Transformers: Earthspark (2022) s01e25 Episode Script

Last Hope: Part 1

[electricity crackling]
[suspenseful music]

- [chuckles]
- Mandroid.
- I've had
a transformative journey
through the spacebridge.
- I'll say so.
You left yesterday.
- Fascinating.
By my estimation,
I've been off-world
for more than a year.
As you see,
I am healed, enhanced
[electricity crackling]
And not alone.
Meet my Sharkticon lieutenants,
Blitzwave and Razor-Fin.
[metal crashing]
[all gasp]
They're a unique race
of creatures
I encountered in deep space.
I liberated their planet
from its invasive oppressors.
So tonight, they'll assist me
in saving Earth from hers.
- [sniffs]
Ugh, a foul stench.
- I wonder how they taste.
- We've beaten you before.
We can do it again.
- Well then,
let's get right to the point.
[energy whirs]
[electricity crackling]
- Shockwave!
- For a bot his size,
Energon depletion is dangerous.
For you,
it could be lethal.
Now hand over the sleeves.
- Malto-bots, roll out!

- Why do they always
make things so difficult?
Your target
is the human children.
- Welcome back, Dr. Meridian.
- Thank you, Karen.
You're looking well.
- What's happening to me?
- All of your questions
will be answered.
Meet me at the spacebridge.
There's something
I'd like to share with you.

[transforming pulses]
[electricity crackling]
- [screeches]
- Give us the little ones!
- And we might
let some of you live!
- Keep your eyes forward
and your bodies moving.
- But we have
Quintus Prime Power!
- Just do what Mom says!

- Hold on, Mom.
[slow-motion dramatic music]

- [gasps]

- [slow-motion] No!

all: No!
- [grunts]
- Mom! Dad!

We can't leave.
- Mandroid wants you two
because you are special,
because Quintus Prime chose you
to be the legacy of hope.
- I'm tired of running.
We need to fight.
[dramatic music]

- [screams]
- [grunts]
- Robby, we need a plan!
- We gotta get back to the
- [yelps]
- [screams]
- [grunts]
Whoa, whoa!
- Gotcha!
- [sighs]
[missile launches]
- Look out!
- You guys get to safety.
I'm doubling back.

Jawbreaker, Hashtag,
if you can hear me,
meet us at the rendezvous.
- [screeches]

- [sobs]
I can't believe
they're all gone.
- We don't know that for sure.
- Do you
really think they're

both: Ah!
- [screeches]
Hold tight.
Engaging counterattack.
[dramatic electronic music]
- Quick, follow me!

- Ah!
[both screaming]
- I'm coming!

[both screaming]
- [whirring]
- [screaming]
- [screaming]
[dramatic electronic music]
- Ah!

- Nightshade, are you okay?
- I just need a minute.
- You're running
out of family members
to hide behind.

There is no escaping me.
Surrender the sleeves,
and I might show you mercy.
- You want 'em?
Come and get 'em.
- Razor-Fin, Blitzwave,
[both growl]
[all yell]
- [grunts]
- [snarling]


- Aah!
[missile fires]
[suspenseful music]

[both scream]
- [grunts]
Let us go!
- Oh, I can't do that
not when I need
your Prime Power.
[both grunt and scream]
And Razor-Fin,
show the children mercy.
[both scream]
- Whoa!
both: No!
- Your end is nigh.
- [laughs]
- [grunts]
We lost.
- No,
not yet.
Twitch, you are capable
of lighting our darkest hour.
Shine, and I will
follow you anywhere.
We are still here.
We are still free
free to fight.
[soft dramatic music]
- I got it.

- Hmm.
Got any 9s?
Hologram fun time is over.
- Cheater.
- Breakdown,
stop ruining our game!
- Oh, like
you ruined our lives?
- Oh, what,
d'you forget to pay the bill?
- Now they treat us
like animals.
[thrilling electronic music]

- [screeches]

- Maltos?
- Bumblebee!
- It's really good
to see you too.
Wait, where's everyone else?
- We have a lot
to catch you up on.
- Walk and talk, Maltos.
Let's get out of here.
- Agent Schloder,
we can't leave
the Decepticons in cages.
GHOST isn't everything
it promised to be.
- She has a point.
I mean, your own sister
did throw us in jail.
is finished.
[tense music]
- Agent Schloder?
- It's just Jon now, Bumblebee.
- The kids are
way ahead of you.
- Decepticons, listen to me.
Mandroid has returned
stronger than ever.
Autobot, Decepticon, Terran
he wants to destroy us all.
Please help us fight him.

- Please.
Please don't give up on Earth.
- Earth ain't exactly
been home to us.
- Breakdown?
- Sorry, brother.
Good luck to you.

- If you were expecting me
to take a vacation
through the spacebridge,
now's not a good time.
- No, Agent Croft.
The bridge is impressive,
but it's not why we're here.
- Did you bring me here
to explain
why the Autobot badge
controller scarred me
so badly?
[tense music]

- Yes, actually.
My device gave you
the control you desired
and a dose of Energon.
- You poisoned me?
- I marked you,
because you have no idea
the power that's been
lying beneath your base
all these years.
- What are you doing
to my spacebridge?
- Showing you the weapon
it's perched upon.
It targets

- [grunts]
- Jon,
get down.
[spacebridge whirs]
- [screams]

- And that was just
a small taste.
Once charged,
this weapon will destroy
every Energon-based being
on this planet!
- Yeah!
Well, except us, right, boss?
- [snickers]
Of course.
- [inhales]
[muffled struggle]

- No, Jon.
We lost people too,
but we need to focus on
the bigger problem right now.
- Twitch is right.
With the Autobots
and the other Terrans down,
we're all that's left to stop
Mandroid's super-weapon.
- Fine.
I'm all ears for a plan.

- Okay, we need
to get past Mandroid's army,
grab the spear,
and get
through the spacebridge.
We're gonna need a diversion.
- The hologram emitter.
You didn't happen to bring
three more, did you?
- One is sufficient.
- Great, you two
create a diversion.
Me and Schloder
- Mandroid!
[thrilling electronic music]
- One last pest
to take care of.
- It's now or never.
[emitter whirs]
- [screeching]

- I don't remember
there being this many.
- Ah!
Get it off!
There's one on my face!
- I got you, Blitz.

- Setting the portal for evac.

- That's enough of that.

- [grunts]
[dramatic electronic music]


- Get away from him!


- [grunts]


- This is for my sister.
[gun whirs]
- Ah!
- Twitch, I've got the spear!
- Let's go!
[button buzzes]
[electricity crackles]

- [chuckles]

- No!

- Twitch?
What's wrong?
- Robby, Mo, Mom, Dad!
They're alive!
[both gasp]
Ugh! We were right there.

- We have Mandroid's spear.
Without it,
he can't use his super-weapon.
- So now we just need
a rescue plan.
[ground rumbles]
[crows cawing]

- [cackles]

- We're too late.
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