Tracker (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

Beyond the Campus Walls

She said, "Don't come
home if you go to the bar" ♪
I said, "Okay, baby" ♪
Then got drunk out
in the yard 2:00 a.m. ♪
I knock-knock,
knocked up on the door ♪
But she never
unlock-locked it, guess ♪
I don't live there no more, yeah ♪
She meant business this time ♪
I can't believe my bloodshot eyes ♪
I woke up on the wrong side ♪
Of the truck bed this morning ♪
With a bone dry bottle ♪
Of Jack I was pouring ♪
Damn, she had some nerve ♪
When she kicked me to the curb ♪
Guess you could say
I got what I deserved ♪
'Cause I woke up on the wrong side ♪
Of the truck bed this morning ♪
Yeah ♪
I used that empty bag
of corn to rest my head ♪
A camo jacket for a blanket ♪
Then passed out like
I was dead, still got ♪
Hey, hey, hey!
- What are you doing?
- Oh. Sorry, I
My fault. I-I thought you
were someone else.
What's your problem, man?
This guy's being all weird.
What'd this creep do?
He grabbed me.
Well, it-it was an accident.
My bad, really.
Bro, what'd you say?
- It was an accident. I didn't
- [LAUGHS] Nah.
The truck bed this morning ♪
With a bone dry bottle ♪
- Of Jack I was pouring ♪
- JOCK: Swim, you little rat.
- Damn, she had some nerve ♪
When she kicked me to the curb ♪
Guess you could say
I got what I deserved. ♪

Not sure how much
of a job there is here.
I think maybe our student
just got burned out
- and needed a break.
TEDDI: That's what
I said from the start.
But you're the one that wanted to
drive to Wyoming and check it out.
Blake's mother, Polly Baker,
is convinced there's more to it.
She works as a custodian
there at the school.
Said she hasn't heard
from her son in two days.
Called campus police.
- Anything from them?
- TEDDI: No.
They checked the apartment,
nothing out of the ordinary.
But he left his cell phone behind.
- VELMA: That's odd.
- I don't know.
Not if you wanted to get
away for a few days.
- Not be bothered. All right.
I'm already here. I'll let
you know what she says.
I talked to him two days ago.
Then just nothing.
Blake always responds.
Even if it's just to say he's busy
in the lab and he'll call back.
You said over the phone he's
involved in some big grant project?
He's researching protein folding.
Biochemistry department
with Professor Lyle Hewitt.
Very prestigious. Potential patents.
- Big pharma circling.
- You must be proud.
I am.
Most of it's over my head, but
it makes Blake light up.
You mentioned that he's under
a lot of pressure recently?
He's always had anxiety.
But the last time I talked to him,
I could tell that his head
was somewhere else.
I'll go to the lab he works at.
Poke around, ask some questions.
Maybe someone knows where
is or what he's up to,
but I got to say it's only been
a couple of days, all right?
I know, but something is wrong.
High pressure grant project.
Lot of intense work. Maybe
maybe he just needed a couple days away.
Or maybe there's more to the story,
something you're not telling me?
Come here.
I know all about family secrets.
I do.
But if there's something,
anything that you have
that might help me find your son,
you should tell me.
My brother had a psychotic break
when he was the same age as Blake.
He ran off.
We found him a week later,
sleeping on the streets.
- Talking about demons in his blood.
- Mm.
He was diagnosed as schizophrenic.
And you think Blake might
have the same thing?
All I know is it's not like Blake
to just vanish like this.
I just need to know my son is safe.
You can trust me when I tell you this.
I'm going to do everything I
can to find your son, okay?
DORY: The fundamental principles
of thermodynamics remain the same.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
But when it comes to the
second law of thermodynamics,
entropy increases and mechanical
work irreversibly turns into heat.
Okay, well, that's where things
get a little bit mysterious.
Because has it actually been proven?
So the question I want to leave
you guys with for next time,
posed by Stephen Wolfram, is
does the second law always work
or is it sometimes violated?
And if so, what would
we need to prove that?
Okay, guys, uh, thank you.
Extra credit essays you
can turn in at the front.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Thermodynamics? Hey, Dory.
Who would've thought my baby sister's
a physics expert? Come here.
And who would've thought my
big brother would show up
after a year without so
much as a phone call?
I've been, you know, busy.
I'm sorry, Dory.
So have I, but I call, I try.
You don't call me back.
I'm sorry.
I'm your little sister.
It's my job to give you crap.
What are you doing here?
I just, you know, thought
I'd swing by and visit.
Was in the neighborhood and
You know I can tell
when you're lying, right?
And you hate surprises,
so come on, out with it.
Here on a job and I wanted
to talk to you about this.
A file folder? Ooh, what's in it?
Stuff about Dad.
I have another class, come on.
Walk with me.
COLTER: Came across
that file on a previous job.
They were trying to hurt me,
so they looked into our family.
I mean, I've read all
these articles before.
- What's the big deal?
- University memos in there about Dad.
And some other stuff.
Okay, "Ashton Shaw dismissed for cause.
Evidence of irresponsible
and dangerous behavior."
Dad was arrested.
Breaking and entering. Resisted arrest.
Look, we knew he had
run-ins with the law.
- I don't
- Keep going.
This says Dad was employed by
the government for seven years.
Don't you think if this
is true, it's strange
that Mom never told us any of this?
I don't know, Colter.
Who knows what Dad was into?
Honestly, Mom was just
as crazy as he was.
- Why are you looking into that?
- I don't know. Curious?
Well, I'm not.
I honestly just hope we don't make
the same mistakes that they did.
I understand what you're saying, but
they're both part of us, right?
I mean, look at you, you're a
professor, just like they were.
Okay, well, I'm not gonna go insane
and move to the mountains,
if that's what you're worried about.
That's not what I'm worried about.
Okay, well, then let's
just move on. I have.
I talked to Russell, by the way.
- He says you've been ducking him.
- You talk to Russell?
Yeah, some. We keep in touch.
You should talk to him.
I don't have anything to say to Russell.
Okay, fine. Do it your way.
You always do.
Can we at least just grab
dinner before you leave town?
Yeah, no, I would, I just,
you know, I'm on a job.
- It's a schedule thing
- [SIGHS] Colter, come on.
I don't know when I'm
gonna see you again.
Look, I will find the place.
I'll even buy.
- Sure, yeah.
- Good.
- What's the job?
- Missing student. Blake Baker.
Right, yeah, uh we got
a university-wide email
from campus police saying
they were looking for him.
He's a smart kid. Biochem grad student.
His mother works here on campus.
Her name's Polly, she's a
custodian. You know her?
Yeah, she's been here
for years. Sweet woman.
You don't seem too concerned.
This happens to a couple
students every year.
They burn out, they take off.
It's not that uncommon.
Okay, well, I'm gonna go
check out that lab, actually.
I'll text you a time and a place.


- Can we help you?
- Looking for Blake Baker.
- He works here, right?
- Uh, did.
He hasn't been here in two days.
Any idea where he might be?
Nope, must've flaked.
Flipped out? I don't know, man,
it happens all the time.
Some folks can handle it, others can't.
Well, his mother's worried about him.
Hired me to help find him.
He wouldn't bail on us.
Well, he's not here.
So where is he, then?
I don't know, but Blake loved
the work we were doing.
What's the work you've been doing?
DEX: We're working on the next step
of protein structure prediction.
Understanding how proteins
choose their shape
is a game changer in drug development.
The problem is, some
proteins shape-shift.
But Professor Hewitt is
onto something here.
Professor Hewitt?
Uh, this guy's looking for Blake.
- And you are?
- Colter Shaw.
I'm working for his mother.
She hasn't heard from him;
she's worried about his mental state.
Can I rely on your discretion?
Sure. I just want to find Blake.
Well, I had a difficult
conversation with him,
two days ago, I guess.
I'm not saying that this has anything
to do with Blake going missing,
but maybe.
I caught Blake falsifying his research.
And you confronted him?
No, not exactly a confrontation.
I presented him with my
suspicion. He denied it.
But his numbers didn't
match our actual results.
I told him I wouldn't report
him to the dean's office,
but I had to revoke his lab privileges.
Why would he do that?
I don't know.
But it happens more
than you might think.
The last thing we need is
another Theranos here.
Elizabeth Holmes.
Mm-hmm. Blood screening
technology valued at billions
and, unfortunately,
it was a fanciful lie.
So, the work has monetary value?
It will, if we can scale it up.
So even the smallest
mistake would be fatal.
What Blake was doing,
it didn't make a lot of sense.
How'd he take it?
Not well.
He's a good kid who made a mistake.
I hope you find him
and I hope he's okay.
If he reaches out, will you let me know?
- Of course.
- COLTER: Thank you.
HEWITT: Hey, Dex, I need you
to double-check this data
before I send it.

I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name.
It's Jada.
Jada, I'm looking for the student union,
and I have no idea where I'm going.
Can you point me in the right direction?
It's the other side of the commons.
Tall building on the left.
You can't miss it.
Can't miss it, but the
So, the commons building is ?
Which I'm, I'm [CHUCKLES]
Can you just show me?
I don't know where I'm going.
You Blake's girlfriend? I saw
that photo of you two together.
What? No. We're just friends.
Mm. What do you think happened to him?
I'm not getting involved.
- I can't get kicked off this grant.
- I understand that.
You obviously care about him.
And I don't think you believe
what everyone's saying.
When was the last time you saw him?
- Two days ago.
- At the lab?
No. Late that night. I was making
a delivery for my gig job
over on the north side of town.
Did he see you?
No, not at first. Uh he
was drunk or something.
Wearing this stupid red cowboy hat.
He looked absolutely ridiculous,
and I guessed maybe he'd been
to the big Wild West party?
I don't know, but it was strange.
It was strange that he
was out having fun?
Yeah, a little. Uh, Blake's
one of the nicest guys.
But he's not the partying
in a cowboy hat type.
He's a nose down in the lab type.
- You know what I mean?
- Socially awkward?
Yeah, especially around women.
So drinking, socializing,
that kind of behavior was
out of the ordinary for him.
Did he talk to you when you saw him?
No. I tried to.
I called his name and he ignored me.
Like I said, maybe he was drunk.
Can you tell me where this happened?
You get into Blake's phone?
All looked legit, C.
Calls to mom, texts about school
But nothing after he went missing.
Ah well he left his
phone in his dorm.
Anything about a relationship?
You think homeboy was in love?
I don't know. Friend said
he was acting different.
Said he was socializing
more, living it up.
He was either in love or looking for it.
Still doesn't explain
why he went missing.
COLTER: No, it doesn't.
I'm checking out that location
that his lab partner saw
him at Saturday night.
- Maybe I can find something.
- Mm.
Let me comb through his socials.
See if it connects me to a wormhole.
All right. Here's something.
A lot of messages back
and forth with someone.
They also exchanged
files, all encrypted.
Gonna take me a while to get through it.
COLTER: Oh, hold on a second.
I think I found what I'm looking for.
Call me back when you
crack the encryption.



All right, what do we got?
Ooh, our boy Blake was into some girl.
I think it was more than
that. You got a name?
I don't have a name yet,
but I do have an alias.
She went by BlondieBaby.
So, still working on it.
But he definitely was into someone.
How so?
Well, you know how it is
when you're at college.
You text someone.
Start vibing.
You ask to meet IRL,
then they ghost you.
I didn't go to college.
Wait, for real?
No. The education system is designed
to weed out people who are independent,
people who think for themselves,
won't surrender to the system.
Okay, see?
Now, that's some "wake up
sheeple" wisdom I can get into.
It's an old Chomsky quote
my father would always say
to us when we complained.
Thought your dad was in education.
My father was full of contradictions.
- What do you got on Blake?
- Well last Saturday night,
just before midnight, Blake
texted, "I was at a party.
Why'd you no show?"
Then she says, "Sorry.
Something came up.
Bet you were a sexy cowboy.
Ready to meet."
She agrees to meet up with him
only if he promised to be discreet,
then she sent him an address.
So he goes to a party.
He gets stood up. Right?
Leaves his cell phone back at his place,
and then he goes to
meet up with her again
Hold tight, I got an
encrypted pic coming in.
- Hello.
- What do you got?
Uh, these are not the type of
pics you'd want to get out.
Got a blonde woman,
getting all kinds of freaky.
Nudes and garden variety BDSM.
And how the hell do you know
what garden variety is?
Student of the world, Colter.
Let's just say she's strapped to a bed
in a room with red lighting.
I think I was just at that house.
He was sending her nudes as well?
- How'd you know?
- 'Cause I saw them on a tablet
at that same house.
Can you send me her photo?
Just her face will do.
Do you one better. Got a name.
Irene Hertzyl.
- Sending you the pic now.
Excuse me? Hello?
- Oh, sorry. We're just about to close.
- Irene Hertzyl?
Or BlondieBaby? Right?
I want to know what the hell you
were doing with Blake Baker.
He hasn't been seen since
he met you at that house.
No, no, no, don't do that. Back up.
What are you going for?
I know about the nude
photos that you sent.
Does your husband?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't know what I'm talking about.
It's you, right?
I didn't do anything to Blake.
But yet you wanted him to
send nude photos. Why?
Leverage has value.
- Now, please.
- Leverage.
Why were you blackmailing
Blake? Was it for money?
You went to a lot of trouble
to hide your name.
Now, I am sure the police
maybe even the FBI might
have some questions for you,
or you could just answer mine.
It was a job. We were hired to do it.
Who hired you?
My husband Chuck handles all of that.
It's anonymous, on the dark web.
We sell online services.
Bad product reviews, online trolling.
The client said that
they needed leverage.
So you figured if you
had nude photos of him,
you'd have him over a barrel.
It wasn't my idea.
My husband Chuck it was his plan.
I just do what I'm told.
But you did it, right?
You did it, you seduced him?
He became obsessed with you?
Why did you lure him to the house
with the the bondage stuff?
The client said they wanted
to really scare him,
make sure Blake would
keep his mouth shut.
It was a setup to intimidate him.
What did Blake know?
Chuck said that he had some
evidence that was bad for the client.
Clearly, he knew some sort of secret.
What happened here?
It was bad.
I didn't want this to happen.
Show me.
How did you get here?
I followed her from that
sick house she told me
to meet her at. I hid in the
bushes until she came.
IRENE: I'm sorry. I didn't
I went to lock up.
- I thought he would be gone.
- BLAKE: Please, just come with me.
- We have something. We please.
- CHUCK: Get out of here.
Stupid. Get out.
Chuck, stop, you're hurting him.
CHUCK: What do you want me to do?
IRENE: Take-take him to the hospital.
Come on, champ. Let's go. [GRUNTS]
But he didn't take him to the hospital.
It's been two days. You're not at
all worried about your husband?
This isn't the first time
he's taken off for days
without telling me or calling.
You said you initially
heard from the client
via the dark web, right?
Yeah, it's where Chuck does all
of his business on the computer.
Yeah. So, then, you know how
to send messages to the client.
I'm in and ready to do my thang.
What do you want the message to say?
"Need to meet in person ASAP.
I have the evidence."
BOBBY: And away we go.
Whoever your mystery client is,
they just got the message.
Let me know when you hear a reply.
- You know it.
- Thanks.
I don't like doing this, you know.
I just do it because Chuck makes me.
Now's your chance to prove
it by doing the right thing.
You're gonna help me find Blake.
COLTER: Dory. What are you doing here?
I am so sorry.
Texted the time, the place.
I got a reply from you saying, "Great."
Sat there for about 30 minutes
before I realized, same old Colter.
I got into something.
I-I'm sorry. Why didn't you call?
'Cause I figured showing
up was the only way
I'd actually get to see
you rather than hearing,
"I got caught up in something," or
Or someone.
No. It's not what it looks like.
Okay. Take care, Colter.
No, no, no. Hold on a second.
- Colter
- Hold on. Hey, Dory, hold on a second.
That missing student
Blake he's in danger.
- Who's the girl?
- Her husband attacked Blake.
I think he still has him. I'm not sure.
That's what I'm dealing with.
Okay. Maybe you should call the police.
I can't. I figure there's a 50%
chance that Blake is still alive.
I call the police, and they
show up, that goes to zero.
Uh, Blake has some kind
of evidence against them,
and I think they're holding him,
and they're trying to break him.
- What are they, mobsters?
- I don't know.
- I got to take this.
- Yeah.
- Hey. You get a reply?
- BOBBY: You're set.
They'll meet you in a parking
lot on the south side of town.
It's about 20 minutes away.
I'm sending you the location.
We got to go. Okay.
Thanks, Bobby. Got it.
All right, look. I, uh
Dory, I'll call you.
- I promise.
- No, no, no, don't do that.
Don't promise. Go do your job.
You know where to find me.
Maybe they aren't going to show.
COLTER: They'll show.
IRENE: Someone's coming.
You have something
for me? A flash drive?
- Don't move.
Damn it.
[GRUNTS] Hey. Come here.
Look at me. Come here. Hey.
Pull the hood down.
Pull the hood down.
Where the hell is Blake?
[SIGHS] I don't know, man.
Oh, come on. You set this whole
thing up with Chuck, right?
What? I-I don't know a Chuck.
The guy blackmailing
Blake with the photos?
Blake found out, he confronted
'em, he got hurt.
- And I want to know where he is.
- No, no, no.
This is getting completely out of hand.
Oh, we're beyond "way out of hand."
- Why'd you do this?
- Well, no, I didn't do anything.
You got to believe me,
okay? All I did was
I made an intro, I-I gave the
name of a dark web service.
To who?
- To who?!
- To Professor Hewitt.
He wanted help with the Blake problem.
What evidence did Blake have on him?
Blake knew that Professor
Hewitt's research
in the lab wasn't adding up.
Hewitt said Blake's numbers were off.
No. Blake's were right.
They matched the data.
But the data, well,
it didn't show the progress
that Professor Hewitt was
reporting to his investors.
So Hewitt stood to lose
millions in investor funds.
We were going to get there.
We-we just needed more time.
Professor Hewitt was
desperate to shut Blake up,
so-so I gave him the name
of this dark web connection
- that I'd heard about.
- And how'd you know to come here?
Professor Hewitt sent me a message
to meet some blonde woman
and get the evidence
a-a flash drive that Blake had.
That-That's all I know, I swear.
You do know they're
gonna kill him, right?
Well, what am I supposed to do?
You're going to call Hewitt,
and you're gonna tell him a story
about how you're going
to find the evidence.
Okay. How-How's that gonna help?
It's gonna buy me time.
Dory. I need your help.
Yeah, of course.
Professor Hewitt's the
one blackmailing Blake.
He's holding him hostage
somewhere on campus.
Whoa, whoa. Lyle Hewitt,
our biochem professor?
Why would he be blackmailing a student?
Something to do with evidence
about dirty research data.
I don't have time to
go into it right now.
But Hewitt's phone
it traces back to his lab.
There's no way he'd be holding
Blake out in the open like that.
Now, you know this campus
as well as anyone.
- Where might he have him?
- Um, uh, his office,
one of the other labs?
No. He's had him for two days.
I don't think he'd be
holding him anywhere
where someone else might
come in contact with him.
One of the old bomb shelters.
There's one under the
biochemistry building.
- Bomb shelters?
- Yeah.
They built them during the Cold War,
but they haven't used them in years.
- How do I get there?
- No, I got to come with you.
You're not gonna be able
to find it otherwise.
I'm just at the school, grading papers,
so I'll meet you at the
biochem building, okay?
Dory, no. I got this one on
my own. I'm not gonna
- Dory?
Door's probably locked.
- I'll take care of it.
- N no.
You can follow me.
Yeah. That works, too.
You could let me go.
I won't tell anyone about you.
You can't trust Professor
Hewitt, you know.
I don't trust anyone, kid.
Just tell me where this evidence is
so I can get paid and this can be over.
Sure this is right?
Trust me. It's supposed
to be hard to find.
- You're gonna kill me, aren't you?
- CHUCK: Not my problem.
You and the professor work it out.
I talked to Dex.
He said he got the location of
the evidence from your wife.
Found an address in an old jacket pocket
- that Blake left at your store.
- You believe that?
Sounds like someone's onto us.
Call your wife and see.
How stupid are you? If this is a setup,
that's the last thing we're gonna do.
You don't understand what
happens if this gets out.
Everything I've worked for is over.
My whole life, ruined.
We've only got one option.
We kill the kid.
No. We, uh, we'll get the evidence.
We'll destroy it, then there's no proof.
Whether we get the evidence
or not, kid knows.
There's only one way this can end.
You want to bury this secret?
Bury the kid.
- I hid the evidence.
- Lies.
No, hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
It'll get out, even if I'm dead.
CHUCK: He's lying. This ends now.
Okay, stop. Wait.
You know, there's got to be
another way. Just let me think.
I tried your plan. It didn't work.
So am I doing this, or what?
But I should be the one to
do it. Give me the gun.
DORY: Is that blood?
Call the police.
Please don't.
I don't have reception.
I have to go back up.
That's fine. Make the call.
I-I'll give you the flash drive.
You can have the evidence.
I know you killed Chuck. You want
another body on your hands?
Blake's the only one with the evidence.
You kill him, you're never gonna get it.
If you come in here, I'll kill you, too.
I am coming in there. If you've
got a gun pointed at me,
I will take you out, you understand?
Doesn't have to be this way.
Hewitt, put the gun down.
Last chance.
- You okay?
- Yeah. Th-Thank you.
You'll live.
Uh, Mr. Shaw.
I don't think you want to leave town
- without this.
- Thank you.
To have my son back, healthy and safe,
there's no price I wouldn't pay.
How you holding up?
A little banged up, but relieved.
- I'll be fine.
- You're about to feel even better.
Professor Hewitt is facing murder
and attempted murder charges.
Hopefully, he's gonna spend
the rest of his life in prison.
What's gonna happen to Dex?
He's probably gonna
do a little jail time.
If he's lucky, he'll get probation,
but he's young enough,
he can turn his life around.
Got one question for you, though.
- Anything.
- The evidence, did you have it?
Hid it in Jada's locker in the lab.
Only person I would trust with this.
Okay. All right. She know?
- No idea.
where do you go next? Another job?
Probably, yeah.
First, I have a promise to keep.
- Be good.
- Well, thank you.
Thank you.
I wish you out of the woods ♪
- And into a picture ♪
With me ♪
- Thanks.
- I wish you over the moon ♪
You are already checking your watch?
Come out of the question and be ♪
You're heading out tonight, aren't you?
Okay, fine. I will take what I can get.
In my head ♪
I might as well be dreaming ♪
Why don't you stop by more?
I rollercoaster for you ♪
Uh, it's not Nothing, no reason.
I think a little part of
you might resent me.
Resent you?
- Why would I resent you?
- 'Cause I left.
I mean, when Uncle Dave
and Aunt Melissa said,
"Come live with us," I was the
first one to jump in that car.
And you didn't. You stayed.
I did stay.
If this is gonna run ♪
Mom needed me.
Dad had died, Russell was gone,
I didn't think going to the
city was the right move.
- You didn't need to stay.
- Dory, she didn't have anyone.
No one.
- After what Dad put us through
- Oh.
Mom went along with
every wild idea Dad had.
Living off the grid,
sleeping with one eye open,
just waiting for that bogeyman to come.
- His ideas. Not hers.
- I love you, but no, grow up.
Uh Mom was not some fragile woman
that just got dragged
along against her will.
I thought you said you moved on.
I have.
I was hoping that if you and I
talked, maybe you could, too.
It's time to put it behind us.
All of us.
You talking about Russell?
I want my brothers back.
Together. Yeah.
And Mom, whatever version she told you
is either, one, a complete lie,
or two, some BS story
just to keep you around.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- It means we get to go on.
What happened, happened.
But I'm not gonna let it
have power over me.
And Mom
that's all she has, is the past,
and that's why she holds it over us,
because she can't let it go.
She's got this image of who Dad was,
and, sure, yeah, that's a
version of the events, but
that is not what happened.
Maybe it's more complicated than that.
And maybe it was all a lie.
But it's time to put it behind us.
Don't you think?
please call Russell.
I might as well be dreaming ♪
- I wish you out of the woods ♪
- Run 'round in my head ♪
- Into a picture with me ♪
- Might as well be dreaming ♪
What's good here?
Run 'round in my head ♪
- If this is gonna run around ♪
- I wish you out of the woods ♪
In my head ♪
- Into a picture with me ♪
- Might as well be dreaming ♪
Run 'round in my head. ♪
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