Total Control (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

I want people like you,
women like you, on my team.
CHARLIE: Honestly, sis, they
just want a pet Aborigine.
Is that who you are?
This legislation has the backing
of the traditional owners.
We might as well give up
the election right now!
They've only had title for
10 years and they trusted you.
MAN: Alright, Maclean. Suck on this!
WOMAN: They were
laughing as she was dying.
- Jess Don't!
What do you want?
I want you to announce your support
for the deal in the House of Reps.
And you guarantee the
footage won't be seen?
ALEX: It has come to my
attention that the Prime Minister
is covering up a very serious crime.
The Prime Minister cannot govern.
RACHEL: I'm sure he's promised
you unicorns and rainbows,
but in the end,
it was just fucking revenge.
SONG: I got one thing, honey ♪
Yeah, one thing, honey ♪
Yeah, one thing on my mind ♪
Two young bodies,
yeah, two warm bodies ♪
And the fingers entwined ♪
With you next to me ♪
We could set this world alight ♪
Here comes destiny ♪
She gonna set this night on fire ♪
A few moments ago,
I crossed the floor of the Senate
- and voted to block supply.
A few weeks ago, a young
woman named Marcie Maclean
died in detention.
The guards shot tear gas into her cell.
They laughed while she suffocated.
The operators of that prison were
giving kickbacks to Kevin Cartwright,
the Minister for Indigenous Australians.
And the Prime Minister was
terrified of the scandal.
They tried to bury this footage.
This is what they
didn't want you to see.
MAN: Alright, Maclean. Suck on this!
JESS: We can't breathe! Someone help!
Marce, Marce. Breathe, breathe.
Somebody help us!
Please, someone help!
Alright, Maclean. Suck on this!
We can't breathe! Someone help!
Somebody help us!
We can't breathe! Someone help!
Marce, Marce. Breathe, breathe.
Somebody help us!
Help! Somebody help!
I'm stepping down from
my position as senator.
I'm walking away from the party.
I'm standing for a
seat in the Lower House
and I will be the next Minister
for Indigenous Australians
in a Laurie Martin government.
Had you spoken to Rachel Anderson
before you crossed the floor?
Have you had any communication
with Damien Bauer?
Ms Irving, do you have
leadership ambitions of your own?
A mouthy blackfella for prime minister?
I'd like to see that.
Ms Irving! Ms Irving!
Senator, what does this mean
for your political future?
Hey, boys. Hey.
- Uh, mate, can you join us, please?
- MAN: Yeah.
- WOMAN: I'll take care of that.
- OK.
You really are full of
surprises, aren't you?
People need to know why I moved
against their prime minister.
do you know
I do.
- No offence
- None taken.
Why's he here?
Well, Paul's here because
he's the head of our faction
in New South Wales, which is
where you will be standing.
- New South Wales?
- Wran.
- Western Sydney.
- Yeah, I know where Wran is.
We talked about Queensland.
We'll never win in your home electorate.
I know that.
And metro Queensland is
owned by the factions,
so we just thought it'd
be a better fit for you
out there in Western Sydney.
Because I'm black and they're brown?
Actually, you're kind of brown.
It's a better fit for you out there
because the suburbs lean conservative
and because that's what we've decided.
I still want an inquiry
into the deaths of Marcie
Maclean and Jess Clarke.
And the agreement on the Winton air base
torn up and renegotiated.
You will get all of that,
but we just have to bring the
rest of the party room with us.
Governor-General on line 2, Laurie.
(GROANS) Boy scout.
Alright, sorry. I've gotta take this.
But we do need to talk.
So Laurie's moved me to the
electorate next to yours?
- Does he think I need babysitting?
- Well, do you?
Is the seat even winnable?
That's what I'm here for.
I've gotta get this.
Welcome to the party, Alex.
Emma Whitehall from
AUSnews just called you
the senator from Bumfuck Nowhere.
She can say that?
It's cable.
Well, you ready?
Let's go.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Yeah, good, thanks.
Here we are.
- So this is Cathy.
- Hi, Cathy. Alex.
- And this is Alexis.
- Hi, Alexis.
- Tommy.
- Hey, Tommy.
- WOMAN: All the best. Love you.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Hey.
- Nice to meet you.
You too. Thank you.
- This way, Alex.
- (WOMAN CALLS) Go, Alex!
So we were here last week and
Hi! How's your day going?
Pretty terrible.
You got a bloody nerve coming down here,
expecting we'll vote for you
just 'cause we're told to.
- Alex, move on.
- Yeah, move on.
No-one's telling you
to do anything, mate.
You're damn right.
You're all corrupt. Corrupt!
You hear me? And you
don't even live here!
And you're not my mate,
Yeah, fair enough.
I hate being called
'mate' during an argument.
And you're right, I don't live here.
Because I'm trying to find a place
and the rentals are insane
and so are the mortgages.
How do you afford them?
You're the politician. What
are you gonna do about it?
I'm here, talking to you.
What are you gonna do?
What am I gonna do about it? Me?
You're talking to me? You're
saying it's my responsibility?
OK, let me ask you a question.
When was the last time your sitting
member came down and spoke to you?
When was the last time you
wrote a letter to a politician?
Went to a meeting? Made a phone call?
Thought so.
If you want things to change
and if you want me to represent
you or anyone else here,
you gotta pull your
finger out and engage.
- Shit! What the hell?
- Oh, dude! Nothing!
- What are you doing?!
- Chill! It's OK.
Alex, please. Let's go.
Thank you, sir.
What happened? You were
about to deck that kid.
That kid was right behind me.
You out-talked old mate back there,
everything was great, then you snapped.
- So what happened?
- Nothing.
I told you, I'm fine.
So apparently we have to pull
our fingers out. Is that right?
That's right.
Better warn Laurie.
It's OK.
The punters don't hate me.
And we're ahead by two
points in the latest polling.
That's still within the
margin of error, though.
Margin of error? Fuck you.
Paul Murphy is very happy
with where we are right now.
You know he was an anarchist
when I first met him?
And a complete slut.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, you can talk.
How's my boy?
Yeah, I'll get him.
Hey, mate!
Here's your mum.
Hey. How are you?
- Give her something more.
- You give her something more.
How's school?
Yeah, it's great.
- Yeah?
- Nuh.
Yeah, very funny.
School tomorrow, right?
Love you.
Sorry about that.
Nah, it's fine.
He's going to school, though, right?
Yeah, every day now. I make sure myself.
Thank you.
- We'll talk tomorrow?
- Sure.
You know what we're demanding.
We're demanding justice.
And these protests in America.
They're not protests,
they're demanding it.
And this is what's happening.
There are riots and people
are talking about order.
Who cares about order if there's
no justice? We want justice!
I'm sick of talking about law and order.
'Cause you know what? It doesn't work.
Being peaceful Peaceful
protests don't work.
You're never satisfied. You're
never happy with what we do.
I said
- Been waiting all night, cuz.
- Yeah, where were ya?
Come on!
Do it again, cuz!
(LAUGHS) Yeww!
- EDDIE: Mum!
A drink on a school night?
You suggested it. I
was just checking in.
- BARTENDER: What would you like?
- Oh, what are you drinking?
Uh, whatever you're having.
Two rum and Cokes, thanks.
Two rum and Cokes it is.
Oh. So
Where's the caucus on my conditions?
Come on, Alex. Bauer's
about to call an election.
There's some business to get through.
No, it's pretty simple, Paul.
Where's the party room on this?
Why won't you give me an answer?
Are you and Laurie fucking?
I cross the floor, I bring
down the PM, and your party
OUR party now, Alex.
YOUR party thinks that I did all
this because I'm wet for Laurie?
There's a precedent.
So give a black woman a seat
and still call her a slut.
- Is that it?
- I didn't say that.
Where are you going?
- Another drink?
- I'm good.
I'll have another one.
Look, you've got a
right to be pissed off.
Well, why did you ask me?
Are you getting back at me
because I was parachuted
in over your head?
Over my head?
Well, why aren't they making you
Minister for Indigenous Australians?
It's a poisoned chalice, Alex.
The real power's in Treasury.
Yeah, no-one takes Treasury
unless they're aiming higher.
First Indigenous prime minister?
That that's where you're going?
You really think that's gonna happen?
I've got more chance than you have.
- Sorry, that was harsh.
- No, no. You're right.
For a hundred different reasons.
The party's not going to tear
up the Winton Agreement, Alex.
It's Queensland. You
know how that plays.
The inquiry into Marcie
Maclean and Jess Clarke?
- We're taking advice.
- Oh, Paul!
When did an inquiry into Aboriginal
deaths ever achieve anything?
We had Muirhead in '91.
339 recommendations and
how many were implemented?
- Thanks for the lecture, Paul.
- None.
Nothing changed.
Does this mean you're
dropping the inquiry?
No, it means we're still working on it.
Doesn't this kill you?
Every fuckin' day.
Every fuckin' day.
- Peter.
- Rachel.
Thank you.
How are you?
Amazing how quickly
the phone stops ringing.
And how's Greg settling in?
Uh, Greg and I have had an
arrangement for some time.
There was no need to prolong it.
I take it the party sent you?
The current UK ambassador is
coming to the end of his posting.
It's a consequential position,
given the UK's changing circumstances.
They're prepared to recall him
if you agree
They're worried about the
miserable ghost scenario.
So, what, they just want
me to vacate my seat?
It would be appreciated if you
could delay the announcement.
(SIGHS) Fuck.
They want to run a small-target
campaign focused on Damien.
They think you'd be a distraction.
What do you think?
- It's your decision.
- And I'll make it.
I think you've held
that seat for 17 years.
And that's a long time in politics.
Very few people get the
chance to decide when they go.
You didn't have that luxury as PM.
You do as a sitting member.
Just indulge me for a minute.
What was your job, Peter?
- I was your chief of staff.
- No, what were your duties?
I was your fixer. I protected you.
Did you?
When they were plotting their coup,
when they were about to
cross the floor of the House?
- Did you protect me
- Rachel. Rachel.
or did you nod off on the
job? No, Peter, you fucked up.
So tell me something, because
I cannot for the life of me
understand how you still have your job.
I was always impeccably loyal, Rachel.
Think about London.
Hello! Who's this?
What are you doing?
Who's this over here?
Hello. Hey, boy. What are you doing?
Here's trouble.
Couldn't hack it today?
I know the feeling, old mate.
Where are the others?
Had to give a couple away.
- You want a drink first?
- Nah, I'm good.
I'll do the rest, yeah?
No, that oughta do me.
Reckon it'll rain soon?
One day.
that have left many exporters
nervous about which industries
might be targeted next.
And to national politics now.
And angry crowds have
continued to gather
- around the country today
in response to the death in custody
of Aboriginal teenager Marcie Maclean.
The violent demonstrations
prompted Prime Minister Damien Bauer
to issue a nationwide call for calm.
DAMIEN: I understand the footage
of Ms Maclean is very distressing,
but it's important to remember
that we are not a racist country.
This was an issue of
private operator misbehaviour
and of ministerial corruption.
And it's been addressed.
That's why Rachel Anderson
is not your prime minister.
Could you turn that off, please?
People have a right to
be angry about corruption.
And people have the right to
express these sentiments
I said, could you turn that off, please?
But the ugly scenes we've
seen in the capitals
(BECOMES LOUDER) are unacceptable.
What are you doing?
I wanna hear it.
And I asked you to turn it off.
My cab.
and by professional agitators.
I made a simple request.
Your lot don't get to
tell us what to do anymore.
My lot?
What do you mean?
When the hell did we
ever tell you what to do?
All the time.
"Can't say that. That's racist."
"Can't say that. That's sexist."
Can you stop talking now?
So much for free speech.
Only good thing you ever
did was ditch that witch
and make Damien Bauer prime minister.
Stop the car.
FRAN KELLY: Australia's higher
education sector as a result.
I said stop the fucking car!
There's no need to swear.
And there's no need to be a cunt.
SONG: I take it back ♪
- You're going down ♪
- See ya later.
I've had enough of you
dragging all of my shame around ♪
Boy, watch your back ♪
'Cause I'm sticking round ♪
I'm sticking round ♪
You won't look back ♪
But I can't forget ♪
So I'm gatherin' up ♪
Everything I ever
tried to suppress ♪
And I'll be at your door ♪
With a sharpened knife ♪
Soon as I work out ♪
How to get off this floor. ♪
How'd you be, team? We
still winning, are we?
- Hey, Alex, how are you?
I should get this.
- Yep.
We need to schedule a
meeting with you, Eddie
and the school counsellor.
Yeah, OK.
He's a good kid, but the
unexplained absences can't continue.
- She wants to go back to Winton?
- Yeah.
- That's right.
- Oh, Jesus.
Come on. I mean, Alex!
The election could be called any day.
My boy's wagging school.
Well, sort it over the phone.
People tell me they're useful things.
My boy
saw footage of a man
pointing a gun at me, Laurie.
Oh, alright.
He saw the police chase
a young girl onto the road
and get run down by a car.
When the school principal
has to file a report
'cause he's missed too many school days,
then, yeah, I've gotta
fly back to Winton.
Do I need to quote the party's
carer leave policy back at you?
No, I don't think you do.
Mate, could you sort this out, please?
- What are you doing?
- Don't know yet.
You can get things done, it just
has to be on the party's time line.
Like your leadership ambitions?
Don't do this.
- PARKROYAL, then the airport.
- Alex, you
Hey, you know you won't
get another chance at this.
- Let's go, driver.
- Al
Ms Anderson. Right this way.
Prime Minister.
We could have met at
your office, you know?
Glass of sangiovese and
the eye fillet, please.
- How would you like that?
- Bleeding.
Seen the polls?
I have.
And I'm committed to the
return of this Government
and prepared to do anything
to make sure that happens.
But you are vulnerable
in the southern cities
and rolling me hasn't
helped your woman problem.
But I'm prepared to
make a show of support -
campaign through the southern
states, try and convince women
that we actually give a
damn and that moderates
I'm gonna stop you there, Rachel.
We can't win an election
pandering to the moderates.
It's the base we need to be sure of.
That's something you never understood.
Oh, I've always understood, Damien.
I just didn't go there.
I'm overriding your branch
to install a new candidate in your seat.
She'll contest the next election.
Great young woman.
Business council cred. No
baggage. You'd really like her.
You're bluffing.
Fallout from the deaths of
those girls, the cover-up
I can't win an election
with you, Rachel.
And, frankly, I can do
without the distraction.
The party thanks you for your service.
I offered you a dignified exit.
I'm sorry you chose not to take it.
Can I take that, sir?
No, I'll get it.
- Give me that.
- I'll get you another one, sir.
Bloody hell!
Thanks for picking me up.
I wasn't gonna make you walk.
So, what's the school
gonna do about Eddie?
Well, they're holding
off on reporting him,
but he's gotta lift his game.
Bloody Charlie! He's supposed
to have an eye on him.
And he has.
You know he packed up that whole
house while you've been gone?
It's not as if he's actually working.
You're just a bundle of joy, aren't ya?
Come on. Come. Come.
Hey. Pull over?
Mate. Mate. Mate, come. Mate. Come.
Keeping out of trouble, Stephen?
Or do I have to get out and make ya?
Well, maybe someone could pick
up the phone once in a while.
Sorry, I've been flat out. Try me later.
Wanna buy a dog?
- Gotta get home.
Talk soon.
- Thanks, sis!
- (TOOTS HORN) See ya!
- Why weren't you at school?
How many days is that now?
Where were you?
- Nowhere.
- Miss Gillespie called.
- Miss Gillespie hates me.
At least Miss Gillespie
graduated from high school.
What were you doing? Where were you?
I was doing nothing.
Don't give me that.
What's the point? Fuck's sake.
I know.
What's the point of any of this, right?
But you can't get away with anything.
Wagging school, hanging out with
your mates, drinking in the park.
Jesus, Mum.
Everywhere you go, whatever you
do, people will be watching you.
And you can't give them any excuse.
I mean, it's bad enough for
me, but it's worse for you.
That's why I'm hard on you.
I won't know anyone in Sydney.
Neither will I.
But it's not definite
I'm gonna win anyway.
You'll win.
And then we'll live in
Sydney and it'll suck.
You know why I'm doing it, right?
Yeah, you keep saying.
Those girls died because
people came down on them.
The same way they'll come down on you.
That's why I need to
do something about it.
Like what?
I don't know yet.
But can you stop growing a bit?
I swear to God, every
time I come back
That's not fair, Alex.
I've been walking him to school.
- Really?
- Every day.
I saw him walk into the schoolyard.
Well, apparently he walked
straight back out again.
Do we have any tea?
Yeah, should be some there.
- Hey, and don't make this my fault.
- Well, isn't it?
I could've stayed in Sydney, Alex.
Oh, don't play the martyr. You
were suspended after that video.
I don't have to be here, Alex.
I came back to look after
Eddie and pack up the house
while you're running
around, kissing babies.
Why isn't there any bloody tea?
Because I had to pack the house
in a hurry and you weren't around.
You won't find it in there.
- Or there.
- What's going on?
- Oh, what's going on?
- Eddie's given up on the world.
- And?
I'm still getting death threats.
Well, what do the police say?
Impossible to track.
Take the usual precautions.
Mum's special tea.
We can't have that.
It's for guests.
How much is here?
A couple of grand.
Classic Mum.
Yes, please.
REPORTER ON TV: In a shock move today,
former prime minister Rachel Anderson
has announced her
resignation from Parliament,
standing down from her
seat of North Sydney.
Anderson has held
Pretty brutal move.
She deserves it.
Today's resignation marks
the final humiliation
of what has been a remarkably
CHARLIE: Did you know about this?
Yeah, course I did. Me and
Rachel Anderson are like that.
Anderson has long been
considered party royalty.
- You in tonight?
- Her father, Richard
No, there's a meeting at the town hall.
They're raising water
restrictions again.
I'll come with you.
Anderson took the party to
what was widely considered
- WOMAN: Hmph!
- WOMAN 2: Look who it is.
ALEX: Here. Come on.
Do you know any pollies coming tonight?
No, this is a safe
seat. We're on our own.
I don't believe this.
What a fuckin' nerve.
We're just here for the meeting, Joely.
You're not here for the feels. A
bunch of us think you're a dick.
- I don't have time for this.
- No, that'd be right.
Lump us with a fascist
sock puppet for a PM
and now you don't have time.
Fuck me.
Look, we might just leave it there, OK?
Hey, I represented the
state for six months
and then I was on the
council before that for years,
so don't bloody accuse
me of not doing my job.
And now you're pissing off to
Sydney, so who represents us now?
- Least I'm here.
- That's not fucking good enough.
Why do I even bother?
Do you know this idiot?
She's not an idiot and
she can still hear you.
MAN: G'day, mate.
COUNCILLOR: So, uh, good
evening, ladies and gentlemen.
We're here tonight to, uh, discuss
some very important information.
Some information that
may well affect you
as members of our community.
Water storage levels
have now fallen below 5%.
As a result,
council has voted to
lift water restrictions
to emergency levels.
This is what it means to you.
No watering of gardens or fields.
- Penalties apply.
No washing of vehicles,
dwellings or thoroughfares.
Penalties apply.
There's water in the system, but
it's all going to those big farms.
Why don't you do something about that?
Drinking water will be
trucked in from Townsville
And how are we going to afford that?
and allocated as
per previous agreements.
All persons needing assistance
can apply to the relevant
government department.
MAN: If things are so bad,
why has the base been
given more allocation?
They're taking water from the river now.
The new air base will provide
valuable jobs and resources
to the local community.
Are you going to freeze our mortgages
and get the banks off of our back?
- LOCALS: Yeah!
The state and federal governments
have promised substantial
drought relief.
You'll have to apply online.
What are you gonna do when
we're thrown off our land?
- There's absolutely no reason
Can I help?
Nah. No.
At least you were here.
ALEX: Hey, bub. I've gotta go soon.
How was last night?
Not great.
The police haven't killed
any black kids lately.
Guess that's something.
I know you've been through the wars.
But we can't afford to think that
it's always gonna be like that.
Yeah. Good luck with that.
You gonna look after your uncle?
REPORTER ON TV: Though there's
been no official announcement,
sources within the Government are
tipping that sometime this morning
Prime Minister Bauer will take
the short drive to Government House
and ask the Governor-General
to call an election.
While the Prime Minister has managed
to put some of the recent
instability behind him,
the Government still trails
the Opposition in the polls.
Recent numbers have the
Opposition ahead by a wide margin
and if the election is called
within the next few days,
this could be the end of the line
for the incumbent prime minister.
- REPORTER: Prime Minister.
- Prime Minister.
Prime Minister, any comment?
NEWSREADER: The Prime Minister
has called a general election,
putting an end to speculation
about when he could take
his government to the polls.
Damien Bauer declared his confidence
that his party will have the
backing of the Australian public.
The announcement kicks off
what's been described as
a deliberately short campaign period,
intended to catch the
Good dog.
Good dog. Come. Come here, mate.
Here, mate.
Here, mate.
- Hey.
- Hey, Stephen.
- Mum home?
- Nah.
That's probably a good thing.
I've got something for you.
Your mum asked me to save a pup.
He's all yours.
Mum agreed?
Pretty much.
Half a can every evening
and every morning.
Good dry food, not the cheap shit.
And give him a bone every now and then.
What's his name?
Call him whatever you like.
Here, Rocky.
Good boy, Rocky.
GIRL: Anyone got any cash? Eddie?
EDDIE: You still owe
me 10 from last week.
Oh, yeah. Forgot. Soz.
Give us a sip, eh?
- Yeah?
- Oi.
Oi! Oi. (LAUGHS)
- Oh! You're an idiot.
- MAN: Oi!
Oi, you You fuckin' right?
What are you lookin' at?
Come here, you little shit. Come on!
Stop wasting water, you pricks.
Little bastards.
MAN: How you going, matey?
MAN 2: G'day, Stephen.
Look away, love.
WOMAN: Stephen? No!
it's Stephen Murchison.
Look, don't get pissed off at me,
but I gave your boy a dog.
- Look after him, yeah?
Love ya.
LAURIE: Oh, Alex!
Nice of you to join us.
Um while you're here, just a word,
because we're off and running
and because Paul and the team
have pulled all stops out,
you can't for a minute
consider scuttling off back home
until this is all done.
We own you until this campaign is over.
A friend of mine back
home just killed himself.
Oh. Well, uh, that's
Apparently, the bank was
gonna take his farm away, so
he gave away his dogs.
Uh, well, I'm not quite sure why
we're hearing about this now, but
He rode his wheelchair
down the main street
and set himself on fire.
Oh, Jesus, Alex, uh
What are we doing for people like him?
What are we doing for my son?
What are we doing for anyone back home?
You don't want an inquiry
into Marcie and Jess, do you?
You just want a black
face to cover it all.
Well, you should stop right there.
Alex, I don't think
you actually understand
how easy this has been made for you.
You've been given everything.
You've been given a seat. You've
been given campaign support.
You have been promised a
Cabinet post right at the end.
Everything everything
has been given to you
on a nice, shiny, silver platter.
And what do you bring to the party?
You come in here and you say,
"What are you gonna do
about the folks back home?"
Well, if your precious
folks back home vote for us,
we'll do something for the fuckers.
Until that day
you're lucky I don't sack
you right here on the spot.
You'll never be prime minister, Laurie.
REPORTER: Laurie Martin's
in damage control today
in the wake of Alex
Irving's shock departure,
just hours after the
election was called.
The volatile former senator
cited a clash of core values
as the reason for her walking away
from yet another political party,
a move many predict
will mark the end of
her political career.
ALEX ON TV: I no longer
trust our two major parties.
I've seen how they work and
they're not working for us.
There's gotta be a better
way to govern ourselves.
We're a smart country.
It's time we stopped
acting so bloody stupid.
I know some people out there
think I'm a turncoat, a wrecker,
a bomb thrower,
because I won't toe a party line.
Well, if that's what it takes
to get the government to listen
to the people who elected them,
then that's what I'll keep doing.
My home town is in the
electorate of Freeman.
They need someone in
Parliament who knows them,
which is why
I'll be standing as an independent.
And it'll be up to the people of
Freeman to decide if they want me.
No-one else.
You're gonna be my campaign manager.
We'd rip each other's
throats out by lunch, Alex.
You know that.
What do you want, Nick?
Question, former prime minister,
is what do you want?
I've been disendorsed.
There's another word for
'disendorsed'. Freedom.
That bitch won't die.
They want you on 'Q+A'.
WOMAN: Yes. Fuckin' A!
Come on! I'm right here.
Hey, Eddie! Watch out!
Here we go, mate. Gloves off.
This doesn't end for me.
I have to face the
people you screwed over!
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