Tore (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Det blir bra med något nytt

[man] It's not that I don't love you.
But this is how it's gotta be.
That doesn't mean
But, Dad, why can't we keep things
as they are, with me living with you?
[Dad] Because you are turning 27 today,
Tore, and
Well, it's not entirely natural
to live at home with your father
You wanna talk about what's natural?
Okay, let's do it.
Can we have a look in the natural world?
Honestly, then we can have a chat
about animals.
Everyone knows that the parents live
with the children for a long time,
which, to me, is very clear to see.
What animals are you talking about?
[sighs] Animals raise their young
to fend for themselves.
Then they move onwards, separately.
[sighs] Dad, but we're people,
not animals.
Of course, but [sighs]
Tore, you know what happens to men
who live at home eternally.
They read books by Hitler
and build bombs in the basement.
He doesn't want you to become
a big gay incel.
- He doesn't want you to
- [Dad] Hold on. Hang on.
Um [splutters]
Take your best friend Linn here.
She moved out from home when she was 17.
I know. But that's because
she stole her mother's car
and left for Stockholm
so she could drink in peace.
- Not just that.
- Yeah.
It is a joy for me to have you living
with me at home, Tore, listen but
I really want you
to experience the outside world.
[whimsical music playing]
["Only You" by Yazoo playing]
- Mm
- Not that
Not that. Come on.
Oi! Don't do that!
- Ooh! Is that?
- Yeah.
- Mm. You're the best.
- Say hi to the kids too.
- [Dad] Up and at 'em, kiddo.
- [Tore grunts]
[Dad] Cheese or liver pate?
You're so wonderful!
And all I ever knew ♪
Only you ♪
[TV playing indistinctly]
[dog whimpers]
[dog barks]
[Tore] He's in the hall.
The hall!
All I needed was the love you gave ♪
All I needed for ♪
- [barks]
- Yes, that's your dad!
[laughs] Oh, you're so clever! Aw.
[song fades out]
[inhales] I meant what I said last night.
Hey. Something new will do you good.
You know Per's wife, Yvonne?
She's a therapist.
I think she'd be very happy
if you drop by her office.
If the whole moving thing
brings up some thoughts.
Okay, but you can't just fix everything
by going to therapy, Papa.
You can.
Aw, my
- ["Hej hej Monika" playing on radio]
- [Dad humming]
[Dad singing] Hej, hej, Monika
Hej, Monika ♪
[on radio] Hej, Monika
Hej, hej, Monika ♪
You're singing?
Hej, hej, Monika ♪
I feel good.
- But why?
- [scoffs] I dunno. I just
I just do. It's a nice day.
Have you met someone?
Is that why you want me out?
So your new love can move in?
If that's the case, then just say.
- Have you met someone? Yes or no?
- That will do.
[exhales sharply]
[sighs] I love you, love you, love you,
love you, love you, love you, love you.
Love you, love you, love you.
What is it?
It feels like Dad's met somebody.
- Oh right. Really?
- [Linn] Has he said something?
No, but it's the only explanation
as to why he's acting so weird.
- Okay.
- [Dad] If you say so.
What about the, uh [laughs]
The raspberry biscuits sold out.
- Did you see the profile I sent?
- Mm-hmm.
- Go for him, then.
- [laughs] For you, silly.
- Oh. Nah.
- What do you mean "nah"?
I don't know him.
I don't know what to do with him.
Were you planning on losing your virginity
anytime soon, like this century?
- Stop that.
- When did you plan on it?
- You can't plan that business in advance.
- You can. Fill me in. What age?
You can't decide that
and write it in your calendar!
38? 48? When you're
a 1,000-year-old mouldy vampire?
- When I get a feeling.
- Then? Okay. So, when?
I can't know that.
That's what getting a feeling is about.
- You can't know.
- Please! Get off.
This is why
you should be drinking alcohol.
You can't stay teetotal
and find some cock. It's impossible.
Yes, you can.
Stop that. [laughs]
Stop it.
- What?
- Nah.
He works at an ice skating rink.
He's practically an ice hockey player.
That's sexy. He'll make you
- I'm not gonna sound like that.
- Tell me, how will you sound?
[both giggle]
You'll sound like this. [grunting]
Oh! What the fuck?
- That's it, but
- [knocking on window]
[Linn] Ignore him.
- Are you talking to her?
- Ignore him.
- Your ex wants to talk to you.
- Stop it.
I'm coming! I have a life!
[Dad laughing] Has it?
Ah, that's unbelievable.
Hey, I have lunch at 12:00.
If you wanna bring me a Hawaiian.
Yeah, I'm half day, so
Hey, I've gotta go.
We're about to start work so
[Linn gasping]
Bosse! [screams]
[sombre music playing]
[inhales shudderingly]
[Linn] Is he breathing?
Call an ambulance!
Bosse, can you hear me?
No, no, no. What do we do?
- [woman] No, no, no!
- [Linn screams] Come on.
Wake up! Wake up, Bosse!
No, no, no! Bosse!
[indistinct screaming and shouting]
- [woman] Hey, Tore!
- Hey, Nadia!
- [Nadia] Hey!
- Hey! You alright?
- Oh, I'm okay. How about you?
- I'm okay. I'm okay.
- So where is Bosse? He's not with you?
- Um, he's outside.
- Oh, right.
- So, uh
Okay. It's Evert Söderholm
you're picking up.
- Right, Evert Söderholm.
- You're picking up today.
- They're in there, the next of kin.
- Okay. Yep.
- Everything okay?
- Sure.
Alright then.
- Hey there. Hi.
- [woman] Hey.
- Tore. How are you?
- [woman] Annika.
Hey, Annika. I'm from Årsta Funeral Home.
- Hi. Tore.
- [man] Hi. Jonas.
Hey, Jonas. Lovely to meet you.
So, have you all said farewell to Evert?
I trust you have.
[Annika] You had it arranged so well.
[Jonas] Yes.
Uh, we're feeling quite ready.
Good. Good. Fine.
Well, okay, what will happen now
is that I need someone to assist me.
- I will call my colleague Ulla.
- [Linn] Tore!
We'll go and put Evert in the casket,
safely, exactly as per your request.
[Linn] Tore!
[Jonas] Weren't we gonna do this now?
The ambulance is on its way.
We have to get ready to go now.
Precisely, then we could talk
and book in a meeting.
[Annika] The ambulance?
But Dad is already dead.
Yeah, I mean, precisely. Yeah.
["It's Not Right but It's Okay"
by Chvrches playing]
Friday night
You and your boys went out to eat ♪
Then they hung out
But you came home around 3:00 ♪
It's not right, but it's okay ♪
I'm gonna make it anyway ♪
Pack your bags up and leave ♪
Don't you dare come running back to me ♪
It's not right, but it's okay ♪
- I'm gonna make ♪
- [song ends abruptly]
[dog barking]
[barking continues]
Stop it!
[TV switches on]
[TV host] When it comes
to these horny singles,
no matter how hard mama tries,
there really is no stopping them.
[theme music playing on TV]
[dog barking]
[TV playing indistinctly]
[dog barking]
[Tore] MJ? Come here! Come down!
- [phone dings]
- [TV playing indistinctly]
[Tore] MJ!
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
- [MJ whimpering]
- [TV continues indistinctly]
- [ringing continues]
- [MJ whimpering]
[horn blaring]
[door opens, closes]
- [Ulla] Tore?
- Morning!
- Hey!
- [Ulla] Hey!
Hi! [chuckles]
- Hello.
- Oh.
- Are you good?
- It's so nice to see you.
Yeah, the same. The same.
- Tore. Tore.
- Hey, Per!
Hey, hey.
- [chuckles] Hello. Stylish.
- Yeah.
[Per clears throat]
I thought we decided
that you should take the week off?
Yeah, exactly.
But I felt pretty ready, actually.
I saw in the schedule
that, uh, you have a funeral today.
And I'm not being funny,
but when you write the obituaries,
they look like shit.
[all laugh]
Fucking terrible. So, I'll fix that.
[Ulla] Mmm.
All's gone well with the pr-process.
So you know, Tore,
everything is continuing.
We thought we might have a look
at some caskets and things tonight.
- Mm-hmm.
- At my house if that [inhales]
Well, if you have a favourite,
if there's one you like.
But I'm not the one
that's being buried, right?
- No. No, no.
- [chuckles]
[whimsical music playing]
- [Ulla] Bye! See you!
- [Per] Bye, bye!
[door closes]
What did you say?
Like 30 sunflowers. In their own bouquet.
- [woman on phone] Mm-hmm.
- I'll write it down.
- [woman] Yes. Thanks.
- Okay. Thanks.
[door closes]
[man] Hello?
Hey! Uh, delivery? For a funeral?
From Gunvor's Flowers.
Okay. Usually, it's, uh, Gunvor
or Amira who delivers.
Yeah, but Amira's just left,
and I've just begun.
Okay. Yeah, but it's great
that you're a guy. Um
Because you find very few guys
working in a flower shops, don't you?
- So that's fun.
- [chuckles]
Yeah, pretty cool.
[inhales] Uh
Let's see, and there's this one.
The name of the deceased,
church, time and date.
- Right.
- Yes, all there.
- Much obliged.
- Yes, thank you.
Uh, hey, by the way, now that you're here.
- I just had a call from, um
- Huh?
Uh, there's a funeral tomorrow.
There's been a request
for an additional bouquet.
Thirty of these
Uh, I can't remember what the name
Shit, that's stupid. Um
It's, um It'll come back to me now.
[laughs] Um
- Sufo It sounds like "sufo" sort of.
- Sufo?
But it's sort of the biggest,
nicest one there is.
Except roses, I guess.
Because they're everywhere, but
But what does it look like? Uh
- Oh, when you see it, you mean?
- Obviously.
Yeah, it's like
It has yellow petals on its thing,
and then it has a very, uh, black puff
in the middle.
- Uh, and it's like I have
- Sunflower?
Sunflower, exactly!
How could I forget sunflower? It
Have I had a stroke, or?
So, yeah, repeat the words.
Yes. Uh, I'll check with my with Gunvor.
- That works.
- I don't know.
So, yeah. That'll be That'll be fine.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, thank you.
[door opens, closes]
[whimsical music playing]
[door closes]
[Linn] Hello?
- Hey!
- Hey!
[Linn sighs]
Why haven't you replied to me?
So zero missed calls or texts from me?
Yeah, I turned off notifications.
Don't want them really.
[Tore chuckles sadly]
He's gone.
I can't believe it. It's really crazy.
Beloved Bosse.
What's that?
It's, uh
Ulla said you were alone,
so I brought some
[Tore sighs]
I kinda think I'm pregnant.
- What?
- I'm hoping I'm not.
With who?
The bald guy,
the one who smells like salami.
- [laughs]
- We boned.
- Yeah, I know.
- [chuckles]
I'm too tired to have more.
Didn't you hook up last summer?
Yeah, that's true. That would be weird.
I have a really old baby in my stomach.
[both laugh]
I might have to hit on that guy
at my department instead. The old guy.
- What? [laughs]
- He's not that awful.
I can't shower that guy any more.
The sexual magnetism's too much
between us.
Is it?
Are you okay?
How the hell is everything?
It's all good.
Getting on with it, you know.
How's that working for you?
Why do you have to ask so much?
Thanks for the bun.
I just got here.
Yeah, but I can't just take a break
for several hours because you're here.
You should call ahead.
[Tore humming]
Hey, do you want to drop by ours tonight
for waffles?
Alfred was asking after you.
I don't know about tonight.
It's just that
We'll come to get you.
- Yeah
- Mm-hmm?
Tell Alfred that I'm coming then.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
[gentle music playing]
[MJ running, barking]
- Hiya.
- Oh! Hello!
- Hey! I was a bit fast.
- We almost didn't have time to knock.
- No, exactly.
- No.
Come in. I'm Tore.
- Thanks.
- Yeah. Hey! Sofie. Sofie.
- Fredrik.
- This is MJ.
- Yes.
- Good girl.
- [chuckling] Oh, yeah.
- So, Tore
Yeah. The advert didn't say
what MJ was short for.
Yeah, no, it's short for Michael Jackson.
That's what I said.
Ah. Yeah, we got her
before he was a paedophile.
Or he was a paedophile,
but everyone ignored the cleaner. So that
[Fredrik] Hmm.
- But you can change the name if you want.
- Yeah.
Fritzl is nice. [laughs]
[Fredrik] Hmm.
- Sofie, do y
- Great. Come in.
[Tore chuckles] What a trio.
- But, Fredrik, don't let her
- [Tore] This'll be great.
And sorry about my Fritzl comments.
Not right. That was really not that funny.
It's just quite difficult
with some jokes like that, because
- Sofie's a survivor.
- [Sofie scoffs]
Well, I'm very, very I'm sorry, Sofie.
- It's okay.
- That's not
You mean well, I know,
but in the future,
I'd rather choose for myself who I tell.
What? You posted that text on Instagram.
It was a lovely thing about stigma and
That post was set
to Close Friends, Fredrik.
Yeah. How is it
that you want to rehome her?
Uh Yeah, it's just I don't have time.
I'm allergic.
I'll fetch her.
- She's not supposed to go up there.
- [MJ whimpering]
MJ? Come here!
Come here!
Yeah, come down!
Sorry 'bout that.
- Not that!
- [MJ whines]
Not that. Let go! Let go!
- [Tore grunting]
- [MJ barks]
- [MJ whines, barks]
- [Tore] Hey!
[MJ whines]
- [MJ barks]
- [Tore shushes]
- [MJ whimpering]
- [TV playing indistinctly]
[MJ whimpering]
[MJ whining]
[Tore] Food?
[whining continues]
[MJ whimpering]
[MJ barking]
[sombre music playing]
[upbeat dance music playing]
One of you?
Uh, yeah.
[bouncer] Welcome!
["Euphoria" by Loreen playing]
- Hey!
- Hey.
- Okay?
- Thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
Every breath I take, I'm breathing you ♪
Euphoria ♪
Forever, 'til the end of time ♪
From now on, only you and I ♪
We're going u-u-u-u-u-u-up ♪
Euphoria ♪
An everlasting piece of art ♪
A beating love within my heart ♪
We're going u-u-u-u-u-u-up ♪
- Hey!
- Hi!
How can I help you?
- Can I order?
- Uh-huh.
- Uh
- What do you want?
Yeah, I'll have, uh I'll have, um
God, I'm lost.
Um, are there any menus there?
- You have it right there.
- Ah!
Yeah, a gin and gin and tonic.
Ah, gin and tonic. Absolutely. Coming up.
There you go.
- Here you go!
- Thank you.
From now on, only you and I ♪
We're going u-u-u-u-u-u-up ♪
Euphoria ♪
An everlasting piece of art ♪
A beating love within ♪
[upbeat dance music playing]
[funky dance music playing]
["Kärleken är evig"
by Lena Philipsson playing]
Oh! Hey!
Mwah! Mwah!
Come on, darling.
Four vodka shots. You know it, girl!
- Hey!
- [woman] Hey!
Oh, oh, oh!
Okay. Are you ready?
Mm, mm, mm!
[bartender] Did you decide on something?
Uh Yeah, I'll have a shot.
A shot.
[phone ringing]
[ringing stops]
[woman] Calle?
Calle! I'm borrowing this.
[Calle] No, no, no!
Lo, come on, that's enough!
Must dance! Must dance! Love you!
- [Calle] Sorry! I'm so sorry. That
- It's okay.
What did we say, four or six?
- Uh, six.
- Six?
You can put it down.
- Yeah
- Thanks.
[exhales sharply]
- Do you spell it with "C" or "K"?
- Sorry, what d'ya say?
- Do you spell it with a "C" or a "K"?
- Yeah, but what
Because she said that your name is Calle.
How do you spell it?
[chuckles] My name's with a "C".
"C" is great.
- Calle!
- Yeah?
- [laughing] I I am hungry!
- [Calle] Yeah.
[upbeat dance music playing]
Hi, my sweetie. Are you okay?
I'm good.
Water for you, I think.
I'm good.
Don't fight the feelings ♪
Taking over ♪
Oh, oh, oh, taking over ♪
Over, over ♪
Taking over ♪
Taking over ♪
Let me have you for tonight ♪
'Cause tomorrow
This could soon be over ♪
Let me have you for tonight ♪
Don't fight the feelings
That are taking over ♪
Let me have you for tonight ♪
'Cause tomorrow, this could soon be ♪
Shake! Shake!
Don't fight the feelings
That are taking over ♪
Let's go!
Taking over ♪
[song fades out]
Uh Wait
- I just have to
- What?
- I have to
- What is it? Stop it.
- What? D'you want to go home?
- Nah.
- Nah.
- Yeah.
- Okay, yeah.
- Oh, God!
- Let's do it, then.
- Ah!
[breathing heavily]
Yeah, but You know, I'm good.
I'm good. Wait.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Uh, wait.
- What?
- Oh, man, I
["In This Shirt" Röyksopp Remix playing]
[chuckles] You like this, don't ya?
- What?
- [sighs]
Must become ♪
Through your ask ♪
But I need Jake to tell you ♪
Are you okay?
That I love you ♪
It never rests ♪
And I've bled every day now ♪
For a year ♪
For a year ♪
I did send you a note ♪
On the wind for to read ♪
Our names there together ♪
Must have fallen like a seed ♪
To the depths of the soil ♪
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