Transformers: Earthspark (2022) s01e20 Episode Script


[birds chirping]
[dramatic music]

[finger scrapes]
- [sighs]

[hydraulics hissing]
- 'Kay, it was left,
then two rights,
and straight on through.
All right, Hardtop,
once I find a way out,
we'll be home free.
- [sighs] I've been getting
these strange readings
all week.
[skateboard rasps, clacks]
[display beeps]
See? There it is again.
I don't know
what to make of it.
- It could be
a rogue Decepticon.
They appear to be on the move
and fast approaching.
- It's right on top of us.
Robby, get to safety.
- Yes, ma'am.
[beeping more insistently]
[muffled crash]
- [grunts, pants]
All right. I made it.
Aylug nuts.
[electronic chittering]
[electricity crackles]
- Swindle, before you do
anything brash,
please listen.
- No thanks.
[engine revs]
- [grunts]
[tires screech]

[seatbelt clicks]
[engine starts]
[engine revs, tires squeal]
- Swindle, you know
how this is going to end.
[tires screech]
Spare us the fight.
- You're the one startin'
the fight here, Prime.
[tires squealing]
A word of advice?
Next time, don't bring
your humans.
[tires squealing]
- Leave them out of this.
- [grunts]
[gasps] Robby!
What are you doing?
- Mom, I think I can help.
[engine revs]
[tires screech]
- Dot!
- [gasps]
[tires screech]

- Primus' beard.
[shield powers down]
- Whoa!
- Robby!
- [gasps]
- Are you hurt?
- I can't wait
to tell the 'Cons
about how I dented up
Optimus Prime.
- Sorry to disappoint.
- Aw, scrud.
[electricity sizzles]
- Boy, what on earth
were you thinking,
putting yourself in harm's way?
- I had to do something.
Swindle was gonna take us out.
- Look at me.
You are my heart
walking outside my chest.
I need you to stay safe.
- But that's just it, Mom.
With my cyber-shield,
I could keep everyone safe.
- I recognize that shield
as the power of Quintus Prime.
If it could be harnessed
- Uh, that's a big "if."
- Mom, I'm ready.
I wanna stand up on my own.
- Then perhaps
it's time to examine
the potential
of these cyber-sleeves.
I'd like to offer
the Autobot headquarters
as a safe space to do so.

- Okay.
- Yes!
[horn honks]
- Don't act like I'm not here.
It's rude.

[brakes whine, exhaust hisses]
- Welcome, Maltos.

- [gasps]
Is that the Teletraan-1?
- [chuckles] The one and only.
Your ma and Optimus tell me
you wanna know more
about your cyber-sleeves.
- I've got a shield, but I know
there's gotta be more I can do.
- I think you're enough
all ready.
Teletraan-1 here
is gonna help me
take a look at you.
[device beeps, chitters]
The cyber-sleeves are made up
of ancient Cybertronian
I haven't seen
anything like 'em except for
- The Matrix.
- What's the Matrix?
[dramatic music]
- [gasps]

- A powerful artifact
entrusted to me
by the ancient Primes.

Before I was chosen,
I was not so different
from you and Mo.
My name was Orion Pax.
And I was an ordinary citizen
of Cybertron.
But a civil war
for Cybertron's future
required me to be
something more.
The Matrix of Leadership
is meant to light
Cybertron's darkest hours.
It imbued me
with tremendous power,
and I became Optimus Prime,
leader of the Autobots.
- Whoa.
- Robby, Mo,
you have also been chosen
by a Prime.
And his artifact has given you
incredible power.

- Quintus.
- And his Emberstone.
- Indeed.
And you must ask yourselves,
with all that power,
who will you become?

[door scrapes, thuds]
[tense music]

- [groans]
- Look at you.
- [coughs]
- I wonder
if I've overestimated
your competence.
- You will have your device.
But first I need
to attend to my
[metal creaks]
- Hmm. I suppose
you're no good to me dead.
We already tried that.

You may use GHOST's database
for your research
while I have your lab prepped.
But then I will expect
no further delays.
I'll be watching you,
Dr. Meridian.
- [coughing]
[monitor beeps]
GHOST systems
have barely updated
since I last departed.
There's no answers for me here.
[monitor trills]
But the Autobot database
surely has more to offer.
[device beeps]
[groaning] Come on.
[monitor trilling]
- What does all this
have to do with my family?
- Dot, they were chosen.
- Those Malto brats again?
Inside GHOST?
- So that stone we found
belonged to Quintus Prime.
And then the Emberstone
made our cyber-sleeves
and the Terrans
when me and Mo touched it.
- [coughing]
What is this "Emberstone"?
[camera whirs]
- Given all I know
of the Emberstone,
Robby and Mo's power
may be greater
than even I could imagine.
- So you're saying
the power of that stone
is in those sleeves
that are stuck
on my children's arms?
- I've never seen a connection
between human biology
and Cybertronian technology.
How exciting!
- Mom
I gotta figure out what else
this cyber-sleeve can do.
It's, like, my destiny.
- Robby,
I don't want you putting
that kind of responsibility
on your shoulders.
- When I was given the Matrix,
there were no other Primes
I could turn to for guidance.
I will make sure
he is not alone.
The Autobot rec room
can test your abilities.
- If I could examine
those cyber-sleeves,
replicate how they integrate
human and Cybertronian
I could save myself.

- [grunting]
- [grunts]
- [groans]
- Ooh, yeah.
- Yeah!
- [grunting]

Ha, is that all you got?
That was too easy.
- Amazing work, Maltos.
- Mandroid's lousy
make the perfect
level one enemies.
- Level one?
I'll show these kids
a real challenge.
But first, to get rid
of the Prime
[suspenseful music]
[static crackles]

[alarm blares]
- Prime,
you better come see this.
[device trills]
- I have
something to attend to.
Continue training.
- You think everything's okay,
- Of course.
How about we keep
this training going?
Hashtag, could you bump us up
a couple levels?
We need a real challenge.
- Oh, yes!
It would be my pleasure.
[adventurous music]

Things are about to get
[alert blares]
No! Stop!
Who's there?
Wait, not again.
- Are you okay, Hashtag?
- I-I don't know.
Something went wrong.
I-I'm locked
out of the controls.
[simulation creaking, rumbling]
[simulation humming]
[dramatic music]
[electronic chittering]
- Megatron?
- Please tell me
that's a hologram.
[thuds, rumbles]
[together] Aah!
- [grunts]
[rocks thud]

[dramatic music]
[mace rattles]
- That's not the real Megatron.
- No, but that mace
could really hurt.
- Oh, you don't know
how right you are.
- Umhi.

- We can't outrun him forever.
- We gotta shut
this place down.
- Okay. We have one chance.
Hashtag, you gotta patch
into that control panel
- You mean that console?

- Yep. [sighs]
[static crackling]

- Wheeljack, Agent Croft,
what's going on?
- Just a minor glitch.
I'm handling it.
- This looks serious.
Why didn't you hail me?
- Like I said, I'm handling it.
[engines whirring]
- Look out!
all: Aah!

- We're gonna make it!

[laser hums]
You keep going, Hashtag!
We'll keep him busy for you.
Maltos, push him back.
[engine revving]

- [shrieks]
- [barks]
[columns thud]
- Yeah, JB!
- Get us out of here, Hashtag.
[engine revs]
- On it.

- I don't think so.
[dial clicks]
- System overload.
- Just how I like it.
- Aah!
- No!
- What?
- [grunting]
- [groaning]
- Aah! [groans]
[both grunting]
- [groans]
- Now, give me that sleeve,
you little brat.
- Hashtag, how we doin'?
- Come on, come on.
[monitor trills]
Yes! I'm in.
- [panting]
Okay, Quintus.
You gave me this power
- What's that boy doing?
- You don't scare me.
I'm Robby Malto.
And I'm gonna kick
your sorry can
back to Cybertron.
- Get out of my way, child.

- It's working!
- No.
- [grunting]
- Hang in there, Robby!
- In my darkest hour,
Quintus, give me power!

- Whoa. [grunts]
- What?
- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yes!

[mace rattles]
[knuckles crunch]
- Robby.
- [laughs evilly]
- [groans, gasps]
[breathing shallowly]
[chain creaking, rattling]

- Goodbye, Malto.
[console trills]
- You're all clear!

- [groaning]
[electricity crackling]
- [gasps]
- Quintus? Robby!
- [chuckles] Whoo!
- Whoo-hoo! Oh, yeah.
- [laughs]
- [gasps]
- [grunting]
- [pant, grunting]
- [gasps] Oh, no!
- [breathing heavily]
Robby! Oh!


- What happened?
- Robby was hit,
and then we all felt
this horrible pain.
- And now we can't feel Robby.

- [moaning]

[cyber-sleeves trilling]
- [gasping]
- Yes.
- Oh, Robby!
- I'm okay.
[cyber-sleeve powers down]
- [gasps]
Whoa. Something's wrong.
- Even though we're together,
it feels like we're alone.
- We've never felt
like this before.
- The cyber-sleeves
have been deactivated.
Your tele-emotional connection
is no longer functioning.
[suspenseful music]

- What on Earth
did you accomplish
while knocking out
all of our systems?
- [coughing]

Bring me this Emberstone,
and I can build you
whatever you want.
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