Total Control (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 MARCIE: Open the fucking door! GUARD: All right, Maclean.
Suck on this.
CARTWRIGHT: I'm satisfied that the detention centre staff gave Ms Maclean every assistance - (COUGHS) - JESS: Somebody help us! and acted entirely within the scope of their responsibilities.
Hey, girl.
(GROANS) RACHEL: The base is the best news the people of Queensland have had for a very long time.
CORY: The facility is designed to accommodate 5,000 servicemen and women.
There's gonna be a three-kay exclusion zone surrounding the base.
CHARLIE: These people backed you.
All your bloody promises, and you broke them.
So don't blame them.
ALEX: It's not my fault, Kelly.
I suppose it's not your fault you fucked my husband! PETER: Kevin Cartwright's looking for a new chief of staff and I'd like to recommend you for the position.
Jonathan, I stonewalled the Senator's amendments.
JONATHAN: He traded his support for a promotion to Home Affairs.
Jess Clarke? JADE: Hey.
I have a way of tracking her down, though.
CHARLIE: You've got a right to be angry.
I fuckin' hate them all.
- TOM JR: What do you want? - Same as you.
- Bullshit.
You're one of them.
- They fucked me too.
So why don't you do what needs to be done? My name is Tom Campbell Jr.
I renounce my Australian citizenship and I reject the Australian Government.
This land that we stand on, this land is stolen.
From now on, every whitefella who wants to come here has to apply to my people for a visa.
If they fail to do so, I promise there will be retribution.
ONLOOKERS: (SHOUT) Burn it! (CHEERING) MAN: Go, Tommy! - MAN: Go back! - We don't want you here! (SIREN APPROACHES) Get in the truck! Go! (LIGHT BUZZES) Senator.
I'm Senior Sergeant Doug Gibson.
Can I get you anything? Right.
We understand you're in shock, but we have some questions.
So when you're ready, can you tell us exactly what happened? REPORTER: The violence in Winton last night is yet another landmine for a government still trying to put the instability of the past weeks MAN: No.
We need to come down hard on 'em.
Long terms in jail, massive fines.
We need the military to keep the peace.
REPORTER: Dramatic scenes in Winton last night as a violent mob rioted in the street and set fire to buildings.
Exebuild employee Cory Gray, who was on the site only hours before, had this to say.
There was no warning or anything.
You start to wonder what we're even doing here if no-one wants us.
(SEVERAL NEWS REPORTS OVERLAP) REPORTER: Newly appointed Home Affairs Minister Kevin Cartwright moved to reassure the Australian public, saying those responsible for the attack will be brought to justice.
Welcome back.
Just give me one moment.
It's good to see you.
We weren't expecting you back.
Not so soon, anyway.
I wasn't gonna come back.
Not after everything.
Alex, I do have to ask you, what happened up there in Winton? - I wasn't there.
- Of course you weren't.
I'm not suggesting that you were involved.
People are angry.
I'm angry.
That's as much as I know.
You think what they did was justified? I wouldn't have minded burning the place down myself.
Yeah, well, many in the country are quite keen to see heads on sticks over this.
Is that what they're getting? Alex, you have every right to be angry.
I'm angry too.
I put myself on the line for your deal.
And I've just had to perform an embarrassing public backflip.
But look who's fighting us, Damian Bauer and the hard right, the Sydney shock jocks and the Melbourne tabloids.
We've gotta be strategic.
I understand the party was divided over the settlement terms.
There were a lot of voices against you.
- Kevin Cartwright? - A lot of voices.
Alex, listen to me.
It's so easy to wreck things.
I'm trying to keep this party together because God help me if I fail.
And I need your help.
All right.
What can I do? You can reassure the public and you can reassure the party.
We've booked you on News Review tonight.
CHARLIE: An interview? Are you serious? Hang on.
It's a test.
But it's all about the long game, remember? So what are you going to say? Tune in and find out, brother.
Here, look.
We're standing by.
Put Eddie on.
All right.
Take care in there, sis.
TV: raises issues for you, you can contact Lifeline or Beyond Blue for assistance.
How's Sydney? Cold.
When are you coming up? I've just got some work to do, but I'll be home soon, OK? the destruction of the US air base - I miss you, Mum.
- I miss you too.
I love you.
- construction giant Exebuild - I love you too.
- Joining me now - OK, I'd better go.
- Bye.
- Senator Alex Irving.
Senator Irving, thanks for joining us.
Senator, the attack on Exebuild properties in Winton has provoked widespread condemnation.
What do you have to say to those men involved? Well, how do we know it's only men? - I'm sorry? - Well, we don't know who was there.
We just don't know.
- So, what would I say to them? - Yes, Senator.
Everyone is angry.
But we have all the processes of democracy for a reason.
So if you don't like what's happening, you can come here to Canberra and do something about it.
- JILLIAN: That went well.
- I think the PM will be happy.
Do you have a journo that you trust? I do.
I want to background them on the detention centre where Marcie Maclean died.
What for? Rattling a few cages, especially Cartwright's.
It needs to be off the record.
We don't want to put the girl at risk.
- BOY: Hello? - Is that my little man? - Sis? - Is Mum home? I don't know where she is.
Mum said Marcie's dead.
- Yeah.
- Where are you? A shithole.
Listen, I'm coming to get you, soon as I get some money for the bus.
- Where are we going? - Dunno yet.
(LOW CREDIT BEEPS) Just don't tell anyone I'm coming, OK? - OK? - (PHONE HANGS UP) Spare change, love? You sure you don't want to come to Sydney with me? Gotta go home.
All right.
Well, take care of yourself.
Nick Kosta.
Jillian said you wanted a chat.
What are you drinking? - What are you drinking? - Rum and Coke.
A shiraz.
Sydney's on the way.
You can hang with me as long as you like.
She says the guards shot tear gas into their cell.
Marcie suffocated.
And this woman has video evidence.
- Have you seen it? - No.
So why should I believe it exists? Because she travelled all the way from the Territory to see me.
So you've met her? - Her name? - No.
No details.
Nothing that should identify her.
What you're looking for is doubts raised about the Minister's account.
Telling me how to write now? He's a powerful man now, Cartwright.
That's why you're interested.
I'll do some digging.
- I thought you were above all this.
- What do you mean? 'Barefoot Senator', poster girl for authenticity, and here she is backgrounding against her own side.
- MARCIE: I look like a freak.
- You are a freak.
I like it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Do you want to go to the city when we get out? Like Darwin? Nah.
Fuck Darwin.
Let's go to Sydney.
Like, the big city.
Hell, yeah.
They got all shops and beaches.
Promise me you'll go? - Promise.
- Yeah, sweet.
Keep on holdin' out your cup But only you can fill it up We're only here for now We're only here for now I want to stand right in it In each and every minute KELLY: OK, let's go.
Just hang on a minute.
Come here.
You come over here.
Don't you do anything stupid in there, all right? Just promise me.
Go on.
Go on, you go.
Off you go.
Oh, fuck.
(DOOR SHUTS, ENGINE STARTS) From now on, every whitefella who wants to come here has to apply to my people for a visa.
- If they fail to do so - Thank you.
I promise, there will be retribution.
This man has been identified as Thomas Campbell Jr.
He's one of the native title holders involved in the original negotiations.
He's also chairman of the local land council.
Oh! Course he is! And a close friend of Senator Alex Irving.
- How close? - Very.
Great! (CHEERING) That'll be running as the top story tonight.
You'd better reassure the party room.
Well, he's making a statement.
He is.
To the police right about now.
Exebuild have been offered a range of emergency measures.
We've increased our security presence in the town of Winton itself.
The police are examining all available footage and are hoping to make arrests very soon.
BAIRD: About bloody time.
Um, Alex, why don't you tell us what happened there? I was in Winton for my mother's funeral.
That's all I know.
Oh, our condolences.
You didn't have any warning about the attack? It's disrespectful to bother someone who's in mourning, so no.
All right.
Of course.
Moving on.
Now, we may be facing some press questions on the death of Marcie Maclean.
Apparently her cellmate, Jess Clarke, escaped the night Ms Maclean died and is now the principal suspect for a vicious attack on a man at a motel east of Mount Isa.
Ms Clarke has been identified from photographs taken from the gentleman's phone.
The Northern Territory News are running this story this morning.
Now, these two events taken together could spark a fairly brutal backlash against our Indigenous community, so let's be very careful we don't make this a racial issue.
- Hear, hear.
- Agree? - Agreed.
- Good.
Thank you, Kevin.
OK, what's next? Jonathan, any luck on that car rego? Ah, not yet.
Hey, the police are on to Jess Clarke.
We need to talk to her first.
- Is there a problem? - No.
- Then why the hold-up? - My contact isn't really talking to me right now.
Do I need to ask someone else? I've said I'll get it for you.
Anything else, Senator? Tony, me again.
It's important.
Can you please call me back? Yeah? I'm sorry to disturb you, Senator.
But Jonathan's actually been working really hard, especially while you were away.
It's not surprising he's been distracted - Thank you, Jillian.
- what with the new job.
New job? Chief of staff.
Kevin Cartwright? You knew about that, right? Of course.
Thank you for reminding me.
I really appreciate it.
(DOOR CLOSES) AUTOMATED VOICE: The number you have called is not available.
Check out this view.
- JESS: (CHUCKLES) Wow! - (LAUGHS) - Whoa.
Check it.
- My gosh! It's so blue.
It's beautiful.
Dark blue Deep red These are the colours And a "hey".
Let's go in.
I associate in my head Ready? Yeah! - (GIGGLES) - Go on, girl.
Get amongst it.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah, check it out.
Marcie? Wait for me? Hey? When you get out, don't go to Sydney without me.
Put the phone away and go to sleep.
Love you, JC.
Love you, Marcie.
There's no black or white But a whole lotta grey.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Clever design, the old fountain.
Makes white noise, masks conversation.
- I know about the fountain.
- (CHUCKLES) Oh, yes.
Sorry, old habits die hard.
It's interesting.
What? You.
With all you've been through, most people would just lie down and die.
But you you've come back.
I have.
Saw your interview last night.
Very insightful.
So, I'm guessing, Alex, that you've got something on your mind.
That death in custody.
It's a cover-up.
And he lied in Parliament? You'll tell me if and when you find out more? Yes.
You know, Alex, the word is that the Prime Minister is in talks with the crossbenchers of the Senate.
She's always talking to the crossbenchers.
Well, this time, it's a little bit different.
Methinks she's about to cut you loose.
She gets one of them on side, then she doesn't need you.
And you're only just telling me this now.
You could have been playing us.
Just had to make sure.
Now, time to make a wish.
Why did she come back? Unfinished business.
I think she still believes in the idea of service.
You know what I'm asking.
She's angry.
She feels compromised.
As do I, by the way.
Jonathan, you didn't know that we were ditching the amendments 'cause it would have put you in an impossible position.
Same goes with your senator.
And we appreciate your loyalty.
I'm sure you're keen to take up Kevin's offer, but we feel it would be better if you stayed with the senator for now.
We've got critical bills going through both houses.
We need to know we can rely on her.
I'll make sure of it.
- Prime Minister, we should move on.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) - It's her.
- You'd better take it, then.
- Prime Minister.
- Thank you, Jonathan.
Yes, Senator? - WOMAN: Jade.
- Hey, man.
- How was Canberra? - It was bloody cold.
(CHUCKLES) - Maya, JC.
JC, Maya.
- How are you going? So, we've got the bathroom just through here.
- Hey, man.
How's it going? - Yeah, good.
Kitchen's out the back.
And this is Michael.
- Michael, this is JC.
- Hello.
How's it going? Come put your gear down here.
Coffee? Beer? Oh, coffee.
That'd be great.
- Yeah.
Coffee sounds good.
- Cool.
Jade, do we have any more coffee? How do I know? I'll just chuck on some music, hey? Yeah.
(GENTLE MUSIC PLAYS) Make yourself at home.
Here comes the night Heavy as she grows Close, I miss it more When I got too much time on my hands To think about it all I think about it all Here comes the night, just like all the ones before (GAS HISSES) JESS: Help! Somebody help! Marcie.
- What are you doing? - Sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
- Give it to me.
- Yeah.
That's what I was doing.
I found it on the floor.
I didn't mean to freak you out.
Your coffee is getting cold, by the way.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I think I am.
- - ALEX: Bloody Cartwright.
It's like he's two steps ahead of us.
Or it's just a coincidence.
What? Senator, is there something I should know about Winton? That's what Cartwright was asking.
Yeah, so were a couple of his staff.
Are you deliberately stalling on finding the address? You know she's an escaped criminal.
- She's a 15-year-old kid.
- And you're a politician.
Everything you do is under scrutiny.
Everything can be used against you.
Last time I looked, you worked for me.
Do what I tell you.
Go get the address for that car.
I know I'm an arsehole and the last person who should be asking a favour.
But this is your chance to prove you're a better person than I am.
It's a station wagon in a sort of hideous yellow.
Of course it's mine.
It's I've let myself go since I last saw you.
Oh, amazing.
Can you text that through? Oh, and, Tony, next time, please don't trust someone like me.
- Who was that? - An ex.
Why? Just curious.
- Yes, hello, Jeffrey.
- Jonathan.
How's my new boss? Worked up over this escaped detainee.
He's taking it very seriously.
Also wants to know when you're starting.
So do I.
Any day now.
Shall we? I know that today was really scary with Dad.
But he's gonna be fine.
He's gonna come home really soon.
OK? You're my big girl.
You've got school tomorrow.
You'd better go to sleep.
OK? 'Cause Mum says.
REPORTER: In breaking news, the shocking footage you're about to see was taken moments before rioters set fire to Exebuild construction offices in Winton.
The man speaking to the camera is Aboriginal activist Thomas Campbell, head of the land council.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) - In the footage, he declares independence from Alex Irving.
KELLY: Alex (SIGHS) Kelly.
Did you put him up to it? No-one can make Tom do anything.
You know that.
Can you help? I'll see what I can do.
I'm so sorry, Kel.
Just help me.
Help me, please.
(PHONE RINGS) I wondered when you'd call.
I'm trying to get some information on Tom Campbell but it's going nowhere.
Can you help? (BLEEP) (SIGHS) (BLEEP) (LIGHT SWITCH CLICKS) CHRISTOPHER: Wondered where you'd got to.
You OK? Mm-hm.
Uh, excuse me.
Are you coming? (BOTH GIGGLE) (PHONE RINGS) - Charlie.
- Sis.
We're in trouble.
NEWSREADER: Further revelations about the Winton riot today as evidence emerges that Charles Irving, brother of embattled government senator Alex Irving, was present on the night of the violence.
He appears in the background as Thomas Campbell incites the crowd to violence and burns down site offices.
Both siblings were in Winton to attend their mother's funeral.
Senator Irving has been contacted for comment but has yet to res This is not good.
(PHONE VIBRATES) You know they put your friend in jail? I know that.
Is there any more footage? No.
They would have shown it if they had it.
What was your brother doing there? He said he just got caught up in the crowd.
That doesn't look like caught up.
It doesn't show him doing anything illegal.
And that's a very strange way of putting it.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) PM's Office requesting a meeting.
Not now, Tracey.
I got an address for the car.
Sydney? She put a man in the hospital.
Are you sure you want to be going? How's that digging into Cartwright going? - You found anything? - Not yet.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - What? They're getting insistent.
Tell them I'm out of the office, Tracey.
- Charlie.
- Where are you? At the airport.
What's happening? The cops are going through my stuff.
- Why? - Why do you think? OK.
Listen, don't tell them anything, right? Yeah, I'm not stupid.
- Charlie! - All right.
Look, I'm coming to Sydney.
I'll come to you.
But I've got some business first.
- Is Eddie OK? - Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, he's good.
I need that phone.
Hey, I've just got to go.
They're taking my Charlie! That's gonna annoy your mum, eh? Getting hung up on.
JADE: That's good.
(BOTH LAUGH) BOTH: Yes! High five.
Hello? Jess? (PHONE RINGS) Hi.
I'm Alex.
Can I talk with Jess, please? Sorry, there's nobody here by that name.
I need to speak with her.
Look, I think you've got the wrong address.
It's about a friend.
Marcie Maclean.
She died.
Jess was with her.
I'm sorry, but I don't know who any of those people are.
OK, look.
Can you tell her? I'm sorry that I wasn't there for her, but she needs to talk to me.
The police are looking for her.
They know what she did.
And can you tell her, I want those people to pay.
They can't get away with it, Jess! Shit, Jess.
The police? I'm so sorry, sissy.
What are you gonna do now? She's the one that stopped that gunman.
I reckon she's all right.
She was supposed to help me, but she didn't show up.
Well, she's here now.
Eddie! EDDIE: Mum! Hey, bub.
There were two cops.
And they took Uncle's computer and his phone.
- I'll get you another one.
- Don't worry about it.
Can they do shit like that? Hey, language! Go on.
Put on the kettle.
Go on.
- What did they say? - Investigations are ongoing.
They can't charge you with anything.
Is there anything on that phone we need to worry about? Of course there isn't.
I'm gonna have to settle things at work.
- I'll be back.
You'll be here? - Yeah.
- Are you hungry? - Always.
- What do you want? - Pizza? - What'd you have last night? - A salad.
(PHONE RINGS) Hello, Jess.
- Are you OK? - JESS: I think so.
That stuff you said about Marcie, do you mean it? Yeah.
I do.
What about the cops? I won't let anything happen to you.
Are you at the house? No.
I don't want to get Jade into trouble.
Meet me at Coogee.
South end of the beach.
I'll be there.
Come, bub.
We're going.
- Where are we going? - Grab my shoes.
Don't worry.
We've just got to go.
- Well, who was on the phone? - Just go.
Come on.
- She called me.
- I'm gonna meet her.
- Where? I'm here at Coogee Beach.
- Why Coogee? - Not sure.
Does she still have that footage? That's what I'm counting on.
I'll call you later.
She's found the girl.
I think it's a huge mistake.
Bloody stupid.
OK, wait here.
I'm gonna have a quick look, OK? But I've got my eyes on you.
- How long? - Look, I dunno.
- I'll be back soon, OK? - You always say that.
Be back soon.
Take that.
There'll be paedos here for sure.
FRAN KELLY: While Queensland Senator Alex Irving's links to the Winton rioters came after the polling period, they are adding to the sense of a government in disarray.
The Prime Minister must be wondering what she can possibly do to break the disastrous REPORTER: The Prime Minister has continued to affirm her support for her wayward senator.
But how long she can maintain this position as her approval rating continues to fall remains to be seen.
REPORTER: "Senator Irving continues to enjoy my support.
" Not even "full support" now, and certainly not MAN: No, no.
This is madness.
No, the woman is a train wreck.
Everything she touches turns to rubbish.
And she's dragging the Government down with her.
No, she has to go.
Jess? Hi.
I'm Alex.
- Are you OK? - Yeah.
What's going on? Jess, don't.
This is my son.
This is Eddie.
Who should have stayed on the bloody bench when I told him.
I've got a brother.
We need to get you out of here.
I'll get us a cab, OK? You didn't meet me like you said you would.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I came all this way.
You said you would be there.
You know her mum died? True? Yeah.
The same day you got to Canberra.
Marcie was like my sister.
Not blood way, but you know.
This is what I wanted to show you.
What are you going to do with it? You said that it proves that everyone's been lying? Well, then I'll use it to bring them down.
Marcie would have liked that, you reckon? Yeah.
(ON VIDEO) Somebody help! Please! Help! Somebody help! Mum! - MAN: Jess Clarke? - Stay behind me.
I'm Alex Irving.
- This girl is with me.
- It's all right, ma'am.
- We know who you are.
- Then you know that I'm a senator.
Right now, we're concerned for your safety.
My safety's not a concern.
The girl's with me.
- Please let the girl through.
- Are you listening? She's wanted for questioning.
You're impeding on a police investigation.
You will stand down.
We'll arrest you if you don't comply.
I will not comply.
Jess! Jess! Jess! - No! - (CAR HORN BLARES) Oh, God, no! Everybody, just stay back there.
Stay here.
Stay here.
COP: Stay, please.
Step back, ma'am.
Mum! (LIGHT BUZZES) SERGEANT GIBSON: This is an extremely unfortunate situation.
Why didn't you listen to me? I told you she was with me.
Why didn't you fucking listen to me?! You fuckin' did this! - Help is on the way, ma'am.
- You fuckin' did this! I told you she was with me! The suspect was a known violent offender, and my constables were acting out of the interests of your safety.
The fact that their actions inadvertently led to a loss of life is deeply regrettable.
Please accept our sincere apologies.
Why were there so many police there so quickly? We had a tip-off.
Jess Clarke's family are anxious to retrieve her belongings.
We know she had her backpack, but we also know she had her phone.
Did you happen to see it at all? No.
Well, um I'll, uh, sort this out.
What the hell did you think you were doing? They killed her! Does this stuff just follow you around? Every time, Cartwright's been one step ahead of us.
What do you take me for, some dumb black from the country? Don't take this the wrong way, but the last thing that this country needs right now is a Black Lives Matter moment.
Ma'am, we have received credible threats against your person.
JONATHAN: How far do you want to go with this? As far as I can.
Does Senator Irving wish to make a statement? I do, Mr President.
Oh, Jesus Christ! My movement is slow But it's all for show.