Top Shot (2010) s04e11 Episode Script

Have Machine Gun Will Travel

Previously on "Top Shot" Boom! Gary shank survives Nice run! his first elimination challenge.
That was awesome.
Chris Aim low, buddy! and Greg Ohh! Get off to a bad start.
Greg wins.
But they rebound to go deep into the competition.
That's it! Cease fire! Consistent performances from Kyle and Augie help them avoid elimination.
Damn right, baby! Now, in the last episode before the season finale All five face off to see who makes it to the final four.
This is the coolest thing that's ever happened on "Top Shot.
" There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country and from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges until only one remains, to claim the $100,000 prize and the title of "Top Shot.
" This was my first elimination challenge since I entered this competition, and it feels good to be able to prove to the green team and everyone watching that just because I'm not military-trained doesn't mean I can't do the same tactical things.
I play with the same guns they do.
It dawns on me that I've now got a 20% chance of winning this whole thing.
Gary had a hell of a run.
The kid can shoot.
And he's been underrated the entire time he's been here.
There's a couple of us in the house, I think, that have been underrated the entire way.
We're still in the house, and you can probably look forward to some surprises in the end, as well.
Oh, boy.
He's got it covered up.
Look at the tarp.
Wow! Colby is standing there next to the table, and there is some sort of weapon covered under a cloth.
It looks like it's some sort of tripod-mounted weapon.
I'm very excited for what this weapon might be.
Morning, shooters.
Morning, Colby.
Welcome to practice for the individual challenge.
With Chee leaving, we are down to a lean, mean five.
One of you is gonna take home the $100,000 and the title of History's "Top Shot.
" You're also gonna collect a contract to be a professional marksman.
But there can be only one champ.
This next firearm changed history.
Mounted on everything from planes to tanks or carried into battlefield, it was the preeminent gun for suppressive fire during world war ii.
Oh, man.
The 1919.
This is the Browning m1919.
When Colby unveiled this 1919 belt-fed Browning, we are all ecstatic.
These things are rare, they're valuable, and they're just awesome.
The m1919 is the unsung hero of the greatest generation.
It is a belt-fed, .
30-caliber, air-cooled machine gun.
This bad boy spits lead up to 1,500 yards away.
Do any of you fellas have any experience with a fully automatic m1919? Uh, no.
I feel that I might have a little bit of an advantage with this weapon.
I've been dealing with belt-fed machine guns since I joined the military in 1998.
To get you ready for the individual challenge, we've invited back former Navy S.
Craig "Sawman" Sawyer.
Morning, sawman.
Hey, Colby.
I don't have to tell you to have some fun.
You're going to.
No, sir.
I'll see you tomorrow at the challenge.
How's it going, guys? Hi.
Good to see you again.
Good to see everybody.
All right, you guys are gonna enjoy this one, I promise.
Oh, heck, yeah.
For the practice today, I'm having the competitors shoot the m1919 from a mounted position at multiple targets.
I've never shot the Browning 1919 before, and I've never even shot a belt-fed machine gun.
As Gary starts releasing more than one round at a time, he quickly sees that weapon recoils and jumps pretty well, even on a mounted position.
The first round is hitting near the bull's-eye, but the next one is maybe a foot and a half high and right.
I've never fired any automatic weapons, and I am really excited to get on this gun and see what I can do.
I'm having a great time.
Shooting a gun like this is amazing.
Right now I don't think there's too much that I need to worry about, but we'll see what happens.
All right.
Let's do this.
All right.
Let's do it, man.
I don't know anything about this weapon other than I have seen it in world war ii movies.
But I've never been around it when it's been fired.
Good accuracy.
I know we have a couple of former military guys, Augie and Greg, who have fired belt-fed machine guns, and so they may have a bit of an advantage going into this, but I won't make it easy for them.
I was a 240 and 249 gunner and taught both of those weapons regularly.
I know my way around a machine gun.
That gun is a blast to shoot.
If you get a chance to shoot it, you should shoot this gun.
Augie is able to get the 4-inch separation, which is pretty good with this weapon.
Just as I expected, Greg and Augie they both seem to know what they're doing pretty well, but at the same time, the other three of us, we're getting it figured out, and so this will be anybody's game.
As I walk up to the challenge, I see Colby standing next to nothing, which usually means big surprise.
Fellas, welcome to the individual challenge.
Well, I told you in practice you were gonna have to work on your control.
Now you're gonna find out exactly why.
The Browning m1919 is an iconic world war ii weapon.
Today you're gonna get a taste of what it was like to be a world war ii machine gunner.
This big, metal half-track comes thundering down the trail.
I'm just thinking, "this is the coolest thing that's ever happened on 'Top Shot.
'" That is wicked.
This is what I came here for.
You don't get to do things like this anywhere else.
It was something to see.
It really was.
Now, that's what I'm talking about, right there.
This thing is just awesome.
This is the stuff that dreams are made of, and we're living the dream.
You'll be firing the Browning from a mounted position on a world war ii m2a1 half-track.
This half-track was actually deployed in the european theater during world war ii.
You'll be positioned in the half-track as it maneuvers across the battlefield.
varying in size from 12 to 25 inches, will appear 25 to 100 feet downrange.
Your mission is to use accurate, controlled fire to hit as many targets as you can.
The two shooters who hit the most targets will move through to the final four and are safe.
The remaining three are not.
They're gonna be eligible for nomination into the elimination challenge.
The loser of that leaves immediately.
We've done a random draw to determine the shooting order.
Gary, you're the lucky man.
Prepare to go into battle, brother.
Let's do this.
All right, Gary.
Good luck.
Good luck, Gary.
I'm gonna do my best.
I've never shot from a moving vehicle with a belt-fed machine gun before.
My strategy going into this is simply have fun, go up there and do my best with what's given to me.
Roll out! I realize this is gonna be a lot harder than it looks.
I'm just thinking, "this is awesome!" I couldn't have planned it any better.
You're about to compete in what has to be one of the most kick-ass challenges ever on "Top Shot.
" One at a time, you'll board the half-track and man the Browning m1919.
As you make your way across the battlefield, you will take out as many targets as you can.
Top two shooters are safe.
Bottom three are eligible for nomination.
To be fair, all you guys have to step away from the course until it is your turn to go.
Gary, it is your turn, my friend.
All right, Gary.
All right, Gary.
Come on, Gary.
Rock it, buddy.
I have no frame of reference of how difficult it's going to be.
It's easy enough to shoot at static targets, but it's another thing bouncing up and down on a big ol' half-track.
I know I'm gonna have my work cut out for me, but I'm just gonna have fun, do my best, and enjoy this challenge.
Are you ready? Let's roll out! Gary first on the course, with the Browning m1919.
Hits that first target! Gary picks up another target! Three targets hit! Four targets! I think I have a malfunction, and then I look down.
I was just out of ammo.
That 100 rounds went so quick, and I was done.
I'm just thinking, "I have squandered a big opportunity to get some major points on the board.
" First target.
Bam! Blew up.
So I'm just thinking, "this is awesome!" I couldn't have planned it any better.
Then I'm going down to the second target bam, bam, bam.
It took me about four or five shots to break it.
I'm just thinking, "oh, I'm still on track.
" The first four-by comes, and I'm just fixated on it.
I didn't realize how much ammo I was using, and it was really frustrating not hitting those targets, so I just didn't realize that I'm holding the trigger down that long.
I know better than to do that, but the adrenaline's going.
I just didn't have my wits about me.
So by the time I'm in the next couple single targets and on to the final four-by, I've only got round left.
I knew I was in trouble.
Gary, you hit four targets.
Move on to our next shooter, Greg.
I'm a little bit nervous.
If I get sent to the bottom three, I know that I'm going to the elimination challenge.
I need to put up good numbers.
Greg is the next one up with the m1919.
Roll out, fellas! The tank starts rolling, and I notice the turret is stiff.
So operating it in fine-tune adjustments is not an option.
Greg engages the first target.
Hits that one.
Moves on to his second target, goes two for two! Hits two more targets.
Three more targets! He's up to five! Now he's letting loose with the Browning.
Takes out his sixth target and his seventh! Eight targets hit! I did the best I absolutely could today, and I hope it's good enough.
The first target, I squeezed off a shot.
Boof! It was done.
Moves on to his second target.
Goes two for two! Third target was a group of four, and I lit into this thing, and three targets just blow up.
It was awesome.
I was like, "okay, I'm rolling through this really well.
" As I'm watching Greg roll through the course, you know, before even halfway, he's already surpassed what I'd shot.
I know I'm in for trouble.
Good shooting, Greg.
You hit eight targets.
Puts you in first place.
You'll take Gary's spot on the bench.
I was like, "mm!" Is this gonna be enough? Moving on to our third shooter, Kyle.
Law enforcement doesn't shoot from moving vehicles very often, and so this will be something new for me.
My strategy is, I'm going to aim the gun right at the target.
I'm gonna try to conserve the ammunition and try to do this with a little bit more precision.
It's Kyle's turn to take the m1919 for a spin.
Let's do this! Head on out, boys! You got 100 rounds, 15 targets.
He engages his first target, takes that one down.
Moving on to the second target, misses it.
Trying to pick it up.
Can't do it.
Kyle takes out his second target.
Kyle hits a third target And a fourth target.
Now he's picking up the pace.
Takes one more.
The run went quickly.
It ended far sooner than I expected.
Head on out, boys! Immediately, I notice that the weapon isn't free-floating, so it's got this tension on it that makes it very hard to get a precise line-up.
Moving on to the second target.
Trying to pick it up.
Can't do it.
My strategy is getting all bungled up, but I'm still gonna just try to muscle this thing into a more precise shot.
Quickly, I lost track of how many targets I had to go compared to how much ammo I was spending, and suddenly, we were on the last target, and I had almost half a bandolier of ammunition left.
Clearly, I should have used more ammunition on the targets that I passed.
Kyle, five targets Was your final number.
Puts you in second position.
Jump in between these two guys.
Colby said I hit five targets.
I know that's a low number.
This has me a little bit worried.
Chris is our next marksman to jump in the half-track.
I get into the half-track, and I realize, "wow, this is gonna be a lot harder than it looks.
" Chris Cheng up next.
Let's go! Half-track on the move.
Chris loaded up with the 1919.
Hits the first target.
Chris, two for two.
Now he's reaching out, takes out his third target And his fourth target.
Better watch out.
He's gonna run out of ammo.
Takes out his fifth target.
Chris hits his sixth target.
Two targets left.
Can he pick one up? Aah! At the end of the run, I thought I had done okay.
I'm not really confident with how many targets I've hit.
[Bleep] After I pass the start flag, I blow up the first target with minimal problem, and so I feel like I've got a pretty good rhythm.
However, I notice the wind is blowing in the same direction that I'm going, and my view of the targets are now semi-obscured with all the smoke.
I'm missing a lot more than I wanted to.
It really made this challenge a lot more difficult.
Chris had a great run.
He's always surprising me.
He's never fired a machine gun before, and he hits more targets than most of the rest of us.
Chris, you took out six targets.
Good enough for second place.
Jump in between Greg and Kyle.
Nice job.
When Colby tells me that six targets places me in second place, I am relieved and surprised.
But at the same time, Augie can bump me down into third place, making me eligible for nomination.
I get into the half-track.
I feel good because practice went well for me.
I'm comfortable with my ability.
I have a pretty high determination level, and when I put my mind to something, I accomplish it, so, you know, I like my chances.
Augie's the last marksman to climb on board the half-track.
Here we go! Taking aim with the 1919.
First shot's a hit, right off the bat.
Augie picks up his second target.
Three hits for Augie! Now he gets his fourth target and his fifth! Augie missing some targets now.
Can he pick up any of the last three? [Bleep] I finished out the course, and I was pissed.
[Bleep] There's two [Bleep] bullets on the outside of that last target.
The half-track starts rolling.
I start engaging the first target, the second target.
My run is going really well.
I'm very pleased with how it's going.
Three hits for Augie.
All the way through this entire competition, he has been steady and consistent.
Now he feels pressured, so he's letting rounds rip as fast as he can.
Augie missing some targets now.
Augie starts his run off pretty strong, but he didn't hit many targets at the end part of his run.
[Bleep] Augie, you took out five targets.
That puts you in the bottom three with Gary and Kyle.
Greg and Chris, congratulations.
You guys are safe and moving on into the final four.
I have made it to the final four.
It has been so fulfilling to make it this far, and I am ecstatic.
Kyle, Augie, and Gary, you three are all eligible to be nominated and sent to the elimination challenge.
I'll see you guys after a while at the nomination range.
This will be your last trip to the nomination range.
Head back to the house.
I knew as I was watching the other competitors that I was in trouble.
I'm going to elimination, and I'm fine with it.
At this point in the game, I'm happy to come this far.
After going through this many elimination challenges, this is a very, very sweet moment.
Final four feels really good.
From here on out, it's just gonna be a ride, and it's gonna be a fun one.
I am at risk of being nominated.
I am rightfully in the bottom three.
And I've made it to this point now.
If I get sent home at this point, I will be terribly disappointed.
Coming up, on "Top Shot.
" We have a tie, guys.
I had a mental slip today, and it's gonna cost me.
The fn ps90.
- Greg.
- Good shooting, Greg.
Nice shooting, buddy.
Nice shooting.
Thank you.
We start talking about the challenge.
And the bottom three shooters were Kyle, me, and Gary.
It was fun.
It was fun, but for some of us, it was ugly.
I was not too impressed with my run.
I think there's no question I'm gonna get nominated at the range today.
I did the worst.
I used all my ammo.
I had a mental slip today, and it's gonna cost me.
I'm going.
I can't shoot Augie's target, and I've been thinking that the entire time.
Augie's been solid all the way through, so I just don't think he deserves to go to elimination challenge.
It has no red, no blue, no nothing to it.
I can't shoot Augie's target, and I'll probably be shooting Gary's.
That's fine.
I deserve to go.
I mean, I expect several holes in my target.
That's just all there is to it.
And I won't shoot Gary's target for the fact that I would like as many red team members And in my mind, bottom two shooters Augie, you had less rounds left, so in my mind, you guys are going.
That's cool with me.
And it seems like the consensus coming out of the nomination discussion is that Augie and Gary are going to elimination and Augie only because he used up all of his ammunition while Kyle still had leftover ammo.
For now, let's go.
All right.
Let's go get our bull's-eye.
Welcome, fellas.
This is it the last time you will come to the nomination range.
The shooter who escapes nomination will join Chris and Greg in the finale, while the two you nominate will have to shoot it out for the fourth and final spot.
All right, let's get to the vote.
Greg, you're gonna go first.
Go get 'em, buddy.
I'm nominating Gary today because he had the worst performance.
One vote for Gary.
Chris, you're up.
One vote for Augie one vote for Gary.
I'm shooting Augie's target not entirely because of the blue/red thing, but more particularly because I believe Gary has done a better job, all things considered.
Two votes for Augie.
One vote for Gary.
And, Gary, it's your turn.
During this whole competition, every time we've been to the nomination range, Gary has not been able to hit that bull's-eye with the 1911.
It's about time he hit the middle.
That's exactly it.
My last chance at redemption, I had to hit it.
You got your bull's-eye.
Well done.
It's about time.
I nominated Augie to go to the elimination challenge.
He's never been before.
And it's kind of a rite of passage on this show.
Augie, come on up.
You're the last one to vote.
I knew that all three red-team members we're gonna shoot my target.
And Greg shoots Gary's target, and Kyle's left out there all alone.
When I shot Kyle's target, it was strictly for my enjoyment, to watch them two shoot it out to see who was gonna go against me.
Kyle, Gary, we have a tie.
We reset the range with one bull's-eye target.
Both of you guys will come up, one at a time.
Whichever one of you lands closest to that bull's-eye is guaranteed a spot in the final four, okay? We flipped a coin.
Gary, you're up first.
Come on up.
All right, Gary.
Good shot.
That's two in a row.
What the heck? Nice shot.
Good shooting.
All right, Kyle.
Come on, Kyle, buddy.
All right, Kyle.
Gary left me about a quarter-inch that I could have improved on that shot.
Instead, I went the other way and was about an eighth of an inch worse than his shot.
So he shot better than me.
He's safe.
That's the way it should be.
Gary, congratulations.
You made it into the final four.
Thank you.
I think I deserve to go.
It's not how I wanted to do it, but at the end of the day, I'm in the final four, and I got to be happy about that.
That means, Kyle, you and Augie will Duke it out for that final spot.
You can all head back to the house.
Augie, Kyle, I'll see you tomorrow morning at practice.
Ooh-whee! Coming up on "Top Shot" The fn ps90.
Rec, tri, square, circle.
Augie and Kyle are as close as you can come.
I think it's gonna be a battle royale.
Augie and Kyle, welcome to the practice where you'll prepare for the next elimination challenge.
For this challenge, you'll be using a futuristic personal-defense weapon.
The fn ps90.
The ps90's radical look is due to extensive research in ergonomics.
It can be fired with equal ease by a right-or left-hander.
The weapon is grasped by means of a thumbhole in the frame that acts as a pistol grip.
Spent casings eject downward, out of the shooter's line of sight.
This thing is truly an innovative firearm.
Today we're shooting the fn ps90.
I've never fired one of these before, and it's gonna be fun.
I've heard that they shoot well.
Ere to help train you with this unorthodox weapon and get you ready for the challenge, we've invited back Craig "sawman" Sawyer.
Morning, Craig.
Good morning, Colby.
All right, fellas, you're gonna practice separately.
Kyle, you're up first.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Okay, let's start off by loading the weapon.
Just grab the magazine.
All right, so, you're keyholing.
The gun shoots great.
It's very accurate.
There's no recoil.
It's very easy to shoot.
I'm gonna play a little game with you, and I'm gonna give you targets to engage.
And when I say "go," I want you to run around this flag, come back, and engage the targets in the order that I've shown you.
Orange rectangle.
Dark-blue square.
Orange, dark-blue, green.
I'm showing them flash cards of different colors and shapes that they're gonna have to memorize, and that's gonna help prepare their minds for memorizing the targets that they're gonna have to engage in the challenge.
And then the red.
Orange, dark, green, light, red! Orange, dark, green, light, red.
Orange, dark, green Light, red.
Very nice.
Very nicely done.
You know, as Kyle starts off, he was really, really quite extroverted, just literally yelling out the colors and shapes over and over sequentially as he ran.
Rec, tri, square, circle! Rec, tri, square, circle.
He wanted me to push him.
Go, Kyle! Go! Go! Go! Go! And so I just elevated the stressors that I was introducing.
Light, red, blue, green.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! Just wearing it out.
Dark, red Red, dark, green, orange, light.
Orange, red, light, dark, green! Overall, I'm impressed with his effort and his abandon of any sort of pride.
How'd it feel? Good.
And I think they're all hits.
All right.
In fact, I know they are.
I applaud him for that because I could tell he really wants to win.
And it may seem kind of big and silly, but, I think, very effective.
And I expect him to do very well.
All right, Augie.
Go ahead and grab the weapon.
Let's try a hot one.
Do or do not.
There is no "try.
" You got that right.
The fn ps90 it's a cool-looking gun.
And it feels good in your hands, too.
Now what we're gonna work on is some memory.
Augie has a very somber and quiet approach to his practice much more internalizing with his thoughts.
How'd it feel? It felt good.
I dropped that circle.
I would caution you on going too quickly.
Go as quickly as you can get those hits.
Oh [Bleep] what was it? Square? Oh [Bleep] Augie seems to be struggling a little bit with retaining all of the information.
Was the order right? I could see a little question in your mind.
It seems like he's doing pretty well but not entirely confident each time.
Shooting-wise, you're fine.
I think this challenge is all gonna be about memorizing those targets and what you can keep with you under stress and make it work for you, okay? Okay.
With Kyle and Augie, I mean, you just couldn't ask for two more radically different approaches, but both effective, and both appropriate for their learning styles and technique.
I wish you all the best.
All right, go get 'em.
All right, thank you.
So it should be interesting to see how they stack up head-to-head.
There they are.
I think Augie and Kyle are as close as you can come.
They're both phenomenal shooters.
They've both been key members of their opposing blue and red teams.
I think it's gonna be a battle royale.
I think it's just gonna be a great challenge to watch.
My oldest boy he'll love it 'cause he always has that gun on when he plays playstation.
Oh, yeah? I used to be a federal agent.
I got four kids and a wife.
And my job kept me away from my family.
I no longer wanted to miss out on that much time with my kids.
So I changed careers.
Now I'd describe myself as the world's deadliest financial advisor.
I jokingly tell people that not only will I shoot your eye out, but I can turn around and invest your disability check for you.
I've been married for 27 years.
We have three great kids.
I am a career police officer, and I am in char of our lethal force training for my police agency.
About 12 years ago, I was inner-tubing, and I broke my neck.
Obviously, I lived through it, but that experience brought me more appreciation for life than I had ever had before.
And so I feel incredibly lucky to be on this show.
The outcome of this is either you're in the final four or you're going home here at the very last minute.
And I am more nervous going into this than probably any other challenge.
Oh, you two are gonna have some fun.
Just shoot straight.
Make them count.
Gary, Chris, and Greg, have a seat on the bench.
Kyle and Augie, welcome to the elimination challenge.
It is all on the line right here.
One of you will be moving through to the finale, and the other will be out of the competition.
For this challenge, we're putting a "Top Shot" twist on a marine training exercise called Kim's game.
That stands for "keep in memory.
" The exercise is designed to help troops identify and react to their surroundings.
Here's how it's gonna work.
This will be a head-to-head competition.
On my go, you'll each open a box that contains 10 objects.
Memorize the objects as best you can.
Then traverse a 20-foot rope line.
If you fall off, you'll have to start again from the beginning.
At the end of your line is a shooting station where you'll find your ps90 and objects downrange.
in the box.
You score a point for every object you hit that was in your box.
If you hit a decoy, you're gonna lose a point.
You can go back to your box and refer to it as many times as you need in order to refresh your memory, okay? But each time you go back to the box, you're gonna have to come back across that rope, okay? Oh, my God.
This is a timed challenge.
Whoever has the most points at the end of 1 minute, Make sense? All right, fellas.
Let's do this.
All right.
We only have 1:15 to get through this.
So, I don't think that'll be enough time for me to go across the cord, shoot some targets, come back, look again, and go back over the cord again.
So I plan to memorize and have solidly locked in all 10 of these objects before I leave.
I want to memorize 5 targets.
I'm allotting myself 10 seconds to get across the rope and then 10 seconds to shoot.
I'm gonna come back.
I'm gonna memorize 5 more.
And then I'm gonna go back.
That's my plan.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! My total focus is on these 10 objects.
Augie takes out a target.
Geez! It is time for the elimination challenge.
Each shooter will memorize the objects in their box.
You will then travel 20 feet across a suspended rope to your shooting station, where you'll find an assortment of objects downrange.
Smoke the targets from your box and avoid the decoys.
At stake today is the last slot in the final four.
The winner of the elimination challenge is also gonna get a $2,000 gift card to use at bass pro shops.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! I open up my box, I pick out five targets, I try memorizing them.
Augie's up on the rope.
My total focus is on these 10 objects Kyle, you got to close your box.
You got to close your box.
Kyle already costing himself some time.
Augie makes it across the rope.
So much so, I forgot the one little detail of closing the doors.
Now Kyle's up on the rope.
By this time, Augie is already shooting.
So I know I'm a little behind.
Augie grabbing the ps90, engaging the targets.
Kyle makes it across.
I miss my first three shots at the red light bulb, so I probably should go to a bigger target.
And now things are clicking.
Augie takes out the shaving cream! Geez! By the time I bring the gun up, I don't have those 10 objects firmly fixed in my mind.
Kyle hits one of his targets.
So I shot the targets that looked most familiar.
Augie takes out a target.
Augie hits another target.
Kyle takes out the shaving cream.
Augie's now going back across the rope.
He's gonna run out of time.
Gonna hustle back, take another look at his objects.
Kyle still engaging.
Augie is he gonna have enough time to get back across? Go, Augie.
Ah, one more there.
Five seconds! Kyle still trying to figure out what to shoot.
Cease fire! Cease fire! Augie got that shot off, and he hit something.
After the challenge was over, I was looking at my rack, I was looking at his rack, and I see that he has a lot of targets shot up, so I think it's gonna be close.
Great challenge, fellas.
Nice work.
I'm just thinking Kyle's got it in the bag.
He shot way more items than Augie did.
Augie, you hit 5 objects that were in your box.
Okay? Kyle, you took out 3 objects that were in your box.
So, now we go to how many decoys you guys hit.
Augie, you hit one.
Gives you a point total of 4.
Kyle, you took out 4 decoys, okay? Augie, congratulations, brother.
You are still in this thing.
Very well done.
I'm glad I went against you.
Come get your gift card, and you can rejoin these guys over here.
Good shooting, man.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
That was a big relief.
Thank you.
Winning that elimination challenge and getting into the final four is a big accomplishment.
Kyle, it's been a long road, but unfortunately, it ends here.
You have fired your last shot.
You've now been eliminated from "Top Shot.
" Take a moment to say goodbye to these guys.
I think I tried to do too much all at once And I wasn't able to put all of that back together when the shooting started.
It was a pleasure.
Papa bear, good to know you.
It's definitely difficult letting go of a red-team member, especially our captain.
Kyle's been a good friend of mine through this entire competition.
I was just heartbroken because I knew he tried so hard and came up short.
He was a good man.
As I leave this experience, I'm taking 15 good friends with me, a lot of memories, and I have had a great time.
Well, a huge congratulations to you four guys.
This is the final four.
There are three challenges standing between you and a $100,000 prize, a contract to be a professional shooter for bass pro shops, and the title of History's "Top Shot.
" And if you thought the challenges were tough leading up to this point, just wait.
You better be ready.
Fellas, head back to the house.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right.
Good job, Augie.
Good job.
On the season finale of "Top Shot" Go! four are left standing to battle for the $100,000 grand prize and the professional shooting contract.
This is some final four action right here.
Greg Littlejohn, the air force vet with jittery nerves who always finds a way to win.
From the beginning, nerves and adrenaline got the best of me.
Now I'm gonna feel that pressure, and I'm gonna perform.
Gary shank, the historical weapons buff and one of the most well-rounded marksmen in the competition.
Bam! Yes! I want that title.
It's for me to win and lose.
These guys can't beat me.
I can only beat myself.
Chris Cheng, the I.
Specialist with the uncanny natural ability to master any weapon.
Whoa! I want to prove that it doesn't matter who you are, winning "Top Shot" really comes down to skill.
Augie Malekovich, the former Homeland Security agent who's always cool under pressure.
Whoo! I will win "Top Shot" because I go into every challenge feeling confident.
You know, I like my chances.
An epic showdown awaits.
This could not be any closer! Oh! One will emerge victorious to become History's next Top shot.