Tracker (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Klamath Falls

You're going to survive.
Hey. You hear me?
You're gonna be fine.
My leg. It really hurts.
Yeah, I bet it does,
but listen, I mean it.
Everything is gonna be A-OK.
My God. I'm so cold.
Yeah, well, I'm sure you are.
I'm getting a little chilly myself.
You've been out here
a lot longer than I have.
Your heart rate's beating
double time, Jessica.
- Your name is Jessica, right?
- Uh, Jesse.
Jesse. Well, that's a good name.
I'm Colter, by the way. Hi.
- Hi.
- Well, Jesse,
what I think we're dealing with here
is a good old-fashioned case
of mild hypothermia.
You know, I actually had a friend
named Jesse when I was was a kid.
He was a boy Jesse, though,
not a girl Jesse.
Plus, he was a goat.
Yeah, yeah. I had kind of a
kind of a weird childhood.
- Oh oh, my God.
- Okay, no, no, no, no. Hey, hey, hey.
Don't look at your leg.
Don't look at your leg.
Look at me. Look at me.
Okay? What I need you to do
right now is not panic.
One thing my dad taught me,
besides how to track
animals and people
which is how I found you, by the way
is how to survive.
And how you survive
is A, you make quick, smart decisions,
and B, you remain calm.
You never let panic take the wheel.
Never. You don't look at your leg,
okay? You look at me,
or you close your eyes if you need to.
Do you need to?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Can we just stay here?
Stay here? Yeah, I mean, I guess
I guess we could stay here,
we could wait
for a rescue team to come
and airlift you out of here
on a stretcher.
- Careful. Careful.
But this little excursion you went on
just, it's a little off the beaten path,
you know what I mean? So
I think we're talking maybe five hours?
Four, best-case scenario?
Meanwhile, that mild hypothermia
becomes less and less mild.
So, we stay,
I put your odds of survival,
leg intact, 15 to 20%.
- But, but Jesse, hey.
But if you let me stabilize your injury
and carefully carry you out of here,
those odds for you and your leg,
they go way up.
T They do?
They do. I'm talking 90, 95%.
I'm gonna scoop you up, okay?
- Okay. Okay.
- All right.
- Here we go.
- Thank you.
You're gonna survive.
You're gonna be A-OK.
I'm gonna survive.
- Let's get you home. Come on.
- Okay.
(SIGHS) I told her, you know.
- It's too risky.
- Hmm.
Told her, "You're not ready
for a multiday hike."
I said, "There aren't
enough resupply points."
- But Jesse, you know, she's
- Badass.
She's a brave badass who
wandered a little off course.
Happens to the best of us.
Well, I don't know how to repay you.
Just the reward money's fine.
I believe it was 50 grand?
Right. Yeah, no. Of course, man.
Cash is always welcome.
I also take checks.
Venmo, if that's easier.
No, it's just, uh, I got to
check in with Jesse's parents.
Uh, the reward was my idea,
but they said they'd cover it
if, you know When someone collected.
Well, as we discussed, Derek, a reward
becomes a binding contract
at the moment of success,
- so
- Mm-hmm.
- Jesse's parents, you say?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, let's give 'em a call.
Hey, that was a quick one.
Sometimes the gods are with us, Velma.
- How are things in Denver?
- You collect or what?
Yes, Teddi, I collected.
- Cash?
- Uh Visa.
What did I tell you on the credit cards?
We get killed on fees.
You know what, hon, could
you give him a break?
He did just save a girl's life.
I know, very proud, etcetera. Visa
Avert your eyes, ladies.
BOTH: Please.
I'm putting aside a grand of this haul
for maintenance.
We're coming up on 10,000 miles
since you took that truck in.
- Truck's running great, Teddi.
- Yeah.
'Cause I make you take
the damn thing in.
No. Absolutely not.
I told you we cannot
VELMA: She's a rescue.
Her name is Pawla.
- Like "Paw-la."
- We don't need another dog.
- Don't you get it?
- We don't need another dog.
- It's too many dogs.
- Colter,
is there such a thing as too many dogs?
Ladies, you got a new job or what?
I'm working on it.
- Okay.
- VELMA: Hey, Colter.
Someone called for you.
Wasn't for a job.
Uh, he said it was an old friend from
- Wait, wait, wait. What was that?
- Oh. Devil's Notch.
- VELMA: Devil's Notch, that's it.
- TEDDI: Yeah.
VELMA: You want his number?
It is, uh, 682-555
- He called you?
- Yeah.
He said he was trying you
but you weren't answering.
Did you tell him how to find me?
Come on, Colter.
You know me better than that.
If he calls again, ignore it.
Well. Someone's in a mood.
- Hello?
- TEDDI: Got a pen?
$20,000 offered for information
leading to the safe return
of Gilbert Brown, age 14.
Believed to be in the company
of noncustodial parent
Edward Brown.
Subject last seen
Friday morning, outside the family home
in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Reward offered by the mother
and stepfather,
Sarah and Mark Riley.
Look, no offense, it's just
You've gotten a lot of calls
about the reward.
Yeah, one guy said Gil is back
on his home planet.
Let me guess
he still wanted the money.
- Yeah.
- That's not my deal.
Okay? I'm a professional.
This is how I make my living.
I earn rewards that are posted
by police or by citizens.
Sort of an unusual job,
though, isn't it?
I find it to be steady work, sir.
Everyone's looking for something.
Sounds cool.
It is cool, actually. Very cool.
So, uh,
I take no fees, no expenses,
and a reward becomes a binding
contract only in success.
Sound good? Okay.
You say Gil is with
his birth father, right?
SARAH: Yeah.
But Eddie isn't a part
of Gil's life anymore.
We split when Gil was five, and
we haven't had any
contact with him since.
- None?
- Yeah. Right. Zero.
Gil ever ask about him?
Yeah, sure, he does, but
we tell him the truth:
we don't know where Eddie
is or what he's doing.
MARK: Yeah, his lifestyle
is not something
that Gil needs to be exposed to.
To be clear, I wasn't married
to, like, a murderer,
or something, it was
just a lot of drugs, petty theft.
- SARAH: You know Juul, the the vapes?
- Mm.
Eddie did six months
for robbing a Juul store.
That kind of thing.
If you're not in contact, how do
we know he's with Eddie now?
Gil and his stepbrother share a room.
Yeah, he, uh, he left crazy
early Friday on his bike.
I, uh, I heard him
wake up, so I was like,
you know, "Where are you going?"
He said he'd see me at school
and that he was meeting
his father for breakfast.
His His real father.
Gil's always had this crazy
idea about his real father.
MARK: I have tried to be
a good father to him.
You are a good father, Mark.
But not the one he wants.
Sarah will help you
with anything you need.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- Mm.
- Okay, so, um, how does this work?
What's the first thing you do?
Well, Sarah, I
Uh, it's okay
if I call you Sarah, right?
- Yeah, sure.
- Well, I think the first thing is
you tell me why you're lying.
- (EXHALES) Lying, Mr. Shaw?
- Colter. Please.
Colter, I don't know what
lie you're talking about.
Well, you told me
you hadn't spoken to Eddie
since your divorce.
You also said he got arrested
for robbing a Juul store.
Juul's a company that
didn't exist nine years ago.
I notice things. It's my job.
Can we look at Gil's room?
Uh, yeah, it's just up here.
I I do talk to Eddie.
Not a lot, but, um
A couple weeks ago, he emailed,
said he'd cleaned up,
he was getting his life together.
He wanted to talk to Gil.
- You let him?
- I did.
Gil's always saying how
he misses his dad,
you know,
how he wishes he'd gotten to known him,
so they've been texting.
I had no idea Eddie would take him.
COLTER: Hey, Sarah
It's a camping trip.
It's about the only father/son
thing he ever managed.
You mind if I take this?
- No.
- And I'd love a more recent shot of Gil.
Maybe a school photo?
And his phone number.
I should have told Mark about Eddie,
about him wanting to contact Gil.
But I was afraid.
You You were afraid.
Afraid he'd be upset?
Become violent?
No, God, no.
Afraid it would break his heart.
Hang on. Let me get you that picture.
MAN: You're fine, Colter.
You're A-OK.
Never let panic take the wheel.
Yo, what's good?
- I need your help.
- I'm great, Colter.
Thank you so much for asking.
Come on, Bobby. It's an emergency.
Yeah, it always is with you, isn't it?
I got a missing teenage boy.
Made a runner with his birth dad.
I need everything you can find.
- You're late.
Addresses, aliases, phone numbers.
Name's Edward Brown.
Couldn't find something more generic?
Guessing John Smith wasn't available?
Are you gonna bust my balls
or are you gonna help me?
I'm still trying to decide.
Middle name is Monroe.
He was born somewhere in Indiana,
at least according to his ex.
All right, I can work with that.
Listen, I also need
a text exchange taken from a cell phone.
Can you do that
if we don't have the device?
Sure. Though it takes us
into a legal gray area.
So that's gonna cost you double.
Double? (SCOFFS) Wh
Do I need to remind you
that your sorry ass
wouldn't even be here
if it weren't for me?
Guessing you do have to remind me,
since you do it every time you call.
Okay, fine, double. You're the worst.
Nope. The best.
It's why you keep calling.
MAN: Come on, we have to go.
Let's go, now.
- Russell.
- GIRL: We can't go without Mom.
MAN: You never contradict me!
- Never!
- Hey!
Okay, Eddie.
Let's see what you
have to say for yourself.
Welcome to Burger Bin.
May I take your order?
Welcome to Burger Bin.
What can I get for you?
Oh, uh, nothing for me, thanks.
Listen, I was just wondering
if you can tell me
what time you guys open
on weekday mornings.
Uh, I don't know, man.
You don't You don't know
when you open?
Do you want food?
Uh, how about the, uh
the security camera
by the drive-through window
do you know if that thing
stays on all night?
Dude. I don't know.
Look, I'm trying to help
a family find a missing child.
I would really love to look
at that footage if I could.
- Hey, Patty.
- Yeah? Hi.
Can this dude look at the camera
footage for the drive-through?
Oh. You know, I would have
to check with corporate on that.
And how long you think that would take?
I'm not sure. I'm sorry, who are you?
You know what?
Uh, don't don't worry about it.
It's okay. I'm fine. Thank you.
- Hello. What can I get for you?
- Hey!
Whoa! Sir? You can't be
in there. Excuse me.
- Excuse me!
- Break's over.
Hi, could you please help me?
Oh, thank goodness you're here.
He just barged right in there.
- Sir?
- In just a minute.
He's in there.
Come out of there.
Hold on a sec.
- OFFICER: All right, buddy,
come on out of there.
Yeah, one second. Hang on.
Okay, pal, long enough.
Come out of there.
- I'll be right there.
- SARAH: Did you did you
- Sarah, listen, listen to me.
- did you Did you find him?
I just sent you a photo.
Did you look at it?
- Wh What?
- I need you to look at the ph
- What?!
- Sarah, look at the photo.
- We're coming in.
- Just give me a minute!
- Do you know him?
- No. No, I I don't know him.
- Stay where you are.
The man who took Gil is not his father.
Aah! What the hell? No.
Chill out. It's not morning. Oh.
- Oh, it's Colter.
- Mm?
Hey, Colter. Yep. He's in jail.
- What?
- Yeah. Hold on.
I got you. I'm gonna go get a pen. For?
- All right. Yeah, I got it.
Hey, do we have a lawyer we can
get to the Pacific Northwest?
- Tonight?
- Of course tonight.
Hold on, Colter, I got you.
No, no. I got you.
- No, I won't go.
- All right.
And she wants another one.
Okay, look, Officer
Amini, right?
This is a bit of an overreaction,
don't you think? I I got
a little worked up.
- You resisted arrest.
- Resisted
No, no. I did not resist arrest.
I I was I was grudging.
I was somewhat grudging.
Turn to your right, please.
This was after you broke
into the Burger Bin.
Oh, come on. I didn't break in.
"Break in" has such
a negative connotation.
Turn to your left.
You know I'm working with a family
- to help find a missing child?
- So you said.
You collect rewards, right? A mercenary?
No, I prefer the term rewardist,
Is that a term?
Look, you need to watch
that footage that I found.
That boy thought he was
meeting his father.
That wasn't his father.
We need to find the man on that video.
I'm sorry.
Uh, are you giving me
instructions right now?
Because it sounded like you were
giving me instructions.
No, I'm not Yes! Maybe I
Time is of the essence. You know?
Why do you care?
I mean, you found the tape, right?
So if and when the child gets rescued,
that information will lead
to his safe return.
- Yeah. So?
- So you'll get your money.
That's what you care about, right?
- Let's go.
- Hey, when can I make bail?
When the county brings charges.
Thursday, maybe.
VELMA: Okay.
Well, thanks, Sam. No, I understand.
- Oh, yeah, no, tha
- Tha Thanks, Frank.
Sorry about that.
- Frank Davis can't do it?
- He's dead.
- That was Frank Junior.
Oh. Reenie. How are you?
- Yeah. You guessed it.
Colter. Mm-hmm.
Hold on, Reenie, one sec.
What is wrong with you?
We can't send Reenie Greene.
He'll kill us. Come on.
- What?
- Why?
That's great, Reenie.
Uh, check your email
in five minutes, okay?
All right. Bye.
He is seriously gonna kill us.
Oh, my God.
- Reenie!
- Nope.
- What?
- You don't get to talk to me.
Well, aren't you my lawyer?
Morning. My name's Reenie Greene,
I'm representing
the pathological narcissist
in that cell over there.
I'm supposed to get him out, but,
honestly, I don't know
how to feel about it.
- Reenie.
- Mm-mmm.
No talking.
we've known each other
for more than a few years now,
this handsome idiot and I.
But, you know, the last time I saw him,
I'd hauled my ass across the country
to lovely Akron, Ohio,
where I successfully argued him out
of a witness-tampering charge, which
maybe you don't know
is not exactly
Trial Lawyering for Dummies.
And then something happened.
It was different.
You know, we go to dinner,
the wine is flowing
You know the score.
You're a man of the world. And then,
guess who sneaks off in the night
like a guilty frat boy?
Oh, can I please just
add a little bit of context?
This was after
I made it very clear to him,
while everyone's pants were still on,
that this was a high-class,
Harvard Law-level bitch
he was dealing with,
not some backcountry,
doe-eyed sweetheart.
Greenie, I had work.
A woman had been abducted
- from her hospital bed.
- Shut it.
- There you go.
- And then my phone runs out of juice
- and I'm stuck here with
- Okay. (CHUCKLES)
- I think maybe I'll just get going.
- No, Reenie, wait.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Not accepted.
So, you're not gonna get me a hearing?
- I just came from the hearing.
- What?
My cousin Angela's ex-boyfriend
clerks for a judge
on the Klamath Superior Court.
- She got us in first thing this morning.
So I'm free to go?
I'll let you know
when there's a court date.
I should be in town
a couple days at least.
- You want me to swing by?
- Oh, my God. No.
I'm gonna visit
the Air Force museum in Pine Grove,
get something fun for my dad
'cause I was an Air Force brat.
Grew up on bases all over the world.
Oh, no kidding. I didn't know that.
Oh, well, why would you?
You never asked.
You're out? How are you out?
Did you watch the video
from the drive-through?
I did, yes. And you were correct.
The kidnapper is not Eddie Brown.
So, you put an APB out on
I put out an APB on the guy.
Good. And Gil's bike?
Uh, it was in a dumpster on Lincoln.
And we're checking it for prints.
What about the family?
I'm sorry?
Did you send an officer
over to the house?
Make sure everyone's
comfortable and safe?
They got another kid there.
No. Um
Yes. That would be kind.
(CHUCKLES) I'm surprised.
Surprised that I'm good at this?
Me being just a mercenary and all?
Honestly, I'm surprised
that you give a damn.
I know everything
you're thinking right now.
Just tread carefully. All I'm gonna say.
Dude, I called you,
like, a thousand times.
I thought this was important.
- Yeah, I was in jail.
- Oh.
Anything fun?
Broke into a fast-food restaurant,
barricaded myself in the office.
Sounds about right.
- Did you find Eddie Brown or not?
- I did.
Just a heads-up: there's no way
this guy took that kid.
Yeah, I already figured that out.
Someone's impersonating him.
Someone who knows him
well enough to trick his kid.
Correction. Knew.
Sorry, what?
Someone who knew him well enough.
Edward Brown's been dead for six months.
WOMAN: We don't love
the term "halfway house," Mr. Shaw.
It's a residential reentry center.
These men are here because
the state says they have to be,
as a condition of their release.
Gentlemen. A visitor.
MAN: Eddie? Yeah, everybody knew Eddie.
Guy spent enough time here.
We used to call him the Mayor.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, the Mayor of Nowhere.
I remember the last time
he checked out of here.
Said he was never gonna
touch nothing again.
Three days later,
he was dead from an overdose.
What about him?
That's Jack Horvath.
Nasty piece of work right there.
He know Eddie?
- I said everybody knew Eddie.
- Is there any reason this
Jack Horvath would want
to kidnap Eddie's son?
He impersonated Eddie,
then he snatched the kid.
- It's that damn money.
- Yo.
- Yeah, that's it.
- Yeah.
What money?
Oh, it's this story Eddie liked to tell.
You know, every once in a while
he'd get onto it,
how when he finally
got back out on the street,
he'd go dig up his money.
- We'd kinda rib him
Yeah you know, like,
"What money?"
But he said he had
a couple hundred thousand
from some drug deal he got in on.
Yeah, he buried the cash
up in, um, where was it?
Sun Pass State Forest.
Like some Some meadow up there.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- But there was-there was no money, though.
Yeah, but he said
he buried it in a special spot
and he'd never forget where.
'Cause he'd been there
on the best day of his life.
The day he took his boy camping.
OFFICER: Monitoring stations
show Horvath's pickup entering Sun Pass
at 4:45pm on Friday.
Presumably he's still up there with Gil,
looking for this buried cash.
State police are ready to go in
and get your son.
Sun Pass has got to be 20,000 acres.
How will you find him?
We've got helicopters, sir.
We've got plenty of trained officers.
- We'll find him.
- No.
A show of force is the wrong move.
Not only does this guy
have a history of violence
and instability, by now
he's exhausted and confused.
Who are you? Who is this?
- He's a, uh, rewardist.
- A what?
Never corner a dangerous animal.
You go in guns blazing,
there's no telling
what the hell this guy's gonna do.
I'll go in there,
I'll quietly track them,
I'll get Gil out of harm's way,
without the danger
and unnecessary risk
of an armed response.
Yeah, but you don't know where they are.
Well, I think I do, actually.
You know where this is?
- Yeah.
- Okay, hold on.
We're not making any decisions
based on the input
of some treasure hunter.
We wouldn't have gotten this
far if it wasn't for Colter.
- Right?
- Yes.
Can we do it his way?
You get two hours.
Not one minute more.
So, I got to know.
How does a person
become a reward seeker?
It's a steady living.
Everyone's looking for something.
That's what you say, isn't it?
That's your clever,
charming little line you use
whenever somebody asks.
doesn't actually answer
the question, does it?
Come on. Why spend
your life on the road,
solving strangers' problems?
Uh, my childhood was, um
Both my parents were
professors at Berkeley
till there was this incident
with my dad.
Not something that
gets explained to a kid.
So, he took us to live off the grid,
at this cabin.
It was, uh, a compound, actually,
by the Sierra National Forest.
It was, uh
it was an adventure.
And my dad
I don't know, he started to
talk about these people
that were out to get him.
About how we all had to be prepared.
Taught us how to track.
How to hunt.
Taught us to free climb
at this place he called Devil's Notch.
Then, one night, my mom was out.
I was 15. Russell had just turned 18.
My sister Dory was nine.
We have to go. Now, guys.
- They're coming.
- What? Who's coming?
Let's go.
Where are we going?
Get your go bags. You know what to do.
But Mom's not here.
She'll find us, hon.
We can't go without Mom.
You never contradict me! Never!
- Hey!
- Get off her!
I'm sorry.
I'm so stupid. It's me they want.
- I'll go.
- Dad.
Dad, wait.
- RUSSELL: Let him go, Colter.
- No.
It's better off he never comes back.
He's getting worse, man, you know it.
Better off if he died.
How could you say that?
Okay, you stay here with Dory.
I'll get him.
COLTER: My mom got home an hour later
and they still weren't back.
So, I went out to find my father.
AMINI: But you couldn't find him.
It was dark and you were just a kid
and despite all the training
he gave you,
you couldn't track him
and he disappeared.
And that's why you've
spent the rest of your life
helping other people
find what they lost.
No, I did.
I found him.
- Hey, Colter
- We're here.
Up the road about a mile and a half.
Hey, Colter
be careful.
Gil. Gil.
- I'm Colter.
Your parents sent me.
They sent me to get you home safe, okay?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Hands up. Drop the gun.
- Yeah.
On your knees, now.
Jack, right? You're Jack?
It's okay. You okay?
- Yeah.
- I'm okay.
Put your hands behind your head. Do it.
I know how you're feeling.
You're pissed, right?
This kid brings you out here,
supposed to show you some special place
where Eddie buried the money.
You're out here digging
for a couple days now, right?
(SCOFFS) Truth starting to dawn on you?
There's no money.
- Did all this for nothing.
Who the hell are you?
I'm not the law.
That's the important thing.
This right here This is a kidnapping.
You know that, right? Kidnapping?
Plus the use of a weapon
in a commission of a felony,
you get caught,
you're never gonna see the light of day.
But here's the good news.
Good news is the cops gave me two hours
before they storm the park.
And right now Can I peek at my watch?
Yeah? Okay.
Oh, it's good, Jack. We're in
good shape. We got a half hour.
So? So, here's the plan, okay?
You're gonna give me
the key to the cuffs,
I take Gil and I go.
And you get the hell out of here
before the cavalry arrives.
I need him as a hostage.
He's all I've got.
COLTER: Well, what if he gets hurt?
Jack, what if he dies?
Now we're talking murder.
Come on. Give me the key and go
while you still have the half hour.
You think I can make it?
I think if you leave now, you
got a five, ten percent chance
of making it out of here free and clear.
But if the cops show up, Jack,
and you got a gun
pointed at that kid's head,
there's 100% chance
you wind up in custody,
or, even worse, in the ground.
Come on, Jack, give me the key.
Come on.
Good. Good.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
All right. Let's get you out of here.
Son of a bitch.
(EXCLAIMS) You tricked me!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait, whoa, whoa! Wh
I had half an hour.
I had a half an hour!
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Hold on tight.
Stay down!
Come out with your hands raised!
It's over, Jack. It's done.
Yeah, I know.
- Stay down! Stay down!
- We need backup.
You okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Okay. We're gonna be okay.
It's gonna be a while, though.
They got to land that helicopter
or they got to get boats in the water.
Either way, we're looking
at about a half an hour.
That's if this truck doesn't
slide off of here in the meantime.
- You a strong swimmer?
- Huh? So-so.
So-so. So-so's okay. Uh
I'm a pretty strong swimmer.
Thing is, I got shot.
I'm losing a lot of blood,
which means I'm losing a lot strength.
Pretty soon it's gonna be
impossible for me to swim.
- So if we let go now
- Let go?!
If we let go right now,
I give my odds of swimming us both
to safety about 95%.
The longer we wait,
the lower those odds get.
- You trust me?
- Okay.
Okay, we let go on three.
You got to be brave, all right?
- Okay.
- One,
- two, three!
- Aah!
Hey. I got antsy, all right?
I'm sorry you got clipped.
And what about the kid
that almost got killed?
You sorry about that?
- Hey.
This is for you.
- You earned it, Colter.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Actually, though,
I just came by
to check on Gil. How you doing, pal?
My father's dead.
Mine too, actually.
But, hey, you have something
that I didn't.
You got a hell of a stepdad here.
Heck. Sorry. Heck of a stepdad.
You got a lot of good people around you.
Lean on the people you got.
- You all be good.
- SARAH: Thank you.
- Hey.
- REENIE: You are one lucky guy.
Whatever you did
on this case, the locals
no longer want your head on a pike.
You're free to go.
That's great, that's great news.
Listen, Reenie, I just want to say
Save it, honey.
You know what the problem
with you is, Colter Shaw?
You're so damn interesting.
And most of the work I do is not.
That, my friend,
is the problem with you.
Thank you?
Just tell your two wranglers,
the next time, I'm first on the list.
All right. Your turn.
My turn for what?
Origin story.
How does a woman like you become a cop?
- What?
- Shut up.
What's wrong?
I was too late.
Somebody already adopted Pawla.
Isn't that a shame?
You know what, don't gloat, Teddi.
That's just mean.
Oh, my God.
You didn't.
All right, you're trouble, I can see it.
Oh, my God.
(GASPS) I love you so much.
- I love you, too.
- Thank you.
Okay. It's really, it's
- it's too many dogs.
- No.
- No such thing.
- Check this out.
I got something for our boy.
- I'm a man on fire ♪
Walking through your street ♪
With one guitar
and two dancing feet ♪
Ooh! Who's your friend?
Uh, hold on a second.
That's left in me ♪
- So, listen, um
- I know.
Oh ♪
Come dance with me ♪
All right, what do we got?
Dr. Sam Looking bill.
42-year-old cardiologist
and father of three,
missing from his clinic
in Colorado Springs since Monday.
I want to see your bodies burning ♪
Like the old big sun ♪
I want to know
what we've been learning ♪
And learning from ♪
Come dance with me ♪
Over heartache and rage ♪
Come set us free ♪
Over panic and strange ♪
I want to see your bodies burning ♪
Like the old big sun ♪
What we've been learning ♪
And learning from ♪
Russell! What did you do?
Over heartache and shame. ♪
WOMAN: Colter.
Oh. Well, I wish
I'd known you were coming.
What is it? What happened?
Russell called.
You spoke with your brother?
No. I ignored him.
- But he's not gonna quit.
I was wondering
if he reached out to you, too.
No. No.
He said there's something
I need to know.
Mom, if there's something that you know
about Russell or Dad
that I should know,
I need you to tell me.
And I need you to trust me.
Block that number.
Ignore him.
I have asked very little of you
over the years.
Leave it be.
For everyone's sake.
Leave it be.
Now come on.
Come on inside
and have something to eat.
I don't suppose you're able
to stay the night.
I got to get to Colorado Springs.
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