Touched by an Angel (1994) s02e11 Episode Script

The Feather

1 Previously on Touched by an Angel: WAYNE: Do you have any idea what you've done?! Do you know what you've done?! Wayne, please, would you just listen? Listen to her, Wayne; She's an angel.
I used to pray for a little brother.
And when I finally got one well Every morning, I'd wake up expecting a miracle, hoping I'd walk through the door, he'd be at the breakfast table all fixed, fine.
But a miracle never happened.
And I stopped believing in them.
Joey really needs you now, Wayne.
WAYNE: ♫ O little town of Bethlehem ♫♫ Hey, Wayne guess what? What's that? You love me.
Yeah, I do.
And I love you, too, Wayne.
CHOIR: ♫ Halleluia, halleluia, halleluia ♫ ( congregation gasps ) ♫ Forever and ever ♫ ♫ And He shall reign forever and ever ♫ ♫ King of kings ♫ ♫ Forever and ever ♫ ♫ Halleluia, halleluia ♫ ♫ And lord of lords ♫ ( cries out ) ( door opens ) Hey, Wayne, can I open my Christmas presents now? Sure, I'll be right down.
Last one to the Christmas tree's a rotten egg.
What did you eat to make you dream about flying angels? Don't forget, after we open the presents, we got to go back down to the church so I can see the angels again.
( Dove cooing ) I'm no good at praying, you know, not real praying.
I guess after what happened last night I should believe in you, but it's not going to be that easy because if you're really out there I'm in a lot of trouble.
I appreciate the angels and all, but I'd just as soon pass right now.
Thank you.
He knows the truth, he saw it.
Why is he so afraid to believe? The first day one believes can be the most beautiful and the most difficult.
"Difficult"? JOEY: Wayne! I'm coming, little brother.
A miracle is a very fragile thing, and if you don't take care of it you can let the truth just get twisted out of it.
And that's when it becomes dangerous.
How can a miracle become dangerous? Anything from God can become dangerous in the wrong hands.
Wayne Wayne is a man who's walked in the darkness for a long time, and a miracle like last night has shown a bright light and it's shining smack dab in the middle of everything that Wayne does not want to see.
So he can't begin his new life until he's finished with the old one.
He's at a crossroads, baby.
And you've got to get him out of the intersection before he gets run over.
JOEY: Wayne! Be right there, Joey.
Someone is speeding in his direction and he's about to get hit dead on.
Somebody? Who?! ( Train whistle blows in distance ) Merry Christmas.
Thanks you, too.
I'm sorry, but we're not serving breakfast yet on account of what happened.
But I'll get you some coffee.
What happened? Come on, an angel appeared and flew in the church? MAN 2: She didn't fly, she sort of hovered.
MAN 3: Everybody saw it.
It was miracle.
I'm telling you, I felt something like MAN 3: Like God.
You didn't see Him, but, uh somehow, you just knew He was there.
But you saw the angel? MAN 2: Clear as day awesome.
It was kind of scary and beautiful all at once.
I'm going today to see if she comes back.
Twice in the same year.
You're kidding, right? ( laughs ) Can you give me directions to this church? Miracles are kind of my business.
That's right, a Christmas miracle.
Yes, it's true; I saw it myself, and so did everybody else.
It was kind of scary and awesome all at the same time.
You'd better get a news crew down here right away 'cause if you don't, I'm going to call Channel 10 next.
All right, you're welcome.
Tess, why does God make men like that? He doesn't.
They make themselves like that.
The sad truth, baby, is that wherever there's an opportunity, there's an opportunist.
And nothing brings them out like a good, old-fashioned miracle.
♫ When you walk down the road ♫ ♫ Heavy burden, heavy load ♫ ♫ I will rise, and I will walk with you ♫ ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Till the sun don't even shine ♫ ♫ Walk with you every time ♫ ♫ I tell you, I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Believe me, I'll walk with you.
♫ ( bells chiming ) Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Colleen.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Joey.
Aw, hi, Edna.
Is Wayne inside? Aw, no, he had to go to work.
On Christmas? Oh, nobody works on Christmas.
Well, the pastor works on Christmas.
That's a good point.
Looks like we got some extra people, so, uh, make sure you only hand out one to each person, okay? Okay.
Merry Christmas.
( Chimes continuing ) Merry Christmas.
Hey, son, can I have one of those? Aw, you came to see the angels, didn't you? That's why I came.
I saw the angels last night, too.
Anybody else see the angels? Oh, yeah, everybody My brother and Edna, Pastor Mike, everybody.
The angels, they took my friend, Serena, up into heaven.
And then the one angel, she turned into light.
She flew high up into the sky.
And then the white bird, it flew away.
But it dropped a feather, and I got it here.
You see it? Is that so? Yeah.
( Organ begins playing ) It's starting now; I got to go, mister.
I got to hand out programs.
That's my job.
Well, then, I'll take one of those.
Bye, kid.
Thanks for everything.
All right, bye now.
Hey hey, hey.
Where's my feather? ( Organ music continuing ) The angel was hovering right over there.
And then the dove flew right over my head It flew right over my head! EDNA: Hey! Leave that donkey alone.
Get out of here.
( Organ music resumes ) Excuse me! Everybody is supposed to sit down when they hear the organ.
( Organ music resumes ) Please, could we all take our seats? Merry Christmas.
ALL: Merry Christmas.
Last night, something happened here that some are calling a miracle.
It was a miracle.
But what does it mean? It means that we're doomed.
That's what it means Judgment is coming.
MAN: A little girl died last night.
But I saw her here, and the angels just took her away.
Yes, Serena's passing may have been part of a miracle Praise God.
But this is something we must take one step at a time, slowly, reverently.
"Slowly"? MIKE: We have been given a marvelous gift.
A mystery has occurred in our midst A holy visitation.
We must not greet it with panic and superstition; We must cherish it and hold it in our hearts until we have learned what God intends for us to do with it.
Pastor Mike, some people slept here last night.
I know I went home, but I couldn't sleep at all.
Harvey Osborn thinks this is the beginning of the end of the world.
And Clara Otis said her rheumatism's feeling better and Amy Tesser said hers is feeling worse.
What in the world's going on? Well, I'm not exactly sure, yet.
But if we could all pray Oh, come on now, really, there's got to be something more ( people discussing ) It's time for a hymn.
( Playing "Angels We Have Heard on High" ) Please, let's try to stay calm, please, everyone.
Is this the place with the flying angel? May I help you? Gena West with Channel 8.
Um, we're here to check out the miracle.
Miss West, our services are open, but not I would appreciate if I could just ask, um, who was it that saw the miracle? Was it one person, did you all see it? I saw the angel.
He's our man.
Folks, I'm a stranger here a guest in this town A man looking for direction that saw my lack of direction.
But last night, I I saw a light in the heavens, a light brighter than anything I have ever seen.
You saw it, too, didn't you, son? Oh, yes, sir.
The angel showed it to me.
That's right, the angel the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, an angel all in flowing white.
I tell you, folks, I was headed down a dark road, an itinerant preacher who'd lost his faith, planning to abandon my calling.
But I saw the light of God last night, and it led me here to this sacred place.
I stood in the back of this church Tears of joy on my face As the light from the angel cleansed my soul.
Excuse me And the most miraculous sight of all was the light turning into one of the most pure of God's creations a dove.
WOMAN: Praise be to God.
You saw it, didn't you? ( Agreeing ) For those of you who may be doubters, I have proof! Hey, that's my feather.
That's right, son, it's yours and yours, and yours.
It belongs to us all, a gift from the heavenly creature itself.
This feather, this heavenly reminder of God's presence floated down to me like manna from the heavens.
WOMAN: Yes! MAN: Alleluia.
Tess, why are they believing all this? Because he's telling them exactly what they want to hear.
They're eager to embrace the miracle, and eagerness is what a con man loves best of all.
( Humming ) Hey You came back.
Hello, Joey.
Hey, everybody, the angel's back! Uh, no, Joey, I'm just here for you today.
Never mind! You know, uh, the other angel, the real the funny one? Tess? Yeah.
She took Serena up to heaven, didn't she? She helped, yes.
So, uh so she's not coming back, huh? No, she's not.
But you should know that Serena is very happy where she is today.
It's okay to cry, Joey.
I know how much you miss her.
She was my friend.
And she took care of me.
Well, now it's time that you started to take care of someone.
( Baby crying ) ( baby crying ) ( crying ) Wow ( baby crying ) ( crying ) Are you who I think you are? Well, you're late.
Everybody's gone.
( Baby crying ) Oh, no, no, no, no.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Oh uh Hey.
Ooh, uh ( with funny voice ): Hello.
Hello, baby.
( Crying continues ) Oh, I never picked up a baby before.
I mean, I picked up a puppy once.
( Baby continues crying ) ( crying ) ( baby quiets ) I knew this was a special place the moment I walked in.
See, people want to believe, and this is about to become a place of great belief.
Happens every time I throw a revival.
Get ready for the onslaught.
"Onslaught"? People don't experience miracles every day, if ever.
They want to see where they happen.
Be a part of it.
Once in San Antonio, a mob leveled a church.
They were splintering the pews with axes just to get relics.
Ah, it probably won't happen here.
Well, it's been nice meeting you all.
Oh, uh, do you have to go somewhere? I've said my piece.
It's time to move on.
Uh, would you just wait here a minute, please? Of course.
EDNA: Now, I don't think we should take axes to these old pews, but we could use a refurbishing.
Well, you have a building fund, don't you? No.
Just a charity fund.
Ah, yes, that does require some finessing.
I once ran across the same situation in Tallahassee.
We took the charity fund and temporarily called it the "building fund," and invested in the church and community by adding on and building up.
Attendance increased so fast, that in one month we replaced the charity fund and doubled it.
That is amazing.
Yes, He is.
Uh, Edna, I think you ought to take a look at this.
Sorry, not now, honey.
No, no, it's not a puppy.
We're busy now, son.
Pastor Charles? I think I speak for all of the others when I say that we'd appreciate any help you could give us around here.
Are you asking me to stay on? Well, we'd like you to hold one of your revivals here.
I'm not worthy, but thank you, I'd be honored.
Pastor Charles, would you do me the honor of having Christmas dinner with my family and me? The honor, sweet sister, would be mine.
Wayne'll be here in just a minute to pick us up.
Won't he be surprised? Joey? Oh, hey, Wayne.
Who are you talking to? Your Christmas present.
A crack baby? Lots of drugs in that baby's system.
It's tragic.
( Baby crying ) Which one is your baby, honey? That one.
That's my favourite, too.
Hey you're the angel.
Are you a nurse now, too? I'm here to watch your baby.
Me, too.
What's that thing over his bed? Oh, that's a light to keep the baby warm.
Well, I'm not cold.
Well, babies are a little more fragile than grown-ups.
Oh, well I don't know about that.
I don't know about a lot of things.
You know about your baby.
Is my baby going to be all right? Well, Joey, your baby has special problems.
You see, his mother took drugs before he was born, and it hurt her, and it hurt the baby.
And then she went away and left him, so we have to keep him here and take care of him.
Well, how do we do that? Well, for starters, these babies have not been held enough or loved enough.
And we don't have enough nurses to rock them.
Rocking them make them feel real good.
Can I rock my baby? WAYNE: No.
I think that's a bad idea.
We need to go, Joey.
But, Wayne, I I love him, I want to rock him.
You're not rocking the baby.
Am so.
Joey Uh, Jackie, could you help here? Uh, it's Wayne, right? Right.
Could we talk a second? Babies in this condition need special attention.
They have been so deprived that any love that Joey could give would really help.
Look, I can appreciate that, but as you can see, Joey doesn't understand a lot of things, so just what makes you think he can handle something like this? Oh just a nurse's instinct.
( Humming "What Child Is This?" ) ( humming continues ) ( continues humming ) ( baby cries ) Oh it's tub time.
I'm going to go put on my gown.
So how's the little guy doing today? Oh, much better.
At this rate, he'll be needing a home soon.
Hint, hint.
Oh, no.
I got my hands full with Joey.
Maybe you could do it if you had some help.
And just what makes you think that's a good idea Nurse's instinct again? You're learning.
Hey there.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Here we go.
Here we go.
What's going to happen to my baby? As soon as he's ready, we're going to find a home for him.
Well, I have a home for him.
Joey, it takes a lot to be a parent.
Do you have to be smart? 'Cause I know I'm not I'm not smart.
Well, do you know what babies need? Food and clothing.
And to go to school.
Could you do all that for a baby? No.
Well, that's okay.
We'll find somebody who can.
I wish I was smart.
Hi, Wayne.
Hello, Edna.
What brings you here? Oh, Deacon Atkin's kidneys Well, they're acting up again.
I haven't seen you since Christmas Eve.
I know I've been other places.
So what brings you here? Nobody's sick, I hope.
No, Joey found a baby in the church.
We're here visiting it.
Oh, my.
Miracles just keep happening.
You must meet the new pastor.
Well, it's not official yet, but I think it will be.
Do you know, in one week he has almost doubled the charity fund.
Is that so? Yeah.
When it comes to fund-raising, I bet you he could talk the whiskers off a cat.
Money sticks to him like glue.
Yeah, that Pastor Charles is something else.
"Pastor Charles," huh? Mm-hmm.
You know, Edna, maybe we will drop in.
Oh, good.
Wayne, why do we have to walk? Because we couldn't find a parking place.
CHARLES ( over loudspeaker ): An angel of the Lord visited us right here.
It happened in this hallowed place, and a feather dropped from that dove.
And I did not pick up that feather.
That's my feather.
No, that hand of God picked up that feather and handed it to me.
And as Jesus said to Peter Oh, no, it's him.
"You are the rock" Come on, Joey, let's go.
No, no, I'm listening.
Let's go, Joey.
CHARLES: I say to you this is the feather of God, and on it I shall build mine! ( Congregation affirming ) Alleluia, brothers and sisters.
What are we leaving for, Wayne? Because we don't belong in there.
Wayne? Hey, there you are.
Where'd you go? Wayne, it's the angel.
She's not an angel.
You know I am.
WAYNE: I don't know what you are.
Maybe a magician.
Probably a con artist like Meet me in the truck, Joey.
I don't know what happened in there Christmas Eve Some sort of mass hysteria, maybe a special effects show.
Don't talk yourself out of a miracle, Wayne.
The presence of God was in the church that night.
Have you been in there today? I didn't know God was in the T-shirt business now.
He's not.
Well, somebody is.
And if that's what a miracle is all about, then I'm not interested in God.
What you're not interested in is this religion created by Charles to take advantage of a lot of vulnerable people right now.
It's been going on for centuries, people trying to explain the unexplainable and giving their souls over to someone who claims to speak for God.
Well, if that has your boss upset, then why are you out here? The man inside is your con artist.
He's also your brother.
Yeah, he is, and I put a lot of time and space between him and us.
And there's no way you could have known that.
Unless you are an angel.
So there really is a God.
And He knows what I used to do.
Yes, He does.
So what if I choose not to believe in Him? Well, that's certainly your choice, but it's not going to make Him go away.
God is real, Wayne, and the miracle is real, and God wants the people of this church to know the difference between the truth you all saw and the myth that has replaced it.
Well, what can I do? It's my brother.
I can't fight him.
You're the only one who can.
WAYNE: Joey? Did you CHARLES: I had a message from the Lord last night, a powerful, fearful visitation, from the angel, the angel herself, sent by God to this very place not one week ago.
But she was not the vision of glory or of Christmas love this time, however, my brothers and sisters no! She had a terrible aspect upon her face as she hovered over my bed, her great wings trembling.
For she had a fearful message.
God is not pleased.
God has told me that he does not want this holy relic, this consecrated feather relegated to a glass case no! He has other plans.
For this feather is not just a feather, but the very finger of God Himself.
( Congregation murmurs "Amen" ) ( gasps ) ( congregants gasp ) ( congregants gasp ) WOMAN: It's a miracle.
And so, my sweet brothers and sisters, we are being led to a time of healing.
This feather is God's Christmas gift.
And all those who believe shall be healed by it.
So, my friends, there's going to be a healing service tonight, a glorious night of healing.
So there you are.
Come on, Joey.
But, Wayne CHARLES: Of every believer.
The more you believe, the deeper your healing.
( Congregants agree ) The more you believe the deeper your healing.
( Congregants heartily agree ) JACKIE: Joey, your baby's doing very, very well.
It won't be long before he'll be healthy enough to to go live with somebody who can give him a home.
That's good.
You know what that means, Joey.
This little boy won't be here for you to take care of anymore.
Oh, but there'll be others who need your love, too.
That's right.
We'll be needing your help.
Well, I can't come because I'm going to be real busy at home taking care of my baby.
Joey, you don't understand.
I do understand.
I'm not stupid.
Least I won't be after tonight.
( Car door closes outside ) ( knock at door ) Well, it's my brother.
Come on in.
I've been expecting you.
I'd shake your hand, but I'm waiting for the disappearing ink to disappear.
Want a drink? I'm not going to stay that long.
What are you doing here? Hey, look, I'm just passing through.
I had no idea you lived here.
At least until I heard about the angel.
Man, what a scam.
I just couldn't resist.
I hope you don't mind me jumping on your train, brother.
It's not my scam, and it's not my train.
( Chuckles ) So how many people you got on the payroll? Some effects guy definitely, maybe two.
Obviously some chick to play the angel, but what I don't get is how come you haven't cashed out yet? What's your angle? There is no angle.
It really happened.
And besides, I'm out of that life.
( Chuckles ) Ain't no bugs or recording devices in this fleabag cracker box, Wayne.
Now, what's your angle? I'm not kidding you.
There's no con.
There was an angel.
A miracle really did happen here.
( Chuckles ) All those years you were the ringer, and I did the talking.
Should have been the other way around.
I almost believe you.
Look, I don't expect you to understand this, but I'm not going to let you take what happened to these people and turn it into something cheap.
Turn what into something cheap? There is no God.
You know it and I know it.
Now, don't get me wrong.
I wish there was a God, because, man, I could use one right now.
But all I got is me, and that's what I believe in.
You believe in anything you want to, Charlie, as long as you believe this, too: If you don't pack up now Get out tonight, no healing service I'm going to blow the whistle on you.
I don't want to, but I'll tell the local police about that $20,000 that disappeared from the building fund in the church in Wisconsin.
Whistle blows both ways, Wayne.
They connect me, I connect you.
I didn't steal that money; You did.
That's the way you remember it.
Hey, you were great at this A natural.
Remember that night in Chillicothe, Missouri? You cried out in the back of the church, "Heal me, mister.
I got a terrible disease.
" And you huffed and puffed your way up the aisle.
Man, I could have sworn you were going to die on me right there.
And the more I prayed, the sicker you got.
I could have kicked you.
But then all of a sudden, you slapped that look of absolute beatific heavenly glory onto that baby face of yours.
Lord, what a haul we raked in that night.
What ever happened to the kid? Your brother's name is Joey.
He lives with me now.
My God.
Could have sworn they would have put that poor, pathetic creature into a home somewhere.
Look, you finish your business here and then get out of town, and I mean it.
Well, that's right neighborly of you, brother.
You can't just walk away from him, Wayne.
He's got me, Monica.
If I try and stop him, he's going to take me down, too.
And I'm not saying I don't deserve it, but if I get put away, what happens to Joey? God doesn't want you to lose Joey, but He also doesn't want your brother to rob these people of their money or their trust or their faith.
And you have to have faith that if you've been chosen to do something, God has a very good reason for it.
I've got a good reason, too.
Think what you're doing, Wayne.
God loves you.
He came into that church on Christmas Eve to tell you so.
He took away your disbelief.
If you walk away from Him now, you do so knowing exactly who it is that you're turning your back on.
And if a man walks away from God, where else is there to go? I don't know.
I'm afraid I'm going to find out.
JOEY: I'm happy, Wayne.
WAYNE: Good for you.
I'm happy because tonight I'm going to be made smarter, and we can have the baby.
We're going to have to think of a name for him.
Joey Well, I don't know about that, Wayne, because if we call him Joey and my name's Joey, how am I going to know who you're talking to? Listen, we're not getting the baby, and nobody's going to make you smart.
Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, he is.
The man from the church is because he does miracles from God.
No, he doesn't.
No, no, Wayne, you didn't see it.
I saw it.
His hand was bleeding and then he touched it with the feather, and it was all gone.
It was a trick.
Well, how do you know that? Because a long time ago, the man in the church and I, we used to trick people together.
He's your friend? No.
No, he's our brother.
He is? Yeah, he's been gone a long time.
Well, he he took my feather.
Charlie hasn't changed much.
If it's not nailed down, it'll be in his pocket within an hour.
Well, you shouldn't take things that don't belong to you.
I know.
That's why I left him and came back.
To take care of me.
Yeah, to take care of you.
Well, how come Charlie doesn't take care of me? I don't know.
He just couldn't, I guess.
Hey, hey, Wayne, if you could, would you touch me with that feather and make me smarter? You know I would.
Well, Charlie is my brother, too, so he going to touch me with that feather and make me smarter.
You're missing the point, Joey.
Charlie's a liar and a cheat.
Just stay away from him.
But, Wayne, he's my only chance to be smart.
You don't have a chance to be smart.
Yeah, I I do.
Joey! Joey, come back! Joey! I'm sorry! ( Passing car horn blares ) WOMAN ( over P.
): Dr.
Geller to delivery suite four.
WOMAN: Jackie, can you take a look at this? ( Baby fussing ) Jackie, we have a problem.
Oh, no.
I'm not sure which way the church is, but the angel said if you find the star, it'll show you the way.
So all we got to There it is.
( "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" playing over radio ) Excuse me.
Do you know my phone number? I know it has two sevens in it, but I'm not sure about the other numbers.
Maybe there's a four? Do you have any milk? 'Cause babies need milk Even I know that.
CHOIR: ♫ Holy, holy, holy ♫ ♫ Lord God Almighty ♫ ♫ Early in the morning ♫ ♫ Our song shall rise to thee.
♫ ( applause ) God bless you, my brothers and sisters.
God bless you.
Are you ready to be healed? ( Congregation exclaims ) Have you brought your faith with you tonight? Yeah! Is there a doubter in the room? No! Because if there's a doubter, we can't do anything.
Are you all believers? ( Exclaiming ) Believers in the power of the feather? ( exclaiming ) Believers in the power of the angel? ( Exclaiming ) Alleluia.
ALL: Alleluia! Will the ushers please bring forward the offering trays? ( Dove cooing ) Oh, God of our fathers, God who gave us every good thing, the one who brought us here tonight, bless these poor offerings of the heart, these small tokens of the wealth that lies inside every grateful heart that has been touched by this life-giving miracle.
God grant that every believer Every true believer Will receive healing tonight according to his faith.
ALL: Amen! ( Quietly ): No, no, no.
Not according to faith.
Pastor, have you seen Joey? Joey? ( Charles continues talking ) No, Wayne, I haven't.
Are you listening to this? He's taking away everything that's holy and blinding them with smoke.
What have I done? No matter what the ailment, you can be healed if you believe in the power of the feather.
We believe! ( Exclaiming ) MAN: Over here! ( Sighs ) JOEY: Me.
Me, Charlie, I'm next.
Who said that? Come on up here.
Some people call me "pastor" or "brother.
" But you can always call me "Charlie.
" Hey, Charlie, it's me.
Sorry, kid, I don't do diapers.
( People chuckling ) Well, I-I want to be smart, like you, Charlie.
And this baby here needs to get all the drugs out of him so I can take him home and take care of him.
But first, you got to make me smart.
Well, aren't you going to touch me with the feather? WAYNE: No, he's not.
Sorry, Joey.
But he's my brother.
Joey? You stole my feather.
WOMAN: What? Yeah, on Christmas Eve, the dove dropped a feather and I showed it to Charlie, and he took it.
Doesn't matter where I got it, it's still the feather from the dove.
WAYNE: How would you know? You weren't even there.
( Gasping ) Be careful, Wayne.
Is Pastor Charles really your brother? I'm afraid he is, Deacon.
But he's no pastor.
He's a thief.
( Congregation gasps ) He's a hustler, folks.
I'm sorry I hadn't told you sooner, but I used to be just as bad as he is.
And ever since the miracle, I've been afraid.
God was going to come down and punish me.
I guess this is the beginning of it.
Edna Don't you "Edna" me.
Now, you take off that robe before I take it off you.
"Man of the cloth," my butt.
WOMAN: So, there was no miracle.
WAYNE: Oh, no, there was a miracle.
I can't pretend it hasn't complicated things something awful.
But there was an angel, I saw her.
And I don't believe God sent her just so we could be at each other's throats.
Then what was it all for? MONICA: It was a Christmas present.
( Congregation murmurs ) It was a little glimpse into heaven, a gift from God for the faithful people of this church whose roof may be leaky and whose organ may be ancient, but whose doors have always been open to the sick and the poor, the lost and the simple.
But you took the gift and you let someone ruin it.
You worshipped a feather and an angel instead of God.
You sought out fame instead of the needy, and you embraced the loud arrogance of pride and became deaf to the tiny voice of a small baby in a manger.
But the rest of you turned your backs on the truest love all, and you exchanged the miracle for a lie.
Please, will you tell God that we're sorry? You can tell Him that yourself.
That's what He was trying to tell you on Christmas Eve He is listening.
God, if you're listening, can I have my feather back? This feather won't make you any smarter, Joey.
That's what Wayne said, too.
God doesn't care how smart you are.
He cares about what's inside your heart.
And the love you had in your heart gave this forgotten little baby the will to keep living.
God has a plan for this baby, Joey, and for the family that is waiting for it.
And you have a family, too.
I got to do something.
So, uh, Charlie, guess what? What? You can have the feather back.
I don't need it anymore.
Neither do I.
You've been faking the miracles for a long time, Charlie.
What's it like to finally see the real thing, huh? Yeah, I know me, too.
All these years, I just didn't think about it.
I didn't know that I was making up lies about somebody real.
God help me.
He will.
Just ask Him.
( Congregation gasps ) ( murmuring ) Come on, Charlie, let's go home.
CHOIR: ♫ Angels we have heard on high ♫ ♫ Sweetly singing o'er the plain ♫ ♫ And the mountains in reply ♫ ♫ Echoing their joyous strain ♫ That's what I call a miracle.
How come people only notice them at Christmas? Well, we're working on that, we're working on that.
CHOIR: ♫ Gloria, in excelsis Deo.