Transplant (2020) s02e09 Episode Script


You're really gonna make me ask you, huh? If you wanna come home with me.
Dad's dying, Junie.
They say in six months.
You always chose someone who withholds validation, or someone who worships you.
I think you should do the ablation.
You said it could kill him.
Mags, you lived their reality.
You know what that little boy is going through.
I've been asked to meet candidates and lead the transition to a new chief.
You're being pushed out? Ray Grisholm has filed a malpractice suit for his daughter having to be mechanically ventilated - for the rest of her life.
- Tell me what I can do, - to manage this.
- You can play it safe.
Toe the line.
Bashir? What could they possibly be doing up there? I still say vampires.
It's why you never see them in the day.
Last month it was three roommates, this month it's four.
The new one's a victim, they're up all night torturing him.
It's every night now, Amira.
This is our home too and we deserve quiet.
- Bashir! - We can't sit around and do nothing.
What if we get in trouble We won't.
Okay, just go back to sleep.
Advancing the first catheter through the tricuspid valve.
Leblanc? His temperature's a little elevated Keep an eye on it.
Okay, we're in.
BP's down 60/40.
His pre-op white cell count was high-end of normal.
Any further worsening of his clinical status and we'll have to stop.
His heart rate's been escalating every few hours.
We need to eliminate the pathway causing the SVT's now.
Mags? Dammit.
Temp's 39.
Too high.
He must have an infection.
We can't continue if he's febrile.
Extracting the catheter.
Tell the parents we'll deal with the infection and try again.
Anyone have time for a differential? Gotta shower, reno guys demolished the kitchen in my new place, just didn't hook up the water.
You don't have running water? They'll be back, obviously.
- What do you need? - Four people.
Same neighbourhood.
Fever, cramping, weight loss and joint pain.
- Travel history? - None.
The symptom showed up a month ago.
Lyme disease? Four tick bites seems unlikely.
Same neighbourhood, any family connection? That's the strange part, they barely know each other.
It's not enough information to go off of Let me guess, the lab's backed up? Actually they aren't near one.
They're in a village in the outskirts of Aleppo.
- Any chance it's chemical? - No, not that.
So it has to be viral.
Age range? Healthy young adults, the symptoms are getting more severe.
I'll keep thinking.
If the joint pain is knee and sacroiliac, it could be bacterial arthritis.
Thanks! You know that you make the rest of us feel like self-focused jerks, right? Yeah, I'll work on that.
Thanks again, Hugh.
We'll be in touch once we're closer to a decision.
Excuse me? They told me to sit tight, but I'm pretty sure something's about to burst inside me Well, can you tell me where the pain is? Yeah, and how long has this been going on? Hello? Claire, I need hands.
Nurse, get a gurney, we need some help.
- What do we have here? - Tonic clonic seizure.
We need to protect his head, okay.
He's breathing well.
He was complaining of stomach cramps before he collapsed.
- Appendix? - Pain was on the left side.
I can feel distention Possible obstruction, or perforation? Bowel sounds? Present.
So unlikely obstruction.
Okay, I'll alert an OR until we get imaging.
It's Theo.
Just wondering about us reconnecting? Whenever you're available? Theo Hunter.
Okay It's your med student's last week.
Can we discuss your evaluation? Yeah, sure.
You read it? I have to sign off before it goes to his program director.
It's generous.
Is it how you really feel? I mean, I know he's in over his head a lot but - he's a nice kid.
- Nice doesn't save lives.
Honest and unmerciful is the only way to learn.
Bashir? Brian's lucky Bishop caught him in the waiting room.
Poor guy thought he was eating a mushroom, turned out to be a screw from the frying pan.
Guess he's not much of a chewer.
- Ready to irrigate.
- At ease, Dr.
When I need you, you'll know.
It looked like a single perf from the imaging, but then we open him up and the screw perforated three places in the ileum.
Scissors? That's one birthday dinner he won't forget.
Alright, June, this is your big moment.
Now you can irrigate.
Okay, let's milk the bowel.
Anybody see bubbles? Good, no leaks means a happy surgeon.
- Alright, let's close.
- Uh, I think I see a leak.
- You think or you know? - I know.
Well, there it is.
This won't save Brian from getting an ileostomy, but you managed to show me up in a room full of surgeons.
He's alright.
Just, don't worry.
I will call you later, okay? I love you.
Please tell me you're ready to try again, Mags.
Ollie is responding to antibiotics.
There is a chance Dr.
Fisher might think he's ready today, but we're not there yet.
In the meantime, he's had another two SVT episodes! I know.
How much longer can he hold out? I know how stressful this is.
Ollie's infection came out of left field.
I just want one thing to go right for him Was that Gary? How's he doing? How's he holding up? Oh, he isn't, so I sent him back home to Timmins.
At least there he can be with our other kids.
He tried to argue, but he's probably relieved.
You shouldn't be alone with this.
Well, him panicking is just another thing that I have to manage You know, so He can't handle this, so I have to.
I have to.
- Push 5 milligrams morphine.
- What do we have? Remi Bellcourt, 29-year-old female injured in an apartment fire after an outlet shorted.
Breathing well.
Burns to her left shoulder and both arms.
Help me get her up, so I can a look at her back.
Remi, we're going to lift you up, okay? One, two, three You need to check out Evan too! Babe, I'm fine.
It's you I'm worried about.
Her bedroom lit up and she was trying to coax her tabby out of the closet.
She wouldn't leave him.
- Evan saved us both.
- And back down.
One, two, three.
Rule of nines, 10 % surface area burned, all partial thickness.
Let's get her new wet dressings and increase her IV.
That's one 25 cc per hour for the first eight hours.
Are you sure you don't require medical attention? No, I didn't get burned.
I came back from a run and I saw the smoke in the apartment.
I live a floor up, it's how we met.
Okay, free fluid in her belly.
Trauma from an impact wound.
I'm ordering a CT and calling OR.
- What does that mean? - Remi, you're going to need a surgery to fix your internal bleeding.
And likely another procedure called a debridement to treat your burns Another incoming, same fire.
I thought they said it was contained to my unit! - Did someone else get hurt? - Go.
I've got this.
I'm Dr.
Hamed, can you tell me what happened? I was asleep.
Heard the smoke alarm, but it goes off anytime somebody burns toast, so I guess I ignored it? Next thing I know, two firemen are shaking me.
Okay, try to save your breath BP's high.
150 over 95.
Elevated heart rate.
Possible smoke inhalation.
Can you open your mouth so I can check your throat? Are you feeling dizzy? Okay, let's increase her oxygen.
Cora! What's wrong with her? Hey! You shouldn't be here.
Baby, there you are I came to surprise you with breakfast.
You were on your run, so I got into bed and waited.
- But you never came - I'm here now, Cora, I'm here.
The kid with the wrist? By the time I got here, things were, uh, weird.
You spaced and drove through a stop sign on the way here! And I am playing catch-up.
I thought this was just a fall? More like a kamikaze maneuver.
Ava leapt off our deck, teaching herself parkour.
I missed one step, he's been missing lots of things! Ava won't let me see her wrist unless her father answers some questions about his own health.
She's worked up about nothing.
Look, her friends' dads are 45.
I'm 65, which means you forget things.
Does it also mean leaving the stove on all night? Or letting my frog go hungry while I'm on a band trip? When did you become such a tyrant? I say there's a deal that can be made here.
Ava gets X-rays, Dad gets his blood pressure read.
Any takers? Fine, but he goes first.
Tell him about the headache too.
Nothing abnormal about a headache.
Even if you've had it for a week? And nothing takes it away? - Is it that high? - It's very high, sir.
Jake's going to take Ava to get X-rays and I'm gonna get you set up an EKG.
Is that serious? I'm not leaving him if it is.
Hey now, kiddo: we made a deal.
Let me and Dr.
Hunter handle this, okay? Someone from OR should be down shortly to come get you, Remi.
They're just coordinating between general surgery and the burn unit.
- How's your pain level? - It's okay.
Morphine helps.
Why don't you rest, while I talk to Dr.
Hamed outside? How long will the morphine last? I need to check on Cora.
- Evan, I - I know how this looks.
But, I was dating Remi first.
And she's amazing.
She's smart, funny and tough, a force of nature.
Then, I met Cora by accident at this friend's party.
And she's so sweet and generous and supportive.
How long will Remi be in surgery? Evan, if you're asking me to help you divide your time - between the two of them I - I love them both.
They need me.
What they need is to focus on their recoveries.
Which means it's better if they don't find out, right? That's up to you.
Salim, where are you? Aren't you done for the day? Uh, almost.
- I had an idea.
- Yeah, me too.
Send Cora Maxwell up to ICU.
I want her closely monitored in case of delayed tracheal edema.
The other fire victim, she needs surgical debridement, the longer we wait, the more we increase the risk of infection.
And you want to debride her here rather than waiting on an OR? I could ask plastics to assist.
This is the sort of things you want us to be able to handle, right? Not you, not with this lawsuit hanging over you.
But there is one thing you can do for me.
Wasn't fair, Roche chewing you out for being right.
Yeah, well, my crime was being right in public.
60-year-old stomach cancer outpatient waiting on a feeding tube.
He actually has the same last name as you.
Yeah, I always wanted a less common last name, growing up.
You think you could assist Roche on that one? Maybe try not correcting her though.
You're mad because I didn't tell you we were here? Because for weeks, June, you've been telling me specifically - not to tell you these things.
- Charles, it's my job to schedule the exact type of surgery our father's supposed to be getting.
And it just so happens that the surgeon who's supposed to give it to him hates me.
So yeah, a little heads-up would've been nice.
Wow, the fact that our dad needs a feeding tube is totally ancillary to you, isn't it? I don't know what to tell you, I was raised by a narcissist.
Speaking of which, the first thing he asked when he got admitted was if I could talk you into getting him a private room.
Relax, relax.
I'm just telling you so I can tell him I did.
And you're right, I should have warned you, I'm sorry.
I know you don't want this following you here.
Can we just, stay out of each other's way? Whatever you say, Dr.
I know how much you missed me, but are you sure this girl was in a fire? She wasn't exactly in one.
She was asleep in the unit above one.
'Cause there's no sign of smoke inhalation on her bronchoscopy.
And her O2 sat's sitting at a healthy 98.
She is very short of breath.
BP's too high for anaphylaxis.
You know, most emerg physicians completely forget about their patients the moment they send them into ICU.
Novak, I wanted to ask if you're aware of Dr.
Bishop's proposal to open a trauma OR? I'm aware that he wants to divert funding and expend the kinds of interventions you can do in emerg.
"We" can do, yes.
It's a shame he's gotta grovel to make himself indispensable.
The business of medicine is cruel.
Bishop is looking to build consensus.
It would help him to have your support as an ICU division head.
Oh, is that why you're here? As a whip, because the old man was too afraid to confront me himself? Young, healthy woman.
No smoke inhalation, elevated BP.
They say where there's smoke there's fire.
We just have to find it.
We? Unless you have more exciting plans.
And every time we think he's ready, his temp spikes or his BP drops.
And his fathers are falling apart, and there is nothing I can say or do to make it better in anyway or like What? Nothing I just think I'm gonna have to start cross-training to keep up with you.
It's just, I pushed them into this, you know? Yeah, well Fisher makes the final calls.
So, you're doing everything you can.
Yeah, but that's not the point.
They trust me.
I need to figure out a way to like, get them through this Hey, I'm not telling you not to care.
I'm saying it's okay to let yourself off the hook for a minute.
I'm gonna tell you a bad joke.
I'm gonna tell you a bad joke, and it's gonna clear your head.
Why did the dermatologist get fired from his job? Because he was making too many rash decisions! - It's a bad joke.
- I just don't I don't want to clear my head.
- With me, Bashir! - What happened? Not sure, they just paged me.
She passed out! What's wrong with her? Cora? Responsive to stimuli.
GCS 10.
Increased resp rate, increased pulse, but her O2's fine.
Dammit! Do you keep any chemicals at home? Chemicals no.
Cora, if you can hear us, say something! Evan? Why is it so dark? Cora, how many fingers do you see? Blurry.
I can't tell.
Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause dim vision.
And deceptive pulse ox readings.
But she's been getting worse, not better, away from the exposure.
Delayed neurologic sequelae isn't uncommon with CO toxicity.
Was there anyone else in the building that displayed similar symptoms? Not that we know of, but she could have been breathing it in at the source? - Hyperbaric oxygen treatment? - Eighth floor, hurry.
I'll tell them you're coming.
- Hey.
- Hey.
When's the last time you ate? Oh, no, I'm not hungry.
Go for a walk, Bruce.
Get some air, get some food.
I have time now, I'll stay with him.
Hey, little man.
I think we need to talk.
So maybe this last minute infection is you just trying to keep things dramatic, but I think your dads need help getting through this.
So your job is to fight off the fever, and I'm gonna get us over the finish line.
That sounds good? Yeah.
Let's do that.
Hyperbaric chambers deliver oxygen in a way ventilation can't.
Without it, Cora risks serious heart and brain tissue damage.
They're bringing me up to surgery.
- Where have you been? - I was looking for Dr.
She's the other victim and Dr.
Hamed thought I should compare your symptoms to hers.
- You live in the building? - My boyfriend does.
Oh, Evan.
She was in your apartment, wasn't she? Evan? Wha - Guys - I'll take the next one.
How's the cast fit? Not too tight? It's fine.
How's my dad? The cardiologist needs to run some tests.
Your dad wants to know if you've called your Aunt Margot yet? Why won't you tell me what's going on? Every time I go in there, he finds some excuse for me to leave.
And he doesn't even like Auntie Margot! So I'm guessing you didn't call her.
- We don't need her.
- Do you know that for sure? I know my dad had a stroke.
I looked up the symptoms.
Headaches, high blood pressure, forgetfulness.
He's gotta let me show up for him like he has for me! Who does the cooking at home, Ava? - My dad, but I can learn.
- Who pays the bills? Gets the car fixed? Can you help your dad go to the bathroom at two in the morning? What about when you're in school? Stop it! You're scaring me.
I just want you to understand what your dad is trying to protect you from.
You should call your aunt.
There's a Dr.
Brant in the boardroom waiting for you? Tell him I have to reschedule.
I need to focus on keeping my job, not interviewing understudies.
How's that going for you? Was I crazy to think I could fight this, Claire? These are good.
Brant? - Should I send him away? - I'll go see him.
Stick around? I might need a wingman.
About our little back and forth this morning.
Not many residents have the courage to correct a senior surgeon who already doesn't like them.
In fact, most of you just stand around here, silent and useless.
I was just standing in the right position to see the leak.
Don't pander.
Makes you look weak.
Feeding tube is 86'd.
Stomach cancer patient has metastasis everywhere.
The guy's oncologist changed his prognosis from four months to ten days, so he won't need it.
And our birthday boy needs to hear that what I told him was a simple perforation means that he'll have an external bowel for the foreseeable future.
At least she gave you an opening.
Classic top down exchange.
You clean up her mess with the bowel patient, and she lets you off the hook for whatever you did to piss her off.
Why would I Why would I take a bullet for someone who treats us like dirt? Because you're smart? I mean, stand on principle if you want, but if were you, I'd take the deal.
It's too bad about cancer guy, but at least I don't have to scrub in on a g-tube with Roche.
Cora's back from the chamber? And she's improving.
Labs showed her carboxyhemoglobin levels were 45 % before.
They're down to 10 now.
Glad we could figure that out.
And since I know you're waiting for an answer, you can tell Bishop, no, I won't be speaking up for his cause.
It's a fake initiative.
I realize that you two have history.
Why can't you see past that? He wants us to be able to do more.
Isn't that what you're doing all the time? He wants us to ask permission.
The music is in doing what is necessary.
Not in making sure your ass is covered.
I thought you knew that.
What now? Her resp rate is dropping! I can't be helping you in two different places.
The kids are fine, my sister's looking after them.
You just never listen to me, do you? Yes, I do.
But I just had - Because I had to be okay? - I told you that I was fine! But obviously, you're not fine! There's no point in both of us falling apart! - Why aren't you on a plane? - Because I called him.
You shouldn't have done that! Yes, she should have.
I was ready to board, and all I could think of was Ollie, just after he turned four months old.
The doctors told us when we brought him home that we shouldn't expect him to hit developmental milestones on time.
But every morning I'd go to his crib and see him straining to roll over.
So I'd help him, worried he was over-exerting himself.
But he would always give me this angry little shriek like he was trying to tell me to back off.
I didn't even know that something that small could be so loud Finally, one morning I came in and Bruce was just sitting there, watching him try.
I went to help and do you remember what you said to me? He can do it.
And he did.
Okay? Well, Ollie's vitals are stable and Dr.
Fisher thinks we can try again.
If you're ready.
How could she be worse? There was no carbon monoxide re-exposure.
What are we missing? We need to widen our view.
Her abdomen is swollen.
Oh, plenty of fluid.
- Ascites? - I'll run lab tests, check her protein levels.
Maybe a pre-existing condition.
Did the carbon monoxide exacerbate it? It could be why no one else in the building was affected.
I'll call radiology, they'll drain the fluid.
Sterile gloves, please.
I'm perfectly capable of draining it here with ultrasound guidance.
Lidocaine, 22 gauge paracentesis needle.
You can go ask permission, but I'll be done by the time you have it.
Probe sleeve.
A friend of mine outside of Aleppo is trying to narrow down a tough one.
Is your friend a doctor? He's a rescue worker with some solid field experience.
What's up? Eight patients in a cluster of homes.
Headache, fever, joint pain, skin ulcerations.
The carbon monoxide made me think of contaminants.
How's everything going there? Returning to some semblance of normal? Trying, given the blockade.
Oh, blockades disrupt food supply, is it possible that they're growing their own? You're thinking contaminated soil? I saw a case of histoplasmosis outside of Beirut with some farmers a few years back.
Direct contact with bacteria, it does fit all the symptoms.
I'll let them know.
But still no answer for Cora.
I will order some liver function tests and more imaging.
You see if her two-timing boyfriend can shed any light on her condition.
- Two and three? - No change.
- Three and four? - Nope.
We'll have to insert the fifth one then.
Vitals holding steady.
And the dads? They're doing their best.
My parents were a disaster when it was me.
Arguing, debating.
If it wasn't for my doctor, I don't know Terrence Mann, wasn't it? Your cardiologist? Yeah.
I was sad to hear about his lung cancer.
He retired last year when he was diagnosed.
Okay, cath's in.
Does this get us where we need to be? Ostium of the CS.
That's the one.
- Vitals are holding strong.
- Good.
Good job, buddy.
Ablating now.
That should do it.
Did Novak say why? Mostly that he doesn't see the point in drawing new lines.
When all he ever wants to do is colour outside them.
Mark has always refused to adapt.
Don't let him get in your head.
Sir, if the other division heads don't get behind you? Oh, it's only one vote, Dr.
I stay patient, and you keep your head down.
Weren't you finished hours ago? I stuck around to see a few patients through.
So what are you saying? I love you, Remi, but I also love her! You love us both? Wow, that's seriously what you're saying? I swear to God, it's the truth.
Remi, you should be resting, and Evan, can I speak with you outside? I need some information.
I'm kind of in the middle of something.
It's about her, though right? Your question? What happened to that woman is your fault, Evan, and you're not even gonna try and help her? I'm trying to help! I'm trying to help her and you! Cora's life is on the line, Evan.
If there's anything you can tell me about her medical history, - lifestyle changes, please.
- I mean, I don't know, she doesn't say much about that stuff.
You supposedly love this woman? He just said that she could be dying! - Who even are you? - Okay.
I'm thinking, okay? Well, think harder! What if it was me? Would you remember that I get a headache when I drink red wine? Would you remember what antibiotic I'm allergic to? Okay, she's avoiding dairy.
I don't know if that's She gets carpal tunnel? When she types.
Also she can't jog anymore.
- What? She can't jog? - We used to run together, but now she can barely go down the block without losing her breath.
And she gets lightheaded a lot.
This is good.
Any cough? I mean, yeah, sometimes in bed if she's sleeping on her back.
And you're allergic to Penicillin.
Get out.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I just I feel like things went wrong between us earlier? And I'm not trying to change you, Mags.
And I need you to know that I like you.
Like a lot - And - Jake, I I like you too, I do.
And I'm just This was great and I'm I'm just not in the right place.
Yeah, yeah.
You think we should end things.
I'm sorry, Jake.
Yeah, it's okay.
I get it.
I'm sorry.
Dad's in organ failure.
And they're saying it could be days I'm sorry, Juney.
I know you don't wanna hear this kind of stuff but I don't know, I just I thought I was ready.
And I'm not.
I called hospice.
And they have a private room, so You knew? Why would you do that? Well, it was purely selfish.
If dad's happy, he's less likely to cause trouble No, I mean why would you let me hear that news from a stranger?! - What? Charles - No! So you couldn't put your pride aside long enough to come and tell me this? You know, this resentment you cling to, June.
Is its own cancer.
Hey, Theodore Hunter.
My stalker.
Yes, I got your voicemails.
No, I'm not here to see you.
My daughter, your former patient, she's seeing her respirologist.
- Hi, Shelley.
Can we - We had sex once.
I know and I didn't mean to come on strong, but I'm just Look, that night was the first good thing that has happened to me in a while, so I'm just You feel messed up.
You feel thrown to sea by your ex? I'm not your lifeboat.
- Got it.
- You'll be fine.
- What happened? - We don't know.
He went into sudden V-fib and arrested.
We've shocked twice.
Charged to 30 joules.
- Clear! - Shocking.
I'll take over.
Still pulseless V-fib.
- Come on, little guy.
- Charging to 60 joules.
Clear! Shocking.
We've lost all electrical activity.
We can't give up on him! I'm sorry, Mags.
He's gone.
No, it doesn't make any sense! He was fine! He had no fever, no instability! - No nothing.
- Sometimes there are no signs.
Time of death, 6:21.
No, no.
I'm so sorry that I wasn't honest.
It doesn't matter that you're sorry.
This isn't about you.
You can't expect me to just walk away.
I love you.
And, it's over with her.
And you think I'm more likely to forgive you.
Because you think I'm a doormat.
Baby, no.
Well, I'm not.
And I'm not your baby! Get out! Cora, you don't mean that.
Don't tell me what I feel.
Okay, Evan.
It's time to go.
How's the other girl doing? She's recovering well.
I was wondering if you had any questions about your diagnosis.
- Acute cardiomyo-something? - Cardiomyopathy.
It means a part of your heart muscle is diseased.
It's fairly uncommon in someone your age, but the carbon monoxide made it worse.
What happens next? You'll see a cardiologist.
And there's a range of interventions to try out.
It's almost funny isn't it? Getting your heart broken only to find out it already was.
Hey, you're young and strong.
You can fight this.
How'd it work out for your friend back home? You and I were both wrong.
The team on the ground figured it out.
It was three manifestations of TB, highly contagious, all different symptoms.
Thankfully, they didn't need us.
Hey, if you ever want to trade these problems for those ones.
You know, I take my vacation in the region every year, wherever I'm most needed.
- I couldn't leave my sister.
- Ah.
They're called transientischemic-attacks.
Mini-strokes, I know.
They said I'd been having a few, which explains why I've been - off.
But today - Was a full stroke.
It was the start of one.
Your father's on an IV drug called tPA.
It breaks up the clot that is blocking the flow of blood to his brain.
The only reason they're able to use this drug is because of you helping me catch it when you did.
You saved my life, baby girl.
But Ava, I don't want you giving up anything for me.
Dad, it's okay.
Hunter talked me through what you'd need.
We can get home-care nurses for when I'm in school and I started a list of all the stuff I can do.
I called Margot, and you're going to stay with her for a while.
I can do this for you.
I want to.
I know you can.
And in ten years, 15 tops, I promise I'll let you.
But for now, this is the way it's gotta be.
And if you need to be mad at me, I understand.
Cardiology? You still following patients out of your purview, Leblanc? I'm doing a resident practice.
Two jobs? Yeah, that checks out.
If you wanna save even more lives, I can get you some shifts at the ICU.
He was okay.
He came out okay! Was it the procedure? Did it cause this? The ablation went perfectly.
Sudden cardiac death is a risk of Ollie's congenital heart defect.
I want you to know that he gave it everything he had.
I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- What's wrong? - I know you're weighing a job offer, but - Don't go to St.
- Jed You can do your clinical hours here, become a nurse practitioner.
You'll get a raise, you'll have seniority.
I'll make sure.
Okay, we've been over this.
I want to learn without a safety net.
If you're here I'm not ready to treat patients.
Maybe I never will be.
But when you're here none of that matters.
I know it's unfair and I'm being selfish, but I need you, so I'm asking.
Your rotation came at a strange time for me, Jake.
And I like you, I do.
But before you finish, I wanted you to hear from me that if this job isn't for you, there isn't anything wrong with that.
Hold on.
Are you telling me that I'm not - cut out to be a doctor? - No.
But I have been saying all along you need to do the work, you have to go out of your way to apply the knowledge, and I haven't really seen that.
Because I don't let this job dominate my life - like the rest of you? - That's fair.
But look, I know what it's like to be on this path and not know how you got there.
I'm trying to help you, Jake.
Anyway Can I go? Yeah.
I heard what happened.
The death of a baby It takes a toll on any doctor.
And you're not just any doctor.
I failed him.
And you want to fix that, but you can't.
Those are completely valid emotions at this stage.
The lawsuit, the pressure you're under What if I don't want to hear that my feelings are "part of the process?" I hear myself complaining and I hate the sound of my own voice.
But it's all that ever happens here.
That's a lot of judgement.
What else has been going on lately? Have you been having more memories of the past? I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I'm not sure I can keep coming here.
Bashir, let's talk about this.
If things are hard right now, pushing me away I'm sorry Dr.
Mitchell, I don't think you can help me.

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