Trauma s01e05 Episode Script


Just another mindless zombie.
Look at this guy right here.
I had him in the rig last week.
He kept talking about how much he loved Annie Leibovitz.
How she has such a great eye.
You're 500 points away, man.
Five hundred? All right.
Keep me updated.
Keep me updated.
Boom! Two hundred? I have 200? Two hundred.
Two hundred points.
You dove, bro.
You're giving up? Dude, had to do it.
Nobody beats Terry around here.
Nobody! Weak.
You're weak.
Come on.
Oh, hey.
I was just playing the game.
Didn't beat Terry's score.
Out of respect.
That's a very Tyler way of paying respect.
I mean, we all do our thing in different ways.
You know, Halloween always reminded me of Terry.
And just killing zombies.
So I've got to go.
Hey, would you Would you show me? Would you You want to play? Yeah, I want to play.
Are you sure? It's, like, all zombies and blood and guts with, like Tyler, what do I do for a living? That's right.
What do you All right.
Here we go.
Come on.
All right, take this here.
You Get ready.
What do I press? Now press the blue.
All right.
All right.
See this guy right here? Don't shoot him.
Don't shoot him.
Shoot that guy! Right there! This is really terrifying.
Did he really like this game? Oh, he loved it.
Are you kidding me? It is so weird.
You know, he loved things like this.
Like, horror movies and goblins and demons.
And I don't know, he had something for the dark side, I guess.
Come on.
What? Come on, man.
Let's go.
Oh, man, get it, get it, get it.
Where are you trying to go? Let's go! You're mine! Come on! Right here.
Happy Halloween! Come on, let's go! Check out the fountain! Check out the fountain! Let's go! Hold up.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Here we go.
Aw, this is so sick.
We're going to get caught, I know it! This is so sick.
We're not going to get caught.
We're with Dick Cheney.
On the count of three.
Two Hey, you! Hey, I'm calling the police! Run! Come on! Let's go! Come on! What the hell? Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil.
Call 911! Yeah.
The carotid, the femoral, any of those arteries will bleed.
But she had to go and cut her iliac.
How crazy is that? She sprayed all over the rig.
It was like a busted fire hydrant.
She lost about 2,000 or 3,000 cc's.
It was a lot of blood.
It was a lot of blood? Like, it went everywhere? Yeah, it was crazy.
Thanks for the help.
Yeah, you got it.
Medic 78, respond to a flash burn, possible multi-system trauma.
Got to go.
Let's get to work.
You know what that is, right? Work? Medic 78.
We are en route.
How far are the engines? Ten minutes out.
We're five minutes away.
So, you notice anything different about the rig? Any Just look around and name one thing.
What about it? What about it? That's good.
That's good.
How about there's no brain matter dripping from the ceiling or blood sloshing around at your feet? How about that? Well, it sounds like you need a pat on your back.
I don't need a pat on my back, okay? It sounds like you do.
Yeah, well, I don't.
Now, see, you're putting words into my mouth.
You see that? Now, I'm just asking for a little gratitude.
A little appreciation from my partner.
Hey! Hey! Is that too much to ask? $2,000 for a ride to the hospital? Oh! Hey.
Whoa, whoa.
Very happy for you.
Back off.
You jerks drive me 10 blocks and charge me $2,000? We didn't drive you anywhere, okay? Now, remove yourself from the scene or I will call the police.
Now! You paramedics are nothing but a scam! Oh, we're a scam? That's a nice range of motion for a dude in a neck brace.
Hey, buddy.
You folks give us a little room here.
Okay, anybody see what happened? It was just a prank.
We were just goofing around.
Okay, we've got second-degree burns on the face.
All right.
He's got them on the chest.
Looks like right dorsal forearm.
Also have lateral punctate lesions.
All right, burn scale about 5%.
Whoa! We've got definite third-degree cavitation burns, Boone.
Tube him.
I'm going to start the line NS.
Ten millis of morphine sulfate.
I've got audible stridor.
Okay, kid.
Kid, listen to me.
We're going to give you something for the pain.
We need you to relax, okay? No, his throat's closing up.
He's clenching.
All right.
I'm going nasal.
Okay, here I come.
Here comes the morphine.
Okay, I need you.
I need you on this.
With a Valium chaser.
All right.
All right, I got it.
Riddle me this.
I see the burns, but where's the fire? Looks like it's chemical.
We stole it from our chemistry class.
I don't even know what it is.
Oh, well, if it came from their class, it can't be that bad.
We go to the Science Magnet School.
Of course you do.
How did it light? Was it fast or slow? What? What? I didn't see a match.
He just threw it down and it That's phosphorous.
Sir! Is he going to be okay? Yes, sir, can you get me water? A hose? Yeah, I'll get a hose.
Thank you.
You guys know what you're playing with? This okay? Yes.
Just say when.
I got the bicarb ready.
Just say when.
Get it? Okay.
Okay? Okay.
Let's get him on the board.
You bloodsuckers! Hey, sir, what did I say about removing yourself from the scene? You sucking bloodsuckers! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! No, no, no, no, no! Not the rig! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey! Tyler! Come on! We've got to get this kid out of here! I've got it.
I'm going to kick his ass.
I've got it.
I could have walked! I could have called a cab! SFC, this is Rig 78.
We have a chemical burn patient inbound.
Copy that, Rig 78.
We are five minutes out.
Hey, Tyler.
Great job on the rig.
Looks real nice.
Hey, Andrea, 100 bucks to trade shifts with me.
And work Halloween? Come on.
Not worth it.
Not worth it.
You don't want to work Samhain? It's the Celtic harvest day festival that inspired modern-day Halloween.
I'm half Irish, so That's a quarter from both sides, so That's half, right? Bill? 200 bucks to take my shift.
Come on, Bill.
Listen up! Everyone's favorite day of the year has arrived.
Even though some of you tried to call in sick and some of your grandmothers died again, we're here.
Let's make the most of it.
Nancy and Glenn, you stage out in North Beach.
Take Russian Hill.
All of the rest of you are going to stage out of the Castro.
Seriously? All night in fancy town? It is going to be one hell of a party.
Good luck out there.
Samhain! Don't you love Halloween? What are you smiling about? Well, most holidays are boring.
New Year's Eve, alcohol poisoning.
Patty's Day, bar fights.
But Halloween You get everything and then some.
You are like Billy the Psycho Kid on Christmas.
Christmas? Totally boring.
Domestic violence.
What is wrong with you? We've got a couple that are hammered, so you can take your pick.
Take the worst first.
All right.
Little early to start partying, huh? Early? We started last night! We've got a pirate in here.
You've got a slutty cat on the steps.
And in here, you've got a mermaid.
Wasted, and then some.
I guess it's the mermaid.
Worst first.
Rabbit, you're up with Dr.
Joey, you remember Goldfinger? You're going to love this.
You're dating yourself, Rabbit.
What have we got? covered in paint.
GCS of nine.
It is stinking to high heaven of benzene in here.
I've dosed 0,3 mils of epi IM and 50 of diphenhydramine IV.
How's her breathing? It's labored.
Nebulizer ready if the epi don't kick.
Pharynx and larynx? Distended and swollen.
Sounds like Phenylenediamine poisoning.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
I'll call the dialysis tech, but I need you to decontaminate the hair and the skin.
Get rid of as much paint as you can.
Roger that.
What are you doing? You heard him.
I've got to wash it off.
You're giving a naked co-ed a sponge bath in my copter? God, I love Halloween.
Trick-or-treat! Trick-or-treat! This is yours.
It still comes here.
I did the change of address thing.
Thanks for not sending it back.
So, how's everything? Daddy! Hey! Look at you, Jo.
Wow! What a great costume.
Can we go? Well, sure.
Huh? What is it? He's a Lost Boy from Peter Pan.
That your idea? No.
He likes the book.
Man, I love Halloween.
I thought I would cheer the patients up.
Look at you.
Forget the patients.
I'm cheered up.
Yeah, tonight's going to be crazy.
I like the way you say that.
Are you like this with all the women who work here or just me? Have you seen some of the women here? Look, I know what I look like to you, Rabbit.
You look like a fairy princess.
Hmm, I look like the new girl on the ward.
I get it.
I've heard stories.
And you're interesting.
Gee, thanks.
I'm not going to be your conquest.
Oh, come on.
It's not like that.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, it's not? No, it ain't.
The innuendos and the flirting No.
and the back and forth? Don't get me wrong, I like it.
But I've been to too many good schools and worked too hard.
And I've got a little too much self-respect to be your plaything.
You're straight up.
Only with the interesting ones.
Well, I'll remember that.
I know you will.
Got to go to work.
Hey, has Dr.
Joe seen all that? No.
Why? Oh, he's going to love it.
He's going to love it.
Hey! Thank you for being here.
I've got to get some candy bars for Tyler, though.
Well, it means a lot to them.
And to me.
So cute! Here you go.
I've got to re-up on candy.
Oh, get the Crackle ones.
I just love that stuff.
Great costumes.
Happy Halloween.
Oh, happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween! Thanks.
Bye, Gracie.
Come on, kids.
Gracie has two daddies.
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
Next house.
Come on.
I've got to go! I've got to go to work.
Come on! Let's go say bye.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go say bye to Daddy.
I'm out.
Happy Halloween! Bye, Daddy.
Happy Halloween, Tyler.
You want in? Come on in.
Bye, guys! Bye, guys! Bye! Say bye! Bye! Did you wave bye? Candy.
Where's my candy? Oh, trick-or-treat.
Hey, hey.
What is this? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Raisins? Did you really not get me any candy? Man, you check out those dudes over there with the dresses and wigs on? What? I always thought Julia Child was kind of hot.
What's wrong with that? No, seriously.
You don't have a problem with it? Problem with what, dude? San Francisco, or San Francisco on Halloween? No.
I would like to take my kids trick-or-treating without them waving it in my kids' face.
What? They were waving it in your kids' face? This is not a joke.
They were, like, just totally Stop, man.
This is not a joke.
That's overboard.
What? What? All right.
I just wanted a Mr.
You know what? We should split the holidays like you said.
I'll do Thanksgiving and you can have Christmas.
Or we could Whatever.
I don't care.
We don't have to figure this out now.
We'll just We'll have our lawyers draft something up.
And get charged thousands of dollars for something we could do ourselves? Jesus.
It's always about money with you.
Because I don't have any left.
I don't understand.
Can we just Can we just get through tonight, do you think? Fine.
Possibly? Thank you.
Where's Jonah? Jonah? Jonah? Jonah? Jonah? Jonah! Jonah! Jonah! Jonah! Jonah? Jonah! Come on, Seth, here we go.
Oh, my God! Jonah! Oh, my God! Angel Rescue 2, we have a critical pediatric auto-ped, multi-system trauma.
Confirm you are en route.
That's affirmative.
Angel Rescue 2 is four minutes out.
Copy that, AR 2.
Be advised, LZ is immediately south of our rig in Lincoln Park.
You still love Halloween? About 600 cc's blood loss.
Pulse 130.
Resps 35.
See you at City.
Ten minutes.
Control, this is Angel Rescue 2, we have an on board, and Oh, damn.
What? Kid is hurting real bad.
So, give him something.
I can't.
Protocol says you can't give kids morphine unless it's an isolated extremity injury.
And he's just banged up all over the place.
Since when do you care about protocol? Since giving him morphine is going to do him more harm than good, that's when.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come on, kid.
You're nearly there.
Hey, hey, buddy.
Can you hear me? That's it.
Try to think of something nice, okay? That's it.
Just two minutes.
Two more minutes and we're there, okay? All right.
Let's hear it for our DJ, Porn Star, tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
Don't forget about our costume contest later on tonight.
We've got some great prizes for you.
Thank you for all looking so fabulous tonight.
Dude, she's not bad.
Let me ask you, you a Skittles man, bro? Oh, no.
Look at the omelet.
I'm tasting the rainbow here.
Hey! Hey! Sarah Palin's all messed up.
You're preaching to the choir.
Who? No, seriously.
Come on.
Come on.
Sarah Palin.
Come on.
Sarah Palin.
I don't know how I'm going to fix Sarah Palin.
Does it hurt anywhere else? Sir? Does pride count? And it's ma'am or Mrs.
Does it hurt when that's Okay.
I think you have a fractured tibia.
You need to go to the ER, sir.
It's ma'am or Mrs.
You do know you look nothing like Mrs.
And you look nothing like the firefighters in my calendar, but do you see me being disrespectful? Tyler.
I could use your help over here.
Oh, you need a little help? Okay, I'll be Hold up.
Hold up.
You on the list? No.
Do you care? I've got to care.
Sorry yourself, bitch.
Hey, why don't you bring these old queens back to life? So young, so dumb.
Oh, so hot.
The good old days, huh? Hey, Kurt.
How are you? Hey.
This is great.
So, you're Kurt.
This is This is your party.
It's everyone's party.
Try to keep these kids safe.
God knows I have.
You've got it.
Happy Halloween.
Thanks for coming out tonight.
We are going to party till we drop.
Oh! And here he is, ladies and gentlemen, the man of the evening.
The oldest man in the Castro.
You bitch! A man who has warmed every heart here.
Or who has at least tried to.
Friend to all, Mr.
Kurt Davies.
And his husband, Ronnie Davies.
Have fun tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
And party! Will somebody please separate the real blood from the fake blood? All right, listen up.
Listen up.
You will not be treated if you are wearing a costume.
And this is your favorite holiday.
Not even close.
Since when? Hey.
Doctor, I've got an adult female here suffering from thoracic No.
You don't.
Not dressed like that, you don't.
This is not high school.
This is not a party.
If you want to play dress up, go sit in the waiting room and let the real doctors do their jobs, okay? Or you can go put on a pair of scrubs and at least pretend that you're a real doctor.
Finish what you're doing.
You might want to cut the pumpkin's tramadol in half before she goes into shock.
She's wearing a padded costume.
She's probably about than you think she is.
And don't cry.
Okay? Do whatever you need to do.
Go and punch something.
Yell at someone.
But do not cry.
Not in this ER.
You will never be allowed to forget it.
Okay? Trust me.
I've got a critical.
Joe, come meet Jonah.
Eight years old, auto verses ped, thrown about 20 feet onto hard pavement with positive LOC.
GCS started at 13, deteriorating to eight en route.
Hypotensive at 60, systolic tachy around 170.
I've put in bilateral 18 gauges.
One, two, three, go.
Where are his parents? Be here in a minute.
All right.
Are we good? Good.
Got to go.
Oh, nice wings.
Fog is coming in.
Tell me about it.
But I ain't sitting out tonight.
Oh, I wish I could.
You're not kidding? No.
Hey, you know what? I did that already.
I sat out for a whole year after Rotor and Terry died.
And you know what I learned? What? It was more like dying than the actual crash.
You don't want to do that.
Go to work.
Go on.
Do it for Terry.
He'd like that.
Is that what you're doing? Me? Hell, no.
I'm way too messed up.
That's why I'm getting you to do it.
See? Sure.
See? Huh? I see.
I get it.
All right.
What are you looking at, bitch? I'm the most beautiful woman in the world.
Ask any of these mothers.
She's talking to you, man.
She's talking to me? "Ask any of these mothers.
" That's what I'm talking about.
Dude, how did we draw the Castro on Halloween? How did That's what I want to know.
How did we draw Castro on Halloween? I think Let me think.
How did we do that? No, you didn't.
You requested it.
Why do you do this stuff to torture me? Because I love to torture you.
No, you It's my pleasure.
All right.
Nice costumes.
Can we take the ambulance? It looks so real.
Yes! Craigslist.
You are beautiful.
Why don't you guys just keep moving? He is, isn't he? We're just all having fun.
I sure hope that wedding ring is part of the costume.
No, it's not.
Oh, the real thing.
Even better.
It's not going to get any better, baby.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Do not touch me! Hey! Do not touch me, okay? Boone! Get off of him! Get off of him! What are you doing? Hey! What are you doing? Did you see that guy? He was wasted all over me.
He was kidding.
It's Halloween.
No, dude.
If we were in the Tenderloin and somebody put their hands on me, I would take them down.
And you would be right there with me.
But this is not the Tenderloin.
No, no, no.
But we're here.
What's the difference? What's wrong with you? I'm asking.
What? Are you serious? Dude, I'm Well, if it makes you feel better.
Where the hell is everybody? Fog's rolling in.
You're all grounded.
Oh, forget the weather.
We're working tonight.
I was hoping I'd hear you say that.
That's right.
I need all the hands I can get.
Oh, you know what? If we're not flying tonight, I should probably just call it a night.
Meow! Okay, fine.
You got a rig for us? Do I ever.
Come on.
What? No.
No way this thing is street legal.
Rabbit? Mmm.
It's perfect.
It's already broken in.
It looks like Pimp My Ride "The Chris Brown Edition.
" Get in.
Come on, princess.
Your carriage awaits.
I haven't driven a rig in over a decade.
What? Not cool enough for you? Oh, no.
It's super cool.
Spending my Halloween night in a rig with smashed up windows, cruising along at Oh, super cool.
I'm stoked.
I think it's fun.
You should learn to roll with it.
You're not a copter pilot tonight.
You're an EMT.
I should be driving.
Not in my rig.
My rig, my world.
It's not even your rig.
Rabbit, respond to 15 Gorman Avenue.
65-year-old male complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath.
Right on, Marty.
Good to hear you.
We're en route.
Go get them, Rabbit.
Put on your headset.
Where are they? I know.
You can help me with the backboard.
I'm the medic.
I do ALS.
As in "ain't lifting stuff.
" I called 911 and they said they'd be here.
Oh, there they are.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh, God.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
It's Richard.
We were watching a movie Can we just get your feet up? and suddenly he started gasping.
He's a little irregular and kind of high-strung.
He actually Excuse me.
What's your name, honey? Reuben, but you can call me Rabbit.
Rabbit? Oh, that's kind of cute.
What's your name, honey? Marisa.
They let girls do this.
I'm just amazed.
Erika, Erika.
Let them do their jobs.
Sir, my name is Reuben.
I'm here to help you.
Can you tell me how long ago this started? About 20 minutes ago.
No, no, no, no, no.
It was more like 30 or 35.
I know because I paused the movie.
Somewhere around 30, 35.
We were watching Tootsie just to kind of see something All right.
Where is the pain, sir? light and airy It's in my chest.
while all that craziness Your chest.
is going on outside.
Right about here? It just kind of flares out all over.
Flares out.
On a one to 10, what would you say the pain is? Twenty.
Twenty? Oh, my God, 20! All right.
Blood pressure? One hundred over 70 and heart rate is 118.
Do you have any allergies to aspirin? No, I don't.
No, but aspirin really upsets his stomach something terrible.
Stomach? This is going to be fine.
I have tried to get him I have tried to get him to use ibuprofen.
Open wide.
Just a little nitroglycerin.
Okay? Open up.
Ah! What's that? Is that gonna Okay, what's that? What's that? It's nitroglycerin.
Is it going to put him to sleep? No, no.
Oh, my God.
What's this? Okay.
How's your pain now, sir? It's about a two.
A two? Good news.
Okay, that's good.
Here we go.
Just a little printout.
Can you tell me what it says? Okay, this is not so good.
What? What? See that spike there? That's anterior ST segment elevation.
What does that mean? Sir, that means we're going to have to take you down to the hospital.
Get checked out.
The hospital? Oh, you're kidding me.
Not tonight.
It's Halloween out there.
Just step away.
Just maybe open the door.
Hold the door open for us, okay? Oh, sure.
He's in good hands.
Let's go to the hospital.
Maybe she can be quiet for two seconds.
What's happened to your ambulance? Were you in a wreck? I was in a car accident once down in Monterey.
Nobody was hurt, but, you know, my Volkswagen just never did run the same.
SF City.
I've got a Code Three STEMI.
You keep talking about STEMI.
What is that? BP 100 over 70.
Heart rate 110.
Reporting pain at two after nitro.
Yeah, but what's a STEMI? It's a certain type of heart attack.
Oh, God.
I don't understand it.
We walk three times a week.
Where are you taking him? Can I go with him? Yeah.
Richard really needs me right now.
The sound of my voice would help.
Cards is ready for him.
How long since onset? Fifty-five minutes tops.
Ooh, you're good.
Hey, stop with those innuendos already, okay? Well, can I go with him? Erika? They've got to go work on your husband very quickly.
You can't go in there.
I know you're scared and nervous, but you just have to sit down and take a quiet moment, okay? Someone will be out in a minute.
It's like watching a movie.
That never ends.
Hey! What the hell? Come on, man.
Get the hell What? I think I hate Halloween now.
Okay, first of all, this is Addy.
She dresses like that every day.
And secondly, you cannot hate Halloween.
You haven't even worked it yet.
I like assertive women.
It's hot.
Glenn, I am not being assertive.
I am mocking you.
It's still hot.
This is just another in a long line of reasons why I need to be here for my son.
I am not going to do this with you.
I couldn't do it when Jonah was fine Well, you're going to have to.
and I'm not going to do it now.
You can get rid of me as a husband but not as a father.
I did not get rid of you.
You made He can hear you.
Excuse me? Everything you say, he can hear.
Everything that goes on in this room, he can feel.
And if it's unpleasant, he can only protect himself by going further into his unconsciousness, which is not what you want.
Your son doesn't need any more doctors.
He needs his parents.
More than ever.
You guys are so beautiful tonight.
Are you having a good time? All right.
Now, we have a special treat.
Our very own porno I mean, pyrotechnics show.
You're going to think it's the Fourth of July.
Look at that, everybody.
Kurt and Ronnie, everybody.
We love you, Kurt and Ronnie.
We've got to go.
All right, come on! Hey! Hey! Watch your step! Look! Guys, calm down! Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Watch out! Hey! Hey! Hey! Wait! Wait! Just go! Come on, let's go! Go! Go! That way! Come on, guys.
Stay calm.
Come on.
Okay, hang on.
Hang on.
Let me take a look at you.
Stay down.
Just stay down.
Help! Hey.
All right? Just relax.
Let me see.
This is what I need you to do.
Okay? I need you to breathe through your nose.
All right? Breathe through your nose.
I'm going to try to find your teeth.
I think I found them.
Keep yourself on this side.
All right? Now, I need to apply some pressure.
It's going to hurt.
Just don't bite me.
Here you go.
Hold my arm.
That's it.
Ten seconds.
Hold my arm.
All right, good.
I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
All right.
Watch your heads, guys.
You heard him.
All clear.
Oh, we got one.
There we go.
Just take a seat over there.
Oh, my God.
Check vitals.
Look at me.
Up here.
I've got a dilated pupil.
What have you got? Bradycardic and hypertensive.
Good enough to drop a line yet? Eighteen gauge, 500 cc, normal saline to run TKO.
Hey, look who knows so much.
Bite me.
What's happening? You're going to be fine.
Blood's building up behind your skull.
That means your brain is going to get displaced.
And we have to make sure that you can breathe when you go lights-out again.
And here it comes.
All right, two megs Versed.
IV push and blow.
Hang on.
Hang on there.
2 blow-by till she stops.
Sats 97.
That's right.
Bag-valve mask and hyperventilate.
All right, who are you and what did you do with Marisa? Hey, Boone! Yeah.
Help him.
All right.
All right.
Hey, hey, hey.
Him! Help him! Okay.
I know, sir.
I just want to take a look at you, all right? All right.
Little bumps, bruises, broken arm.
All right.
No hot belly.
It looks like your friend took it the worst.
He's my husband.
All right.
Hey, let's get the collar on him.
Come on.
All right.
Got to protect the spine.
Might be the only thing intact.
Okay, man.
Hang in there.
Okay? It's all right.
We'll get you something for the pain as soon as we get a line going.
All right? Okay.
Got it down.
He really got trampled.
All right.
We've got a flail chest.
Tension pneumo.
Hurts so much to breathe, most people just stop.
Hang in, baby.
Hang in there.
I'll get a line started.
Come on.
I'm losing him.
Come on, Boone.
Can't find it.
Can't find the spot.
Come on.
Come on.
You can do it.
You got it.
All right, I got it.
Second intercostal.
What? What? What's happening? I'm hitting his rib.
Everything's dislodged.
It's not where it should be.
Yeah? Okay.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Welcome back.
Got to stick around.
You're hopeless without me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
They act like an old married couple, huh? It's probably because they are an old married couple.
I'm telling you, it was biblical, right? It's like Sodom and Gomorrah out there.
Well, then pardon me for being ignorant on all things biblical, but didn't God wipe out all the sinners in Sodom and Gomorrah? I mean, not really.
I mean, God doesn't kill.
Sin does, bro.
I've got to tell you, Boone, I didn't see any sinners here tonight, okay? I saw people.
You know, just trying to live.
You know that these streets were full tonight of people who were beat up when they were a kid for being gay.
Kicked out of their house.
Disowned by their parents at 14.
And just knowing a place like this even existed I mean, it was a better alternative, I tell you, to offing yourself because you can't change who you are.
That is why they come here.
That's why I came here.
At least we don't have to do this for another 364 days.
Who's counting? What do you think of that intern, Diana? Honestly? No, I want you to lie to me.
I think she's green as grass.
I don't think she has a clue where she is.
And I sure as hell don't want her treating me.
But she's one of the good guys.
Where are you going? I got one more call.
Jonah? Tink.
Doctor? It's okay, honey.
Doctor? No.
It's okay.
I saw her.
I really saw her.
She's here.
I saw her.
I saw Tinker Bell.
It's okay.
No, but I really saw her.
Diana, I need to talk to you.
Look, I'm really sorry about the whole costume thing.
I'm a big fan of Halloween.
I used to dress up as a doctor as a kid.
And I just thought, you know, I'm working in a hospital, and there's a lot of sick people, and everybody needs a little fairy in their life, so You talk a lot when you're nervous, don't you? Obvious? Very.
You dressed up to cheer up the patients, didn't you? Yeah.
And it wasn't very professional.
Diana, I'm not here to bust your balls.
I really just need to ask you a favor.
Come here.
"'Peter,' she said, faltering, "'Are you expecting me to fly away with you? ' "'Of course.
That is why I've come.
' "'I can't,' Wendy said apologetically.
"'I grew up long ago.
I am a married woman, Peter.
"'And the little girl in the bed is my baby.
' "Peter sat down on the floor and sobbed.
"And Wendy did not know how to comfort him, "though she could have done it so easily once.
"Peter continued to cry, and soon, his sobs woke Jane.
"'Boy,' she said, 'Why are you crying? ' Peter rose and bowed to her.
"'My name is Peter Pan.
"'I came back for my mother to take her to Neverland.
' "'Yes, I know,' Jane said.
'I have been waiting for you.
"'Lf only I could go with you.
"' Hey.
Go home.
Bring your kids some candy for breakfast.
I got this.
The rig's not clean.
Since when do you stay late cleaning it? It is unprofessional to leave the rig like this.
So, we're professional now, huh? I don't know.
So, I've got to ask you.
Riding with me for three years, you just never even wondered? Yeah, it crossed my mind.
I mean, I don't know any straight dude that got sideburns like that.
Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween.
Your favorite night of the year, you sick, sick man.
I started off with a stay and play in Noe Valley.
I did get to slam the adenosine three times.
I thought that was kind of cool.
You would have liked that.
I missed you today.