Torchwood: Web of Lies (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Missing Day

Torchwood Web of Lies CARDIFF, 2007 "MISSING DAY" Jack? Faster! Get it! I love my job.
Great people.
Rewarding work.
Nothing better than chasing aliens with Jack.
Of course this one's not an alien.
Looks to me like he's something much more ordinary.
Jack, where are you? Maybe not quite ordinary.
Tosh, Jack's gone! All we've got is some weird green gas.
Jack's been kidnapped! My brother Miles, always has time to investigate some big conspiracy that's gonna take over the world.
But I thought tonight he would have some time for me.
You promised we go celebrate.
We will.
Just not tonight.
I have to meet someone.
If this is only your conspiracy things Look, I love you.
Your admission is incredible, and I'm so happy about that but What is it this time, Miles? The Government's been poisoning our water? Watering our poison? - "Watch your head.
" - I hate you.
Next time, I-I promise.
I don't really hate him.
I just want him to not worry so much about dangers that don't exist.
No! No! No! This is my brother's phone! He was recording something! I think it might have He's my brother! Oh my God! Is he Is he dead?! No.
No one dies.
Thank God! - What? - It started yesterday.
Just heard to confirm, something's going on.
No one's dying.
Get in there if you want to ride along.
He was meeting someone.
Whoever it was, maybe they jumped him shot him! What did you record, Miles? Did you see who did this to Oh, God! Of course there's a password! "WATCH YOUR HEAD" By Miles Mokri "THE CONSPIRACY TO END DEATH" It's his blog! He was writing something! The conspiracy to end death? Yeah, everyone's writing about it.
But he wrote this a week ago!