Torchwood Declassified (2006) s01e07 Episode Script

There's Something About Mary

Episode seven is a wonderful character portrait of Toshiko.
It's a very sad episode, as well.
It was a great opportunity for Tosh to kind of rev up her engine and kind of become who she's capable of being.
I mean, it's a huge insight into what Toshiko's life is.
It's kind of empty at the moment, which is really, really sad.
With Toshiko, we've been waiting.
She's been there, she's faithful, she's marvellous.
So? What next? She's spiky.
I'd kill to get one of those.
She's clever.
I can't get a visual, just a signal, definitely alien.
She's private.
But it's just time to start unravelling the layers and get beneath that privacy.
You have a boyfriend? Yeah.
Have you? Don't have time with this job.
She's kinda uptight.
Some might say she needs to get a life.
That remind you of anything? That bit in Alien where that thing bursts out of John Hurt? Mm.
I'm sorry, I should have been more specific.
Does that remind you of anything helpful? No.
There's a lot more to Tosh than what she shows.
She just chooses to be private about things.
It's always my favourite character, the one who gives nothing away at work.
I'm sorry, I think your computer might be dead.
You're kidding! What happened? I kicked out the plug.
Contrary to popular opinion, I think Owen quite likes Tosh.
It was running a translation programme I'd written.
I collated every scrap of alien lines we've got and broken it down into binary threads to see if there was a common derivation! I think he respects her, because she's brilliant at her job.
However, I don't think he knows she's got a crush on him.
Need a hand getting it up, Owen? If I did, I wouldn't ask you.
Toshiko, up to this point, is an incredibly controlled character.
to be professionals.
I'd go so far as to say a control freak.
Sometimes I think even that stick up your arse has got a stick up its arse.
I don't know about you but when I was a kid, you'd imagine that you had one wish.
To some people it would be that you were invisible.
Mine was to hear other people's thoughts.
'Gives me an hour before Lisa gets back to dress up.
'Gotta be careful, 'she's started to notice her tights getting baggy round the crotch.
' 'Some people should actually be prohibited from wearing a thong.
'What's that girl looking at?' If you had the power to read people's minds and thoughts, it sounds like such a nice idea and an interesting idea, but what do you do with the information? 'Ah, Mr Bond! I've been expecting you!' How could you not use that pendant? That's what I love about it - how could you not use it, how could you not listen in to what your friends are thinking and your colleagues, and how could that not be bad? 'I'm gonna kill them.
'I won't miss anything.
'I won't miss this city.
I won't miss this body.
' Yeah, I'd love it! Oh, God, yes! Wouldn't it be great? I mean, it'd be great fun.
Yeah, I'd probably get into a lot of trouble.
But, hey, that's good.
Her finding out about her colleagues, what they really think about her, is absolutely heartbreaking.
What would produce such a perfect circular puncture? I remember when I first read the script, there's a bit where Gwen says, "Aw, bless!" you know.
"Jeans tucked into boots?!" I've got something to show you.
Have I got time for a pee first? 'Oh, sweetheart, the jeans and boots thing has really had its day.
' I-I found this thing 'What's she talking about? She can be dead weird.
' 'I wonder what she'd be like in bed.
Catholic, but grateful, I bet.
' And I laughed when I read it.
But when I read it again, it made me really well up, because it's like - Tosh is probably not the most fashion conscious, you know, and she kind of tried.
It was really painful actually.
I think, if the pendant were real, it's something we should not ever use.
There's a vulnerability to Toshiko, which she'd never admit to, but there's a loneliness.
For want of a better word, there's a loneliness about her.
And Mary chooses her very well.
Yeah, girl meets girl.
Let me get you a drink.
Really, there's no need.
JD and coke.
Toshiko, what do you want? I didn't tell you my name.
I kind of know who you are.
Girl falls in love with girl.
Girl turns out to be alien.
How normal is that! What happens between Mary and Toshiko is It's connection, really.
You have a lost soul in Toshiko, who is looking for love and romance.
And you have an alien, who is looking for her own objective, which is nothing to do with love and romance.
It's a complete relationship story.
I don't know what to do.
Tell me what to do.
Get me in to Torchwood.
The contrast between her and Toshiko was fun to play, because you've got someone so restrained and someone completely confident, who just bowls Toshiko over.
HE SIGHS Like a tornado, she sweeps into her life.
To her, Mary was a new friend, a good friend, that she probably hasn't had for a while, who she can really be honest and open with.
What she was always missing was love.
She wanted to be loved.
Then, for that to be thrown back in her face, was kind of really tragic.
Using stories of sexual relations, and love as well, is an excellent territory for Torchwood to go into.
Every member of the team, I think, up to this point has done something with the same sex.
I'm so having you.
I'm having him first.
Taxi! Lady kissing.
Oh! Happy birthday, me! Everybody enjoys a bit of a grope, a bit of a feel, a flirt, a bit of a kiss, a bit of a You know what.
It's not like I fancy you or anything.
I was on top of you, I could feel your hard-on.
Very raunchy.
Are you all right now? Or are you still feeling a bit of a cock? When was the last time you screwed all night? When was the last time you came so hard and so long, you forgot where you are.
HE SCREAMS It's very beautiful that alien, in an alien way.
But there is something gorgeous and seductive about it.
The original concept was described as like a fire angel, so it's an alien, but she has a sort of ethereal quality.
She moves a lot like she's underwater.
One of the things they specified was they wanted her to be made of light.
I had the idea that her veins and her heart, instead of having blood, she would have sort of light or just energy, so you could really see inside her.
It was a lot of elements to put together.
First of all, I did some storyboards with Sean our storyboard artist and we kind of, we'd taken some references - kind of like coral.
And very much an aquatic sort of being.
And ultimately, as a reference, I'd probably have said The Abyss, which is an awesome film, awesome.
So, sort of that translucent quality to her.
So, that's what we wanted.
In form, they're much more of a human form, but with long tentacles outside here and you see their inner being workings as well.
Marvellous! Wonderful! Yes! You're cold! Who are you? Still the person you kissed.
The person you caressed.
People are gonna trip and stumble, the question is when people trip and stumble, do they fall? Or do they allow us to pick them up and put them on the right track again? What do bosses do in situations like these? Do I get to beat people? We've got rules for that! Grrrr! Red tape! Toshiko finds out some terrible things and some very private things, not just about the team, but about the whole world.
And what I love about Actually, what I love, not just in this drama, but I think it's very much in human nature that you survive those things.
Don't let this put you off.
The last couple of days you've had a look about you.
Love suited you.
And she will go back to work, she will carry on.
And it doesn't discolour her.
I think the Torchwood team really show people's capacity for survival in extraordinary circumstances and Tosh does survive this story.
Episode eight is so dark.
It's about mortality.
I'm trying to help, sweetheart.
I'm just It's about what we can never have.
Who attacked you? Who are you? Which is speaking to somebody who's gone to the other side and then come back again.
Just look! Look at where you are.