Top Shot (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Zipline of Fire

Previously on "top shot" The competition begins.
As the team's rifle skills are put to the test.
He was really weak with the rifle.
I think we're all strong with rifles, aren't we? The red team rallies behind.
Professional shooter mike seeklander He's a bigger, older gentleman with a lot of experience.
Go! But in the team challenge, It is seeklander who fails to hit his target Allowing the blue team to win.
Yeah! Whoo! There's nothing better than winning.
In the elimination challenge, It comes down to the experienced pro I've been training to do swmething like this.
For 20 years of my life.
Versus the rifle prodigy.
I'd consider myself a rising star in the long-range game.
In the end, It's kelly who remains in the competition That was pretty fast, kelly.
Leaving the red team.
Without one of its best shooters.
I hope that truly the best shooter wins this competition.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country, all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals Military, recreation, and exhibition shooting.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges.
Until only one remains, Earning the $100,000 prize.
And the title of "top shot.
" Captning provided by Personally, you know, When we came back to the house without mike, I felt like our team was slightly deflated.
What's up, guys? Hey.
I kind of felt like I came back from a funeral.
Did you get rid of both of them? Kelly.
Oh, my god.
Welcome back, kelly! I was expecting mike.
Actually, my first impression was, "why did mike get a lot smaller?" Hi, guys.
It felt great walking through the doors.
Seems like everyone's happy to have me back.
Live to die another day.
Let's just hang it from right here.
Mike left behind one of his red shirts, So we decided that from now on, When someone gets eliminated from the competition, We're gonna take one of their shirts.
And put it up on the rail as a tribute to them.
That'll work.
It's gonna be a nice memento.
Morning, everyone.
After mike seeklander's elimination, We are down to 15 marksmen still competing for the $100,000 prize.
And the title of top shot.
All right, let's get to it.
We're gonna switch from historical rifle.
To modern pistol.
Today you'll be firing a weapon.
That some of you may be very familiar with.
That's because it's the primary sidearm.
Of the army, air force, and marines - The beretta 92f.
In the 198os, the beretta was adopted by the armed forces.
And law-enforcement agencies all around the country.
In a lot of places, the beretta replaced the iconic revolver.
A true marksman ought to be able to handle.
A weapon like the beretta.
With extreme accuracy and exceptional speed.
To prepare for tomorrow's team challenge, You'll be shooting at five targets of diminishing size.
From a distance of 25 feet.
Joining us today.
Is United States practical shooting association.
Grand master ben stoeger.
Ben is an expert with the 92f, And he's here to give both teams pointers.
On competing with this weapon.
Your team will only be given 140 rounds, So it's up to you to decide who needs the practice most.
Good luck to everyone.
I'll see you tomorrow at the team challenge.
You a glock guy normally? No.
I shoot anything.
My first impression was that a few guys on the team.
Were really familiar with the pistol.
And didn't need me to say much of anything.
Whoa! I immediately recognized blake.
Blake is a top-level competitive pistol shooter.
That's what I'm talking about.
He is known for his raging speed and tearing up courses.
Ben, look at me.
All you needed, blake.
It was a little showboating.
The beretta 92f is actually a pistol that I used.
In my first competition.
I was only 12 years old at the time.
So, I'm a little confident with it.
Whoo! I'm excited for the next challenge.
I mean, we don't know what the challenge will be, But I imagine there will be some variables, Like the first challenge, Where you can decide who sits where.
And uses the best of their abilities for a team win.
I'm good.
I carried a version of this beretta.
As my duty weapon for 12 years.
So, I'm pretty comfortable with it.
I'm excited.
Look at that shooting, man.
Glad you like it.
All right, who's next? Whoo! My area of expertise.
Is world war I- and world war ii-class rifles.
You're gonna feel a lot more recoil, And you don't have, like, your shoulder to support it.
Because I am predominantly a rifle shooter, I don't have nearly the background.
Doing what you need to with a handgun.
So, you're not pressing the trigger.
Straight back into the rear.
It is a completely different physical motion.
And posture to be taking.
Handguns in general.
Have a very distinctive type of hold, Breathing, cadence, and trigger-squeeze style.
That is different than handling a rifle.
Just forget about that last shot.
And just press the trigger straight back.
He wasn't confident, And he really had no clue what he was doing.
Jim is the weakest link.
I don't want to say that, But he's just the least experienced in the pistol.
We'll just see what happens tomorrow.
Basically, I am struggling to get through.
I am discouraged by the fact.
That they're having to drag me along.
Oh, no.
I think the stress level was definitely ratcheted up.
When we found out the next event would be a pistol competition.
Bill, you're up first.
Everyone else can have a seat on the benches.
Brad and I are probably the most proficient of the handgunners.
The learning curve right now is really centered on kelly.
I'm gonna work with the rest of the team.
To get them up to speed.
Brad, come here.
We have one professional pistol shoer, which is brad.
Brad is one of these top-rated guys.
I don't even know what they call their title, But brad is definitely one of them.
What do you usually shoot? A glock, or Yeah, a.
Right on.
Personally, I'm not enthused about the beretta, Because I shoot a glock.
That shoots right.
Generally, it's an all-around different gun, And 20 rounds isn't a great deal of ammunition to dial it I.
You might want to slow it down just a little bit.
Brad, don't waste the ammo, bro.
Yeah, I'm just trying to get a feel for the timing of the gun.
Actually, hold on.
I don't want to, like, blow through the ammo.
With somebody who's not even really shot handguns before.
Kelly told us that he felt the least comfortable.
With that weapon.
Go ahead.
And so we all kind of saved him some ammo.
And let him go last and take his time.
Is this your first time shooting this pistol? I shot it about 15 rounds.
Pistols is a completely different game from rifle shooting.
Not my game.
It's not something I practice, It's not something I compete in, And I'm really gonna have to step up my game.
And concentrate on the fundamentals.
To succeed in this competition.
You're doing everything perfect.
That kid's smoking, man.
He's doing great.
The red team seemed to expect.
That kelly was going to be at a big disadvantage.
In this challenge, But kelly listened, and he shot really well.
Maybe kelly should save some rounds for us.
Brad is our pistol champion, And what I noticed was.
He didn't shoot as well as he thought he would, And then when he saw the way everyone else shot, I could see it rattled him.
He started just making comments like, "oh, I'm not familiar with this pistol.
" I just want to handle the gun a little bit more.
"I'm not used to it.
Let me take a few more shots.
" Nice shooting, kelly.
So, ironically enough, He started using some of the ammo.
That we would have given to kelly.
You guys mind if I do another relay? I'm wondering, under pressure, Is he gonna be able to keep it together, Or is he just gonna blow it? Grab your bag so you can head back to the house.
Thanks, brad.
Thanks, man.
It was fun.
Overall, I think practice went great.
We'll see what happens in the challenge, But I felt really good today.
Blake was so comfortable.
The last shot, he did a walk-off, you know, right through the center.
I've heard that blake drilled the hell out of the targets, And I didn't expect any less.
It's pretty good.
Am I nervous? Perhaps a little bit.
But, I mean, you know, what can I say? They're a bunch of good shooters, so Going into today's challenge, unfortunately, I do feel like all eyes are on me.
And I feel like it's really up to me.
To show that I can be a marksman with any firearm.
Hey, denny.
The blue team - oh, it's feeling awesome.
I think we feel confident that we're gonna smoke this challenge.
I'm really excited about heading to this challenge.
The blue team - they can talk all they want.
About how skilled they are.
It's all gonna come down in competition.
Here we go! I'm just ready to compete.
I'm a competitor.
Let's get it on.
Over here, guys.
When we got to the challenge, They had all these different-shaped tubes.
We were thinking, "oh, my gosh, what's going on?" Yeah, that kind of - that surprised us.
Today's team challenge is designed to test.
Both the speed and accuracy of your marksmanship with a pistol.
Here's how it's gonna work.
On the range, there are seven tubes of decreasing diameter, Starting at four inches.
And going all the way down to an inch and a half.
That's like hitting a quarter at 25 feet.
Each team will rank their members by skill.
And assign them a tube.
Starting with the largest tube, The first team member gets one shot.
To shoot a bullet through the tube, Shattering a plexiglas cover on the end.
If you miss your one shot, You must step back behind the line.
And let the rest of your team go before you can try again.
Whichever team successfully fires through all seven tubes.
In the fastest time wins the challenge, Safe from elimination.
The losing team must pick two players.
To go head-to-head in the elimination challenge.
Blue team, you have one extra member, So someone has to sit this challenge out.
That person will be picked by the red team.
I'm liking that.
Another note - A marksman cannot sit out two challenges in a row, And it's gonna be that way for the rest of the game.
Everybody was pretty sure that the team would have a choice, And it was all decided - I was gonna be the one to sit out.
Our hearts sank when we found out.
The red team was the one that had the choice.
Red team, who's gonna sit out? I'm thinking blake.
Sorry, buddy.
The minute the red team found out they could pick on me, They said, "blake, you're gone.
" Okay, everyone understand the rules? All right, teams, you'll get five minutes to strategize.
Then we'll go.
Let's go, guys.
Come on, guys.
First priority is we determine what the order is.
After colby explained the challenge to us, We realized that it will be a tough challenge.
Jim on the biggest one, for sure.
Thank you.
In shooting the tubes, it's difficult for me, Because you do not have any white paper around you.
To see where your shots went.
Who wants to shoot the largest one? I'll shoot on that.
Okay, largest one.
Second largest? Third largest? I'll take it.
Third largest.
Fourth largest.
Fifth? I'm pretty confident as far down as you want me to go.
Fifth largest.
Which one - you want the smallest or the second smallest? I'll take seven.
I've done quite a bit of long-range pistolwork.
And quite a bit of accurate pistolwork, So I was relatively comfortable.
Standing up and shooting the smallest tube.
Who's got 92f experience? Who can do it best? I'm confident with the the last, too.
Actually, they're both small.
It doesn't matter.
We pretty much knew exactly what targets we were gonna shoot.
The only question was.
Who was gonna take those last two small ones.
Last two are the same size.
I know.
I got the last one.
Tara and I looked at each other, and I said, "listen, I'll take the small one.
" All right, guys.
Time's up.
Back into your positions, please.
Let's do it, guys.
Let's do it.
I certainly hope that the red team wins.
I don't want to be at the nomination range again.
Coming up on "top shot" Come on, come on, come on, come on! Was it easy? No.
Did we have to have skill to do it? Yes.
Red team, you're up first.
Remember, this is a timed event.
Whichever team successfully shoots through all of the tubes.
In the fastest time wins this challenge.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! Andre steps up to the line first.
Andre with the first shot.
And he hits.
Next up is kelly.
Red team, two shots, two hits.
Denny takes his turn.
Denny with the third shot for the red team.
He hits.
Frank steps up to the line.
It's all right, frank, it's all right.
Safety on.
Frank, the southpaw, misses with his first shot.
Now it's peter's turn.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Peter hits.
Brad's up.
Brad shoots quick and misses with his first shot.
Bill steps up to the line.
Bill misses.
Frank gets his second shot.
Take your time, frank.
Take your time, frank.
Take your time.
Another miss for frank.
Safety on.
Safety on.
When I saw frank miss twice, I thought the team was hurting.
Our plan was going to hell, And we needed to step it up and get it done.
Brad steps up for his second shot.
On his second shot, brad hits.
Can bill hit the smallest target on his second shot? Bill misses his second shot.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Come back, come back, come back, come back! You have to wait until the previous player.
Gets across the line.
Frank is on his third try to hit the target.
Easy, frank.
Take a breath, buddy.
Frank! Come on, come on, come on, run! One tube left.
It's up to bill.
Take your time, bill.
Yeah! That's it! And he's across the line.
I'm a little bit disappointed in my performance.
It took me three shots to hit my target.
You know, I'm a confident pistol shooter, And I feel I should have hit that target on the first shot.
Red team, you guys can switch with the blue.
Blue team, find your positions.
We're all a little worried, But hopefully we'll give the blue team.
A good run for their money.
Blue team, you're up.
Marksmen, ready SetGo! Jim steps up to the line and takes aim at the largest target.
When jim went up to take the first shot, It seemed like forever.
We were all just like, "come on, already.
Squeeze the trigger.
" He missed.
I think every one of us just went, "ugh.
" Let's go, let's go, let's go! Jim, first shot, and a miss.
Caleb's up next.
There you go, caleb.
Caleb gets a hit with his first shot.
Now it's iain's turn.
There you go.
Iain with a score for the blue team.
Steps up to the line.
There you go.
Kick it.
Hits with his first shot.
Adam is up.
Got it! Adam scores.
Tara takes her turn.
Tara's successful on her first attempt.
Chris steps up to the smallest target.
Yeah! Get down there! Reload it! Reload for him! Here you go.
Hold on.
Go, go, go, go, go.
All right, jim.
All yours, jim.
Come on, jim.
Don't worry about stuff.
Slow squeeze.
It goes back to jim, And he's got another really slow, tedious, And time's ticking, and he's pulling that trigger.
I was like, "oh, my god.
" yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Wait, wait.
That's time.
You're my frigging hero.
We're studs.
All right, guys.
Red team, you completed the course.
In 2 minutes, 34 seconds.
Blue team, you guys completed the course in 2 minutes Whoo! Yeah! Unbelievable.
I didn't think I was gonna pull that one off.
Ready? 1, 2, 3.
Blue team! My first shot, it was a miss.
And the second time, I raised my sights higher.
Than I thought I should, cranked off the shot.
Pow! It goes off.
I credit my team members, not myself.
We fired a total of 12 rounds.
To the blue team's firing total of 8 rounds.
Yeah! They had one miss.
We had 5.
Safety on.
Come on back.
Really, all it was was it was just a diminishing target.
S it easy? No.
Did we have to have skill to do it? Yes.
Did we have to be cool under pressure? Yeah.
Did we all do that? No.
Brad missed once.
I missed twice.
And frank missed twice.
Frank had as many misses as I did but on a much larger tube.
I do feel like I let the red team down.
Listen, a marksman is a marksman, And you have to adapt to different type of firearms.
And I didn't hit it on the first shot.
Congratulations, blue team.
All of you are safe from elimination.
Red team, I will see you in two hours at the nomination range.
You have to decide which two players.
Will head to the elimination challenge.
Going to the nomination range - it sucks.
Nobody likes to be sent home, And nobody likes to eliminate anybody, So we're not happy to be there.
Coming up on "top shot" The problem is that the grip angle on the glock is like this.
He mentions his equipment way too often.
You know what? I'm tired of listening to it.
You're back here at the nomination range.
Frank, what's going on? I don't like crybabies.
Well, guys, we have our first tie.
Unfortunately, today, red team lost the challenge, So we'll be on our way to nomination range.
I was stupid today.
Because I plotted it when I was test-firing it.
Brad, he failed his first shot, So I hold brad to a higher standard.
He's pure pistol shooter, And he didn't step up when it came to pistols.
Why can't anybody buy a glock? They're so good.
They keep buying these chunk-of-metal berettas.
Come on.
The sights are worn on the one that we had, But what psyched me out.
Was the fact that I was grouping an inch and a half to the right.
Ultimately, when it comes down to everything, Time behind the gun compared to misses.
I didn't even use 10 rounds.
Then brad shot probably more than his 20 rounds, I'd say.
I mean, all to the right, all to the right, All to the right, all to the right.
You know what? You're - always the equipment failure.
That's his thing.
He mentions his equipment way too often.
And uses that as a crutch.
My equipment was this, and my equipment was that.
The problem is that grip angle on the glock is like this.
On the beretta, it's like this.
So the point is, I need to do a couple hundred reloads.
Before I can do that again.
I just don't want to get in a position.
Where I'm shooting an inch and a half to the right again.
With the handgun.
Brad, I think he has the skills, But psychologically, I think he just psychs himself out.
He has all these excuses for why he missed.
And you know what? I'm tired of listening to it.
Man, the california sun is hot.
Now, who do you guys think.
They're gonna vote into elimination? Bill and brad or bill and frank.
Maybe bill or brad, depending on who they like, Or, you know, whatever, hate the least.
Blue team's on a roll.
Second win in a row.
Our confidence is borderline arrogance at this point.
And our first loss is gonna be crushing to us, 'cause we're on a high.
I don't like to beat around the bush.
I'll tell you guys right now, I'm gonna vote for bill.
And I'll tell you why.
I can't vote for myself.
We're not allowed to do that.
The two other guys that missed were bill and brad.
Bill missed twice.
Brad missed once.
That's why I'm voting for bill.
Frank shouldn't have told anybody.
Who he was gonna vote for, Because once bill found out he was gonna vote for him, Bill told me that's when he decided.
He was gonna vote for frank.
You said exactly what was on my mind, as well.
Come on in, guys.
Red team, once again, You're back here at the nomination range.
And again, you'll have to decide.
Which two of you will compete tomorrow.
In the elimination challenge.
First let's talk about today's challenge.
Bill First challenge, you guys are shooting rifles.
Red team loses.
Second challenge, you're shooting pistols.
You guys lose again.
Is it safe to say at this point.
The blue team has better marksmen than you? Not safe to say that at all.
That's like calling a game in the first quarter.
Frank, had a couple of misses today.
No excuses.
No excuses.
I don't like crybabies.
Would you be surprised.
If your name ends up with the most hits today? I hope my name is up there.
You want to go to the elimination challenge tomorrow? I do.
All right, guys.
You know how it works.
You each have a target behind me.
When I call you up, You will shoot the target of the person you want to nominate.
Bill, you're up.
I'm fully expecting to have my name shot at at least once.
I'll be shooting at f rank's target.
Because he already told me he was gonna be shooting at mine.
Frank, you have one hit.
Andre, your turn to vote.
Bill, you have one hit.
Peter, you're up.
Brad, you have one vote.
I'm nominating brad today.
Because his discipline is pistol, And he shot just as many rounds yesterday as kelly did, And he failed his first shots.
We have a three-way tie - Brad, bill, and frank.
Denny, your turn.
Two votes for frank.
Kelly, you're up.
Two votes for bill.
I hope bill doesn't take it personally, But I know he's a competitor, and I know he wants to win, So I'm sure he's not gonna like it.
Brad, you're next.
Being at thnomination range sucks.
And nobody likes to eliminate anybody.
Pete had his own reasons for voting for me.
I had mine for voting for frank.
Brad, you have one vote.
Bill, you have two votes.
Frank, you have three.
I guess you got your wish.
You will be one of the two in the elimination round.
Now it's your turn to vote.
When we had our little pow-wow, our little team meeting, And I told bill, I said, "bill, I'm gonna nominate you.
" And you know what? I changed my mind.
Basically, I'm just tired.
Of listening to brad's excuses about the gun and the grip.
And the sun and the rotation of the earth.
He has all these excuses for why he missed.
And you know what? I'm tired of listening to it.
Well, guys, we have our first tie.
Here's how it's gonna work.
Frank, you're already in the elimination challenge.
You will not be involved in the tie-break.
Bill, you and brad are tied.
You two won't be involved in the tie-break.
The other four of your names are in this box.
If I pick your name, you will come up here.
And shoot the target of the person you want to compete.
In the elimination challenge.
Peter Looks like you'll cast the deciding vote.
Reason I welcomed my name being picked for the tiebreaker.
Is because I thought brad deserved to be there, And I knew I would be the only person to pick that, Regardless of how it would make me look.
Brad, frank - You two guys will go head-to-head.
In the elimination challenge.
I'll see both of you tomorrow morning at practice.
The rest of you, I'll see you at the challenge.
You guys can head back to the ranch house.
I definitely want to beat brad.
If I want to stick around, that's what I got to do.
I'm 100% good to go.
If I can't shoot a handgun tomorrow.
In spite of whatever preparation that I have, Then, well, I probably shouldn't be here.
Coming up on "top shot" The techniques have changed since I left s.
Exactly the opposite.
I can't wait to see what the challenge will be.
I came here to shoot.
I'm not here to play a voting competition.
Come on in, gentlemen.
Morning, fellas.
Welcome to the practice session for the elimination challenge.
All right, frank, brad, Your teammates have chosen you two.
To compete in the elimination round.
Once again, you'll be firing a beretta 92f piol.
But you'll be facing a new challenge now.
In addition to speed and accuracy, We've added a new element - motion.
We've invited practical shooting expert matt burkett.
To answer any questions you guys have.
You'll practice separately.
Frank, you're up first.
Found out I'll be using the beretta 92f again, And I'm not that happy about it.
What problems do you have with the gun? What bothers you about it? I don't like the grip.
Seat that gun in the hand like that.
Fingers underneath.
Thumb up nice and high.
You point your thumbs at the target.
You got a real close target, point your thumbs at it.
I could see by talking to matt.
That I think the techniques have changed since I left s.
Your right arm should almost be locked.
Your left arm relaxed.
Exactly the opposite.
Oh, okay.
The opposite of everything you ever learned, I'm sorry to say.
You know, the way I was trained to shoot.
Was that we would lock the elbow of our shooting arm.
You know, the technique matt showed me was just the opposite.
Whereas I'm left-handed, my right arm is straight, And my left arm is a little bit bent.
You're hot.
One of the key things I really wanted to work with both brad and frank on.
Was target transitions.
And being able to get that gun moving to left and the right.
As quickly as possible and accurately engage a target.
So, you know, round, round, round, round, Round, round, round, round.
There you go.
There you go.
Nice shot.
I learned a lot of good stuff from matt, So I'm gonna just try to apply it in the elimination challenge.
And I can't wait to see what the challenge will be.
How are you doing? Not bad.
You look like you're ready.
You got your eyes and ears on and everything.
Good to go.
Next up for practice is brad.
He's a little bit cocky, got a little bit of an attitude.
It's gonna be fun trying to work through that.
And see if we can actually help him out with his shooting.
A little bit.
Got any questions on any of this, Or do you want to start working on some transitions? I want to probably dial it in first.
I'm gonna first spend a couple of rounds.
Making sure the gun shoots straight.
Okay, so, you got four target boards over there.
Without a single hit in the middle.
What are you not doing right with the gun? What's the size of the target? I don't know.
That's what your target size is right now.
Well, matt was pretty much just telling me to, for transitions, To slow down a little bit coming into the other target, And I tend to throw a couple shots right.
Just because of the trigger control.
New gun and everything else.
I'm gonna try to correct it before this afternoon.
There you go.
Better on these.
You pushed that one.
I watched you.
You fired the gun as you were stopping it.
You were still moving around.
I don't know how brad's gonna fare.
In the elimination challenge.
He's got some good basics.
He's got some good shooting talent.
And if he does his job, he'll do very well in it.
If frank does exactly what I tell him to.
And moves forward with it, Then it's gonna be pretty close going into the challenge.
What's up, fellas? What's up? What'd they give you? Beretta.
It's eight targets, so it's like bang, bang, bang, Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.
Even though frank is a really good shooter, I think that my previous competition experience.
Will serve to my advantage in this event.
You know, I was trained, lock your arm out, Create inward tension with your non-shooting hand, You know, sight down your arm.
But it just feels very unnatural for me.
To straighten this arm out.
And now I'm wondering, you know, if I should mess around with My advice to you is, in all seriousness Yeah.
Never change anything before a match.
Okay? Because you're gonna screw it up.
Yeah, I know.
Honestly, I wish I didn't make it to the elimination challenge.
And hopefully, I'll be unpacking tonight.
I hope so, too.
We'll see.
I came here to shoot.
I'm not here to play a voting competition.
I'm hereo compete in a shooting event.
And fortunately, I'll get a chance to do that.
I was a cop for 24 years.
I was part of a s.
Team for 12 years.
I've handled hostage situations.
I was a rescuer at I've been in a lot worse situations than this.
I'm excited.
I think that the challenge is sitting in a seat.
Attached to a wire draped across the canyon.
I'll be sliding down there like a fighter pilot.
And firing at targets on my left and my right.
It's pretty damn awesome.
All right.
Red team, for the second time in a row, You are back at the elimination challenge.
Five of you are safe.
You can take a step right over here.
And have a front-row seat to the party.
Gentlemen, this morning on the practice range, You incorporated movement into your shooting, A very important practical skill for the modern marksman.
Well, we're gonna take that skill.
And add our own little twist.
For today's challenge, you will be shooting at targets.
While traveling down this zipline.
You'll each get one ride on the zipline.
With a beretta and 15 rounds of ammunition.
You'll start 100 feet high.
And reach a speed of There are targets on either side of the course.
Each target is worth one point.
There's also a pair of bonus targets worth two points.
When you get to the end, you will cross through red flags, And you must cease firing.
At the end of this challenge, The person with the lowest score is going home.
Brad, you'll go first.
Frank, so that you do not have an unfair advantage, We're gonna have you step away from the course.
So you can't see it while brad goes.
The zipline looked pretty cool.
To be able to shoot from a zipline, That's just really neat.
The person really needs to be able to aim.
And squeeze the trigger.
While they're moving at a high rate of speed.
Whoever thought this one up did a pretty cool job.
Coming up on "top shot" Go! Once you get down there, The targets really start coming at you quickly.
I came up with a game plan.
Okay, I'm gonna shoot the one on the left first, Then I'll shoot the target on the right.
You are one zipline away.
From either continuing in the hunt for $100,000.
Or packing your bags.
Marksman, ready Set Go! The first couple of shots are easy, Because everything is static.
But once you get down there, The targets really start coming at you quickly.
I see one.
But it looks like that one may be impacted.
A little bit right there.
Yes, sir.
You said you wanted to be in the elimination round.
Here you are.
About to see if you got what it takes to continue in this game.
Marksman, ready Ready.
Set Go! I had no idea where the targets would be.
I just reacted to them instinctively, And I brought the gun up to my eye and I shot.
No, there's one on the right.
He got that last one on the right.
See the corner? That was the first time I ever shot moving down a zipline, I'll tell you that.
I am quite glad I was not in this elimination challenge.
I think I'd be packing my bags and going home if I was in this.
Brad, you hit five targets.
Frank, you hit Five targets.
So, here's the good news.
You get to do it again.
Man, I wish it didn't come down to a tie.
All it would have took was one bullet.
One more hit, and I would have won.
Marksman, ready Set Go.
Marksman, ready Ready.
The second time around, I came up with a game plan.
And my game plan was, "okay, I'm gonna shoot the one on the left first, "then I'll shoot the target on the right, And I'll alternate.
" D I thought about it too much.
I should have just put the challenge out of my mind.
And just shot.
When it came to a tie, I should have played it safe, And after I made my first three shots, I should have just cleaned the right side.
But instead I decided to throw some rounds down range, And targets came at me pretty quick.
This time, there is no tie.
Brad, you have five hits.
Frank You have one hit.
Okay? Brad, rejoin your team.
Good job, young man.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Good job.
Frank, nice work.
Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, man.
You have officially taken your last shot.
I'll give you a chance to say goodbye to your teammates.
Brad beat me fair and square.
I might have lost the competition, But just the camaraderie and the respect and the affection.
That I got from my team and the blue team - I mean, that - you can't put a price on that.
Honestly, I'll walk away with my head high.
And I really do feel good about myself.
Another time.
Frank, you're a great guy.
See you in new york.
Good shooting.
I'm definitely happy that I'm still here.
I look forward to working with the red team.
To try and finally knock one down on the blue team.
But that being said, still, team red is losing one guy.
Red team! This experience has been awesome.
It was a good time.
On the next episode of "top shot" Meet the longbow.
The competition moves from firearms to bows and arrows You're dragging it.
We're out of our comfort zone.
Kelly angers bill Do you really think that anything is solvable.
Between that little punk ass and me? The marines grow tired of brad I'm mad because I'm a ipsc grand master.
I don't need to be competing with a bow and arrow.