Top Shot (2010) s03e10 Episode Script

Odd Man Out

The individual competition begins With impressive performances.
In the end, top pistol competitor Mike Hughes is senhome.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a gauntlet of challenges until only one remains, to claim the $100,000 prize And the title of "Top Shot.
" - We're down to six.
- Mike Hughes is going home.
It's a tough loss for the whole group of guys, I think, but it does lighten the load of the competition a little bit.
Damn, good riddance.
Mike is a typical competition shooter.
Give him a quality firearm that shoots straight A Walther p38 And he's got problems with it.
There we go.
All right.
Just another example of a world-class shooter not being able to drive anything but his specialized race car.
I know this Why? Just because, like, he was just too dangerous.
What? Too dangerous.
I don't think so.
Like, I don't think anybody in here is dangerous right now.
Everybody wants to be chivalrous and do the noble thing and the right thing and all this, and I just laugh at them.
'Cause at the end of the day, you either win or you lose.
Good morning, marksmen.
Good morning.
Well, you've come a long way.
The field has been narrowed down to six competitors, but there is still a whole lot of shooting left to do.
As we get closer to the season finale, the level of competition is going to Ratchet up even more.
At this point, there are six guys left.
You are getting close, but anything can happen in these challenges.
And I will tell you right now, if you're gonna walk out of here a winner, you're gonna earn it.
And the final drive to the finish line starts right now.
With six guys left, the pressure's building.
Every bullet you fire, you know, brings you either one step closer to winning this thing, or you're one step closer to going home.
The firearm you'll be using today The infinity sight tracker.
It's a race gun, and it's a real sweet-looking gun.
Renowned in the speed-shooting community, the infinity sight tracker has been described as a state-of-the-art 1911.
After shooting some of the older weapons in the competition, working with this is gonna be like upgrading from a model t to a Ferrari.
Having an incredibly light trigger is part of what makes the infinity so fast, but also presents its own set of challenges.
And nobody knows that better than returning expert taran Butler.
For this practice, taran's gonna have you guys focus on transitioning between what may appear to be some haphazardly placed targets.
There is a very good reason for that.
You'll find out when you get to the challenge.
You guys, have fun.
I'll see you at the individual challenge.
Today in the practice, I'm gonna have you guys acquiring multiple targets Being able to focus and hit a target, and then kind of see again what's going on around you.
When you see a target and hit it, your eyes go to the next target.
Don't just follow the gun and be tunnel-visioned on the gun.
Your eyes want to go to whatever that next target is.
When your eyes go there, automatically the gun is gonna follow.
Excellent grip.
Do you have experience with this gun? Not this particular one.
I have a 2011.
It's pretty close.
Chris goes up first.
Right out of the gate, I see he's got a perfect grip Real swlid, real aggressive.
I'm gonna call two numbers, then "reload," and then two more numbers.
- Reload.
- That's a light trigger.
I mean, that's a very light trigger.
When you want it to shoot, it shoots.
You know, you sneeze and this thing's going off.
Oh, my God.
That's awesome.
Nice shot.
All righty.
Good job.
Yeah, I feel good.
How's my stance? Okay? It's good.
First time through, you just kind of fired at them.
I am definitely not utilizing that gun to its full potential.
Good squeeze.
It's a high-performance gun, and you've got to be a high-performance shooter to wring everything out of it.
Gary also had experience with the gun.
His grip looked good.
He was going a little slower than I expect.
But you know what? Nothing wrong with going slow and making your hits.
Dustin's up next.
His grip and stance is excellent.
He looks like a competitive shooter.
Dustin was fast and accurate in practice today, but every time I've seen him in a competitive situation, he's not that accurate with a pistol.
Let me see your grip and stance with this thing.
Jake picks up the gun.
His grip and stance to me was the only one out of everyone that I wasn't thrilled about.
What was the gun you said you liked to shoot all the time? A ruger p85.
Like, an old ruger.
Okay, does it have the same slide release? Yeah.
It's a tricky gun, it's just a new gun, and new guns are hard to shoot for a person that's not familiar with that weapon system.
Jake gets up there, and the first thing I immediately notice that he's doing wrong is he's crossing his thumbs over underneath the safety and applying pressure in the wrong places with his grip.
Obviously, we're gonna be shooting this gun fast.
It's made to go fast.
1 and 6.
Squeeze and aim.
I was able to get to a good comfort level.
And it's just a matter of accuracy.
We're looking forward to getting on the gun, and I think it's gonna be a really good competition.
Welcome, everyone, to the individual challenge.
The three best shooters automatically advance to the next round.
We will continue with our performance-based criteria to determine who's eligible for the nomination range.
The top three shooters today are safe.
The bottom three are not.
In today's challenge, you will compete one at a time, using the infinity sight tracker pistol.
Here's how it's gonna work.
we've set up an 8-foot-diameter circular board.
Note that it has cut into it.
Directly behind that board is another board with targets.
On my signal, the board in front remains stationary.
But the board in the back will rotate, exposing a pattern of targets.
The target wheel will stop in 10 different positions and remain there for 10 seconds.
During that 10 seconds, you must hit as many targets as you can.
Each of you will go one at a time and shoot for one full rotation.
Again, the top three with the most hits continue in the competition.
The bottom three are up for the vote.
In case of a tie, the shooters who use the least amount of ammo will rank ahead.
All right, guys.
Let's do this.
We've determined the shooting order with a random draw.
Chris, come on up.
You'll shoot first.
Good luck, Chris.
So, I'm walking up to the platform, I'm looking at this wheel.
You know, I can only shoot my game, so that's what I'm doing.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Jake clearly is having some sort of problem.
Ohh! That stuff's moving real fast.
I'm just trying to keep up with it.
That's a hit! This next challenge will be the ultimate test of your quickness with the infinity.
Your job is to shoot the targets as they are revealed to you by a rotating wheel.
The three marksmen who hit the most targets will advance in the competition.
The bottom three will be eligible to be nominated for elimination.
Fellas, for this challenge, we're gonna have you guys step away from the course until it is your turn to shoot.
Marksman, ready Set Go! First set of targets revealed.
Chris is already on the course, shooting all around it.
Now he hits his first target! Hits his second target in one shot.
Those disappear.
Waiting on the second round.
Got another hit.
Three hits.
Four hits.
I'm not nervous at all.
I do think semiautomatic pistol is one of my strong suits.
Chris 'ooting excellent on that round.
Loaded up, back on the course.
Now he's just ambushing them as they come around.
Either I hit or I miss.
And just fire and I shoot the best game that I can.
Cease fire! That's it.
All right, Chris.
You hit 27 targets.
Come on down and take a seat on the bench.
All the way over to the left, please.
All right, let's bring in the next shooter.
Gary, you're up.
Good luck.
Thanks, buddy.
I always go into these challenges with the mind set that I'm not gonna shoot any faster than I can accurately engage my targets.
At the end of the day, this is always about marksmanship.
Marksman, readySet Go! Gary's got his first set of targets showing up.
That's a hit! Gary gets his first hit.
Now the second round of targets gets exposed.
Gary gets his second hit.
And a third.
There's a lot going on.
There's a lot of visual stimulus with the targets changing, and you're trying to keep track of how many unds you've fired.
Gary hits another target.
It's really easy to lose your train of thought.
- Ohh! - Misses on that last shot.
Got to reload.
Having trouble on those targets that are high.
That's a hit! Gary has found his sweet spot.
I'm really finding my groove here, and I think I've found the rhythm that's working for me.
And I'm doing really well.
- That's a hit.
- A little high.
And about the time I really start to set into that Cease fire! That's it.
Colby throws his arms up and, "cease fire.
" It's all over.
All right, Gary.
How'd you feel about that run? I felt all right.
Pretty good.
You hit 23 targets.
Chris hit 27 of them.
- Ugh! - All right.
Come on down and take a spot on the bench.
I'm four less than Chris.
Good shooting, man.
That was a good run, buddy.
Yeah, thanks.
I feel pretty good with that.
All right, let's keep it going.
Alex, you're up.
Marksman, ready Set Go! That's a hit! Alex gets two targets out of that group.
The gun worked flawless for me.
In fact, I think it's a neat little gun, but I didn't move to another target quick enough.
Alex reloads once again.
Direct hit! Right in the middle.
Three hits! Four hits! Alex picking up the pace on that round! That's a hit.
That one will count.
Cease fire! I took way too much time on some of those targets.
I knew it sucked.
That was my first thought.
It was like, "I would love to do this over again.
" Alex, Chris hit 27 targets.
Gary hit 23.
Where do you think you fall in there? I don't know 15.
You hit 23.
So you and Gary are tied, and as I've told you guys in the beginning, to break a tie, we go to round count.
So, it took Gary 47 bullets to hit 23 targets.
You beat him by one bullet 46.
Wow! All right.
So go over there and sit in between those two guys.
You're in the number 2 position.
Gary, you are now on the bubble.
Good shooting.
I beat him by one, so literally by a hair.
- All right, Jake.
- It is your turn.
Step right up.
I truly don't care what I shoot, how comfortable everybody else is.
I know I can shoot well enough to get into that safe zone and not even be eligible for elimination.
Marksman, readySet Go! Jake up with the infinity, waiting on his first target to come out, hits on his first shot.
Second shot is a miss.
Third shot's a hit.
Second round of targets is up.
Hits on his first shot at those.
Jake shooting just low.
Hits another target! Jake getting reloaded.
Third group of targets is up.
Gets three targets on that round.
Jake clearly is having some sort of problem.
The safety's up.
Safety's up.
Safety's up.
It's obvious to those of us on the line.
I mean, you can see that he clicked the safety up.
He figures it out.
Jake misses to the right.
But he definitely lost a few seconds there and probably got a little frustrated doing so.
All he has to do is put the safety off and go back to work.
You know, Jake doesn't handle malfunctions very well, and it's having a very adverse effect on his performance here in the challenge.
That's a hit.
Cease fire! I don't care how many shots it took him.
I'm thinking, "good!" "At least there's one other guy below me, 'cause I had a horrible day.
" Jake, you hit 19 targets, so that puts you at the bottom of the pack.
You can stand next to the bench over there.
You could instantaneously see a shift in Jake's attitude.
You know, he started rolling his eyes and making the faces.
So, here's where we're at.
With that run, that means, Chris, you are guaranteed to be safe, okay? Regardless of how the last two shooters perform.
And that also means, Jake, you are for sure eligible for nomination to go into the elimination challenge, all right? And you had a pretty good run going there.
Stumbled a little bit with the safety on that thing, but you finished up strong.
You think that cost you some time? I don't really care.
Moving on.
Let's bring the next shooter in.
- Dustin's a great shot.
- He did well in practice.
I think he's really proven himself.
Marksman, readySet Go! That's a hit! Ohh! Two out of four on that round.
Gets another hit! Another hit for Dustin! Every time it rotates, I try to reload so I have just a fresh mag in and plenty of rounds.
Very quick on the reload.
Misses one there.
Now he picks it up.
Two hits.
Another hit.
Dustin just keeps shooting.
You know, it's a hit after hit after hit.
Now he picks up the fourth and the fifth target on that round.
Three hits.
Four hits! Cease fire! - I had so much fun.
- I don't care if I win or lose.
This thing was awesome.
Nice run, Dustin.
You hit 31 targets.
That puts you in the lead.
Make your way over to the left side of the bench.
Good job.
Good shooting.
That was fun.
He had a terrific run.
You know, I'm gonna get shifted off that bench.
I'm standing up there in the bottom three.
Right now it's just me and Jake.
One shooter left.
Let's bring in Phil.
Being the last one to go gets a little stressful because you're not sure of how the other competitors did.
You have to go out there blind and just go and shoot your match.
Marksman, ready Set Go! That's a hit! Two hits for Phil! Third target is hit.
Connects with that one.
That's gonna count as a point.
Phil hits another target.
And a third target.
He's hitting targets.
It looks like he's hitting targets left and right, you know, really good.
That's a hit.
Two hits.
Cease fire! Phil, you hit 22 targets.
He's got 22! I'm like, "did he just say '22'?" 'Cause that means he did worse than me and I made it.
All right, so that puts you right in the middle of the bottom three.
Take your position in between Jake and Gary.
By one bullet.
I'm in the top three by one bullet.
Dustin, Chris, and Alex, congratulations.
You guys finished in the top three.
You are safe for now.
You are guaranteed to continue on in this competition.
That means Gary, Phil, and Jake, you three guys are all susceptible to getting voted into the elimination challenge.
All of you will have to decide who has the skills to remain in the competition and who has to compete for the right to continue.
I'll see all of you later at the nomination range.
I'm sure there will be some discussions at the house.
Nothing but tough decisions left to make for you guys.
You can head back.
Coming up on "Top Shot" First of all, mother you can't say nothing's fair.
It kind of is the same thing that happened last time.
I don't give a He kind of just threw a temper tantrum.
This is the easiest vote I've ever had to make.
How are you voting, Jake? Don't know, man.
How you gonna vote? How are you voting? Vote for myself, 'cause I had the least number of targets and It's all we can do, and that's the fairest way to do it, going based off of targets hit.
First of all, mother you can't say nothing's fair.
I never said it was fair.
You said, "the fairest way to do it is" Okay, the only way to do it then.
That's a better way to put it.
The only way to do it is to vote for the two worst shooters, statistically, on paper Me and you.
That's the only way to do it.
I don't know.
Then shoot I don't know.
No, I'm not sitting here Trying to plead a case for myself.
- I know you're not.
- I don't really give a Jake doesn't take rejection very well.
It's, all the time, why he shouldn't be going.
There's always some cause of failure outside of his realm of control.
It's the course of fire, it's the obstacle course was this, that, and the other thing.
It's never Jake.
All right.
We'll see how it turns out.
There's no sense dwelling on it.
Jake has his point of view, and that's the end-all be-all in Jake's book.
It's very hard to talk to Jake.
It's very hard to calm Jake down.
Welcome back, everyone, to the nomination range.
Based on their performances in the individual challenge, Dustin, Chris, and Alex are safe.
So only Gary, Phil, and Jake are eligible to be nominated for elimination.
Jake, you'll be first.
There's quite a few reasons somebody would want to vote for Jake.
One is that he's the poorest performer.
The second reason He doesn't handle defeat and losses very well at all.
Dustin, you're up.
Jake did have a poor performance today.
The unsportsmanlike attitude just kind of helps me lean that way further.
Jake and Gary each have one vote.
Chris, your turn.
Jake shot Gary's target.
I have to shoot Phil's to ensure that Jake doesn't have any power in this.
It kind of locks Jake into having to fight Phil.
Gary, you're up.
This is the easiest vote I've ever had to make.
He was the worst performer of the day, he's the least likable person in the house.
It's just a super-easy decision.
Phil and Gary each have a vote.
Jake has two votes.
Alex, you're up.
Sorry, man.
Don't worry about it, bud.
Phil and Jake, you guys have two votes.
Gary, you have one.
Phil, you're the last man to vote.
Phil and Jake, you two guys will go toe-to-toe tomorrow in the elimination challenge.
You'll have practice before that, and then, ultimately, it will come down to your performance.
That will dictate whether or not you continue in this competition.
You guys can all head back to the house.
To shoot against Jake, it's personal.
You want so badly to send somebody like him home.
I'm pretty excited about it.
Once we get back to the house, Jake grabs his target and he says he's gonna be the first person in "Top Shot" history to nail their own target to the wall before he leaves.
And that's exactly what he did.
Take it easy, boys.
It kind of is the same thing that happened last time he got voted on to go to elimination.
He kind of just threw a temper tantrum.
He's afraid of losing, and so he'd rather quit than have a chance at losing.
You know, it's like, at least stick it out for a day, you know? You have a chance.
You can fight your way out, but he just chose not to.
Jake can't handle it The stress, whatever it is, the rejection.
I mean, he didn't make his shots today and he just blew up and said, "you know what? I'm out of here.
" There's literally thousands of people that applied to this.
They'd love to be here.
To quit You can't even fathom that.
I'm at the point now where I don't give a anymore.
I've been here long enough, I can go home and see my wife and hang the out.
I'good, man.
I got 10 episodes in.
I'm out.
We're all sitting around in the house talking.
Then, all of a sudden, you know, Colby comes walking in.
What's up, fellas? Well, regardless of what happened with Jake, Phil, you were voted into the elimination challenge.
You will have to compete tomorrow to stay in this competition.
You find out tomorrow morning who you will compete against.
I need all of you guys to come to practice first thing in the morning, okay? All righty.
Have a good night.
Thanks, Colby.
Out of the six remaining guys in the house, I would have liked to shoot against Jake.
You know, it was an opportunity for me to send him home.
Now that that's been taken away, we don't know what's.
Coming up on "Top Shot" For the first time ever, a marksman has quit in the individual stage of the competition.
Phil will be competing in the elimination challenge today.
The question is, who will be his opponent? I'm sure it's running through everybody's head.
Are they on the chopping block still? Who am I shooting against? Now that Jake's gone, we're sort of looking at each other wondering, "who am I gonna shoot against at this point?" And I'm sure it's running through everybody's head.
Are they on the chopping block still? Welcome, everyone.
"Top Shot" is all about competition to see who shoots the best.
While it's true you can be voted into the elimination challenge, the bottom line is, if you shoot well, you will stay in the competition.
Jake, for whatever reason, has decided not to compete.
So we are moving forward, guys.
All of you have made it to the individual stage of the competition, and you have earned it through superior marksmanship skills.
And it's in that spirit that Phil will be competing in the elimination challenge today.
The question is, who's gonna be his opponent? To deal with this situation, "Top Shot" has a rule in place.
In the event of a shooter refusing to compete at the individual stage, the last shooter eliminated will take his place.
We're gonna bring back a marksman who also made it to the individual stage Somebody who has proven he is more than willing to compete.
As the last person eliminated, he is definitely worthy of a second chance.
Mike Hughes.
I'm gonna send his ass home again.
It brings a big smile to my face, mostly because I had a dream last night that they brought back Mike Hughes, and I couldn't believe that it actually happened.
It was kind of crazy.
Hey, fellas.
Big Mike, buddy, good to see you back.
Good to be back.
They're giving Mike an opportunity to get himself back into the competition.
Why not bring in the last guy eliminated, have him fill that void that Jake left? I think that's pretty fair.
Welcome back, big Mike Hughes.
Well, you don't know exactly why you're here, and I'm not gonna get into all the details.
But suffice it to say, Jake is no longer in the competition, so you're taking his spot.
But you're gonna have to shoot your way back into the game.
You don't just get to go back to the house.
First thing you've got to do is take on Phil.
The winner of that goes back to the house.
All right.
Phil and Mike, you guys can stick around.
The rest of you can head back to the house.
I'll see you at the challenge.
All right.
Good luck, Phil.
Good to see you back, man.
If you had to pick one person to bring back in Jake's stead, I'm glad that it's Mike Hughes.
Good to see you.
Yeah, good to see you, buddy.
Mike is a solid guy, and to see him come back in the place of Jake was, in my opinion, refreshing.
All right, guys.
Let's get to it.
Next you'll be shooting a firearm that is the military sniper rifle of more than 20 countries World-Wide.
The sako trg rifle.
If you're a deer Hunter, you've probably shot a similar bolt-action rifle.
However, the sako trg performs much more precisely.
Shooting instructor Michael Voigt is here to help you prepare for the elimination challenge.
Michael is president and C.
Of the United States Practical Shooting Association.
The skill you need to focus on today is getting comfortable shooting from a kneeling position.
Michael's got a unique approach to that.
He's gonna show you how.
I suggest you listen to him.
It could be the difference between whether or not you stay.
You'll practice separately.
Mike, you're going first.
Phil, you'll practice later.
Good luck to you, brother.
Good to see you, man.
Good to see you again.
I got another lease on life.
I got another opportunity.
This is great.
I get to train with Mike Voigt.
All right.
Hi, Mike.
Let's get after this, here.
Good to see you.
Mike comes up for the practice.
And I know Mike from the pistol-shooting circuit.
All right, let's take a look and let's find a position for you.
As soon as we get on the gun, he's not quite as familiar with it.
What's unique about this shooting position is it reverses the knees, so we've got the front of the weapon stabilized on the bags, but the back of the weapon we're gonna stabilize on on the body.
So, that right knee's up, the right elbow's on it, and the front of the gun is stabilized up front.
Now go ahead and take your whole body and just push it forward.
Yeah, okay.
The stance felt incredible stable, even though it was kneeling.
All right, let's get some bullets in there and do some shooting.
Everything we're gonna do here is to make them go faster.
The precision's still gonna be there, but I want them to hit as quickly as they possibly can.
You're about 11:00 About a quarter inch off the orange dot.
With this technique, we're gonna freeze the front end of the gun on the sandbag, and the back end of the gun, as we move the body back and forth, is gonna get us from target to target.
But I'm gonna make that adjustment with my body just by rolling on that left heel.
Good hit.
A little high-right.
One of the thinks he's really good at is that precision movement, the manipulation of the guns.
All of that's gonna be real normal for him.
The speed's not gonna bother him.
You're right at 6:00, kind of bottom of the diamond.
Good shot.
That feels really good.
I come to the end of the practice, I'm feeling good.
And I'm ready to just jump right in and get back in the mix.
How you doing? Great.
How are you? Mike Voigt.
Nice to meet you.
Phil shows up at practice.
He's got great rifle skills.
So we go right into the detailed portions of what he needs to do.
So, if we've got a target here and I'm bringing that aiming point over We've got that small, green dot inside there As that comes onto the target, it's much easier if I start pulling the trigger here, instead of trying to make that shot perfect.
As soon as practice starts, I'm very excited to get behind this gun.
It's got a lot of precision to it.
Okay, so I'll shoot at the 100, and we'll see where I'm hitting.
All right.
I sighted in, I'm hitting right inside that diamond, right where I need to be.
Good shot.
You're within an inch of the center of the target each time.
One of the things we're gonna do is teach him how to load this magazine efficiently.
There's a good possibility they may need to reload it during the challenge.
Good hit.
Good hit.
Good hit.
Dead center.
The only thing that I would work right now "How quickly can I get on the trigger and make a good shot?" Right now you're making tt shot perfect.
I think Phil's done great.
He's got everything he needs to know in order to win this challenge.
Still inside of the triangle? Way inside.
Phil's got a better skill set for this, but Mike's gonna be solid on this.
He knows he's coming a little bit behind.
This is not his normal thing, and through competition, Mike knows that what he needs to do is not make a mistake here.
- I think it'll be a good challenge.
- Yeah.
It'll be a good challenge, and, I mean, that's Phil's thing.
That's where Phil's most comfortable.
There's Phil.
What's going on, man? Hey.
I'm a little nervous at this point.
Just because it's my first elimination that I've been to, there's that added sense of pressure.
This is my first time that I've got to shoot to stay here.
If there's anybody else in the house to shoot a bolt-action rifle against, it's Mike.
You have a 1 in 4 chance he'll forget to put a magazine in.
We'll see, man.
I'm gonna try my best.
I taught myself how to shoot, for the most part, you know? I started on b.
Guns and got into it and just went out, and I started teaching myself.
Now that I've made it this far, the end goal is in sight.
It's to actually win this thing.
Throughout this competition, there's seldom been a blowout.
I mean, for the most part, it's come down to the wire, and it's been very intense.
And I've got a feeling this is gonna happen for this challenge.
Close range with a precise weapon.
I thought never in a million years I would be standing back on these "Top Shot" ranges.
When windows pass by, of opportunity, I'm one to capitalize.
I'm feeling very confident when we come over the hill.
I see the targets There's 20 of them.
I see Mike standing there.
He's looking ready to go.
I know for a fact being given a second opportunity to prove yrself and roll back into the green team that he's gonna be twice as dangerous as he was when I went up against him.
Afternoon, marksmen.
Well, let's get to it, gentlemen.
For one of you two, the end of the line is almost here.
Out on the range are two matching displays of 20 light-fixture targets hanging from sets of wires.
The targets first cross your field of vision horizontally at 75 yards, then they're gonna zig-zag all the way back to 100 yards.
This'll be a head-to-head shootout using the sako trg rifle.
Shooters will assume the kneeling position with the rifle's bipod perched on the sandbags, with the remainder of the weapon's weight being supported by the shooter himself.
On my signal, you'll start taking out targets, in order.
You will have two pre-loaded 10-round magazines.
If it takes you more than 20 rounds to complete the course, you will have to hand-load.
The marksman who knocks out his 20 targets first wins and continues in this competition.
The loser will be sent home.
All right, fellas.
Take your positions.
Let's do this.
Good luck to you, bro.
Good luck, guys.
Good luck, guys.
Phil, he shoots a lot of three-gun.
He has a lot of rifle craft.
Today I have my work cut out for me.
This is is gonna be a great challenge.
Coming up on "Top Shot" We are dead even! When you're hearing all the shots go off, Colby screaming, it makes it all a bit more exhilarating.
That's it! It is time for the elimination challenge.
Using the sako trg rifle, you will go head-to-head to try to take out your targets before your opponent takes out his.
Whichever marksman knocks out all of his targets first wins and avoids elimination.
As for the loser, it is lights out.
The winner of every elimination challenge not only stays in the competition, but also receives a $2,000 gift card to use at Bass Pro shops.
Here we go.
Marksmen, readySet Go! Phil drops one of his magazines off the platform and has to load the other.
Mike connects with his first shot.
Now Phil gets a hit.
Both men hit their second target.
Both hit their third targets! We are dead even! They are flawless through the first four targets.
- Boom.
- The first five targets go down.
Hearing all the shots go off, Colby screaming, it makes it all a bit more exhilarating.
And another simultaneous hit.
Still neck and neck.
Mike misses.
Phil hits.
He's taken the lead.
Now he misses.
Mike hits, but Phil answers.
Now he has to jump off e platform to get the magazine that he dropped.
Phil fumbled the magazine, and he lost probably 5 seconds because of that.
And Mike caught up.
Mike hand-loading a single bullet into the sako.
Mike takes the lead.
He now switches to his second magazine.
Phil with another miss.
Phil ties it up again.
We are halfway through.
Another two hits.
Now Phil goes out in front.
Phil not allowing Mike to take back the lead.
Phil with another miss.
Mike now starting the final string.
Neither shooter giving an inch.
Phil has now used up both pre-loaded magazines and has to hand load the rest.
Mike has tied it up.
Mike retakes the lead, Phil struggling to reload.
Mike down to his last target.
Phil is running out of time.
That's it! Cease fire! Cease fire! Right off the bat, what I didn't want to do was rush the magazine load.
The magazine flew completely off the platform onto the ground.
As soon as this magazine hits the ground, my plan changes completely.
Now I go into crisis mode.
I load the gun.
I fire my first 10 rounds, bench the weapon as fast as possible, jump off the platform, grab this magazine, get back on the gun, and load it.
At this point, I'm trying to shoot as fast as I can.
I went way too fast.
I had two misses, so now my mind is racing, thinking, "you're gonna have to reload the gun.
" I hear Colby saying, "Mike's only got a few more.
" I had to reload still.
Cease fire! You know, mental mistakes, they kill you in this game, they really will.
I made two today.
I rushed a magazine load.
That second mental mistake of rushing my shots cost me.
Well, Mike, congratulations.
You took out all 20 of your targets first.
You have earned your way back into this competition.
Come on down here and get your gift card.
You can rejoin these guys in the green jerseys.
Hey, quite a battle, buddy.
Very good.
It was great to compete, it was great to get a win, but it's mixed feelings, too.
I mean, it's a shame to send Phil home like that.
I mean, he's a great shooter.
Welcome back.
I know I got a second chance.
Phil, that dropped magazine cost you that challenge.
The first 10 seconds.
Unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've been eliminated.
Come on down, say goodbye to these guys.
Hey, thanks so much.
Good shooting, dude.
Thank you.
Tough break.
Mike absolutely earned his way back in from the competition itself today.
Stay in touch, man.
I will.
And it does suck to see Phil go, but that's what we all came here to do, is compete on the individual level.
Mike got me, and good for him.
He had to shoot his way back into this thing.
He certainly did it today.
And it was outside of his element to go out there with a bolt-action rifle.
That's my backyard Precision rifles.
You can't be angry about it when you lose, 'cause I've been here and I've shot some really cool guns and I met some really good guys.
I just Hope that I conducted myself in a manner that will make my family proud.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" God almighty! That's really cool.
That looks like more fun than any carnival ride I've ever been on.
The shooters will have to survive the hardest Wildest Most intense challenge ever on "Top Shot.
" I definitely didn't imagine we'd be strapped to some contraption and spun This is absolutely the hardest thing I've ever had to do with a gun in my hand.
This is gonna be crazy.
I'm not sure how this is gonna work out for any of us.