Transformers (1984) s01e02 Episode Script

More Than Meets the Eye (2)

In search of precious energy the Autobots venture forth into outer space, but the evil Decepticons attack them.
Four Million years later the Autobots and Deceptions are reactivated.
The Decepticons convert oil into energon cubes, and leave workers and their Autobot rescuers trapped as we begin the second episode of the Transformers.
My arm! It's jammed in here! I can't get it it out! -I'll get you loose, Huffer! Don't panic! -There're two things I really hate, Brawn.
-What are they? -Fire and water.
-Great! You're in the right place.
There! -Thanks, Brawn.
Let's take off! -Trailbreaker! -Here, Prime! -Activate your force shield, and take a shot at that fire! -I'll give him a hand! -Almost have it.
There! -Catch! -I don't know who you are, but you saved our lives.
-We're Autobots.
We're from Cybertron.
A planet far from Earth.
-Another planet.
That's awesome! -Those who tried to harm you are called Decepticons.
We must stop them before they destroy your world.
-Can we help? -We are the only ones who can stop the Decepticons.
-But my son, Spike, and I know more about Earth than you do.
Maybe you can help us.
(Spike) The Autobots are a highly advanced form of robot.
I don't really know if they're from the past or the future, but they can think and have real feelings.
Hey, tell me more about Cybertron.
-What would you like to know? -For one thing, why do you transform into cars and things? -(Trailbreaker) Simple.
Besides, it sure beats walking.
-Yeah, but how do you do it? -Spike, here, wants to know how we transform, Hound.
Like this.
-Now watch this! -Who's he? -Nobody.
He doesn't really exist, Spike.
It's a hologram.
-(laughing) What other tricks can you do? -Try this one, Spike.
Now you see me Now you don't.
-Hey! Where'd Mirage go? -Over here! -Disappearing.
That's the best disguise of all.
-Hop in, Spike.
I'm gonna take you for the ride of your life.
Belt up, and hang on! Ravage, enter Teletran 1.
Accquire knowledge of Earth's resources.
(Hound) Sure is pretty out here, Spike.
Earth must be a nice place to live.
-It's okay, but Tell me about Cybertron.
-Before the war, with the Decepticons, it was quiet and peaceful.
-You miss it? -Sometimes.
Hold tight! Hey! What's going on here? Who Who are you? -Ravage! Eject! Eject! -A Decepticon.
Get him! -Ravage! -There he is! -Get him! -Fire! -It's too dark! Can't see him! -Gears! Activate your infared! -There he is! -Fire the net! We got him! -Sherman Dam is the largest in the western hemisphere.
The hydroelectric power plant has a capacity of 1,750,000 kilowatts.
-Good work, Soundwave.
-But that's not enough electrical power to make the energon cubes! -You knowledge is only overshadowed by your stupidity, Starscream.
We are going to create a tidal wave.
One that will send enough power surging throught hat dam to make all the energon cubes we need! We attack the dam at sunrise! Soundwave, dispatch Rumble.
-Rumble, activate pile drivers.
Operation: tidal wave.
-It's working.
Excellent! Decepticons, to the power plant! -Hey, Ed, look at this gauge! -It's going crazy! -Somethin' must be wrong! (Power Plant Worker) -The river's risin'! Man your emergency stations! -There's some sort of trouble at Sherman Dam.
Yeah, a tidal wave.
The power output's ten times normal! -Could be the Decepticons, all right.
I'll tell Prime! -I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons! You will do exactly as I say! -Autobots, accelerate! -Starscream, prepare the null ray.
-We've gotta get out of here! She's gonna blow! I tell ya, it's gonna blow! This whole place is gonna go sky high! -Perfect.
The electrical output is at its peak.
Exactly where I want it.
Starscream, activate the null ray.
Soundwave, prepare the energon cubes.
Quickly, quickly! -We've got to work fast! -You, uh, think the Decepticons did this? -You're too late, Prime! -There's your answer, Prowl.
Autobots, to the air! -Looks like the heart of the tidal wave's right here! -Only one way to find out.
-Be careful, Hound! -Ironhide, we've gotta stop that water! -Stop talkin', tighten your shock absorbers, and get in! -We're gonna make a new river! -Let's go! -Thanks, neighbours! -Autobots, to the power plant! -Gather the energon cubes.
Return to base.
-Stick it in neutral, Megatron! You're not going anywhere! -Try and stop me, Prime! Hurry, follow me! -For someone who doesn't like to fight heh, you're not bad, Mirage.
-Any last words? -None you'd wanna hear, Megatron! -Nothing can stop me now! Not even you! -So long, Autobots.
Here's one Starscream's been saving for you! You fool, Starscream! Help save the energon cubes! Get them out of here! (Megatron) Follow me! -You destroy everything you touch, Megatron! -Because everything I touch is food for my hunger My hunger for power! -No! I'm going to end your hunger once and for all! -Almost, Prime.
But almost doesn't get the job done.
You can't stop me! -You're old, Megatron.
Yesterday's model.
Ready for the scrap heap! -We'll see who's ready for the scrap heap! -Junk! That's what you are.
Junk! -Silence! (Megatron laughs) When I'm through with you, Prime, there won't be enough pieces to sweep up! -Hound! Hound! You all right down there? Hey! Where's Hound? Heelp! Heeelp! -Who's the scrap metal now, Prime? You'll never stop me! (laughs) Prime! Use this for an emergency brake! Hydraulic, Prime! You did it! -Ohh Hound! Are you down there? (Coughs) -Easy, Spike.
You almost flooded your engine.
-Thanks, Hound.
You saved my -We're even.
Okay? Okay! (Mirage) Maybe we should repair our ship and go back to Cybertron; forget about the Decepticons.
-We can't do that, Mirage.
If Megatron succeeds here, he'll be impossible to beat on Cybertron.
But we're not fighters like they are, Prime.
We must have courage, Huffer.
We can't ignore the danger, we must conquer it.
-(Soundwave) Space cruiser nearly complete.
-(Megatron) And the energon cubes? -(Soundwave)3,000 astroliters more required.
(Megatron) We need one more source of energy, Soundwave.
(Soundwave) The ruby crystals of Burma.
They're the richest source of energy on the face of the Earth.
I can almost see those ruby crystals now.
What was that? Starscream! What in the universe are you doing? -Testing the energon cubes.
They work! -Of course they work! -You didn't know.
You never tested them.
I proved it! -You only proved your defective mentality! Now we need two strikes before we'll have enough energy to return to Cybertron.
-What's the difference? There's plenty here for us.
-The difference is time, you fool! You set us back! Rocket fuel is another highly concentrated form of energy.
-(Megatron) Despite your stupidity, Starscream, our mission will succeed.
First we strike the Burma crystal mines, and then we'll locate the rocket fuel we need.
-That's what we've been waiting to hear.
Let's radio Prime.
Don't push me, Megatron.
My desire for power is as great as yours.
-Power flows to the one who knows how.
Desire alone is not enough.
-Time makes all things possible.
I can wait.
-Assemble the strike force! -Strike force assembled.
-Scramble! (Megatron) To the crystal mines! -You know somethin'? I like bein' a spy a lot better than workin' the oil rigs.
-Look, Dad, no hands.
-(Trailbreaker) big deal.
I'm driving! -Uh-oh.
I think we got company.
-Can't you go any faster, Trailbreaker? -Sorry, this is it! -I'm not built for speed! -We're gonna need a hand, then! -Radio home base! -Sparkplug to Autobots! We're being attacked by Decepticons! Send help! -And hurry! -I may not be fast, but I'm tough! It's Sunstreaker and Sideswipe! (Tires screeching) -Hey! That's a new paint job! -Man, that's hot! -I'm headin' in for repairs! -I'll shadow you back! -Thanks for your help, brothers! -What about my paint? -Don't worry, nobody'll notice.
Just make left turns.
(Chuckles) -Let's go, hurry up! Get this car loaded! Faster! -Ah, this place is magnificent.
Unbelieveable! -Enough here to power the entire planet of Cybertron.
I will build the ultimate weapon to defeat the Autobots, to control the planet, to conquer the universe! (Laughs) -There they are.
-Megatron and the other Decepticons must be inside the mine.
-Let's blast their tail rudders outta there! -We've got just the trick to do it with, too! There's enough explosive in here to bury them forever! -Not so fast, Wheeljack.
We know they're in there, but we don't know where.
-I'll go.
I've worked these mines.
I know my way around.
-And since I'm the smallest, I have the best chance of gettin' through.
I'll stick that bomb right under their nosegear.
Hop in, Sparkplug! Once you set this timer here, you've got sixty seconds.
Remember, once it's set, that's it.
No turning back! -I understand.
-If there's any problem, get out of there.
-We'll find another way.
-There won't be any problem, Prime.
This one's for Cybertron and Earth.
-(Sparkplug) Let's go, Bumblebee! -Come on.
Let's go inside.
I've never seen anything like this.
-It's the ruby crystals that make it glow.
They're almost alive.
-What's that? -You know, Skywarp, I can't wait to get back to Cybertron.
Earth's so flat.
(Chuckles) I know what you mean, Thundercracker.
This way! -We found 'em! -This is the last load! Get ready to pull out! -We have to do it now! -It's done.
-Let's move it! -Oh, no! -(Jazz) They oughtta be outta there by now.
-I don't like it.
Something's wrong.
-I'll check it out.
I'll go.
I'll use Roller.
He's small enough to get in there without being seen.
-(Wheeljack) We'll come with ya! -Stay there.
If I'm not back in five minutes, come get me.
-Let's give Megatron a little present! -Heh! Maybe we oughtta wrap 'im up and put a little bow on 'im.
(Laughs) -It's up to you, Roller.
Find out what's going on in there.
And be careful! Roller!! Prime! In the next episode of the Transformers The Autobots create an astonishing illusion to trap the trecherous Decepticons.
And Optimus Prime risks his very existence as the Decepticons rocket back to Cybertron with enough energy to rule the universe.
All the third, and final, part of the Transformers.