Tower Prep (2010) s01e12 Episode Script


1 Previously on Tower Prep - I am a scout, Ian.
- We're going with you.
- We'll be back.
- The guy in there with Headmaster.
It's my brother.
I can transpond a better capacitor from my brother's phone.
I know that you've had personal experience that proves that Redfang is not a myth.
They're all gone.
All of the Broken, gone.
Cal, don't do this.
That's not Cal.
That's why the skills are going away.
Chemica Desin is a chemical designed to block them.
You stole the last remaining vial, modified it.
Could you show us how? Well, we've located Polaris, so we know we're somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.
And by comparing Rigel's ascension time to its sidereal Greenwich time, we should be able to calculate our longitude.
Hey, Suk, have we gotten a reading on that thing yet? I don't have a clear shot of the horizon, but I'd say our latitude is somewhere between the 48th and 52nd parallel.
That could be North America, - Europe, Russia.
- What does it matter if we can't escape? What do you mean, what does it matter if we can't escape? That was our first try.
So we try again, and we don't give up until we find a way out.
The Broken were our way out.
And now they're gone.
Maybe the gnomes didn't get them.
Maybe the Broken just got away.
Yeah, but if it was the gnomes that got them, I mean, they could talk.
Tell them about us, and then we're next.
I think the gnomes already knew about our escape plan.
Cal wasn't under that helmet.
Doesn't mean Cal didn't tip them off.
Look, whoever it was knew the truth about everything.
The Broken, Redfang, us.
So, why hasn't the hammer dropped? I don't know.
But I think from here on out, we need to be a little more careful with who we talk to and what we say, or else we'll never get over that wall.
What's that? A plane.
It's not using any running lights, but I'm pretty sure it's a plane.
Plane? This is a stage three alert.
All students return to your dorm rooms.
Repeat, return to your dorm rooms.
A jumper.
What? Someone's parachuting into campus.
- I've got to help him.
- Whoa.
Ian, wait.
The woods are flooded with gnomes.
It's locked.
Then open it.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
I've got, like, ten million keys on this chain.
Hurry it up.
We've got, like, 20 more rooms to check.
Nobody's in here anyway.
It's just a storage room.
Open it now.
What's wrong? The master key doesn't fit.
All students not in their rooms for bed check will be subject to disciplinary action.
All right, forget it.
We gotta get to the other dorms.
Okay, guys, we gotta book it.
Whoa, whoa, guys, what if they come back? It'll lead them straight to us.
- We have to lock it.
- Oh, come on.
Why would someone parachute into Tower Prep? - Maybe it's an invasion? - A one-man invasion? I don't think so.
Come on, guys, we only got a couple minutes till lockdown.
Let's go, come on.
Come on.
Go go go go go.
I'm gonna go do some recon.
- Are you out of your mind? - Ian.
God, I hate it when he goes all special forces on us.
- Watch out.
- Gabe, no.
Look, I'll catch up with you, okay? Go back to the room.
This is a stage three alert.
Everybody back to your dorms.
Move it.
All students must return to their rooms.
You think all this activity has something to do with Emily's disappearance? - How should I know? - There are so many rumors flying around - about her and Redfang.
- Redfang is a joke, Fenton.
Perhaps Redfang ate her.
Like he ate Phillips.
Or maybe CJ and her gang finally made their break for it.
Wait, Ian, Ian.
Dude, we only have, like, a minute till lockdown.
Come on, we gotta go.
This goes to Headmaster's office.
It's probably, like, headquarters right now.
This is our best chance to find out what's really going on outside.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
Do you need reinforcements? Situation's under control.
The very fact that we're dealing with a third security breach within as many months tells me otherwise.
The Connor Owens incident was a direct result of a breach in Sato Systems security.
Whisper 119 was designed to be a tool in the service of competent management.
Ah, we're going there, are we? There are others on the Board who believe that Tower Prep would benefit from a Headmaster with a firmer hand.
Well, I would be taking a firmer hand in locating the individual who just infiltrated our campus but you are insisting on taking up my time discussing corporate politics.
This is Headmaster.
I want a status report now.
Just looking for my friend Suki, okay? So are we.
Get back to your room.
Suki! You okay? All good.
Thanks, Ray.
You should get to your room.
Get back to your dorm before I report you.
No student access granted in the common areas.
Stage three alert still in effect.
I'll be staying on until this matter is resolved.
To look after my father's interests.
I'm sure you understand the necessity of around-the-clock security detail.
Go to your room.
All students not in their rooms for bed check will be subject to disciplinary action.
Bed check.
Forrest! What? Who's What? Archer.
- Oh, you know what, he's such a deep sleeper.
- Archer.
Uh Can't a guy get some sleep around here? Ian.
You know, I was just about to tell these gentlemen how sick you've been all day.
He's been barfing chunks, green chunks that are, like, this big.
Oh, no, I might throw up again.
Oh, no.
Last time he did this, I threw up.
And then he threw up.
We can't have you guys throwing up.
- It's too much - We're done.
That was insane.
I didn't see you slip in.
When'd you get back? Whew.
I didn't think I was gonna make it.
I did make it, right? Connor? Ian.
Was that In the sky, - was that you? - Yeah.
What are you doing here? I need your help.
We found a way out.
Stage three alert still in effect.
As I was telling you before I left, I'm working with a group intent on returning Tower Prep to its original mission.
We are well organized and funded, with a long history connected to this school.
Not like the Broken.
And what more do you need from us? You already stole those blueprints and maps out of our observatory.
What, the ones you guys stole out of Tower's office? Uh, they were on loan.
How did you come and go so easily last time? Through the wall.
There is no wall.
The Broken aren't as clueless as we thought.
Okay, so when people say, "There is no wall," what does that mean? I mean, I've seen it with my own two eyes.
We all have.
Like everything else at Tower Prep, you see what they want you to see.
Or rather, what Whisper tells you to see.
You hacked into Whisper.
Poor girl developed a glitch.
As any artificial intelligence eventually will.
She developed a human ability.
And in dreams, there begin responsibilities.
The wall is the most complex function at Tower Prep.
It's part hologram, part hallucination, all software.
The trick was to convince Whisper 119 that it's cruel to keep humans locked up.
If only for a second.
So, you ran through it.
All the way to my rendezvous point.
So then, we should be able to do the same thing, right? We should, but Sato Systems sent Suki's brother here to correct the flaw in Whisper 119 and upgrade to Whisper 120.
This version has no conscience, so the wall is back.
This time with an intensified electrical field.
That explains why you parachuted in.
So, why are you back, Connor? Well, plan "A" was to bring the others in the same way that I got out.
But with Whisper upgraded and that avenue closed, we had to find another way.
We studied the blueprints from Tower's office and found a structural weakness.
West Campus was originally a biological research laboratory.
Three floors underground, there's a kitchen.
In that room, there's a drainage pipe that leads to the outside.
There's one catch.
It's locked from the inside.
Now, the access door is no problem.
'Cause I've got the key to open it for the other members of my group.
What can we do to help? I need the gnome translator.
Connor, we can't do that.
It's the only one we have.
Look, I'll need it to get through the gnome bunkers in the tunnels.
Without it, I'll never know if they're close or onto me.
But if I have it, I don't see how they can get me.
One condition.
I go with you.
Can't do that.
I'm expendable.
You're not.
Attention, students.
Attention, students.
Good morning.
Last night at Tower Prep, we experienced quite a commotion.
I want to take this opportunity - to ease any concerns you might have - Yeah, right.
by explaining the purpose of last night's training exercises.
You buy that? Training exercises? Of last night's events, at no time was anyone in any real danger.
You think anybody's buying that? Who knows? Way easier to put your head down and go about your business than ask any real questions around here.
Wonder how Connor's doing.
- We'll find out soon enough.
- I couldn't sleep again last night.
Now, as we expect these exercises to be ongoing I really need to get out of here, Gabe.
Me too, man.
Do you think we should tell CJ and Suki about Connor? No.
I think the less people that know about him, the better off he is.
Headmaster's office, now.
Oh, come on, he's in the middle of a speech.
That's one way to ruin an appetite.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
Next period will begin in 15 minutes.
Archer, please join us.
Hey, Ian.
What's this all about? Trust.
The foundation of any human relationship, wouldn't you say? Yeah, whatever.
If you want me to.
Do you trust me, Ian? Is that a trick question? I think we have an open and forthright relationship.
Look, I've done nothing wrong.
- No? - No.
Second thoughts? The phone log indicates an outgoing call was placed - to Ian's parents.
- Oh, here we go again with the parents.
You keep insisting that I talked to my parents, but I didn't.
Are you gonna waste my time sticking to that story? Yeah, if you're gonna waste my time making stories up.
So, you deny using this phone to place a call to your parents.
Unless you have my voice recorded making that call, then I say anyone could have done it.
Even you.
Well, that's very true.
Good point, Ian.
I think you might be right.
So, I guess it would follow, then, that anyone, even I, also used this phone to place a call to Tokyo, to Suki's father.
This is your phone, isn't it? And you placed a call to your father.
Didn't you? You know, I also noticed you placed a satellite-ready capacitor on this phone.
May I ask where you got it? My brother's PDA.
Well, perhaps you should return it to him.
I know he'd love to see you.
I just wanted to hear my father's voice.
Yeah, well, news flash, Suki.
Your father's security system is what's keeping us prisoners.
He's my father, Gabe.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I had the phone in my hand.
I'd just upgraded it and the opportunity was there.
And I miss my family.
I'm sorry.
Look, don't.
We get it.
We do.
But it's times like this when our guard is down that can get us all busted.
With your father, Suki.
Or Cal, CJ.
And Gabe.
You and I are pretty solid, but we have to be on guard at all times.
We cannot afford to slip up, especially not now.
Why not now? Ian? What's going on? It's Connor Owens.
He's back.
He's the one who parachuted in.
He's making his way to West Campus as we speak.
Apparently, his group believes that they can escape through there, I don't know.
- Why didn't you tell us? - Well, it's just like what we talked about just now.
What's that supposed to mean? What it means is how else could Headmaster have found out about the phone? Maybe they triangulated the signal.
Maybe the Sato satellite could locate the origin of our call.
There could be a ton of reasons.
But how did Headmaster know the phone was in Suki's room? Or that we even had items to be searched for? Is it possible that maybe they installed some sort of tracking device in the phone that Suki overlooked? There is another possibility.
Maybe one of us told Headmaster.
You're getting wild.
Contain it.
Come on, let's work some hands.
All right, what's going on? I missed.
Not exactly a quiet mind.
Is there something you want to talk about? Yeah.
West Campus.
See, everybody's scared of it, but nobody's willing to talk about it.
Even the ones that come back.
Especially the ones who come back.
It's a memory best left buried.
Buried? Or erased.
You've been there, haven't you, coach? And not as a teacher.
Imagine your worst fear.
And not the dull kind that you live with every day.
About getting a bad grade or looking stupid to your girlfriend.
The kind of fear that bores deep into the darkest part of your soul.
That's West Campus.
It's a place you want to avoid.
At least tell me what I did.
I want you to trust me, CJ.
I need you to trust me.
Then tell me the truth.
Emily and those kids didn't just disappear, did they? You did something to them.
Me? How can you say that? How do I know they're not hurt? Or worse? How do I know you didn't do something awful? All you have to do is read me.
But if your emotions are blocking you, maybe the problem isn't me, maybe you're the one with something to hide.
How was your meeting? Headmaster understands our position.
Now, I need you to come home.
There are issues that require your immediate attention.
- But you said that - I know what I said.
Things have changed.
Very well.
I'll be on the first flight out.
Father, it's me.
I just wanted to confirm that it was you who wanted me to come home.
Yes, as soon as possible.
Do you still want me to bring Suki with me as we discussed? - Yes, I heard you.
- Should I bring her home? No.
No, I've reconsidered.
I want her to finish her studies.
I'll see you at home.
Do you see anything? Nothing.
From here, all I can see is trees, but - Oh, come on.
- I don't see any searchlights or gnomes or anything.
He's got to be out of West Campus by now.
He's here.
Connor! - Come here.
- There's gnomes everywhere.
- They were waiting for me.
- What happened? I managed to get away, but it's not as easy as we thought it might be.
They knew that I was coming.
They knew I was here.
I couldn't get through.
You should take this.
- In case they find me.
- Three-oh-five's clear.
- What is it? - Checking 307.
It's the end of everything.
- Monitors.
- What? Yeah, in the hall.
- Get to the observatory.
Hide there.
- Okay.
- We'll bring you some supplies.
- Okay.
- Ian, that place really messed him up.
- I know.
I should probably go with him.
No, get off me! No.
- No! - Ian, listen to me.
You cannot go after him.
It's too late.
All right? Ian, you can't help him now.
No! No! I should've done something.
Yeah, well, if you would've done something, you would've been exactly where he's at right now.
What is it? It's Chemica Desin 2.
Two point oh? Are you kidding me? Why in the world would anyone want to upgrade that? It almost took out our school twice.
The end of everything.
I don't know.
The tunnel map.
Hey, check this.
West Campus.
I've never seen that tunnel before.
I haven't seen half these tunnels before.
This must be it.
This is the way out.
- I'm going.
- What? Okay, let's talk about this, okay? Okay, you need to think about this before No.
Okay, no, wait, wait.
Stop and think about this, all right? You just saw Connor, what happened to him.
And that was with a gnome translator.
He said that there were others outside, waiting to help.
Somebody's got to get to that door to open it, Gabe.
Yeah, okay.
But this is suicide, Ian.
We both know it.
Look, I think what you're thinking right now, a better idea would be to just relax, slow down Don't even try it, Gabe.
I've been with you for too long.
I see it coming a mile away.
Then I go with you.
Look, Gabe.
You and I both know that I have a better chance of slipping the gnomes on my own.
But there is something you can do.
Hide this.
In the safest place you can think of.
All right.
We'll take care of it.
Not "we," Gabe.
There was only four people who knew about Connor's mission.
Do you remember when I said there was one unlikely but possible reason? - Yeah.
- Well, that possibility became probable.
Somebody snitched on Connor, and it definitely wasn't me.
Wasn't me.
That only leaves two possibilities.
Not a word.
To either of them.
You understand? Yeah.
I understand.
- Later, man.
- Be careful.
Before Connor dropped in, we could at least pretend this was a normal school.
Since Connor came back, it's like Headmaster dropped the whole charade.
- What if he's right? - Headmaster? Connor.
If he finds a way, we might actually be out of here.
You could leave Cal behind? I'd leave and never look back.
We need to talk.
I see you've added deception to your skills of mimicry.
Father never asked me to take you home, Suki.
We had such high hopes for you, Suki.
You have incredible gifts.
It's a shame you'll never realize their full potential.
What do you mean? You will be leaving with me, Suki.
Not with you.
Silly girl.
Not because Tower Prep is bad for you, but because you're bad for Tower Prep.
Ask him again.
Only this time more forcefully.
I'm not looking for excuses here, Doctor, I'm looking for results.
And hear this.
Under no circumstances is word of this to reach Mr.
Sato or any of his staff.
We need to talk.
I'm sorry, buddy.
Sorry, Señor Guapo.
I know this is humiliating, but Papillon would be so proud.
Viva la revolution.
Oh, buddy, I know that hurts.
I'm sorry.
I'm just gonna stitch you up now, okay? Gonna stitch you up.
Who is it? Gabe, it's CJ.
Um, just give me one second.
Okay, get my shoe on.
All right, come on in.
I'm not interrupting anything, am I? Oh, no.
I'm just doing a little homework.
How can you even think about doing homework at a time like this? I guess I'm just trying to keep occupied.
It's not really helping.
- Where's Ian? - He went down the hall to take a shower.
I was just thinking about Connor.
Down there in the tunnels.
You don't think something's happened to him, do you? Connor? Connor? Come on, no.
No, no, he's fine.
He He knows what he's doing.
Is there something you're not telling me? Really? In my own room, you're gonna try to read me? Sorry.
It's just until now, escape was like a class project that isn't due till the end of semester.
And then overnight it's like this could actually happen.
Suddenly I'm terrified it won't.
Look, Ceej.
We're all walking on pins and needles right now.
And it's scary.
But I promise you everything's gonna be okay.
Your powers of persuasion aren't what they used to be.
There's only one more vial of the beta version.
I know.
I locked it in the cabinet.
Silver substance, 2.
0 on the label.
Perhaps you locked it in the wrong cabinet.
You better hope you did.
Specs has some in his office.
Perhaps it was accidentally transferred.
Feel better? Yes, happy stories.
This concludes your orientation to West Campus, Mr.
Enjoy your stay.
Help me.
Help me.
This is our way out.
Really? You guys don't even knock anymore? Come on.
Get out of here, man.
I'm doing my homework.
What are you doing? Don't touch that.
It's mine.
- This thing yours? - Did you not just hear me? I said that's mine.
He's my best friend.
That's all we needed to hear.
No! Guapo! No! Guapo! This is bad.
I'm waiting, Mr.
I told you I don't know.
Señor Guapo is a beloved possession, is it not? No.
He's not a possession.
Who else would have had the time or the access to cut it open, sew it back up again, and put the needle and thread in your drawer.
Your roommate, perhaps? No.
Ian? No way.
Wait a second.
Don't you remember? Someone broke into our dorm room.
I'm sure you recall.
The other night Ian and I came back from the library and stuff was just all over the place.
As if someone went through our drawers.
Of course you do, 'cause you read the report.
I know that you know that I'm innocent.
It seems many events have been forgotten, Mr.
Perhaps a stay in West Campus will jog your memory.
- Monitors.
- West Campus? Wait.
Uh, I'm sure if you just give me a little time, I could remember everything, I'm sure.
Prepare him for transfer.
Transfer? No, no reason for transfer.
We don't need transferring.
Why would No, wait, please.
I can remember.
Look, just give me five seconds.
Give me a little time.
Please, no.
No! Where are we going? Shinji.
Let me out! Shinji! Where have you been? I found it.
Found what? A drainage pipe under West Campus.
I just need to get some tools to cut through the rubble, but we should be able to crawl through - and be out of here by morning.
- We can't.
What do you mean we can't? They took Gabe to West Campus.
- What? - I can't find Suki either.
You mean him.
Where are you going? To get Gabe.
Ian, it's too dangerous.
I saw what they did to Connor.
I'm not gonna let them do that to Gabe.
- Then I'm going with you.
- No.
You find Suki and meet us back here.
We'll get the supplies we need and go.
Then we'll bring this whole place down, brick by brick.
I think we can totally come to some misunderstanding.
Hello, Gabe.
Oh, nurse, nurse.
Please let me go back.
Please, I promise I'll be good, okay? I have a sock monkey that's in need of immediate medical attention.
What? I know what that is.
But I already did that.
Your face looks like a pony.
What is going on? Can anyone answer me? - Mr.
Forrest - Huh? Welcome to West Campus Orientation.
Wait, wait.
You're from my nightmare.
- Hmm? - You're from my nightmare.
Dreams really do come true, don't they? You're going home to Father.
I won't go.
Take her.
Come on.
No! No! - This way.
Come on.
- Let me go! That's right.
Close your eyes and think happy stories, Mr.
Happy stories.
Meet me in my dreams tonight And wake me All right, come on.
Let's get this over with.
I got somewhere I need to be.
I can't do this anymore.
I know this is difficult.
But the things we must do to ensure the long-term security for everyone We don't always understand them at the time we're doing them.
All I need to understand is they are my friends.
But I'm your family.
You have no choice but to trust me.
Trust in me is trust in your friends.
Do you understand? Yes, Father.