Touched by an Angel (1994) s03e19 Episode Script

Amazing Grace (1)

Uncle Russell? Mmm-hmm? Why do women spend so much time in the bathroom? Well, Nathaniel, that's one of life's eternal mysteries, and a real hard question to answer.
Ah, it's mirrors.
Bathrooms have mirrors, and girls spend half their lives in front of them.
That's not it.
You spend half yours in front of a mirror, when you think we're not watching.
Uncle Russell! Who is she? An angel.
What? Good afternoon, Mr.
My goodness, Nathaniel, you're growing up.
Why are you here? This is something bad, isn't it? Not necessarily, baby, but it is something important.
Hello, Josh.
My name is Tess.
I'm the angel that you might've heard your parents mention meeting a while ago.
Excuse me if I'm a little Don't be nervous.
If you think about it, it's hard to believe, but deep inside you know it's really true, don't you? What's going on, Tess? Well, Mr.
Greene, God has put you and your family on the road.
A lot of roads.
Well, you've met a lot of people, and you've seen a lot of places, and you've helped a lot of folks through difficult times.
And now God wants you to take some time off.
God's sending us on vacation? We've sort of been on vacation.
A real long one.
Yeah, but we still have to do homework.
You, your wife, your mother, your daughter, your nephew, are to stay right here and await instructions.
You didn't mention Josh.
What about Josh? God wants Josh to come with me.
What? That's ridiculous.
Greene, nothing God does is ridiculous.
You have to trust me.
God has a special purpose for Josh, and that purpose begins right now.
You want me to go with you? Yes.
Now, I know it's short notice, but most people don't get much notice when a turning point comes into their lives.
He's only 16.
And a half.
When he was a child, he spoke and reasoned as a child, but as he becomes a man, it's time to put childish things aside.
Just like your son spends time in front of the mirror now.
He sees the reflection of a 16-year-old boy who's never known anything but love and protection from a strong and loyal family.
He's got to look into another mirror now, the mirror of the world, and see the fear and pain and uncertainty there.
It's the only way that he will see who he really is.
It's the only way that he will learn not to believe what he sees with his eyes, but what God speaks to his heart.
The choice is up to you, Josh.
You can come with me, but we must go now.
Right now.
I'll I'll have to say goodbye to my Mom.
There's no time.
We've got to go now.
(SIGHS) This is pretty crazy.
You don't have to go.
I know.
I can't explain it, but I think I do.
I love you.
Where's Josh going? You'd never believe it.
TESS: Now, don't you worry, baby.
You've got an adventure coming, and your family will be waiting right there when it's over.
Now, meet my friend Monica in the back seat.
I didn't see you there.
Monica, this is Josh.
Josh, this is Monica.
She's an angel in need of help.
An angel needs help? A funny thing happened on the way to my assignment.
I went blind.
♫ When you walk down the road ♫ Heavy burden, heavy load ♫ I will rise and I will walk with you ♫ I'll walk with you till the sun don't even shine ♫ Walk with you, every time ♫ I'll tell you I'll walk with you ♫ Walk with you ♫ Believe me I'll walk with you ♫ I've never seen anything like this.
Well, under most conditions I'd call it impossible, but considering how my day has gone My baby.
(ENGINE FALTERING) My baby's broke.
MONICA: So, it's begun.
What? My assignment.
Monica was assigned to watch and wait, and it must be time, 'cause the waiting has definitely started.
W-what do you mean, "watch and wait"? It takes time to master the art of it, and some of the wisest minds in history didn't get it down, but it's important, so the two of you will have to help each other.
Monica will do the waiting, and, obviously, Josh, you will do the watching.
You've got to be Monica's eyes.
I'm gonna need your help, Josh.
I've only been blind since noon, and it's come as a bit of a surprise.
I I don't get it.
I mean, why did God make you blind? I don't know yet, but God always has a plan.
Maybe an angel lost her sight so that others might see, including you.
TESS: Here comes your ride, baby.
Remember, Angel Girl, watch and wait.
Got a problem? Uh, yeah.
We We lost a couple wheels.
I think the generator's gone.
There's certainly not gonna be a gas station open anywhere around here.
MONICA: Would you mind taking us with you to Denver? We could have a friend come by and pick up the car.
Hop in.
(SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ON CAR STEREO) MONICA: How much further? Well, with any luck, it'll be a lot farther.
You're moving here? Yeah, but not for long.
Look, I can drop you guys off somewhere first, if you want.
I know it's terribly presumptuous of us, but could we impose upon you until our car is fixed? Josh here will be happy to help you move into your new place.
MOTHER: Remember what I told you, now.
(HIP-HOP MUSIC BLARING) Well, I was planning on going there by myself, but, actually, it might be nice to have a little company, so sure.
(SHOUTING) (HORN HONKING) Right here? Okay? This is it.
This is it.
I don't believe this place.
You're moving here? On purpose? (SIREN WAILING) What does it look like? I think the word is godforsaken.
There's no such place, Josh.
Monica, if you could only see what I'm looking at.
Well, you have to try looking with something besides your eyes.
Well, well, well, just like my horoscope said.
A stranger from another country will enter your life on the 29th.
Queenie, don't start that astrology trash with me.
Besides, we already knew he was coming.
Yeah, but not today.
Yeah, well, he ain't from another country.
Beverly Hills, Tonya.
That white boy might as well be from another planet.
Now, the story goes is he quit law school and business school.
Can't hold down a job or a girlfriend for more than a month.
Never finished a thing he started.
He must be one of those Peter Pan types, huh? (CHUCKLING) Well, welcome to Never-Never Land.
You should be ashamed of yourself, girl.
You have some keys for me? Now, you the new landlord? Yeah.
Well, no.
Actually, I'm consulting for my grandfather.
You the one that's gonna be taking our money? Well, yeah, but I'm not Then you the new landlord.
Uh, I'm Michael Burns and I I'll be Michael's grandfather got tired of him frolicking.
Turned this whole mini-mall over to him.
Kind of like a "last chance to do something with your lazy life" "before I wash my hands of you" thing.
How am I doing? Great.
You actually sounded a little like him at the end there.
Honey, you're gonna do fine around here.
Well, anyway, those boys who were yelling and screaming at you, they were trying to send you a message.
Come here.
Your tire's low.
MARY: Then how do you spell it? CALVIN: What? The "to".
You don't spell it, you say it.
Boyz II Men.
If I can't spell it, I'm not writing it.
Look at that board up there.
Aretha, Bessie, Gladys.
Everyone of them is spelled.
I don't serve nothing round here that can't be spelled.
Wanna sit down? You two need some direction? Ma'am? You're lost, right? No, ma'am.
We're We're where supposed to be, I think.
MONICA: Is she as lovely as she sounds? She's black.
I don't care about that.
What about her eyes? Do they sparkle? I guess so.
I'll have a cup of coffee, please.
Actually, uh, three would be nice.
It's very quiet in here.
Hey, that was Queenie.
She said the landlord's got a kid and a blind girl with him.
We're just visiting.
We We hear the coffee here is very good.
You the new landlord? CALVIN: You really from Beverly Hills? Well, not really.
I I travel around a lot.
ANDERSON: Man, why don't you tell the truth? You're not gonna be lord of this land very long, are you? Gonna slap a brand new paint job on this place and sell it for a great big profit for your granddaddy.
What you gonna do with your cut, boy? You gonna go down to the Bahamas and lay up in the sun, get somebody look like me serve you them little drinks with them little bitty umbrellas on it, huh? Sounds like a plan.
Yeah, right.
Is this a wee one? CALVIN: That's my sister, Chanice.
Ah, Chanice, hello.
What is she doing? She's lived her whole life in the hood.
She's never seen a white person up close.
Well, I I wish I could see you, Chanice.
I'm sure you're very pretty.
How old are you, huh? Here you are.
Thank you.
You all look a little hungry.
You sure you don't need just a little more than a cup of coffee? I make great sandwiches.
We're a little short of cash, I think.
Aren't we? Well, I'm a little short of help, seeing as how my grandson is on his way to school.
Tell you what.
You sweep, and I'll make you a James Brown.
Burns, I'm Dr.
Hall, director of the neighbourhood family clinic.
Oh, hi.
I'm I also serve as President of the Tenants' Association, and I suppose it's my duty to formally welcome you to Crestwood Mini-Mall.
On behalf of the tenants of Crestwood Mini-Mall, we're pleased that Burns Real Estate Development.
Corporation of Beverly Hills will continue to own and operate this property.
Speak for yourself, girl.
We anticipate our transactions to follow the professional, if disinterested, precedent set by your grandfather.
Well, actually, I'm not I'm not gonna be.
And Mr.
Burns, if the heat here is not fixed by next Friday, we'll slap you with a negligence suit so fast you'll be cleaning swimming pools in Beverly Hills by Monday.
Sounds pretty good to me right now.
(SIREN WAILING) (HIP-HOP MUSIC BLARING) MONICA: What does it look like? This place looks like a war zone.
(SIGHING) There you go again, looking with your eyes.
What does your heart see? I really don't think we should stay here.
Well, we don't have a choice.
I don't think anyone here has.
CALVIN: I knew there had to be something with you, man.
Cool ride, nice clothing, rich granddaddy, moving down here into the set.
Had to be a reason.
Now, I get it.
You're a musician.
You're crazy anyway.
Yeah, I'm in hell.
I've been sent to hell.
It can't be that bad.
Well, at least hell has heat.
Right? I don't wanna sound pushy, man, but when are you gonna get that furnace fixed? Do you like music, Chanice? Chanice? So if I help you set all this up, you'll pay 10 bucks? MICHAEL: Yep.
Throw in these gloves, and I'll show you where the circuit breaker is.
(MICHAEL GRUMBLING) Geez, everything's broken around here.
(SHOUTING) Hey, Calvin, any heat coming out? What's it doing? Same thing it's been doing for four months.
Oh, honey.
Oh, oh, look.
Chanice, help Sister Hawkins out and get that glove for me.
Chanice? Baby? I'll be right back.
Well, thank you.
(SIGHS) Sorry about the furnace.
Oh, don't worry, honey.
I probably lost six pounds from just shivering.
And it shows, too, Miss Hawkins.
Oh, bless you, baby.
You a churchgoing man, Mr.
Burns? Uh, wedding and funeral man, mostly.
Well, if you were a regular churchgoing man, you'd know.
God never turns off a furnace without heating up the soul.
Hey, Calvin, could you.
Noon, right on schedule.
Michael, right? Nice to meet you, man.
What Does everyone around here know who I am? You gotta know what the landlord looks like, so you could avoid him.
Oh, is that what he was doing? Huh.
Nah, Nicky, he always gets like that around noon.
He's got a quest.
A quest? Quest, like in Don Quixote.
You've read Don Quixote? Yeah, we read down here.
I even looked up something in the dictionary once.
MICHAEL: Come on, Calvin, let's go.
TONYA: (SIGHS) Now, you know if I win, you gotta attend church six Sundays in a row.
(CHUCKLING) That's correct.
And if you win, not one Twinkie, Suzy Q, or Ding Dong will pass my lips for six weeks.
You got a deal, but I'm gonna win.
That boy won't last a week living here and you know it.
(CAR DOOR CLOSING) One day, we gonna find out what's in that box.
I'm not sure I wanna know.
Come on, girl.
(SPEAKING KOREAN) It's kind of close quarters, but Michael said we could crash on the floor for a few days.
It will be just a few days, right? I I'm not sure, Josh.
The sooner we get out of this place, the better.
These people are so weird.
Weird? Yeah, the way they talk, their jokes.
I don't get them.
And that guy Anderson, scary.
Every time he looks at me, I feel so White? Yeah.
I've never felt like a minority before.
So, how does it feel? Pretty lonely.
Now you know how it feels.
(DOOR BELL JINGLING) I I think that's a good thing.
You are Mr.
Kim? Kim, yes.
I'm Michael Burns, your new landlord.
(SPEAKING KOREAN) Rent not due for three days.
Always pay on time.
I'm sure you do.
I just wanted to let you know who I am.
Anyway, uh, my telephone doesn't work, and I was wondering if I could use your telephone to call a furnace repair service.
You fix.
Yes, I will.
I I May I use your telephone? Telephone for emergency.
Mary's got a payphone, man.
(HIP-HOP MUSIC BLARING) African-American Business Alliance? MICHAEL: Does he always play against himself? MARY: Ever since I've known him.
Closing time, Anderson.
Boy's always fighting with himself, ever since I can remember.
Used to be just me on this corner.
You talking about me? Yeah.
You remember when we first met? Yeah.
I threatened to organize a boycott against you unless you put a Malcolm X sandwich up on that board.
I told him, if Malcolm X could carry a tune, I would.
Oh, Anderson was quite the activist back in the old days, organizing protests in the '60s and getting all militant in the '70s.
And then, he organized all the businesses here to raise enough capital to buy the mini-mall from your granddaddy and run it ourselves.
You You were the African-American Business Alliance? Yeah.
W-What happened? Well, one of the loans, it dried up.
We got pretty close there for a while, didn't we? Thought we could run this place like a family.
Well, it stayed in the family, all right.
(BLUES PLAYING ON STEREO) (SIGHING) That's a nice house.
That's all she makes.
MARY: I don't know whether she's slow or just has architectural aspirations.
JOSH: Michael, are these She's she's playing with empty .
45 caliber bullet boxes.
Chanice, where did you get this? Chanice, where did you get these? In back by the garbage can.
I knew it.
Those damn Koreans been keeping a gun in that box.
One of our babies walk into that store and looks at that nervous little man cross-eyed, and all of a sudden somebody gets killed.
It's happened before.
Don't want it happening here.
What are you gonna do about that, Mr.
Landlord? What are you gonna do about that gun? (HIP-HOP MUSIC BLARING) Mr.
Good morning.
I have a proposition for you.
Come on, we just met yesterday.
My uncle is pastor of Friendly St.
Mark Baptist.
Friendly St.
Mark? And you go to this church? Our building was destroyed by fire about a year ago, and the congregation's been looking for a new church home.
We believe that you should donate space here in the mall, and I happen to think that Suite B would be appropriate.
You're kidding, right? I would be willing to extend the deadline on the furnace repair.
Uh-oh, that's blackmail.
Oh, come on, Mr.
You know as well as I do, your chances of filling that space are extremely low.
At least this way you could, uh, deduct the rent as a charitable contribution, and our offerings would cover the utilities.
Our Lady of the Mini-Mall, huh? Okay, but, uh, this is only temporary, you know.
As soon as I sell this place, you're out.
Hey, sorry about yesterday, man.
Yeah, no big deal.
But I'm doing it to you again, huh? That's all right.
You, uh, you mind walking with me? Oh, not at all.
(CLEARING THROAT) So, what, you raising the rent? No, no.
I I need some legal advice.
From me? Rumor has it you went to law school.
Yeah, just kind of visiting.
What do you need to know? Look, I think there's a gun on the property.
How does that affect me? Depends.
If they shoot you, you're definitely affected, man.
If they shoot somebody on your property, well, this is America.
Somebody's gonna find a way to sue you.
I don't believe in guns.
You believe in miracles? Uh, sometimes, yeah.
I got one that shows up at noon every day.
MICHAEL: (EXCLAIMS) So this is the quest, huh? Who is she? I don't know.
She shows up at noon every day, buys a pack of menthols, and drives off.
Every day at noon, huh? I love her punctuality.
(SIGHS) Now, ladies, I seek out good food the way I seek out a good man, hmm? (ALL EXCLAIMING) No chemicals, mmm-hmm, not too old, and you don't want something that's gonna like weigh you down.
Now, if I'm tempted to try the wrong thing, do you think I rely on willpower? I know you don't.
No, that's right.
No, I don't.
See, what we need is God power.
TONYA: Come on, Charmaine, let's show them what we're talking about.
CHARMAINE: All right, girl, God power.
Hello? No, come on in.
Come in.
Everybody, this is Mr.
Michael Burns.
He's the new landlord for this building.
We're very happy you're here, and we hope you stay a long, long time.
Anything I can do for you, Mr.
Burns? Yeah.
Could I speak to you outside for a minute, please? Uh, yeah.
Charmaine, go on with your song.
(CHARMAINE SINGING) I discovered last night someone in the building has a gun.
See, Tonya.
I told you somebody was gonna come around here asking about that gun.
Now, you do not know that that is what that man is carrying in his box.
Well, what you think it is, chocolates? You think that's chocolates he's bringing in every morning? That is not what I'm saying.
All I'm saying to you is that we Excuse me.
Who are you talking about? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Come on inside.
He's gonna come back.
You should've never let him go.
Did you expect me to say no? Aunt Claire's mad, huh? Well, I think she's probably more scared than she is mad.
She could be just as mad as she is scared.
Want me to go talk to her? Go ahead.
Give it your best shot.
The angel, Aunt Claire, it was Tess, remember? She came when my Mom died.
I remember, Nathaniel.
Don't cry.
I mean, Tess said God needed Josh to do something for him.
I mean, getting a mission from God doesn't come every day.
It's even cooler than working in the CIA.
You haven't said a word all morning.
Just thinking.
I'm wondering what my folks are up to.
Well, it is Sunday morning.
They're probably in church.
Whatever town we're in, we always try to go.
You know something, Monica? Maybe things are starting to look a little different.
You up for church? Good morning, Mr.
Would you like to join us? Oh, no, no, thank you.
I'm not exactly dressed.
Well, you know now, that doesn't matter.
You're welcome anytime.
Thank you.
Burns, this is my uncle, the Reverend Gentry Hall.
Oh, nice to meet you, Reverend.
I understand you very generously donated this space to our church.
How does your arm feel? My arm? Oh, my niece knows how to twist an arm in all the right places.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You ought to see the Sundays when she passes the collection plate.
Uh, Uncle, I believe it's time.
Hey, Calvin.
I didn't know you were a churchgoing man.
I'm a complex individual.
Gotta take your power where you find it.
Ah, interesting theory.
Hey, Josh, wanna come with me and Calvin for a second? It's okay.
We'll be all right.
I think there's something wrong with her.
Could could you maybe Oh, certainly.
All right, just make a little right turn.
Thank you.
All right.
Look, I can't sell the place looking like this, and if wasn't bad enough already, more shows up this morning.
I never did get the point.
This is an example of urban written expression, a tradition dating back to early Roman days.
Okay, okay, okay, cut the crap.
Tell me what it means.
The less you know, the healthier you stay.
Educate me anyway, please.
Some tagger wrote this here.
He's no gang thing, just likes to write his name.
Thinks he's the bomb.
But this, this came first.
It's the bona fide real thing.
Street Shadows.
See the SS? From the west side, WS right here.
They took out some homeboy named Snow Boy, but they don't like to see their S in some rival's name, so they turned the S into E.
How do you know they took him out? Penal Code number for murder.
Everybody's using it.
Kind of a universal penal code, if you know what I mean.
Come on.
Let's go to Go to church.
MEN: ♫ If your problems REVEREND: ♫ Problems ♫ Won't go away ♫ Won't go away ♫ And you're worried ♫ You're worried ♫ Both night and day ♫ Night and day ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ALL: ♫ Get on your knees and pray WOMEN: ♫ If you're sick TONYA: ♫ If you're sick ♫ Feeling low ♫ Feeling low ♫ Got no money ♫ Got no money ♫ Nowhere to go ♫ Nowhere to go ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ALL: ♫ Get on your knees and pray ♫ Come on, y'all! ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Give it up ♫ Give it up ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ♫ Hand it over ALL: ♫ Get on your knees and pray.
CHOIR: ♫ Ain't no mountain REVEREND: ♫ No mountain ♫ You can't climb ♫ You can't climb ♫ Ain't no answer ♫ No answer ♫ You can't find ♫ You can't find ♫ All you need is ♫ You need is ♫ A hand to hold ♫ A hand to hold ♫ I'll heal your body ♫ Heal your body ♫ And feed your soul ♫ Feed your soul MEN: ♫ If your problems REVEREND: ♫ If your problems ♫ Won't go away ♫ Won't go away ♫ And you're worried ♫ You're mighty worried ♫ Both night and day ♫ Night and day ♫ Hand it over ♫ (POP MUSIC PLAYING) What the hell's that? JOSH: That's Michael.
Sounds like he's torturing some kind of an animal.
He thinks he's a composer.
If he don't stop soon, he's gonna be decomposing.
I can hear the sounds of clouds drifting by.
MARY: Calvin, go over there and tell that man that what he's making is not music.
And don't you start yakking, either.
You got to get to school.
Where'd this come from? Michael left it for you when he came down for coffee this morning.
No, no, no, no, you stay put.
I'm gonna talk to the man.
But Look, look, look, look, look.
You go to school.
If you don't, you'll be washing windows the rest of your life, young blood.
MARY: Yeah.
That Michael over there's a dropout, and just listen to him now.
(KNOCKING) I'm from the music-lover's association.
I thought I just thought it was in the headphones.
Sorry about that.
Queen to Bishop eight, huh? Yeah.
It's a self-defeating move.
Well, I specialize in those.
So I hear.
Hey, listen.
I know your fine family got tired of bailing you out and they sent you down here to redeem yourself, but this is, uh, no outpost in the evil empire somewhere.
This is our home.
So why don't you do what you gotta do and leave? Believe me, that's my plan.
I just couldn't help noticing a bad move when I saw one.
I'm not trying to be your friend, but believe it or not, we both want the same thing.
We both want this place fixed, and we both want me outta here.
Well, I'll be damned.
Maybe we do have something in common.
So why don't you help me? There's a gun on the premises.
What do I do? That's not my business.
I thought you were some big-shot activist or something, right? You fight the system, they nail you.
You join the system, they'll run you around in circles.
You wake up one morning, you say screw the system.
So you just gave up, huh? And the African-American Business Alliance just disappeared? All the business out here is Korean.
They may be new to this country, but they brought their own money with them, our money.
Got their own associations, own banks, they can start a business in a month.
Money it would take a black family years to raise.
You can't organize people who don't think anything's gonna change.
I tried, man.
For 22 years, I tried.
(SIGHING) So, I stopped trying to change the world.
Best thing I can hope for is one life at a time.
(SIREN WAILING) Like Calvin? Yeah, maybe.
Be better for me to be a role model than you.
Sure hope he don't start making them scratchy sounds and calling it music.
It's New Age Jazz, sir.
That ain't jazz.
That is white boy, self-indulgent, no beat, no soul music.
This is music.
♫ Old Jake Cool said ♫ Before I die ♫ There's just two more women that I'd ♫ Sure love to try ♫ The people sat around wondering ♫ Who the girls could be ♫ Said the landlady's daughter ♫ And the landlady ♫ You know, we ain't jamming here.
I'm just letting you play.
You understand that? Got it.
♫ When I first started hoboing ♫ I took me a freight train to be my best friend ♫ And now he ain't had no best friend ♫ He had no best friends since God knows when ♫ Now, that's music.
Uh, Mr.
Kim? I'd like to talk to you about that.
Can you show me what's inside the box? Private property.
Look, you can show me, or I can find a legal way to make you, but, you know, I'd rather not.
I'd rather do this as neighbours.
Neighbours? (SPEAKING KOREAN) Private property.
JOSH: I don't know about this.
It's easy.
You dip, roll, cover.
People don't like their free expression whitewashed.
It's not free expression, it's vandalism.
If we put up with this, it sends out a message to the community that gangsters run the neighbourhood, man.
They do.
Well, let's just get this over with, huh? Excuse me, but I think I'll pass.
Hey, Anderson? Yeah? You gonna teach me that game someday? Yeah, as soon as you learn how to sit still.
MARY: How's that coffee, Monica? Oh, it's absolutely you, Mary.
Tell me, what's it like outside today? The usual.
Sun's up, people out getting into trouble.
Now, there's something you don't see every day.
White boy just pulled up in a red Cadillac.
Probably a friend of Michael's.
Lord, what is happening to this neighbourhood? A a red Cadillac? Pretty old, but it's nice looking.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Hey, Calvin, you notice anybody suspicious out there when you came in? Only Michael and Josh.
They out there? Yeah, they're out there whitewashing the graffiti off the wall.
Josh! Michael! ANDERSON: Michael! Get down!