Transplant (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


I know you don't mean that.
We'll talk about this later.
You know how tired I've been.
Amou, don't forget, I have to leave at nine.
(AMOU): Not a second earlier.
(CARS PASSING OUTSIDE) I know, but you can do that without me.
Then I must've forgotten.
I'm just about to eat.
I'll call you after.
Try not to move it.
(SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) I I can't see! You're bleeding behind your eye.
(GRUNTING) (AMOU GROANING) If I don't do this now, you'll go blind.
Hold still.
I'll try to make it quick.
You have a skull fracture on the same side as a blown pupil.
(COUGHING) Bashir! We need to go! (COUGHING) Sir.
You have an epidural hematoma.
If I don't relieve the pressure right now you're going to die.
Sir? I'm not going to let you die here.
I know what I'm doing.
Did they all get out? - Where's everyone else? - You're okay, buddy.
- (COUGHING) - Make that conscious.
You've been in a serious accident.
You're going to the best hospital in the city.
(SIRENS FADING) (COUGHING) We're barely keeping up.
This is the abdominal trauma? (MAN): Possible smoke inhalation.
Bashir Ali.
- 29 years old.
- Okay.
No, that needs to stay on.
I'm Dr.
Leblanc, I'll be taking care of you.
How many victims were there? (MAN): Five in the restaurant, two in the street.
Vitals? BP's normal but he's tachy at 120 (BASHIR COUGHING) The police say don't discharge anyone until they find the driver.
Get this guy's CBC lytes, ABG.
I think I have to go.
Sir, you can't leave, you need help.
- (COUGHING) - COHB and a stat portable chest X-ray, and where is Dr.
Bishop? He lives for how busy we are tonight.
No one has seen him.
I paged him three times.
- No, no, the others - Sir, please you need to stay down.
I have to make sure (PARAMEDIC): Dr.
Hunter! Got one of your own, here.
You need to see this.
- Mags! - Don't move! Dr.
Jed Bishop, GCS three.
Significant head injury with a blown pupil and skull fracture.
Rate 1-10 with a 95 on 50.
Chief lost a lot of blood.
Wait, Doctor Bishop was in that restaurant? Okay, uh, okay We, we need to intubate and get him to CT.
I got this, I'll page an ER surgery.
Follow me.
Coming through! I guess June's got this? Well she said it was him, right? Guys, this is a level one mass-casualty incident.
You know the protocol and you need to keep moving.
I know, I saw him.
Let the Dr.
Bishop he's prepared us for this.
(BACKGROUND COMMOTION) Sir, sir, you need to sit down, you're bleeding! Please help! Please.
Just sit down.
Put his mask on.
You have to stay put.
Okay? We'll be right with you.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Hi, ma'am, my name is Officer Reid.
I'm gonna take a statement from you, if that's okay.
(WOMAN): Yeah, sure.
So, were you driving your car near the restaurant? Yeah.
Did you happen to see the truck coming? Yeah, I guess.
And did you see from which direction? I just spoke to your colleague earlier.
Uh, did you happen to see the driver? Could you describe him or her? No, I can't, the truck came out of nowhere.
I swerved my car out of the way.
Is this some kind of attack, or something? - We're working on it.
- (TELEPHONES RINGING) (PARAMEDIC): Incoming! Another victim from the truck crash.
Alice DeMarco, 52 years old.
Decreased LOC.
My daughter, she needs me.
Was she in the restaurant with you? Alice? Alice? She lost consciousness.
(MACHINES BEEPING) She can be V-tach.
Let's get her on three.
One, two, three! Support out on three! One, two, three! Got it.
- Cardio right before intubation.
- That's ready.
Let's get her on oxygen.
I need 50 ketamine IV, push! (NURSE): 200 J, synchronized.
- Charging.
- (DEFIBRILLATORS WHIRRING) Has somebody performed CPR on this woman? The EMS said they found her with a pulse.
Okay, clear! You should know that her heart stopped.
- Before the paramedics arrived.
- Get him out of here.
(MACHINES BEEPING) (SIGHING) Let's intubate first.
What were you doing in there? I don't know.
That woman, her doctor needs to know that her heart stopped.
Okay, now she knows.
But the patients at this hospital are not your concern, alright? I need you to wait right here, get medical attention and then give a statement to the police about the accident.
- Do you understand me? - TT is not looking good.
He's fading fast, and check this out.
I think he's got a drill hole in his skull.
Significant epidural hematoma and cerebral edema.
We need to get Dr.
Bishop up to the OR now.
Oh! How are you feeling? What did you do to me? I had to relieve the pressure behind your eye.
You're gonna get your vision back.
You saved everyone.
Did he get out? I told him that he was in there, but Thank you, Bashir.
He was just here.
What is it with this guy? You were saying he seemed jumpy.
Oh, maybe in shock, he was in a major accident.
You have an address on him? Uh, no, we haven't registered him yet.
We've been a little bit swamped.
Maybe he didn't want to be.
You said he's Middle Eastern.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) (BUTTON CLICKING) Hey! You! You gotta come with me.
(OFFICER): Why were you such in a hurry to get outta there? - I wasn't.
- No? You were discharged from this hospital? You were told to wait and see a doctor.
I know if a doctor told me I needed medical attention, I'd be sure to get it.
I'm not seriously injured.
Everyone else in that truck's path was.
Lucky you're fine.
(SIGHING) And you were also told to stick around and give a statement to me.
I saw that truck one second before it hit.
- I didn't think that would help you.
- That makes you a witness, and a witness that doesn't cooperate is guilty of obstructing a peace officer.
That, uh, restaurant is a crime scene.
- What were you doing there? - I work there.
I'd like to see some identification, please.
- Is that necessary? - Yes.
Sit tight, Mr.
Hey, Mags.
Your patient from the truck crash? - Yeah.
- Her daughter's here.
- That woman with the baby.
- Yeah.
- She's looking for you.
- Okay, thanks.
There's an electrical disturbance in your mother's heart, which is causing it to beat irregularly.
I just talked to her.
Why is this happening to us? It's not uncommon after trauma for the heart to - (BABY CRYING) - Is it time for you to eat? He should be sleeping.
- Oh.
Uh - (BABY CRYING) Does she have a history of heart disease or is she on any medications you're aware of? No.
I don't know.
Well, we had to intubate to manage her breathing.
She's in an induced coma while we isolated the cause Is my mother gonna die? - She can't die.
- We're doing everything we can.
You said her heart stopped in that restaurant? How is she even alive? I'm still figuring that out but the best doctor I know was there with her.
(MACHINES BEEPING) (DOCTOR): Those other victims were lucky Bishop was with them.
(DOCTOR): He needs a craniotomy to evacuate what's left of the hematoma and relieve swelling.
(WATER RUNNING) You think he gave himself a Burr Hole with a power drill? For a blind shot, it's right where it needed to be.
I wanna scrub in.
You're a trauma surgeon, June.
I got Dr.
Bishop this far.
We don't need you, Dr.
But with their chief down, your fellow residents in Emerge do.
(ELEVATOR DINGING) Aren't you in on Bishop's craniotomy? - They have it covered.
- That's too bad.
Looking directly into Bishop's brain might be like staring into the face of God.
(CHUCKLING) They're saying he saved everyone in that restaurant before saving herself.
Like starting a woman's heart, stopped some guy from going blind.
Survival rate for an emergency craniotomy? 50 percent in most cases.
June Do you think he's gonna make it? (SIGHING) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) (DIAL TONE) (WOMAN): Switchboard.
Can I make a call outside the hospital? It's an emergency.
Uh, not from this line.
It's internal only.
And when did your heart start racing? We were having dinner, so we brought dinner here.
- (CHUCKLING) - Want some? I've eaten, thanks.
The nurse said it would stop, we think it did.
She's gonna be okay, right? - Uh, yeah.
- Can we go? (SIGHING) If I do tox screen, will I find cocaine in your system? Or any other drugs? This guy's trying to teach us a lesson.
(COUPLE LAUGHING) We should let him.
He's adorable.
And try not to die.
You're shaking.
- (CHILD COUGHING) Can you breathe? Noah? Noah.
I need help! Somebody! Hey, he's not breathing! Hey! - Hey, I need a doctor! - (RETCHING) What the hell? Get off of my son! - (GROANING) - No, he was choking.
Who are you?! What the hell is going on here? (GROANING) (OFFICER): You're from Syria.
Why did you come to Canada? - There's a civil war there.
- And we took you in.
You're a refugee.
(COUGHING) What are your plans here? Do you have an education? I'm working hard to build a life.
That must be stressful.
Starting over.
I see it all the time.
People get desperate.
I'm very grateful for the opportunity Canada has given me.
You have a strange way of showing that.
- I was only trying to help - Help that kid? Yeah, you said.
What you were doing in that restaurant? I already told you.
I work there.
Yeah, you did say that, but after everything else I've seen from you, why should I believe you? I wasn't driving that truck.
But you know who was.
I don't.
This man needs medical attention.
- Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.
Lift your shirt and lie down, please? You were supposed to have blood drawn but the nurses said she couldn't She said she couldn't find you.
There's still glass in your wounds.
It needs to come out.
Okay? - Are you allergic to Lidocaine? - No.
But I don't need any.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Okay, just let me know if I'm hurting you.
(BASHIR BREATHING DEEPLY) That, uh That woman whose heart stopped, how is she? Could you please leave? I should conduct my exam in private.
Thanks for that.
He's taking everything I was saying the wrong way.
What does he think you did? At this point, maybe planned 9-11? I didn't.
But you were in that restaurant when my patient's heart stopped.
I need to know what happened.
I mean, whoever brought her back, I just don't see how everything he did is possible.
Did he punch her in the chest? Yeah.
He did.
A precordial thump.
I've never seen it work before.
How is your patient? - Critical.
- Then she still has a chance.
I know you told that police officer that you'd get him after we finished.
But what if instead of that, you don't? (WOMAN OVER SPEAKERS): Code Blue, trauma one.
You still need stitches.
Don't move.
(ALARM BEEPING) (ATWATER): Cardiac arrest! End tidal is good.
Claire, let me know when two minutes are up, - we'll do a pulse check.
- (RAPID BEEPING) Which one of you was monitoring this patient? I was.
- June, airway.
- She was tachycardic I was waiting on a cardiology consult.
Get the ultrasound.
- (RAPID BEEPING) - Push one amp Epi.
At the pulse check, get that probe on her chest.
Got it.
Okay, two minutes! Hold compressions! - No pulse.
- Cardiac activity? Mags? I can't get a great view.
What's the ultrasound say, Mags? She's got a large pericardial effusion.
She needs the fluid out now.
- She's your patient Mags, get to it! - Never done one.
- I have.
- Do it.
I need a 30cc syringe and a spinal needle.
We can put a drain in later.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Let's do it.
Hold compressions.
Thoracic cavity, you're about to puncture - I don't have fluid.
- One millimetre left! Almost there.
Got it.
Getting fluid back now.
End tidal's climbing.
Checking her heart She's got output.
We've got a pulse.
Good work.
This patient has a serious underlying heart problem.
Get to work before it kills her.
Make the most.
Get as much as you can from something.
Let's make the most of our trip to Paris.
Can I help you? Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! (PANTING) You're saying Alice DeMarco needs a heart? I think the question is why you aren't.
Because we shouldn't jump to surgery I mean, we don't even know why this is happening to her.
If the cause is manageable, we'd be giving her a heart she doesn't need.
- That's crazy.
- Yeah, I know you want all the data but while you were waiting on cardiology, that woman nearly died.
(EMMA): Excuse me.
Hi, uh, these are some forms for a transplant list, which your mother should be on.
- My mother needs a new heart? - No, it's one option.
And we should get the process started, cause we can't if or when she'll get one.
I don't understand what's going on.
Look, basically your mother's heart isn't pumping strong enough on its own.
Because the trauma of the accident exacerbated an underlying condition.
Who has legal say over your mother's medical care? I don't know.
My father died last year, cancer.
Four months after they found it.
I don't know.
(SNIFFLING) I'm not ready for any of this.
- Now with the baby - Okay, Emma, Emma, slow breaths, calm down.
It's okay.
Slowly, that's good.
Now, look at me.
There's still some tests that we can run before deciding.
If you think she needs a new heart, I'll sign.
(INTENSE MUSIC, SIRENS WAILING) (PANTING) Amira? Amira? (BREATHING HEAVILY) - Amira? - (KNOCKING AT DOOR) - You should be at the hospital.
- I can't be there.
After the fireman got us out, I ran.
You don't have papers.
(GRUNTS) Amira.
Can you move your shoulder? (GASPING) Okay.
It's dislocated.
This will hurt.
Ah! (BREATHING HEAVILY) Where is Amira? She had a night class.
I always go and pick her up.
But I was late today, and she was gone.
I'll help you look for her.
No, you need to rest.
Can you stay here in case she comes back? You should not be working in a kitchen, brother.
(ELEVATOR DINGING) And Alice DeMarco's blood came back negative for hemochromatosis, sarcoidosis, and amyloidosis.
No sign of infection, viral or bacterial.
Then she does need a new heart.
- Which would mean June was right.
- Why can't June be right? Surgeons find surgical solutions that I know, I know! I just think there's still something I'm missing.
You can't leave me in this circus when your fellowship's over.
I have a 9-to-5 clinic in my future, and a wife and kids I wouldn't mind seeing more often.
- Yeah - Did you discharge him? - Sorry? - Mr.
You were supposed to get me once you finished with the glass.
Right, well he should still be there.
Have you seen the man that attacked your patient? He didn't attack anyone, okay? He saved that boy's life.
Theo! Theo, saved? Saved him how? Does he Do you know if he Does he have any medical training? The kid was aspirating vomit.
He was choking, and Mr.
Hamed cleared his airway.
(SOFT MUSIC) (KNOCKING) Oh good, you're alive.
You still owe me last month's rent.
This week, I promise but I need to know if you've seen Amira.
Wait, you haven't seen her? She came here to use telephone.
It was on the news.
The place where you work? Truck crashed into it? They gave name of hospital.
We called, they knew nothing about you.
She thinks I'm dead? I told her, do not assume.
She went back upstairs to wait for you.
But you can't be certain of the diagnosis without imaging.
Yeah, a blown pupil's an indication but (SIGHING) What does that tell you, Doctor? Well just You looked at your eyes in the mirror, or that, more likely More likely, someone looked for you Someone who'd be willing to take a power drill to your head.
- (TELEPHONES RINGING) - Second floor.
Excuse me, I was here.
I am looking for a man, his name is Bashir Hamed.
You'll have to speak up.
Are you asking about a patient in this hospital? Okay.
I'll need his name.
Bashir Hamed.
Again, please.
Bashir Hamed.
Can you write it down for me? In English? Are you here alone? Is this man your father? Where is your mother? The accident on the news they don't say who lived or died.
Yeah, I need a status on Bashir Hamed.
Call me back.
Is Is he alive? We're gonna find out, I promise.
Go take a seat where we can see you.
Just give us a few minutes, okay? Next.
Carson, ICU.
- I know.
Hey! Did you drill into my boss's skull? (SIGHING) So you saved the others.
I get it.
I get it.
I get it.
You're a doctor.
You're a very talented doctor.
But also a reckless one who needs to understand that if my boss dies, they'll blame you.
There was no time to wait.
How could you know where to drill without imaging? The pupil asymmetry.
The bleeding's almost always ipsilateral.
Almost always? He'll recover from the drill if I was wrong.
But not from the hematoma if it went untreated.
It was a risk I had to take.
Do you know whose head you drilled into? I know who Dr.
Bishop is.
Call the police if you like.
Why do you keep running away? Who are you? You were the first doctor to examine my patient and her heart is failing.
You tried getting through to me before.
I didn't listen.
But if there's anything else you observed, I'm listening now.
Um - She looked tired.
- Yeah.
Um She wanted time to herself.
And she's losing her hair.
It's the resting stage of hair growth.
That could actually be brought on by a hormonal surge (CLEARING THROAT) Emma.
Emma, is this your mother's baby? You didn't know? I thought I told that nurse, or She was pregnant when my dad got sick.
It wasn't planned.
But she was so happy.
And I wasn't.
Well, I think your mother has what's called a postpartum cardiomyopathy, it's a rare heart condition that can develop after having a baby.
Because of her age? It-It was too much stress on her heart? No, it can happen at any age.
And there was no way for you to know it was even a risk.
Okay? I needed her after Dad died.
- But she needed the baby.
- (EMMA CRYING) And I wasn't supportive.
(SNIFFLING) I wanna be.
(BABY FUSSING) Please don't let her die.
We both need our mom.
We're on it.
(SOFT MUSIC) (INDISTINCT CHATTERING) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Amira! Amira! (CRYING) You took the bus all by yourself today? I told you I could figure it out.
(PAPER RUSTLING) A phone? You said I couldn't have one.
Amira, you're 12 years old today.
Everyone gets gifts on their birthday, and so should you.
I know it's hard.
But we're here now.
We should make the most of it.
- That's an idiom.
It means - I know what it means.
When I call you on this, you better answer it, okay? I will.
(SNIFFLING) Happy birthday.
Do you know where you are? Jed? Do you remember what happened to you? Well, apparently your imaging looks good.
- I'm gonna go get Duncan.
- Tell me How'd we do? (SIGHING) I know you care about what you do, Jed.
But the only people who came to see you here were doctors in this hospital.
You are lucky to be alive.
You got a second chance.
You should think about how you're gonna use it.
(JUNE): So, the daughter won't sign the transplant forms.
Yeah, and I was gonna come and tell you why.
Well, that's good news.
Now you can tell Bishop, too.
- He's up? - He's awake? And already ready to grill us.
Good to know he still feels like himself.
(SLURPING) Proceed.
Alice DeMarco is a 52-year-old woman, six months postpartum, and if it'd occurred to me sooner that the baby was hers, well, we would've known the cause, so I take full responsibility for the confusion.
You shouldn't.
It's on both of us.
She's extubated now, and can be managed with medication so there's no need to jump to a transplant.
(SCOFFS) Congratulations.
You saved a life.
Go save another.
I was gonna take the heat for that.
Yeah, I know.
Why would you do that? Because! Because, because he likes us at odds.
He thinks it makes us sharper.
Well, maybe he's right.
We did get the answer.
- (CHUCKLING) - Well technically, I got the answer.
That's the spirit.
What's going to happen to me? We identified the truck driver.
His brakes failed.
He jumped, and got crushed under the wheels.
It was an accident.
You're free to go.
Your ID.
Before you leave, one more doctor needs to see you.
(KNOCKING) They said you wanted to see me? My name is Jed Bishop.
Thank you for saving my life.
You're welcome.
Take a seat.
Long night? - Did we fix you up, at least? - Mm-hmm.
The kid with you, uh Your daughter? My sister.
We have met before, of course.
When I interviewed you for a job, but then didn't hire you.
But I think we need to do it again.
So Tell me a little about yourself.

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