Torchwood Declassified (2006) s01e04 Episode Script

Girl Trouble

Episode 4, kind of, the whole world turns on its head.
Ianto, put the gun down.
It's a dark episode.
It's a frightening episode.
Please! It makes everybody a bit more dangerous because everybody has got secrets.
JACK: beautiful Welsh vowels.
This is like a They've got no idea what is living in their cellar.
OWEN: Right, he's coming out.
I have described Ianto before as being the equivalent of Alfred to Batman.
He's like the Admirable Crichton.
He's the perfect butler.
I try my best.
He's so unassuming.
Mr Reliable.
Who's for Chinese? The smart one.
Because he's so efficient and he's fairly quiet, he just gets on with things.
He's got a great sense of humour, but it's very passive.
Splott? I believe estate agents pronounce it ''Splow''.
He doesn't push himself forward in the front of a scene.
He's been faithful, he does his job, they can rely on him.
Everyone takes him for granted.
We've got the glamorous bit.
Ianto is the janitor.
That's the way everybody looks at him, the guy who's the janitor.
And it turns out that this guy, who everybody thought was one way, has got a very dark secret.
Ianto's been leading a double life the whole time he's been in Torchwood.
Ianto's actions were not excusable at all.
He brought a Cybergirl, a Cyberperson, into what is our safety zone, and that's bringing an infection.
It's like putting an infection deliberately into your body.
You hid a Cyberman within Torchwood, and you didn't tell us? What else are you keeping from us? The rest of us are just completely in shock that this has happened and that he was capable of doing this.
Lisa, please.
I brought you here to heal you so we could be together.
It's a big betrayal, what he's done, but he does it for love.
And love makes you do silly things, and Jack understands that.
That final image of him in the Hub, it's a beautiful piece of writing.
I think the story is so well told that you cannot doubt that final image of Jack and Gwen up there, looking at him here.
And he's tidying the rubbish.
He's gone back to his normal life with an absolute tragedy written underneath him.
It's lovely.
That's a Torchwood team member.
The first dinner I had with Russell, when he was saying, ''Come and do Torchwood '' He and Julie had approached me.
And he just gave me the brief of the show, gave a little description, and then just towards the end, he said, ''Oh, and there's a Cybergirl in the basement.
'' Yeah, there's a Cybergirl.
It's a stroke of genius, isn't it? Unbelievable.
She looks incredible.
There was a story begging to be told.
The fact that the Cybermen in Doctor Who had invaded this world and were converting people I mean, that's dying for a story to follow the consequences of that.
There's genuinely a story there.
There's a very long history of sexy, pneumatic, hydraulic women, strangely, in science fiction, and we actually wanted to tap into that and to give a Cyberman version of that, which is just irresistible.
There's also bare flesh.
Perhaps 55%%% augmentation.
Great, iconic imagery of that woman trapped in a half a Cyberman's suit.
It's fascinating! The Cybergirl is meant to have been pulled from the wreckage of the Torchwood Institute in London, where she was only half-built.
So she's still half-human, half-Cyberman.
So we just thought, well, beneath all the Cyberman armour was, effectively, the chassis.
So we tried to come up with a look that felt like it was the inner workings.
What would happen if you took all that plating off a Cyberman and found the person beneath? How many times in your career do you get to wear something as amazing as this? Whoever you are, I don't mean you any harm, but come any closer, I'll shoot.
It was so important for this episode that the Cybergirl, A, looked amazing, but also looked threatening and looked scary and looked formidable, but still looked sexy and looked great.
There are a lot of men on the team who were absolutely determined to make that Cyberwoman costume as sexy as possible.
I've got no idea what they mean.
I'm the one sitting there going, ''Couldn't she do with a nice little bikini bottom, ''in case she gets too cold in this environment?'' So, apparently, it's very, very sexy.
Code nine manoeuvres! Cybergirl is scary.
We didn't have to do much acting when she was chasing us around the Hub.
She was scary.
I think Cybergirl will be the most iconic monster and villain of the entire series.
GWEN: Jack! The idea of having a pterodactyl fight a Cyberwoman made us laugh for about three weeks solidly.
It's there in the Hub, and also at the end of Episode 1 .
We said, ''Oh, I'm sure we can use it somewhere else in the series.
'' And Russell just went, ''A pterodactyl attacking a Cyberman.
''I'll have that.
'' It's almost like the Torchwood pet, really.
It's not really explained as to why it's there.
It's one of the many things they'll have caught or scavenged across the years.
It's a big climax of the episode when Jack unleashes the pterodactyl onto the Cybergirl as they try and escape.
Let me go! Let me help her! We're desperately trying to get away from my girlfriend.
I'm still in love with her, so part of me is trying to save her.
But Jack and the rest of the team know that there's no point in that.
They're trying to kill her off.
Ianto! Help me! Please! MAN: Cut there! Cut! This was difficult because it was an actual, 3-D, moving beast which Caroline had to interact with and actually have a fight with and get hit by, and so it was quite interesting for the stunt coordinator to choreograph a fight with something that wasn't there.
And what we came up with was, basically, a large, plastic, green beak.
And so it meant that she could actually interact with it, and she'd grab it and she could punch it.
And so we basically did the shots like we shoot a normal fight sequence, all of which have got nothing in them.
Usually, you'll have something going on and you'll cut to another shot, then you'll cut to a CGI shot, but this was a whole sequence which was all CGI.
To film it, if you saw it, it's just Brian, our props guy, standing with a broom, with a big thing pecking, with a cape on.
And we called the We've called the pterodactyl Myfanwy.
While the pterodactyl fight is taking place, our heroes are escaping.
Basically, the only way we can do that is to get our actors on a series of pedestals and put them in the air.
And then we crane up and pass them, which gives the impression that they're moving up and down, when, in fact, they're not.
It's a completely CGI sequence, so it's very exciting.
Small Worlds is about something that is so beautiful, so nice, so warm, so happy, that turns and becomes so evil and so bad.
It's little girls.
It's a completely different Torchwood story again, which is going into the supernatural, the world of fairies.
They protect their own, the chosen ones.
They're a pretty dark entity.
Are you saying our machines can't pick them up? Completely terrifying.
Absolutely terrifying.
This means these creatures can invade my life whenever they feel like it and I am scared, Jack.
It's incredibly sad and moving.
JACK: She was beautiful.
I loved her at first sight.
It's the first time you're ever going to find Jack being scared, and this is it.
JACK: It's our only chance.