Torchwood Declassified (2006) s02e11 Episode Script

Quid pro quo

MAN: Scene 71 46, take 1 .
It's an incredibly touching story, and it's that horrific element of a parent having no closure on losing a child.
The issue of loss, really, is what drives this.
I've always wanted to write a story about people who go missing.
And it also echoes with some of the journeys that our regular characters are on.
With Jack, the sense of his missing brother.
With Gwen, the sense of where she is in her life now.
Nikki wants to find her son, but, actually, by the end of the episode, she kind of wishes that she hadn't found him.
People do go missing all the time.
I mean, sometimes it's children, but it's not always children.
It's people of all ages.
And I think to tackle that in an episode like this was quite a sort of brave thing to do.
It's something to get very emotionally involved with.
It's an interesting thing to juggle when you're making something like this.
MAN: Action.
We don't have to be this hard.
-It's not a badge of honour.
-Close this down.
Jack! Jack! I think Gwen's become stronger since she joined Torchwood.
I think she has hardened because of what she's seen.
She has become more used to dealing with shocking occurrences.
A lot of the whole two series of Torchwood have been the evolution of Gwen Cooper.
Starting out as wide-eyed innocent, happy-with-boyfriend, normal life, then thrown into the deep end, out of her depth.
JACK: Seriously, practically, tell me what we should do.
She's seen the horrificness of what's happened to a human being, to a person, to somebody like you and I.
We help those left behind.
Why not? It's nothing to do with us.
Move on.
She's not dealing with this.
She's not dealing with alien artefacts or things that Go into, you know, a puff of smoke, or disappear.
So, what, that's it? We just sweep it under the carpet? You see, she doesn't know everything that Torchwood does.
She doesn't know everything Jack does.
He's been there for a long time.
Jack is operating on many levels at once.
And suddenly to have that paranoia and mistrust and fear of the people you work with and trust is always a good story.
Forty-five minutes later What's your mate Mulder doing there? GWEN: Jack? PC Andy was friends with Gwen before she joined Torchwood.
I say friends, actually colleagues, they were.
They used to work together in the police station.
You're not well.
Come with me, I'll take you home.
-They were here.
-Come on.
There was a risk, I think, at the end of Series 1 , that we were thinking of killing him off.
And thank goodness we didn't.
We saved him.
'Cause we just thought he's great comic value.
And so we always wanted to play more of his character with somebody in Series 2.
CSI Cardiff, I'd like to see that.
They'd be measuring the velocity of a kebab.
PC Andy, from the first series, from Episode 1 , I've been, ''We need PC Andy back.
'' Eve sort of told me it'd become a personal mission of hers to get PC Andy back.
I couldn't work out whether she was being nice, but then, sure enough, I suddenly got the call.
What does PC Andy do? He pops up every now and again and complains about Torchwood.
This all-night cafe, it's where Andy goes, where he knocks off to after a busy day policing.
(CREW CHATTERING) Come and have a look.
Do I need to know? MAN: Action.
Couldn't get us a refill, could you? What, while you bask in my technical brilliance? TOM PRICE: PC Andy's world is not necessarily that glamorous.
And I think that he is jealous that Gwen has gone off to a brave new world that he doesn't really understand, but thinks is a lot better.
Listen, now.
I was gonna ask And promise me you won't laugh.
Mmm-hmm? Have you got any vacancies coming up? You know, with Torchwood.
'Cause I was thinking, I'm great to work with.
You could tip them the wink.
I think Andy's got a lot of skills that could be used in Torchwood, you know.
He's very good at dealing with paperwork.
Which someone's got to do.
Andy could do that.
He's very dry as well, you know.
He wouldn't be impressed by aliens, would he? Imagine Andy and new aliens.
He'd be like, ''Whatever,'' you know.
I think he's got some skills that Torchwood need.
And you think this is going to help us with the Jonah Bevan case? Andy, just leave it, will you? This is hi-tech stuff.
-Sorry, no.
It's GPS.
-What? Yeah.
Global Positioning Tracker.
About as hi-tech as, I don't know, my mobile phone.
That's one of the things you find out about this episode, is that Andy's not actually that dumb.
(LAUGHING) And that's a great moment, when he just explains it's standard GPS.
You know, there's no aliens involved in that.
So, first thing in the morning, we hire a boat.
Now, I know a couple of boat skippers who owe me a favour.
We'll head out to Flat Holm, poke around, see if we can sort this out.
Or even better, you get me a boat and I tell you what I find.
I feel for Andy.
I think Andy's one of those guys that you're kind of watching.
He's funny, has an absolute heart of gold, but can be suckered left, right and centre.
I think Gwen plays that every time.
You know, leaving him on the jetty with his coffees.
And, open waves, here we come.
-Get us a couple of teas before we go.
-You're kidding.
You're not kidding.
I don't know.
Do this for me and I'll give you 1 00 quid.
Oi! It was sad.
It was quite disappointing for him.
And I think Gwen felt really bad about it, 'cause she's a nice person, but she just It's one of the things, I guess, of joining Torchwood, that she can't tell, you know, the real world about what's going on, and Andy stands for the real world, I suppose, in that sense.
She's working for Torchwood and she doesn't want to involve him in something that's That could kill him.
I'm sorry, Andy! Yeah, right! I'm sorry! Yes.
I'm Jonah.
Bob Pugh just gave the most extraordinary performance.
He was in make-up at something like He'd ended a 1 2-hour day, and then had to get taken out of make-up.
So, he was probably working for, on the set, about 1 4, 1 4.
5 hours that day.
It was incredible seeing Bob's make-up.
It was absolutely fantastic, but very, very gruesome.
And I'm incredibly squeamish.
The actual make-up itself was quite soft to the touch.
'Cause I, sort of, reach out and touch his face at one point.
(LAUGHING) It was quite squidgy.
(EXCLAIMING) You have to leave Jonah now.
For the scream, we discussed on the set, you know, whether he should just mime it, just open his mouth but not say anything, and we'd put a completely alien effect over it.
But certainly something that was put on in post-production.
But he was very keen to give it a try.
(SCREAMING) MARK EVEREST: The basis of that scream is definitely Bob Pugh's.
And, of course, it's been tweaked with Layers have been added to sort of give it an edge, a slightly, kind of, alien edge, if you like.
But it is Bob.
Fundamentally, it's Bob screaming his lungs out.