Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) s04e09 Episode Script

Out of the Shadows

1 Scientists report their Antarctic find may have come from a previously unknown civilization Blah, blah, blah, news, news, news Scary movie, scary movie, scary movie.
STRONGARM: Hands up, Russell.
That's where we captured Crustacion.
The giant Shrimpticon? Ew Somebody should make a scary movie about him.
The mysterious golden discs have been transferred to the Crown City Natural History Museum - for further study.
- ( gasps ) Lieutenant! ( engine roars ) ( whimpers ) ( giggles ) ( gears whirring ) Fixit, what is all this? Oh.
I'm about to recreate your mysterious combiner effect by activating the particles in your bodies irradiated by exposure to nuclear energy.
You mean, you've figured out how to successfully combine Autobots? I'm certain I have.
Actually, I've decided I'm a lot less certain.
Fixit, let me out of this thing.
If it works, can I be the head this time? Okay, I'm definitely out.
No way do I want two tons of Dino-doofus on top of this awesome chassis.
( chuckles ) Now, now, Sideswipe, it's just a matter of pushing a little mutton Glutton ( clangs ) Button.
Ugh Ooh.
Yikes, close one.
( instruments power up ) Now then.
Ready? - No, no, no.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Set - You know, Fixit, maybe this isn't ( clicks ) Whoopee.
( electricity hums then crackles ) - Huh? - Huh? Transformers Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( roars ) Robots in disguise Robots in disguise ( heavy thud ) Ta-da.
Sweet Solus Prime ( comical theme playing ) Ugh.
I can't move.
GRIMLOCK: And I can't see.
I'm the legs again, amn't I? Fixit, de-combine us now.
Oh, I'm certain the effect will wear off on its own as it has when all of you combined.
Are you as certain as you were that this would work? Hm.
Maybe not quite that much.
( engine humming ) Lieutenant.
It looks like human scientists have recovered the Shanix coins Crustacion was after.
Aah! And how's your day going? We better get those coins back before some human connects them to Cybertron and wonders if there are Autobots on Earth again.
The Shanix are being held at the Natural History Museum.
We can Huh? ( Jetstorm & Slipstream grunting ) Hey.
Don't put me in the middle of this.
GRIMLOCK: What is happening? ( grunting continues ) ( clangs ) Ugh.
( tense theme playing ) Jetstorm.
Stop dancing.
Engage as instructed.
( dramatic theme playing ) ( both grunting ) That is not how I instructed you.
Do as you were taught, and only as you were taught.
They've proven themselves.
I thought you were okay with them going off-script now and then.
They are still my students and I am still their teacher.
And students obey their teacher.
( alarm blaring ) FIXIT: Lieutenant Bumblebee.
( computer beeps, alarm stops ) Ugh, ugh.
It's okay, we'll wait here.
I'm reading a Decepticon ship entering Earth's atmosphere.
Huh? Students.
Drift, do you know this ship? The pilot and I have a history.
( buzzing, beeping ) The ship has cloaked itself to avoid human detection methods.
But I can still track it.
If you have intel on this 'Con, I expect you to share it.
He is dangerous.
If we confront him, my pupils should not participate.
- For their own good.
- FIXIT: Lieutenant.
It appears the Decepticon ship is on a trajectory to touch down close to here.
Set GroundBridge coordinates for that ship's landing site.
What about the Shanix? We'll have to deal with that later.
When can we expect Sideswipe and Grimlock to be back to normal? ( rumbling ) I can see.
It's a miracle.
( gasps ) Huh? ( ominous theme playing ) Drift.
Any information you have on the pilot now's the time.
His name is Shadow Raker.
He trains wayward bots to steal for him, in exchange for shelter and protection.
He calls them his Shadows.
His pleasure in corrupting the innocent is matched only by his greed.
Ready for ambush, team.
Shadow Raker's strongest defenses will be at the entrance hatch.
I know another way in.
Drift, any idea why he's on Earth? I suspect for personal business.
( dramatic theme playing ) Wow, you've really read up on this 'Con, haven't you? Let's fan out and sweep the ship.
Use caution.
Shadow Raker fights without honor.
Grim, stay here, in case Raker tries to sneak out.
On it like polish on armor, Bee.
( hisses ) Ah.
All units.
I have located the suspect.
He may be heading for the ship's main exit.
I'm in pursuit.
Strongarm, you sure he was heading for the exit hatch? Whoa.
I was right behind him.
( footsteps approaching ) How did he get past us? ( metallic tapping ) Drift, Shadow Raker's in the maintenance shafts.
( rumbling, all scream ) ( all yelling ) ( metallic thud ) ALL: Oof.
( all grunting, groaning ) Looks like a smuggling compartment.
He knew we'd come.
He let us track him, and then lured us right into a trap.
( footsteps approaching ) GRIMLOCK: I heard crashin'.
Did you find him? Have you punched him yet? Whoa.
( grunting ) Nice save, big guy.
Hey, everyone.
Are you havin' some kind of party down there? Not exactly, Grim.
Is there anything you can use to pull us up? ( electricity crackling ) ( tapping approaching ) ( gears whirring ) My long lost student I have come for the things you took from me.
You shouldn't take things that don't belong to you, Deadlock.
I no longer answer to Deadlock.
And I have nothing that is yours.
Aah! ( tense theme playing ) ( yells ) ( both grunting ) ( clangs ) Ugh.
Aah! ( multiple footsteps approaching ) Next time we meet, your new associates won't bail you out.
( grunting ) Ugh Easy, Drift, easy.
- Where's Shadow Raker? - Escaped.
He knew I'd be waiting at this exit and was prepared for me.
How do you know so much about Shadow Raker, Drift? I was once one of his shadows.
- Before I found the proper path.
- It's okay.
We all have times in our past we'd rather forget.
No kiddin'.
Once, I was smashin' a spaceport and got my tail stuck in a plasma converter.
Did that smell.
No sign of him, he must've scuttled off into the forest.
Fixit, do you have a lock on Shadow Raker's 'Con signal? FIXIT: It's currently stationary, sir.
Uploading coordinates to you now.
Let's go on a bug hunt.
I know you want to protect Slipstream and Jetstorm, but we might need the extra numbers once we find Raker.
They are not ready for such a foe.
This is the kind of mission you've trained them for, Drift.
( gears whirring ) Remain near me.
Take no action without orders.
Yes, Teacher.
( beeps ) Let's split up.
We'll cover more ground.
( dramatic theme playing ) ( beeping ) Everyone converge on me.
I'm very close to Huh? ( gasps ) ( muffled cries ) ( device beeps ) Oh, scrap Aah! ( thud ) ( splatters ) ( muffled cry ) ( all grunting ) ( muffled shouting ) Pupils.
Stay close.
Enough games, Shadow Raker.
Face me honorably, if you dare.
( wing blades chopping ) ( gears whirring ) ( all gasp ) BOTH: Shadow Raker.
I seem to recall you were the one who abandoned me, Deadlock.
Now, how was that honorable? My name is not Deadlock.
And you stole these two from my tender care when you left.
Honor dictates you return them to me and that you all receive punishment for your betrayal.
They are not property.
Aah! ( clangs ) ( growls ) Master.
Let us assist you.
Do only as you are told.
- As I always taught you - Ugh.
concern for others is folly and often fatal.
( clanging ) ( grunting ) ( dramatic theme playing ) Don't look for your friends to help Deadlock.
My name is Drift.
( both grunting ) How can we aid our teacher when he will not permit us to fight? We will find another way.
( swords clanging ) ( groaning ) ( exasperated grunt ) ( issues muffled orders ) Hmph? ( muffled speech ) ( confused mumbling ) ( both mumbling angrily ) ( muffled ) Oh, okay.
( groans ) ( grunts triumphantly ) ( gunshots ) Ugh.
Brilliant work, sir.
( Drift & Shadow Raker grunting ) ( yells ) ( wing blades chopping ) ( growls ) ( grunting ) He has held you close in fear of losing you, as I did with him.
Had I not, he'd still be at my side.
Shadow Raker we doubt it.
( grunts ) ( all grunting ) ( thuds ) Aah.
Ugh ( muffled grunts ) - Do not touch them.
- But I promised punishment for your betrayal It's only honorable to deliver on one's promises ( muffled grunting ) Well, Deadlock, I've enjoyed our little reunion.
There is nowhere you can go to escape me.
You cannot run far enough that I will not find you.
I suppose we'll see, won't we? ( wing blades chopping ) ( grunting ) ( communicator beeps ) DRIFT: Bumblebee, this is Drift.
Shadow Raker has restrained me and abducted my students.
Sending you my coordinates now.
Go, Lieutenant.
We'll catch up.
( engine roars ) Just a little off the top.
( dramatic theme playing ) Ugh.
If Shadow Raker reaches his ship with Jetstorm and Slipstream That's one if that won't happen.
( engines revving, whooshing ) Whoa.
My students We'll get them back, Drift, I promise you.
Let's get back to the team.
Advanced cloak activated.
My ship and I can no longer be tracked by anyone.
Say farewell to Earth, Mini-Cons.
Thank the Primes you came for me, Shadow Raker.
Drift forced me to serve him.
Yes, you seemed quite conflicted when you and your little friend tried to kick my head off.
That was for Drift's benefit.
I learned to pretend to obey him so he wouldn't punish me.
- I can prove I am loyal to you.
- No.
Do not tell him about the Shanix, Slipstream.
Shanix? Here.
On Earth.
And I know where.
How much Shanix? Ugh.
I need a wash and a wax.
I need a wash and a wax and to punch something.
( engines roaring ) Where's Shadow Raker? And where are Slipstream and Jetstorm? Oh, scrud.
We're going after them.
Let's get back to the Scrapyard and prep Drift's ship.
Fixit, are you tracking Shadow Raker? FIXIT: No, sir.
But I am reading Jetstorm's and Slipstream's signals.
They haven't left the atmosphere.
They haven't? See, Shadow Raker? Just as I promised.
And no Autobots.
Yes Slipstream, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership.
It's not too late for you to be a willing participant, Jetstorm.
Keep it moving.
The faster we can get that Shanix to my ship, the faster we can get off this backward planet ( engines hum, tires screech ) ( Grimlock roaring ) How? How did you set this all up? We did not.
They did.
You lie and betray as well as your teacher.
Who learned from you.
Yes, you should be proud.
- BOTH: Hai.
- Ow! Be a good beetle and come quietly.
What do you say? I have only one thing to say ( all grunting ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) ( wing blades chopping ) Ugh.
( gears whirring ) ( clanging ) ( grunts then yells ) Hmph.
( grunts ) Aah! Ugh.
( thuds ) You have lost, Shadow Raker, both the Shanix and any remaining hold you may have had on me.
You think me defeated? Hardly.
Had you let me continue teaching you, you could have been my second in command.
The legacy you might have had You do not know what you threw away.
( clangs ) Let me educate you, Shadow Raker.
The only thing I ever threw away was your influence.
For that is what you do with trash.
( clangs ) Ugh.
( groans ) My students are my legacy.
A worthy legacy.
That ends the lesson.
( coolant hissing ) You allowed yourself to be captured in the first place? We acted on our own, Master Drift.
And though we stayed true to your teachings and loyal to you during our deception We did not seek your permission.
We humbly beg forgiveness.
You acted wisely and bravely, students.
Your independent actions led to victory.
Though I have told you in the past I trust you to act on your own, I have not put that into practice.
It seems that I am still learning.
( clears throat ) Now, it is time for nightly patrol.
We are ready to un-deploy, Teacher.
You may patrol alone.
If you feel ready.
We are most ready.
Our patrolling will be thorough and diligent.
We will bring you honor, Master Drift.
I know.