Touched by an Angel (1994) s03e11 Episode Script


WOMAN: Never early, never late.
A regular Swiss watch, this guy.
( Clears throat ) MAN: Gimme a break.
He didn't leave me enough for a burger.
Eleven to the left.
Come on, honey.
When are you gonna stop counting bricks all night, huh? Oh, that looks Is that new? You know, people are gonna start talking.
Come on, listen to your old pal.
Sixteen candles.
Oh, baby, I gotta get 13.
Was it to the right? Was it? Could it be to the right? Or up.
Could be up.
She looks sick, Tess.
She is, and she needs help real bad and real soon.
All of those ladies look like they need help.
Well, one at a time, Miss Wings.
Tonight, it's the brick counter's turn.
Her name is Julia.
She doesn't look like she's ready to listen to reason.
She's not.
That's why God sends angels instead of those little "get well" cards.
But you better hurry, baby.
She's got a long way to go, and it starts tonight.
MONICA: Well, it doesn't seem like we'd have a lot in common.
Oh, but you will, baby.
Trust me.
FRAN: Hey! National Geographic girl.
Yeah, you, Miss Out-Of-Town-Suburb Chick.
This street is spoken for.
Excuse me.
I didn't know.
Would it be all right with you if I stood over there? ( laughs ) Look, wild thing.
The zoo is three blocks over.
( ladies laugh ) WOMAN: Ah, give it a rest, Frannie.
( Women laugh ) Are you hurt? Go, Mr.
Let me help you.
Do I look like I need help? ANDREW: You won't do much with her in this condition.
She's got to get straight first and fast.
WOMAN: He's a nice one.
Hey, good-looking.
Don't experience count for nothin' these days? ( Women laugh ) Great.
( Sirens wailing ) Here we go.
Come on.
Let's get you up.
There you are.
All right.
Friday night roundup.
Come on, ladies.
You know the drill.
Let's go.
FEMALE COP: Come on, girls.
Hey, you too.
What about her? Working girls only.
But she'll freeze if she spends the night out here.
The police are sworn to serve and protect.
Out of all the women here, this woman needs your protection most of all.
All right, all right.
Come on, sweetie.
( Woman speaks indistinctly ) ( women conversing indistinctly ) ( Della Reese & The Verity All-Stars' "Walk With You" playing ) REESE: ♫ When you walk ♫ ♫ Down the road ♫ ♫ Heavy burden ♫ ♫ Hea-ea-eavy load ♫ ♫ I will rise ♫ ♫ And I will walk with you ♫ REESE: ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ CHORUS: ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Till the sun Don't even shine ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Every time ♫ ♫ I tell ya I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Believe me I'll walk with you ♫ JULIA: ♫ Come and sit down Beside me ♫ ♫ If you love me ♫ ( humming melody ) WOMAN: Where's my lawyer? ♫ Red river valley ♫ ( cell buzzer rings ) WOMAN: Whoo-hoo! Look at the red river valley, Julia.
The billowin' clouds blowin' in the blue sky, floating over the rollin' green hills.
Hey! We've done our 24 in here! Let's go! COP: Stow it, ladies! Smell the air, the sweet scent of sage.
FRAN: Yeah.
I was wondering what that smell was.
( Groaning ) WOMAN: Is there anybody out there? Come on.
You know, it's a good thing you got the cops to take her.
She wouldn't have lasted out there.
( Cell buzzer rings ) WOMAN: Whoo-hoo! She's been my friend a long time.
Sometimes friends are the hardest to help, especially when you have difficulties of your own.
Hey, I'm not having any difficulties, wild thing.
I'm doing fine.
You're in a jail cell.
How well could you be doing? TESS: That's right, baby.
That's what I said.
Fanatic alert.
I am not.
And I'll say it again: I love you, God loves you, and it's breaking his heart to see you in this low-rent motel.
You're one of his children.
You should be living in a mansion.
Don't worry, ladies.
Nothing to purchase.
Just a good, old-fashioned helping hand.
My name is Tess, and I represent the New Spring Halfway House.
We're located on 12th Street.
Warm beds, warm hearts and a chance for you ladies to get that new life you've been promising yourselves.
WOMAN: Yeah, right, lady.
Gimme a break.
She must be selling somethin' or smokin' it.
( Women laugh ) I like the valley.
It was peaceful there.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
It's like you were praying for me.
I was.
Praying doesn't work.
I tried it.
Well, maybe this is your answer.
TESS: Now, you won't be sorry.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
You're gonna have to do your part.
Cooking, cleaning and taking your turn in our little cooperative thrift store.
But you'll be safe.
The food is good, and the roof doesn't leak.
WOMAN ( laughing ): Yeah! A halfway If you go, I will.
I've been to halfway houses.
It's the same as jail.
Ah, come on.
Hot food and a warm bed.
Yeah, a lot of fake smiles and talk about how you're gonna start your life all over and everything.
Just makes me sick.
I can do it.
You look terrible.
Trust me.
I can look worse.
Are you coming too? Like I told you before, I'm doing fine.
Go take advantage of a hot shower.
FRAN: Please.
You need it.
( Grumbles ) WOMAN: Fill my belly, then I'm out of there.
( Women conversing indistinctly ) I'll catch up to you.
You take care of yourself.
Always do, honey.
WOMAN 1: Later.
WOMAN 2: See you guys.
All right.
( Cell alarm rings ) TESS: Now, there will be no smoking, no drinking, no phone calls in or out, and no leaving the premises without permission, and no drugs.
And you will be tested to determine your special talents and your occupational gifts.
And we have group therapy sessions three times a week.
Like if we feel like it? Oh, you will feel like it, darling.
It's mandatory.
I told you this was worse than jail.
We call this a halfway house because that's where you ladies are right now: Halfway to having a future and halfway to better lives for yourself.
( Kicks chair ) And you're also only halfway out of your old life, so far.
Getting off the streets and getting off drugs is one thing.
Staying off is another thing altogether.
Yeah, and it's gonna take hard work and discipline and commitment, right? Yes.
But I'm willing to do it.
What do we have to do? Just let yourselves be loved, baby.
Now, it's time to talk about the work detail.
The new ladies work the kitchen, the laundry, general cleaning, and they inventory the secondhand clothes for the thrift shop.
Excuse me.
I think I'd like to try working in the kitchen.
All right, but I suggest that you limit yourself to chopping and peeling things, and no actual seasoning and cooking things, if you know what I mean.
Is there any chance there's? No.
There's no cappuccino maker.
Now, volunteers for the thrift store.
Julia, please.
Don't leave.
This is your chance to put things right.
There is not enough time in this world or the next for me to put things right.
Out of my way.
Julia Fitzgerald? She just left.
What do you want? You.
I'm Andrew.
I'm your new parole officer.
Seems like you were arrested the other night.
Oh, please.
I didn't do anything.
I was just sitting there.
Doing drugs is a direct violation of your parole.
You have no proof of that.
Yeah, I do.
It seems like that you tested positive for, uh ooh, all sorts of stuff.
A girl has a headache, she takes a couple of aspirin.
Is that against the law? Ask her.
She was right there with me.
Uh, well, yes, she did have a headache, at the very least.
I can turn this in and you can do or you can live here and complete the program.
The whole program.
But you break the rules, and you just spent your last second chance.
I'd have to be out of my mind to want to leave here.
WOMAN: I'd drive to the house and see his car there.
I'd sit there frozen for hours.
Couldn't go in, couldn't leave.
All I could do was pray that he'd disappear and this would all go away.
Then he'd see me through the window.
And he'd come out.
Big smile.
Blowing kisses with one hand and reaching for his belt with the other.
TESS: How about you talk to us about your current events, Ms.
Julia? I stopped talking about myself a long time ago.
What about that list? What list? The ones with the names of all the people you've hurt.
So you can start to make amends to them, and get yourself a clean slate and a clean conscience.
Spilt milk is spilt milk.
Without forgiveness, there is no healing.
Oh, yeah.
Well, listen.
Why don't you go out and get a list of the people who walked all over me? Let them beg for my forgiveness.
Hm? How about that? They forgive me, I'll think about forgiving them.
Does that go for God too? I don't know.
There's some things I've done that even God wouldn't let me off the hook for.
Good morning, Julia.
Can you get the door? Fresh biscuits.
I made them meself.
Thought you might like some before they're all gone.
Julia? Anyone seen Julia? WOMAN: This'll never work.
What in the world? Coffee is not supposed to be in biscuits, Miss Wings.
Julia is gone.
Well, that's not uncommon.
This is a difficult transition for her.
But she was just getting strong.
Why would she run away? Well, that's a very good question.
Go find the answer.
Putting coffee in biscuits.
Ain't nobody ever heard of no coffee in no biscuits.
( Police sirens wailing in distance ) MONICA: Julia.
What are you doing here? Gonna get your butt kicked out of the house for this.
I got permission.
Sure you did.
That's the problem right there.
See, some people just get permission.
The rest of us just get nailed.
It's the luck of the draw.
I don't believe in luck.
That, sweetie, is because all you've ever had is the good luck.
I don't know what brought you to this alley the first time, but I know it wasn't luck that brought you back today.
You decided to come, and you can decide to leave.
Waiting for somebody.
Fran? Gonna be here any minute.
And then what? Do you mind if I wait with you? It's a free country.
Yes, it is.
She'll be here.
She wouldn't stand me up unless it was really important.
Is there really any life for you on the streets, Julia? You have no home, no friends, no hope.
But you do have a future now.
Stay in it.
I don't know how.
I can't.
As long as you believe in luck, you won't.
Luck doesn't have a heart, but you do.
Isn't there something in there that wants to live? Some dream in you that wants to live? Something, anything, worth hoping for? Something worth living for? TESS: Thank you, Father, for this wonderful supper, and for the hands that prepared it, and those that didn't.
And thank you for the gift of this home and the ladies in it, all of them.
WOMAN: Thank you.
You're welcome.
( Man speaking indistinctly on TV ) ( women clamoring ) What is that? WOMAN 1: Give me that back! WOMAN 2: You were not paying attention! GIRL 2: I was too paying attention! I told you, no phone calls! WOMAN 1: About 20 minutes WOMAN 2: Who wants to watch this? You ladies keep arguing over this television, I will personally haul it over to the thrift shop and sell it! And don't you think I won't! I just can't make that new delivery truck purchase balance with my total capital.
What is capital? It's anything you've got that's real.
After all your losses, whatever you're still left with that's worth something.
See, there.
You forgot to add that column.
Looks like you have a lot of capital left, even after all your losses.
There's been a lot of losses.
So, what was it you worked at again? I was ( sighs ) I was an accountant at a cocktail lounge, among other things.
( Upbeat theme playing ) That's great.
( Whispers ): Tess.
( No audible dialogue ) TESS: Father, we thank you for this abundance.
WOMEN: Amen.
TESS: Mmm.
Mmm? ( Women clap ) Would you like to contribute something, Monica? Well, there was the time that I drank six double espressos.
And you stole them? I drank them.
All six of them.
One right after the other.
It's not something that I'm proud of, but it makes me feel better to talk about it.
Gluttony is a terrible thing.
Thank you for sharing, Monica.
If no one else has anything JULIA: Um Well, you know that list that you wanted us to make up with the list of people we wanted to apologize to? And make restitution too, if you can.
Uh, well, I made it.
Wonderful! You keep on like this, it won't be a halfway house, it'll be an all-the-way house.
It's not a very long list.
Oh, well, it doesn't have to be long.
Just sincere.
Um I may need some help.
Oh, well, now you've gone too far.
Just too far.
MAN: Hey, Bill.
We got ( rock music playing on speakers ) Thanks for coming.
Thanks for asking me.
( Whispers ): I'm very proud of you.
Do you need any help? I hope not but I'll let you know.
We're closed until 4.
No salesmen.
And no saleswomen, either.
Hi, Chuck.
Wow, you look great.
You look like somebody.
I don't believe it.
What happened to that cheap broad I used to know, huh? Well, I cleaned up.
All clean.
This is Andrew.
He's my Career counselor.
Sort of.
You want a career, come back here.
I could use you.
I lost all the old girls.
Tammy got married again, and, uh, Ginger You're not gonna believe this.
She split after I found out she was stealing from me.
Fifteen hundred dollars.
Um, well that's what I came here to see you about, Chuck.
Um, Ginger didn't steal the money.
I did.
I I fixed the books so you wouldn't know about it until I could pay you back.
And then I got arrested on that possessions charge.
And when I got out of jail that first time, I I just I couldn't come back.
What do you want? I want to apologize, and I want to pay you back.
Pay me back.
Well, I Um, I can't right now.
Uh, I will, I promise you.
It's just Well, I had to tell you first.
And now I'm gonna get a job, and I'll start sending you monthly payments.
What do I look like to you, a loan officer? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Julia's trying to do the right thing here.
Well, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Yes, um, police, please.
I'd like to report a thief.
Um, I got $1500 ripped off of me a few years ago, and the perpetrator just walked in.
( Dial tone ) Hello? Hello? It's dead.
You sure you paid your bill? This doesn't mean anything.
I get cops in here all the time.
They're my best customers.
One ought to be walking in here any second.
I don't understand.
I'm trying to make good here, and you won't let me.
Julia knows that she did wrong, and now she's here to pay you back.
Forget it.
She took it all at once.
I want it back all at once.
What? I can get it for you all at once.
Legally? I don't care if it's legal.
I want what's coming to me.
And you'll get it.
You have my word.
I just need a little extra time.
Yeah, right.
Louis! Go into the parking lot and use the pay phone and get the cops in here right now.
Thank you.
Chuck, the lady has come here to make amends.
Now, that seems reasonable it me.
And it only seems right for you to be reasonable too, because you look like a reasonable guy.
So I'll tell you what.
What if I can guarantee that she'll come back with your money? I'm listening.
I'm your collateral.
I'm gonna sit right here and wait until Julia returns with your money.
I don't think so.
Chuck, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.
And what's the hard way? The wrath of God? Yeah.
What are you drinking? Orange juice.
You got it.
Three to the right No.
No, it was left.
Three to the left.
One, two, three.
( Whispers) Yes.
( Woman speaking indistinctly in distance) ( car horn honks ) WOMAN: Where you goin' tonight? ( Man laughs ) WOMAN: Hey, what ya doin'? Good.
WOMAN: See you guys later.
( Poignant theme playing ) Hey, princess, what gives? What, straight life lose its luster? You halfway back to us now? MAN: No, no, no.
It ain't happenin'.
( Dance music blaring on car stereo ) Been looking for you.
Can't have been looking too hard, 'cause I've been standing right here.
You calling me a liar? No.
I'm calling you blind.
( Screams ) ( grunts ) Ah! ( Man grunting, Fran screaming ) ( grunting and screaming continue ) WOMAN: Sharon, come on.
FRAN: Ah! ( Fist slapping ) ( Fran whimpers ) ( Fran screams) Stop it! Leave her alone! What? You want some of this? Where has she gone, Tess? I don't know.
But I do know that Chuck is gonna file charges in the morning if she doesn't turn up.
But what? What if she's run away? Then she's run away.
It's always her decision.
And I keep telling you, baby, we cannot force people to make the right choices.
( Door closes ) JULIA: Hello? MONICA: Fran? TESS: Who did this? Jimmy.
He told Fran he wanted some of his cut, and she came up short.
Did he hurt you, too, Julia? No.
No, I'm perfectly perfect.
I helped my friend.
I'm like an angel.
Uh-huh, but what happened to that money you were gonna give Chuck? Chuck agreed not to call the police, but if he doesn't get that money, he's gonna make that call.
I don't have that money anymore.
Oh! No, Julia.
She's resting.
I'm sure she'll be just fine.
But you Oh, Tess, I'm so sorry.
Monica, I'm really sorry.
It's all right, Julia.
Hold on.
I would like to hear how you spent $1500 in six hours.
Well, I had to pay Jimmy off for Fran, and I had a tiny bit left, and I was just so scared.
I really wanted to stick with the program.
And I tried.
But I just kept hearing how Chuck kept telling me I was no good, and Oh, I guess he's right.
You're fine, Julia.
You just had a wee bit of a setback.
That's all.
Well, I still think that I should call the police and turn myself in before Chuck does.
Not so fast.
Don't be so hasty to give up your future just like that.
I don't have a future anymore.
I sold it tonight at the pawnshop.
TESS: Lord, help this angel.
These all-night jobs are killing me.
What did Julia sell at the pawn store? I haven't the slightest idea, angel girl.
It seems that angels work on a need-to-know basis.
Have you noticed that, Tess? That is the cornerstone of our profession.
But don't you think we need to know something now? God's timing is perfect, Miss Wings.
Example: I think it's time for me to hit the sack.
But the Creator of the universe has a different idea.
Where are you going? Where angels fear to tread.
Except this one.
( Door slams ) Oh, God, please.
Please help me.
Julia? What are you doing? ( Weeping ): I lost it.
I lost it.
It's all I have left.
I I sold the bracelet, but I I kept the necklace.
The bracelet, it didn't It didn't mean anything.
But the necklace The necklace is all I have left! Julia, slow down and tell me what it is that you've lost.
Huh? ( Sobbing ) My baby.
What? I've lost my baby.
How? How have you lost your baby? What baby? Julia, where is your baby? I don't know.
I don't know.
It's okay.
You can tell me everything.
I can't.
You'd hate me.
It's unforgivable.
Don't count on it.
Come on.
Well eight, nine years ago, I I met this guy, and I I fell in love.
Joe was so funny and charming, and crazy, really crazy.
He'd been in Vietnam and hadn't gotten all the demons out, I guess.
And one day I I woke up and he was gone.
I don't know if he would have stayed if he'd known there was a baby coming.
He would have tried, you know.
But he was just so damaged.
So I had my little boy.
He was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.
And then I I blew it.
You, uh You started taking drugs.
I went to work for Chuck in that club, and some of the people working there were dealing out the back door.
And he got me hooked.
And so I started dealing too.
You know, to pay for my habit.
And your little boy? He was so strong.
Three years old and he'd just sit up there on the counter and put little ice cubes in everybody's drink.
Everybody was crazy about him.
They'd take care of him when I was too wasted or in jail.
Well, what happened to him? Joe came back.
I didn't know if he was all well or not, but I was in jail, and he wasn't.
And I was just so God, I was so strung-out.
And Joe, he found me, and he said he wanted his son.
And I said no, Monica.
But then he just kept coming to the jail every day.
And I was I was getting the shakes, you know, and I knew I was gonna be getting out soon and I was gonna need a fix, and I didn't have a dime, so So I It's okay.
It's okay.
No! No, it's not okay.
It's never gonna be okay! Oh, my God! I sold my baby! I sold my baby! Joe told me if I would sign this paper that he'd give me $50, and I did.
I signed it.
And he took my baby.
Oh, God! Oh, God! I sold my baby for $50! Oh, God, forgive me! Please forgive me.
( Sobbing ) TESS: Hey, you there.
That's right, Mr.
Get in the car.
Don't you turn your back on me.
You put your butt in this car this minute, or I'll put it in here for you, and don't you think I won't.
What's in it for me? Your toupee.
Come and get it.
Pick that thing up! I don't like litterbugs.
You the woman-beater with $1500 in your pocket? Depends.
Gimme that.
Baby boy, I'm fixing to make you an offer you can't refuse.
Who sent you? Godfather? No.
God, the Father, sent me.
Who are you? Fear not.
( Tires squeal ) ( door opens ) Where have you been? It's an ugly world out there, angel girl.
I've just been doing a couple of makeovers.
Tess, you're a miracle.
Yes, I am.
One tired miracle.
Hello, honey.
Monica's got something to tell you.
By the way, I got the $1500 back from Jimmy and gave it to Chuck, and Chuck's not gonna call the police, and you're not going to go to jail.
And Jimmy is in a whole lot of trouble.
And Tess is going to bed.
I'm not going to jail? I-I don't understand.
She talked to Jimmy? Tess can be very inspiring.
( Sighs ) Oh! On a wall in an alley behind a brick, I used to keep this.
This necklace and a bracelet.
A ruby bracelet some rich guy from out of town had bought for his wife, but he paid me with it.
I knew it was worth a lot of money, so I kept it.
And no matter how strung-out I got, I never pawned it.
Never even thought it.
I was saving it for my son.
I kept telling myself one day I was gonna get clean, and I'd find him and I'd give him the bracelet, and he could sell it and use the money for college maybe.
He was really smart.
And you sold the bracelet last night.
You gave everything you had away to save the life of your friend instead of your own.
I also got high.
I was trying to get something for myself that maybe I don't deserve.
I failed.
Ah, Julia.
You've had setbacks before, and there will be others.
But it's not important how many times you've fallen.
It's how many times you let God pick you up that matters.
You're still a remarkable woman.
Don't say that.
God says that.
Don't be afraid, Julia.
I'm an angel.
So is Tess.
You're angels? You've come here to punish me, haven't you, for all the terrible things I did? For abandoning my little boy? No.
God loves you, Julia.
Are you listening to me? God loves you.
No, he couldn't.
He couldn't.
I sold my little boy.
I'm so ashamed.
And you are so loved.
God is faithful, and he'll stick with you, even if you won't.
And he'll forgive you, even if you can't.
His mercies are brand-new every morning.
And this morning he wants to give you this day, and all the rest of your days.
All you have to do is say yes.
( Julia sighs ) JULIA ( softly ): Yes.
Hey, Fran.
This goes on the table, not behind the counter.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Save a girl's life, you think she's your slave.
Have you ever heard of a little town in Kentucky called Chicory Creek? I've never really been a small-town type of girl.
Never say never.
There's a bus leaving for there at midnight.
Well, wait.
I'm not ready to leave.
Yes, you are.
You've gone all the way in the halfway house, and God has restored you totally.
So stop talking and listen.
MONICA: When you get off the bus, look for a man with a 1949 burgundy Cadillac.
With burgundy leather upholstery, baby.
So you've met him? You know him? Well, let's say he knows me.
There's Andrew for my parole meeting.
Oh, wait a minute.
I can't leave the state.
That's a violation of my parole.
Andrew wouldn't let me.
Oh, I think we can prevail upon him.
So you're going, huh? We're so used to taking care of each other.
What are we gonna do now? Concentrate on never forgetting each other.
ANNOUNCER ( on speaker ): Bus 502 is now ready to depart for Michigan and Wisconsin.
Here you are.
JULIA: ♫ In this valley ♫ ♫ They say You are goin' ♫ ♫ Do not hasten To bid me adieu ♫ ♫ But remember The red river valley ♫ ♫ And the one Who did love you so true ♫ ( exhales heavily ) ( muttering ): Just fine ( chuckles ) Feeling sorry for me, huh? Well don't do it.
No, sir.
This beauty been good to me for many years.
Well, it is beautiful.
It's a '49, isn't it? Good for you.
You know cars.
Well, just Cadillacs.
Just getting into town? Yeah.
Listen, um, would you know, do they have a? I don't know, a market or something around here where they put up notices for rentals? Yeah.
Yes, they do.
As a matter of fact, I was headed there myself.
I've got a room to rent.
Oh, it's perfect.
How much are you asking? I don't know.
The idea only came the other day.
A friend suggested it.
Well, this was my daughter's room when she was young.
( Sighs ) Is this your family? Mm-hm.
That's Mama, her sister Marion, and me and my Aunt Georgia.
Your Aunt Georgia? Mm.
She looks an awful lot like a friend of mine.
Yeah, I got a friend who looks a lot like my Aunt Georgia.
Her name is Tess.
You know Tess? Yeah.
I met her a A few months past.
So you must be the one.
I guess so.
Well she said that you would certainly want to see this picture.
That's the Greenes.
I call them my extended family.
They're travelling all over the country, seeing America and having the time of their life.
But Chicory Creek is their home base, and it's getting close to Thanksgiving.
They wouldn't wanna miss that.
So I expect them to pull into this yard any day now.
That's Russell, Claire, heh-heh, Hattie, Josh, Dinah and their nephew Nathaniel.
( Delicate piano theme playing ) Yeah.
Erasmus, do you like tea? Yeah.
Because if you don't mind, I'd like to brew us up a pot and have ourselves a little chat.
JULIA: Well, I'm living with Erasmus in this house right here, and he's got me a job with the church over there.
And the best part is, the Greenes are coming home for Thanksgiving, so I'm gonna get my son back.
( Monica sighs ) Nathaniel must be very excited about seeing you.
Well, he doesn't quite know that I'm here yet.
But everything's gonna be just fine, I know it.
So thank you.
God bless you.
She looks happy.
Isn't it great when everything works out? It is.
ANDREW: Tess? Everything's gonna be okay, isn't it? We're finished here, right? You'd better fasten your seat belts.
This ride has just begun.
( Engine starts ) ( bright, up-tempo theme playing ) NARRATOR: Previously on Touched By An Angel She looks sick, Tess.
She is and she needs help real bad and real soon.
I represent the New Spring Halfway House.
I stopped talking about myself a long time ago.
I'm your new parole officer.
Ginger didn't steal the money.
I sold my baby for $50! Oh, God, forgive me! I can't leave the state.
I've got a room to rent.
ERASMUS: That's the Greenes.
JULIA: Nathaniel.
So I'm gonna get my son back.
God bless you.
This ride has just begun.
( Della Reese & The Verity All-Stars' "Walk With You" playing ) REESE: ♫ When you walk ♫ ♫ Down the road ♫ ♫ Heavy burden ♫ ♫ Hea-ea-eavy load ♫ ♫ I will rise ♫ ♫ And I will walk with you ♫ REESE: ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ CHORUS: ♫ I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Till the sun Don't even shine ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Every time ♫ ♫ I tell ya I'll walk with you ♫ ♫ Walk with you ♫ ♫ Believe me I'll walk with you ♫ NATHANIEL: Why do we have to stop again? RUSSELL: So this bucket of bolts doesn't run out of gas pulling into Chicory Creek.
NATHANIEL: We'd be there by now if we didn't keep on stopping.
HATTIE: Maybe you'd like to run along behind us for a little while? Okay, okay.
But why don't you say we make some major speed records.
Gas, windows, bathroom in less than an hour for once? Actually, I was planning on curling my hair when we got there.
Oh I'm just kidding.
DINAH: Yeah, you wanna fight? Yeah? ( Up-tempo theme plays ) I'll take care of the gas.
I'm just kidding.
I wanna get there as much as you do.
Nobody wants to get there as much as I do.
DINAH: I'll get the windows.
Whoa! You know, three months ago Nathaniel would have stayed in the back seat reading comics.
Or even looking at the pictures.
( Chuckles ) He has come a long way.
So have we.
I just wish he didn't have his brain so wrapped around Joe being with us for Thanksgiving.
He loves his daddy.
There's nothing wrong with his wanting to be with him.
Yeah, I know, I just hate seeing him get hurt.
What are the odds of Joe showing up? Same as they are every holiday.
Almost zero.
Good afternoon.
Yeah, same to you.
I'm sorry I'm staring at ya, I just thought I knew you.
I'm Andrew.
I haven't been around this part of the world in quite a while.
Russell Greene.
It's the face, Mr.
I look familiar to everybody.
Not to me.
I find your face unique.
Very handsome.
Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
I take a compliment wherever I can get it.
Grandma! Quit talking about the guy's face and let's get outta here.
( Engine starts ) ( sighs ) What a beautiful family.
( Chuckles ) What? They think they're poor.
They have no idea at all how rich they really are.
Russell Greene seemed to recognize you.
He should.
ERASMUS: Julia? It's time for you and me to talk.
I can't decide which to wear.
You're lucky you only have two suitcases.
You know, sometimes being scared is good for you.
Let's you know you're still alive.
Oh, well, right now I think I'm just a little bit too alive.
Gonna be all right.
The Greenes are very decent people.
I know.
So you've told me a hundred times.
Little boys have been known to love their mothers.
I haven't been a mother to him.
Not in years.
I'm-I'm afraid he's not even gonna recognize me.
I've changed so much.
Give him a chance.
( Horn honks ) Well, here they are.
Erasmus you have been so helpful to me this last month.
I mean, you know, um, renting me this room, and finding me a job and just helping me to get through this and everything.
But I have one last favour to ask you.
Mm-hm? No introductions.
Not Not just yet.
Um, I need to sort things out with him.
Julia, I won't lie.
I'm not asking you to.
I just Just let me be the one to tell him myself, in my own time.
ERASMUS: So! I wanna hear all about your adventures.
Details, details.
Don't leave anything out.
DINAH: We flew in a hot air balloon.
JOSH: Yeah, and I played guitar in a music festival, and I talked on the radio.
( Chuckles ) And I have an Aunt Mooster, and she's a hundred years old.
A hundred? Whoa! She must be as pretty as you are.
Come on, get you all inside.
Everybody, I want you to meet Julia.
Uh, Julia's her name is Fitzgerald.
She lives upstairs in the room there.
Julia, I want you to meet the Greenes.
Russell, Claire, uh, Hattie is, uh, Russell's mother.
This is their son and daughter, Josh and Dinah.
And their very favourite nephew who calls himself Nathaniel.
Well, um What can I get you all to drink? Oh, you don't need to wait on us.
We know our way around.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Julia.
Thank you.
That's your name, right? Mm-hm.
Kinda like my mom's name.
It is? Only, it's Juliet, like Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo might show up for Thanksgiving.
Romeo? My dad.
Joe's coming here? Maybe.
Do you know him? Erasmus, he just kind of filled me in on the Greene family history.
I know a lot about you.
Don't believe everything Erasmus says.
He exaggerates a lot.
Your aunt and uncle seem very nice.
Yeah, they're great.
Just don't ask Aunt Claire any questions.
Why not? She's a school teacher.
She'll make you learn the answer.
Oh, thanks for the tip.
( Clears throat ) So, how long have you been in Chicory Creek? Few weeks.
Long enough to fall in love with the place.
Oh, yeah.
Good people.
Yeah, starting with Erasmus.
He is the best.
He got me a job here.
You know? At the church.
I'm the secretary.
Never been a secretary before.
It's no big deal.
Oh, it's a very big deal.
So Nathaniel says his father's coming to town? Oh, well, Nathaniel says a lot of things.
That's just, uh, wishful thinking, I'm afraid.
Well, I guess we all have something we're hoping for.
Yeah, yeah.
( Clears throat ) Erasmus, I just wanted to thank you for putting us up, again.
My pleasure.
Couldn't have you and the family spending Thanksgiving on the road.
Well, there's nothing wrong with the road.
I expect that's where we'll be spending Christmas.
( Chuckles ) ( coughing ) I don't like the sound of that.
Aah I had a cold last week.
It's gone now and forgot to take the cough with it.
( Chuckles ) Your daughter's a doctor.
Get her to make a house call.
She's outta town.
She found herself a beau, and is spending the holiday with his family.
Little early for that.
Is the trailer unloaded yet? Uh, yeah, except for the bedding.
It's fall housecleaning, top to bottom.
Thought you all might like some cookies and milk.
Oh, no, thank you.
Now, I'm saving myself for tomorrow.
And I'm just trying to save myself.
Oh, take that evil butterfat away, and let me have that cookie.
You think the kids might like some? Oh, I think that'd be a safe bet.
How do you know Julia? Well, she showed up on my doorstep and asked for a job.
Her references were impeccable.
She couldn't take her eyes off of Nathaniel over supper.
I didn't notice.
Oh, maybe she's just hearing her biological clock.
You know, wants a baby of her own.
Oh, Russell, please, I hear about my biological clock every time I coo over a baby.
And you gonna keep hearing about it until it quits ticking.
Talk, talk, talk.
Come here, woman.
( laughing ) You two BOTH: Mmm.
You're pretty good.
Oh, thanks.
I'm gonna play little league.
I wanna be a pitcher.
Well, a pitcher needs a catcher.
Yeah, I know, but Josh and Dinah don't want to.
Well, I'll catch with ya.
After I do my errands.
You got a glove? I'll buy one.
Okay you'd buy a glove just to play with me? Yeah.
Oh, wait.
I think I'll come with ya, just to make sure you get the right kind.
Oh, good for me.
Thank you.
Um, should you tell them where you're going? Nah, they trust me.
Have you seen Nathaniel? We can't find him anywhere.
Well, he was out back a little while ago.
( laughs ) That is the silliest sight I've ever seen.
You three preparing Thanksgiving dinner.
Well, you know why we're doing it, don't you, Mama? No, why? Cause we're tired of getting stuck with the dishes year after year.
This time we cook, you clean.
I don't care how many dishes you stick me with.
Just don't burn the turkey.
You're not gonna find Nathaniel in the fridge.
Thank you, Erasmus.
I'm just checking on the turkey.
It'll cook better in the oven.
( Up-tempo theme plays ) ( kids yelling in distance ) Ah! Okay, strike two.
JULIA: Count's two and two.
One man's out.
Man on third.
Now, keep it low and watch for the squeeze play.
Are you okay? Of course I'm okay.
You think I'd let that guy on third score? ( Knock on door ) Mr.
We meet again.
Um Andrew, right? Small world.
You have no idea.
And who is this? Uh, a fella I met on the highway.
You still look awful familiar to me.
I'm looking for Julia Fitzgerald.
I'm her parole officer.
Uh she's around here somewhere.
So you work on Thanksgiving? Well, I was in town on business, and I thought I'd stop by and say hello.
Well, wait a minute, a parole officer? What's going on, Erasmus? CLAIRE: Still no sign of Nathaniel.
Where's Julia? She's probably with Nathaniel.
Julia is Nathaniel's mother, Russ.
Dear God! DINAH: His mother? Really? When were you gonna tell us? Yesterday.
I should have.
I'm sorry I didn't do it.
You don't think she's taken him? NATHANIEL: Taken who? Andrew.
Hello, Julia.
You know, over the years I've come to learn that the, uh, best strategy is the simplest.
Tell the truth.
Truth about what? Dinah, Josh, take Nathaniel for a walk.
We just got back from a walk.
Come on.
Take another one.
Oh, man.
Let's go, buddy.
ANDREW: Well it's good to see you again.
Be in touch.
You got any plans for Thanksgiving? Well, no, sir, I don't.
Well, you're perfectly welcome to join us.
About 5? Just might take you up on that.
We look forward to it.
Thank you.
Well, he left his ID.
( Mysterious theme plays ) Erasmus, I just wish you'd told us.
JULIA: Don't blame him.
It was me.
I made him promise.
I wanted some time for Nathaniel and you all to get to know me.
How are we supposed to do that when you're not telling us the truth? She was scared, Russ.
Of what? Of us? I was scared you wouldn't give me a chance.
I mean, you know I turned my back on my little boy and you must know about the drugs.
We know you've been in jail.
And we know you're on probation.
That's all behind me now.
I'm not that person anymore.
Well, if you're expecting us to trust you anytime in the next hundred years or so Russell, there's no point in being unkind.
Mama, she is here because she wants Nathaniel.
Isn't that right? Well, we're not turning him over to a stranger.
I'll have you know that right now.
I'm his mother.
That's up for discussion.
I know how much I hurt that little boy.
But I'm trying to do the right thing.
Now, if my past keeps coming up and smacking me between the eyes all the time, how am I ever supposed to make any progress? Can't you all find it somewhere in your hearts to forgive me? That's not up to us.
That's between you and Nathaniel.
( Mournful theme plays ) NATHANIEL: So who was that guy anyway? Friend of Julia's.
Well, how come she didn't seem too happy to see him? You know, today I'm gonna teach you how to throw a slider.
You don't know how to throw a slider.
Yeah, I do.
Well, tomorrow Julia's gonna teach me how to throw a curve ball.
Heard she's pretty good at throwing curves.
Gonna catch? Good catch.
( Choir singing faintly ) I'm sorry.
Don't apologize for tears.
Tears can be very good.
Erasmus says they make me feel alive.
They just make you feel.
I can't do this, Monica.
What if he hates me? I mean, where will I be then? You'll be wrapped in God's love, no matter what happens today or tomorrow, or ever.
God sent His angels to this earth with a single message.
That He loves His children.
And He hopes that they love Him back, but he has no control over their feelings, just as you have no control over Nathaniel's.
Your job is not to make him love you.
Your job is to let him know that you love him.
Thank you.
So what's this big deal you wanna talk about? Can't be baseball because baseball's not a big deal.
Well, except to kids.
Well, it is about baseball.
And fishing, and, um anything else you might be interested in.
It's about getting to know each other better.
Way weird.
Well, no, not really.
Not when you hear what I have to say.
What would you think if Russell and Claire went about their own business, and you came to stay with me? With you? Yeah.
And Erasmus, until I got my own place.
Okay, this is definitely weird.
What, do you have a thing for kids with red hair or something? You don't remember anything about me, do you? Why would I? Well, because you knew me once.
You wanted to be a cowboy, remember? No.
Well, maybe you remember this.
♫ From this valley they say You are going ♫ ♫ Do not hasten To bid me adieu ♫ ♫ But remember The Red River Valley ♫ ♫ And the cowgirl Who loved you so true ♫ You're not her.
She has blonde hair.
I used to dye it.
I don't anymore.
She's a druggie.
I've changed.
She even smelled different.
I used to smoke.
I don't do that anymore either, I I'm your mother, Nathaniel.
Why are you lying to me? I'm not lying.
I-I'm not.
It's true.
I swear it.
My dad said that my mum didn't want me anymore.
That's why he took me.
I was sick.
I did want you.
I wanted you very much.
I wanted to have you with me, and take care of you.
But I couldn't even take care of myself, so I had to do what was best for you, Nathaniel.
Get away.
Look, I'm not proud of the things I did, okay? But I don't do them anymore.
I don't.
I promise you.
Because I I want you back in my life again.
No! I hate you! I hate you! ( Dramatic theme plays ) Hey, you.
I thought I saw you come in here.
Well, in fact, I heard you come in here.
I didn't know a little boy could slam a door so hard.
Ah! Josh and Dinah are looking for you.
Oh, this refrigerator needs scrubbing.
No, it doesn't.
You cleaned it out yesterday.
You just came in here to bug me.
Am I really so transparent? Can you see right through me? Always.
Can't I just be mad when I wanna be mad? How long are you gonna be mad? Oh, the next thousand miles or so.
I don't want that weirdo for my mum.
Not wanting her in your life, that's one thing, but You can't just wish her away as your mother.
That's a title she'll have for life.
But why would I want her when I can have you? ( Heartfelt theme plays ) And you're all the boy a mother could want.
Oh, Nathaniel, there's so many lessons we have to learn as we grow up.
And sometimes we learn them on the first try.
But most of the time, we learn best by our mistakes.
Now, learning how to forgive, that's really tough.
It's easier to stay mad.
But unless a person learns how to really forgive, they never learn how to really love.
You're trying to teach me something, aren't you? Uh-huh.
Is it working? Well, let's see.
I love you, but I don't want anything to do with her.
How am I doing so far? Maybe it's too much of a lesson for one day.
Maybe it is.
I just talked to him.
He's a Greene.
That didn't sound like a compliment.
Stubborn as an ox.
Comes from my husband's side of the family.
Now, Mama, this is one subject where you shouldn't put in your two cents.
You're the most stubborn human on Earth.
Maybe now.
When your father was alive, ha! I was a distant second.
Well, what'd you expect him to do? Just jump into his mother's arms as though nothing had ever happened? No, I didn't.
Not without the support of the people he loves and respects.
Well, I'm sorry, but I am not pushing him in her direction, and you shouldn't either.
Woman's been a drug addict and worse for most of her life.
I'm not saying just hand him over.
But we do need to give her a chance.
She has had years of chances.
HATTIE: She's his mother.
She gets more years.
( Sighs ) I will not put that child in the middle of a tug of war.
Can't do that to him.
How are you doing? Hi! Hi, Grandma.
( Rock music playing ) ( bell tolls in distance ) How'd you know I was here? I didn't.
'Cause if you'd been following me, you'd have seen Well, let's just say life is full of temptation, and I passed the test today that I can't vouch for tomorrow.
Why don't you tell me what happened? Help me understand this.
I-I-I don't know where to begin.
Begin with my brother.
Begin with Joe.
I still get choked up thinking about him.
God, I loved him.
Still love him.
I had no idea.
It wasn't a one-night stand.
You know? It was the love of a lifetime.
( Sighs ) We were so happy.
We were together, oh, like, about a year: Then I made the mistake of suggesting something more permanent.
It wasn't till after he left that I found out I was pregnant.
Well, what about the drugs? Where'd that come in? I started doing that as a teenager.
Lived my whole life in a haze.
The minute I found out I was pregnant I just quit, I I was straight: No booze, no drugs, nothing.
Then I, uh hit a rough patch, you know, and, um a so-called friend said she had something that would make me feel better.
And I thought what What can it hurt? One more time.
And before I knew it, once more turned into once a day.
What I've put that little boy through.
What I'm still putting him through, I I'm not fit to be a mother.
I know that.
Claire thinks we oughta give you a chance.
I don't deserve it.
( Sighs ) I mean I was going to jail and then Joe just happens to be passing through town and I I surprised him with the news that he has a son, and then and then I sell him.
My own child, I sold him for 50 lousy bucks! Well, at least you got Joe gave him away for free.
( Snickers ) Thank you for saying that.
No, really.
Thank you for taking care of my son.
And for saving his life.
And for giving him a family.
Well, that's a ( sniffles ) it's no big sacrifice.
He's pretty easy to love.
He always was.
There was a time when he even loved me.
That really tore me up today hearing him say he hates me.
He feels betrayed.
He was.
Well, it's gonna take some work getting through all that anger, but if you keep reaching out to him, sooner or later, he's gonna reach back.
That's my prayer.
I came in here looking for answers to some questions that I had, and saw you sitting in here looking for answers of your own, and well, I don't have quite so many questions anymore.
It's not gonna be easy, you know.
But Erasmus will always be around.
He's got a good, strong grip.
You just keep your hand in his and and you and Nathaniel will do just fine.
And if you do run into problems, no matter where we are, we can be back here in a couple of days.
Knowing you and Nathaniel are here in Chicory Creek will probably get us back for visits more often.
Thank you.
( Heartfelt theme plays ) I'll tell you what, let's go give thanks where they're due.
Let's go.
ERASMUS: Hold hands, everybody.
Let's have a word of prayer.
( Clears throat ) Nathaniel, that means you too.
Father in heaven, we are so grateful for the bounty we see before us.
And for all the wonderful things that have come to us from your hands.
We're especially grateful for each other.
Fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers, and cousins and friends parole officers.
Father, help us to face the challenges of our lives.
Help us to love each other.
Help us to open our hearts even unto strangers.
And bless the food we're about to eat, that it should nourish our bodies as thy spirit continually nourishes our souls.
ALL: Amen.
Well, I think the gentlemen acquitted themselves quite well.
Here, here.
Thank you, thank you.
Erasmus and Josh did most of the work.
I wanna say thank you again for including me.
It means a lot.
Couldn't have you spending Thanksgiving alone.
I don't like cranberry sauce.
Thank you.
So tell me the truth, Uncle Russell.
When you go, do I get to stay with you, or do I have to stay with her? Nathaniel, we were gonna talk about this after dinner.
Talk about what? We're not leaving, are we? Not forever.
We'll be back.
And often too.
Won't we, Russell? That's a promise.
I don't care! He's part of our family now and we can't just leave him here! Not with her! She's a criminal! Just ask her parole off That's enough, Josh.
Guess it doesn't matter what I think, does it? ( Woeful theme plays ) ( door opens ) ( door slams ) I wouldn't know where to begin.
That's what makes motherhood so exciting.
( Coughs ) Erasmus? Erasmus? Honey.
RUSSELL: You okay? ( Breathes deeply ) Yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay.
Thank you.
Jake Harding.
He was a buddy of mine in Vietnam.
He stepped on a land mine.
Now, you look exactly like the corpsman that took care of him, and I mean exactly.
I remember.
Dak To.
Bouncing Betty.
There was no way to save him.
It was you.
That's impossible.
You're too young to have been in Vietnam.
Trust me, Mr.
I'm a lot older than I look.
JULIA: Looks like it's gonna rain soon.
I brought this by for later.
In case you change your mind.
I won't.
You know, I'm not I'm not really very good at this, this whole mothering business.
I know Claire's a lot better at it than I am.
I know that feeling.
Josh and Dinah are a lot better at the kid business than I am.
Maybe we are related.
You don't seem very excited about the possibility.
To be honest, you know, it scares the living daylights out of me.
What are you sacred of? Try being a kid.
Always getting told what to do.
Not being able to make your own decisions.
You can make all the decisions you want, Nathaniel.
The last thing on Earth that I want is for you to be unhappy.
I'd rather be miserable myself, than for you to suffer another minute.
Really? I know how much you love Russell and Claire.
And I know how much they love you.
In a lot of ways, you're more their son than you are mine.
And you're having a wonderful adventure with them right now.
I can't take you away from that.
I can stay? Yeah.
You can stay.
Well, what about you? Well, I'm not going anywhere.
I'll be waiting for you right here.
And right here.
So tell Julia I'll talk to her later.
And you, take care of that cough.
I'll do that.
So glad you could join us.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
( Thunderclap ) Hand it over.
What? A deal's a deal.
No, now you and Mom already do more than your share, and I'm gonna feel terrible if you don't let us help you.
And so am I.
No, we do not need your help.
Neither of you.
But we do appreciate the thought.
That was a close call.
Television has football today.
Yes, sir.
After you.
( Gasps ) Oh, my goodness.
I think we could have done a better job of cleaning up after ourselves as we went.
( laughs ) I just can't wait till next Thanksgiving.
How's Nathaniel? Oh, he's sound asleep.
He's all wrung out.
Me too.
Did you two come to an understanding? Well, um I told him he could spend as much time with me as he wants.
And as much time with you.
I can't give him everything he needs.
I can't be his mother all by myself.
I think you're doing a whole lot better than you think you are.
HATTIE: Answer me just one question.
How come Joe ever let you get away? ( Thunderclap ) Oh! That sounded close! That's gonna wake Nathaniel.
( Suspenseful theme plays ) Nathaniel! Nathaniel! ( Coughing ) Nathaniel! Mama! Russ! RUSSELL: Get down! Get down! Oh! I know you.
I know you! No! Take him! Mom! Get him in! I've got him.
Come on.
Mama! I'll call 911! There's no 911.
Volunteer fire department.
Number's by the telephone.
NATHANIEL: Mom! We gotta get her to a hospital.
Nearest hospital's Nearest doctor's out of town visiting her boyfriend's relative.
All right, you stay with her, I'll bring the car around.
No, wait.
I wanna stay here.
We have to get you to a doctor.
TESS: Take her in the house, Mr.
There was another angel here, a man.
He'll be back.
She needs to be comfortable, and she needs to be with Nathaniel.
( Ponderous theme plays ) ( door opens ) Mama? Would you mind leaving me alone for a minute with my son? If there's anything you need, I'll be right outside.
Thank you for everything.
You've been so kind.
Sorry about all the terrible things I said.
I don't hate you, I love you.
And I wanna be with you forever.
You will.
Soon enough.
Okay, see this locket? Take it.
Anytime that you feel lonely or sad, you open that locket up and you remember how much your mama loved you.
♫ From this valley They say you are going ♫ ♫ Do not hasten To bid me adieu ♫ ♫ But remember The Red River Valley ♫ ♫ And the cowboy Who loved you so true ♫ Hello, Julia.
We've come to take you home.
You too? Who are they? Angels of God, Nathaniel.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I love you.
Love you too, Mama.
( Sobbing ) ( sirens approaching ) She turned her life around.
She had dreams a little boy she wanted to get to know.
Why, Claire? Why did all this happen? Why was Nathaniel put through this? People go through things all the time, Mr.
That's a part of mortality.
This life is a flicker.
It burns white-hot for an instant, and then it's gone.
But it sets the course for the eternity to come.
There's a mother in there saying goodbye to her son.
She's finding a peace she's never known before.
And that peace always comes at a price.
You are blessed to have been a part of it.
Oh, Claire, this is I know who she is.
She's your angel.
That's your title.
I belong to somebody else.
He's an angel too.
I saw him once before on a field in Vietnam.
And you will see him again someday.
You may go in now.
( Delicate theme plays ) ( Nathaniel sobbing ) She loved me.
Yes, she did.
( Up-tempo theme plays )