Trauma s01e07 Episode Script

That Fragile Hour

I got this, all right? No, I'm fine, Glenn.
You just had surgery.
Stop it.
I wouldn't be here if I couldn't handle it.
And you wouldn't be hurt if I hadn't screwed up.
So let me get it.
That's true.
I'm fine.
Yo, Carnahan.
I want to see the scar.
You have to take me out to dinner first.
Oh, I think my wife would hate that.
How long you been back? Couple of days.
And? Pretty good.
Pretty good.
How's your back? Well, there's bad days and worse days.
But, you know, it beats the alternative.
Who the hell are you? Oh.
This is my new partner.
Glenn, Lyons.
Lyons, Glenn.
Nice to meet you.
Take good care of her.
She's good people.
Okay, boys.
Some of us have work to do.
Really? Hey, wear your vest.
Yes, Mom.
See you, Lyons.
I think Dirty Harry has a crush on you.
Oh, Lyons is all right.
He took two in the back during a raid on a crack house a couple of years back.
I helped him out.
He's pretty standard.
For a cop.
All right.
Thanks, Jaclyn.
Could you lean on somebody else's car? Hey! Hey.
It's flygirl.
No way! Oh! Casey.
They let you have a leave? They told me it was my God-given right.
So, yeah.
God, you look great.
You don't look bad yourself.
So I have a few days to get into some real trouble.
I want to know what we're doing.
Oh, what are we going to do? Mmm-hmm.
Well, I don't know what you're going to do, but I'm working.
Yeah, I heard.
You Is it a meat bird? Yeah.
A meat Oh, my God.
I just fell asleep.
It's so weird.
Stop it.
Can you blow it off? Why don't you come take a fly-along? Can I do that? Yes, you can.
Just sign a release.
All right.
No problem.
No, actually, I've got a better idea.
What's that? How about we blow it off completely and then we go on a fly-along? Why don't you get in the car? Ah, yes.
You want a chocolate croissant? Oh.
My favorite.
Dad, stop staring.
I can't help it.
You haven't been home for a while.
Well, it's embarrassing.
Singing You Are My Sunshine would be embarrassing.
Dad, please.
It's just good to see you, creep.
You too, jerkwad.
Hey, so how are your classes going? Good.
Are you managing to get some studying in with all the fun? Yeah, here and there.
You sounded pretty hungover last time I called.
I had a few beers.
No big deal.
It can be.
I know, Dad.
I got that.
You're a big boy.
You're going to make your own choices.
Just be smart.
Remember you're there to get a degree, not set a pattern for binge drinking.
I know, Dad.
What happened? What happened? Dad! Yeah, my My dad's been shot.
Medic 114, respond to corner of Harrison and 21st for gunshot victim.
So this is a crime scene.
All right? I know.
Ask before I touch anything.
Hi, Ray.
Nancy, GSW to the upper chest.
Found a casing to a 9 across the street.
Collateral damage from a banger shoot-out.
His name is Dan.
Stay right behind me.
It's okay, Dad.
Help's here.
Did the cops get the guy? I got a pretty good look at him.
Well, we're going to take care of your dad right now.
How are you feeling? Thank you.
I've been better.
I'm sure.
Trachea is midline.
Jugular vein is normal.
There's no cervical spine deformities.
I think they got him.
It's okay, Zack.
Someone just shot you.
Let's not worry about it right now.
Let's let the police do their thing.
Entrance wound to the anterior right deltoid.
Exit through the trapezius.
Can I get some gauze? Yep.
I want you to prep a line of NS.
Is he Is he going to be okay? He needs surgery, but he should be.
Are you doing okay? I'm good.
Well, you don't look good.
Don't sweat it.
I'm good.
Hop in.
Hold up.
It's not me, man.
This your guy? Come on, man.
It ain't me.
Yeah, that's him.
Thank you very much.
You're screwed, Popeye.
I think I hear Chino calling.
Get up.
I ain't pulling my back out for you.
Get up.
You're a piece of crap, Lyons.
Someone should cap your ass.
Walk! Kiss my ass.
You've been in uniform a billion years because you're stupid.
Stupid? What did you say? Get in.
Come on.
Glenn? Get in the rig.
John! Hey! What did you say? Huh? Glenn.
Get in the rig.
Now! What did you say? What are you doing? What are you doing? Huh? You're not talking so much now, are you, you little prick? Get a hold of yourself.
Get up.
Get up.
All right.
All right.
Get up.
For God's sakes, John.
All right.
I think this guy fell down some stairs trying to resist.
Can you fix him up and write up a sheet about what happened? I have a victim who needs transportation.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Come on, Glenn.
We're going.
What the hell are you looking at? Glenn, come on.
Huh? What the hell are you looking at? Prick.
You know, if you're not going to help, just get in the rig, huh? Wait.
What's wrong with you? You don't want to know.
Yeah, I do.
You do? Okay.
I broke up with a guy, and I'm pissed.
See? That face.
That's why I don't talk to you about these things.
What? There was no face.
There was.
What are you It's the only face you got.
What? There was a little bit of a face.
Yeah, there was a little bit of face.
What happened? Not here.
What? He works in the hospital? It's a nurse? That's so cliche.
What? Is he a doctor? I mean, what? DeLuca? Owens.
Dude, your gaydar is way off.
Hey, man.
I'm trying.
You're trying? You're just curious, right? No, I'm not curious.
You're curious.
Don't help me, though.
I think I've got it.
You've got it.
You've got it stuck on that pole.
If you're not going to help, get in the rig.
Hey, man.
I'm just trying to talk to you in your language, bro.
You got me stuck on the pole? Yeah, you're right.
I am stuck on a pole.
Whoa! Sorry I'm late.
Man, you wouldn't believe what happened this morning.
I come downstairs to a knock on my door.
And you wouldn't believe it.
My neighbor Hey, Rabbit.
I don't know if I told you about her, but Rabbit? That's Casey.
What? Oh! Casey, Rabbit.
Good morning.
What is he doing in In my copter? He's going for a ride-along.
All right.
Shut up, Rabbit.
You're not the only one that got some breakfast this morning.
Angel Rescue 2, departing to Marin County.
Copy, AR 2.
Is this our gunshot? Yeah.
This is Dan, 45, GSW.
Single bullet to the right shoulder.
Nine millimeter.
One entrance, one exit wound.
BP 118 over 88.
Pulse 94.
No ectopy.
Breath sounds bilaterally clear.
Patient ready in the east wing Hi, Dan.
I'm Dr.
Van Dine.
Medic 114.
Medic 114.
Return to Station 4 to see the Captain.
What's that all about? The family of the banger that shot your victim is filing a police brutality report against the arresting officer.
Since you were on the scene, you're going to be questioned by the OCC tonight.
From this point on, you are officially forbidden to discuss what happened today with anyone.
Especially each other.
Are we clear, probie? Yes, sir.
You can go.
Geez, this thing's a granny wagon.
You know what you need are some M60s.
Ah, yeah.
So, you kids, what, you hooked up in the sandpit over in Iraq? Casey and I flew together.
A couple of times.
He'd come in on bad runs.
I'm a gunner.
I kill people.
It's kind of a growth industry over there.
Here's to the MBA, and by that, I mean, "My Bank Account.
" Seven hundred and fifty million dollar merger.
It's our freaking dream come true, man.
In this total crap economy.
MBA! Man, you have got to stop saying that.
It's like turning your polo collar up.
So? I've done that.
I know.
Man, you're loaded.
I'm driving.
Well Well, what about your car? We'll get it tomorrow.
Oh! You know.
You've been driving my ass around since high school.
Remember the Malibu? White boat with the radiator that spewed red coolant all over the fenders? How could I forget? Total babe bait, that one.
We were dorks.
I got news for you, buddy.
I think we're always going to be dorks.
Here you go.
What's his name? Passenger said Daryl.
When we got here, he was talking.
Said his chest hurt.
No airbag.
Grab C-spine.
All right.
Hey, Daryl.
Hey, Daryl.
Hey, Boone.
He's got a depression on this side of his head.
Perfect timing, Rabbit.
I'm good like that.
All right.
I'm getting an uneven radial pulse.
Pupils are 4 millimeters.
All right.
Let's get that board.
Let's get out.
What's up, Rabbit? What have we got? Okay.
We've got a head-on MVA.
Car versus truck.
High speed.
No airbag deployment.
No airbag.
Lacerated scalp with palpable depression.
That's bad.
Pulse is uneven.
Any uncal herniation? Responsive to pain.
No abnormal posturing.
Got it.
Hey, Rabbit.
Can you take one more? What's his story? He's got a left radiating Whoa, whoa.
And a right tib-fib fracture.
And he's drunk.
Is Daryl going to be okay? Daryl! Is he? Is he gonna be okay? Your friend's going to be fine.
He's going to be fine.
Okay? Get him out of here.
Got no room.
So So Daryl's going to be okay? He's going to be fine.
He's good.
Daryl! Hey, you ever been questioned by the OCC? Yeah.
I'm freaked.
Just keep your answers short, okay? Yes and no.
That's it.
Considering what happened, I mean Glenn? This is just a formality.
Nobody wants to hang anybody here.
Okay? We're ready.
You're with me.
Love it.
Still got St.
Joe flying with you, huh? Yeah.
You know, I can't help but feel a little bit useless.
Do not even think about it.
He's not looking so good, huh? Hey, bud.
Shut up for a sec.
Angel Rescue 2 to City.
How's he doing, Rabbit? Signs of decorticate posturing.
He's starting to herniate? Yes, he is.
Give 50 grams of mannitol, IV push stat.
Fifty grams.
And we're in.
He stopped breathing.
No pulse.
What's on the monitor? Sinus rhythms.
He's in PEA.
Both valves wide open.
Starting CPR.
Come on, Daryl.
He's in V-fib.
All right.
I'm going to shock at 120.
Getting epi And boom.
Epi 1 mg.
Talk to me, Rabbit.
Everything's headed south, Joe.
It's not looking good.
He's in asystole.
You said he had a bruise on his chest? Yeah, I did.
Come on.
High-speed MVA, the bruise, atypical chest pain, vitals crashing, sudden arrest, adds up to aortic transection.
Yeah, but I can't crack his chest open.
Come on.
I know, Rabbit.
I know.
Come on.
Give me something, then, Joe.
There's got to be something.
There is not.
Tell me about feeling useless.
Well, we received a call near the Mission District for a 45-year-old male with a gunshot wound.
We arrived on scene where we were met by Sergeant Ray.
Sergeant Ray led my partner and I to the victim of the shooting.
I viewed and treated him for a gunshot wound to the right shoulder.
My partner and I then placed the victim and his son into our ambulance.
And then we transported him to San Francisco City Hospital.
Do you remember seeing this man? Yes.
Did he have these wounds when you saw him? Yes.
Now, the hospital admitting report said he had a broken nose, lacerations to the cheek and forehead that required suturing to close.
Does that sound accurate? I didn't treat him, so I wouldn't be able to testify to the extent of his injuries.
You'd have to ask the medics that treated him.
The arresting officer, Officer Lyons, said that these injuries were the result of a fall, but our complainant said he was beaten.
Those injuries would be consistent with a fall.
Did you see the officer assault him? No.
No, I did not.
Did Officer Lyons strike this man? Look, probie, nothing that you tell me is going to surprise me.
We've been keeping an eye on Lyons for a long time for a reason.
So I'm going to ask you again.
Did you see Officer Lyons hit him? Ugly building.
And it smells.
Do not tell me.
But you Just Seriously.
I don't want to know anything, okay? I really hope he doesn't wake up when I'm here.
Where's Daryl? Well, aren't you devastating? Thank you.
I think.
Although you're more my friend Daryl's type.
He's, like, a geek chic kind of guy.
Where is he? Can you tell Dr.
Saviano to come in? Oh, you met him, didn't you? What did he say about me? Because he lies.
I'm Dr.
Nice to meet you.
He's asking about his friend.
Where's Daryl at? Daryl suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident.
Daryl died.
I'm sorry.
That is excellent.
How much is Daryl paying you to punk me? I mean, it's kind of a sick joke, though.
You're way too good-looking to be a real doctor, but It's not a joke.
Your friend died.
Oh, look.
I know it's a joke.
The paramedic told me he was going to be fine.
If you're not going to help me, I'll find him myself.
Please, please.
You need to lie down.
Why are you lying to me, man? No one is lying.
I don't know why you're lying! No one's lying to you.
Haloperidol, IV push.
Just let me talk to him.
I know he's Wow.
That's That's pretty good.
Good night, Nancy.
Good night.
Come here.
Shut the door.
How bad is it? Your probie did a lot of talking at the OCC.
As a result, there's talk of the cop being put on suspension.
And the case is going to the Chief of Police for further investigation.
Lyons has it coming.
That is not the point.
And you know it.
I'm already getting a lot of heat from on high because of this.
Because he told the truth.
Besides which, this is going to cause a lot of ill will with our brothers in blue.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
Now, I understand you have some affection for this probie, but But what? All I'm saying is he might not make it.
If my partner has problems with his career path because of this, because he told the truth, I am telling you, Baz, I am going to feel it necessary to go and explain this to interested parties.
What was that about? Your big mouth.
Look, man.
I'm trying, okay? Just tell me what happened.
He's pissed about my car.
Is that, like, a gay thing? No, you're, like, a gay thing.
No, it's a green thing.
All right? He's just really into preserving the environment.
And amongst other things, he's really upset that I drive such a dinosaur.
Because it spews carbon dioxide, monoxide.
Well, whatever.
It's exhausting, the car and the situation.
And you said? I looked him right in the face, and I said, "Hey, man.
"It's a '72 El Camino.
" Nice.
Yeah, exactly.
Then he just started calling me selfish.
And then I don't know.
Things just blew up.
Yeah, well, he's got a point.
No, no, no, no.
You You either agree with me, or you don't say anything.
No, I'm saying it's good.
We have to take care of our planet.
No more talking.
Hey, listen.
Global warming is real.
Yeah? You know what? The sex was fantastic.
Okay, I mean I'm not having this conversation with you.
He's tender.
He takes his time with me.
But with authority.
He, like, dunks on me.
Well, good for you.
Medic 78, respond to 2300 Oak.
Cross street Shrader.
Abdominal laceration.
All right.
Medic 78.
We are en route to 2300 Oak.
I'm telling you, you haven't been touched until you've been touched by a doctor.
I'm telling you.
Like Liberace.
Ma'am? You called 911? Hi, I'm Boone.
This is Tyler.
What's your name? Valencia.
Can I take a look? All right? Hey, Valencia.
I'm going to go ahead and take a listen here.
I'm just going to check out your heart rate, okay? You know what? That's pretty deep.
Can you tell me what happened? She cut herself.
She cut herself.
Seems like you need to be a little more careful.
You know, I need some gauze.
Yeah? Yeah.
I think we That's what we need.
Right now.
All right.
You know what? Her pulse is 128.
It's weak, but regular.
I'm going to go get that gauze.
All right.
I'm going to move this.
Let me see.
I'm going to take a look.
Let's see where else you're bleeding.
Medic 78 to Control.
78, go ahead.
Request SFPD on location.
Possible domestic violence.
Let me take care of you.
Copy that.
SFPD coming to you.
What's all this stuff for? Well, you know what? She's lost a lot of blood.
She needs fluids or she's going to go into shock.
Well, just patch her up and leave.
I can't do that.
She needs to get to a hospital.
She's not going anywhere.
Look, man.
Get up.
Whoa, whoa.
What? What? Hey.
Get in the car, Valencia.
Hey, listen.
Look, man.
I don't care what happened.
We just want to take care of your girlfriend.
Oh, you just want to take care of my girlfriend.
You want to help her? Yes.
Don't be stupid.
Or she's dead.
Let's go.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Go, go, go, go.
All right.
If we lose her, man, she dies.
Not going to happen.
Medic 78 to Control.
Medic 78.
SFPD is on their way to you.
Copy that.
But the victim and the perpetrator have left the scene.
They are going south on Clayton.
They are approaching Frederick.
We are in pursuit.
Copy that.
Will relay to SFPD.
Hey, can you try to keep the rig on two wheels? Whoa.
That sounded like criticism.
Hey, hey.
Don't lose them.
Car, man.
Whoa! Come on, man.
We're losing them.
Where did they go? I don't know.
Oh, man, we lost them.
Damn it.
Medic 78, SFPD has intercepted suspect.
Medic 114 already on scene.
Sorry, Boone.
This one's mine.
How we doing? Get ready to move.
Driver! Get the gurney.
Throw the knife out the window.
Let me see your hands.
Get out of the car slowly.
Turn around.
Keep your hands in the air.
Step back towards me.
Step back.
Get down on your knees.
Get your hands behind your head.
I got you.
One, two, three.
Oh, hi.
Let's swing, Nance.
I got her.
I need a pressure dressing.
Just try and hold that tight.
Go! Let's do the IV on the way.
Let's just get going.
All right.
Let me ask you a question, you little prick.
Who saved her? You or the cops? What? Are you surprised to see me? I figured on my last shift, I'd pay you a little visit.
I got suspended, pending review.
I don't want any drama with you.
I've got a patient in the back here.
It's a little late for that, probie.
Let me do my job.
I don't know what you think you saw, but your being green just cost me my livelihood.
Hey, hey.
This is not about me being green.
Really? Okay, Lyons? What I saw was an out of control cop beating on a defenseless man.
That's what I saw.
Defenseless man? Defenseless? Popeye Vasquez got his first murder when he was 15 years old.
He walked from that.
We got him on an aggravated rape.
He only did two and a half years.
And, now, he nearly kills a man trying to have lunch with his son.
Is that defenseless? Lyons, I get it.
He's a bad guy.
I get it.
But that doesn't justify what you did.
You can't go around hitting people.
You lost it.
I did.
I did.
Violence is a tool.
It's necessary on the job.
And when you saw me coming, you thought I was going to work you over, didn't you? It crossed my mind.
And Popeye's boys are going to think the same thing every time they see me.
Is that right? I don't know.
Probably not.
Is it effective? You tell me.
I can't believe you're still this anal over this stuff.
Well, copters don't mess around.
Do you know that rescue birds crash just as much as combat? That's crap.
It's true.
Your partner's a trip.
And then some.
No, I like him.
I'm not surprised.
He reminds me of one of those thousand-yard stare guys back in it.
Do not tell him that.
Tell him what? That you remind Casey of the psycho burnouts back at the sandpit.
Oh, cool.
Not really.
The guys that didn't kill themselves were, well, they were dicks.
We'll meet you at We'll meet you.
Yeah, right, okay.
See you there.
You know this is just going to take longer.
Safety first.
This guy.
Rabbit, you would have loved looking at him.
Three nubs.
Three nubs or two nubs? I'll take care of those drinks.
Three nubs.
And he was the best shooter out of everybody.
Three nubs.
That's fascinating.
Nubby Ned.
Nubby Ned.
And he was the best shooter out of everybody.
Sounds delightful.
It was really Glenn? What's up, Glenn? Hey.
We have a problem, Rabbit.
Much as I'm a fan of all things reckless, Glenn, this bar is not the best bar for you tonight.
I'll deal with it.
You sure? Toby.
When you get the chance, can I get a round of beers for those four gentlemen over there? Sure thing, bud.
Here we go.
Gasoline meets fire.
Hey, Rabbit.
Oh, Kev.
I'm disappointed in your choice of drinking buddies.
You know, they put Lyons on suspension.
Oh, yeah? FD should never mess with PD livelihood.
Give me a break, man.
You can't blame the Fire Department for what he did.
You know what? If I were you, I'd shut my mouth.
Step back.
Step back.
Come on, Kev.
You made your point.
All right? We've got no beef with you, Rabbit.
I appreciate that.
But, come on, man.
Glenn, here, is a good friend of my old partner, Nancy.
And, you know, hell, he's a probie.
Come on.
I don't know him that well.
I might not even agree with what he did.
Hell, I don't even like him that much.
But, guys, if you all get stupid, then I've got to get stupid.
That would just be stupid.
Come on.
Look at that face.
I can't afford to get any uglier.
I don't like the odds.
Come on.
It's a probie.
It's not worth it.
All right? All right.
All right.
I said I didn't need your help.
Yeah, you did.
Come on.
You're welcome, bud.
You're all right, Rabbit.
You, too, Case.
There's a really nice motel next door if you two need a room.
I would, but I've got to go.
It's getting late.
It's early.
He's talking about shift change at the hospital.
I'm just an ambassador of goodwill to our health care providers.
All right? Right.
Take care, you two.
And, Case, have fun back in that sandbox, all right? Say hi to Diana.
Appreciate it.
Shut up.
Here you go, guys.
On me.
FD to the PD, all right.
Love you guys.
Much love.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Have you seen the patient in 112? Raleigh? No.
He was there last time I checked.
Where are you? Where are you? I know you're here.
This isn't funny anymore.
Come on! Nurse? Call security.
Raleigh? I need you to come The paramedic said that he was okay.
He's okay.
That's what he told me.
Calm down, man.
"He's okay," he said.
He would.
That's what he told me.
Not now, Rabbit.
Can't you get this guy some grief counseling or something? We did, Rabbit.
You're the one who told his friend he was going to be all right.
I tell them all that.
So I've heard.
It keeps them out of my hair, keeps them quiet so I can do my job.
I mean, look, I got these guys in my copter for 12 minutes.
I can't do more than that.
It's called life support.
Not long-term care.
Sounds like you're embracing your limitations.
You know, I'm really sorry this guy can't handle reality.
But people die.
This happens.
It's not my problem.
Sorry to hear that.
I have to get back to work and fill out new orders for what's not your problem.
You know, four-point restraints? Take care of yourself, Rabbit.
So how long before Uncle Sam takes you away? I don't know.
My leave ended three days ago.
Crap, Casey.
I knew it.
You're AWOL.
I'm not going back.
You have to go back.
Marisa, I'm sick of killing people.
Well, then stop being a gunner.
And go for intelligence.
It's war.
It's not some joke.
You knew what you were getting yourself into, man.
And so do they.
Do they? Yeah.
Look I'm just here to have a good time.
And if you're in, that's great.
But if you're not God, I guess I'll just have to leave.
You know you're sleeping on the floor, right? You were the best thing I've ever had.
You are so full of crap.
You know that you have to go back.
Not tonight.
You You said Daryl was going to be okay.
Yeah, I did.
Things are getting out of hand here, bud.
You're all tied up.
People in the hospital are getting upset.
You want to cut all the BS? Yeah.
Yeah? You want to see your friend, Daryl? Oh.
It's about time.
Let's get you in that chair.
They've been lying to me.
This is the morgue.
Oh, come on, man.
This is bull.
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey.
I wish it were, bud.
Daryl died in my copter.
I did everything I could.
He had an aortic transection, which means he tore his main line.
And without being able to crack open his chest, there was nothing I could do.
There was nothing anyone could do.
This is all a lie, man.
You said he was okay.
I know.
I know.
That's what you said to me.
I told you he was fine.
I lied.
Okay? I wanted to make you feel better.
I wanted you to shut up.
I wanted to do my job.
So that I could get on to trying to help Daryl.
That's what I did.
That's the truth.
I know a little bit about this.
You are going to have to deal with reality now.
And let it go.
I know you want to try and make sense out of this, and I know you want some kind of cause and effect.
But this world isn't like that.
I see people die every day for no reason.
I don't know what to do, man.
Do what we all do.
Just live.
As hard and as easy as that is.
I'll be outside.
I'll take it from here.
This is much nicer than the Green Zone.
And the coffee's better, too.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Marisa, I'm not trying to get you in trouble here.
I'm not trying to pull you into any of my stuff.
I just came to see you.
I know.
But you know you have to go back.
No, I know.
I know.
No, no, no.
I know.
Look at me.
Hmm? You're going back.
Oh, you can't be serious.
He'll be right out.
He's just getting his stuff.
You can't be serious right now.
Come on.
You know as well as I do that turning yourself in is better than getting caught.
You want to get put up on desertion? You don't want that.
You want to be, what, a fugitive? Run from the law? Really? Your whole life? I am doing you a favor.
I can't believe you.
You don't want to quit.
You sure about that? And I'm giving you St.
One of a kind.
No one has ever gotten St.
You be careful out there, okay? I'll bring him back soon.
You mess me up, flygirl.
It's just a rental.
That's it.
I'm just trying it out.
It's incredibly quiet.
It's, like, opposite of a Magic Johnson movie theater, actually.
Extremely quiet.
Just say something, all right? It's more fun watching you beat yourself up.
Oh, that's fun? You know what's even funner is you won't hear it coming when I hit you with it.
This should be interesting.
You got that right.
Tell me something.
Do you know every transient in this city? Oh, he is not a transient.
Do not call him that.
Naz is old school, man.
He is, like, a bum and proud of it.
Are you ready to meet one of The Incredibles? The what? The Incredibles.
In San Francisco, there are three bums, okay, who are invulnerable.
This guy has been shot, stabbed, burned and hit by a bus.
And he's still taking over.
That's genetics.
And he's a schizophrenic crackhead.
So stay alert.
Hey, Naz.
This is my partner, Glenn.
What's up? So Dispatch tells me you have a bad leg.
Oh, my leg.
It's infected.
Can I have a look at it? Not him.
Stay back.
But get me the gauze.
That a new sweater? It's nice.
It's good.
I mean, not many men can rock a cardigan, but you You have that professor thing going on.
So, how are you feeling, other than Other than this? Is he your boyfriend? Glenn? No.
You whore! Cheaters never prosper.
Cheaters never prosper.
Cheaters never prosper.
Glenn! Glenn! What are you doing? Okay, Naz.
Okay, okay, okay.
Talk to me.
I'm Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Open your mouth.
You're okay.
Hey, I didn't mean for things to get out of hand.
Nobody ever does.
It's okay, Glenn.
It's okay.