Transformers: Earthspark (2022) s01e23 Episode Script

Stowed Away, Stowaways

[headlights clicking]
[transforming pulses]
[transforming pulses]
- It's good to see you,
How are you recovering?
- Rested
and ready to be tested.
[chuckles nervously]
That's normal.
- Listen.
I don't trust GHOST.
I found this, in GHOST HQ
- Mandroid tech?
This is big.
If they teamed up,
every Transformer on Earth
could be in serious danger.
- I recently discovered
a section of GHOST headquarters
that is hidden
from all directories.
I can't get in that room.
Bumblebee, what's in that room?
Once you're inside,
I will not be able to help you.
And should you be caught
or deactivated,
I must disavow
any knowledge of your actions.
- You can count on me, Optimus.
[tires squealing]
[transforming pulses]
[electricity crackling]
- Whatever you do,
don't fall in the lava!
Jump on something quick
before your feet get burned!
[transforming pulses]
- [laughs]
Twitch, no fair!
- What?
I'm not touching the lava!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Thrash, you just sent us
to a fiery grave.
- Bumblebee, save us!
- I can't.
- Why not?
- I'm on a mission.
- A mission?
- Ooh, can we come?
- I don't think
Optimus would like that.
- We can help.
- Yeah, Bee.
Take us with you!
- Sorry, Malto-bots.
GHOST could be involved,
and we need
to keep you off their radar.
- In the spirit
of staying off GHOST's radar,
may I suggest you borrow
my new mobile hologram emitter
version 2.15?
It'll give you
optical camouflage options.
- I like the sound of that.
Thanks, Nightshade.
Mind loaning me
your smart trainer thingy too?
- You mean
the Smart Trainer 5008?
- Would you like
to initiate a training session?
- Maybe later, yeah.
All right, don't wait up.
Drink your cave water,
and everyone in bed
before 10:00 p.m.
- Bye, Bumblebee!
- We're totally
gonna help Bee, right?
- Obviously.
[engine rumbling]
[electricity crackles]
[horn honks]
[engines whirring]
- Jeez, he's fast!
[truck horn blaring]
[country music]

I'm OK!
All good.
- Had I been authorized
to deal with Starscream
my own way, none of this
would be of any concern.
- Your own way is not
how we do things, Megatron.
- And how do we do things?
- Presumably as a team.
Right, Agent Croft?
- Precisely.
- Then as a team,
I'm sure Megatron
would appreciate
any information
you have on Starscream.
- Field units
are following a few leads.
- The Autobots have noticed
we don't have access
to some areas in the base.
- You only need access
to areas I give you.
- I was under the impression
this was an equal partnership.
- You are mistaken.
Now, if that's all,
I have an organization to run.
- Yes, of course.
[transforming pulses]
[engines whirring]
- I've got eyes on Bee.
He's atthe ranger station?
[computer beeps]
- What is he doing?
- He's headed
into those tunnels.
- That's the secret passage
- That's right, Robby!
We can take
a more direct route.
Rendezvous at
the Ranger Station.
- Thresh, Nightshade,
let's meet Twitch.
Everyone else
is on spy mission control.
- Doesn't look
like anyone's here.
[all screaming]
- Pretty good
stealth mode, right?
- Jeez, Twitch!
- What?
I'm practicing
my stealth moves.
- Well done.
- All right.
Everyone to
the secret elevator.
- Now, how do we activate it?
- I'm on it.
Just call me the Operator.
[elevator chimes]
- Step one, check.
Step two, how do we get past
GHOST security
once we're down there?
[elevator chimes]
- Food delivery!
Food delivery
for Agent Jon "No H" Schloder.
- Hey, stop!
You don't have clearance!
- Food delivery!
Food delivery!
[gas hisses]
- Someone
doesn't want visitors.
[Smart Trainer clicks]
Smart Trainer,
I need you to travel
to the other end
of the corridor
and evade all those
tripwire lasers.
- It would be
a better training exercise
if you were to evade
all those lasers.
- OK, just get over there
and avoid the lasers!
- [clicks]
- Great!
Now turn off the grid.
- [beeps]
Are you certain
you wouldn't like to try
- Turn it off!
- [clicks]
[bot thuds]
[energy hums]
- Now to find the controls
to open this security door.
[panel buzzes]
I should have done
lasers myself.
- Delivery?
That's just ridiculous.
This is a top-secret facility,
and plus,
I would never order fast food.
- Um, hi!
- Intruders?
[phone beeps]
[alarm blaring through phone]
[alarm blaring]
- Sorry.
Uh, we can explain.
- Untie me!
[turrets beep]
Oh, no.
[turrets humming and blasting]
- Please, turn off
the death rays!
- Would love to.
But sorry, I happen to be
a little tied up right now!
- We're not the bad guys!
- We're trying
to help Bumblebee!
- I've been searching
the entire planet
for Bumblebee, and you mean
to tell me he's right here?
- Please, just turn
off the lasers,
and we'll level with you.
- Untie me,
and I'll consider it.
[alarm continues blaring]
- There's nothing
to worry about.
been on the fritz
since those blackouts
earlier this week.
- Security alert canceled.
- Seems Teletraan-1
is doing just fine.
- You want to fill me in?
- Do you guys copy me?
Field team?
Field team?
Robby, are you OK?
- We're OK, Mo,
but I can't talk now.
- If Bumblebee really is here,
then tell me why.
- We don't know,
but if Bee's here,
it's 'cause
he's trying to do good.
He always tries to do good.
- That's why
I've been searching for him.
I know Bumblebee
is the ultimate Autobot.
I want him on our team.
I knew he was close.
I knew it!
But if Bumblebee
broke into GHOST,
as much as I admire him,
he's in as much trouble
as you are.
- He wouldn't have come here
without a good reason.
If you've studied him,
you know that's true.
- Please, help us find him.
[panel beeps]
- It can't be.
- A Spacebridge?
I've got to tell Prime.
What's this doing here?
- I have the same question
for you.
The famous Bumblebee.
I should have known
by Prime's prying
that you'd be close behind.
Don't worry, though.
I'll make sure
that information
never reaches
your precious leader.
[electricity crackles]
- [grunts]
[transforming pulses]
[tires squealing]
What are you?
- If you truly suspect GHOS
of this wrongdoing,
how can you just sit here
and do nothing?
- If I am to move
against Croft,
I will need evidence,
and Bumblebee
can get it for me.
- Deception, Prime?
Consider me impressed.
- Whatever is going on here,
Bumblebee will get
to the bottom of it.
- [grunts]
[electricity crackling]
[robot whirring]
- Buddy, you are one ugly
- Enough!
I grow tired of this.
Finish him.
- Would you like to initiate
Would you like to initiate a
- Bumblebee's in trouble!
- [grunts, groans]
- This bridge ensures
your kind will be no more.
If Cybertron does exist,
I'll crush it.
- Big talk, lady.
- Oh, don't worry.
You'll be long gone.
[blast pulses]
- We're not going anywhere.
- Bumblebee!
You really are here!
- Oh, great.
- Destroy them!
[transforming pulses]
[engine rumbling]
- GHOST agents, stand down!
[transforming pulses]
- They're not agents.
They're not even human.
- The Ghoids
only follow my command.
- Karen,
please order them to stop.
- She's been lying to you,
She's been lying to everyone!
- [grunts]
- Come on, Jon.
You're either
in this fight with me,
or you're against me.
- [grunts]
[weapon pulses]
- [gasps, grunts]
- See, this is what happens
when I try to argue
with my sister.
- You guys are family?
- Heads up!
- [screeches]
- Take them down!
- They're just kids.
- They're not kids.
They're Cybertronian.
They are the enemy!
- [grunts]
There's too many of them!
- I can't shake 'em!
- There's no way out!
- Bumblebee, little help?
- You got it.
Everyone to the bridge!
[alarm blaring]
- More?
- [screeches]
- Raw Energon!
- Coordinates set.
- [grunting]
[electricity crackles]
[bridge whooshing]
- What?
I lost them.
- Bring them back!
- Everyone, go!
Go now!
- We don't even know
where this leads!
- Anywhere's better than here!
- [grunts]
- Go!
- Bee!
- We have to go!
- No!
[whooshing fades]
- [screams]
- Where are we?
[thudding footfalls]
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