Total Control (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 - (VEHICLE CRASHES) - (SHOUTING) MAN: Oh, fuck! (PANTS) MAN 2: What the fuck?! - WOMAN: Get it on camera.
Get it - WOMAN 2: Are you right? NEWSREADER: It occurred around 4pm, witnesses capturing the incident on their mobile phones.
Passers-by rushed to the aid of the first victim.
REPORTER: At first, it appeared this may have been a terrible accident, but soon it became clear this was something more sinister.
WOMAN: What are you doing?! - (GUNSHOT) - MAN: Hey! (SCREAMING) - WOMAN: What are you doing?! - (FIRES SHOT) WOMAN 2: He just got out and shot her.
NEWSREADER: A concerned citizen paying the ultimate price.
The estranged husband had failed to turn up to a court hearing concerning the custody of their children.
NEWSREADER: Amidst the carnage, a moment that can only be described as pure heroism.
(PANTS) (FAINTLY) Fucking happy? Is this what you wanted? NEWSREADER: Winton woman Alexandra Irving confronted the gunman, acting as a human shield, bravely standing her ground.
NEWSREADER: A moment recorded by many, too confronting to show.
- (GUNSHOT) - (SCREAMING AND SOBBING) (ALEX PANTS) NEWSREADER: Questions are being raised as to how the man, subject to multiple intervention orders, was able to procure a shotgun.
Authorities praised Ms Irving's actions, stating that the death toll would have been higher had it not been for her intervention from outside a courthouse in Mount Isa, bringing the number of women killed in violent crimes this year to 43.
NEWSREADER: A regional health worker, Miss Irving had travelled five hours to Mount Isa that day to pay her mother's parking fines.
She has refused all requests for interviews.
And now on to finance.
The Australian share market SONG: Watch out I'm a one-way ticket to a blood fight Watch out Got a head full of thoughts and it ain't right Watch out There's a chip on my shoulder like a butcher's knife Ain't nobody want to mess with me this time.
- Heya, Stephen.
- Alex.
I've got this one here for your boy.
Yeah, well, he'd like all of them.
But that's not the issue.
Am I gonna have to come out here again? - Is that a threat? (CHUCKLES) - Yeah.
You know why.
Cut out the soft drink.
Take your pills.
And don't think just because you're a bloke, you can stop mid-course and flush 'em down the toilet, all right? Then bring me out a couple of beers to flush 'em down with.
I'll kill you myself if you don't take 'em.
Yeah, righto.
Well, take take all the dogs, then.
- Take your meds.
- I don't want the meds either.
- Your boy'll like the dogs.
- Yeah.
Well, take him this one.
Hughie, hop up.
Hop up, Omo.
Omo, hop in.
They all want to go with ya.
- Stephen - Alex.
- take them mongrel dogs.
- Righto, boys, let's go.
We'd better go.
Come on.
Get out of here.
(WHISTLES) (WHISTLES) Hughie, come.
(DOG BARKS) SONG: Watch out I'm a one-way ticket to a blood fight (BELL RINGS) Watch out Got my teeth bared ready for you this time Watch out There's a crack in the middle of the sky Who'll be the last one standing? I'll be the last one standing 'Cause ain't nobody wanna mess with my kind Hello.
Can I help you? I'm looking for Alexandra Irving.
Is she in? - You a journo? - No.
Mormon, then.
You're wasting your time.
I'm from the Prime Minister's Office.
My name's Jonathan Cosgrove.
Well, Alex isn't home from work yet.
Well, could I wait inside? I like the decor.
93 years old.
Never missed a day's work in her life.
Now, you show me someone else who'll give that kind of service.
I agree with you, Mrs Irving.
I'm a massive fan of the Queen.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, good on ya! - Those bloody mob next door! - (DOOR CLOSES) - Here she is.
- I swear, I'm gonna kill 'em.
(CLEARS THROAT) Miss Irving.
Jonathan Cosgrove.
I left a couple of messages.
I didn't ask him to come here.
Why'd you invite him inside, anyway? Because it's my house.
You mind yourself, girl.
OK, then.
Why? Well, because Senator Hamish Gordon has very selfishly gone and died and he's left the party without a majority in the Senate.
Gordon was a dickhead.
But he was our dickhead.
You know what I mean.
Why me? Well, the Prime Minister's very impressed with your commitment to local issues while serving on the local council.
And furthermore, your track record of service in the armed forces I was in transport.
and your focus on personal responsibility rather than welfare handouts show you to be an ideal candidate to represent this government.
Don't bullshit me, Jonathan.
And you faced down a gunman.
The footage went viral.
We have an election in six months.
Thanks, but no.
(CHUCKLES) She's offering you a seat in the Senate.
She wants me that badly, she can ask me herself.
- Why would you say no? - It's a bloody stupid idea.
Some say we have a woman problem No.
The problem is that you don't have enough women.
Well, the Prime Minister's a woman.
And she believes you're the right person for the Senate, and I support her 100%.
See? Even you think it's bullshit.
Tell your mother thanks for the tea.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) ALEX: (ON PHONE) Yeah, it's all right for you, Charlie.
You probably get asked to go into Parliament every day.
Look, I still can't believe it.
We bust our arses for decades and suddenly those right-wing pricks you voted for go running after any black woman with a trending hashtag and just throw her a seat in the Senate.
Alex? Reception's crap.
You're going in and out.
How's Mum? Our roof needs fixing.
How's the student body treating you? Be nice.
Honestly, sis they just want a pet Aborigine.
Is that who you are? - It was a joke.
- Obviously.
I'll talk to you later, Charlie.
Oi, dickhead.
If we was in an emergency, we'd be fucked! MAN: Shut up, Maclean! - (BANGS ON DOOR) - You gonna make me? Huh? I've already told you, shut up in there! - (HOLDS DOWN BUZZER, BANGS ON DOOR) - Come on! Let me out! Get your hand off that fucking bell! YOUNG WOMAN: Open the door, you prick! - YOUNG WOMAN 2: Come on! - MAN: Last chance in there.
Dickhead! Let me out! Open the fucking door! Come on, tough guy.
Hurry up! (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) All right, Maclean.
Suck on this.
(GAS HISSES) (GUARD CHORTLES) - (COUGHS) - Marce? You OK? I can't breathe.
Grab my puffer! - YOUNG WOMAN: Marcie! - Here.
- (COUGHS) - Breathe.
Help! Somebody help! I can't breathe! (GASPS AND COUGHS) Help! Somebody help! (MARCIE COUGHS) Someone! She can't breathe! - (GASPS) - Help us! Somebody help! She can't breathe! Marce! Marce! Come on.
Marce? Marcie! (CELL DOOR BUZZES, OPENS) MAN: Come on.
Move it along.
I said move! (WOMEN YELP) Oh, fuck! Oh! Oh! - Fuck off! - MAN: Keep it down.
YOUNG WOMAN: You bastard.
(ALARM WAILS) MAN: Oi! Oi! (JET ENGINE WHINES) You're taking a risk.
I know that, Peter.
The party can't put her in a neat little box.
- That makes 'em nervous.
- Good.
You must be Alexandra Irving.
Rachel Anderson.
Prime Minister.
Apparently you said I should come and offer you the Senate position in person.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, you want to come inside? You know what? We've been travelling all day.
How about we take a walk, you show me your town? Yeah, sure.
Um, give me a minute.
Walk-and-talk, Peter.
Tell the blokes not to overreact.
You heard her.
Let's go.
(ENGINE STARTS) - It's a great little town.
- WOMAN: Hey! Well, this region has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.
There's no capital investment.
No programs scheduled.
What are you gonna do about it, run for local council again? Well, with respect, Prime Minister, what are you gonna do about it? Whatever I can.
Let's just say we're negotiating.
What would you want? I want the bloody medical centre to reopen.
Tell me about that.
- It's on the main street.
- Mmm.
You lot cut the funding.
I want to stop sending people to jail because they haven't paid their fines.
I want a complete review of all the welfare you mob throw at stupid bloody programs that don't do anything for anyone.
And how are you gonna do that if you refuse a seat at the table? There's already blackfellas at the table.
What has that achieved? More than you will if you just stay here.
It's not just the blackfellas.
The whole region needs effective representation.
Listen, Alex, what you did was incredible.
I want people like you, women like you, on my team.
How do you know I voted for you? (CHUCKLES) Well, from what I hear, your mother is a diehard royalist.
Your father was a card-carrying National.
I figure the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Have you met my brother? There's always exceptions to the rule.
Look, you've worked really hard to try to make changes in your own community, you've had the occasional win, but if you want to make big change, generational change, the only way to do that is through the power of government.
So, be your pet Aborigine? Is that it? Alex, I'm seven months out from an election.
I've got a majority of one in the House, a hung Senate and a bunch of dickwads on my right ready with a guillotine.
I don't need a pet.
I need a fucking ally.
And by the sounds of things, so does everybody here.
SONG: Oh In the light, I'll be waiting for you Oh Oh When you're out, I'll be waiting for you Oh Oh.
- Hey.
- You're looking good out there, bub.
You know me and Nan would be OK? If you went to Canberra.
Yeah, well, it's not happening, so let's forget about it.
I'm just saying, if you did.
Are you done? - Pizza for tea? - What, again? (CHUCKLES) Yeah, all right.
- ALEX: Is this what you wanted? - (GUNSHOT) - (FIRE CRACKLES) - (PEOPLE ARGUE OUTSIDE) (DOGS BARK) SONG: I'm on the edge of something Got an itch in my soul There's a fire in the middle of my bones I'm on the edge of something And it's gonna take time But I'm doing it for you RADIO PRESENTER: An inspired choice or a desperate publicity stunt? Prime Minister Rachel Anderson's recent captain's call has raised more than a few eyebrows, not just from outside her party NEWSREADER: Reluctant national hero Alexandra Irving has been thrust into the spotlight yet again.
In a shock move, she was sworn in today as a senator for Queensland, taking the seat of the recently deceased Hamish Gordon I'm on the edge of something Possibly beautiful.
I'm your chief adviser.
They didn't tell you? No.
They didn't.
Well, you can take it up with the PM if you're unhappy about it.
She is fairly busy, though.
Well, thanks for coming to find me.
Well, you have a fairly busy day scheduled.
I hope you're ready.
Well, you're my chief adviser.
Why don't you advise me? The Senate sits tomorrow and every vote will be crucial.
No pressure.
The Government has three bills under discussion and the crossbenchers will need wrangling as usual.
Fortunately, the PM has a degree in herding cats.
That's Laurie Martin, Leader of the Opposition.
- How are we? - Hello.
Lanky charming snake.
We'll introduce you to the President of the Senate, but he's completely ineffectual, so feel free to ignore him.
You'll have to make your maiden speech before you can vote.
But we'll work on that.
You'll meet the Governor-General at 10:30 and swear an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Bet that won't be a problem for you.
Uh, that's Damien Bauer, Minister for Immigration, leader of the party's hard-right flank.
He's currently doing a wonderful job of white-anting the PM.
We've booked you into a hotel.
Set up internet, ID, COMCAR account.
The passes are on your desk.
And here we are.
- Senator.
(CLEARS THROAT) - WOMAN: Talk to you later.
This is Jillian Morrell.
Media training.
She's your social media strategist.
- So great to meet you, Senator.
- Jillian.
And Tracey Helliar, your office manager.
Nice to meet you, Tracey.
That your husband? Uh no.
That was Senator Gordon.
This was his office.
(JONATHAN CLEARS THROAT) Um briefing folders for the Senate sitting tomorrow.
Uh, I've printed you an introduction to Parliament House.
This is your ID.
You can pick your art tomorrow.
Temporary passwords are on the Post-it Notes.
Uh, is there anything else? - No.
- OK.
I'm looking forward to working together.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) Well, given the fact that she's friendless in the party room, has no idea how the system works, I'd say it's lucky you've got me here.
There are concerns she won't be a team player.
(CHUCKLES) Isn't that why you've given her to me? I'm glad she'll have your support.
Well, of course, I'll need some support myself.
Some recognition from the party given how green she is.
Though, I'm far too tactful to ever point that out.
Maiden speech? I'm on it.
Thank you, Jonathan.
(DOOR CREAKS) (CHATTER AND LAUGHTER) RACHEL: (RAPS DESK) All right, let's get started, shall we? Good afternoon, folks.
I would like to introduce our new colleague, Senator Alex Irving.
Now, we all know of Alex's bravery, but what you might be less familiar with is her record of service, 11 years in the infantry, rising to rank of sergeant, and three terms representing the party on the local shire council.
- (APPLAUSE) - Well done, Alex.
Always a pleasure to welcome a fellow Queenslander to the trenches and to notice that the, uh, Prime Minister is fervently clinging to the notion of a broad church.
(LAUGHS) That's very gracious of you, Damien.
I will remind you, however, I was calculating the political benefits of that broad church while you were still soiling the bed after lights out at King's.
(LAUGHTER) All right.
First order of business.
Up first, we have Organise an internal poll.
Preferred PM, issues in the marginals.
- Our eyes only? - Yes.
Find a friendly, get it done on the side.
We need to find a gold vein and tap it fast.
Get ahead on an issue.
This party infighting is killing us.
(CHATTER) - Senator Irving? - MAN: Sorry, ma'am.
Not your car.
(SIGHS) MAN: Uh, sorry.
No, no, that's, uh it's my car.
Sorry? This is my car.
Does it matter? Have you got your booking number? I don't know.
Well, you're gonna need it.
All right.
Hang about.
Just just a moment.
Hey, Amal, can you do me a favour and check Senator Irving's booking number for me, please? Cheers.
I saw there was another.
That's, uh, 12 this year.
It's a tragedy.
It'll be very interesting to see what the Minister thinks.
- AMAL: 236.
- It's 236.
Don't worry.
This palaver takes a little while to get used to.
Thanks for that.
Because I haven't been patronised enough today.
Fair enough.
Have a good evening, Senator Irving.
- 236? - MAN: Yes.
(MUTTERS) Yeah, of course it fuckin' is.
Ha! (ENGINE STARTS) Don't be stingy.
(SNORTS) How are you feeling, Dad? (GROANS) Old and fed up.
- What about you, pet? - Hm? God, you look dreadful.
Oh! Nice to see you too, Dad.
Yeah, no, I've got a bit on at the moment.
Oh, Christ, Rachel.
Those bastards overwork you.
When are they gonna make you a partner? I always thought you were wasted in the law.
You could have made a go of it in politics.
I'm not in the law anymore, Dad.
Eh? The law.
Haven't been a lawyer for 20 years.
Well politics wouldn't be a bad life but jeez, you'd need a sense of humour.
WOMAN: (ON RECORDING) The reality is that my presence in the Senate is an affront to some.
They are offended that people of colour and Muslims have the audacity to not only exist but to open our mouths and join the public debate.
Some politicians call us cockroaches.
- Some say we are a disease - (KNOCK AT DOOR) which Australia needs vaccination for.
Some, if they had their way, would ban us from making Australia our home.
So it is with great pride I stand here before you - Hello, Senator.
- (CHUCKLES) You mad bastard.
- Thank you for coming.
- Oh, no worries.
- Sydney's not that far.
- (CHUCKLES) - So, what are you gonna say? - Oh, yeah.
I've got my latte-sipping socialist brother reading my maiden speech.
(SIGHS) That's how you're gonna start it? What's wrong with it? Say it for me.
- What, now? - Yeah, now.
(SIGHS) "Thank you, Mr Speaker " No, no.
Stand up and do it like you're gonna do it.
(SIGHS) "Thank you, Mr Speaker.
I wanted to speak to you in my traditional language.
But I can't.
My mother was sent to an Aboriginal reserve when she was a child and those words were taken from her, so the only language I know is English.
But look how far we've come.
My name is Alex Irving and I'm standing here before you in the Senate of Australia.
I thought this place wasn't for someone like me.
Not just because I'm black, but also because I'm female, from regional Queensland, because I left school at 14 because I'm a single mum and because my own mother was stolen and grew up on the mission.
But I'm an Australian.
And if I'm here, that means any one of us can be here.
And if this place is ever barred to any one of us, then the building around us doesn't deserve to keep on standing, let alone the Parliament that meets here.
" (SIGHS) This is fuckin' stupid.
Jesus, Alex, shut up.
You're gonna be amazing.
- You reckon? - Yeah.
I know it.
How do you feel? Terrified.
MARCIE: (ON RECORDING) Dickhead! Let me out! (BUZZES) Open the fucking door! - (THUMPS ON DOOR) - Come on, tough guy.
Hurry up! GUARD: All right, Maclean.
Suck on this.
RADIO PRESENTER: The Prime Minister will regain the balance of power in the Senate today.
Newly appointed senator Alex Irving's crucial vote will ensure three Government bills will be passed later today, relieving significant delays for the Government.
And now on to finance.
The Australian share market Thank you, Rowan.
I won't forget what you've done for me.
Yeah, you too.
Had to kick some heads in Adelaide.
They still think not having convicts makes them special.
- How's your office? - It's good, thanks.
This doesn't have to be a girlie catch-up.
Jonathan's competent, but he's working for himself, not me.
I can have him moved.
He'll be good for me.
The others are fine.
Talk to him about your wardrobe.
He'll have some ideas.
Otherwise, you'll front the press wanting to talk about domestic violence and all they'll want to talk about is the size of your arse.
Are you fucking anyone at the moment? Don't look shocked.
Some Neanderthal will find out and throw it in your face if you are.
Don't fuck the wrong people.
Who are the right people? Jack, go round again.
Don't fuck your staff.
Shouldn't be an issue for you unless there's something about you I don't know.
Other members' staff are fair game.
Don't fuck across the aisle.
Don't fuck leadership.
And just remember, the rules are always different for you.
Because I'm black.
I was gonna say because you're a woman.
How do you deal with it? Oh.
Uh I'm always prepared.
I trust my chief of staff.
Put this face on in the mirror, make sure nothing's ever out of place.
I leave myself at the door when I go into the world and I never forget what it is I set out to do.
(PHONE CHIMES) Good luck with your speech, Alex.
We'll all be watching.
- Hard copy of your maiden speech.
- Don't need it.
Senator, I Nup.
The chamber is this way.
And it's "Mr President".
You've written "Mr Speaker".
(CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) This speech has been cleared by the Prime Minister's Office.
- Yeah.
I read the email.
- I briefed you yesterday.
Yes, and you said that I need to speak before my vote could be recognised.
- And this is what you'll be saying.
- Don't tell me what I'm gonna say.
(CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY) The Prime Minister invited you personally to take the seat in the chamber.
There was significant opposition in the party room.
The party rewards team players.
You toe the line, you get to stay.
You step off that line and you're gone and you can forget whatever it is you wanted to achieve.
What do you know about what I want to achieve? I know whatever it is, you won't get anything done if you're not here.
Now, I've written a speech that won't offend anyone and ensures you get to stick around a bit longer.
Can you really say the same about yours? (SIGHS) MAN: This is all to say that the Government takes an unconscionable proportion, an unconscionable proportion, of our incomes while obsessing over private matters that it has no business trying to police.
Now, the end result is a nanny state, a nanny state that steals our money and treats us like children.
Relax the gun laws and do it now.
PRESIDENT: Thank you, Senator Mortensen.
Before I call Senator Irving, I remind the Honourable Members that this is her first speech and therefore, the usual courtesies be extended to her.
Senator Irving.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Mr President.
I'm deeply honoured to represent the great state of Queensland in this Parliament, and I will do this with hard work and respect for my fellow Queenslanders, upholding the values of our great democracy, with every citizen free and empowered to live their own lives.
And I say to the people of Queensland, I'm here for all of you, regardless of colour, background or belief.
The party I join believes the best way forward is for us all to take individual responsibility for our own lives (DOOR CLOSES) free to work hard and free to make our own choices.
(TURNS PAGE) Finally, I'd like to thank the party and the chamber for this opportunity to represent my state.
I won't take that responsibility lightly.
(APPLAUSE) PRESIDENT: Thank you, Senator Irving.
We now move to notice of motion 1466, also standing in the name of Senator Rankin.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) What the fuck is that? Thank you.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Cheers, mate.
It's not a bad drop.
- Great, cheers to you too.
Are you a politician? (LAUGHS) No.
I'm an electrician.
Good enough.
WOMAN: The way the press were carrying on, I thought he might (INDISTINCT) MAN: My minister can barely send an email, let alone wander unsupervised onto social media.
Hey, at least he didn't try to bust some rhymes.
- Yeah, true.
- He's still recovering.
Oh, 12 o'clock.
Who's the new boy? Christopher something.
Cartwright's new private secretary.
Usual rules? Seriously.
Where does Cartwright find them? - Who cares? - I hope he's straight.
If he is, he's just another drink away from gay.
(LAUGHS) SONG: Ah Ah Ah Nothing to hide Ah Empty all my pockets and take what you like Empty all my pockets if you like I've got nothing to hide RADIO: will join the squad for their first training session at Marlborough College today, venue for Australia's three-day tour match against England Women's Academy, which starts tomorrow.
Australia holds a six-point lead in the multi-format series, having won the first of three one-day internationals, - with a chance to win three T20 internationals - - - still to be played.
The Ashes is awarded to the team that accrues the most points (VOICE FADES) - Morning.
- OTHERS: Morning.
(SIGHS) Apparently, a young Indigenous woman died in the Macauley Detention Centre two weeks ago.
This is the 12th this year and I knew nothing about it.
I want a meeting with the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.
Kevin Cartwright.
Yeah, uh (CLEARS THROAT) (SIGHS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) (DOOR OPENS) Just a reminder, you've got Morning Briefing on Channel 10, so you'll be leaving shortly, and it's live.
You've also got a price tag hanging off your jacket.
You have to focus.
You don't think I can do this.
It's just a puff piece.
You'll be fine.
I'm not talking about the bloody interview.
You OK? MRS IRVING: Look, I know you're busy and I don't want to get you upset, but Eddie's that bloody angry What? Hang on.
(PHONE BEEPS) What? Why is Eddie angry? Why should I be upset? (ON SPEAKER) All our mob up here, they're shooting their mouths off about you.
What are they saying? They're saying, well they saw that speech of yours and they're calling you a sell-out.
The nerve of them calling you a coconut! I told them all to back off.
And Eddie's fine, so you don't have to worry about that.
- WOMAN: Two minutes, Senator.
- I thought you should know.
- It's all good, Mum.
I gotta go, OK? - Bye.
You have to focus.
If they move on to policy, you have to steer away from anything about the leadership or China.
- Sorry.
- exports Senator? (SOBS, PANTS) (GUNSHOT ECHOES) (PANTS) ALEX: Fucking happy? Is this what you wanted? Well?! (GUNSHOT) - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - WOMAN: Senator Irving? Are you OK? (KNOCKS) It's time.
We need you in the studio.
I'll be there in a second.
Welcome, Alex Irving.
Or, should I say, Senator Irving.
Thanks for being here.
Now, what you did at the Mount Isa Magistrates Court was extraordinarily brave.
Of course, what everyone wants to know is what did you say to that gunman? (LAUGHS) Uh, I'm not here to talk about that, Sam.
This was an iconic moment, Alex, that has captured the imagination No, I'm here to talk about my new role as senator for Queensland.
Well, the government essentially has a one-seat majority in the Senate, and the latest polls are saying that this is gonna be an incredibly close election.
Now, you have had no experience in the Parliament.
Why shouldn't the public think that your appointment isn't just a cynical stunt to get votes as we head toward the election? They might be right.
I I can understand that.
Me being here in Canberra seems like the most cynical publicity stunt possible.
A very smart woman told me that I should leave myself at the door when I walk into Parliament.
But I'm not sure that I agree.
- Senator, are you saying that your - Sorry, can I just, um These heels are killing me and I'm just gonna take them off.
- Are you you OK, Senator? - No, no.
Not really.
(PANTS) I just had a panic attack in the studio toilets, and these heels are making it worse.
Is this in response to the Mount Isa incident? No.
No, because every day of my life, I feel like that I'm constantly under threat.
And I think that some of your viewers would feel it too.
Not just the blackfellas.
So, that's why I'm here.
I'm I'm barefoot in your studio because I am sick and tired of pretending that everything is OK.
A 16-year-old Indigenous woman died in detention two weeks ago.
She had an asthma attack.
Her name was Marcie Maclean.
Now, when I talk about being under threat, she's who I'm talking about.
I'm talking about the woman who was mowed down by her husband in front of the courthouse and the woman who lost her life just trying to help.
I'm talking about people from a town who can't do anything because they're they're black, they're poor, they're female.
And the list goes on.
But if I can be here as I am and if I can stand up in the Senate, then anyone can.
Publicity stunt or not, that's why I'm here.
Thank you, Senator Irving.
Her name was Marcie Maclean.
- Christopher? - Yes, Minister Cartwright? A young woman died in the Macauley Detention Centre a couple of weeks ago, last name Maclean.
- I'd like the details, please.
- Sure.
MAN: (ON RADIO) Newly appointed Senator Alex Irving has come out swinging this morning in one of the most honest and raw interviews by a politician in recent memory.
ALEX: (ON RADIO) Every day of my life, I feel like that I'm constantly under threat.
And I think that some of your viewers would feel it too.
Not just the blackfellas.
So that's why I'm here.
I'm barefoot in your studio because I am sick and tired of pretending that everything is OK.
NEWSREADER: Her comments have put Indigenous Affairs Minister Kevin Cartwright in the firing line as she drew attention to the recent death in custody of 16-year-old Marcie Maclean.
WOMAN: (ON RADIO) Many are now calling the PM's decision to appoint Senator Irving a masterstroke as we head towards the election.
JILLIAN: Honestly, I cannot believe this.
We are getting a lot of traffic off the back of this morning.
Hashtag #barefootsenator is trending on Twitter.
Thanks, Jillian.
- And, Tracey - Mmm? Maybe it's time for Senator Gordon to go.
(DOOR OPENS) (SIGHS) ALEX: Um, look, my mum's racked up some fines and I just want to sort it out, it's not gonna be a problem, is it? WOMAN: Hmm.
She already has a scheduled court date.
It's too late.
Look, I've got the money now.
Can I just pay? What's this? "Pay the rent"? (CHUCKLES) It's just a reminder.
The clinic's a couple of hours' drive from her home.
Then she has to wait ages at the doctor's, and then she comes out and gets a ticket on her windscreen.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Next! Black bitch.
- SONG: Oh, no, you didn't - Uh-huh, uh-huh You didn't just go there Uh-huh, yeah, uh-huh (TYRES SCREECH) (CRASH!) Oh, no, you didn't You didn't push me again I got a memory like an elephant, honey I never forget They call me RACHEL: US military have requested permission to establish another defence base on our soil.
That base would fall under your native title lands.
- That's a big responsibility.
- No shit.
I take it you've rung me by mistake? I don't do anything by mistake, Tom.
You know that.
MAN: These negotiations pose a threat to national security.
What is it about the safety of this country that the Prime Minister doesn't understand? It's not negotiable.
You've been brainwashed, girl.
We don't trust you.
You need a lift?