Transplant (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Under Pressure

1 All I could hear was your voice in my head.
Telling you what? That I'm focusing on all the wrong things.
You should have helped me when you had the chance! - I've never punched back.
- My claim for asylum was denied.
(ARABIC) The police came to my house.
They were asking about you at the hospital as well (BIRDS CHIRPING) (LIQUID POURING) (AMIRA): Bash, come quick! Cecil's dead! - What happened? - I don't know.
He was on his wheel all night.
My class is going to hate me! We have a hamster? Um, Amira had one just for the night, a loan from her class.
She said she asked you.
I was going to.
- Ah! - Cecil! We've got him back.
(THEO): He's pretty cute.
(LAUGHS) Can I get one? Uh, maybe when we get our own place? - But I like it here.
- I know.
But Theo will be leaving before long.
He's moving back to Sudbury when his fellowship ends.
I thought you liked it here too.
I do, but my life is there.
Do you want to go? (PHONE CHIMING) I don't know.
I need to go.
Keep pressure on it.
Let's get you to the hospital.
It's been two months since that police officer came by asking for you.
I haven't seen her since.
Your ribs might be broken.
Let me look.
(KHALED WHEEZING) It's possible a section of your rib cage has detached.
How do I fix that? You get imaging, you could need surgery.
If the sharp edges of your ribs puncture an organ, it's life-threatening.
So is being sent back to Libya.
There's got to be something else you can do.
(THEME MUSIC) (CARS HONKING) (TELEPHONE RINGING) Shopping for anything in particular? (BASHIR): Um A needle driver, toothed forceps, 4.
0 sutures, antiseptic wipes, and gauze.
Okay, well, it's a disaster in here.
So tell me where you are, and I will bring it to you.
What's up? I know we treat patients without insurance, but what about patients without ID? We treat whoever walks in that door and needs it.
So, if they don't have ID, you get a billing address.
Beyond that, hm, well money's accounting's problem.
And the information that goes in the system, that's protected? Protected from who? The police? Our system is completely closed.
Law enforcement has no access, unless, of course, they have a warrant.
Do you want to tell me what this is about? Um, it's probably better if I don't.
Thank you.
Dislocated knee in two needs an X-ray and 5 milligrams of IV morphine.
Exam four is sleeping it off, so page me when he wakes up or his IV runs out, whatever comes first Did the ELISA go out for Alyssa? The Lyme disease test on the tick bite.
Oh, yeah.
Um, yes.
I sent it to Public Health.
Confirm with a Western blot and tell her they'll follow up when her results come in.
Do you need me to take some? Ah, you're juggling already with five patients.
And you must be tired from your night shift.
- I can ask someone else.
- It's fine, it's fine.
- Are you sure? - Here, yeah.
- I need a word with Dr.
- Yes, thank you.
I've been meeting my targets on every shift, like you asked.
Yes, you've been very efficient.
I've organized a locum on diagnosing subjective illness and I've just had a presenter drop.
I was thinking about your amnesia case from a couple of months ago.
Are you saying I can present? Well, only if you have the time.
Thank you.
When? Tomorrow morning.
I can make that work.
I'll send you some sample slides so you can get your visuals together.
It's a good opportunity for you.
Not many second-year residents get the chance.
Thank you.
(BASHIR): I wish you'd come in.
I would be your doctor.
You know you can trust me.
But what about everyone else? They have no reason to keep my secret.
Once you're a patient, there's a duty of confidentiality.
For the doctors and nurses.
What if they asked some security guard or janitor? None of them will have any idea about who you are.
I live with roommates because I can't sign a lease.
(DISTANT SIRENS) I'm always looking over my shoulder.
As your doctor, I'm telling you, you need treatment.
And as your friend, I'm telling you it's going to be okay.
Alright, so give him 2 milligrams of lorazepam and we'll take him upstairs in ten.
Rhoda? You with me? Do you know that guy? Because he seems to know you.
Curtis? You handle the lorazepam, I'll handle him.
- Hi, June.
- Not here.
What are you doing here? It's not like I have your home number.
Yeah, but there's a reason for that.
I know you don't want to see me.
But I've been making changes, taking steps.
Twelve of them.
- June - I'm not interested.
I promised myself I wouldn't push, I just want to give you my number.
A father has a right to hope his daughter will call.
In case you change your mind.
You're likely going to need a surgical procedure called a chest wall stabilization.
It will anchor your broken ribs so that they heal properly.
(SIGHS) - How long will that take? One step at a time.
This is Claire, she's the head nurse here.
I have brought you something for the pain.
- Any allergies to medication? - No.
Do you know if your tetanus is up to date? We'll do the tetanus as well.
Oh, okay.
Now, if the pain gets any worse, don't hesitate to let any one of us know.
Thank you.
I'll get back to you when we have a time slot available for surgery, okay? Until then, get some rest.
So I take it he's a friend? And the reason you asked me about the police before? He's He's not a criminal.
He's just, uh he's undocumented.
We will take good care of him.
Hey, Laura.
I'm Dr.
You were in an accident? Uh, yeah.
I think my wrist might be broken.
Let's see, over here This Okay Let me know if this hurts.
- Mm.
- Yeah? Okay, we'll do an X-ray, and take care of those scrapes.
Look over here.
Okay, again.
Is someone here with you? Mm-mm.
Do you want to tell me how you hurt yourself? I, uh, I told the nurse.
A woman on a bike crashed into me.
I was crossing the street too quickly and, uh I thought maybe I hurt her, but, uh Uh, she said that she was fine.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Is that man with you? (LAURA BREATHING HEAVILY) Laura, I'm here to help.
But I can only do that if you tell me what's happening.
Uh That man is going to tell you that he's my father.
But he is not my father.
Please, just don't let him near me.
Fifteen years old, pulled from a swimming pool.
Head trauma during a dive.
Lifeguards did CPR, got him breathing within 60 seconds, but he hasn't regained consciousness.
Pulse ox 95.
BP 130 over 90.
Heart rate's 90.
On three.
One, two, three.
Keep him on the long board, C collar, and re-breather, monitor O2, CO2, he'll need a CT.
Come on, buddy.
Try and wake up for me.
Localize his pain.
Incomprehensible sounds.
No eye opening.
GSC 8.
Trey lost control of his dive.
That never happens to him.
Caught a piece of the lower board on his way down.
He just folded into the water, he wasn't even moving.
- How high was that? - Seven-and-a-half metres.
After they pulled him out, his body was just limp.
No bony deformities.
That mean you think he's paralyzed? We can't know that yet, right? We need to do imaging, we'll know more when we do.
(FATHER): Is he gonna be alright? She's right, it's too early to tell.
Is there somewhere quiet we can take Mom and Dad to wait? - Please follow me.
- I wanna stay with him.
- Let the doctor do his work.
- We'll update you as soon as we can.
Gotta go.
(MEDICAL MACHINES BEEPING) You trying to outrun your problems? What? What problems? Sick patients, ungrateful bosses.
Nosy boyfriends.
(CHUCKLES) I can handle those problems.
Dinner later? Yeah, uh, actually I was kinda hoping you'd be up for a change.
Tasha needs me to take Henry, he's been dying to go to the arcade.
You interested? Oh.
I wasn't sure you were ready for the whole girlfriend-kid crossover.
I'm ready.
If you are.
Okay, well I mean, as long as you and Henry are okay with getting your asses kicked at Space Invaders, 'cause Henry will be fine.
I'm a pretty sore loser.
Abdullah came in this afternoon, I think he's got chest trauma.
Yes, yes but he's presently in treatment and not available to be interviewed.
I just need a few moments of his time.
As soon as he's off of his morphine, - I can reach out to you.
- Okay.
- Give me your contact.
- Certainly.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) Was that about Khaled? Yeah.
He knew he was here, he asked for him by name.
How could he know that? He said he was involved in an incident this morning.
- What kind of incident? - Didn't say.
Look, I told him the patient is being treated, and it'll be a while before he's able to be interviewed.
- And he accepted that? - For now.
Look, I want to help your friend.
But you think we should comply.
I don't think we have a lot of choice.
Not reporting someone, and actively hiding them from the police are two very different things.
We can't stand between them.
- And you're sure he's coming back? - Definitely.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) () I'd like to make the Kocher incision on this one.
Your father's quite the character.
(JUNE SCOFFS) You met my father? He had a surgical consultation with me this morning.
He didn't tell you? I must have missed him.
Hmm He told me that you put yourself through school even though he offered to pay.
I'm sure that wasn't easy.
What else did he say? Only that he was proud of you, that he always knew you'd be a good surgeon.
But I guess you knew that already.
Kocher incision's all yours.
See you in there.
I can't protect you if you don't tell me what happened.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I believe you, but I need the whole story.
My boss was behind in paying us.
It wasn't the first time, so I said something.
He didn't like that, and he shoved me.
He pushed you off the roof? I lost my balance You're the victim in this.
Why didn't you tell me? I knew you would tell me not to go back.
- You're still planning on it? - I need the money? He could have killed you.
You need to tell the police.
And give them a reason to send me home? I can't take the risk.
No, you deserve better.
If there was something better, don't you think I would have taken it? We can't all be doctors.
I'm alone here, Bashir.
The one who's supposed to build a life, make enough money to send for my family (VIVIAN): Thank you, Mr.
I could show you a picture, too.
But I don't understand why I'm being asked to do this.
We just need to verify your connection with Laura.
How is she? Am I able to see her now? Mr.
Bailey, I can't give you medical information on Laura without her consent.
So you're saying she didn't consent? Does she know I'm here? Were you with her earlier today? You don't think I did anything to hurt her? Mr.
Bailey, if you know what happened to Laura it could help Dr.
Leblanc understand the bigger picture.
We meet every week for brunch.
I was asking about her plans for next year, and I don't know, something set her off.
Set her off how? (SIGHS) She's always been very independent.
She doesn't like me auditing her life.
Maybe I pushed too hard, asked too many questions.
I went to the bathroom, when I came back, she was outside, and she was getting into a cab and her leg was bleeding.
Please, I just want to make sure she's okay.
You can wait here.
Do we involve the police? She didn't accuse him of anything.
See if she can offer some more context first.
Trey? - Thank God, baby.
- (THEO): Hi, Trey.
I'm Dr.
You're in York Memorial Hospital.
Do you remember what happened to you? (GROANS) Yeah Good.
That's a good sign.
How are you feeling? Like I fell off a diving board and hit another diving board.
(CHUCKLES) He sure sounds like himself.
Well, Trey's imaging looks good.
He has a concussion, but there's no indication of any spinal injuries.
Trey, I'm gonna get you to squeeze my fingers as hard as you can, okay? (MEDICAL MACHINES BEEPING) Hey, good.
Alright, okay.
Now push.
Let's take a look at your feet.
I'm gonna raise those toes up to your nose, okay? (TREY GROANS) Hard as you can.
Now push towards me.
You're pushing as hard as you can? Yeah.
I just can't move them that much.
Does that mean paralysis? Or could it just be soreness? No.
Wanna say something, Trey? It was like this before I dived.
That's why I fell.
Wait, your legs stopped working before you fell? Now is this the first time something like this has ever happened to you? It's been on and off, but they just get weak, it's never this bad, though.
Why didn't you say anything? Mom, the qualifications for Nationals You were with him at practice all week.
You should've noticed.
Only because you finished work late all week, - and I had to pick up the slack.
- Guys, please.
Sounds like you're quite the accomplished diver, Trey.
He's ranked third in Ontario for under sixteens.
- He's worked so hard.
- That's impressive.
I'm gonna run a few tests, and when you're feeling up to it, I'll be back for a few more questions.
But in the meantime, your job is to stay calm and rest.
And your job is to make sure he can do that.
(SOFT MUSIC) (INDISTINCT BACKGROUND CHATTERING) - Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just - Texting and walking? No, worse.
I'm researching and walking.
I'm doing a presentation for Bishop's locum.
I heard.
Short notice.
How are your slides coming? I'll be able to write them on the phone.
I'm thinking of 30.
That's actually on the low end.
- Really? - Mmm.
Well, I've got about seven started in my head.
(CHUCKLES) You could've said no, Mags.
I didn't want to waste that opportunity.
Being unprepared would be worse.
I won't be.
(TENSE MUSIC) Hey, Mags.
Dislocated knee in two is still reducing.
And your cycling accident is back from X-ray.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Sir? Yes, Dr.
I can finish doing your stitches for you if you'd like.
A physician should never stop doing sutures.
Keeps you sharp.
A nurse will be in to see you shortly, alright? I have a patient with a flail chest and I'm looking for nonsurgical options.
Another patient of yours in Syria you're treating by proxy? No.
He's in hospital.
(EXHALES) Pulmonary contusion, three fractured ribs This patient needs surgery, which I know you know.
He would rather not stay in hospital to receive it.
You two have a personal connection? Whatever history you have is inconsequential.
Except our history is the only reason he came through the door.
And the minute he did, you stopped being his friend, and became his doctor.
Find a way to make him stay.
Can you feel this? Hmm.
Is he still out there? - He is.
- (LAURA SIGHING) Laura, you gotta tell me what's really going on.
- You won't believe me.
- Try me.
It's my job to listen to my patients.
My dad used to be different.
He's changed.
Did he do this to you? - He did.
- Who? Him! Uh - Dr.
Hunter? - No, he is not a real doctor.
Please, just don't don't let him in here.
(LAURA BREATHING HEAVILY) June, how long would it take to get a chest wall stabilization through OR.
Oh, yeah.
Claire said you might have one.
- Diagnosis is confirmed? - Yes.
Flail chest.
But he's stable.
Well, it shouldn't take long if he's ready.
- Want me to set it up? - Yes, please.
(INAUDIBLE CONVERSATION) I hear you are looking for Khaled Abdullah.
I'm his doctor.
When can I speak to him? He's waiting for surgery right now, and can't speak until after.
I just need to ask him a few questions, sir.
Which he is under no obligation to answer.
And if he does consent to an interview, he'll need a lawyer present.
- Okay, uh, Doctor? - Hamed.
You're worried I'm going to find out is undocumented? I already know that, sir.
He cannot be detained or deported while in hospital.
Okay, sir, you're not getting it.
I'm not interested in either.
Your patient's employer hires undocumented immigrants and exploits them.
Witnesses saw him push Mr.
Abdullah off that roof.
I need your patient to confirm that story.
That's why I'm here.
How can Khaled be sure that after he speaks to you, you won't report him? Because Mr.
Abdullah is the victim here, sir.
And I'm just trying to help.
I don't care where he's from, or what his status is.
One way or the other, I am gonna have to talk to him.
Before you said you couldn't tell me anything, and now you're allowed to? Did Laura change her mind? We have discretion if we believe a patient isn't in a position to care for themselves.
You're saying she isn't? Laura is, um is exhibiting signs of paranoid delusions.
She claims that you are not her father.
She doesn't know who I am? Our staff psychiatrist is speaking with her now, and he's gonna want to speak with you too.
Could it be schizophrenia? Well, we can't I mean, we're not jumping to any conclusions without more information.
But does does Laura have a history of mental illness? Her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when Laura was young.
It was an uphill battle for a few years.
I did everything I could, she didn't come home.
I should have seen the signs.
Was Laura exhibiting behavioural changes? She's seemed tired, she was losing weight.
Putting pressure on herself.
A lot of busy people don't take the time to eat or sleep properly.
So you couldn't have known anything based on that.
Well, I guess I could've rationalized most of it until today, when she's talked about dropping out of school, agitated in a way I'd never seen from her before.
Well, Laura is here now, and we're gonna do everything you can to help her.
What if you can't? What if it ruins her life like it did her mother? You're going to help me get out of here.
Instead, you talked to the police?! He says he's only here to help.
- And you believe him? - I don't think we have a choice.
You mean I don't have a choice.
(THEO): Hi, Trey.
Feeling up to a quick exam? It's easy, I promise.
Why don't you sit up for me? Folks not around? No, um They're probably off somewhere finding new ways to hate each other.
(CHUCKLES) I want you to look at the pen, but don't move your head, okay? Do you think my legs will get better? Because I don't know what I'm gonna do if I can't walk anymore.
What I can tell you is we're gonna do everything possible to find out what's causing this, and to treat it.
Can I get you to touch each finger with your thumbs, like this? Well, must take a ton of training to dive at such a high level.
Yeah, um Two hours before school, then two hours after school.
And on the weekends.
So, you know - pretty light.
- (CHUCKLES) Well, you must really love it.
Mmm I guess there's not much time for anything else though, huh? I don't really get to see my friends.
And I pretty much live in a Speedo.
(LAUGHS) Why don't you swing your legs over the side of the bed? Okay.
Now just hang them all the way over and relax.
(TREY EXHALES) Alright It's pretty good! Your, uh your folks know you feel that way? My diving's kinda the only thing that's keeping them together.
It's kinda stupid.
I'm almost killing myself instead of just being straightforward with my parents.
Ah, it's normal, to not want to upset the people you're closest to.
But that's a lot of pressure to put on yourself, Trey.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, Rhoda, um did our possible MI in exam three have his angiogram? Yeah, he's up there now.
Okay can you page me when the result are in, please? - You got it.
- Thank you.
Mitchell? Was she uh, was she cooperative? She was extremely agitated, and it's too soon to establish if she can be discharged safely.
I've given her some haloperidol which will hopefully calm her.
I was hoping I was wrong.
Does that mean a Form 1? Hopefully we don't get there.
If she's lucky, this could be an isolated incident.
Yeah, but family history makes schizophrenia more likely, right? It could be hereditary, yes, but even with the history, we need more information.
Well, we know she's been having delusions, she stopped taking care of herself, she's talking about dropping out oh school.
It's all classic symptoms.
So you're a fan of textbooks, Dr.
Leblanc? You know, in cases like these, diagnosis is long and slow, and patience is crucial.
It's important not to rush.
The father's desperate for answers.
He's gonna want to talk to you.
Yes, of course.
Let him know I'll be down to see him as soon as I can.
What can I do to help? (CHUCKLES) Most emerg residents who transfer a patient to psychiatry can't wait to race back to their first gunshot wound or a cardiac arrest.
I like to see my patients through.
Well, it sounds like you've gained the father's confidence.
Maybe check in with him again until I can get there.
Would be good to know what kind of support he's able to provide at home, - so we get the whole picture.
- Right.
(INDISTINCT VOICE ON PA SYSTEM) Right Then you call the school and deal with it! I can't be everywhere all at once! Not today.
Makayla, nobody's asking you to.
I just - You're asking me to! - Hey, Theo! Why do people bring their personal drama to the hospital? Take it outside.
(SIGHS) At least they're not doing it in front of their kid this time.
Your patient? Yeah.
15-year-old with intermittent attacks of lower extremity muscle weakness and spontaneous paralysis.
Brisk reflexes, symmetrical.
Kid lost control of his legs, missed a dive and almost died instead of telling his parents he didn't want to compete anymore.
- It's a tricky differential.
- I had a patient with similar symptoms.
Turned out to be Transverse Myelitis.
I thought it might be that too but the clinical course has been intermittent, which makes it unlikely.
But I ordered an MRI Thyroid disease? (SIGHS) THS and T4 were normal.
Myasthenia Gravis? He'd have extra-ocular muscle weakness, bulbar symptoms.
You try telling the kid to nut up and tell his parents how he feels? I did recommend that treatment.
Easier said than done, I guess? Families are tough.
Present company excluded, I'm assuming.
We all have our mountains to climb.
How's his potassium? Uh, it's low, actually.
And the diving, he trains regularly, or? You think it could be related to exertion? If the attacks are consistent with exercise, maybe.
Thank you, June.
- Hey, if you ever need to talk - We just did.
(BASHIR): You paged me? Did you send Khaled to surgery? Yeah, OR said one more hour, why? I went to check on his pain meds, he's not in his room.
I'm sorry! (BREATHING HEAVILY) (KHALED WHEEZING) Khaled! Khaled! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, go get help! Okay, stay with me, okay? Keep your eyes open! I need a trauma team! Patient has flail chest, he left AMA! I think a broken rib may have punctured a vein.
Get him on the monitors, 107 re-breather, we need two lines in! Dr.
Hamed, do an eFast right away.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) (WHEEZING) - Pulse is dropping.
- BP 60, systolic and falling.
He needs a chest tube stat, then get him to the OR.
(BASHIR): He's in tamponade, a chest tube won't be enough.
There's blood in the pericardium that's causing hemodynamic compromise.
He needs a thoracotomy.
Hamed, we'll take it from here.
Atwater, get ready to intubate.
Claire, one hundred ketamine one hundred sux! We need to drain the pericardium before it suffocates him.
- Dr.
- Sir, please! It's my fault he left.
- (MACHINES BEEPING RAPIDLY) - I'll take it from here.
(KHALED COUGHING) Here you go.
Mitchell's coming to meet you soon.
How's Laura, now? She seems to be responding to her medication, but it's still early in the process.
When it happened with Sarah, I felt so powerless.
Nothing we did seemed to help.
Well, there are more resources available now then when your wife was diagnosed.
We can help you connect with them.
Do you have any family in the area who can support you? (SIGHS) Sister in Mississauga.
She loves Laura.
She'll help.
I can take a leave of absence from work, whatever she needs.
Her mother wouldn't take any of the drugs.
She hated the side effects.
It was so hard.
(SIGHS, SOFT MUSIC) I still think there was something more I could have done.
You can't blame yourself.
One night with Laura's mom, I woke up all alone.
I looked all over the house and eventually found her down in the basement.
She'd gone outside and dug up every old pet rabbit that we ever had, convinced that they were valuable.
She put them in the safe on top of the passports.
After that, I was with her day and night until she left.
And did you hear from her again? A year later, the police showed up.
Sarah took her life.
I'm so sorry.
When can I see Laura? Soon.
Yes, um Dr.
Mitchell is gonna want to see you both of you together to assess if you can manage her care at home.
I'll come and get you when he's ready.
(SOFT PIANO MUSIC) (SIGHS) I'm so glad you called.
I know we've had our differences Why don't you just tell me why you spoke to my boss? Dr.
Singh? I had a consult with him this morning.
I didn't know he was your boss until we started chatting.
You just happened to tell him my entire life story? (CHUCKLING) I barely said anything! You knew that if you spoke to him, it'd come back to me.
That's exactly what you wanted.
Maybe on some level I wanted you to know.
But I'm sober.
I've changed.
You've been sober before, you didn't change then.
Do you even know why I didn't take your money for medical school? You were always stubborn? Wow.
(SCOFFS) Remember you bought me that car when I was 16, and you said it was so I can have my independence, right? But then Mom left, and I realized you knew that was coming, right? You were just trying to buy me and hurt her because you made her fight for every penny.
So, since it's always about what you want, why don't you just tell me why you're actually here? I need to make this right.
(DISTANT SIRENS) I have stomach cancer, and I'm scared, okay? I need an operation, and I I-I don't know what to do, June.
(CHUCKLE) (SCOFF) You just You do what everyone else does.
You have the surgery, you wait for the results But you do it without me.
Welcome back.
What happened? When you left the hospital, one of your broken ribs punctured the vein that carries blood to your heart.
I'm sorry for putting you through this.
Don't be.
I understand why you left.
The officer? He's still here.
I think you should talk to him.
What I said before, about you being a doctor It wasn't wrong.
But it wasn't fair.
I'm glad you're a doctor.
And I know things have been hard for you and Amira, too.
This isn't the life we planned.
But I think there's hope for us both.
(KNOCKING) Are you okay? I'll be here the whole time.
(SIGHS) Thank you.
Good afternoon, Mr.
I'm Officer Brent, I heard you had quite a fall.
I'd like to ask a few questions, if you're feeling up to it.
MITCHELL): Laura, you want to tell your dad how you're feeling? (MR.
BAILEY): Laura, honey, it's gonna be okay.
I know that you're scared.
But you have all these great doctors taking care of you, - and I'll be here for you too.
- You're not him.
You wanna tell us why you don't think this is your dad? Laura, I know that you're afraid.
Honey, I promise it's me.
I know your whole life.
When you lost your first tooth at the beach, and we made strangers crawl around looking for it.
When all you would eat was bananas for a month! Stop talking like him! You're not him! (DR.
MITCHELL): Okay, he's going to leave now.
Please, sir, we're gonna talk alone.
- (MAGS): Mr.
- Please, let me stay with her.
No! Get out! Please, I just want my real dad.
Okay? I just, I want my Mom.
- But you - Please, get out! Get out now! - Please, sir.
- Get out, please! - Come on.
- Get out! (LAURA BREATHING HEAVILY) (DOOR CLOSING) I don't know where to go from here.
You get something to eat, some sleep, and you come back tomorrow.
Because that's what she needs.
BAILEY CRYING) This is day one.
They won't all be this hard.
I've been looking for you.
- Yeah? Uh, Dr.
Bishop wants to know if your slides are ready.
Of course, yeah they will be.
Also, I've got a broken leg in three, vomiting and diarrhea in five, and two kids who need sutures in curtas.
- Yeah.
I'll take it.
- Good? Yes, I got it.
(MAGS EXHALING) What happened? A nurse found you out cold in a storage room.
- Who else knows? - No one.
It's my My pacemaker is due for a replacement soon.
I was putting it off Nothing to do with your heart condition.
It was the first thing I checked.
Your heart didn't miss a beat.
Your blood pressure, on the other hand 130 over 70.
Mags, you're exhausted and dehydrated.
You're pushing yourself too hard, and I probably ask too much from you.
Everyone has their own limits.
I'm worried that's a lesson you refuse to learn.
I know that I've taken on a little more than I should have, I know Couple good night sleeps, and I'll bounce back.
You're not hearing me.
What if this had happened in a trauma? It's not lost on me the high standards you set for yourself.
And they should be high - But? - But Unless you can strike a balance Maybe the emergency department is not for you.
You don't think I have what it takes? I think Internal Medicine could use a brain like yours, and it may be a better pace for you.
I want you to consider making a change.
I've spoken to Dr.
He wanted you as his resident in the first place, and he's willing to let you try Internal on a temporary basis, after you had some time off.
Bishop, no, please.
This is This is the only thing I've ever wanted.
I'll find ways to improve, I'll do, I'll do anything.
(SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) I don't want you waking up in 20 years and realizing this place has swallowed you whole.
Run out the IV, and go home.
You need to rest, Mags.
You're off for the rest of the week.
And don't worry about the locum.
I found somebody to fill in.
(DOOR OPENING AND CLOSING) (THEO): Trey has what's called hypokalemic periodic paralysis.
- That sounds serious.
- Well, it's very rare, and almost always happens to people under 20 with low potassium.
Periodic meaning it's not permanent? The disease itself is permanent, but the paralysis is not.
What do we do for him? You manage it, with diet and medication.
So he's not gonna lose the use of his legs? No.
(SIGHS) The muscle weakness will come and go, but Trey should be able to live very normally.
But he'll be able to train again? I would recommend laying off a few weeks, but that'll have to be up to Trey.
Don't worry, honey, we're gonna get you the best physio we can.
What if I don't want that? Buddy, it's gonna be okay.
I know you're a little freaked out, b No, Dad, like It's not that.
I don't wanna dive anymore.
And if that means that you two have to get a divorce, then it just has to happen.
You think that we're gonna split up? Aren't you? I mean, you two basically hate each other.
And the only thing you have in common is my diving.
Trey, your father and I, we We never meant to make you feel that way.
Well, you did.
(SOFT PIANO MUSIC) (MOTHER): We're so sorry.
That wasn't fair of us.
(FATHER): And you should only dive if you want to.
I thought you were gonna go for three days straight.
I figured it's about time I get some rest.
That doesn't sound like you.
Bash? Does it Does this place feel like home to you yet? Mmm Yeah.
It's starting to.
How was your day? Long and dull.
But I guess that's a good thing.
How about you? - Same.
- Yeah? I mean, there was one interesting thing that happened.
Hmm? I, uh I got invited to the arcade with my boyfriend and his son.
So, you know, there's that.
Bishop? Mm-hmm? That permanent pediatrics opening you told me about, is that still on the table? I got the impression you didn't want it.
What's changed? I did.
Turns out I do want it.
If it's not too late, I'd like to take you up on your offer of a recommendation.
Applications are due at the end of next week.
Thank you, sir.
You took a risk for Bash today.
- Cops give you any trouble? - What? I can handle a little trouble.
You've got plans tonight? Well, there's a glass of wine with my name on it at home.
- You? - Mm-mm.
Hey, Claire? Have a good night.
Don't stay here too late.
Hmm, football and food.
Did I tell you about my championship game when I was 18? - A header to win - In extra time.
You mentioned it once or twice.
(FOOTBALL GAME PLAYING ON PHONE) Can you stay? Watch with me? Only if I don't have to hear that story again.

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