Tower Prep (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

New Kid

1 Come on four eyes, you're not gonna fight back! Can't take the pressure, huh? Try to get up? Try to get up?! Will yah! You're wrong Portman.
He's not gonna fight back.
Huh? Damn it, take a look at me.
Who asked you to jump in, Archer? It's not your fight! It is when you pick on my friends.
Aah! Aah! Let go! Let go! Sure.
As soon as you apologize to Andrew for knocking him down and treating him like crap.
I'm sorry! Aah! Let go! Archer! Take your hands off him! I didn't start it.
Dex was hitting I don't want to hear it.
You're gone.
I'm through with you.
You're out of here.
Everybody, go home.
Move it! Thanks, Ian.
What are you, deaf? Get out of here.
Ian, would you come down here, please? Suspension.
How many times have we warned you, Ian? How many? That doesn't mean that you and that temper of yours have to charge in swinging.
So I'm supposed to watch him push around other kids - and do nothing? - No.
You tell a teacher, or you tell us.
Are you telling me to change who I am? You haven't even begun to realize who you are.
Hey, Orcslayer, leave some for the rest of us.
Keep up, Shadow Knight.
Wow, Slayer, you got skill.
Thanks Whisper 119.
Haven't seen you in the game before.
Not everyone sees a whisper, Ian.
How do you know my name? - Do you go to my school? - Maybe.
I'm looking forward to our next encounter, Ian.
I'm here every night.
Why so sad about that? What, being stuck in jerkwater suburbia? My only physical outlet online fantasy games? What gave you that idea? Things change, Ian.
Not soon enough for me.
See you, Whisper.
You want to turn that down, please? Not really.
Ian, headphones, please? Hey.
First tone.
Better motivate.
You'll miss breakfast.
That really would suck.
Dining hall's closed until lunch.
Who are you? What are you doing here? Well, where else would we be? We're in our room.
Where we dress, sleep, keep our clothes.
- Everything else.
- Oh.
I got you.
See you, then.
Oh, don't go out there.
You don't want to be freako guy on your first day.
Oh, here comes the jitterbug.
All right.
You aren't going to jump, are you? Where am I? I said where am I? Tower Prep School.
Awesome, huh? - That's the name of this place? - Yep.
Only the best students make it here.
Which is where? Tower's got a great academic program.
- Very challenging.
- Intense.
Our Buffer team's undefeated.
You play? Who are you guys? I'm Don.
That's Ray, and he's Zack.
The first tone just rang, so you don't have much time, Ian.
How do you know my name? Right there.
The name tag was a clue.
It's kind of nice to have a new roommate.
I mean, we've been a man short since Phillips did the forest run.
Or at least tried to.
- Total freak.
- Definitely not Tower material.
Who brought me here? Don't know.
We came back from study hall last night, and there you were, fast asleep.
No, no.
This doesn't make any sense.
Well, nothing does, does it, Ian? Until you've been to orientation.
Just, uh, just follow this.
Last tone.
Going to be late, guys.
Late for what? Catch you around campus.
See you, new kid.
It's mine.
Mom? It's Ian.
Hello? I'm sorry.
You are out of carrier range.
- Wait.
Whisper? - Have a nice day.
Hello! All new students, orientation begins in 15 minutes.
All new students, orientation begins in 15 minutes.
Don't be late.
Hey, hey, hey.
That voice, where's it coming from? What, Whisper? Yes.
Where is she? Administration.
It's that way.
- Left, left, and then left again.
- Thanks.
Wait! You're out of uniform.
All new students, orientation begins in 13 minutes.
I'm out of here.
What is this? Okay.
Plan B.
All new students, orientation begins in four minutes.
Watch out, you.
Nice! Whoo! Like that? Go around, go around.
Back! Come on, Cal! Nice block with the stick! Come on back! You got it.
I'm gonna prove I'm big.
Drop it! They jumped me.
Yeah? Well, you were in the Combat Zone.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Hey! That's all, Rice.
- Look, Coach - I said that's all.
You got a name, tough guy? - Ian Archer.
- Figures.
Every year some clueless newb gets sent down here to get his butt kicked by the Buffer team.
You're being hazed, Archer.
You want orientation.
It's the building by the flag pole.
What is this place? Please.
Building by the flag pole.
Take your sides.
Orientation is about to begin.
Hey! You're out of uniform.
Why'd you guys send me to that whatever that place was? Can't handle a joke? - Yeah.
Not funny.
- Do not enter.
Buddy, you can't go in once orientation's started.
I'll figure it out.
What's the problem? Look, I was just trying to go to orientation Orientation's closed.
I'm sorry.
I need answers.
Yes, Sir.
Right away.
You three, get to class.
Headmaster heard you've been making trouble.
Headmaster? He's waiting.
I can't stand kids who can't get with the Program.
Yeah, aren't they the worst? Come on.
You have to be in uniform.
All students, please proceed to class.
- How do I look? - Passable.
All students, please proceed to class.
"Ian Archer.
"Attributes intelligence, loyalty, and courage.
"Flaws stubbornness and a quick temper.
"Psychological profile reveals a sensitive core still misses the dog he lost three years ago.
" Where did you get that? Just sit down, please.
"Excels at all sports, particularly martial arts.
" I heard you ran into the Buffer team.
Consider joining? I'm not a team player.
"Despite excellent leadership potential, subject prefers to go his own way.
" You know, Ian, you are a very interesting young man.
I hope that we're going to become friends.
- Am I under arrest? - No.
In some kind of reform school? Juvenile hall? - No.
- Then what is this place? The big question here, Ian, is who are you? Why did you take on that bully the other day? He went after my friend.
Real reason? He was a challenge.
I'm sure you wanted to help your friend, but I think you wanted to test yourself even more.
Tower Prep was built expressly for students like you young people who think that they are out of step with the rest of the world when the fact is that everybody else is lagging behind.
And Tower Prep is where, exactly? Where you are geographically is not as important as where you are mentally.
As a student here, you're gonna follow an intensive program to master what we call your unique potential.
I don't believe any of this.
It's a very challenging program, Ian, but I think it's exactly the kind of test you've been looking for.
A lot more challenging than getting top score at Treasure Bandits.
How do you know what game I play? Lucky guess.
So, Headmaster, uh, is that it? Just one name, like Pink, Brianna? Staff are addressed here by their titles Science, Math.
I think you've already met Coach.
Keeps things simple yet respectful.
Any other questions? - Yeah.
One big one.
- Yes.
Your parents know where you are.
So why not tell me what's really going on here? I'm escorting you to class.
I mean what's really going on at Tower prep.
Do you have a name? - Monica.
- Monica? That's pretty.
See? We're bonding already.
So where are you from, Monica? A little place where people didn't understand me.
Or your unique potential? The past is past.
Headmaster wants us to focus on the here and now.
Of course he does.
of which D Maculates is only one example.
Owing to convergent evolution, many members of the family Dasuridae share characteristics with their placental counterparts, including the Procyonidae, the Herbacidae You're late, Mr.
Please take your seat.
And the one thought going through his head right now Oh, God, I hope I don't fart.
Disruptive and inappropriate as always, Mr.
Since zoology bores you, please engage us with your analysis of muon-catalyzed fusion.
Yes, yes.
I would love to, actually.
Miracle of science, right? Yes, see, essentially, it starts with positively charged deuterons and tritons.
The negatively charged muons which as we all Too bad, Mr.
There's the tone.
Oh, darn.
That gives you extra time to study the right answer.
Thank you, Science.
Sit down, Mr.
I won't keep you too long.
Now, then, fractals.
Coming from the Latin fractus, meaning fractured or broken.
Mathematically didn't come into shape, no pun intended, until the 17th century.
Fractals can be traced to the late 19th century in mathematical fractals based on an equation that undergoes idoration, a form of feedback based on generally the rough or fragmented geometrics of reduced-size colony on the whole.
Somebody remember who discovered this? We talked about it last class.
Mom, Dad.
He's got a dog.
What is it, like a poodle or something? Looks like a cross between a husky and a chihuahua.
- Hey, newbie, smile.
- That's my phone.
Thought it would be a nice souvenir for your first day.
I'll take my tunes back.
I'm sorry.
What? I said I'll take my tunes back.
Oh, geez, yeah.
Sorry about that, Ian.
Sorry about that.
It was a piece of junk anyway.
- See the dog? - It's kind of cute.
- It's kind of weird.
- It's kind of cute Whoa! You're sure about that? Please be sure.
I'm done playing around with you clowns.
I'm out.
The wall can't be everywhere.
Oh, my God.
Oh, this is not good.
Which way? This way.
It's definitely this way.
Keep up, Forrest.
Guys, come on.
I wasn't cut out for this, all right? I can talk my way out of a fight.
I can do that.
Scaling walls to freedom, not so much.
Shh! They'll hear us.
If they're even out there.
- We're not alone.
- What? - Shh! - Huh? Hey.
Come on.
Who is that? You can't go that way.
- This way, come on.
- Go on.
Come on.
They'll see you.
What are those things? Guards? Possibly.
No one's ever come back to say.
I like to call them Gnomes because we don't like to think - about what they really might be.
- I see.
These woods are swarming with them.
I want out of here just as bad as you guys, but right now I'm thinking the safest place is back on campus.
And you guys are? C.
You remember Gabe Forrest from class.
Funny guy.
It's a gift.
That's the brains of our group, Suki Sato.
Ian Archer.
What is this place? Tower Prep? We don't know.
The teachers won't tell us.
A last-ditch effort to save our brains from turning into cookie dough.
- We're making a break for it.
- Seriously? You guys were fighting back? We've been jerked around long enough.
We had to fight back.
Man, am I glad I met you guys.
Yeah, I guess we're glad to meet you, too.
You did stop us from running straight into the Gnomes.
Come on.
Come on.
I was talking online to that Whisper voice, and then I heard this buzzing in my headphones, and then I wound up here.
I can beat that.
I was leaving a meeting with my parole officer, - and, uh - Wow.
What did you do? Uh, misunderstanding.
Anyway, I got into the elevator, and all of a sudden that buzzing sound that buzzing sound started drowning out the music.
Next thing I knew, I woke up in class listening to a lecture on Pre-Columbian history.
In German.
My parents had a big fight before I came.
I never knew what it was about.
I just turned on our big screen TV and tried to drown out their screaming.
Then I heard the buzzing.
Suki Sato, as in Sato Systems? Yeah, kind of.
And you? I don't have any memory of my life before Tower Prep.
As far as I know, I've always been here.
If this is your home, then why were you trying to escape? Maybe I'll start to remember the life I had before school.
There's got to be more than just Tower Prep and The Program.
But you dumped on me this morning for not following it.
We've had the break planned for a long time.
I didn't want anyone to suspect.
Escapes, masked goons.
My old school was never like this.
That's because most of us in our little day care center are what you'd call special.
Not, like, short bus special, but, like, you know, we can do something really weird in a really awesome way.
That kind of special.
Give me a for instance.
Give me a for instance.
Okay, that's weird.
I can do that with anyone I've ever heard, even once.
And with the right clothes and moves, I can pass myself off as the real thing, till I drop the disguise and become me again, whoever that is.
And you? You know the expression "I can read you like a book"? Well, everyone communicates through facial tics, quick breaths, nervous eyelash flickers.
It's like a second language to me.
Seriously? So what signals am I sending now? Tense muscles, darting eyes.
A little creeped out, kind of angry, and I'm sure your folks miss you, too.
Hey, Ian, you want want to know what I can do? Unless you can teleport us home, I'll pass.
What about you? I got nothing.
Really? No flashes of second sight, sudden busts of strength? Something, though.
I felt it when you dropped your eyes.
That's creepy.
But I'm not wrong.
I've always felt like I was a half step ahead of the rest of the world.
You know, like I can see things just before they happen and react a second faster - Come on.
- Aah! Run! Run! Come on.
We need a distraction.
Keep on going.
I'm on it.
This way, guys! Head to the clearing! I'm right behind you! There's more? It's got to be over there beyond the hill.
Go on.
I'm going back for Suki.
- Okay.
- I'm here.
The Gnomes are coming on all sides.
Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Aah! Don't worry.
Stay close.
They're probably more scared of us than than we are of them.
It's okay.
Okay, I got this.
I got this.
- What are you doing? - I got this.
- What are you - That's all right.
Hey, guys.
How are ya? Love the eyes.
Really brings out the creepiness.
So listen, I think there's been a huge miscommunication here.
Yeah, you see, my friends and I, these guys, We just took a wrong turn after study hall, chased a baby raccoon out here - Don't worry.
- Should have seen the thing.
- They're adorable.
- He can talk his way out of anything.
- Now, that being said - That's his ability.
I don't think there's any reason for us to be running around the forest screaming our heads off like a bunch of crazy people or howling, for that matter, sir.
Okay? We're just going to head back to campus, and you gentlemen well, you gentlemen can fly back to the Batcave or wherever you guys hole up.
I see you're getting a little angry.
What is it? Aah! Don't listen! Don't listen.
Cover your ears! Go, go, go! Go! Go! Get out of here! Go! Go! We're too late.
Security is on.
What are we going to do? We weren't planning on coming back.
You're not the only one.
There's a pattern to the lights.
I can see it.
You can make it across if you stay together and do as I say.
Get to the edge of the grass and stop.
Get out of here.
Okay, guys.
Stop there.
Three steps forward, stop, and jump.
Five steps to the right.
Slower now.
Hold up.
You're almost there.
Five steps forward, stop, and jump.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
- Careful.
- Oh, my God.
You okay? It's okay.
It's all right.
You're really starting to annoy me.
Come on, come on now.
Hang on.
So, you always fight like that? It's easier I'm not alone.
Let's go.
Think Archer made it as far as the cliffs? You kidding me? Hey! Catch you later, boys.
Archer! Archer, you are dead! Stop him! Archer! Archer! Man, you are so dead! Hey.
Keep it down, guys.
I'm trying to study.
How did he do that? Yes? What is it? I'm so sorry to bother you.
Listen, uh, ugly naked dudes dancing on the common.
You know, it's kind of funny in a grotesque way Wait up, guys! but really just creeping everyone out, so I just thought I should let you know.
- Thank you.
Carry on.
- Check this out.
Pick up your things.
Cover up now.
Security breached.
Security breached.
Dorm building.
Security breached.
Security breached.
I'm sure Headmaster will have something unpleasant to say about all this.
Oh, yeah! Security breached.
Security breached.
Dorm building.
Everything copasetic, Mr.
Archer? No complaints here, sir.
Security breached.
Security breached.
Security breached.
Security breached.
Dorm building.
Security breached.
Security breached.
Dorm building.
Picking up anything besides embarrassment and the desire to inflict pain? I see Zack's tear ducts welling up.
Going to lose it.
I think this is yours.
Do we show him? What? Yeah.
I think it's okay.
This is where we met to plan the escape.
It's the only place on campus that's completely private.
It used to be the old observatory.
I'm good with astronomy.
Let me get a fix on the stars, and I can figure out where we are.
We've all looked though it, but Let him look, Suki.
It's better he knew.
This is weird.
The stars are all out of place.
Are we even in the United States? You've seen the flagpole.
Yeah? There's no state flag, no country.
- Just the school.
- Yep.
So where's home from here? How about you tell us and we'll all know? We still don't have a clue why we're here or how we're supposed to develop our potential.
We'll worry about that once we're gone.
For now we'll do like C.
and pretend to be good little Proges.
Whenever we can, we'll meet here to map out a real escape plan.
- I'm all for that, but - What? You're different, C.
You've been here all along.
But the three of us Our parents knew about this.
They decided to send us here.
If we go back, what do we go back to? What will we have if they reject us? We'll have each other.
So Math tells me there was an incident last night involving your roommates.
Guys just being guys, I guess, whooping it up naked on the lawn, setting off the security system just for fun.
You didn't see anything unusual? I did mention they were naked, right? I was inside studying.
Ask anyone.
I did.
Nice to see you wearing your full uniform.
I can't understand the Program sir, if I'm not part of it.
You'll find that the best way to succeed around here.
Well, you were right when you said I like a challenge.
Have you seen this? Shall I implement disciplinary procedure? No reason to punish every student for a message being sent to us by one.
Look what's on the flagpole.
Not every student can deal with what we do here.
- Some of them break.
- The strong ones don't.
This Program prepares them to deal with the outside world and with each other.
If we let this go, he'll get careless, overconfident.
He'll make a mistake.
We'll catch him then.
You sure it's a him? I have some ideas.
All students, please proceed to class.
All students, please proceed to class.
Headmaster didn't appreciate your message.
Well, we're even.
I don't appreciate his school.
Speaking of messages, thanks for this.
It could have only come from you.
I didn't write that.
Not me.
No idea, man.
Well, if none of you sent it, then who did?