Touched by an Angel (1994) s03e03 Episode Script

Random Acts

( birds chirping ) MAN: Come on.
MAN 2: All right.
WOMAN: Lucas, leave him alone, please.
LUCAS: Move! ( dove cooing ) WOMAN: No, come on.
Let's just go.
Come on.
Leave him alone.
( woman screams ) TESS: What are you still doing here? I don't know.
It seemed like the place to come back to to ask why.
Why did it happen? Why couldn't I stop it? Why didn't God Hold it right there, Miss Wings.
We are not in the business of why.
Tess, you know, maybe I should go back to Search and Rescue.
I was very good at that.
Swooping in, and pulling the human out of the raging river and dropping 'em on the shore.
Or swooping by and catching the child, just as the branch breaks, just as the car passes, just as the fire's about to break through, or Or Annunciations.
You know, I was very happy doing those.
"Fear not.
I bring you good tidings of great, great, great joy.
" Oh, baby.
There is great joy.
Great joy.
But God told us there'd be days like this too.
Days when humans behave so badly to one another, it's all an angel can do to keep loving them.
But the good news is, that's all we have to do.
How long you been a caseworker, baby? Two years.
Two years.
That's like the blink of an eye.
Not even that.
It's like that itty-bitty little twitch you get just before you think maybe you'll blink your eye.
You gotta get a couple of centuries under your belt, Miss Wings, before you can develop a perspective on the human race.
I don't think I could ever understand something like this, Tess.
Something so senseless, so random.
And I'm beginning to think, you know, maybe I wasn't the right angel for this job.
Maybe someone with more experience.
There is random violence in this world, Monica.
Because the people have a choice.
But God has a plan, and there are no random angels.
( Slow, melancholy theme playing ) MONICA: It was only two days ago.
A lifetime ago.
Have you reached a verdict, Madam Forewoman? No, your honor.
Why not? Because one of our jurors won't make up his mind.
Don't tell me who.
Let me guess.
Hawkins? Mr.
Hawkins, open your eyes.
Thank you.
Would anyone care to remind.
Hawkins here who said, "The price of justice is eternal vigilance"? ( laughs ) The price of justice is a good lawyer.
TEACHER: Sooner or later, you're gonna have to make up your mind.
Do you want to build things up or tear them down? ( School bell rings ) Court's adjourned.
Hawkins, I need to see you for a minute.
( Students chattering indistinctly ) Robbie, uh, you checked out the video camera, but you never checked it back in.
What's going on? It's gone, man.
It got stolen right out of my locker.
Robbie, the school board is not gonna replace that camera.
I need it back.
Like I care.
Another satisfied customer.
Hey, Phil.
You know, I think Robbie Hawkins stole our video camera.
You gonna turn him in? Oh, I don't know.
The kid just breaks my heart.
You went to a lot of trouble.
Red, white and expensive.
Well, I had a choice: Either spend the weekend with a beautiful girl out on the boat, or turn my classroom into a courtroom.
It was a no-brainer.
Ah, you see? This is why you live alone.
I do not live alone.
I live with Alison.
Alison is your dog.
So, what's the point? My point is, the kids don't care.
Why should you? I don't know.
Come on, Alison.
MONICA: Andrew, what are you doing around here? I just finished an assignment.
Just took home Mr.
He's the one in the, uh The red house down the street.
Actually, the ambulance ought to be here soon now.
But It's too late? Yeah.
Oh, he is a really, really great guy.
He was so excited.
He saw the light.
He started singing.
What about you? Well, that's my assignment down there.
Mike and his dog Alison.
ANDREW: That's the problem with this job.
I'd like to have a dog.
Mike's a teacher.
He's one of those dedicated teachers who just needs a little encouragement, keep going.
It ought to be a snap.
( Chuckles ) Take this from the Angel of Death: Just when things look very, very easy, they can get complicated really fast.
I guess that's one thing about this business.
You just You just never know what's around the next corner.
I mean, time could be running out, and you wouldn't even know it.
What do you say I buy you a Frappuccino? Sounds good.
Lucas, if you're there, answer the phone.
I really hope this means you're on your way, 'cause I hate when you leave me hanging like this.
My dad slapped me around this morning, and if I can't hang out with you, and I can't go home, what am I supposed to do? Wake up.
Better not be in jail again.
Look, I know you're there.
And on your way over, will you pick up some of those donuts? You know the ones I like, the jelly ones.
And you better hurry because they run out of 'em at 10.
Time's running out.
( Slow, melancholy theme playing ) MONICA: Time was running out, wasn't it, Tess? ( Della Reese & The Verity All-Stars' "Walk With You" playing ) REESE: ♫ When you walk ♫ ♫ Down the road ♫ ♫ Heavy burden ♫ ♫ Hea-ea-eavy load ♫ ♫ I will rise ♫ ♫ And I will walk with you ♫ REESE: ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ CHORUS: ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Till the sun Don't even shine ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Every time ♫ ♫ I tell ya I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Believe me I'll walk with you ♫ MAN: You went here? Must be a lousy school.
( Rock music playing on stereo ) What Why do you eat that crap, anyway? Calms me down.
You wanna calm down? Take one of these.
You think I ought to mix it with a jelly doughnut? Just do it.
I was thinking about our tattoos.
What about 'em? Maybe we should do it today.
( Engine starts ) ( tires squeal ) ( school bell rings ) MIKE: All right, Mr.
Hawkins, you've had 24 hours to deliberate.
Are you ready to take a stand and cast your vote? Are you undecided or just unconscious? Well, ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a hung jury.
That means I'm innocent.
It means that there's been a lot of time and expense wasted.
And we have to start over, except we can't, because we have to move on to the electoral process.
While we're on the subject of wasted expense, please take note of the new video camera.
This one is mine because I bought it with my own money to replace the one that was stolen.
So I'd like you all to please try to hold on to this one, okay? Now, this particular model loads differently than the old one.
You have to take the tape That's my tape.
I know, just sit down.
No, but Candace, please have a seat.
( Knocking on door ) MONICA: Hello.
Come in.
O'Conner, is it? Yes.
I'm Monica, the student teacher.
The what? Uh, uh Hang on, class.
Everybody be quiet for a minute.
Listen, I told them, I couldn't do the mentor program anymore, so, uh, this has gotta be a mistake.
Oh, I don't think so.
They were very sure.
Yeah, well, they're always very sure, but usually they're very wrong.
All right, this isn't your fault.
I'm sorry.
Listen, come on in.
What's your name again? Monica.
Hi, I'm Mike.
Uh, class? Listen up.
This is Monica.
She will be student teaching.
Try to find your best behaviour, and then improve on it.
We were just talking about how this camera works ( school bell ringing ) which we will do tomorrow.
For homework, answer the essay questions at the end of chapter three.
Hawkins, you and I are not through talking.
Uh, yeah, whatever.
You see what we have to look forward to? Mr.
O'Conner, my tape? Oh, yeah, sure.
Here you go.
BOY: He had it right in his hand.
I could not breathe.
I was waiting for him to press that play button, and it would all be over with.
That was close.
How To How to Train Your Dog in 21 Days? MIKE: Yeah.
Nobody has any respect for school property anymore.
I'm almost afraid to look at this tape.
The kids sure didn't want me to see it.
You sound a bit down in the dumps.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I have to look up to see the dumps.
I've about had it with this "yeah, whatever" generation.
You seem to be doing just fine.
And you look awfully good in this costume.
Oh, the robe.
I forgot.
I have to get this back to the Drama Department.
Hang on a second.
Oh, no.
The zipper's stuck.
Nothing seems to work around here.
Here, let me.
( Grunts ) Whoo, Mr.
Thank you, Denise.
Keep moving.
No, I'll do it.
( Ripping ) Oh, fine.
My favourite shirt.
It's perfect.
By coincidence it's It's my favourite shirt too.
Are you kidding me? You just happen to be walking around with a bowling shirt in your bag? Well, they're so fun and colourful.
I hear people wear them to play games in alleys.
It even says "Barney.
" Well, don't they all say "Barney"? Uh Look, uh, Monica I think you're really a nice person.
And I And I would like to help.
But to tell you the truth, I wish they'd assigned you to somebody else.
Mike, I was assigned to you not for what you can teach, but for what you can learn.
Yeah, well, I think I've learned just about all I can learn.
'Cause the fact of the matter is, tomorrow will be my 20th year as a teacher.
But, although it's not public knowledge yet, it's going to be my last semester, because I quit.
( Somber theme playing ) LUCAS: Should've gotten something smaller for your first tattoo.
( Rock music playing on stereo ) Instead you get one of those wimpy dolphins.
I hate those.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Stop picking at that.
It hurts.
You didn't tell me it was gonna hurt like this.
( Chuckles ) What'd you think it was gonna feel like? They stick hot needles in your flesh.
Ah, you're dumb, Danielle.
Oh, yeah? Well, Lucas only has five letters.
I know you love me.
What do you wanna do? Eat.
Big surprise.
You got any money? You know I don't.
I spent it all on tattoos.
Man, you're gonna keep me working till the day I die, woman.
Hey, get me some cream or ointment or something.
Something for the sting.
All right? Yeah, yeah.
( Door bell tinging ) ( stereo button clicking ) ( heavy metal music playing on stereo ) ♫ All hail, brother ♫ LUCAS: Where's the beer at? It's right over there.
Right there.
♫ Whoo, yeah ♫ Don't look at me.
Give me the money.
( Car engine starts ) All right, all right.
I'm not looking.
LUCAS: Why'd you look at me, old man? Why'd you do that? ♫ Yeah, there ain't No way to stop ♫ ( click ) ♫ We're gonna paint the town ♫ ( click ) Oh! ( Tires squealing ) LUCAS: Go, go, go, go, go! ♫ Raising Cain ♫ Go! Punch it.
DANIELLE: I can't believe this.
I can't believe that you were really gonna shoot him, Lucas.
What, are you stupid? He looked right at me.
You saw him.
You know, if you kill somebody and I'm with you, then that means that I kill him too.
Would you just shut it? Just eat another doughnut.
I gotta think.
You know, I really hate it when you do this.
Do you see any glass in this? No.
We gotta get a new car.
There's a car.
See that guy in the bowling shirt? I bet he's got a car.
My dad wore bowling shirts.
I hated my dad.
Get in the car.
( Dramatic theme playing ) Here, just take it.
I said, get in the car.
Look, you don't wanna do this.
Dead or alive, man.
( gun cocks ) Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Move it, move it.
Tess, what just happened here? Life just happened, baby.
Somebody walked up and changed everything.
But it isn't supposed to be like this.
No, it isn't.
But a lot of things in this world are not supposed to go on, but they do.
So, what happens now? I don't know.
But you better be there when it does.
MIKE: How about I just give you my wallet and my watch? You can take the car.
I didn't say talk.
I said drive.
Yeah, but what do you need me for if Just keep driving or I'll pull the trigger, man.
He's not kidding, mister.
He's had a real bad day so far.
( Tires squeal ) Do you wanna die? Is that the idea? ( Gun cocks ) Hey, no screwing around.
MONICA: Keep driving, Mike.
You're not seeing things.
I really am here.
The reason that you can see and hear me while they can't is that I am an angel.
I was sent by God.
You're crazy.
Do not insult the guy with the gun, man.
Do not.
What's What's happening? What's gonna happen to me? Thinking too far ahead'll just give you one major headache.
MONICA: I don't know what's gonna happen.
But I won't leave you.
I promise.
What do I do now? Just take us home.
LUCAS: Man, this place is a dump.
Where do you keep the cash? I told you.
I don't have much.
But I do keep some in a jar on the shelf over there.
I'll show you.
Sit down.
Sit down.
You must be very careful, Mike.
DANIELLE: Hey, look what I found.
Ointment and a few other Rx's.
You shouldn't take those on an empty st Grab the CDs.
Arnie's giving us five bucks a pop.
I'm sorry.
I don't have any CDs.
That's just great.
Your stereo's garbage and the VCR too.
Where is the good stuff? ( Alison whimpers ) DANIELLE: Hey, what's this? Buy time.
It's It's my boat.
It was my father's.
Where is it? Lake Washington.
( Alison whimpers ) DANIELLE: Hey, Lucas, can I have the dog? LUCAS: No, you don't want a dog.
DANIELLE: You get the boat, so I get the dog.
LUCAS: All right, we'll take the dog.
DANIELLE: Aren't you the sweetest? Yes, you are.
Okay, let's go.
( Slow rock music playing on stereo ) LUCAS: I've been needing a boat.
Didn't I just say that? ( Alison whimpers ) LUCAS: Shut that dog up.
( Alison whimpering ) LUCAS: We're gonna get that boat, take it clear across the lake, make a quick sale, get some bus tickets and get lost.
MONICA: Seems to me they're lost already.
Seems to me you're lost already.
Oh, that's powerful, powerful.
They're not stupid people, so why are they doing something so stupid? You know, you're not stupid people, but what you're doing is stupid.
Lucas thinks I'm stupid.
But he doesn't really mean it.
Do ya, honey? Yeah, I do.
Look at her, Mike.
Look at her.
Who are you looking at? Danielle? Yeah? Weren't you in my class about three years ago? Civics, fourth period.
Miss Dawson.
Wow, that's really good.
Mr? O'Conner.
Mike O'Conner, Civics.
Hi, Mr.
Shut up, Danielle.
Yeah, I remember you.
You were real nice.
You were a good student.
What happened to you? Excuse me.
This is my old teacher, Lucas.
Oh, man.
This day's just not workin' out.
♫ Yes, I will be your friend ♫ ♫ We'll cross That might river ♫ ROBBIE: Man, you should see how this thing zooms.
How much that thing cost ya, man? He got the five-finger discount, man.
Oh, right on.
Whoo! ( Rock music playing on stereo ) Isn't that Mr.
O'Conner's car up ahead of us? Yo, man, that's not funny.
BOY: Hey, man, it is.
BOYS: Hey, Mr.
O'Conner! ROBBIE: Put that thing down! ( Boys yelling ) ( car horn honking ) ( dramatic theme playing ) MIKE: What happened to you, Danielle? You were there for six months.
Then all of a sudden you were gone.
I dropped out.
Why? You could be a senior right now, and then you could graduate.
Graduate and be what? A loser in a bowling shirt? A crummy apartment, crummy stereo, no CDs? He has a boat.
No, I have a boat.
He has squat.
Don't give up.
I can't believe you would do something like this, Danielle.
You've got so much going for you.
LUCAS: Shut up.
He doesn't remember you.
He's lying.
No, he's not.
I have a lot going for me.
Maybe I still do.
Of course you do.
It's never too late.
Remember that time in the assembly? You stood up Shut up! ( Alison whimpers ) DANIELLE: Yeah, I remember.
"I have a dream "that my four little children "will one day live in a nation "where they won't be judged by the colour of their skin, but by their character.
" What is that garbage you're spewing out of your stupid brain now? That's Martin Luther King's speech.
I was I was the first one in Mr.
O'Conner's class to memorize it.
And he gave me this little This little glass pencil holder.
And it was sort of engraved, and it It said, um O'Conner's all-stars.
O'Conner's all-stars, yeah.
I was an all-star, Lucas.
I don't remember any glass piece of crap.
It got broke.
Yeah, probably over your head by your daddy.
Keep her talking, Mike.
( Gun clicks ) I-I remember you were under a lot of pressure at home.
We're all under a lot of pressure at home, Barney.
Danielle, don't do this thing to me, please.
I mean, the longer you keep me out here, the worse it gets for you.
This is LUCAS: Shut up.
Okay, just shut up.
MIKE: All right.
Okay, just pull over.
Just pull over.
MIKE: Calm down.
LUCAS: Give me the keys.
MIKE: What? Give me the keys.
( Grunts ) Get out of the car.
Get out of the car! MIKE: All right.
Just relax.
Get in the trunk.
Oh, come on, please.
In the trunk.
Just relax, okay? DANIELLE: What are you doing? Shut it.
God, Lucas, you have to do that? What's it to you? Nothing.
He's a nice guy.
I don't wanna hurt him.
Yeah? Well, you won't have to.
I will.
LUCAS: Danielle, get in the car! ( Engine starts ) LUCAS: Danielle! Come on.
( Grunts ) ( tires squeal ) Oh, Andrew.
You better catch up.
I'll be seeing you later.
( Somber theme playing ) LUCAS: No way.
And why did you have to take that dog? DANIELLE: Because I have never had a dog before, and I really want a dog.
LUCAS: Between you knowing the guy and the dog, I've had it up to here, all right? DANIELLE: All right, fine.
Just let me out.
You're not going anywhere.
LUCAS: He's staying in the trunk.
Okay, we can do this.
Just hold on.
Come on.
You can do this, O'Conner.
Just God.
Oh, please, God, help me.
Help, dear God.
( Banging on trunk ) Shut up in there, or I'll kill you right now! Lucas, leave him alone.
Get back in the car, Danielle, now.
( Alison barks ) Hey, my dog.
Hey, come back.
( Alison barks ) Look what you did, Lucas.
My dog ran away, and I never even knew her name.
DANIELLE: I'm going to get my dog.
No, you're not.
You're staying here.
You can't make me.
Where's that gun? Mike? Monica, is that you? MONICA: Yes, I'm here, Mike.
Oh, thank God.
Open this up and get me outta here.
MONICA: It'll just take a second or two.
Hold on.
I don't understand.
Wait You said you were an angel, and you can't open up the trunk? MONICA: I don't know.
It's supposed to.
I think it's supposed to.
Oh, God.
MONICA: Maybe he left the keys.
God! Hold on.
Lord, what's happening? DANIELLE: Hey.
Dog? Dog? I don't know why I can't help him, Danielle.
But you can.
Why don't you.
O'Conner, I wish I could help you.
You were the only man who was ever really decent to me.
But you know You know Lucas.
I just I can't say no to that guy.
He's not so bad.
I mean, he doesn't hit me or anything.
He got me out of a really bad situation.
I just don't know what I would do without him.
Why me, Danielle? Why did you two choose me? He didn't like your shirt.
( Melancholy theme playing ) ( birds chirping ) Mike? Mike, I'm still here.
MIKE: Yeah, so am I.
I'm praying for you, Mike.
That's great.
Well, guess what.
It's not working.
What kind of an angel are you? I'm not really sure right now.
Maybe the Angel of Death.
I don't see him anywhere.
That's a good sign.
( Sighs ) Is it morning yet? MONICA: Almost.
( Chuckling ): God.
Twenty years ago today I taught my first class.
I wonder just how many of my former students I've inspired to become murderers and dope addicts.
Oh, Mike.
Maybe this is a sign to just give it up.
No, Mike.
And the lights are going out, folks.
What about your camera? Do you have batteries for the video camera? A miracle.
God has sent an angel to help me find batteries.
Praise God.
( Children chattering on video ) What's this? GIRL: Give me the mike.
BOY: Is that thing on? GIRL: Hi, Mr.
Happy anniversary.
This thing isn't supposed to have sound.
There are a lot of things going on that aren't supposed to happen, Mike.
That's the mysterious tape.
You know, the one you weren't supposed to see.
Except I think you're supposed to see it now.
GIRL: So, we heard you've been teaching for a while and stuff.
So we decided that we'd make you this tape.
( uplifting theme playing ) Uh, I just want you to know, Mr.
O'Conner, out of all the teachers I've ever had, you're my favourite for third period.
( students chuckling ) I, like, didn't used to like history but, like, I really do now, because you have made this class so fun.
Even though you worked really hard and we gave you problems sometimes, you're the greatest.
CANDACE: Come on, Robbie.
Say something.
Uh why don't you just quit while you ahead.
( students laughing ) Oh, Robbie.
( Students chattering ) Mr.
O'Conner, this isn't turning out the way I wanted, but I hope you know we really love you.
And I just wanted to say, you know that Martin Luther King speech, you're always trying to get us to memorize? "I Have a Dream"? Well, you gave us all dreams.
Because you cared about us.
And we'll never forget you.
Happy 20th anniversary, and here's to 20 more.
( cheering & applause ) ALL: ♫ Happy anniversary Happy anniversary ♫ ( cheering & applause ) I heard it, Mike.
It's a miracle.
( Sighs ) Well, this is it, isn't it? I'm gonna die.
This is God's way of telling me that I did okay, but it's over.
I don't believe that, Mike.
Maybe it's his way of saying that whatever happens, he's with you.
And so I am.
You know, before all of this happened, I was sent here to remind you that God loves you, that he made you a wonderful teacher, that your children need you, and that you shouldn't give up.
Well, I think that God wants you to hear that more than ever now.
He can hear me? Yes, he can.
Our father, who art ( sobbing ) Dear God, I'm so scared.
I am so terrified.
I wanna live.
But for the first time in my life, I know why I want to live.
For my kids.
But But if I don't.
( Sobbing ) If I don't, then thank you.
Thank you for my life.
( Sobbing ) LUCAS: Danielle.
Danielle! DANIELLE: What time is it? Crazy idiot.
I could have got lost out there.
There's no boats out there, pal.
What do you think I am, stupid? Come on.
Lucas, leave him alone, please.
Ah! Come on.
Move! Come on.
( Dramatic theme playing ) Let's just go.
Come on.
Leave him alone.
( Gunshot ) ( gasps ) DANIELLE: You didn't have to shoot him, Lucas.
We got everything we wanted.
LUCAS: You got no brain waves circulating up there.
DANIELLE: I'm not stupid.
Stop calling me stupid.
You are! You think he would have just let us get away? He knew you.
He knew who you were.
Yeah, he did.
He knew me.
Hey, hey, hey! Just stop it! ( Siren wailing ) Just calm down, all right? Just stop it.
( Police radio chatter ) Step out of the car, please.
Both of you.
Is something wrong, officer? You been drinking? No, officer.
You were all over the road back there.
Just fooling around, nobody else on the road.
You know how it is.
I don't know how it is.
You mind opening the trunk for me? No problem.
( Suspenseful theme playing ) Look, Danielle, look.
What do you see? My God, he shot us.
He shot us, Lucas.
Shut up, Danielle.
Who shot who? He shot us shooting him.
I didn't do it.
Lucas shot him.
He was my teacher.
Oh, my God.
He was my teacher.
Look out, he has a gun! Freeze! Don't move.
On the ground, now! On your knees! MONICA: How could this be right, Andrew? It's not right.
But what good is it being an angel? How can we help if we can't even stop something like this? Sometimes we do.
But sometimes we don't.
It doesn't make sense.
It does to God.
I couldn't even get him out of the trunk of the car.
Now, it's too late.
TESS: Even angels need words of encouragement sometimes.
I don't think words can help right now.
Sometimes that's all we have to give, baby.
Words of hope, words that give life, words that sustain life.
I don't know those words, Tess.
Oh, yes, you do.
Who knows? Maybe you were sent here to be his angel because this would happen.
Do you realize there's nobody else to pray for this man? No one else even knows he's missing.
You're the only one who knows he's in trouble.
This is a time a man needs an angel most of all.
To pray for him, to fight for him.
But, I It's not our job to stop people from doing what they will.
But God has a will, too, Monica.
And he wants you to use your gift.
Use your words.
If you wanna help this man, now is the time to gather all the words you can find.
MIKE: Lucas, I'm begging you.
For the love of God, don't do this.
DANIELLE: Lucas, baby, no.
Come on, let's ( gunshot ) He dies, I got you on videotape committing a murder.
Now, are you so stupid to think you won't go to the electric chair for this? You're so smart, you find him.
( Ominous theme playing ) Danielle, what exit number did you take? I don't know.
I didn't see.
Uh, we turned left.
We We turned right.
Danielle, there are at least 30 exits off that highway going east.
It would take us days to search 'em all.
We got maybe hours if we're gonna save him.
I need that exit number.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
I was so high.
I just I don't remember.
( Whispering ): Oh, God.
God, please.
Please, let Mr.
O'Conner be okay.
( Birds chirping ) I want you to know that there's nothing, nothing to be afraid of.
On one side there's There's life.
And on the other, there's life too.
But I want you to hang on, Michael.
There are a lot of people counting on you.
( Alison whimpers ) You've even got some non-people counting on you.
Yeah, I know.
( Alison whimpers ) ( chattering ) GIRL: Where's Mr.
O'Conner? We heard that they found his car.
Is he gonna be all right? Um, the police have no idea where Mr.
O'Conner is.
But finding him is very, very important, so if any of you have seen him since 3:00 yesterday, please, please come forward and speak with the police officers.
Robbie, man, we saw him yesterday.
No, we didn't.
Robbie, look.
It might be on that tape, man.
If I tell 'em I got him on tape, I gotta explain how I got the camera.
And I ain't catching no heat on no "might be.
" ( sighs ) What do you think? Well, I think you're gonna need this and a few choice words.
What do you want? The question is, Robbie, what do you want? What are you talkin' about? Do you want to do the right thing? Or do you want to turn your back on someone who needs your help? What do you know, huh? He ain't never gave me anything but a hard time.
Do you know what this is? Mr.
O'Conner filled out this report on the stolen camera.
Look here, where it says.
"Last person in possession of missing equipment.
" "Michael O'Conner"? But he He knew you'd stolen it.
Yes, he did.
But that's the kind of man he is.
He wanted to give you a chance to do the right thing.
Now he needs a chance.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Stop protecting yourself, Robbie.
If there's something on that tape that can help Mike, then you walk over to that policeman, you hand him the camera that you stole, and you tell him to watch the tape.
Take a stand.
Take the consequences.
Save your friend.
But he's not my friend.
Really? He was ready to take the heat for you.
Why don't you take the heat for him now.
You know, you got a way with words, lady.
( Dramatic theme playing ) BOY: Uh, out of all the teachers that I've ever had, Mr.
O'Conner, you're my favourite one I've ever had.
GIRL: Even though we cracked up sometimes BOY: Yeah.
GIRL: You're the greatest.
CANDACE: But I hope you know we really love you.
Happy 20th anniversary, and here's to 20 more.
( cheering & applause ) ALL: ♫ Happy anniversary Happy anniversary ♫ ( cheering ) MAN: Volunteers, remember, we're covering everything east of exit 34.
And stay in your lines.
MAN 2: Mike, are you out there? Hello, Mr.
O'Conner? ( Barks ) MAN 3: Mike O'Conner.
MAN: I don't know.
( Alison barking ) WOMAN: You hear that? Over here.
MAN 2: Over here.
It's his dog.
( Barking ) WOMAN: Let's go, let's go.
( Monitor beeping ) He's still alive, thanks to you.
Will he be okay? Well, he's lost a lot of blood, and the next few hours will be crucial.
But ANDREW: Excuse me.
But he's going to be just fine.
I heard they stuck him in a trunk, and they shot him and dumped him in the woods.
I mean, he must've been so afraid.
Man, it's a miracle he held on, lying in the woods.
Dying all alone like that.
He wasn't alone, Robbie.
He was never alone.
( Uplifting theme playing ) Hey, he's Hey, he's awake.
( Monitor beeping ) ( students chuckling ) He's gonna be all right.
MONICA: Tess, I think I finally figured it all out.
I knew you would, Miss Wings.
He will never leave us or forsake us.
He will never What you knew all along.
He will never leave us nor forsake us.
Not now or ever.
And he's never gonna leave Mike, nor Robbie, nor Lucas, nor Danielle.
And you're never gonna drive this car, now or ever.
I'll take these keys.
ANDREW: Oh, I could have told you that was gonna happen.
But, Tess, I have one more question.
What about Mike's dog? Uh-huh.
Now, God will take care of Mike.
( Engine starts ) Mike will take care of his dog.
And there will be no dog hair, no dog bones, no dog poop in this car ever.
( Dove cooing ) ( heartfelt theme playing )