Trauma s01e10 Episode Script

Blue Balloon

Almost off the box.
Yeah, I am so ready to be at home right now.
To what? My bed, my place.
And? What is up with you? Partners know partners.
You have something going on.
What? You're projecting.
You're dodging.
See? I caught you.
Tell me.
No, I'm just thinking, you know, how much we sound like partners, that's all.
You are seeing someone, aren't you? Just drop it, okay? Hey, Nance, after everything that we've been through you know you can tell me that kind of thing, right? It's cool.
Glenn, after everything we've been through I would tell you that kind of thing.
Just please drop this, okay? You promise? I promise.
Pinky promise.
I don't know.
Bro, do you mind? I'll be just a minute.
Hey, you can read the sign, right, bro? Pull forward.
Yeah, but But, bro, there was a car here.
So, I started filling my tank.
Just chill a second.
You got a problem? No, I'm I'm just trying to pump gas.
I'll kick your ass.
Kick my ass? Oh, you think that's funny? You think that's funny, bro? No.
No, it's just Oh, geez.
Oh, bro, listen.
All right, all right, listen.
Can you talk? Are you choking? Call 911! What's wrong? I've got you.
Call them! Another day done.
Let's get out of here.
Medic 114, respond Code Three.
Gas station at 676 Hayworth, choking and cardiac arrest.
A choking and cardiac arrest? Are you kidding me? Another day is done? Did you have to jinx it? Never a dull moment.
I need a dull moment.
Just one.
Hey, guys, watch out.
Coming through.
Coming through.
Hey! Sir! Sir! Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'll take it from here.
Sir, can you hear me? I've got you, I've got you, I've got you.
Okay, I need to get him on oxygen.
He choked.
I Heimliched him up.
Back up.
But then, he had a heart attack.
Grabbed his chest.
Had trouble breathing.
He's not having a heart attack.
No offense, but I really think you should check his heart.
I just did, okay? He's clutching his chest because when you gave him the Heimlich, you actually broke one of his ribs.
That rib has now punctured his lung.
Can you get him on the gurney? I've got him.
Right behind you.
Here we go.
Nance Glenn? I told you he had a heart attack.
Look, I've seen this before.
I saw it.
He gets scared from the choking and he has a heart attack.
I saw it before.
I saw it before.
Tension pneumo needle.
Just back up.
Let us do our job, man.
Do your job? I saw it in his face.
I saw it in his eyes.
He's not having a heart attack.
The CPR you gave him for 10 minutes or so? It actually cracked his sternum, pushing that rib further and further into his lung.
How does the breath sound? Okay.
He's stabilizing.
Okay, take it.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Welcome back.
You scared us, buddy.
Where did you get your First Aid? I watch a lot of documentaries.
Okay, well, doing what you did may well have saved his life from choking.
But Heimlich and CPR done wrong almost killed him.
What's your name? Ricky.
Uh, Richard.
Well, Ricky, do me a favor.
Take a CPR course.
Are we good? Yeah.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Sorry, bro.
Late night.
Yeah, we got a call right at the end of shift.
You are not going to believe this, right? What? Some guy pulled off his own head and threw it at you? No.
Because that would just be insane.
That would be something I wouldn't believe.
But anything else, I'm good for.
What you got? Okay.
This guy starts choking, right? Yeah.
Bystander Heimlich's him.
Okay, so, he, uh, cracked the guy's rib.
Well, yes.
Fine, okay, yes.
But that is not all.
Okay, the guy does it so hard that he punctures his lung.
So, yeah.
He's not choking anymore, but the guy has shortness of breath and clutching his chest.
Oh, no.
The guy gives him CPR.
But for 10 minutes.
And let's just say that he was not being gentle.
Please tell me the guy lived.
The CPR guy? Yeah.
One beautiful needle thoracostomy later, our Heimlich victim is going to be just fine.
You're amazing.
Can you drive like we're not 16-year-olds on our first date? Uh-uh.
You've already had an accident.
I'm not going to be the cause of another.
Look, do not be such a wuss, okay? Thank you.
Otherwise, we're going to be late.
I just realized.
We can't go in to work like this.
Everyone will find out.
Now, you're acting like a 16-year-old.
You know these things don't work out at work.
I mean, it just doesn't work.
Look what happened between you and Terry.
Now you're being a dick.
No, seriously.
I mean Do you really want Glenn or Marisa to get a hold of this? Okay.
Glenn does already wonder.
See? See? All right.
Pull over, pull over.
I'll get out here.
I'll walk the rest of the way.
No, I'II I'll take you a little further.
Honestly, the next corner is fine.
Please, just pull over here.
Uh, hang on a second.
Now, are you doing this because you don't want everyone to find out, or you don't want Glenn to find out? Just take the win, Rabbit.
Okay? Come on.
You got a second? Yeah, yeah.
What's on your mind? You know, things are finally working out between me and Sela.
Well, that's great.
I've got to be honest, you know, the job is not exactly helping.
Oh, you're preaching to the choir.
So, uh I'm trying to get behind a desk.
You think it's that simple? I don't know.
You know, I've got too much seniority to switch over to suppression.
And I want to work towards something other than being on the field all day.
I'll tell you what.
My daughter's got a soccer game today.
I was going to call North in to hold the desk for me.
Why don't you do it? You know I've never done the job before, though.
Mostly, it's just fielding phone calls.
Look, if there's a problem, you call me on my cell.
Boone, it's a win-win for both of us.
You get to see if this seat is something you want to pursue.
And I get to enjoy some paternal pride.
Watching my little girl kick ass on the soccer field.
Listen up! Listen up! What? Friends, medics, and countrymen, I will not be with you today.
Medic Boone will be Acting Captain today.
What Whoa! And I am trusting that you will all show him the courtesy and respect that the position deserves.
I give you Acting Captain Boone.
All right, cool.
Everybody knows what to do.
Go do it and have a good day.
God bless.
That's it? That's it.
Have a good day.
Yes, sir.
Nicely played, my man.
Thank you very much.
Very nice.
Good for you.
Captain Boone.
What? What the hell am I supposed to do? I don't know, man.
Drive another medic.
I've got to go to work.
Drive another medic.
Drive another medic.
Seriously, what am I supposed to do? Hey.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Saw you get out of Rabbit's car this morning.
Yeah, I'm having my brakes fixed.
All right.
Well, the box is locked, loaded, and ready to go.
"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan "A stately pleasure-dome decree "Where Alph, the sacred river, ran "Through caverns measureless to man "Down to a sunless sea "So twice five miles of fertile ground "With walls and towers were girdled round "And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills "Where blossom'd many an incense-bearing tree "And here were " Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance.
Thanks for getting here so fast.
How long since Ms.
Lane went down? About 10 minutes.
Is she on any medications? Not that I know of.
Any allergies? Nothing in her employee file.
Hey, ma'am? Thank you.
I'll take it from here.
Lane, can you hear me? Go.
Respiration's six per minute.
Bag her.
Ossie Davis.
What's going on? Could you just give me a second of privacy? Thank you, guys.
Thank you.
Ossie Davis, Nance? The only words I could think of that began with "O" and "D.
" Didn't want the world to know.
Why not? She deserves to get canned.
Nodding off in front of her class like that? That's lame.
Okay, she's 80 and strong.
Give me the nasal naloxone.
Come on, come on.
Oh, there it There it is.
Get her over.
Come on.
There you go.
Come on.
Get it out.
I'll just drop off this kidney and be right back.
Nature calls.
You can't hold it? Nope.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
Where's the ladies room? Oh.
Hang a right at the end of the hall.
Oh, great.
Nice suit.
Thank you.
I used to fly Hueys in Nam.
What are you soaring in? Uh, Bell 212.
I bet those puppies have got a lot of kick.
Oh, she's a beauty.
I'd love to keep talking, but I've got to run to the bathroom.
I'll be right back, though, okay? Not a problem.
Okay, I I'm sorry that the paramedics All right.
Ma'am? Yes.
I I'm sorry that the paramedics scared your cat.
But from the report it says that they were resuscitating your neighbor.
Ma'am, listen to me.
Ma'am? Listen to me.
Okay, I'm going to need to put you on hold.
I'll put you on hold or I'll call you back.
Dude, what are you doing, man? What do you mean, what am I doing? Man, you can see what I'm doing.
I'm bored.
Dude, you're licking your Hey.
What are you, like, a kid? What are you, Captain Hank Stanley? You don't know who that is, do you? Hmm.
I'm doing something very adult here.
I'm working.
You You You're doing something grown up here.
Real pressing work here.
Listen, I've been dancing around the station all morning with nothing to do because of you.
Give me something to do.
Hook me up.
I've got something for you.
I've been waiting What you got? Waiting to give it to you.
You've been waiting.
Hey, I'll take that.
Because I deserve an applause.
And I'll tell you one other thing.
This Captain thing? Going right to your head.
I don't like it.
Doesn't look good on you.
I'm muting you.
It didn't really work.
I've got a call.
I just did that because I wanted to.
You hung up on her, didn't you? So, I hung up on Hung up on her.
Dude, get out of here, man! I'm so embarrassed.
This is all a mistake.
I was at a party this weekend.
They were passing some stuff around.
It must have still been in my system.
I don't have much tolerance for any kind of drug.
So, you snort a little dope on Saturday and then drop on Tuesday.
That makes sense.
Please don't tell my boss.
We didn't.
Looks like the naloxone worked.
I can keep her here for a little while, but, uh, we need the bed.
Twelve ODs in 24 hours.
Six people have already died.
What? Must be some bad dope out there.
Hey, we got this from the teacher.
Oh, thank you.
I'll get this to the lab.
They can figure out what it's cut with, and maybe that will help.
No, no, no, no, no.
Wait a second.
Wait a second.
Where's the copter? Am I being punked? Marisa? Marisa, where's the helicopter? Okay, wait a second.
It's gone, Rabbit! Oh, you've got to be kidding Wait, hold on.
I'm about to freak out right now.
Well, we left it right here, right? Hold on.
Did someone steal the helicopter? What? Dude, it's, like, totally gone.
Angel Rescue 2, do you read me? Angel Rescue 2, do you copy? Answer me, you thieving little prick.
Hey, watch your language on the radio.
Watch my language? Yeah, it's irresponsible.
That bastard stole my helicopter.
And when we find him, I'm going to mess him up.
And we are going to find him.
No, no, no.
What we've got to do right now is we've got to call the cops or the FAA or something.
What? No.
No, no, no way.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've got to be responsible.
I mean, this is serious.
I mean, what did you do, give the guy the keys? I put the keys in the chin bubble.
Oh, the chin bubble.
The chin bubble.
Yeah, that will do it.
All helicopter pilots put the keys in the chin bubble, genius.
Don't call me names, okay? I'm not the one that just got my copter jacked by a cripple.
Angel Rescue 2, please respond.
Angel Rescue 2, this is Marisa Benez, the pilot of the helicopter you just jacked.
Acting Captain Boone.
Hey, Boone.
You are going to love this.
Hey, Rabbit.
What's up? What's going on? What did you do this time? Nope.
Dude, not me.
She, uh, lost the copter.
What? Where are you right now? The VA.
I mean, some guy just, like, uh, took off in the copter.
So, what What did you do? Do we call the cops? The Army? No way.
Not the Army.
I don't see what's so funny.
A mess-up this big? Oh, that is hilarious.
I'm I'm glad to see I'm glad to see that you think it's funny.
Look, do us a solid and send someone to pick us up.
Hey, guys.
Guys, listen up just for a second.
I just want to let you know that there is some bad heroin going around right now, okay? We've had a lot of calls.
It comes in a blue balloon.
If you're going to take, take safe, okay? Do it with a buddy.
And if you get into any trouble, take this naloxone.
You got some? Yeah.
And call us.
You know, it could save your life.
Preventative medicine, huh? Yeah, help people take care of themselves.
Yeah, well, if they could take care of themselves, then we wouldn't be here.
Look, Nancy, I know you.
I know you have a soft touch.
What? Don't get pissed.
It It's what makes you good at your job.
But Nancy, these are junkies.
I mean, they'll con you, they'll lie to you.
I mean, they're capable of things you can't even imagine.
Who was it? Mother, father, brother, sister, lover? I mean, come on.
It obviously hit a nerve.
It's a sister.
I don't want to discuss this.
Not here.
When did she die? She didn't die.
It probably would have been better if she did.
Sir, can you please step away from the rig? Sir? Ain't nobody ever called me that.
Hey, Nancy.
How are you doing, Duke? Been doing all right.
You know, long term, I've seen better days.
Short term, I'm doing just fine.
You know him? Yeah, Duke and I go way back to my probie days, right? Saved his life once.
Try twice.
Hey, I got one for you, Nancy.
Uh, pick a card.
All right.
Don't show me which one.
Don't you be looking.
I'm not looking.
I know your type.
All right.
You got it? I got it.
All right.
Put it back in there.
All right.
That's the deuce of hearts.
No? No.
Which one is it? Eight of clubs.
Eight of clubs? Check your right front pocket.
What? Eight of clubs.
That is crazy.
You have got to show me how you did that.
Oh, you know I can't do that, Nancy.
You want to try, sir? No, I'm good, man.
You sure? Yeah.
I'm good, thanks.
So, you know there's some pretty bad dope out there.
Yeah, I heard.
And I shall steer clear.
And if I get in trouble, I can give you a call, right? You got my number.
Angel Rescue 2, you're in a serious heap of trouble.
Are you Miss Benez? Yes, sir.
I think it's obvious Mr.
Smith isn't going to be chatting.
The man who stole your helo? Edward Smith.
Sixty years old.
Recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Oh, great.
One last spin around the block.
Well, we can't be sure.
But it's safe to say his condition is affecting his reasoning.
You think? We're turning this into an inter-agency mission.
Coast Guard is going to work hand in hand with SFPD.
It's an RWAl.
What the hell is that? Rotary Wing Air Intercept.
They're either going to force it down or they're going to shoot it down.
No way.
Come on.
The guy's just going for a joy ride.
He's not a terrorist.
Doesn't matter, we can't chance it.
Now, and here I thought you guys were just hazing Boone.
You're serious here.
Hell, no.
Medic 78, respond Code Two to 370 Lindale for unknown medical aid.
Medic 78 en route.
I need a medic.
Anybody here a medic? Oh.
I'm a medic.
You're a medic.
Burnette Let's do this.
You're taking a call? Yeah.
Hell, yeah.
I mean Hey, thanks, man.
Dude, you got another one of those? Mmm? Come on.
Where's your stash? Ah Huh? Boom! Edward, I know you can hear me.
Okay? Answer me.
He ain't answering you.
Even if he does, it's not our problem anymore.
Not our problem? It's still my helicopter, Rabbit.
And there's a U.
Serviceman up in it.
Sounds like somebody needs to let it go.
Tyler, not right now.
All right.
All right.
Let's play this game.
If you're a crazy vet with a stolen copter, where would you go in San Francisco? The Bay.
He's going to the Bay.
The Bay.
Golden Gate.
That's what I would Sightseeing.
He's not going to hit Alcatraz.
He's not going to go over water.
Why? That would make him a sitting duck.
He's a soldier.
He's probably smart enough to fly over populated areas.
Military intelligence.
Clever duck.
Very smart.
Oh, there we go.
How about that game? It feels so quiet.
Yeah, it does.
Okay, let's check it out.
Out of the way.
Where are you? Come on, Edward.
Oh, man.
Hey, Edward, you keep this up, you know that they're going to shoot you down, right? Shoot you down.
I can see someone's on the floor in the kitchen.
Call it in.
Dispatch, this is Medic 78.
Uh, we see someone lying on the ground inside.
Hello, sir? Attempting to gain entry.
Hello? Copy that, Medic 78.
All right.
No? No.
All right.
Do it up.
Hello, sir.
Can you hear me? Hello, sir.
How are you doing? Sir, can you tell us how you got down on the ground? All right.
I'm just going to pop off those glasses.
Looks like you had a little accident there, sir.
Oh, Fonzo.
Is that you? No.
No Fonzo.
Who the hell is Fonzo? Keep your eyes open just like that, okay? Edward.
Come on, Edward.
Angel Rescue 2, do you copy? Where the hell are you? Oh, well, it looks like you had a little accident there.
Is that you, Fonzie? Fonzie.
Who's Fonzie? Is Fonzie Is Fonzie here with you? Fonzie.
He's alert.
Where is he? Fonzie! He's got no MedicAlert tags.
Diabetic shock? I don't think so.
Let's check his pulse.
Not another OD.
You know, you're throwing a little oil here.
Excuse me? Your bird's throwing oil.
Not a lot.
But it's something you should keep an eye on.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I know I know she's a little bit of an oil burner.
She ain't burning it.
You using cst 9 transmission oil? Yeah, yeah.
Of course, I am.
That's the problem.
It's cracking your bypass valves.
Wait a second.
Edward! Edward, get the hell out of my helicopter.
After two tours of Vietnam, you can call me Captain Smith.
I work for a living.
Captain Benez, Iraq.
Okay? Yeah.
And I worked for a living, too.
Until you decided to go off and steal my helicopter.
You know what year it is? Fourteen.
And your name? Phil.
Your name's Phil.
Phil it up.
Is Fonzo Is Fonzo your cat? Fonzo! Are you Fonzo? Grab my hands.
This one, too.
Grab both hands.
I'm going to hold them up.
Now, when I let go, I Close your eyes.
I'm going to let go.
Now, keep holding them out straight.
Oh, yeah.
Hold them up nice and straight.
That's great.
You're doing really good.
Let's get him out of here now.
He's having a stroke.
Edward! Damn it.
Hey, guys, I got him! I got him.
You guys, come on.
We've got to go find him.
No way.
We've got to get this guy to the hospital.
You might want to try getting your priorities straight.
Hey, Edward.
I get it, okay? You've had your joy ride.
You've had your little spin in the air.
Now, land immediately.
Look, Captain Benez, I've got a brain tumor.
You know I ain't landing this thing.
You're a soldier.
How would you want to go? In a hospital with your brains oozing out your ear? Or flying free up in the sky? Angel Rescue 2 out.
No, it is not our policy to leave a $2 million helicopter unattended.
Okay, yes, I know that is a National Security issue.
Yes, I I'm Acting Captain.
I've I've tried to get in touch with Captain Basra.
This is Sebastian Basra.
Straight up.
I will never ride with this bitch again.
Bitch? Oh, that's great.
You see? This is the level of respect I'm getting.
You want respect? Earn it.
Riding my ass and treating people like crap is not how you get it.
Okay, ladies.
How long you guys been riding together? Two years.
Is there anything else going on here? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Nothing, nothing.
I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this And find out what the problem is.
Just Just hold on.
The problem's simple.
Acting Captain Boone.
Is it Acting Captain Boone? What is that? Acting? What is that about? That's cute.
Ladies, can you close the door? Thanks.
I told you to get them here.
Okay, that's your job.
They're in a lot of trouble, bro.
I know.
They lost the helicopter.
Who does that? No, Boone, we keep getting calls.
I mean, you know, I've got Rabbit.
I'm going to use him.
I mean, we just rocked a stroke call.
No offense.
I miss you.
Okay, man.
You know what? I'm out.
I'm gone.
Hey, hey.
We got him.
Boone, Boone.
We got the chopper, man.
We out.
Okay, turn left here.
Turn left now.
There you go.
Medic 114, we have a possible drug overdose in Needle Park.
Please respond.
Duke, are you okay? Mmm My stomach is killing me, Nancy.
Here, let me have a look.
Let me at it.
Can you take his vitals? Your stomach doesn't feel hard.
Pulse is 80.
It's fine.
Yeah, I want to take him in for observation still.
Can you get up? Yeah.
All right.
Hey, you don't have any needles on you, do you? I don't want to get poked.
Hey, show a little respect.
I ain't that sloppy.
Just a question.
No, Nancy.
I really don't see what the point is.
We take him in, patch him up, he goes AMA, he's back out here getting high.
It starts all over.
The great circle of life.
It's just a vicious cycle that costs time and money.
You, my friend, are a realist.
Which is great for the unimaginative.
Shut up.
Man, just shut up.
Sit down.
Can you remember you are still talking to a patient? You're too close to this guy, Nancy.
For once, I might have a little more experience than you, Nance.
Hey, Edward.
Just talk to me, okay? You're not going to do anything stupid now, are you? Benez, I already swiped a helicopter.
Seems like I've already done something stupid.
Yeah, that's true.
It's pretty stupid.
But it wasn't dead stupid.
This thing has got some real juice.
Quick mover.
I like it.
Yeah, she's a beauty.
I like her, too.
Hey, Edward, let's just try to figure this out, okay? I mean, you've got a lot of people who are really pissed off at you right now.
Well, that won't be the first time.
Yeah, but this time, it's people like you.
How do you mean? Oh, you know, cops, firemen, firefighters, Coast Guard.
People who know what it means to serve.
I just wanted to fly.
I know, man.
I get it.
I know how good it feels to just sail away and fly.
But sometimes, we've all got to land, you know.
This is Duke.
Thirty-seven years old.
IV drug abuser.
No offense.
None taken.
BP's 108 over 71.
Heart rate is 78.
Complaining of acute stomach pains.
Thanks, Nancy.
Oh, I don't see anything.
No planes, no birds, I don't even All right, Tyler, we got your point.
Let's head back into the city traffic.
Oh, there he is! Where? Where? Angel Rescue 2, do you copy? Edward, Angel Rescue 2, do you copy? Come on.
Let's go L and S.
L and S.
Hey, forget it.
I am not going lights and sirens on a non-call.
Oh, yes, you are.
I'll be damned.
Here we go.
Code Three.
Here we go.
Oh, look at these Look at these idiots.
Come on! Siren's on! Get out of the way! Move it! Uh-huh.
Welcome to my world.
Welcome to my world.
We lost him.
Come on, try him on the radio.
Edward! Edward! Edward, do you copy? Do you read me? Edward? Damn it! Hey.
Respect the rig.
It's mine.
You about ready to go? Four vials of morphine are missing.
What? But how Oh, no.
What? So are my keys.
What? Gina, where is the guy I just brought in for abdominal pain? Trauma bay four.
He's not there.
Maybe he went to the bathroom or something.
Duke! No? Nothing.
The signs were all over the place with this guy, and you missed them.
Duke has never done that before.
Nancy, he's a junkie.
There's bad dope on the streets.
What did you expect? It's not our fault, Glenn.
It's A patient took morphine from us.
Nancy, it doesn't matter? Missing drugs is a federal offense.
I think you're making more out of this than there is.
No, I don't think I am.
I I'm new.
I'm a probie.
I'm a probie who's already been involved in an MVA and caused a big stink with SFPD.
The brass has been looking for a reason to can me, and we just gave them one.
All right, look.
I will take full responsibility for all of this.
That's not what I'm saying.
You're supposed to be teaching me, right? Captain Basra's office.
Boone? Hey.
What's going on? A patient has taken all the morphine from my rig.
What? Are you Are you joking? No, I wish I was.
All right.
Do you Do you have any idea where it is? Yeah, maybe.
Well, you're going to have to go get it.
Mmm! What? There, there! Go through there.
You know, we should really do this more often, Rabbit.
Edward, come on, man.
You're running out of gas.
You've got to land at some point.
Yeah, I know.
I was just thinking about that.
Look, Captain Benez, soldier to soldier, I promise I won't hurt anybody.
Yeah? Not even the soldier in the copter? Well, that promise is a little tricky.
What? I just saw an accident down below.
Bicycle got hit by a car.
Looks pretty bad.
I'm not messing around, Miss Benez.
Looks like the bicycle guy needs some help.
Uh, where is the accident, Edward? No street signs up here.
I see a huge cathedral with twin peaks.
I got it.
Peter and Paul's Church on Washington Square.
Yeah, got it.
Control, this is Medic 78.
We are en route to a cyclist versus auto on Washington Square.
Is that you, Rabbit? Where did you pick up a call? Yeah, it's Rabbit.
And don't even ask.
This is awkward.
You stole from me, Duke.
And I am ashamed about that, Nancy.
I was stuck between a rock and my own hard place.
I had bad drugs on the streets.
Good drugs in your ambulance.
I'm sorry.
Dude, she put herself out there for you.
You stabbed her in the back.
Well, I think I can make it up to you.
There were four.
Sorry, my love.
Unfortunately, the fourth one has disappeared.
Your tricks are not going to work for you this time.
Control, I need an SFPD unit now.
Copy that, 114.
We'll notify SFPD.
Hey, Nancy.
Come on.
Let's do a trick.
Come on, pick a card, Nancy.
Angel Rescue 2, do you copy? Edward, do you copy? Give us some room, sir.
Thank you.
All right, check out that bike, huh? Suicide rocket.
How cool.
What's your name? James.
All right.
He's conscious.
Careful with that head.
There you go.
Get a C-spine on him.
All right.
Here we go.
Well Help me.
All right.
No brakes, no helmet.
Okay, we've got a distal radius fracture.
Anything else hurting? Huh, James? Okay.
Possible head trauma, a compound clavicle fracture, femur fracture, and multiple abrasions.
Hands, arms, and face.
His pupils are uneven, Rabbit.
No good.
Not good at all.
All right, kiddie.
Wakey, wakey.
You still with us? All right, let's get him intubated and in the rig.
I don't think we're going to have enough time.
All right, Marisa.
Get me my damn copter now.
Hey, Edward? Did you mean what you said about not hurting anybody? Yes, ma'am, I did.
Then, you listen to me.
You are a soldier, which means that you understand honor and duty.
And right now, I have a man who will die unless I can get him to the hospital in that helicopter.
So, I am asking you, Edward, to please help this man.
Where do you want me? Just east of the church.
And, hey, thanks a lot, Edward.
Guys, we've got a copter! Hey! Let's go! Let's go! One, two, three! Let's move! Good to meet you, Captain Benez.
You, too, Edward.
Captain Burnette, Angel Rescue 2 is under my control and ready for service.
Hey, Edward! How you doing? Control, this is Angel Rescue 2, en route to City Hospital.
Climbing up to 500.
Copy that, Angel Rescue 2.
You are cleared to 500.
So, what happens to me? You go back, and you deal with it.
I really can't believe you're doing this, Nancy.
That's why you chose me to rip off.
We are what we are.
And I really am ashamed of what I did.
Me, too.
Hey, Abe! Watch my head.
You You can say it.
You were right, you know.
I got too close, and I got played.
I'm not going to gloat.
Feel free to head check me sometimes, though.
Okay? Acting Captain Boone, please hold.
Acting Captain Boone, please hold.
When the shift is ending, I usually just stop answering.
Captain, I'm glad to see you.
You know, I Look.
I hope your daughter's game was great, because today was not the day for you to leave.
Oh, I don't know.
Marisa loses a helicopter.
Nancy's rig gets jacked for morphine.
Sounds like the perfect day to miss, if you ask me.
I know.
SFPD called me immediately.
And you didn't call me.
I wanted to see you think on your feet.
You did.
Copter's back.
So is most of the morphine.
All is well.
Yeah, I guess so.
Kind of a crappy job, though.
Isn't it? Hey.
This is Deirdre, 72.
She lives in a residential home.
Her emphysema's flaring up.
Bilateral wheezing.
Slow respirations, and her pulse ox is Is not good.
Okay, Gina's going to take care of you, okay? That's the school teacher.
Oh, yeah.
She crashed into a light post on Geary.
They found her unconscious with low respiratory rate, and a bottle of pills in her passenger seat.
Is it oxycodone? Yeah.
We're keeping her here overnight.
They're going to charge her with a DUl.
And I've got a drug counselor coming in, but ODs twice in one day.
Guess you were right about her, too.
Nancy, give me a sec? I'll catch up with you.
I remember you.
Landing in the ER twice in one day.
You know that's a problem, right? I don't need a lecture.
Lectures don't work.
I'm not going to give you a lecture.
I knew a girl.
She was the most beautiful little girl I ever knew.
When she got older, she OD'd three times in 36 hours.
The first time, the nurse talked to her.
Second time, her dad talked to her.
Third time, no one talked to her for a long, long time.
She came out of a coma and went to rehab.
They talked a lot to her in there.
Six months later, she was living in a motel.
And I don't like to think how she was earning her money.
She's in a halfway house now.
Maybe it will stick.
Most likely it won't.
I love my sister.
You and I can end up seeing a whole lot of each other over the next few years.
I'm not excited about watching you waste away and die.
That is exactly what's going to happen until you start to care more about your life than I do.
So? So, what? So, you missed it out there today, didn't you? Dude, I'm telling you, we were chasing a helicopter across the city.
Rabbit's breaking windows, are you kidding me? I knew I loved that guy for a reason.
Tell me you didn't sit around all day getting splinters in your ass.
Oh, it wasn't that great.
I figured.
You're a man that's made for the field.
You know that, right? I might do it again, though.
Yeah, right.
You're joking, right? Well, you could do worse than having me as Captain.
Yeah, but, I mean I don't think I could do much better for a partner.
Good night, man.
All right, Captain Boone.
That's the point.
Hear you got your copter back.
My copter.
Anyway, I heard about Duke.
Sorry about that.
Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow? Yeah.
See you tomorrow.
Tomorrow, all right.
Good night.
Good night.
So, tell me about your day.