Top Shot (2010) s02e07 Episode Script

Trick Shot Showdown II

Previously on "Top Shot" The Red Team proves their skills go beyond shooting.
It was an indescribable feeling.
The Blue Team sends two of its top performers to the elimination challenge.
Go! And a professional pistol shooter falls short.
Chris, you have fired your last shot.
The Blue Team better make some good decisions.
They better start getting into the game.
And tonight on a special episode of "Top Shot," it's a trick-shot showdown.
Teams will go head-to-head, competing in some of the most difficult exhibition shots in history.
Splitting a bullet on an ax-head, on the scale from 1 to 10, it's like an "eleventy.
" That's the best shot I've ever seen.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, earning the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" Hey! Guys.
It's a big relief to be going back to the house.
My goal was to make it until we got to the individual part of this competition.
And I feel certain that I'm gonna be there.
Thank you for the food we are about to receive.
Please watch over Chris as he makes his way back to his family in North Carolina.
We appreciate the time that he spent with us a competitor.
Knowing that we've reached the halfway point, it's kind of like the point of no return.
The teams are dwindling down.
There's still nine people in the house, and eight of them have to leave.
Good morning, shooters.
Good morning.
We are down to nine of you still competing for the title of "Top Shot.
" So far, we have seen your skills with a wide range of weapons.
But now we're gonna test your marksmanship with an entirely different skill Exhibition shooting.
I love trick shooting.
I'm the guy who re-created all the shots from the first season.
I'm comfortable that I can compete with anybody.
You'll be firing three different handguns The ruger security six .
357 Magnum, the colt 1911 automatic, and the .
38 official police.
You've already used the 1911 and the official police.
The ruger security six .
357 Magnum is new to the mix.
The security six is a rugged, double-action revolver.
When introduced, the gun was popular with law enforcement and civilians looking for personal protection.
You'll be using these guns to attempt some of the most famous shots in the history of exhibition shooting.
We've invited firearms instructor Steve Dorn to help you prepare for the challenge.
We'll go ahead and tell you right now These will be some of the toughest shots in the entire competition.
Trick shooting is an essential element of being a Top Shot because if you can't make these precision-type shots, then you really shouldn't be here.
Red Team, you guys will go first.
Blue Team, you can head back to the house and practice later.
Good luck.
See you at the challenge.
All right, the first thing we're gonna shoot is the colt 1911.
The object is to cut that piece of paper in half.
This practice round, we're shooting, like, a lot smaller targets, and we're shooting for more precise, well-aimed shots.
So it's definitely getting a lot tougher from here on out.
I think you shot one of those before.
When it comes to handguns and my team, for me to take over as the leadership role, it's a no-brainer, no different than when we were shooting a compound bow We put Chris Reed.
Keep it off this fatty portion because in recoil, it's gonna move.
It'll shift around.
From here, you cannot move that gun from between these two fat parts.
Good information.
Believe it or not, everyone has done trick shooting if you're a marksman.
If there's a nail on a target board, and you're like, "bet you can't shoot that nail.
" "Bet you I can.
" And you'll sit there and shoot till you hit the nail.
Nice shooting, bro.
That was high.
The .
38 It's just a crazy gun kind of, sort of to learn how to shoot.
The hard part for these guys is gonna be the double action.
Hitting over to the right now.
Good shooting, Joe.
Now you're good.
Good stick.
Joe has just amazed me in just about everything we've done so far.
He was picking off those little lollipop things like there was no tomorrow.
We have ourself a ringer.
Weak hand is just shooting with your non-dominant hand.
If you're a righty, that means you're shooting with your left.
Good shooting.
Good job.
Nice shooting, Chris.
If you look at Chris Reed today, he was better weak-hand shooting than strong-hand shooting.
And I think the reason why is because you're so alien to the whole feeling of shooting with your left hand only.
Good shooting, Chris.
So you really focus on your fundamentals a lot harder.
All right, in my opinion, Joe was the best overall.
On all of the different targets, y'all did very, very well.
You should have no problem with the challenges tomorrow.
Very cool.
Appreciate it.
See you tomorrow.
Overall, the practice went great today.
I think the Red Team's gonna be strong, and I think the Blue Team's gonna have a difficult time beating us.
Got it.
I'm excited about the trick shooting because that's one of my strengths is pinpoint, accurate shooting.
"My name's Daryl.
I came to bring the thunder!" Hit.
Good shooting.
This challenge is really talking about pinpoint accuracy, middle of the bull, and when you're shooting at a 2-inch lollipop from 30 feet away, you can't miss.
Trying to shoot those lollipops, I'm thinking, "that's a really small target," and this is by far the most precision shooting we've done here.
So you're kind of skeptical about your own abilities with it 'cause it's a double-action pull.
That's when you have to tell yourself, "I'm gonna hit these.
I'm gonna hit these.
" Nice [Bleep] Shot.
Dinging it.
The next station that we go to is with the ruger .
We're shooting off-hand, but only single-handedly.
Jay steps up and just blows it away.
Whatever I think, I can make my body do.
The expert said, "you shoot better with your left hand than most people shoot with their right hand.
" Nice job, Jay.
Don't ever shoot right-handed again.
I think we're gonna do okay tomorrow.
Nice shooting, Jay.
Good shooting weak hand, buddy.
Oh! Cool.
I'm doing well at this point.
I'm hitting consistently on these little bull's-eye targets.
This gun is starting to feel really good in my hands.
All right, Kyle's the best overall shooter.
You all did a fantastic job.
You're all great shots.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
After our practice, seeing what Kyle and Jay and Daryl did and myself, I was really impressed with how it turned out.
Every single person is pulling their weight at this point.
Walking up to the challenge, there's an ax-head stuck in a wall with a balloon on either side.
There's another station next to that with three mannequins sitting there smoking corncob pipes with targets behind them, a vertical row of plates, and then a horizontal row of plates.
I'm so ready right now it's not even funny.
Good morning, shooters.
Good morning.
Welcome to the team challenge.
Let's get right to it.
Out on the range are four stations where you will try to make a classic shot from the world of exhibition shooting.
At the first station, you will attempt to hit an ax blade Split the bullet, and pop two balloons on either side.
If you pop both balloons, you'll get one point.
There are 3 targets for a possible total of 3 points.
The firearm will be the colt 1911.
At the next station, using the .
38 official police revolver, marksmen will replicate a daring shot performed for years by exhibition shooter Bob Geesey.
He would shoot a pipe out of his wife's mouth.
You get one point for every pipe you hit For a possible total of 3 points.
At the third station, you'll be using both hands to fire two ruger security six .
357 magnums simultaneously.
are 3 sets of vertically stacked plates.
You'll receive one point for each matched pair hit at the same time.
And at the final station, there are also three pair of plates.
But we've increased the degree of difficulty by arranging them horizontally and separating them by 5 feet.
This shot takes years of practice to perfect, so it is going to be a huge challenge to make it, and the points reflect that.
You get 3 points for each pair of plates hit simultaneously, for a total of 9 points.
So if you get to that fourth station and you're behind, that is the place to make up some ground in this challenge.
Red Team, you outnumber the Blue Team, so the Blue Team is gonna get to sit one of you.
Daryl, do you know who you're gonna bench? We do.
Oh! Brian Zins.
Penalty box.
I think you've intimidated these boys over here.
I yeah, I guess so.
All right, I'll give both teams a moment to strategize and determine which member will attempt which shot.
Get to it.
Nobody was surprised the Blue Team sat me out.
Everybody knows this is what I do.
I'm a precision pistol shooter.
That ax blade? If you shoot through the white thing like we were shooting at that thing yesterday, it's gonna hit the side and only hit one balloon.
This is definitely a challenge I can contribute some help to my team.
I'm gonna put on my coach's hat.
Joe, shooting the pipes, that's bigger than what you were shooting at yesterday, killing it, though.
Who's gonna do the first one? You, Daryl? I guess that'll be me.
Ashley, what do you feel comfortable with? I feel most comfortable with those pipes.
I'm the only dude who hasn't been to an elimination challenge on the Blue Team.
I think I'm kind of self-inducing a lot of stress on myself 'cause I don't want to go.
I think no matter what stage you're going to, it's gonna be rough.
If we lose, 50% of our team's going to the elimination challenge.
Coming up on "Top Shot" You're talking about shooting a bullet onto the blade of an ax-head and splitting it into two pieces.
There's so much going on, and your brain's trying to do so many things at once, it's information overload at that point.
All right, you are about to attempt some of the most iconic exhibition shots in history.
The team that scores the most points wins, saves itself from elimination.
Losing team will be headed to the nomination rage.
Red Team, you guys are up.
Let's go, George.
All right, George.
George is gonna take on the ax.
Splitting a bullet on an ax-head It's a crazy-hard shot.
On the scale from 1 to 10, it's like an "eleventy.
" You're shooting at an ax blade.
It's skinnier than your front sight post on a 1911.
Marksman, ready SetGo.
The sun was shining from the right side, my 3:00.
The ax blade on the right was so lit up, you could see white and then nothing on the left side 'cause it's creating a shadow.
It's pretty much line up the middle of your sight post with the middle of the ax blade and hope for the best.
George pops one of the balloons, fails to pop the second.
No point.
You get two more tries.
You got it, George.
Just relax.
Marksman, ready SetGo.
He hit the blade on the left side.
All right, George, this will be your third and final attempt to put a point on the board for the Red Team.
Marksman, ready, set, go.
I hit the ax, but I just favored left.
To split that bullet head, you have to hit that thing dead center.
So I was probably a "millihair" left, and it just deflected left side.
Good try, George.
At this point, the blue team's feeling really good.
We have Daryl going up.
He did awesome yesterday on these very similar targets.
You got this, man.
George hit that blade twice out of his three shots.
Because it wasn't exactly in the center, it didn't split.
Marksman, ready SetGo.
You're talking about shooting a bullet that's .
45 inches across from 30 feet away onto the blade of an ax-head and splitting it into two pieces.
It is a very difficult shot.
Good try, Daryl.
Daryl pops the right balloon, but the left one is untouched.
No point.
My first shot, the sunlight on the blade made me pull it a little bit to the right because I was only seeing half the blade.
I compensated, went left just a little bit too much.
My second bullet went to the left.
Daryl, this is your final attempt.
Yes! Yeah! Nice job, Daryl.
Yeah! Connects on his final shot, giving the Blue Team a point.
That's the best shot I've ever seen in person, like, live anywhere.
That's the best shot I've ever seen.
Holy Nice job, man.
It felt fantastic.
It was pretty darn cool.
Nice shot.
Hey, Daryl, good shot, douche bag.
Thanks, man.
That was a tough shot.
Moving on to the second station and the .
38 official police, Blue Team leads 1-0.
Red Team, who's up? Joe Serafini is gonna shoot at the pipes.
Redeem me, Joe.
Joe's performance in this competition so far has been amazing.
He's kind of our understated sleeper guy.
He's the one that nobody's threatened by.
He's delivered in every challenge so far.
Walking up to the line with a .
38, I know I'm really capable of making these shots.
But it's game time, though, and sometimes it messes with your mind a little bit.
But I'm just trying to block everything out.
I barely hit the top of the pipe, but it still counts as a point.
Second one's a hit.
Joe goes three for three for the Red Team! Making it look easy.
Come on back, Joe.
Thank God.
First shot hit.
Second shot hit.
Third shot hit.
And he's like, "that's it?" Put the gun down, walked away like it was nothing.
Red Team takes the lead 3-1.
Blue Team, who's up? Ashley, go ahead.
Get it, ash.
Going into the second station, Daryl just pulled off an amazing shot, and I'm thinking, "if he can do that, Joe just did three for three, so I should be able to do the same thing.
" Go.
I missed.
So I looked at it, and I took a breath.
I said, "okay, okay, reset.
" And I took a shot at the second one.
Totally missed that one.
And I tried to reset and stay positive on the third one.
I don't hit the third one, either.
So I'm sitting there 0-3.
It's a weird feeling.
It's almost like I predicted how I'd perform, and maybe my negative mental attitude put me there.
But at the same time, all three of my shots were really, really close.
Red Team still leads 3-1.
Who's gonna be double-fisting the .
357 Magnum? Double-fisting.
Jamie up for the Red Team.
Let's go, Jamie.
Come on, Jamie.
Shooting two double-action revolvers simultaneously - I've never done that before.
- Go! You got to get two different sight pictures lined up, hold them both as you squeeze that long trigger pull with those .
357 revolvers.
If you concentrate on one arm, the other arm drifts off.
If you concentrate on the other one, the other one drifts off.
Jamie connects on his first shot! No points on his second attempt.
Nice shooting, Jamie.
Jamie goes 1 for 3, extending the Red Team's lead 4-1.
To be honest with you, I didn't expect Jamie to hit anything with it.
If he hit those plates, good on him, awesome shot.
Blue Team, who are you sending up? Kyle! Knowing that Ashley just came off of three misses was really tough.
I know that I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders now just to make up for the points that we missed on that second station.
Kyle, he's definitely our ringer.
I think the Red Team looks at him kind of as a joke.
And he's the one who beat them out in the speed challenge and finished them off.
Kyle can tie it up if he goes Marksman, ready Set Go! Shooting your weak hand, that's hard enough.
But when you incorporate your other hand and having to do the exact same movements, there's so much going on, and your brain's trying to do so many things at once.
It's information overload at that point.
Yeah! Yeah! Good try.
Kyle misses on his second attempt.
I hit the right, but I missed the left.
At this point, I can't really see where I've missed, either.
Move on to the third one, try to accommodate a little bit, and really give that left one a little bit more attention.
Good try.
Missed the left.
Hit the right again.
So in effect, I went 1 for 3, which isn't good enough to get ahead of the Red Team.
Red Team, you lead 4-2.
Because of the degree of difficulty and the fact that you can earn your team 9 points, this fourth and final challenge is the great equalizer.
Chris Reed, you're the only one that hasn't shot, so take your position.
Let's get to it.
Come on, bud.
Once again, arming up with a pair of rugers.
Shooting at three separate pairs of plates.
Here we go! Marksman, ready Go! I step up to the line, and I take aim on my pair of plates.
You know, I start to squeeze, and I'm starting to try to roll the action over on this gun and squeeze and squeeze and squeezing.
My right gun goes off, and my left one doesn't.
My left gun goes off.
So I busted both plates, but, of course, it didn't count because they're supposed to fire simultaneously.
I was like, "okay, I'm just trying to feel for that back wall of my trigger to get my trigger set.
" They both go off a lot closer together, but I only connect with one plate.
Chris is 0 for 2.
Focus, Chris! Okay.
I'm trying.
One final attempt.
Good try, Chris.
Up to this point, I've always contributed for my team.
You can't help but be disappointed letting your team down.
Good try, brother.
I can't get them to go off at the same damn time.
I couldn't feel the left one.
Chris is a pretty experienced marksman.
When he wasn't able to make the guns go off at the same time, I knew that this was gonna be harder than I thought.
I expect all of them to break.
All of them.
It's all in your mind.
I expect all of them to break.
All right.
This is for all the marbles.
Jay, you're up for the Blue Team.
Here's where it gets interesting.
All Jay needs to do is hit one pair and that will put the Blue Team in the lead.
They will win this thing.
Jay is amazing at picking something up that he has no experience with and automatically becoming very good at it.
This is definitely his station that he excels at.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! That's when the pressure built up, and I had to really think about how to execute this shot.
For the win.
Marksman, ready SetGo! I had to really think about how to execute this shot.
If you fire one gun before the other, it's gonna move you around a little bit, and you can easily miss the other target.
Jay misses on his first attempt.
Two more tries.
Two more tries.
You got plenty of time.
We're going, "okay, no big deal.
" Those are the furthest ones out.
So those would be the most difficult ones, to me, in my head.
He closes in on the next two.
Missed both.
That's when the pressure really built up.
And I aimed at the last pair.
Ugh! Good try, Jay.
Jay unable to break the plates.
That means Red Team wins.
Oh, boy.
Red Team's feeling pretty good.
I did my job trying to coach those guys and calm their nerves as best that I could.
They came through.
It's tough.
Well, congratulations, Red Team.
I don't know what you're having for dinner tonight, but Joe ought to get a heaping helping of whatever it is because he did carry you guys through this one.
Nice work.
You can head back to the house.
You're safe.
You know, this was such a difficult challenge.
However we got the win, we were proud to have it.
Man, I sure did pick a good team, didn't I? Blue Team, I can tell just by looking at you this was a crushing defeat for you guys today.
You are gonna have to send two more guys to the elimination challenge, okay? Head back to the house, think about it, and I'll see you at the nomination range.
I shoulder some of the weight of putting our team into elimination.
It's not a good feeling to go back to at the nomination range again.
We know that we have to nominate two people from our team, I was the one who went 0 for 3 today.
Me elimination.
That's where I'm going.
Ready? Yeah.
Okay, me and who? I'll make it easy and man up and say send me.
But as far as the other guy, I don't know.
So it's a tough one.
You got one.
So, obviously, you're splitting an ax.
That's pretty much impossible.
I thought that was the most difficult shot.
To split a bullet with a blade.
Yeah, that was a little difficult.
So you're definitely not on my list for who I would vote for.
And it would come down to either one of you two guys.
You got a point, and you got a point.
We didn't get any points.
I definitely think I have a chance of going to elimination.
I could have saved the team, and I didn't make a shot.
Hi, guys.
Blue Team, welcome back to the nomination range.
Ashley 0 for 3.
Joe smoked all three of them so, clearly, it's doable.
How'd you feel about it? This is a marksmanship competition.
You know you're gonna miss.
And it's just taken me this long to be the one who missed the most.
Well put.
Let's get to the vote.
Daryl, you'll be first.
That's one vote "Ashley.
" Kyle, you're next.
Ashley, you now have two votes.
Jay, your turn to vote.
I'm voting for Kyle because he and Ashley are the ones that haven't performed as much as Daryl and I have.
So, Ashley, you will be in tomorrow's elimination challenge.
Kyle, you have one vote.
Ashley, your turn to vote.
Who do I want to vote for? Am I gonna vote for Daryl? I don't know.
Am I gonna vote for Kyle? I don't know.
Am I gonna vote for Jay? I don't know.
Is it based solely on one competition or the entire overall competition? I don't know.
Jay's contributed in every single competition that we've had.
Daryl's also produced almost every single challenge that we've had.
So I kind of look at Kyle and go, "well Yeah, you know, there you are.
I guess that's you.
" Quick and painless.
That's how we like to do our nominations.
Ashley, Kyle, I'll see you two guys tomorrow morning at practice.
Jay and Daryl, I'll catch up with you at the challenge.
You can head back to the house.
I've been in the air force special operations command for 10 years, and in those 10 years, I've been deployed to multiple places throughout the world.
I've been in southeast Asia.
I've fought in Afghanistan.
My job is putting accurate firepower on enemy combatants using anything from the air or the ground.
The USPS shooters that were teaching me when you're going off-hand You take your strong hand, put it in yeah.
I'm in a great position.
Ashley's a special ops guy.
He shoots an m4, shoots pistols in a tactical setting.
But I don't.
I'm a competition sort of guy.
And that's what exhibition shooting is It's a pure civilian competition, and it plays perfectly to my strengths.
When the time comes, I'm not necessarily gonna look at Kyle as my enemy.
I'm looking at the challenge as my enemy, and Kyle just happens to be the other guy doing the exact same thing.
I'm ready.
Let's do this.
I'm ready to shoot a gun and kick Ashley off the show.
Coming up on "Top Shot" We've set up another classic from exhibition shooting.
I really don't have any experience that would set me up to shoot a gun upside down.
Where did that go? If I don't perform here, I'm gone.
Bring it on in, fellas.
Ashley and Kyle, welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
National and world pistol champion Taran Butler is here to help prepare you for the elimination challenge.
Once again, you'll be firing the ruger security six .
357 Magnum.
This next challenge takes exhibition shooting to a whole new level.
And it is going to require you to learn a very unusual skill.
You will be shooting upside down.
So you will have to make significant adjustments as you sight the target.
Ashley, you'll go first.
Kyle, you can head back to the house.
You'll practice later, all right? Good luck.
How's it going, sir? Nice to meet you, Ashley.
Well, as you can see by looking at this, this is gonna be kind of unusual.
As Colby said, we're gonna be doing some different kind of shooting.
And looking at this, you can see you're gonna be hanging upside down.
Seeing taran Butler there and knowing his status and stature that he carries in the competitive shooting world is a really big relief to me.
You want to do it as quickly as you can, as accurately as you can without hanging upside down for too long.
I know who he is, and I know he knows what he's talking about.
Knowing I'll be in an uncomfortable position, maybe it won't be that bad with somebody like this coaching me.
Shooting hanging upside down definitely is harder than shooting standing up.
But if you just apply the fundamentals of watching your sights and just squeezing, it isn't that much different than shooting standing up.
It's weird because as you go to draw, you have to take an extra second or so to figure out what's going on 'cause it's all upside down.
Steady and squeeze.
Go a little bit quicker.
Same spot for both of them, huh? Yeah.
High left.
Low right for you.
Where did that go? I don't know.
Try one more.
I know I wasn't that far off.
I see that one in the cardboard.
For my first string hanging upside down ever in my life, I feel like I did pretty good.
Now, let's be smooth the first round, see where the gun hits for you.
Do a smooth draw.
Steady those sights and squeeze.
See where everything's hitting for you.
Good shot.
That was low for you, high for me.
In your mind, everything is in reverse.
It's all flipped upside down.
So when you're shooting low to the outside or to the person standing upright, you're really shooting high, so it's very disorienting.
The advantage I think Kyle has going into this is his getting the gun up and ready again to fire again.
He has a very good chance to win with his speed.
All right, come on down.
You want to have that mental image of that sight picture for the good shots.
Build that into "what does it take to make that good shot?" So you carry it into the challenge.
I really don't have any experience in my day-to-day life that would set me up to shoot a gun upside down.
I don't do yoga.
I don't usually hang from trees.
But I think just with natural skill and shooting in practice, I think I'll come out on top.
Going up against Kyle is definitely not gonna be an easy task.
Like I said, a lot of other people in the house have discredited him.
He's been to one elimination already and come back from it.
So, obviously, he can adapt quickly and figure things out on the fly.
So I think it'll be really, really close.
Good luck.
Walking up to the challenge, Kyle and I see Colby standing there next to a huge circular contraption that looks like it's out of some horror movie.
I know in practice we shot upside down.
But that same contraption isn't there any longer.
It's totally different.
Come on over, fellas.
Jay and Daryl can find a spot on the bench.
You guys are safe.
I knew I'd be upside down shooting.
But when I see this wheel, it finally dawns on me that, "oh, I'm gonna be spinning around.
" Fellas, welcome to the "top shot" elimination challenge.
In practice, you got a little taste of what we have in store.
Now it's time for the full experience.
Behind me, we've set up another classic from exhibition shooting, the old' "hang and shoot upside down" with a "Top Shot" twist.
Here's how it's gonna work.
One at a time, you'll be strapped to the big wheel.
Then I'm gonna spin you around five times until you're upside down.
You'll then have to draw the ruger and shoot at 6 bottles set 35 feet downrange.
You will have six shots.
The shooter who hits the most targets wins.
The loser says goodbye to his chance of winning "Top Shot.
" Okay? We already flipped a coin to see who would go first.
Ashley, you're the big winner, so you go first.
Kyle, so you don't have an unfair advantage, we're gonna ask you to step away from the course while Ashley shoots.
Sounds good.
Make sense? Let's do this.
Ashley, step right up.
Have fun, man.
If I don't perform here, I'm gone.
So, okay, pin me up.
Let's go.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Taking aim on the second target.
I definitely feel pressure.
It's in fate's hands at this point.
It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.
For the elimination challenge, we're gonna spin you around till you're upside down, then have you fire at 6 bottles The marksman who hits the most targets wins.
The winner also gonna get a $2,000 gift card to bass pro shops.
Good luck.
I definitely feel pressure.
It's a different type of pressure that I'm not used to.
Here we go.
Right as he starts to spin me, I go, "okay, I'm gonna focus in on the middle bottle.
" I'm just like, "focus on that bottle.
Focus on that bottle.
Focus on that bottle.
" Did it help? I don't know.
But when you're strapped to a wheel of death, you try to think of anything you can.
Marksman, ready SetGo! I'm expecting almost to have a miss on my first one because of the dizziness factor.
Hits his first target! Ashley taking aim on the second target.
Nails the second target! Four more to go.
Ashley 3 for 3 with the ruger! Fourth target goes down! Two left, and he hits the fifth target! One target left! I have one shot left, and I'm going, "okay, okay, you can do this.
" Yeah! There it is! Perfect run for Ashley! Nice work! To go 6 for 6 and put it on Kyle's shoulders, that's all I can ask for.
Like, it's in fate's hands at this point.
Kyle, it is your turn, my friend.
Prepare to get dizzy.
Let's do it.
For the sake of fairness, we did not allow you to watch Ashley shoot.
It doesn't feel normal to be strapped to a board.
This is a very weird sensation.
Ready, Kyle? Ready to go.
Here we go! I just really focused on my breathing at this point.
I'm closing my eyes.
I feel extremely relaxed.
It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.
Marksman, ready SetGo! You think you're going to be holding the gun up, but really you're pulling it against gravity.
It's a very weird feeling.
Kyle's first shot is a hit.
Second shot with the ruger connects.
Third shot's a hit.
When Kyle starts hitting all the bottles, I said, "wow, this is really gonna be neck and neck.
" I know I'm going very quickly at this point, but I'm also dead on.
Kyle hits the fourth one! Misses the fifth one.
Kyle hits the sixth bottle.
Nice shooting, Kyle.
Five out of six.
I just hit five out of six bottles being upside down.
I'm actually feeling like I just won this challenge.
Well, shooters, those were two very impressive runs.
Kyle, you hit five out of six bottles.
Ashley, perfect run Six out of six.
Good work.
I'm glad he came off and won with a perfect score.
'Cause if you're gonna win and you're gonna beat me, it better be by a perfect score.
Ashley, come on over here.
Get your $2,000 gift card to bass pro shops, then you can rejoin your team.
Thanks, Colby.
Well, Kyle, we hate to see you go, but you have fired your last shot.
You've officially been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to these guys before you head out.
It hurts a little bit, you know? I came off of a good score.
Obviously, it wasn't good enough to win.
But I'm still really proud of how well I've done in this competition.
One bullet, man.
One bullet.
It should have been there.
Thank you.
I came here to shoot guns that I've never shot before in ways that I could never even conceive of.
You know, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I'm thankful for it, and I'll never forget it.
On the next episode of "Top Shot," the competition heats up.
We started with 16 competitors, and we've cut the field in half.
To level the playing field, it's back to marksmanship basics.
How many of you guys have a .
22 at home? Every one of you.
If we put enough eggs or clothespins or bottle caps or whatever, either you can hit it or you can't.
There's an exact replica of a carnival shootout.
Oh, man, this is gonna be awesome.
And the bullets fly at an old-fashioned shooting gallery.
This is a "kill or be killed" situation.