Transformers (1984) s02e02 Episode Script

The Immobilizer

THE IMMOBILIZER Move in closer, guys.
I want you all to get a good look at my new invention.
What is it, Wheeljack? A clever little creation I call "The Wheeljack Instant Immobilizer.
" Uh, what does it instantly immobilize? Excellent question! Hound! The demonstration, if you please.
Man, that hologram sure looks like that Decepticon dirty-bird Laserbeak! It's supposed to, Spike.
Now, let's say you're on patrol one day, and all of a sudden old Laserbeak shows up.
Well, sir, ya- Take cover! What happened? Did I nail Laserbeak? Ironhide, he wasn't for real! He was one of Hound's holograms! Aw, sorry, guys.
You okay, Wheeljack? Probably, but this polarizer is pooped out.
Aw, wing nuts! I can't believe I mistook a hologram for the real article! My scanners must be glitched.
Hey, none of us is perfect, Ironhide.
My immobilizer demonstration will just have to wait a bit.
Bumblebee! Run into town and pick up a new polarizer, will ya? Got you, Wheeljack! Come on, Spike! Wow! Unbelievable! He got double bonus points on the first go! Excuse me, may I cut in? Uh, you'll have to wait your turn, I I I saw you come in with that cute Autobot.
Could you introduce me to him? You wanna meet him? Oh, yeah, sure.
Bumblebee, this is er somebody named Carly! It's a pleasure to meet you, Bumblebee.
Uh, Bumblebee, remember Wheeljack's polarizer? We should've been back with it hours ago.
Well, I-I-I hope to see you again, Carly! Your age, son.
Are you old enough to drive? Oh, is that all? It's okay, I wasn't driving.
You're the only one in the car, and you weren't driving? Oh, but sir, this isn't a car, this is Bumblebee! Yeah? Let's see it buzz and make honey.
Uh, maybe I can explain, without actually buzzing.
What? We Autobots can transform into cars and other vehicles.
Er, it's really very- Ravage! Where did he come from? Quick! Officer, have you got jumper cables? Yeah, but- Great! May I? Fast thinkin', Spike.
Hooh, I owe you one.
Sorry, I didn't know you were an Autobot.
But the speeding laws apply to you, too.
Okay? Uh, sure thing, officer.
It won't happen again! Wheeljack, we got your polarizer! It's about time! Well, uh, we met somebody, a-a-a girl, uh Okay, it's demonstration time again! Right, your instant immobil-something Immobilizer! It can stop any moving object in its tracks.
Once I get a larger model booted up to max power, it'll deactivate the Decepticons permanently! Deactivate us, eh? We should vaporize those Autobot fools and fuse their carcasses into slag! We will, and we'll use their own immobilizer against them! Since Ravage planted a microbug on Bumblebee we know right where to find it whenever we want! I'm still not sure of its full potential, Optimus Prime.
Then we'd better test it under safety conditions.
Autobots, transform! Roll out! Take the first watch, Ironhide.
We don't want any surprise Decepticon visits.
Okay, everybody.
Here goes the immobilizer! It works! The molecules of the water were stopped in mid-motion! I don't know, man.
It still looks like the same to me.
Right now that water is harder than any substance we know! Not harder than my hydraulic knuckles! I take that back.
Oh! I hope I didn't break this.
Spike! Get out of- Wheeljack's been immobilized! He's frozen solid, and we don't know how to reverse the effect! What are we gonna do? I don't know, but we must make certain a weapon as powerful as this never falls into Decepticon hands! It would be catastrophic! A Decepticon spy! What are you doin' here? This area's off limits to civilians! I- I just wanted to watch.
I think you Autobots are totally incredible! Trouble brewin' Excuse me! Anyway, Prime, we'll take the immobilizer now, if you please! The Decepticons took Optimus by surprise because I wasn't at my post.
This is all my fault! Give me the device now, Optimus Prime! Try and take it, Mega-turkey! So be it! Fire! Nothin' like a force field to take the sting out of laserfire! Fool! We could have wiped them out, but you had to have this ridiculous immobilizer! Starscream's gonna penetrate our force field from above! Wanna bet? Cower in terror, Autobots! I have you now! Aah! Autobots, ready! Now! Try my bouncer bomb for size! Spike! Look who's here! Carly! What do you think you're doing? Running for cover! Missile out of control! Look out! I'll put a stop to this! Prime, look out! Gotta keep the immobilizer away from Megatron! Awrh! This is all my fault! Ah, a worthy addition to the Decepticon arsenal! Starscream! Retreat! A Decepticon never retreats! Uhh! At last! My telemeter has-uh-been damaged! Aah! I can't steer! You're losing your warriors, Megatron! Warriors are expendable! The most important thing is that I get what I deserve, and I always do.
You deserve that, all right, Mega-jerk! Rust in peace! Let's go back and liquefy that slime Prime! I want revenge! The Autobots shall pay for this humiliation soon enough! I, Megatron, swear it! We can deal with the Decepticons later.
We've got to take Wheeljack back to headquarters, and let's hope the immobilization effect on him is as temporary as it was on the water.
We gotta get back to headquarters! Can I come with you? Sure! Follow us! Autobots, transform! Roll out! The Decepticon attack was my fault.
I was away from my post when I should've been soundin' the alarm.
Ah, knock that off or I'll disconnect your synthesizer.
You're a great warrior! No, I'm too old to be useful anymore.
I don't believe that, Ironhide.
But I do! I'm retirin' from active service, Prime.
Very well, if you feel that strongly about it.
But we shall miss you, Ironhide, old friend! I miss you already If I hadn't been sneaking around, Ironhide wouldn't have left his post.
Ironhide! Ironhide, please! I wanna talk to you.
What happened in the forest wasn't your fault.
It was mine.
Maybe, but I can't let my failin's put my friends in danger.
Promise me you'll think it over, Ironhide, and while you are, could you show me around Autobot headquarters, please? Well, sure, eh I guess I can at least do that much.
This is where we store our ammo.
Course, we'd rather not have any of this stuff around, but until the Decepticons change, or we pacify them once and for all Someone should pacify those Decepticons and their underwater headquarters! What where am I? Back at headquarters, and evidently back to normal as well.
Is he all right? He's fine, but Megatron got the immobilizer, and I'm afraid I was responsible.
I don't know about that, but I do know if the Decepticons can make the immobilizer effect permanent, we're sunk! Bumblebee, have you seen Carly? Uh, I thought she was with Ironhide.
She was, but Ironhide's over there, and she isn't.
Hey, Spike! Wait! Her car is gone! Hey, we gotta look for her.
She was very upset about Ironhide and all.
There's no telling what she might do.
We've got to recover the immobilizer before Megatron turns it against us! Autobots, transform and roll! I've got to make up for the danger I've caused Ironhide and the Autobots.
And I will! Soundwave, report! Human intruder outside headquarters.
Laserbeak, eject! Heeelp! Ironhide! Quick! What is it? Teletraan 1 picked up a transmission from the Skyspy! Look! Carly! Laserbeak took her inside Decepticon headquarters! We've got to do something! Aw, Spike will find her.
But Spike can't handle the Decepticons alone.
Please, Ironhide! You're Carly's only hope! And who, pray tell, is this creature? I saw her in the forest with the Autobots! Then she must be their friend! Now they will most certainly come to rescue her, and we shall be waiting! How are we gonna find Carly, Spike? Look, it's Skyfire! Skyfire! Let me out here! She's been captured by the Decepticons.
I knew she was headed for trouble! Damage report! Damage sustained in north quadrant only.
Waterflow halted, except in the chamber occupied by the female prisoner.
This could be most interesting! The show's over.
Back to work.
And you say you're too old to make a difference? Are you all right, Carly? Yes, thanks to Ironhide.
Ironhide! Great to see ya back in action! Come on, Carly.
Hop in! Now let's get outta here! Wait! Where's Ironhide? Come on, Ironhide! What's goin' on here? Aw no! Ironhide's immobilized! As you can see, we've perfected your little toy.
The effect is now permanent.
Soon I shall immobilize the worthless population of this planet! The Earth will be mine, and you and your friends will be the first to go.
Not if I have anything to say about it! What? No! Surrender, Decepticons! Never! Now I, Starscream lead, and I say attack! Gears, look out! We've got to do something! What can we do? I've got an idea.
I just need to get close to that immobilizer I'm gonna cream that creep! Now they've frozen Sideswipe! Brawn, can we tunnel under and come up right beside the immobilizer? No sweat.
Destroy Optimus Prime! Hurry! Faster, Brawn! Almost there! Signal Jazz to begin! That's your cue, Jazz! Give me your best performance! Wish me luck! The immobilizer is zeroed in on Prime.
Now, Rumble! Now! Okay, folks, it's showtime! Where is that comin' from?! It's disrupting our motor controls! I sure hope this works! Quick, Rumble! Immobilize Optimus Prime! He's over there! Something's wrong! I I can't control this thing anymore! Laserbeak, eject.
Recover immobilizer.
Gotcha! That's everyone, Ironhide.
I think the immobilizer is ours.
The immobilizer's mine! Mine! Nooo! Savour your victory, Optimus Prime! It's only temporary! Request permission to return to active duty, Optimus Prime.
I think you're already on active duty, Ironhide.
Oh, great.
Now I don't feel so bad about the trouble I caused.
I don't get it, Carly.
How did you know how to reverse the effect of the immobilizer? Well, when I saw the Decepticons working on it, I realized the ion flow could be redirected by a simple wire crossing.
Of course, I wasn't sure it would work, but it's a theory I've had ever since I accepted my science scholarship at MIT.
Uh, Carly, how would you like to go out for an emulsified CO2 with lactic acid? What's that? Chocolate soda.
You're on.