Torchwood Declassified (2006) s02e06 Episode Script

Animal Pharm

Quiet, please! Shooting! Suddenly in an underground mortuary on a wet night in Cardiff, I hear the song of a nightingale.
Miss Martha Jones.
This was always the plan, to get Freema into Torchwood as Martha Jones.
-Uh, just a casual visit, or -I'm here to complete your postmortem.
Jack's given her a ring and said, ''I need your help.
'' And she just shows up.
The way the door rolled open, it could be quite ta-da! So I was mindful to not make it like that, but at the same time, it's quite a nice, big dramatic moment.
It's so brilliant to see that door open and she walks in looking so professional, and now working for UNIT.
It's a completely different Martha.
I identified a pattern from UNIT's data on sudden deaths.
Toxic shock.
Nothing to link the victims.
Different ages, sexes, ethnic origins, occupations.
But there was a statistically significant concentration in South Wales.
The Martha Jones we see in Torchwood's episode 6 is a much more grown up Martha, I think, a much more adult Martha.
We did things with costume and hair that made her look slightly more grown up.
I think a lot of it came from Freema herself.
I'm still playing her instinctively.
Um, but there's a different energy.
If you are in any situation where you're in different groups of people, it kind of brings out different aspects of you.
It's the ultimate magic bullet.
Supersedes anything and everything in the pharmacological armoury.
It's almost like Jack gets a little bit of a thrill off it.
He probably thinks, ''I'm gonna ruffle their feathers just a little bit here ''and see what happens.
'' And action! Oh, it's good to see you, Jack.
It's the same when you introduce a new member into any group.
The dynamics change.
And some people are rubbed up the wrong way, and some people are rubbed up the right way.
You'll find his bloodstream is pumped full of ammonium hydroxide.
-Hmm, ah, bloodstream.
-Have you checked his medical records? -Uh, no, I was just about to.
-Let's give it a go.
I do think there is a jealousy from the rest of the team because they, you know, they spent a year with Captain Jack, and no one really knows all the details of his life.
And then, all of a sudden, this stranger as far as they're concerned, comes along and obviously is privy to a part of his life that they're not.
And it's just something that Jack and Martha and the audience share.
So, you and Jack go back a long way? Forward and back, really.
What brought you together? Let's say we were under the same doctor.
They've been through this massive thing together on Doctor Who, you know.
They saved the world.
Well, she saved the world.
And Jack knows that.
So, end of the world survivors club.
God, I am so glad to see you, Jack.
There are a few scenes in there, having that chat, that I'm sure the audience would be dying, you know, for them to have.
-Do you miss him? -No.
I made my choice.
Maybe sometimes.
Tiny bit, tiny, tiny.
Then I come to my senses again.
Anyway, I've got plenty to occupy me.
Oh, yeah, Miss Hifalutin.
What is it, Medical Officer? Oh, yes.
She's a qualified doctor now, um, she's continued with her sort of studies of extraterrestrial life and all that, but on Earth.
It just keeps turning Martha and shaping her.
The more different lights you can cast on a character, the more different situations you can put them in, the more you discover about them.
And we're seeing Martha expand and fly now because she's now working for UNIT, and UNIT is a big international United Nations army that deals with alien threats, so actually it's little Torchwood with five people stuck in a sewer underneath Cardiff, up against great big UNIT, which has the aircraft carrier Valiant, and forces all over the world.
So actually, she's It's ever so subtle in the episode, but she's slightly coming in as their superior.
So, do I have to call you Mom? No.
Just follow my orders to the letter.
She's slightly braver.
She's sort of put herself in a situation that led to her kind of being captured.
I think she was a little bit, not careless, but her bravery kind of knows no bounds now, I think.
(SCREAMING) It is based, kind of, on a mayfly, but we had to make sure it had an alien quality to it as well.
Originally in the script, it was described as something that was incredibly beautiful, as well as potentially dangerous.
He must have breathed in larva when one of his victims died.
We came up with a way that it would walk, it walked slightly more upright, and have more kind of human qualities, I guess.
Hopefully, it starts off being scary and by the end, um, it has your full sympathy.
We tried to develop something that was a big, scary insect, but something that had a much more sympathetic face.
The CG work on it was quite outstanding, really.
It's really good.
Some of their best stuff, I think.
The filming of the mayfly was a complicated scene, just for technical reasons.
It needed so many different angles and you couldn't stand in a certain place 'cause your head couldn't shoot off of the green screen, so it was all quite It had to be quite precise.
(SCREAMING) That was the first time since finishing Doctor Who that I had to do running away from make-believe monsters again.
This is Professor Copley, Samantha.
Institute Director.
I see you're a post-graduate student at the moment.
How marvellous to have Alan Dale involved, I couldn't believe it.
I actually called him Jim.
Wow, Jim from Neighbours.
The whole Jim Robinson thing.
That drives him mad, I know.
I have to shoot you.
And how many years since Jim died? Whenever I talk to anyone, he has to come into the conversation.
You sort of think, ''Wouldn't it be nice if I could just be Alan Dale?'' But it seems to be I'm going to be doomed with Jim.
I remember him in Space.
Above and Beyond.
He was in the first episode of that, and, of course, he's been in 24, he's been in Ugly Betty now.
It's like, he's a huge star for us to bring to Cardiff.
And to see him playing against John Barrowman's just Icons clashing.
It's good stuff.
We'd be delighted to give you the PR tour.
We go where we like.
Not here, actually.
Ask Whitehall.
We're fireproof.
I tend not to listen to Whitehall any more.
Let me get someone to guide you back to your vehicle.
He's a scientist who's looking after, you know He's developing a new drug that he thinks will change the world.
We're on the edge of the greatest discovery in history.
As far as he's concerned, there really isn't any justification for stopping that and it doesn't matter what he has to do to make it happen.
He doesn't care, you know.
I mean, this is a war.
It's a war against illness, disease.
And he thinks he's going to find the cure.
He's very excited, and I think that's a pure thought in him.
It becomes a little bit impure when he starts killing people.
Did you really think I was going to let you just walk away? You ruined everything I've worked for.
Now, let's not be stupid.
Owen! Killing Owen wasn't done lightly or easily.
It's hard, and it's the sort of show that needs it once in a while.
Owen, he's such a They're all a massive part of this team and that's a huge chunk that's just been pulled away.
Um, shocking, indeed.
And so, at the end of the episode, when Owen's gone, you're kind of left with this huge hole, and who's going to fill it? And how are the team going to cope now without that element? If you're a member of Torchwood, it is actually genuinely dangerous.
Anything could happen to any of them at any time.
The Torchwood team's sitting in the Hub and they face life-and-death decisions every day, you have to have death in order to make that count.
Let's all have sex.
What we do very clearly in episode 6 is make Owen indispensable, almost, to the team.
Okay, Jack! He saves the day in episode 6.
Owen, tell me you're sure! You could kill her with that thing.
We're losing her! That's what happens.
People get shot and then they die, and it's all over very quickly.
You're next.
We actually wanted to give a real sort of jolt to the audience, and actually go, ''Do you know what? ''All of your heroes, none of them are safe.
'' This is where Owen gets shot.
Um, he's just rescued and is pulling Martha out from the Pharm, and Mr Copley follows them, and, uh, pulls a gun and decides, although Owen is desperate to try and reason with him, he gets shot, nice straight shot, straight into the heart.
But Owen's been shot a few times.
He was shot in the shoulder, so he's had a few squibs on him, with blood, so he's an old hand at it.
As far as the squib is concerned, there are different strengths of squib.
The amount of blood, I got a last-minute request for a good amount of blood, which is measured out into a little bag.
That bag is put onto a chest plate.
This isn't an overly-powerful gun, so we choose a squib accordingly.
The squib then goes on to all of that and that's all dressed into the shirt, or whatever costume they're wearing.
Did you really think I'd just let you walk away? You ruined everything I ever worked for.
Just don't be stupid.
Professor We're both rational men.
We're scientists.
I know you don't want to shoot her.
It was really good, actually, having the squib, because it gave that It was a really loud bang.
I wish I'd worn earplugs.
But it was Basically, my eardrums started ringing and I felt a bit sort of stunned.
So I just kind of fell to the floor and that was it, really.
Yeah, it was good.
It was very different to the squib from last year.
It was a lot louder, a lot more explosive, more blood in it.
And basically it went, you know, sort of out and went everywhere.
Yeah, it was good.
A good scene to do.
It's one of those things, you know.
When the character's life is over, you give it up and move on to pastures new.
TOSHIKO: We've got to help him.
JACK: Look at me, Owen! Owen, stay with me.
Look at me! It's been part of the Torchwood agenda right from the start, and it's time to remind people of that.
It's very hard to do and nasty and awful when you like a cast this much, but, actually, you've got to take a deep breath and go, ''It's for the good of the show.
'' That would be how I'd want to go, protecting a fair maiden, job done, and get shot by Jim from Neighbours.
He's dead.