DNA results.
We're selling the house.
We have to.
We're both a bit upset about it because we've put so much effort into the baby room.
The house could be full of music.
Two cots.
Are you expecting twins? Hey, Flick.
This is a copy for you.
Can you make it out? No DNA match.
Is that it? Yes.
You already know.
That's right.
Mee Noi got back in contact.
Yeah, we did the scan, you know, the whole thing.
This is her? This is three different girls.
You have three illegal surrogates.
They're not illegal.
They're helping us, that's all.
We want to be sure.
Felicity can't handle any more disappointment.
She gave up a concert career to have a family.
- It wasn't a concert career - It's been very difficult with the IVF failure Yeah, it was, yeah.
- That thing in Singapore.
- That was just a competition.
I had to take beta-blockers for stage fright and I still felt like crap, - I ended up with a Xanax dependency - Yeah, OK.
How will you look after three babies? I've got a niece who wants to help and, you know, siblings can look after each other.
It'll be easy after the heartbreak she's had.
I want to see the surrogacy contracts, I want to check the signatures of these girls.
What are their names? Haven't you got any real criminals to chase? Some drink-drivers, murderers, someone who's actually hurting someone else? I don't know the names of the other surrogates, I suppose I should, but they don't really encourage it.
They? Who's they? - Hey.
- Is it a doctor? Felicity, is it an agent? It's fine, honey.
Just don't worry, it's fine.
It's OK.
Why don't you go and practise? Mike, you want to tell me who did your egg transfers? - Was it Assisted Fertility? - No.
What about your agent? All these photos have the same fan in the back.
They were all taken in the same place.
Who is it? What happens if they stop communicating again? Like you care.
About the babies? I do.
So you go for cutesy pie, huh? Yep.
That's me.
Dang won't let me in the waiting room.
She keeps screaming I should vacuum the halls, but I am ready.
She's just not letting me.
Then you go to the streets.
Where? You don't know where? I think you do.
I'll show you where.
WOMAN IN DISTANCE: Get off me, get off me! - Hey.
- What's the go? How much you charge for a suck off? Who, you? No, for one man.
Bareback, 50.
We're OK.
What are you looking for, you two? No, we don't need your help, OK? You can fuck off now, please.
- 50 is it.
You're not going to get cheaper than that - OK, thank you.
You fuckin' arsehole! (SIRENS IN DISTANCE) I'm really scared.
Oh, yeah, I can see that.
I want to do it at Dang's.
I don't want to do it here.
It's too much, here.
OK, listen.
- I'm going to hit you now, on the face.
- No.
(SHE GASPS IN PAIN) - Ah! Puss! - Yes! Now, stop it! Now, something I ask you.
You think this is worse than what the johns will do to you? SHE WHIMPERS: I don't know.
No! See, now, the worst is over.
The worst is over.
You don't think it is hard for me, too? Hey, baby.
Hey, what the fuck?! (SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) Hey, kid, you all right? Who's looking after you? Anyone got your back? (DOOR OPENS) Mm.
(MUSIC PLAYS) - This is Mary? - Yeah.
Oh, she's adorable! What was she, five? I think three.
(SHE CHUCKLES) Go on, fuck off! I'm not paying you for that! (SIRENS) Can you help me? What happened? I can't talk about it.
Do you have any breath mints? Mm-hm.
Is this girl in trouble? Put the picture back in the glove box, please.
Why, what's she done? We think she's dead.
How? If it is her, she was murdered.
Her body was thrown into the sea.
Can I ask you for some advice? It's about a girl around your age.
Police think that this particular school kid is innocent.
But she's close to some dangerous people, and we don't know if we can talk to her without putting her at risk.
Why? She could be hurt.
What advice would the police give the girl? They would tell her to be careful in what she says around her criminal friend.
Secondly, they would advise her to separate from him as soon as possible.
What if she's in love? She'd have to tell him everything.
(DOOR OPENS) (MARY SOBS) I don't know how to leave him.
I can't leave him.
He's going to hate me.
He's going to Shh.
I've got you deep in the heart of me, so deep in my heart that you're really a part of me.